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  1. I thought Arnold's motor supply bought out Williams a few years ago? So is this a new place getting started with williams training them?
  2. Going to have to do something with a 560 radiator. We had a local place that fixed them for many years. The old boy that did it retired and they claimed most were getting to rotten to fix so they got rid of the equipment to fix and dunk them and only sell new now. I think Desmoines still has a place or 2 that fixes as well as rebuilds or builds them. I checked once bit don't recall the details now. Need to again.
  3. Triple A has been mentioned. But I know personally I have had to change a tire along the road before and been on my way again in 10 to 15 min. Depending where you are at and what time of day I would very seriously doubt triple AAA would even begin to get there in that amt of time let alone have it changed. And if no spare for them it's going to have to be replaced or repaired before your on your way again. And some areas I wouldn't want to be sitting and waiting any more than I would want to be changing a tire in others. If you can limp it to a reasonably safe area to change it that would help. A tire inflator and or a can of fix a flat might at least get you to a safer area to change one.. I would opt for a spare tire and the stuff to change it. Hope your trip goes well and you don't need any of it.
  4. Think I needed to play with the settings on my camera. This pic from this morning didn't turn out that well.
  5. I was half expecting to see a 450 rear end......🤔😄
  6. Interesting. Never seen one before. Have Mira fount here. They have their issues obviously. The Cobett sounds line it found away to be more trouble free than the Mira fount......
  7. If"n it was a hydro 100 he could carry the WHOLE wide load sign.....🤔😄
  8. I was mainly concerned if I managed to save one but had to buy one. And there is a 50/50 chance I could screw up order the new to match the old. Another of my super powers. Yes 2 new cylinders should reduce the chances of any problems. Need to clean up the other barrel and see how it looks. It seemed to be the better of the 2 coming apart but I didn't have time that night to look at it closely.
  9. I'd definitely try heating and pulling back into shape slowly. Pipe looks solid yet. I'm betting heating and carefully bending will get you where you want to be. If that doesn't work out I would do like the others said and cut it where ever you can get a 90 or partial 90 to clamp or weld on. Good luck Ace
  10. As far as commenting on the value of anything, depends on which side of the equation your on as to your viewpoint. If your a seller you obviously would appreciate a nice price on your item. If your a buyer and especially a buyer on a limited budget, record high prices on once common items you would like to someday own or own again someday just make it seem all the more out of reach. I never sell much. So I'm not worried that aspect too much. Besides i always buy high and sell low, seems to be my super power. 🙄 But seeing things I'd hoped to own someday and seemed like I could at some point, creep that much further out of reach due to inflation or rising costs due to the collector market driving them up is a bummer sometimes.
  11. Checking before work his morning and after taking a tape measure and then setting the barrel back on a cap with tie bolts still in, there should be room for either of the heavier wall thickness tubes to work.
  12. That was $86 for 1 tube. .250 wall which will probably be too thick. I did find .187 wall thickness for $72 for 1 tube on the same site. My wall thickness is .125 or a bit more with rust. The od. Of the .187 tube is 2.375. Not sure that will fit between the tie rods that hold it all together. Need to check that. I may end up buying replacement cylinders. I didn't find a surplus hyd store but did find surplus center in neb somewhere. I know they are nothing special but I don't want to end up with 2 slightly in some way that matters different cylinders somehow. Stroke, different rod size whatever. Probably over thinking. I agree the price for the tubing is doable. I am aware of how time consuming machining can be. We used to machine hyd cylinder shafts for aluminum injection molding machines at work. Never made a barrel honed to size but I can imagine.
  13. Watch the video I posted. It's moving towards affecting packing plants and grain elevators/terminals too if I understood correctly.
  14. You would be suprised how much stuff needs repaired or reworked before it ever leaves the factory sometimes.
  15. One millllllllion dollars! Seriously, whatever you can get someone to pay. I'm guessing anywhere from free to $500 depending on who you can find? 🤷‍♂️
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