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  1. Shot of the same cornfield I've posted before taken on July 7th, just starting to tassel. had the combine out for some serious cleaning and took advantage of the height when putting it away.
  2. Glad to hear it may get back to Iowa! the Des Moines round up is the only one I've been to, it was great!
  3. I seem to remember that from when I was looking in the area. High priced too. There was and may still be a place in Frazee, just down the road, called the Morningside, (I think). Really nice people and reasonable rates. I realize this does you no good now. If the economy hadn't tanked in 2008-2009 I might still be there. Oh how life would be different.
  4. Don't understand your question. I lived in DL for a brief time and liked it. Great area, lots of good water, and great people too.
  5. Wondered why corn prices tanked yesterday. That would probably explain things.
  6. It finally got dry enough to get this thing unloaded. The 6080 picked it up with no problem but the front tires squatted a lot! Glad I didn't have to move it around with the tractor.
  7. Lots to see in the UP. Bond Falls and the Porcupine Mountains come to mind.
  8. Don't know if mine will ever shine like that, will see. If it ever quits raining and I can get it to the power washer that would be a good first step.
  9. I think mine is an 82. It does have electric over hydraulic controls.
  10. Found this when I went to pick up the head. I thought I had seen this on the internet, owner said Vetter's had it, high price. He bought it when it went on, I believe, a big-iron auction. Great looking machine, interesting to just bump into something seen on the net.
  11. Got the grain head home today, now just need time to get it unloaded. Took the snouts off for easier transport.
  12. Cornfield I posted earlier, planted on 4-19. It's about shoulder high on me now.
  13. Wow, 1.8 inches Saturday! We only got a half inch west of town. Actually about the right amount as the garden was getting a little dry. I saw that rain in the distance but managed to avoid it.
  14. Sounds like I shouldn't have any trouble then. Thanks for the help guys.
  15. Ah, Julie Newmar, she was quite possibly the best part of the Batman tv series!
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