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  1. Yes, pre '64 model 70.
  2. Never get tired of good sunset pictures.
  3. Next spring, before planting anything, me and dad's hornet are going to thing the ground squirrel population! Found plenty of ammo he had loaded so I won't have to try my hand at that, (though I may anyway). Saw the evidence of the damage the little buggers did in one cornfield this spring. Amazing how much seed they can dig out! I think getting rid of them will cut down drastically of the number of badger holes too.
  4. Makes you wonder when you see a vacuum cleaner rated at 6.75 Hp and it runs on 110! I think he may be a bit more than one HP!
  5. This one belonged to my Dad. Don't think I've ever fired it, yet. Going to rectify that in the not so distant future. Found some shells at the farm today. Dad loaded all his ammo for this thing and I've always loaded all my own too. Have never loaded any hornets, but willing to try. I do remember people complaining about the thin necks wrinkling and having trouble getting the tension on the bullet right.
  6. Have to agree. I feel like these things are undervalued, pretty badly.
  7. Google maps says it's four hours from me. If the corn is out by then, I'm probably in! Ordered a voltage regulator for the 1650 this weekend, would be a good workout for her.
  8. DT Fan


    Have always felt lucky to get mine early.
  9. I took a tape measure to the field today, right at 10 feet tall, about 30% tasseled.
  10. Yes. It's getting a paint job of sorts this summer.
  11. Tasseling getting pretty common around central Iowa.
  12. IHfan, they are a lot of work to remove! Is it worth it? I don't know. Probably depends on the price of new blanks. I enjoyed the project. 16.9's look better on 15" rims than the more available 13". Here's the tractor they went on.
  13. MTO, Sugarmaker posted a couple of 28" spin-outs for sale on the Orange board this morning. One 11" and one 12" I believe. You guys are in the same state so that would be a start.
  14. X2!!! Some one needs to go over there and teach metallurgy! Then it needs to be policed.
  15. Bitty, I've got one pair of rims I welded rails in and another that I patched. Welding the rails in is actually kind of fun, removing them from the old rims and prepping them for install is a pain! Got a pair of 15X28 blanks from the local tire shop, was real nice working with new steel. Currently have two sets of rails in inventory for a future project they are from different width rims though. Have been looking for a junk rim for a while now. The one that got patched was supposed to be a rail doner (sp) but was too good to cut up.
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