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  1. Welcome to the forum Laurie and ty for the things you have shared.
  2. iowaboy1965

    Know what?

    I was thinking there was no april fool joke greater ( or maybe more cruel) than the weird reality we found ourselves in this april........
  3. Sorry to hear about your father. You will get er done. Good luck.
  4. Still working as ag manufacturing is essential too. Guy coming to move dirt for my future shop estimates about 3 weeks before he starts, so i gotta move the henhouse and another portable shed, as well as tear down 2 sections of fence and relocate a parts truck and a couple other projects, hoping to work on it some today but the weather is less than inspiring this morning, cold and some ice.😦 oh well i well putter at what i can.
  5. Perhaps they are taking the approach South Korea did and agressively testing and tracking those who are ill and then quarantining and testing those they had interacted with? I think that is where we are failing miserably in this country. In many areas (including mine as far as i know) you dont get tested until your seriously ill and need hospitalization, by that time you have interacted with how many people? And if we dont test and isolate thise folks then it spreads and spreads. Thus our only other option is what we are doing now to try and slow it at least.
  6. Wow. Good stuff. Ty for the link.
  7. ^^^ yes but also had a kind, down to earth way of putting things. Always figured he was probably a very approachable person in real life. Never made a big deal out of anything. Just told you how it was from his experience or perspective. And he had a lot of experience. Somebody you just felt a little better for having known or been around.
  8. Had an uncle that had a bout with polio in 40s or maybe earlier. Probably was earlier in fact. He was ill for a long time is all i know.
  9. I recall lining up for shots in grade school too. We all had the dime size indent i think. Some kinda high pressure injection thing. Dont think any needles involved? Walked by and the person put it against your arm and pulled the trigger.
  10. Well this just sucks......i will miss his comments on here. Rip Randy.
  11. Wife has had trouble trying to do online at Walmart. Says not in stock but told by others it is on shelf. Email to store and reply is inventory updates overnite. Cant get a time slot till next day and have to have $30 in kart to get appointment. May or may not be able to add items later. Inventory between shelf and online and time slot not working out very well. She had been doing online all winter before this with no trouble.
  12. What are we calling first gen here? Early cummins era? Or early 70s? Or wood spoke dobge bros model T era?
  13. Local Walmart close to normal again cept hand sanitizer and tp and a few other things. Some stuff limited as to how much you can buy. Wouldn't be needed if folks planned ahead and didnt hoard all at once.
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