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  1. Wes806

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Great news. Glad to hear
  2. Wes806

    Changing brakes 06-66 with pics.

    Thanks Mule It is looking like I'm to have tear 806 left brake apart. This sure helps
  3. Wes806

    Give and take word game

    treasure box
  4. Wes806

    G706 - need more power

    Maybe you better weight her down with NOS LOL
  5. Wes806

    Classified Ads

    Ran when I parked about a year ago. Engine won't turn over.
  6. Wes806

    Time Flies

    Nice story to hear about.Good pics. Enjoyed Thanks for sharing.
  7. Wes806

    Prayers for the outlaws

    So glad to hear. Prayers do work
  8. Wes806

    Camp fire wildfire

    Sorry about your sister. Hopefully they can get back in soon and check everything out and be able to rebuild. Glad to hear that Tony is away from it and that he's irrigated.
  9. Wes806

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Been watching this since the start. You sure have a great job with it. sure have come along way with it. Sounds good and sure like how the oil pressure looked. Congrats on a job being well done.
  10. Wes806

    weather tonight

    28 degrees here now traces of snow flurries. Very wet from rain this last week. Still alot of beans and corn out yet. Talking about accumulating snow first of week.
  11. Wes806

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    I like both ways RKo
  12. Wes806

    Tomorrow is my Iraq combat units reunion

    From a fellow veteran to you thanks for your service and sacrifice. Hope all goes well and you have a good reunion.
  13. Wes806

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Glad he's doing better
  14. Wes806

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    If it's a WD 45 I wanna see that☺️
  15. Wes806

    Got them inside today.

    A friend had a VW bus when we was about 16, In the winter time we use to take it around and pick salt up where the city left pile at stop signs and then go out and people driveways.Sure bet a fellow couldn't do that now adays