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  1. Yeah I recalled it. I liked that movie too.
  2. I guessed on the spelling.....😁
  3. Pronounced who de ki. A former coworker used it a lot. Sorry if I made anybodys brain lock up. 😁
  4. It's a feel good headline intended to placate those in the population not directly involved and casually but not closely observing the facts, imo.
  5. For sell 1 used hodykia, not to be confused with a thingamajigger, know what I mean? It's a nice one but I don't need it any more so decide to sale it. No low ballers I know what I have. Just sayn!
  6. Worked at Firestone for a couple years in powerhouse. I was thinking cure time referred to the amount of time in the mold under steam pressure or very hot water pressure. Like 265ish ° and 230 or so psi. I may have those figures backwards. Been 12 years.
  7. How many different ways can you spell hydraulic? 🤔 😆
  8. Glad to hear your doing well. Better take nurse goodbody along just in case! Safe travels.
  9. I suspect that might be exactly the plan. If it is don't look for much change.
  10. Happy Birthday Ron and all who may also celebrate on this day.
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