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  1. DT Fan

    6080 allis ?

    I think it is actually a Big Bud painted that way. They wrenched on that thing for hours that day, never did get it working. The gentleman who hosts that plow day has several Big Buds and Stiegers. He has lots of other toys too, 5020 with Detroit power, 220 Allis which only made one round if I remember correctly. Always a fun day, dirt is pretty tough though.
  2. DT Fan

    6080 allis ?

    This is off on a bit of a tangent; I know a gentleman that has a D-17 and an M that both have 200 cid Allis engines out of F-2 combines in them. Have seen him plow with the 17, it works! He brought the M to a plow day last fall and something broke, not sure what it was, anyway didn't get to see it in action. He says the pumps are at stock settings on both, which would be plenty for machines this size. Pic of the 17.
  3. I paid a little attention to the tach/speedo on the ten Friday while planting beans. According to this precision device, was running around 4 mph most of the time. If I can remember this next year, going to shift up to L-4 and throttle down, probably save some fuel.
  4. Several of my pumpkins have that style paint job. If I had loads of spare time they would get painted all over, someday maybe.
  5. Pretty sure it has T/A. You just can't see the lever behind the post. Probably should have taken another pic or two. I would agree it's plenty of $$$ but the market is kind of wild and woolly now!
  6. After getting the beans in yesterday was talking to the uncle, he came up to help. Asked him about the sales this weekend. Totally spaced off the plow-day at Pine Island. Anyway, he thought we should go to a sale at Osceola. Ok. There was a nicely painted 1066 but not too much other farm stuff. Lots of tools and shop-equipment was the draw for me. Glad we went as I bought a drill press, have been needing/wanting one for a long time. This sob is heavy! About all three of us could do to get it in the truck. There were some split weights, 8 pieces. When they sold, I asked specifically, one money? They said yes. I went to $110 and thought I was out. The auctioneer looked at me and asked for my number, I got them. Little while later, one of their guys counted the weights. Guy that bought the bale spear off the pallet and I talked about this. When I went to pay, they rang up as 'times the money'. I told the clerk I bought them 'one money', she just changed it, bill went down $770! Also got a suitcase weight angle iron/locks and a 66 series step. Step came with the weights. The 10 brought $19,500, had 62xx hours. Here's some pics of the day.
  7. DT Fan

    6080 allis ?

    The 6080 engine is 200 cid Allis, turbo, intercooler. Basically 2/3 of a 301. They are very fuel efficient. Dad bought one new in '84. Still use it all the time though now it does loader duty only. Also have a 185, if I could only keep one it would be the 185. Love the 6080 but no form of 'partial power shift'. Yes, the pto is not truly live on the 185 but it's never been an issue for me. Dad planted corn with the 6080, that was before he bought the 185. I planted with it one year, it needs a clutch booster! The 185 is sweet to plant with. When you're looking at that 6080 make sure it has the thrust-bearing-support on it. It almost has to have it to still be alive at this date. One other thing, 6080's are cold-blooded as all get out! make sure it's parked somewhere you can plug in the block heater. I would be very tempted to buy that 1256! Love 56 series tractors.
  8. Good day for me! Got a, (fairly) early start. After all the work on the planter, No. 2 seed sensor goes off about 50' into this thing. I look into this, crappy connections. How did I miss this? Squeeze the connections with pliers, OK. Get moving again, monitor goes off again! Row 9 this time. Test the sensor, it's dead. Install the one new one I have, problem solved. Here's a pic of the days festivities.
  9. Ok, makes sense now. Familiar with the pronunciation, not the spelling!
  10. We did get a half inch of rain overnight, probably a good thing I waited. Gave me a chance to work on the planter some more. Of course, found some more things that could stand to be replaced so off to the imp. store on my way to work.
  11. I think, if you're far enough South for salt to not be a problem, bugs and snakes are going to be! Snakes are basically a non-issue around here. Bugs, not bad either really. The crap they put on the roads? That is a problem! Not sure what the ideal trade-off would be. Less winter would be great, as I age especially! Not to crazy about higher summer temps/humidity. Poisonous snakes and fire-ants are pretty low on my list too. Someplace where the wind blew a little less could be enticing. I guess since the farm is here, I'll be sticking around for better or worse.
  12. Hope to be planting beans Saturday so another p[low-day missed! Lots of pics, video would be much appreciated!
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