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  1. A couple from other colors; Allis 200 or 210-20, just love the looks of the 100 series. D-21 would work too! Oliver 550, 770, 880 or something like a 1650. These things are really growing on me. I NEED another tractor like I need another hole in my head but one can dream!
  2. I've got one somewhere for a WD 45. Got it in some parts. Didn't know what it was for for along time.
  3. Went to the local imp. store and picked up a few things this morning. Decided to go with the 'new' HyTran for this girl. Bought 6 buckets last year, going to save it for the tractors that have it in them already. Not the cheapest route but what the hay. Picked up an air filter and a gasket for the fuel tank sending unit, got them changed out. Gas was getting out and I've never had more than about 5 gallons of gas in this thing. Today's picture; Bud-died up with the 826. I should add, no issue with the spark, must have just flooded it in my panic yesterday.
  4. 1) 1456 2) 1566 3) 1466 4) 1206 Those are the ones that interest me the most. Would be nice to have a backup for planter duty if something bad happened to the 10. Doubt if anything will but it's a good reason for another tractor, right? Honorable mention; 5) 1026 6) 450 7) 350 I'm Mike and I'm a tractoraholic.
  5. For my money we could feature the 56 series every year!
  6. Looks good! Our local show is coming up in two weeks, hope I'm ready.
  7. Remember the Farm-Allis well. Those 301's are a favorite of mine.
  8. Up and down day with this project. The up; T/A is strong! Man that is a good feeling. The down; Still fighting crap in the fuel tank/sediment bowl. Thought I had it under control so I went for a ride. At least I got back closer to the shop today before it quit. Sediment bowl not flowing fuel again. Long story short, got the fuel flowing again, seem to have lost spark. Wouldn't start anyway. Had to leave it where it quit as I needed to get back to town. Boy am I glad I didn't take her out on the road! Will check things out in the morning, hope I can at least get her back to the shop tomorrow.
  9. I've had at least one boat for the past 30 years now. Never bothered to name one.
  10. Tree guys didn't show up today, hurray! She went for her first real drive today. Having some issues with crap in the fuel tank, kind of expected that, still sucks! Seems like it runs better all the time, rings seating back in I assume. When we first started it, lots of blow-by, that has diminished to maybe 5-10% of what it was. Was going to test the T/A today, someone has misplaced the handle! The front-end/steering are great, will need one tie rod in time,but that's pretty minor. I 'think' the overheating was just an air bubble. Took the t-stat out, when I filled it back up with antifreeze it took way more than I drained out. Doesn't get hot now. When I get the fuel issue down to a dull roar she's going for a serious road trip. The 301 seems pretty energetic, at least compared to the uncles 706. Guess I did take one pic in a different setting, this is about where I was going to turn around and head back. Got to walk back, get the truck and an air tank to blow the crap out of the fuel neck.
  11. Nate, I should be there by 1 or 2 Friday. Shiek, Iowaboy, you guys are welcome anytime. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by. Goes for the rest of you guys too, if you're near the 159 on interstate 80, look me up. Almost always there on weekends. If there is a good farm sale......
  12. Yes, driving up Friday. Taking the WF WD 45 and No. 73 plow.
  13. Quick update; Screwed a new sediment bowl in today, big improvement. Didn't like the drip when it was on. Put a freshly charged battery in, started a little easier today. Low, high, and reverse all work. Pto too. Somebody hooked the power steering lines up wrong, Glad I didn't have time to drive around, it's hard to steer the wrong direction! I 'think', or maybe hope, I installed the new thermostat wrong as it is getting warm way too fast. That and the steering are the next things to solve. It seemed to run better today, suppose the rings may be a bit sticky and are loosening up?
  14. I should take a minute to comment on some of these tractors; Pretty strong Red presence! There was also a lot of Olivers, and jonny poppers. Three WD45s, no other Orange. The 1130 Massey got my attention, it ran STRONG, and the op seemed to know what he was doing too. Kal had the only 1456, easy to pick out. There was a 1256, very nice as well, no idea who that was. The shiny Black Stripe 10, wow, that thing was strong. You can probably see the shifter in '4' and not low. The NF 10 the other Black Stripe and the 966 belong to a buddy of mine. They all run strong too, especially the BS as it has a 466. I had a great time, been too long since I just goofed off all day. Tree guys were there, the 400 diesel is their's, said they will back to finish this week. Yeah. Needs to happen, just a lot of work. Maybe some more comments later, need to get ready for work.
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