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  1. Have Oreiily's & Advaced Auto & Auto Zone and a NAPA all within 3/4 mile. Don't know how they make it.
  2. The Ruger SR9 is a good full size 9mm . Also Rock inland makes a .380 in the 1911 frame called the Baby Rock it is very easy to conceal carry it. I haven't had any problems with it. As said the S&W shield is a good. Wife carries the EZ slide and no problems with it. Had the Tarus GC2 upgraded to the GC3 both been good guns and as said easy on the billfold. PM me if you have any questions about them.
  3. X2 Also was wondering since you have been driving have you ever been attacked by any sharks or anything while down? What all precautions do you guys take?
  4. Happy Birthday guys. May y'all have a good day and many more. Take care and be safe.
  5. Good luck to you. Will keep you in prayers.
  6. Happy Birthday Farmall 1066. Hope you have a good day and many. Hopefully your staying warm up there sounds like y'all got some cold weather up there.
  7. Now come on give him alittle break he can't make his mind up which is which cool or cold. LOL
  8. Sorry to hear this. Will be keeping you and your family in prayers,
  9. Thanks to you Seth and all others who do these service. I can only think about what all you come up on and see. Many thanks to y'all and prayer's. May God bless you and watch out for you. Thanks to all serve.
  10. Happy Birthday guys hope ya all have a great day and many more to follow.
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