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  1. DT Fan

    Bagpipers are paid less ❓🚫👀

    One of my all-time favorites!
  2. DT Fan

    Small Pear Harvest 🍐2018 for me

    That's what my carrot crop was like the last two years! This year have lots. Didn't do anything different.
  3. DT Fan

    Would I get hurt for this price?

    There is a decent one on Des Moines CL right now, not far from me. I don't need another project right now or I'd be looking.
  4. DT Fan

    Would I get hurt for this price?

    Someone thought the price was right! Nice looking tractor, I wouldn't have been scared for the $. I have a 782 I mow at the farm with, (50c deck) love it.
  5. DT Fan

    Enough already!

    it does suck, just won't quit. Looks like it may be a muddy mess for harvest time.
  6. DT Fan

    Any dove hunters on here?

    Good grief! I didn't look that bad after 4 days of shooting (and about 6 thousand rounds of ammunition) in Argentina back in 2005. It was just a riot buy the way!
  7. DT Fan

    1206 serial number registry

    https://desmoines.craigslist.org/grd/d/1206/6661990379.html 11513. Listed for sale on C-list in Menahga, MN.
  8. DT Fan

    Day One Of The Predicted 6 Day Rain Event Has Ended With

    Around here the dog was always trying to pass razor blades.
  9. DT Fan

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    They are band duals. That steel is how they clamped to the wheel center. I found them interesting too.
  10. DT Fan

    1466 Rebuild

    Nice, wouldn't mind having a twin to that!
  11. DT Fan

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    That 19 is a 'beach master'. Very low production, AC later made them as a 190.
  12. DT Fan

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    Some of the Orange. And Yellow!
  13. DT Fan

    National Root Beer Float Day

    I don't care about the float, I want the omelet! Chanterelle's are one mushroom list to try, found some black trumpets last year in the U.P. wasn't sure of the ID so I didn't pick them, Doh!
  14. DT Fan

    Some railings

    45's are a true indicator of craftsmanship! So much simpler to just do 90's.
  15. DT Fan

    Marshalltown Iowa Power Show

    Was good to meet you too. Should have more time to talk through the weekend.