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  1. DT Fan

    1066 registry

    No. 42818 located in Newton Ia.
  2. DT Fan

    Tires- Firestone, Harvestking

    Titan tires, formerly Armstrong, and Goodyear ag are made in Des Moines Ia. I believe Titan owns the Goodyear name, rights, whatever. Worked there for 8 weeks in 2011, biggest s...hole I've ever been in, by far!! It was interesting seeing how the tires are made but I don't miss it a bit. I was there in January/February, was over 100 on the cure floor. I asked; "How hot does it get in here in July/August." No one would answer! Personally, I'd buy Firestones.
  3. DT Fan

    Auction score

    The original I think brought in the $500-600 area, I think. Sickle mower sold pretty good, about $500. Brush mower cheap. Around $50, probably should have bid on that.
  4. DT Fan

    Auction score

    Yes the sale was in Winterset. What prices are you looking for?
  5. DT Fan

    Auction score

    Also picked up this plow at the sale. I don't think it's a Brinley, don't recognize the hitch. It looks better built than the Brinley I have.
  6. DT Fan

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Took a pic of the 720 yesterday, it's getting more use this year than I would like. Note the custom weight bar by the previous owner, actually works pretty good.
  7. DT Fan

    off color...Allis chalmers question

    What Ed said. Ask this over at UA and you'll have more info than you know what to do with.
  8. DT Fan

    Auction score

    Would only let me upload one pic, may have to do a reply for each? Also got two 44" decks for $5 each, one with new blades, and some other misc. stuff.
  9. DT Fan

    Auction score

    Went to a sale on Saturday, cub collector selling out. Picked up some great bargains. He had a lot of really nice cub cadets, they sold pretty reasonable but I didn't bring any home. Needed the sleeve hitch to put a Brinley plow on the 1650, had to pay a little more than I would have liked but cheaper than e-bay and no shipping.
  10. DT Fan

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    Couple of the 10, forgot I had one without the duals.
  11. DT Fan

    Needs hub caps

    Couldn't be Red, no duct-tape!
  12. DT Fan

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    I've said the same thing about putting more clothes on when it's cold a lot. Problem is, (as I get older) my fingers get so cold I can't do anything with them.
  13. DT Fan

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    I want one of those trees!!
  14. DT Fan

    Elk River, MN

    I know one very good AC man from there. Don't think he has anything red though. If I get near there in the future will stop just to talk and get the tour!
  15. DT Fan

    You guys got a Wood burners ❓

    I don't have a wood burner, wish I did as much firewood as I've taken out of the fence rows this year!