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  1. R190 usually gives pretty solid advice so i would listen to him. I know nothing of these tractors myself. My 2 cents.
  2. Also i dont see where you say anything about new brake friction discs? If you just cleaned old ones chances are good first time brakes get hot will cook more fluid out of friction material and you will be right back to sticking or erratic brakes. That material is like a sponge. Can clean the suface but will have to go thru who knows how many heat cycles to get it all boiled out. Have seen it done in auto brakes when a guy has the time tear apart and clean it as many times as it takes and little money. And as already said should be adjusters in drum assembly.
  3. Im sure Mrs Mto is a heck of a gal and a lovely lady. After all she puts up with our friend Mark!
  4. Was thinking the xt 190s ran 301s? If so we never had much problem with the engine in the 2 we had. Dont know anything about the 80 series tho.
  5. I had to do a couple double takes til i realized the 1st and 2 nd lines went together......🤔😎
  6. Yikes on the barges! Didnt see it yet. Went for a walk just a lil bit ago to check on my crossings. Had 1.5" rain in 24 hr period after i worked on them. They survived but this ole boy was sunning himself on top of the culvert. Took his picture and left him in peace.
  7. iowaboy1965


    Hasn't been bad here yet. Too cool i think so far but when it warms up, look out, i imagine this year
  8. Nothing special this year. Changing oil in wifes car today and trying to finish various hunny dos of wifes and my.own before our upcoming vacation. Just nice to be home and not at work for a few days...every year i think i will make it out to visit grandpaernts and other family graves but i dont seem to make it very often....
  9. Wife got all messed up one time from antibiotics. Had diarrhea for a month or more. She finally got researching on line and found out same you all have been suggesting. She started eating that yogurt like stuff with the probiotics in it and still does i believe or was not long ago. Hope they get you straightened out soon!
  10. The power of water is amazing. This middle culvert shown gets the most water flow of the 3. One up by house flows into this one which drains from neighbors field. Have seen this one flowing full diameter of culvert and dirt backing water up till it goes over top more than once after a heavy rain. The one in back drains from another neighbors and flows into creek middle culvert is in only downstream from it. But it doeasnt drain nearly as much area or as steep either. Moms pasture is a big backwards j with water flowing thru all 3 parts. 5 border watergaps and one internal water gap and 3 crossings.
  11. Maybe but it sounds like your wiring isnt in great shape anyway?
  12. Lights wont work with out that fuse unless its been wired around. Thinking 20 amp?
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