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  1. Kindred spirits Doug!! At my age I don't want to take on any debt, let alone over a million! Not sure who the ground belonged to, Robbie went to the sale and called to tell me about it. We discuss the high price of land on a periodic basis. That river bottom ground is something. Good year, great crop. Flood year, not so much. Old trapshooter I knew farmed a fair amount of it. Said if it flooded one year in three you were farming for free.
  2. Must have happened Thursday. Buddy of mine called to fill me in, wasn't aware of it. 74 acres, csr of 91. Had to be pretty close to Iowaboy's neck of the woods. Bidding started at $12,500, Three guys must have REALLY wanted it! Gavel price, $18,500!!! 1.4 million for 74 acres, mind boggling. How many years of corn and beans does it take to pay for that?
  3. DT Fan

    CC update

    I work on these things as time allows. Last April/May got to looking at 782-2, pretty good little tractor, deck a total P.O.S.! Had a fantastic 44A, (I think it's an A) in the shed. Why not just put that on and have another working machine. Looking at this, going to need a different drive pulley and move that left hanger about three inch's. That's as far as it got, until 782-1 decided it was done mowing for awhile. Turns out the ignition switch was the culprit. Pushed it out of the way and finished mowing with the 1650. Have to order parts, might as well get that pulley. So that's what happened. Got 782-1 running again and put away. Then got to work on that deck. It hangs kind of weird but mows pretty good, will look into this more in the future. Three out of four CC's now capable of mowing. Still need to track down that bad wire on the 1650. 1450 needs a pto clutch and probably an ignition switch. Don't care if it ever mows but a blade or snow-thrower would be nice.
  4. Well, it is what it is. No sense in crying over spilled milk. Knew this was a possibility going in. My thinking was that I would put that pump on and keep mine for 'future considerations'! Guess that's out now. I did get the injectors installed and the return line. Wow. that was a piece of cake compared to removal! Change out the pump tomorrow before the big Maytag reunion. Probably check that cornfield Sunday to see if I want to start there.
  5. Well, this little project really went sideways on me! New pump leaked worse than the old one. Took the original to Des Moines diesel for rebuild. Had a nightmare getting the injectors out. Wound up having to replace the brass cups. Headed out to put the injectors in now. @TeachersPet1066 this is why it will be awhile before I get the head mounted and pictures of the sharpening. Also, have a 10 acre field of corn I may do before starting beans. Think it's pretty dry and would help with getting the rest of the crop out of the field.
  6. I'll try to get some when I get started. Have to get the machine put back together right now!
  7. I sharpened the flighting on my 1020 last year and intend to do more this year. Making the leading edge a little high make sense to me.
  8. Whatever route you pursue, don't scrap what you have now. Someone will want them!
  9. My Dad got stuck about half-way up a hill one fall, 4230 and Parker wagon. He backed it all the way back down the hill, without jackknifing it, picked a different line and went up the hill! Not as dramatic as Mr. Plow's example but I was impressed!
  10. Ha Ha, jokes on you, this ones not from the Hawkeye state! Think about where I went Sunday. Anyway, without further adieu. Here are the pics. Tractor belongs to Eric(?) Windish from Yates City Il. Maybe @billonthefarm will see this and correct me on the first name if that's wrong. Tractor has 8000ish hours. Still has the pipe strapped to the frame rail!
  11. I have another number, will post it and pics tomorrow when I have more time.
  12. Pretty much the same for me but it's kind of a sliding scale. If reaming small holes, say under 1/4" I only leave say .005", roughly. Up around an inch, 1/32" works good.
  13. That would explain why there are so few of them for sale around here lately!
  14. X-3! On accuracy. Many times I've been told to finish a hole that needed to be accurate with a certain size drill bit. I just nod and say ok. Then finish with a reamer. One glaring example was the throttle shaft bushings on the carb for the 756. Had a reamer .001" over shaft size, might have even been .0005", I have LOTS of reamers.
  15. He told me about some ideas for next year, I'll let him explain.
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