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  1. iowaboy1965

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Lol well maybe i put my foot in my mouth! Wouldnt be the first time!
  2. iowaboy1965

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Lol sounds like some of my past misadventures Anson. Glad to see someone will be able to get sum good out of the old girls tho and bring his family treasure back to life in the process. Much better than seeing em go to scrap imo. Next time might be better to negotiate buyer to do all loading tho. 😄😎
  3. iowaboy1965

    Kansas Whitetail deer in velvet

  4. iowaboy1965

    This photo will take some of you back in time.

    We were using my buddies older brothers cast off 8 tracks in the early 80s till we updated to cassette........
  5. iowaboy1965

    Never seen one of these before!

  6. iowaboy1965

    Do kids go outside to know what the moon is?

    Well i meant it in the nicest way.......😄
  7. iowaboy1965

    Getting ready to leave.

    That old tractor sure does look nice Kal. Looks like some pretty country too.
  8. iowaboy1965

    Do kids go outside to know what the moon is? are rumored to be kinda of an untrust worthy character.....😁
  9. iowaboy1965

    Prayers for Iowa

    Found out this morning from a buddy that another former coworkers wife had just got off work at Vermeer and picked up her grand daughter at onsite daycare. Her son called her and told her they had been told to go to shelter and to get back inside. She is fine but saw pics of her Ford Escape on its side in the parking lot. Thank goodness her son called her!
  10. iowaboy1965

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    Wow sorry to hear that.
  11. iowaboy1965

    Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday
  12. iowaboy1965

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Fluid in front tires maybe also?
  13. iowaboy1965

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    Dang man! Glad your still with us. Sorry you had a bad nite tho.
  14. iowaboy1965

    Sad day

    Dick was a good old boy. Always enjoyed talking to him too. Feel bad for his kids. Knew he had a son but didnt know there was a girl. Or so im told. Think he and son were in on tractors or sum of them at least together?
  15. iowaboy1965

    Prayers for Iowa

    Wow hadn't heard that either..