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  1. Wes806

    Lonesome Dove

    I may get the DVD's out and watch it again. Always a good show to rewatch on a cold winter night.
  2. X2 Nice looking. That ought to do the job.
  3. Wes806

    Lonesome Dove

    Always enjoyed Lonesome Dove and the movies he played in. Duvall always had a way with words.
  4. Wes806

    They've Done It Again

    Good job. She sure does a good job.
  5. Wes806

    You know your a Redneck!

    That is a great view to wake up to and see every morning.
  6. Wes806

    New Ram (Dodge)

    A friend of mine always buy Dodge HD2500 with a 6.7 D and automatic transmission. Puts about 300 thousand miles on it in 3 years and has never had transmission trouble. Has had trouble with the transfer case going bad. He does alot of hauling with.
  7. Wes806

    Hauling firewood

    Nice what no snow. Dang I just spent the last 20 hrs pushing that crap. Bet that hard apple wood had a nice smell.
  8. Wes806

    86,s tucked away for winter

    Good looking tractors. Nice pic
  9. Wes806

    Farmer's / Mechanic alphabet

    A is for alternator B is for brake pads C is for camshaft D is for dipstick E is for exhaust F is for fuel tank G is for gasket H is for horn I is for intercooler J is for jackstand K is for keys L is for lug nuts M is for manual transmission N is for nitrous oxide O is for oil filter P is for pistons Q is for quarter mile race R is for rotor S is for supercharger T is for turbo U is for u-joint V is for valve stem W is for water pump X is for xenon bulbs Y is for y-pipe Z is for zip the zip ties can fix anything WES
  10. Wes806

    303 oil

    Time to get the popcorn out.
  11. Wes806

    Always a good idea to have a helper

    Before or after the battery falls out. Lmao
  12. Wes806

    2018 pictures

    Nice pics. Enjoyed Thanks for sharing.
  13. BJ sure looks good. will be like new or better when done. Will be following. Thanks for sharing. WES
  14. Wes806

    For you cabover lovers

    1984 Pete that I drove for awhile. Buddy owns it only use on the farm. Has a Cat 3406b with 13 speed.