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  1. Found a picture of the '97, hooked to the boat I had at that time. Also found a picture of the current boat, thought I had one of them together but maybe not.
  2. Upside is, you still have it. I have none of the high school days cars. Not a big deal but do get a little nostalgic some times.
  3. Wondered if you would post a pic of that one. Really a good looking truck.
  4. Good luck with that!!! I'll take all that show up in Iowa.
  5. Dad bought a '77 f150 Ranger XLT new. Great looking truck. The 302 under the hood was the most gutless wonder I've ever seen!
  6. I have heard facebook is kinda like hotel California, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave! Keeps me from joining up.
  7. Favorite truck I've owned was a '97 GMC that I ordered new, 5 speed and all. Great truck, wish I still had it! Of course it would be rotted out like no other now. Traded it for the '03 I'm still driving. It's been pretty good too.
  8. I think someone will want that!
  9. DT Fan


    Baseball counts strike-outs in "K's".
  10. Here’s my favorite 460, runs like a scalded dog! Apparently it would be right at home South of the equator.
  11. Is he shooting unwanted birds or just the john deere aspect?
  12. Guess I'm missing out, no idea who that is. There is a guy that's on the Orange board that's only about 25 miles to the South that I may go visit. Especially if he has a good gas tank for a CA! Really should call him and find out.
  13. Hard question to answer, I will say this, not my 826. Not a knock on that model, just that since it doesn't move it hasn't worked it's way into my heart yet. The others; 1066 really should be my favorite, it just gets the work done. 756, I smile a lot every time use it! It was quite an undertaking for someone with my experience level! 856 is moving up fast! Hopefully get the clutch oiling problem figured out/fixed this year. It could become the favorite pretty easy.
  14. Headed to the store in a bit, going to pick up some Schlitz if they have it.
  15. I smiled again today. Another dead trash panda 1/2 mile South of the house!
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