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  1. cruise

    TD5 Crawler w/blade

    Were in nebraska are you located and have you determined a price.
  2. cruise

    T-6 Decals

    I just got the decals in December 2016. I think his son still sells them not for sure but if you call the number i gave somebody will answer.
  3. cruise

    T-6 Decals

    I got a td9 decal set from John P. Hiniker in Nicollet, MN that had the tractractor decal in it you might want to give him a call 1-507-327-5971.
  4. cruise

    super w4

    Ok thanks for the info.
  5. I was wondering if anyone now's if you can get parts and gaskets for bucyrus erie hydraulic valves and pumps any more for a td9 crawler. And also what is the best packing to use in the hydraulic cylinders.
  6. cruise

    super w4

    I am looking for original manuals for a 53 and 54 super w4. If any one can tell me were i could find them it would be greatly appreciated.