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  1. Wolverines and fishers are both members of the weasel family. The resort I stay at in Canada had a pair of fishers stay in the main lodge one winter. You should have seen the destruction, owner showed me the pics. They had like 100 lbs. of flour, The whole place was white. Jerry had just that year gotten a crappie tree. I had never heard it called that, it was like 7 crappies on a stringer, was very nice, They ATE it! There were bits and pieces left but it was trash. He left it up for a long time. Ah the memories.
  2. I'm right there with you on that! Seen it two or three times, seems to parallel real life for sure.
  3. DT Fan

    656 w/o TA

    Doc E, I'm an AC guy but will readily admit the TA is much smoother than the Power Director.
  4. Ain't that the truth! Almost never go to the local one I'm in Marshalltown 5 days a week. Talk about a no brainer.
  5. No doubt in my mind it has been around for quite some time, had just never seen one.
  6. Cool thread, don't think I have any to offer but will check tomorrow. Today I might find one on a Snapper snowblower but that would be about it!
  7. A guy brought up induction heaters in a broken stud removal thread on the 'Orange' board just this morning. Had never heard of this. A former employer heat treated scads of parts with induction, never thought of it as a tool for repair work. Depending on pricing, I might have to pick one up.
  8. DT Fan

    656 w/o TA

    I would have a very hard time pulling the trigger on a red tractor with no T/A, (unless of course it were a hydro). Even if it were to go out, fix it with a new heavy duty unit and it will outlast me for sure.
  9. DT Fan

    LP experts?

    That's a fact! He sells propane and propane accessory's.
  10. Duck hunting can be a hoot! Haven't been since I started this stupid job, over eight years. Can't give you any advice on the call. Never met one I could make a good note on. My cousin I hunted with did all the calling, he's pretty good. He said, and I believe him. "People call way too much". A lot of times less is more. Guess you have to figure that out with experience.
  11. Not in love with that axle but it might get it closer to my price range!
  12. I have to go in tonight as usual but seems like a day off because of the snow and cold. I don't think I can get to the places I need to run the chainsaw and really don't want to at 8 degrees. Iowaboy, is that standard practice for you guys to have MLK day optional?
  13. Well, they have a yard full of junk blades in pieces and a sign on the fence that says they are to be recycled......
  14. Tj, that looks pretty darn good. If that muffler says 'NELSON' on it, do not throw it away.
  15. Yep, has down-pressure on the blade! Sometimes I miss the 'float' position, then things get interesting.
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