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  1. I run my 806 with a old Massy Ferguson Model 86 4 -16 semi-mounted and tell my buddy he can run his JD LOLL
  2. That is a nice plow sure looked like it was doing a good job
  3. That 270 seens to be playing with that plow. My friend wants to run a 8 bottom onland behind a JD 8100 told him he better go to 6 bottom.
  4. Planted them a few years back for safe keeping. LOL
  5. Happy Birthday TeachersPet1066 and all others. Hope you had a great day and many more safe years ahead. WES
  6. Prayers for Steve and his family and all.
  7. Pm me if you take it off I could use a good one Thanks
  8. MTO as said widen the wheels and and weight the lower the weight the better and run slow. Be careful and safe. Good luck
  9. Glad to hear that he's home and getting better. And you all are very right a great bunch of people on here even the joker's HeHe.
  10. Happy Birthday Ohio Farmer and all others. Hope y'all had a good day and many more. Ohio Farmer me and the wife enjoyed your plow day thanks for all you done putting it together.
  11. Do you know what photography company was there. Maybe wife can look it up facebook
  12. Glad to see that pic I know there were some others taking pics but I haven't seen them. If you get any others please post them. Thanks.
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