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  1. iowaboy1965

    Old tricks of the day

    Had a coworker in when I was in high school who used to brag up his 73 mustang 302 automatic. Took us for A ride to after work to show us it would get a second gear scratch. It did........because it was sliding sideways from him ranking the steering wheel just as it shifted.....🙄 He had several cars of various makes that all got similar 2nd gear scratches. 😎
  2. iowaboy1965

    Electal for Farmall C

    Couple years ago i went to a local auction. Guy and his son had collected anything IH for years. From Irma Bombeck? To electrals to cubs and a several 400s. Must of had at least 6 electrals. Some on carts, at least one fast hitch , 3 or 4 tractor mount ones it seems like. 1 mounted to a 400iirc. Didnt get to stay for the while sale but saw most of the cubs and some of electrals sell. 1 of em brought im thinking around 3 to 4000 range might have been 1 higher and i think several a bit cheaper.
  3. iowaboy1965

    Who makes reproduction OEM mufflers for Letter Series

    Borrowed neighbors super m to disc 6 acres at parents place. Went over it a couple times. Had a straight pipe on it abd sounded good but i was glad to be done to. Uncle bought a low hour h with original muffler on it. We could stand near it and talk easily and it sounded good to.
  4. iowaboy1965

    IH 250A generator help

    I would be very careful using any solvent other than electrical contact cleaner around the windings tho.
  5. iowaboy1965

    2001 mounting to 706

    Nice looking 706. You get that loader and cab mounted and restored put some pictures up here. Should look sharp.🙂
  6. iowaboy1965

    Tom's a hero

    Wow! Glad it turned out as well as it did for them.
  7. iowaboy1965

    Kinda reverse land lease question?

    So he is planting it for wildlife food plots? Im confused sorry.
  8. iowaboy1965

    Runner where abouts

    Hope your feeling better or will soon runner
  9. iowaboy1965

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    Gotta admit i didnt care for em much back then but they have grown on me a lot and that one looks pretty nice. I would take it tho it would be a whole lot cooler with a 302 or 351 in it. That being said i can see how it wouldnt be a big hit with most teenage girls of today. If she wants to be picky she can help pay for at least part of it. My kids both drove the same hand me down 95 Taurus i bought used for a work car.
  10. iowaboy1965

    IH B-414

    Sounds to me like what he is saying. We had a ford with the 2 stage clutch. Seemed to work ok for us.
  11. iowaboy1965

    M with mystery 9 speed

    Dont know about the other guys but if i were looking for an M, would look at the 9 speed as an added bonus if it was on there but probably wouldnt give much more than one with out. But i have never been around a 9 speed either. Maybe some would give a premium for one? All depends on who is looking and how bad they want one imo.
  12. iowaboy1965

    New Zealand

    Yes this is the most recent, BUT my point was you dont have to look very far or very hard to find numerous recent or fairly recent appalling human rights violations by the more hardline or radical members of some of these other religious groups in many other countries. So its no wonder some become paranoid and throw in a bit of mental unstability on top of it and things like this happen unfortunately.
  13. iowaboy1965

    New Zealand

    If there is an element bent on harming the US , Some of them could be. How would we know? Let me be clear i am not advocating walking into a mosque and shooting it up and this is a tragedy with innocent lives lost im sure, but it doesnt take much looking around to be intimidated by world events surrounding certain religions and their human rights violations.
  14. iowaboy1965

    IH B-414

    I think you NEED it Mark. 😎
  15. iowaboy1965

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys. Hope you have a great day