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  1. As an aside a guy we know moved to the area affected. Had to evacuate. His neighbor next door was a strong ev ect ect guy. His cars got a message from Tesla or whoever don't drive in water don't do this don't do that. May be hazardous ect. Ended up asking if he could borrow the guy we know ice car. Oh by the way as crazy as things might get maybe you should take one of your guns along? The guys asking was also anti gun. So guy we know says let me guess you want to borrow my car AND my gun? Well no but can we travel with you? 🤣🤣 So they drive a couple hundred miles and evidently it was a lot of stop and go traffic. They report seeing many ( like 100 or more ) evs dead and abandoned by the road. This is second hand so take it for what it's worth. Oh the guy we know reports if you loan your car and protect the green neighbors they will pay for a pretty nice place to ride out the storm. Says he thinks the neighbor is about ready to switch ideology.....😄😄😄
  2. True but why would an ins Co. Agree to insure it?
  3. Idk uncle was involved in some estate stuff for his 2nd wife's family probably, well 15 or 20 years ago now, and I recall him trying to steer the price to where the land would pay for itself or come reasonably close to it. I think it ended up where the others involved agreed more or less. I dont recall who bought it but it wasn't any of my family. Don't think it was part of theirs either but couldn't swear to it.
  4. Oh ya the previously welded ps bracket broke about 3 min into the maiden voyage so I had to take it off and reweld and paint it. Hopefully won't have to worry about that again soon.
  5. So it's been a while. Haven't found as much time this summer to work on the cubbies. I did get the urge to mow with the 54 gt deck tho and pressed some new bushings in the badly worn gauge wheels and replaced the equally worn axle bolts. Really need to replace the caster pivot bolts but ran out of time so I borrowed the casters and wheels from a low hour 48" deck for now. Got it mounted tho the sub frame appeared to have an incorrect pivot bolt on 1 side allowing it to have a bit more slop on that side. Hopefully get that taken care of sometime before next summer. For now I ran it down on the gauge wheels tho I think I will try to set it up so it hangs from the tractor in near future and run wheels a bit off the ground. It did a pretty good job as is tho. I think I'm gonna like it. Have to hang my head a bit as I still need to get the 18hp carb cleaned and on as well as the hood and side panels. The clutch randomly stopped a few times. Some wiggling of the ign switch plug got it going again everytime. Think I need to clean terminals...looked to have been hot on that wire at one time as well. Might have to replace end on wire too. Forgot to get any pics.
  6. Hmmm wonder where and who....well I've got 2 or 3 pretty good guesses who but wasn't aware of any land for sale....tho I can't afford any so I don't really pay attention.....
  7. I got the impression that he was trying to say that employees and neighbors were leasing and farming his land in chunks up to whatever would qualify to the max payout then funneling it back to him. Sounds like a recipe for failure. I was always under the impression the big boys got around it by having multiple llc"s in multiple different family members names. Don't really know tho I get nothing from any program and I like it that way.
  8. I dont think anybody here was silly enough to take it that way.......
  9. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/36789-1566-batteries/
  10. Pretty sure its been done though can't recall the details. Think it's been discussed here before.
  11. How did you get it to stop cranking? Sounds to me like contacts inside your starter relay/solenoid may have melted together. Tho anything is possible. Wether working inside or out I would have a quick way to disconnect power in the event something goes wrong. Oh yeah some fire extinguishers too...
  12. Good to hear from you Tony! Looks like a great day with good people and nice tractors.
  13. I would think a person would have to think twice about buying a big fancy house on any ocean front or any water front for that matter. The risk of catastrophic loss has to be greater. I mean I get the appeal but....🤷‍♂️ Wishing the least amount of suffering possible for those involved.
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