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  1. If I done that bet I would get picked up for DUI.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Nice save glad to hear that it runs. Good luck with it.
  3. Bitty sorry to hear, Hopefully if it comes about it will only be mild. Will be keeping ya all in prayers.
  4. Way to go. Glad they enjoyed it. Always a good feeling to put a smile on someones face,
  5. Looks good. Nice well thought out.
  6. Nice looking grill and shop. Did you make that yourself? If so sure looks like a nice job on it from what all I'm seeing in pic.
  7. X2 Hopefully we will see this soon.
  8. The Old IH that we had here in Bellefontaine (Hartley and Nichol ) had about anything you wanted hardware garden seeds and alot more. Always looked forward to going in there.
  9. Sure like the looks of your 1066 in her work cloths.
  10. X2 bet they will try and include double stack handguns.
  11. Glad to hear that. Maybe you can relax better now.
  12. Wes806


    I think its because of shooting range is limited plus am only allowed 3 rounds in gun. Not sure how many states are shotgun only. Know when I go out hunting bet I hear about 50 others shooting around me.
  13. Wow Sure hope your not in much pain. Will be praying for a full and speedy recovery.
  14. Wes806


    I like to use my Marlin 30-30 lever action or .308 bolt but am limited to shotgun with slug here.
  15. Everytime I see Pics of them it always amazes me how they float and can move across the water with everything it hauls and holds.
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