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  1. Happy Birthday Madder. Hope and wishing you have a good day and many more to follow. Take care and be safe. Happy Birthday to all others.
  2. Wow someone done something wrong or weak steel. Would like to know the story behind that.
  3. On narrow front I use one chain each side from the frame rails. Has worked good for me so far. I'm also interested in how others do or if there is a better way.
  4. Happy Birthday 856 Custom. Hope you have a good day and many more to follow. Have a safe day and enjoy your day. Happy Birthday to all others.
  5. Runner wishing you a Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day and many more to follow. Good luck in your fishing outings, Take care and be safe, Happy Birthday to all you other guys/gals.
  6. Sure everyone there will enjoy them.
  7. Sure looks nice. Hope it gives as many years as your old one or more.
  8. I had a Gehl 2365 disc bine and it worked good for me when I was doing hay. Cut about 200 acre's a year 3 time's. Grass hay and rough ground. Pulled it behind 806D or Massy Ferguson !75.
  9. Wrong driver in truck thought he was in the boat.
  10. Really looks good. Ought to be be easy to light and heat by the looks of it. Nice job.
  11. Hartley & Nicholl was a true all around IH dealership they carried about anything a person wanted. I can remember going into the old store to get parts and look around. They did do some work on my 806 when the guy before me owed it. They carried tools, garden seed by the bulk, and hardware. They was a hardware store along with the dealership. I think they even carried appliances. When they moved I think they went to big to make it. I remember more about the old shop then the new one. It sure changed since they moved . Their new store is now a doctor's office for kids. The museum here has a lot about they then what I posted. Trying to find some of their old decals and signs but hard to find.
  12. Gotta have 2 cups of coffee for the trip.
  13. Dang you should have of had said something. Iwas was just looking. The young fella was my stepson. I've been wondering if we would run into each other up there. Been hoping to meet you in person. Maybe when you've got some time we could meet somewhere up there for a cup of coffee.
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