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  1. Yes and some would decorate all graves and have a service in the cemetery.
  2. Wes806

    Tuff decision

    Sorry to do. Hard to do and leaves a empty spot.
  3. How many hours are on it? Might be a weak injector or some dirt in it .
  4. That sure would be fun to run some and to see it working today.
  5. Wes806

    2019 hay

    Buddy baled some wet and wrapped for silage
  6. That sure is nice. Like that MFWD on it.
  7. Had some nice days here but have to turn furnace back on some nights. And the rain will not going there.🙁
  8. Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers to for his family and friends. RIP
  9. Happy Birthday New guy and all others. Hope ya all have a good day and many more to follow.
  10. Only good snake I like and seen is a dead one all chopped up. Me and snakes don't get along. Sure wouldn't want to meet up with one like that.
  11. X2 Always enjoy seeing your post. Thanks Gary
  12. On a NF I always used the frame rail that seened to help keep chain up off of front wheels.
  13. Like them old pumps and coolers you have there. Reminds me of some I used years ago. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Wife is sigen up on here but she doesn't get on here to often. She goes by Eeyore65
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