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  1. That is shape. Like the cab and dualed up.
  2. You and me both. No way would I hang there by cables. Climbing up a 20 ft ladder is enough for me since I had one go out from under me.
  3. Wes806


    Going to leave as a .222 cause it was my Granddads gun. Plus here where I'm at in Ohio there not awhole lot of hunting that I do with rifle. Have to use shotgun with slugs for deer here and have A Remington 870 pump 20 gauge for that and other small game.
  4. Wes806

    Bolt 22LR

    Savage made a decent gun. Owned a couple but not the bolt 22LR. They worked good for me. Bolt action has been a well proven working gun over the years. Good luck.
  5. Wes806


    If I get a decent day I'll get it out and play some. After Dad passed away me and bother split the guns between us. Let him have the .223 and the .22 hornet.
  6. Wes806


    My Granddad gave me this Remington model 722 . A .222 calibar. Have never shot it just cleaned up and put up. Does anyone know anything about it? Good/bad. Thanks
  7. Wes806

    Home or away?

    Home with wife and daughter. and with stepson and wife and their little boy. Unless I can find something to work after We eat.
  8. Wow How much snow was there when you took that pic? How long is the walk out to it?
  9. I have had Easy Out's work for me in some cases. Have never snaped one off yet. I think it's how hard you try to turn it out that causes them to snap. I turn it very easy and if bolt don't turn then pull easy out and drill it. At least that's been my luck so far tapping on wood.
  10. X2 on what WESnIL said. Might try a easy out after you drill a small hole. After you get it out run a tap though the threads to clean up. Good luck
  11. Wes806


    I haven't had the privilege of seeing him on here but will keep them in my prayers.
  12. Only tractor's I've ran was IH and JD's. Always liked the pulling power over JD They would lug down and come right back only JD that I've ran that would do that was the old 2CYL JD diesel's. Plus there was aIH dealer in our hometown.
  13. Yea that was years ago when we was a youngster. People sure did look when we went down the interstate. Boy did it ever stretch out. Look back at it now and laugh but sure wouldn't do it now.
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