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  1. That's what I do . Put a set of mulching blades on and cover the discharge chute and go for it. Does a good job.
  2. It is for sure a nice view. Hasn't really started here yet but when it does I know what your saying and feeling @vtfireman85
  3. Wes806


    Nice save. Hopefully it won't take much to get it going.
  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good day and many more to follow.
  5. Will be keeping y'all in my prayers.
  6. Happy Birthday CIHTECH. Hope you had a good day and enjoy the rest. Be safe and take care.
  7. Wes806

    52 days

    Glad she's back home. Will be keeping you in prayers.
  8. Nice job as always. At least you still have good weather to do it.
  9. Both are good choices IMO. But if it was me I'd go 1206 but I'm a 06 series fan. You can't go wrong with either one thru.
  10. IMO it's not right making anyone take the shot. I better stop with that before I get trouble started. Sceary sorry to hear this after everything else you and your wife has just went thru. Hopefully your meeting goes good in your way. Will pray that you have a good out come
  11. Had a few .22 misfire as said rotate and try again. If you wish not to try firing again do as Sledgehammer said pull bullet out with pliers and throw away. I've done that a few times on.22 and other rounds.
  12. Always enjoy going to plow days. Wish you was alittle closer to me. Didn't hear of any plow days around close to me to go to. Maybe one might still come up. Will be looking to seeing some pics of your 15 plowing.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it. There's alot of good guys/gals on here with a wealth of knowledge.
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