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  1. If i understand the situation correctly, what mmi is sayin is an independent crankshaft driven pump and self contained hyd system will run a loader faster (more volume and presure probably) than the tractors own hydraulic system. It will probably run it just be slow and perhaps short on resivour capacity? Idk ive never had one so im going on past discussions and reading between the lines. This one may or may not have ever been set up with a crank driven pump? A few more responses by guys that do or have had them might help you. Depending on your expectations you may or may not be happy with it running off the tractors hydraulics.
  2. Growing up we had a c with a belly mower on it i used to mow with. Later on i ground the valves and painted it. Im sure i didnt do as nice a job as you did tho.
  3. If the carriage feels reasonably tight all the way thru its movement they are good. They get wore in areas where there is repeated travel and if chips get in there and not cleaned out well can add to the wear. Have a monarch tool room lathe from ww2 era i need to get back on someday. When i bought it mice had got in the cross feed gearbox and made nest in gears. Tore it apart and cleaned out mess. Need to get it back together and come up with a phase convertor or a suitable single phase motor.
  4. Ive seen them for sale a time or 2 locally on craigslist. Oh there is a place in sigourney iowa that parts some of that old stuff out i have bought stuff from. Alderson tractor slavage i believe...they would probably ship it to you.
  5. Buy a used bale spear, then you could resell it for what you have in it if needed, tho your still going to need one it sounds like so im not sure why you would sell it.
  6. Volt meter would do the same thing. Turn headlights on high for a few min, assuming they work, and if it maintains voltage your charging system is good. Could also load battery by engaging starter with volt meter hooked up and see what it drops to for voltage. I have a $40 tester i bought at napa 20 years ago that is similar and have found a starter will draw more than the tester will. But it is nice for a quick check. If it shows bad on tester it is really bad! However batts have checked ok or so so on tester but engage starter and batt then shows bad.
  7. Growing up dad had a D21for many years as well as later a 7040 for a short time and a 7060 they were all good tractors and ran all day long in the field doing heavy tillage in the spring. The thing about ac going out of business cause the engines wouldnt run hard all day long is baloney. Bad management and bad ag economy got em just like a lot of others. Oh i dont recall them running overly hot.
  8. My favs are Connery Moore, probably mainly because thats what i grew up with. Haven't really sat down and watched any of the newer ones. Im sure those guys are fine too. As said the early ones are a bit corny and cheesy but then again it was all fantasy and in a sense maybe poked fun at its self because of it. I enjoyed them at the time. Agree i have a hard time watching a Mel Brookes film start to finish but they have their place too.
  9. Also not true. Usualy dont have to train kids to do wrong but you do have to train them to do right. Some would say this shows the fallen sinful nature of man.
  10. Was -2 up at the corner north of me this morning. Rest of way to work was -1 to 0
  11. 5 years just gives em more time for me to hit em with my car.........
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