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  1. I thought you were gonna pay US for the pleasure of putting up with, feeding , boading ect......😁
  2. Oic. Ok. Well sorry your joints are a bothering you buddy
  3. And you been bashing 302s and 2.3 fords last few days... that'll teach ya! 😆
  4. Have you ever tried tumeric for inflamation Mark? Can be bought at wally world or whatever.
  5. I distinctly recall a drivers ed film telling us if you can get in the left lane for oncoming traffic, do so. I try to do so when i can and speed up or slow down if im in left to let a driver in right get over for oncoming traffic if they chose to do so. I do agree tho if governed trucks cant pass in a timely manner they should keep the left lane clear. Wish they wouldnt govern any of them so passing could be accomplished in a manner not inconvenient for other drivers. Dont mean to offend any of my Illinois friends but often, not always but often the driving way too fast, weaving in and out of traffic, ride your bummper cars that i encounter on i80 are wearing ill plates...not to say there are not some iowa cars doing the same thing, cause there are...
  6. Dad did high moisture corn in the late 70s early 80s. I didnt care for it. My memeory of it was corn always seemed almost moldy, feed stuck in the bins ect.
  7. Ever since the protests started amo has been in short supply in the bigger city i work in. Local farm stores had some off and on till last month or so but now dont seem to.
  8. Most hand gun ammo sold out around here what little I have looked. I see local farm store has shotgun shells and deer slugs tho....
  9. Ive had some that didnt want to come out but cant recall breaking any and never had to cut an ear off water pump thus far. Some of them got to be getting pretty bad tho. Espec if havent been apart or not for many years.
  10. Why was it originally parked? Anybody say?
  11. Yes i agree with all your points, tho i was under the impression these were absentee homeowners and i didnt see where vt mentioned elderly folks anywhere? Maybe i misunderstood the circumstances?
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