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  1. I think they are cool, but 3500 for a reproduction would not be for me.
  2. Happy belated birthday 🎂
  3. I Plan on being at the show tomorrow. Don't know about the pedal pull, tho.
  4. Dad had a 33 with a stanhoist loader to clean out the cattle barn when I was a kid. Skid steer took its place later on. 3 point hitch. I drove it some, tho I wasn't very old when it left the farm. The hyd resivouir was behind the grille, in front of the radiator. Dad thought that was not helpful when they were a tillage tractor when they were the big dogs on some farms. There were a few other things that he cited as being inherent problems with them. As said above they were an ok tractor. Oh across the road my uncle had several 44s and at least one 44 6? One sat in the yard for years and finally my cousin told me the deal. Uncle bought it at an auction and had him drive it home, he was a teenager at the time. My uncle forgot to explain how the Dual power worked. So he threw it wide open or nearly so and drove it home. By the time he got home the engine was not in such good shape. Other guys know more about them I'm sure, but my understanding was with the dual power you had a second range on the throttle you could over ride the governor to an extent to power thru a tough spot. All I recall is I was told to NOT use the 2nd range on the throttle.
  5. Shovel the corn in one end obviously, mine has a cast iron drum? Rotor? That spins, has lugs on it to shell the corn off the cob, cobs go out the opposite end over the screen that oscillates to separate any shelled corn from the cobs, if it makes it out. Should be a canvas or something over the screen to keep corn from bouncing out. Corn falls down to a fan which blows it to a wagon or bag, the bigger fan blows the shucks and chaff out the side, at least on mine. Probably most of you figured all that out already just from looking at the pics. I have an owners manual which also shows an optional auger instead of a blower fan to move the shelled corn. If I wasn't about to fall asleep I would go dig the manual out.
  6. Snoshoe is right. It's a corn sheller. I have one similar that was grand dad's. Tho it is different than this one
  7. Rained and cooled off here today. But heat to be back with a vengeance in a day or so.
  8. I like my old 560. Is it as comfortable to run as an 806 or newer? Nope not even. Is it more comfortable than running an f20. Yes very much so. When they were new the generation that was around saw all 3 of those tractors, most likely. It was a step in the progression. They were good tractors when hooked to the appropriate sized equipment. We had some close neighbors that were into the 2 cyls as far back as the late 70s. Had a whole shed full of various models. Used a lot of them regularly. Nice hard working folks. One time dad was to bale hay for another neighbor. 2 cyl neighbor and his son were helping us out for some reason. The dad and I went over to start baling with our baler and one of his 2 cyl tractors. He had me driving. I struggled, it was odd to me brake on each axle and that hand clutch. I didn't care for it so much.
  9. Got a favorite cat of ours with the c and belly mower many years ago. He didn't die right away. I felt awful.
  10. That's why you beat the snot out of the piece while its still warm to realign the grain in the metal. As far as blocks not being able to be welded without out being heated up....don't know that that's true. It used to be claimed that small sections at a time with the right rod could be successfully welded with out heating. Im talking cracked blocks here, not beoken in to. Is it ideal? No of course not but I believe it can be done. I have welded some cast with some success. Preheat , weld a bit and vibrate the crap out out it to align the grains and then post heat. Repeat the cycle until done. Not always possible but the preferred way I agree. And yes I would prefer to replace that wheel eventually. My point was with the one already on hand, what ya got to lose? Other than some time and material of course. If you have the time and inclination you might suprise yourself how well the repair actually turns out.
  11. Will have to check when I am able.
  12. I wouldn't be all that scared to weld it. After all it's already broke, what's the worst that can happen? It will.....break again.🤷‍♂️ and if it's safe to run now broke it will still be safe to run if it breaks again. Are we sure it's cast iron and not cast steel? In any case no it won't need heated red hot but yes it's a large piece to heat the whole thing. It could be done with the right set up. But the easiest thing of course is just replace it.
  13. Idk but looks about like my 826 seat cushion, your larger replacement one on the bottom. I agree the top one looks like a farm store replacement seat perhaps.
  14. Atta boy! I knew you could do it! I was pretty nervous too before we went. Pretty awesome tho.
  15. Yes world wide 3rd world economy and wages. It's part of the plan.
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