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  1. Got your mind awandering now. Do I go or don't I. LOL
  2. Wes806

    New to us tractor

    Nice hope it does well for you.
  3. Sure is looking good. Always nice to look back and see the progress you made.
  4. Take mine out when not in use. Also on a side note I had the salt rust out a reese hitch mount.
  5. Nice 1206. Like the whole setup. You done a good job rebuilding that disk.
  6. Sure is a nice fence. Well done
  7. That's a tie down point that he forgot to put a strap on. LOL
  8. I've had both slide in and stand up. I like the stand up better and if needed(as said before) can take them off if you need to. They are built heavier and when loading tractor's or truck's no worry about them slideing out from under you. On my truck's that i pull with I haven't seen any or very little diff. on my mileage.
  9. Wes806

    Labor Day

    Went to the labor day festival in West Liberty. Seen Andy (Harmless Farmer) walking around and talking. Didn't get a chance to say Hi he was busy. Then went out and done some target shooting with the wife.
  10. Sorry to hear that is happening. As said it seens like money and stuff really can tear a family apart and show the best or worst in a person. Good luck to you and hope it works out soon and the best for all.
  11. I have only worn a mask twice since this has all started. And it was on a trip where I didn't want to start anything. Wish this start to blow over tried of people looking at each other like something the matter with each other.
  12. Hopefully its deer and no cougar. Maybe bigfoot came to see you/ LOL
  13. Wes806

    After hours

    Nice I like it.
  14. Happy Birthday all. Hope and wishing ya all a good day and safe one. Hopefully you'll have many more.
  15. Sure hope and pray that they get under control. Take care out there madder and all others out that way and be safe.
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