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  1. That would be the possibility. Just toying with this, if it's cheap enough, who knows? I may like the 301 gas well enough I don't want to change it.
  2. I'm not real excited about this but who knows?
  3. I'm sure I could still get my beans planted if the ten went down, might have to borrow/rent a tractor. Would much rather have another big horse around just in case.
  4. A neighbor of mine has a 358 out of a 1420 that is stuck he is trying to sell me. Says he's going to pull the pan and see what things look like. I don't need it but am kind of intrigued. What kind of money is fair, scrap, more? I'm sure an overhaul would be pretty spendy. What about the pump/governor? Would they work in a tractor?
  5. One thing I might add for the OP. To fold these things up for transport takes higher hydraulic pressure than the 1700ish that my 10 had in it. New relief valve solved that but wasn't cheap. Think it is 2400ish. I believe the operators manual gives the pressure requirements.
  6. I'll put these on my list of things to watch for for you. Pretty sure you need my help spending money.
  7. That 12 would be the star of any show!
  8. Graphic picture! Had to check my 10, has all four bolts, 74 model.
  9. That's a great feeling pulling that thread out in one piece!
  10. This an interesting topic to me. Maybe I'm a worry wort, who knows. My thinking is, if sometime the 10 would go down, I don't have another tractor big enough to mount the cyclo on currently. If that were to come to pass, the 756 is the next best option right now. Providing it gets up and going this spring! It does have 38" rubber and the duals and weights from the ten will fit. It might work in a real pinch but think that would be a big load for a 756 gas. Hope I never find out. Always on the hunt for another horse that could help out in that event.
  11. DT Fan

    new server

    Saw that last night, site had a 'sign out' button. What's that password? Think I'll just stay signed in.
  12. Have spent a tiny bit of time in the U.P., would definitely go back. Two places we went to that I would go back to; Porcupine mountains and Bond Falls. If in the fall I would take my mushroom book and something to put the shrooms in!
  13. That is an interesting detail. My 756 is two point, 826 is three. At some point they may become the same if I come into the parts. Kind of a long term idea there!
  14. It was an interesting experience! Saw an old co-worker of mine waiting on the North side, he looked like he was enjoying the delay, ha-ha!
  15. Drove my 1066 30+miles one way to bring home a 12 row 800. Had to have the sheriff shut down traffic on highway 14 so I could cross the 'mile long bridge' over Lake Red Rock. full rack of 100 pounders on the front a good idea. The speed of the 14 is good on the way there, I can't go over about 17 with the planter on the tractor. Anyone familiar with Ia. 14 in these parts knows how smooth it is, worst part is right by our local Key Coop. All in all it wasn't a bad trip. Did it on a work day and had no trouble making it to work on time. One thing, don't go down the road with the tanks loade
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