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  1. Good luck Aaron. I had 3.1 inches of rain! Scary part is, not many puddles around, must have went straight in the ground. They're talking another 1.5 later in the week, that will probably wash out next Saturday's plow day.
  2. After my adventure with the wheel/tire/hub coming off while combining corn it became evident it needs more fixing up! About next July it will come out of hibernation and get some of these little ills fixed. More updates then.
  3. Sadly this old girl is on hold until warm weather returns. With a little luck she will be moving indoors before the weather gets real bad.
  4. jeeper, I agree. that is the only Massy forum I'm aware of.
  5. There is one on yesterday's tractor website. How 'good' it is I have no idea.
  6. DT Fan

    Harvest 2021

    Only taken one picture this fall, this was before a trip to Colfax to talk to Shiek. Wheel bearings let go, felt like I drove over a huge log or something. Turned aroune to see WTH and there lays my steer tire! Luckily, only had about 20 bushels of corn on at the time. Decided to limp it to the top of the hill for the repairs. Had to dig a hole to get the bottle jack under it, long process getting it high enough to work on. Long story short, got a used hub/spindle from the 'yard'. Aaron and I drove around and looked at a lot of machines to find one easily removed. Back home for more tools/supplies and out to change it. Managed to get it up and running in time to get another load to the elevator and one in the shed. Rained just a bit overnight so getting this field done today may not happen.
  7. I tried a little plowing with the 1650 last year and was less than impressed. Since I try to bury the weed seed as deep as possible using a bigger tractor and plow is in order.
  8. I have a distant cousin that has a tractor almost identical to that, blade and all! When we visited him last year that is the one item I really would like to have someday. He has LOTS of stuff. Sadly, he's not in the best of health. When he decides it's time to sell out, wow, that will be an auction!!!!
  9. Very nice! No frost here yet so plowing is a ways out. Still have tomatoes, peppers, carrots and turnips. It's winding down but I never get in a big toot to get it plowed. I'll post pics when I do.
  10. Guy I bought my snap-coupler sub-soiler off of has it, or did. He had all AC stuff except for that plow.
  11. Those are the kind of deals I keep an eye out for. I think a three bottom 710 is a pretty rare piece of equipment. I know where a really good one is but it's about 450 miles away. Pretty sure the owner isn't ready to sell either.
  12. Pretty sure that will work with no problem but you might want to check the width.
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