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  1. You are correct it came from California from a tomato farm to iowa in 2008.
  2. Had my Late model T340A out disking in some rye grain on my stump pit from last week pre model 37 ih disk
  3. T340A out disking in some rye on my bury pit from last weekE6279E0D-43D9-426F-9016-509546B00171.thumb.jpeg.6a0eadec556d882fa5086e9a360ea4d9.jpeg1909C0DC-FB04-4DD9-A1AB-089352CB0FEF.thumb.jpeg.26d628756011e77d538ac59924b2bca5.jpeg1909C0DC-FB04-4DD9-A1AB-089352CB0FEF.thumb.jpeg.26d628756011e77d538ac59924b2bca5.jpeg1909C0DC-FB04-4DD9-A1AB-089352CB0FEF.thumb.jpeg.26d628756011e77d538ac59924b2bca5.jpeg1909C0DC-FB04-4DD9-A1AB-089352CB0FEF.thumb.jpeg.26d628756011e77d538ac59924b2bca5.jpeg6A37912C-E354-478E-B66A-CBBFA6A354AB.thumb.jpeg.c44f0d6f406924e836cfcf9f9a9dbce9.jpegE6279E0D-43D9-426F-9016-509546B00171.thumb.jpeg.6a0eadec556d882fa5086e9a360ea4d9.jpeg



  4. Got the core from Stoner Radiator in Waterloo Iowa pricing but but it runs at 185-190 working it hard , before 195-200 had to back off throttle to keep it from getting any hotter.
  5. Vic I had to put a new radiator core in this spring ran a limb thru it backing up had the top and bottom tanks sand blasted my goal is to paint it red next spring. I made brush shields for the sides wanted to make sure I didn't have any leaks before installing them and also put a new valve cover gasket in it but is still leaking got to source a used from greater gear in Idaho, someone over tighten the center stud and sprung the cover. Fun tractor for on the farm have built one 2 acre pond with it so far slot dozing.
  6. Vic the exhaust manifold is on the left top side of the calve cover according to sn its a 1947 TD14
  7. had TD out today slot dozed a pit to bury a old stump/burn pile..
  8. had TD out today slot dozed a pit to bury a old stump/burn pile..
  9. Any source for new radiator cores for TD14?
  10. Had to pull the radiator yesterday to be repaired. Need fan belt, upper and lower radator flange gaskets and upper and lower radiator core gaskets.
  11. Dad bought 4-38" in 1970 pulled with his SMTA (which my brother and I still have) till he switched over to using his 826 hydro. I bought a new 4-38" in 1974 and we traded them both in together in 1976 for 400 8-38" with liquid fert and we planted with it till 1988 when we went to ridge till 6-30" and bought a green planter.
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