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  1. DT Fan


    We were in on the almost nothing. Maybe half a tenth in the gauge. Flood, drought, neither one is any fun.
  2. That 706 Wheetland is pretty intriguing, It's a very low serial no., propane, adjustable WFE, and fasthitch. There can't be many like it. I jumped right up on it and had a look. My uncle Mark and Larry directed some hate my way for that! Really wish Larry would bite the bullet and get those knees fixed. The 756 and 535 would be fun to plow with too!
  3. Wasn't sure how to title this, That's as good as anything I could come up with even though there was no actual moldboard plowing done. Last year he bought a terracing plow and put on a demonstration Sunday. It's the only one I've seen in these parts and pretty interesting. Gene also had a lot of his equipment out on display. Some nifty stuff for sure. I especially like the mounted hay-rake, forget the model no. He made a few passes in the field showing operation in the different auger speeds. I took one pass on the 300, first time I've driven one since I was a teenager. His a lot nic
  4. DT Fan


    These were in the creek, moved there years ago. Had they been about six feet further I wouldn't have known about them. I think they are big enough to have some value as 'Landscape' rocks. Maybe sell or maybe use the big one in the front yard, who knows?
  5. Looks like we may need two weeks for the 1066!
  6. Kind of surprised me he burned it, we haven't had a good day to burn around here for quite a while. The piece on me that was burning is basically no access. The firemen were having a hard time understanding that! Wound up cutting the fence and coming in from the neighbors side. It was always pasture until the cows went away, has just kind of gone wild since. Can you say rough!? That little 6 acre patch holds about 90% of the pheasants on the farm, deer like it too. That's why I don't worry about trying to farm it.
  7. Nice, Bill. Wish mine had a harrow, looking for a used one but about like hens teeth! Scared to see what a new one would cost! Probably more than I've got in the disc!
  8. Break glass, grab the SOB, smash off the concrete, then stomp until it quits moving!
  9. Trying to get things ready to plant beans, have a couple waterways that need some work and a bit of tillage that needs taken care of before spraying the burn down. Got my discing done, was going to drill some oats/grass seed, didn't have enough seed. Will have to get some next week. Had a tiny bit of field cultivating to do, jumped on the 185 and headed to the field! Everything good, about 20 minutes worth of eating dust in this 40 MPH wind was plenty. Headed home, see smoke to the North, WTH? Park the tractor, jump in the truck, don't have a phone number for the neighbor where the fire starte
  10. Was an interesting day here today! Worked on the 'New' 490 a bit, then went to the field. Apparently someone was in a hurry last fall as this field was kind of rough. Researched the book a little, guessed the depth setting, seemed about right, liked the results! Good match for the 10, pulled it in L-4 about 2300 RPM. Plan was to make a parts list but didn't get there!
  11. DT Fan


    I certainly don't envy you. The rocks I'm dealing with really aren't a big deal, couple of hours every spring keeps them cleaned up. Do mostly no-til but the frost still pushes some up.
  12. Went through this on my 10 not long after I brought it home. Then went through the rest of the wear parts, trunions, bushings, king pin, queen pin, (I think) anything else that looked worn. Wish I had made a list and kept it. Did tie rods, left spindle and steering arm too. Right spindle and steering arm seem good but would like to take apart and check the thrust bearing and spindle bushings sometime. I really don't like 'slop' in the front end of a tractor! That 10 really drives down the road nice.
  13. If I had been in less of a hurry I would have ground on it quite a bit more! Thinner would have been good too. Hose blew right out of the fitting. Decided to change both while there. Getting them off wasn't so bad, but wondered about that decision going back together!
  14. DT Fan


    I basically pick up everything I see down to gravel size. Don't have near as many rocks as some of you. Have 5 or 6 hot spots I check each spring.
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