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  1. iowaboy1965

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    Nice transtar intern you got der! 🙂
  2. iowaboy1965

    826 oil cooler

    Depends on the pump. And the shop. If it just needs resealed and pump head is good its not any worse than any of the others imo. Had mine resealed for i think $600 year or 2 ago.
  3. iowaboy1965

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    Dont really know who she is either and dont watch those kinda shows.....i already have too many things that i cant do anything about that get me wound up why add more? 😀 she used to be kinda cute tho....
  4. iowaboy1965

    life in our corner

    Hope to see pictures of it cleaned up and cruising soon! 🙂
  5. iowaboy1965

    The mysterious new member

    Was always under the impression hemp hadn't been grown around my area since ww2 era. Was also always told all it would give you was a headache. Maybe there will be a resurgence in hemp growth?
  6. iowaboy1965

    Farming low ground

    And before that they used wood. I have short chunk of wood tile that was unerthed from our home place in about 1973 when a new water line was trenched from a spring about a 1/2 mile north of the house folks built at that time. Looks like a square timber that was hollowed out.
  7. iowaboy1965

    The mysterious new member

    Dont really know either. Do you suppose it was a fringe group of some kind trying to get/remove support for said product? If it truly helps folks with their ailments i dont have a problem with it. Especially if the thc has been removed and their is no high effect from it. Dont know why anyone would have a problem then other than set in their ways?
  8. iowaboy1965


    Wait so she worked in a place that charged hot babes for the privelage of working there and overcharged their customers for drinks? doing something wrong...🤔
  9. iowaboy1965

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Imo diamond cab would look sharp.....well ok would look sharp either way but i still vote diamond. 🙂
  10. We have a couple 3d printers at work now in the toolroom but i dont know much about them. Will have to ask a couple guys i know to fill me in more.....think at least one does metal.
  11. iowaboy1965

    when you realize you have selective hearing....

    Well at least she sends you to the dog house with a full stomach....😂
  12. iowaboy1965

    Advice Hydro 84

    Glad to hear you got it going!
  13. I do think your right in that it is easier than ever to reproduce parts. And i think right now more parts than ever are available for more popular machines. The cost always has and probably always will be set up. Got get all the specs and then figure out a process. Once the first one is done then it becomes much easier for the second , third ect. If there is a demand yes i think it could happen. Tho one of parts will always be more expensive i would imagine....would take a person or business with a passion to pursue it.
  14. iowaboy1965

    Read this billboard before you google it.

    Googled it and i still dont really get it....
  15. iowaboy1965

    Read this billboard before you google it.

    O wait is that blood on the ground....bitty may be right. Gotta admitt i dont really get it either