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  1. I can not find one single picture of a 340. Really thought I had one of Gene on his at Lacona days but I guess not.
  2. Be there the 16th and 17th. Home Sunday to go the the Allis connection show in Amana. Hoping @Dan Robinson's buddy has his new project there!! Really looking forward to this.
  3. That ought to sell quickly!!!
  4. Changed the points in the 782. Been mowing 2-3 acres of lawn with it since 2014? First time I've done that. Gave it some other regular maintenance. Raised the deck with the leveling screw one turn, satisfied with that. For the $650 I invested in this thing it has cut A LOT of grass!!! Got the H out and played with it a bit. Pondering my tire options, have three sets of 9-bolt duals. Don't think any of them are going to work however. Just need to find a decent set of 15.5's or 16.9x38'S. The picture is of a 18.4x34, a lot of tire! After that it went to the shop for hitch height adjustment. Finally I checked the ground speed with the hand held gps. Wide open in second gear is 4.5 MPH, will be trying that at the next pull!
  5. Went to Pella to the pull yesterday. Pulled inn 3500, 4000, and 4500 "antique" classes. Not many tractors in these, everyone has gone back to uncut tires so they can run "Farm Stock". Guess the tires are the only requirement for stock. Tractor ran good, no issues with fuel flow. Still learning about where to place the weights. In the 4000Lb. class I went first and pulled it out to the street. They re-weighted the sled, that slowed us down. Got second in that class, out of three. Pretty sure I had too much weight on the front bracket. Front end came off the ground pretty good in 3500 and I may have over-reacted. Guess this is how you learn. There were some beautiful machines in attendance, just a few pics. Ran into a fellow from West of here that I met on a c-list add once. He owns the Super H with the shiny wheels.
  6. Believe you're right. I bought a case yesterday, should be good for a while now.
  7. An old friend/co-worker needed some firewood so he called me. Asked what I like to drink, I told him real Budweiser. He, his brother Terry and Ter's son showed up today, they each brought me a case. Took the picture before I knew about the third one. @AngrySailor should get a kick out of this!
  8. Got the H loaded up ready to head to the pull tomorrow, with a little extra difficulty! Put a new sediment bowl on it when I got it home. It got some crap in the throat that would not pass and would not let enough fuel through to make it run. Drained the tank and tore the sediment bowl apart, think it's clean now. Acid test tomorrow morning.
  9. No. I need to do a compression test.
  10. Well, it’s rather high compression. It might run on something lower, I don’t know. Will have to experiment some.
  11. VP 110 octane, was a bit more than you quoted. I will check into the av gas. Previous owner used Cam2 108. This was as close as I could get.
  12. Got about 1.1" of rain last night/this morning. Was getting powerful dry here. Some corn only about 6" tall was starting to curl already. I didn't even see them sneak this into the forecast but will take it! Should germinate a bunch of beans sitting in dry dirt too. In unrelated news; Went to Ankeny to pick up 5 gallons of gas for the H, boy, they don't give that stuff away!
  13. That is hard to believe. Wouldn't think their demographic fits the Amazon only gig.
  14. Yes, a little elbow grease would go a long ways.... However, the paint on the top of the hood is almost non-existent. Put this in the someday projects I guess. If I had another tractor with a cab.....
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