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  1. Lotta stuff at work is 40, but running multiple tools with an automatic tool changer and belt magazine running production parts.
  2. So all this means cattle will be worth what in the fall? Next spring? Now?
  3. Was in some of those very spots a few years ago on family vac. Very neat area also.
  4. Anybody recall the TV show from the early to mid 70s Weaver starred in? McCloud I believe. There were 3 or so shows that each took a turn in the same time slot every Sunday night as I recall. I think the one of the other shows was McMillian and wife, then there was one starring Charles Bronson as an old west lawman moved to big city around turn of the century when more scientific methods were just being invented. All 3 were detective the shows with a different venue and in the one case time period. Was Columbo in that rotation too?
  5. Rushmore is very cool. Hope they never do as lorenzo suggests. As said the US is a big place. You could do a week in 3 different parts of the country as well. There really is no wrong answer. My family prefers more nature oriented stuff. Yellowstone is awesome as are many places in Colorado. The farm lands of the Midwest and grasslands of Nebraska and the Dakotas have there appeal to me as well. Then there is the south west. Much nice country south east as well as north east. Just more crowded and more traffic imo.
  6. There is so much at play right now its really hard to tell imo. If there is an over abundance of corn/beans prices can't help but stabilize or Come down a bit imo. BUT it really depends on the endgame of our current political structure and If they keep power and how much they mess things up In the name of climate change ect ect. If we keep seeing an ever increase in a socialist way of doing things it could get extremely bumpy imo.
  7. Princess Liegha, r2d2 and Chewie? If your asking for their real names Carrie Fischer but after that not a clue.
  8. I though there was some kind of lock out? Maybe that was on one's that had a 5th that but steel was put on? Hope somebody who knows more than me answers. Good luck.
  9. Get calls daily. On my work phone too.
  10. Iirc naa is overhead valve? This one looks to be a flat head? Not a Ford expert either.
  11. Uncle had a 49 or 50 just out of school. He went in the navy and had stories of driving it straight thru from Cali to Iowa and back when coming and going on leave. Supposedly his buddy out there got in a lot of trouble street racing so they pulled all his stuff off and put it on uncles car for a while. Uncle is in nursing home now and not doing so well. I may never get a chance to hear those stories again from the horses mouth. Glad you were able to enjoy your show Tony. Looks like a Lotta nice stuff showed up.
  12. I dont think the amount of lift is the problem here, rather as snowshoe or somebody else said that valve was intended to control lift arms or fasthitch with feed back to center the valve when hitch reached desired height. By putting disconnects in and using presure to raise your disk you lost any feedback telling tractor pump to go to neutral or standby. Being on full presure all the time likely took out your seal and is hard on pump. Sounds like you need to plumb up a seperate valve of some kind for your remotes. Somebody on here will be knowledgeable enough to help you figure that out
  13. Well......for the sake of argument....really doesn't matter what color skin the suing farmers have. Any one of any ethnic backround who is an intelligent thinker should be alarmed by any gov program that grants or with holds privileges or help based on ethnic backround. Isnt that the very definition of racism as someone already pointed out? Not arguing with cjf about the unfairness of what is already in place and not wanting to offend those who have received benefits or help from these programs but there are problems there.
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