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  1. Aw heck that's not old! I bet Mto has tennis shoes older than that in his closet! May even have a couple of those wrenches still unused in the blister pack. 😁
  2. Sounds like a honey badger.... 😄
  3. I saw that. I also saw an article that claimed the true number of US deaths was more like 45,000. I dont recall how they came up with that number or if they said. Not sure I read the whole thing as I may have been at work at the time.
  4. Vice grips or big lock jaw pliers to hold the shaft....
  5. Don't know what happened here. 1 Love to have a nice 1086 for the cab and air plus I like the looks of them. Any 86 series as far as that goes. 2 any 88 series but particularly the 50s they have grown on me 3 a boxcar just because. If money were no object.......any or all of the tractors dad had while I was growing up. Particularly the D21. Also the Ford 961 that we owned that coincidently had been bought new by my best friend's grandfather. Later owned one of my uncles who dad got it from. Oh ya and a hydro needs to be on the list somewhere too! 🙂
  6. Something digging in my small hay field as well. Not sure what is is. Have blamed groundhogs and cyotes/ foxes. Last time I mowed it by time I baled there were several more holes started but really didn't go that deep or anywhere.🤷‍♂️
  7. Wife was just told out of 10 workers who tested positive for covid at a local manufacturing plant 4 of them were fully vaccinated. So hmmm that would be 40 %?
  8. I've had it happen but not often and not in quite a while.
  9. That looks nice, better than nice!
  10. Wife was telling me about an article she read where India's rates are going up due to Monsanto or sum such shutting down supply of ingredients to make ivermectin. Anybody see anything on this?
  11. 2 doors and a long box. Had an extended cab and short box for 8 or 10 years. Nothing ever fit in it. Not going back anytime soon.
  12. I think you should........😈😁
  13. I'd say not worth he risk of killing.yourelf or someone else.
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