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  1. I'm guessing either the 3 eared star or the shaft that goes thru it are stripped. Star turns but shaft doesn't and vice versa. It won't lift off tho so I'm not sure what is going on there yet. Maybe I got lucky and shaft just dropped down and out of the splines after the center bolt broke. But my luck doesn't usually run that way.
  2. Crimping rolls spiny spiny but cutters not so much.
  3. Ai, bot? Really doesn't seem to register sarcasm....... https://www.facebook.com/reel/2490368881136329?s=yWDuG2&fs=e&mibextid=Nif5oz
  4. As the saying goes, YOU (meaning us) are the carbon they wish to eliminate.
  5. If it matters and we are going all die if carbon isn't reigned in, I would agree whole heartedly. And even if it isn't, there would certainly be other benefits for the people in that region to have clean air to breathe. Thing I'm thinking is we had control of the emissions as well as quality and delivery when it was made here. Yes it cost more to do business. But we cleaned up our emissions a lot over the last 100 years. Not so in the current location of the world's industrial production. So are we serious or not. If we are start where the majority of the pollution is. Not the other way around. Again follow the money/power. Jmo. Fwiw.
  6. Possibly someone's version of a rat rod with a combo of tractor truck car parts thrown together?
  7. Or go to Beijing or some such city in the new industrial super power that is ccp. Might still need headlights there at noon from some pics I've seen. All while we ring our hands over our contribution to ending the world with our 15% contribution to the .04 % of carbon in the air. Meanwhile aforementioned place doesn't even have to start thinking about complying to the Paris accord til something crazy like 2050 or 60? And as said we really don't even know or can we prove if that is even going to affect anything in a negative way. Should we try to live in our environment as cleanly as reasonably possible. Sure. But the key word is reasonable. Imo this is more about control and money. Follow both. Good debate so far.
  8. Just my opinion but I would go with the athletic tape over the other truck stop cover you show. I think it will always be trying to come off if you use it much at all. Recovering your old wheel or a new one both sound like good options too. Probably the best options in the long run..let us know how it turns out.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/reel/332729745782613?s=yWDuG2&fs=e&mibextid=Nif5oz
  10. There is a cub cadet section that might get you more answers. Tho it could take a few days. @Mr. Plowis pretty sharp on a lot of things cub cadet, as well as others. never have looked for decals so i dont know if you would have to aftermarket or to cub.
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