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  1. The 185 Allis got some damage, not horrible. Working on the new shed thing. Builders are pretty busy.
  2. It's a little more than cosmetic. That bent up panel has been removed, have a replacement ready to go in, there is a piece that I don't have that is so mangled another trip to the junk yard is in order for today.While it's this far apart I may replace the auger too. The machine the "new" tube came from has a nice one in it, if the price is right it will be going in this one. I would like to re-flight or replace the vertical auger also. Not sure if that will get done this year or not.
  3. Saw some corn coming out here in Iowa Saturday. There was a serious cloud of BLACK dust coming out of the combines, mold I assume. The corn was down but not nearly as bad as some of it around here.
  4. Long overdue for an update on this. After the wind-storm and the starter debacle I'm glad to be moving forward once again! My helper was here today and we got the bearing blocks buttoned up. next on the list was the unloading auger, it took a pretty good hit in the storm. Was thin and in need on repair before this, time to get 'er done. Found a really nice replacement tube at the yard. Straightening everything else kept us from getting it back together. Another parts run is in the offing, going to inquire about the auger in the machine the tube came out of, no time like the present to fix it. My beans are still a couple of weeks out but will feel better when this thing is ready.
  5. DT Fan

    756 gas muffler

    Thanks for the ideas guys, will check out the Steiner ones for sure. I have three of them on my AC's and like them. I wondered if Nelson made the originals, much better quality than Stanley.
  6. What are the options for a muffler for my 756 gas project. Pretty sure Stanley makes one, not a huge fan of their work. Anyone else?
  7. Have it where I work, assemblers go threw scads of it! Of course everything we build is custom, one-off type of thing. Congrats on getting it out.
  8. Finally have a manifold ready to go on the tractor. Plan for the day was to mount it on the 301, then tighten the bolts that hold the two halves together and remove until in the tractor. it's not fitting perfectly so final assembly will wait until the 301 is in. Also pulled the waterpump in preparation for the swap. I may not have needed to do that but the pulley won't come off, will have to explore more tomorrow.
  9. If we still hunted deer during the 'Late anterless season' we used to have here in Ia. I would get some good 60 grain .22 bullets and use my .220 Swift. X bullets probably. Shot enough little doggies with the 25/06 to know you don't need that much gun for them. Smallest legal caliber here is .243, I'd take my chances.
  10. Love that Hydro! Bought a plow from a gentleman from Boone Ia. once. He had a 560 that he had adapted a case wide front onto. I believe it had a 301 out of a combine also. Had 18.4-38 rubber on back and I think 11.00-16's on the front. One tuff looking 560! Wish I had taken a picture.
  11. Looks to me like someone is hoarding front wheel weights!
  12. I remember stuff selling pretty high. Several sets of frame weights brought big money. Still get mailers from Girard's, only sale of there's I've been to.
  13. Are you sure that the 12 wasn't the star? Thanks for the pictures.
  14. Think I was at that sale too. Bought a BUNCH of AC parts bin boxes. Still selling them! Was a good investment.
  15. I remember that thread.
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