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  1. iowaboy1965


    I had trouble too I had to scroll back to beginning with the bar at bottom as it started a few seconds from the end.
  2. iowaboy1965


    I think it is more the depression due to covid isolation/lockdown was the aim of the film.
  3. An allis all crop model 66 combine out of the middle of Des Moines day before or after Christmas one year. Was an old farm stead that had been developed around, widow lady was cleaning up with the help of a neighbor. I was by myself and winched it on the trailer, had to lay timbers across the bed to lay ramps on as it was too wide for trailer. Then had to jack it up and block it to frame so I could get the ramps out from under it. Were a few sketchy moments there. Got 45 miles home fine.
  4. Around here there are or were a lot of green balers. A 530 or 535 would be good candidates imo. Neighbor had one and claimed it would eat hay pretty well. Still trudging along with a well worn 510 but I should look around for a 530. Probably about a day after mine dies. 😄
  5. iowaboy1965


    Sad, Time for the world to get back to real life........
  6. Concurrently meaning ran at the same time so no alterations or corrections could be made before next round of tests because all rounds of tests were made at the SAME time. Im sorry but I call that a bit rushed and am not comfortable with it. Glad you and others are but I'm not. To me experimental protocol in this case means potentially inadequatly tested. There are big dollars at stake here for the drug companies and they are not gonna miss a single one if they can. No motive to rush or sweep stuff under the rug? Come on we don't have to look very hard or long to find examples of tha
  7. You mean the NYC where the hospital ship sailed off after a couple weeks cause they never got any patients? Where local nurses from my area went to volunteer only to find little if anything to do?
  8. For many years maytag had 4 HUGE tanks across the street from the plant. Nearest house was an old farmstead that town grew up around. But even so town size lots were way nearer than half mile mmi talks about. I dont recall how many gal tanks they were but huge. We got propane in by the semi loads. When maytag closed down local coop bought the tanks and relocated them they are now farther away from home than they were. But in any case we never had any problems. Granted if we had it would have been a huge deal. But I'm with whoever said when is last time you herd of a propane tank accident? S
  9. 1 Point is if the guy got hit by a bus and had covid they would call it covid not blunt force trauma.
  10. That tractor has been pictured before here ,thought the story was it was backdragging with bucket tipped and caught in a crack in cement? In any case they found the weak link.
  11. If I'm not mistaken Hr127 was introduced by a congress person from Tx........? So not everything is roses there i assume.
  12. I've never thought it was a good idea NOT to have a fence.
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