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  1. Looks like I’m third from the left.
  2. Happy birthday to @Reichow7120, @Axial Flow, and everyone else celebrating today!
  3. DT Fan

    RPRU 2024

    Loaded up ready to roll in the morning.
  4. DT Fan

    RPRU 2024

    Took another swing at the 756 with the power washer, probably the 5th time! Decided any dirt left now can just go to the round-up. Love going on vacation, hate getting ready! Larry and Gene are up there already, Larry said, "Bring a boat."
  5. I asked for a piece of schedule 80 black iron pipe at Menard's once. Young guy told me they don't make schedule 80 black iron! I laughed right in his face. Wasn't trying to be mean, it just happened before I could call it back. His superior had told him that. I let him know that while they might not sell it "they" absolutely do "make" it! Edit; This reminds me, still need that chunk of pipe.
  6. Monday morning and no contractors this week, yay! Man, it's great to have that waterline fixed! It had a small leak, was vacuuming up about a gallon of water three times a day. A real P.I.T.A. Either a bad glue joint or tree root damage. I'm leaning toward the joint. Not sure who the waterhead was that did the original plumbing and I hope they are retired. They had also used a galvanized reducer between the p.v.c. and copper. Wasn't rusted clear shut but I do have better water pressure now!
  7. Me too. Can't believe that's the first time I've seen that done.
  8. The 856 hit 24.9 mph on the flat or slight downhill. 400 hit 19.7, you loose about a half a mph going up said grade. Didn't run the 756 yesterday but it did 26.something when I did run it. Have to keep the tires aired up or it gets to bouncing pretty bad.
  9. As I was finishing up yesterday, literally less than two minutes of cutting left. The deck noise change pitch and now I'm just cutting with the middle blade. Just had the deck off, internal belt looked fine then. 1650 to the rescue again! Didn't even unhook the little wagon. Had there been much more to do I would have, kind of a pain turning around. Repairs will have to wait until after the round-up!
  10. Today was an interesting day. 756 is highest on my list cause it's going to RPRU and WHO tractor ride. It's pretty much ready to go but I keep washing it trying to get it as clean as possible. It's getting better. Built a rear-view mirror and a tractor number thing for the ride today. Washed it some more, and the 856, and the 185, and the 400! Kind of crazy how good they look when wet, than you see everything you missed when their dry! A picture of the three of them.
  11. DT Fan

    Garden '24

    Carrots grow like crazy here, if I can just get them to germinate! Once they come up, we're good, they get huge. Think 15" long and big girth. The germination thing is just weird, some years their fine others, maybe 5%, IDK?
  12. Back in the early 70'sish, my Dad was in negotiations on a 175 Allis at the Knoxville dealer. I rode along on many of those trips. Thinking back, why did it take 10 trips to buy a tractor? Anyway, the 7000 series were out and I picked up all the literature. Well, probably all the literature they had for everything! I was really taken by the 7080! Wish I still had that literature.
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