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  1. iowaboy1965

    stolen hay

    Dont think the horse is sick, way i read it horse is what they call an easy keeper that only needs grass hay or will get overweight. Guy is stealing alfalfa hay that will be too rich for this horse. My interpertation of post, and yes i have a hard time decifering his posts as well. Animal needs to go to someone who can take care of it without stealing to do so imo. Hard to know the horse owners true story as we are not local to him but as described his character sounds pretty iffy. Mark your heart is in right place for the animal and hats off to you for that my friend.
  2. iowaboy1965

    stolen hay

    Somebody repeatedly stealing his hay and cops wont do nothing about it. Wants to know if he can test and match hay after stolen. What i got out of it.
  3. iowaboy1965

    New Ram (Dodge)

    Chart lists standard bed, lond bed, short bed. So ya im confused as well what are they calling a standard bed.
  4. iowaboy1965

    Lorenzo in his younger days

    Neighbor girl's dad's planter? 😁
  5. Looks nice. If you need somewhere to store a 86 or 2 i will find a spot for em. 😁
  6. iowaboy1965

    DALLAS 806

    Oh fer cryn out loud.
  7. iowaboy1965

    Advice Hydro 84

    Lightning bolt is usually the charging system. Not sure about light bulb light...
  8. iowaboy1965

    Opinion on saying.

    Always heard were you born in a barn.
  9. iowaboy1965

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    First significant snow yesterday. Wouldn't have needed to move much but drifted a bit around cars in drive.
  10. iowaboy1965

    You tube links for dad

    Thats rough mader. Sorry to jear about it. Prayers sent.
  11. iowaboy1965

    Late Xmas gift

    Thats awesome! Lotta time n work there. Mom and my great aunt used to quilt some.
  12. iowaboy1965

    Millermatic 250

    If you get it for 100 and can make it work you stold it!!! Twice even! Good luck.
  13. iowaboy1965

    Demon Hunter Art

    Without mercy and grace we are all in trouble as we all screw it up.
  14. iowaboy1965

    Overhaul kits

    Sorry, what i get for reading and typing while eating. Lol. I would hope no matter where CIH is getting their parts that they would meet or exceed original specs and quality tho as old as this stuff is getting maybe management is not that worried about it?
  15. iowaboy1965

    Overhaul kits

    Original Equipment Manufacture