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  1. Happy Birthday guys. Hope you had a good day and 4th of July. Be safe and careful.
  2. I have a 95 Dodge With Cummins 3500 and a 99 Ford F350 with the7.3. Like working on the Dodge a lot better then the Ford. My Dodge has a lot more room to get to you need to then the Ford. On the Dodge I can put a 5 gallon bucket under it to drain oil.
  3. Have a good and safe 4th ya all. Enjoy yourselves take care.
  4. Congrats Mule. Nice looking fella in IH to boot.
  5. I bought two long tire irons plus a couple spoons (as I call them and the wedge hammer is a tire breaker hammer.
  6. Think I'm going to order it tomorrow. Fought with the inside bead for 1 !/2 hours before it come loose. Tried of the holding jack till its tight that use a hammer trying to get it loose. Outside bead no problem put a block of wood against it and back the truck up to put push in and hit with wedge hammer. Works good.
  7. Has anyone used one of these? Had to fix tire on 806 rear tire. I'm tried of fighting Jack's and swing a hammer.
  8. I'm intend to be there again. Thanks Mark
  9. Sorry to hear. Be easy on yourself for sure he'll remember all the good times with you as you should too. Take care.
  10. My local IH dealer has done good for me with parts for 806 a lot of times after finding the part he even asks if I want OEM or aftermarket. Also I deal with oreilys and NAPA here both places have went out of their looking up or matching odd parts by using computer or old books with good results.
  11. Nice pics thanks for sharing. Wish I knew sooner about you guys doing that I would've try to make it up there. For sure nice turn out.
  12. Nows that's thinking and planning. Glad it worked out for you. Yours sure looks alt better then the one have.
  13. Nice looking setup you have there. Not bad looking hay for new seeding.
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