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  1. Oh i thought you meant a pretty lady in your life....😉😁
  2. Usually a few hours ahead for me. Unless a strom coming then i may plug in over nite ar for as long as weather is crappy. As often as not tho i come home from work and see i need to do something and end up cold starting sonething. Luckily i dont have that much so it isnt an every day or even weekly thing. Thought one of the guys here posted recently that studies had showed after 3 hours its as warm as its gonna get plugged in?
  3. Its a paid holiday for us. Yes usually a few guys at least work. They almost always want a few or more maintence folks here. Was suppose to be more production running but they backed off a bit.
  4. Wore northerns for most my life. Last few made it a year if i was lucky. Rubber cracked out and split where it flexed a lot by ball of my foot. If i didnt cut them first. Made switch to muck boots and they last longer for me and keep my feet pretty warm.
  5. Too many good people slipping away......
  6. Could have stayed home but came in to earn some money towards the shop i wanna build. Most not here today but some production people in as well. We are working on cleaning up old work orders and fiddling with some conveyors we have access to while not in use.
  7. Tpi if it is still called that makes blades in Newton iowa. I know there are diff companies and some have mulitple plants, spread throught the US. Also trinity whivh has been sold and not sure what they are called now makes towers in the old Maytsg plant #2 building in the west portion of the building where sheet metal dep used to be.
  8. Fiberglass blades are made in our town. I THOUGHT they were grinding up damaged blades and recycling them or some percentage of them but im not positive on that...
  9. Interesting. Not what i expected. Looks more like its there for expansion as pipe heats up than for actual flexing.....is there no aftermarket source for that pipe? Has to be a better answer....maybe a spring loaded expansion joint of some kind?
  10. That section of pipe flexes for a reason i presume. I also presume it cracked there because of the flexing. When running its gonna be hot all the way around. Could be a heat shield or something trapping heat in one area i suppose but then you couldnt get to it... agree 1200 bucks is ridiculous, but subaru aint the only folks to make exhaust pipe. I would check with a good exhaust shop for other options. Might check your motor mounts and other related stuff to make sure somethings not moving more than it should causing your problem in the first place. Good luck. Also wanna add my carpool buddy has had 2 subarus and i dont recall him having problems with this. Will ask him tomorrow. Both his were forresters i believe
  11. Dang. Glad your doing ok. And hope wes gets straightened out too!
  12. There are places online that do it. Daughter has had calenders made for wife and grandparents.
  13. Hey that ones in my neck of the woods. I can stress test er i mean store it till the delgrande has its heart transplant so it can make the trip and trailer your new ss home after i make sure its had the proper shake down. I will await your checks arrival as im sure youve already wrote it out and mailed it......😉😁
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