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  1. I guess different strokes for different folks. .300 blackout reminds of the picture of a 4-door Corvette, yes it was built, but why?
  2. In my brief tenure at Titan tire I had a forklift training 'class'. Their trucks had a hole in one fork only, instructor claimed it was OSHA approved. I have no idea if it is or not. Titan has a terrible record with OSHA so it's hard to say. Mr. Plow, never thought I needed a garden tractor with a loader but seeing your's with the forks has me thinking. My 720 Allis would be a great candidate for one and loaders are available, just kind of pricey!
  3. I've had engines like that! Frustrating to say the least.
  4. The current owner of this one offered it to me a while back, probably more than once. After deciding I "need" a 656 this year and not being able to find one I like close, Thought I should inquire about this one. Frustrating part is he shot me a price, (that I didn't flinch at) than said he wasn't sure if he wanted to sell or not. I have some toy money saved, and this would be a great (usable) toy. If I get it bought you will see pictures right here on Red Power! And of course you would be welcome to come see it in person if you were so inclined.
  5. Thanks for the offer on the 10 Waylon. If all goes well I may have something else Red to drive by then. Just have to convince the current owner I need it more than he does!
  6. Interesting. They just built a Kwik Star here in town last year and gas prices came down about 10-15 cents a gallon. Will have to check on that 91 octane. Have been getting 91 at the local BP and running it in anything that may sit for an unknown period of time, I mix stable in every gallon. Have had good results. Small air cooled engines seem to be the most sensitive to 'bad' gas. Which having said that I should dump the gas out of the Mantis so it doesn't sit over winter again this year.
  7. Looks like you guys had a great time. How would one go about joining this ride in the future? Who knows, might even have a red one to ride in the future. I'd take the 10 but no way to haul it.
  8. 14T JD baler! Was my great uncles, if I knew then what I know now I would have drilled the flywheel and put a 1/2" sheer bolt in it and the first big slug we would have been rid of that pos!
  9. How many rows around? Have picked a couple here that aren't that long but 18 around, looks like a good harvest coming here.
  10. Feel like I'm in good company as I loathe poppers too! Seems strange that Red wasn't better represented.
  11. That is one ugly tractor! It may be rare but looks like it was beat with a big ugly stick, and I think 350's and 450's are some of the best looking tractors ever made, of any color!
  12. Handy as a pocket on a shirt! I built a rack and forks for the TA28 on Dad's 6080, when done he asked me, "what good are they?" I just shook my head, Dad didn't always accept change well. Use them all the time, would hate to be without a set.
  13. DT Fan

    Tractor ride

    Saw you at the F-48 intersection, thought that it was you but wasn't positive. Have a good time.
  14. I wish I would have seen this about 6 weeks ago. Replaced the one behind the battery on my 10 with a regular roll-pin. It had a bolt in it, was a little sloppy. Will have to get a correct one the next time I get to Grinnell.
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