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  1. Cub Cadet 982

    You did good, one of those would look good in my collection.
  2. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    X2 An awful lot of what I know about fish and fishing came from Infisherman. Dropped the subscription years ago.
  3. Friday the 13th weather :-(

    Wow, I must have been tired last night. I'm here in central Ia. too and slept right through the wind! It was howling when I got home from work at 12:45 but not any worse than several other nights in recent times.
  4. Anybody shoot a 6.5 Creedmoor?

    That's the one I don't get. AR guy at work is just ga-ga over them. I still like my old 700 in .264 Win. Mag.
  5. Any one have 18.4-38’s

    Well, so much for that idea.
  6. Any one have 18.4-38’s

    Doesn't Titan tire still sponsor this kind of thing? I'm pretty sure they still did last year here in Iowa.
  7. Increased the herd

    I just had to do the fuel pump on my 782. Running like a champ again.
  8. Increased the herd

    Thanks. The 782 is almost ready for green grass, (not as ready as me though). Been working on the 1650 lately for back up duty.
  9. Mine required a sledge hammer and a lot of sweat. Mushroomed the top on the first one, had to grind it to get it to go through. One of the wheel hubs had a piece broken out of it so I picked up a complete assembly at the junkyard, complete with tire.
  10. 5488 engine

    That 's a really cool engine stand. I should build one BEFORE I need it.
  11. I went through this with my new to me 800 last spring, though mine weren't completely seized. We got them to swivel enough to get the thing home. The grease zerks were plugged. They are drive-in. Took a lot of sweat, some new cuss words and time to get the wheels out of the lift assist arms. Then I chiseled the zerks off, drove them through, drilled and tapped for screw in zerks. I should mention that heating the zerks did not help. Good luck with this, I don't think it will work for you if the wheels won't swivel.
  12. 1586 help

    Get the starter figured out before you pull it apart. My 10 went from not starting at all to turning over maybe 2 times before starting after a starter rebuild. Inaudible to the ear! That may be your only problem.
  13. allis 190 narrow front?

    Rick, I'm not sure on the 100 series or even the D series but you could feather the hand clutch on a WD or 45 all day long.
  14. allis 190 narrow front?

    It only takes two guys that want something at auction! Those narrow fronts are rare, I didn't think that rare. What would a NFE complete for a 56 or 66 series bring at auction if two bidders really wanted it? I remember seeing a post on here a while back about some split wheel weights that brought stupid money and an H that was just insane!