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  1. Quality and or cost, not necessarily in that order.
  2. iowaboy1965


    Lol. Just saw that a couple weeks ago and pastor did a very good (imo) sermon on it and what before and after cond of that and every church should look like.
  3. iowaboy1965

    Ih 80

    Looks pretty good. Glad you found something you wanted. I would like to have one as well, but can't justify it right now.
  4. I think a lot of us are fired up about various things this year. And rightfully so, imo. Hope he comes back as well. Rough year all over. Hang in there everyone.
  5. iowaboy1965


    Didn't say any was better or worse. Said it needs to line up with the Bible or something has gone wrong somewhere on leadership end. That could apply to all of them. But perhaps you were not refering to my comments? 🤷‍♂️
  6. iowaboy1965


    No matter the denomination, if whats preached or done can't be confirmed in multiple places in the Bible that it is sound theologically, then be very careful. The getting smaller part is contributing to where we are at as a nation morally, imo. And why smaller? We are not as diligent as past generations at spreading the word?
  7. Happy Birthday everyone. 🙂
  8. I just wish they would let the free market decide. When/if the technology advances enough that the economics make sense folks will switch on their own. If forced it will be very costly and may never be economically viable.
  9. Zactly why we DON'T need em tryn to run our every waking moment, no matter which party!
  10. Was one on Craigslist here in Central Iowa for sale about a year ago. Dont recall the size or model, but was similar to that. Think it was a scrapper tryn to make a few bucks on stuff he had bought up.
  11. Hope everyone has only minor if any symptoms bitty. Daughter had it with minor symptoms and is back to work now for last couple of weeks. Our son who lives with her was in quartine also, never showed symptoms nor tested pos. Now 2 weeks after quarantine and well after he would have been exposed, he has cold like symptoms so who knows. He usually gets a cold every year on the week of Thanksgiving tho.🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Not doing much this year for the holiday. In laws dont have a big enough house and too many people to spread out much. Actually looking forward to just relaxing at home.
  12. Yes there is a 12 v and a 6 v starter. 6v usually works ok on 12v as long as you remember what you have. If it doesn't want to start for some reason and you crank very long you could smoke the original starter.
  13. Jmo but I think 9 is a lil steep for an 856 in any form here. That said I would take any cab over none. Not a fan of the tires tho.
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