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  1. Thanks guys it means alot coming fromy'all. Y'all take care and be safe out there as things are going to be busy for y'all.
  2. Wes806


    That sucks. Maybe you can that visor fixed now,
  3. I don't like to work on Sundays. But this time of year with all the rain I got to mow some yards on Sunday just to keep up. I only mow some yards on Sundays that doesn't matter what day it is. I won't ant personal yards on a Sunday unless they call me on Friday or Saturday and ask me to.
  4. Happy Birthday Jeeper and all others. Hope you had a good and safe day.
  5. Congrats Mader. Glad all is well.
  6. Drove the 806D with 8foot bush hog 31 miles one way. Done the bush hog work same day and drove back. If I had a break down of any kind would have to drive it back the next day. I still drive to all my bush hogging jobs. Usally 5 to 10 miles one way.. It will now be on the 756 gas being I sold the 806 last fall.
  7. He might be hinting rhar you need to get the parts one running when you get the 560's. Your welcome couldn't resist it. 😀
  8. Happy Birthday gents. Hope y'all have a good day and many more.
  9. A 560 D would be a nice tractor to have around. I vote buy it. You can blame me as well as the others. HAHA
  10. Got to be Pm cause Olive Garden said Good Evening .
  11. Only old people have heard of a phone book. If it's not online it doesn't exist. I remember useing both. Are you guys saying I'm getting old. Jes thanks foe reminding me. LMAO Guess I had better start slowing down.
  12. Farm sure is looking upward. nicely done.
  13. And I thought you bought another truck.
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