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  1. And here I thought I found something new!
  2. Life behind the lighted stage, maybe?
  3. Watching the new documentary on Netflix. Has a good shot of Neil's Dad's dealership.
  4. I'm not real up on White plows but think they are a continuation of the Oliver line.
  5. There is a pallet with coulters on it up the line. May have come off that 720.
  6. This thread has me thinking. Not sure what the the spacing on the 756 is, or even what I want it to be. Going to start spraying it with some kind of juice just in case I want to move it once it gets up and going.
  7. Went to Boone today, bought a snow-thrower and soft-cab for my AC 720. On the way back to the farm I stopped in Colo to look at the 'stuff' on the consignment auction coming up Wednesday. More stuff than I can remember being there. Some interesting smalls, no tractors that pique my interest though. Several red combines. Interesting thing for me, being a plow junkie are these two. A White 3-16's semi-mount and a IH 720 toggle-trip 5-20's. Think it's 20's, kind of hard to measure. Both have good wear parts. I am going to stay home, need another plow like you know.
  8. DT Fan


    Sledge has it right. Long farms 1456, FarmallTom 1468, 1568.
  9. Seems like we did something like that when I was a kid.
  10. Picked up a soft-cab for the 720 today! Got a 52" snow thrower also. That cab will feel good this winter! Sorry to hear you picked up the virus, that sucks!
  11. X-2! I think the tread spacing is 62" on this one. narrow as we could get it.
  12. Pretty sure I know that fellow, he has some hard to find stuff. He also knows what stuff is worth.
  13. From every thing I read on this internet, I wish Rural King would get expanded into this area! Thiesen's around here is pretty good, Mill's too. More options would be nice.
  14. After reading the last three replies I thought maybe I had too much beer today.
  15. Come on over, you'll fit right in. New blood is good thing.
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