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  1. He sure got lucky that day. Glad he wasn't underneath when that happened.
  2. Wes806


    Don't any TV channels hooked up to watch but know the show. Congrats to him sounds like he done and played it smart.
  3. oops I've done that before.
  4. Dang now I'm gonna to ask wife to make some Apple crisp and go get some ice cream.
  5. Wes806


    Happy Birthday CIHTECH hope you have a great day and many more to follow.
  6. There is a adjustment screw and I have it all the way up. As far as I know the cylinder is the right one It is a way cylinder lift only and it will float all the way in when the rear part will go in the ground.
  7. If I am thinking right the 806 is low line draft and a guy that use to run Worldwide said that Massy plow and tractor was a high draft so it would make sense to me to lower that. The front goes right but can't get the back to go in more then 4 Inchs.
  8. Took the quick hitch off and tried that same result. Going to try and add some weights and see what happens. Hard to find any parts for this plow here.
  9. I never thought about that. I do have two rear IH rear wheel weights sitting in the barn. I'll take them out tomorrow and out on and try out. Thanks
  10. The only that I could find for it was at TSC. Wish I had a set of deep suck shares.
  11. Sure looks good there Bitty. Some good looking welds also.
  12. I have a Massey Ferguson Model 86 4 bottom semi mounted plow. I have plowed with this before behind my 806D and always had good depth. I got a field that has never been plowed and I can't seen to get any more then 4 inchs deep it's not hard clay and I have new shears on it. The front will go as deep as I set it but the back will not have all depth controls set for as deep as it will go. Any ideas on what I can do. Will get some pics on here of it being hooked up.
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