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  1. BJ, that is good to know!
  2. Let us bear in mind that there are almost three weeks of WINTER left!
  3. Once in awhile a blind sow finds an acorn. That happened here today! Bought a bunch of stuff from a lady couple years ago. @iowaboy1965 got a grinder-mixer out of that deal. Anyway one of the things I drug home was a Brillion culti-packer. To me it's mostly just a packer, not so much culti. These things are kind of hot with the food-plot crowd for whatever reason. I kind of want to use it this spring on some soybeans I'm going to plant with the All-Crop drill. Only took one picture, center section, has two 'pups' too. This is the blind sow part. Had to break the axle free with a pipe wrench on the middle section but that wasn't even hard. Both pups were free and all six grease zerks took!
  4. It almost made it to 80 here today. Not sure what the wind speed was but ridiculous fits pretty good! A few guys pulling smoke this week, not lots though. I'm a little twitchy about the garden but going to wait. I won't plant corn before the 20th of April, unless, there are perfect conditions and warm temps and lots of rain forecast-ed!
  5. I believe that was the plan the uncle had and just didn't get to it. Funny you mention the Wheelabrator. We have one where I work, blast cabinet is big enough you could drive your pickup in. Don't think they will let me blast my plow however.
  6. DT Fan


    When I was a child, I would pick up night-crawlers and keep them in the basement for bait. At some point I heard to feed them coffee. They grow big on a steady diet of coffee grounds!
  7. I should add that this will be a multi-brand thread. Have three currently and you never know what will show up!
  8. DT Fan


    I have drank a fair amount of Keurig made coffee, it's good. In the volume I drink, not economically feasible. Less trash to deal with with the drip machine too. Grounds go in the garden, people say it helps, I can't prove otherwise.
  9. Might as well have another project thread, right? The idea hit me yesterday. The uncle called, said his brother was cleaning out stuff and did I want a 2 bottom fast hitch plow that was in pieces, scrap price. I said sure. heck, he even delivered. This latest one is going to be a real project. Big pieces on the pallet, smaller ones in the barrel.
  10. Yeah, that's going to be too nice for a lawn decoration! I suggest buying a team of Belgium's to pull it with.
  11. Thanks to Dan's quick reply and @nepoweshiekfarmalls bushing part no., the 756 now has a much nicer operator's station! That bushing took about 90-95% of the slop out of the tilt steering! I can live with what's left. Now, off to play Billy bulldozer with the 6080!
  12. That's cool! Going to mount something on it?
  13. Center cap for the 756 steering wheel. Pretty sure this was in the weight bracket when I drug her home, almost four years ago already. At any rate, you can't get a new replacement currently and I'd kind of like to put this on the new wheel but can't get the darn thing apart! It's in passable condition and some sort of emblem could be glued in to make it more better. Stupid thing has laid here next to the computer for too long now. Going to attempt to change that tilt-steering bushing today, has me thinking about this cap.
  14. Gauge goes up to 300 P.S.I., plenty for anything I'm going to check. It's a nice kit, just south of $100.
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