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  1. 65, it's a small operation but good to be done. Started to get the bean planter ready today.
  2. Well, since I finished planting corn 4-21, I sure hope Missouri Mule is wrong about that frost thing! It's unusual for me to be one of the first ones done. I'm starting to see lots of guys planting.
  3. I have seen a few out planting, not a lot. I should count myself among them, have about 10 acres left and my corn will all be in the ground. I hope it's not too early, good conditions and didn't have to take any time off work. Still have some cornstalks to disc before planting beans.
  4. I just about cried when I read on here that that tractor was leaving Iowa. At least it went to a good home.
  5. DT Fan

    50 A deck

    bitty, I suspect so but am far from an expert in these matters. Maybe someone who knows will chime in.
  6. DT Fan

    Music thread

    I seem to like lesser used instruments, love to hear some saxophone, or bagpipes in a rock song. Since we haven't had any Supertramp yet.
  7. DT Fan

    The Dog Thread

    You just gotta love Basset hounds!
  8. DT Fan

    50 A deck

    I got this deck when I bought the 1650, it looked pretty rough. Over the winter I gave it a little face-lift. Found some used parts on E-bay and got some new ones too, multiple sources. Nothing seemed to expensive but would hate to add it all up. Going to replace a 44A which will hopefully go on the 1450 someday. Initially I was just going to paint the non-visible parts to fight corrosion, thought that's kind of dumb so I painted the whole thing.
  9. I did use third gear a little while doing this, (second is best plowing gear for a 45) of course it is a 3-14 plow not 4. That old sod is pretty tough. I do have a 3-16 that I'm slowly resurrecting, looking forward to trying it out. This tractor does have M&W pistons and a few D-17 upgrades, runs good!
  10. DT Fan


    Here's a pic of the blower.
  11. DT Fan

    Craziest Shifters

    Probably wasn't the only reason but could have been a contributing factor!
  12. One thing you are going to fight with 'work boots' is; a lot of factories give workers shoe money. We get $75 a year. Shoe manufactures know this and are very good at making shoes that last one year. Even had a guy on a shoe truck tell me this very thing. Now, I have no experience with Keen work boots, do like their sandals. I buy Cat shoes for work, they seam to last about 15-18 months.
  13. DT Fan


    Yes the forge came with a blower, need to make a handle for it though. I should have mentioned in the post that anvil has been on the farm longer than I've been alive. Need to build a stand for it. My blacksmith buddy at work says I need to coat the bottom of the forge with clay to deflect the heat away from the iron. It's on my list, not going to hold my breath about getting it done this year but would like to be able to heat things up with it. There was a pretty nice leg vice at the auction I went to Saturday, it sold after I went to watch the tractors.
  14. Will post this here to keep this close to the top. Plowed up a little sod on 4-9. I've had the go ahead to do this for a couple of years now, just haven't had time to get it done. Old pasture, the little field on the South is one of the best producers on the farm. Off color tractor, plow was already mounted from plowing the garden last fall.
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