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  1. I turn off the auto dim headlights as well.
  2. Diesel jumped to 4.59 today and non alcohol was 3.47? The other day.
  3. Growing up dad had 2 diff 190s over the years and a D21 as well as a 7040 and later a 7060. I have never been on a 1256 or 1206 either so I can't give direct experience. The orange ones were allright. We liked them at the time anyway but after being around a few red ones I like em better. The 21 was a brute and at the time a powerful tractor for us. But I would put my money on a red one now. Tho I like em all truthfully.
  4. I think what captain kirk is saying is power should go to light, then to ground using the other wire. Doubt it has high low beam arraignment but I could be wrong . Snoshoe has an excellent idea.
  5. I suppose many would consider the SMTA as the cream of the letter series crop so that will help keep prices up some. But I agree those who have strong attachment to them are fading away to an extent. As for change in the economy, imo it's on its way. That may bring prices down for a lot of stuff in the next few years.
  6. I am unsure on what the hold up may be here in my state currently. I think the gov is in favor of it. Some periods of time our state house has been under control of those who would not want it. I need to see if I can find out what the hold up is.
  7. iowaboy1965


    Personally I think machining is easier and more accurate in standard. The metric system just makes me angry.
  8. Only time I had any do it was if I accidentally put transmission in gear while t case was in neutral. Other wise no I never had one do that.
  9. I know iowa had talked about it but I do t know where we are at on it. I had hoped we had some counties that were or state wide but not so yet. 😕
  10. I won't whine about this mornings 6° then.
  11. Wish it still looked that good Mike. Paints pretty sunburned anymore. Haven't had it started in probably 15 years or more. Need to do that sometime.
  12. Can't find my i&t manual right now but it talks about the pulley with the 5th notch. Service part iirc. Can't recall what the xtra notch is for.
  13. 72 F100 my grandparents bought new from the local Ford dealer's show room floor. Was ordered by someone who backed out when it arrived. 302, C4, 3.25 rear axle, ps manual drum brakes. Dad bought it from grandparents and used it for 5 years or so and I bought it from him when I was 16. Picture from shortly after I bought it from dad. Current engine iirc was originally out of a van. Still have the truck but no current pic.
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