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  1. Some nice pics Tony. Looks like you had a nice day for it and fun. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Got a sister that lives in Bradenton {just south of Tampa} she went to her daughter's place alittle more inland. Haven;t heard anything from her yet .
  3. It may not blow away but if they get enough water it just might float away.
  4. I'm guilty as charged big time.
  5. I know you did. Just had to pester you about another project. Your like I am got to many projects to do and can't find the time to get them done everyone else seens to bring me theirs and wanted it done yesterday.
  6. Hitch parts haha. That what you told the wife. You just needed a excuse for another project. Hehe
  7. Maybe you will be the one lucky and first person to get something off of that farm. Hopefully you are.
  8. Was 81 yesterday down to 63 here today. Saying 39 for tonight.
  9. Don't think either would be a quick draw
  10. Wife just had our dog at the vet today. 260.00 some shots and a checkup.
  11. Wes806

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    here and a gun forum
  12. Happy Birthday. Hope ya had a good day and many more to follow.
  13. Nothing like being in the open air. Fun fun
  14. Sorry to hear that. Will keep y'all in prayers.
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