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  1. 1 Farmall H cause it was the first tractor I learned to run and it was the big work horse on Grandpa's farm. 2 International T340 crawler cause Dad and done a partial restore on one 3 TD 9 cause Dad was plowing with one when I was born.
  2. Went over there to pick something up. Can't remember what it was though. Hope you have safe travels.
  3. Would like to see some pics of leg-hold setup. Wouldn't mind trying that on some holes here.
  4. Don't know how far east your going on I-70 across Ohio but if you go thru Springfield. I won't mind meeting you somewhere for a coffee if you have time.
  5. Nice job on it sure looks good.
  6. Congrats on getting it. Looks to be in decent shape.
  7. Happy Birthday to all. Hope y'all had a goo day and many more to follow.
  8. Like a true Deere can't make it's mind up/
  9. All mine fell off of mower or tractor while bush hogging and got chopped up.
  10. When I read the title and then seen canoe thought oh no he's trying to submerge it.
  11. Nice looking 806. Looked to be a good day for the ride.
  12. Anderson's Tractor Supply in Bluffton OH might have one or can get what you need in aftermarket. Here's their # 419-358-8846. They have done good getting me 806 parts. Good luck hopefully it's not as bad as it looks.
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