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  1. That would be everyone's favorite tractor jockey from Northern Ia.
  2. Those are all sharp looking machines! Would love to have a 14 like that!
  3. Where I work we have quite a few of these type of storage racks. One of my responsibilities is tear-down removal of old racks, building new ones and repair of 'injured' ones. The stuff we use isn't quite as flimsy as in the video but not real substantial either. The company's wet dream to keep this sort of thing from happening is to cable them to the building steel above. Thankfully we have never had one come down.
  4. DT Fan

    766 front axle pivot pin

    When I went through the front end of my 1066 I replaced the trunnions and the bushings, both were worn badly. Replaced a lot of other parts too.
  5. DT Fan

    Auction Results

    Here is the picture.
  6. DT Fan

    Heavy snow 🙁

    I can't believe that missed us! Just missed us, the radar showed it on the south side of I-80.
  7. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    Stopped at the local Agco dealer today, they have a R40 and a R50 on the lot. Prices were less than I thought they would be. Need to get to Grinnell and see what they have.
  8. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    Thanks Kal.
  9. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    Kal, are they on his upcoming auction?
  10. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    I'm in central Iowa. There are some 14xx around. Might go look at some this weekend.
  11. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    Lots of good ideas, I appreciate the help. A late model 1460 would be great if I can find a good one.
  12. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    That's good info. if I can find a good 1480 that would be great, like the extra power and capacity.
  13. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    I would entertain a gleaner. Have been running a 6620 sidehill, if I never have to turn a wrench on a green combine again it will be cool with me! I know nothing about New Holland, enlighten me. Neighbor has one they have run for years, seems to work good for them.
  14. DT Fan

    Combine Advice.

    As I mentioned in the disc thread, I skipped the local sale to go to the one with the 1460 on it. Actually had no intention of buying it. Got through harvest this year but will need a machine for next fall. I wanted to check this thing out and see what kind of money it brought. I figure a 14xx series is my best bet, would entertain a newer one if it fit my budget. OK, here is what I need; 4 row wide, (36") corn head. Probably 16' or less grain head. Have 125 acres total to harvest so I don't need huge heads. Have heard you need to keep the rotor full for best efficiency and that might be hard with a 1480 and a 4 row head. I would entertain other colors as well, (not green). I have lots of side-hills, so that is a factor. Give me your thoughts, the good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.
  15. DT Fan

    Beans on the ice & a stuck 1680

    That's no fun! How did you get it out?