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  1. Look south on the east side of Newton. If you see the iowa speed way im a bit south of there.
  2. I think your being persecuted as one of fast growing minorities out there (hetro sexual caucasian male) Call the civil liberties people and scream bloody murder for your right! Im only half kidding...... seriously the world has gone crazy.
  3. Pretty girl, too much jewelry, but pretty. Nice bronc too. Never had 1 that style but cousin did. Had 6 or so 1st gen broncs over the years. Wish i still had one.
  4. Does it mention the WD when you play it backwards???? 😁
  5. 826 has an oil light so I assume it already is an aftermarket mechaical guage.
  6. Mine sprung a leak early this summer up behind the frame ralis there is a short chunk of heater hose and clamps in there, on mine at least. I was able to take both lines loose at engine and pull them back and out so i could put new chunks of hose in there. Dont know if they are all that way or if my lines have been cut and spliced by another owner. Iirc hoses had old red paint on them so i thought it was original? Maybe they are spilt there for ease of assembly? Might be something to remember if you have to pull front half out. Oh i didnt pull frame rail but would have made it easier.
  7. They have options if they dont want to pay your travel time. Such as haul or hire it hauled to you. They would probably gripe about the cost of that too. I dont blame you for wanting to cover lost time to travel to them. Expeses are a worry for both you and your customer. Your business cant be losing productivity when you could be working local with no or a few min travel time as you say.
  8. iowaboy1965


    Had vet encourage me NOT to stay and watch had taken sons cat in to be put down. Younger cat but we got up one morning and he was dragging his back legs around. Weekend but vet was open till noon. Ran in and was told blood clot in rear vein where splits to go to both leggs damage done vet recomended putting down. Never gonna get better no quality of life. Son was maybe 8 or so. He was devastated. Family wanted me to stay with him to comfort. Vet as i said told me it can get ugly sometimes and encouraged me to not stay. Agree Lorenzo gave her his best and sure was a comfort to Penny.
  9. iowaboy1965


    Sorry for your loss Lorenzo. Sucky deal
  10. Not even sure where to start or what to say......whats wrong with people......
  11. We all know your opion by know and thats fine your entitled to it just like everyone. But bitty asked if anyone knew how to so this job. Not for opions on wether he should buy a manual or not. Nough said. Thats MY opion. For what little its worth.
  12. I need to replace those too....
  13. Let those guys call the dealer next time and get a first hand reminder out of their bank account of what dealer charges. If your work is as top quality as it sounds like, they will be back im guessing.
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