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  1. Nice combine. We had 3 inches sunday. Rain predicted for Wed Thurs. Most beans done in my area and a good portion of corn. We have had pretty good weather up till now. Sunny ( I think) and breezy today.
  2. Gotta be a happy kid. My first was a trail 70 that I bought from grandpa
  3. Matches. If insufficient supplment with 50 gal of diesel fuel. Yellow wonderbucket oil can be used in an emergency. 😉🤫🤐
  4. Dad put a 4020 lp tractor and grinder on its side in the ditch with this issue when I wasn't very old. He was banged up but ok. That was the end of that 4020. We kept the 4020 he bought new in 65, the year I was born, till I was in junior high or maybe just in high school.
  5. Good to see the inspector general approves! I know nothing about dozers but I do know where there is a will there is a way. However fabrication and adaptation can take a lot of time. But if you like to do it and can make the time I would think you could keep these old girls going for a long time especially as use will most likely be limited. As compared to when they were new and the main horse. Hopefully this one has enough life left you can get some use out of it before you have to worry about too many parts and fabricating.
  6. I wouldn't worry to much about what the next guy will think if your gonna sell it before these are done. No matter what you buy one guy will love them and the next will hate them. They may both have good reasons for the way they feel or no reason at all. Can't offer too much advice on what's good other than to say I put kuhmos? On my last truck and swapped them onto my current truck when I bought it. Tho I don't drive a truck much usually. They seem to do decent in snow and not bad in mud either.
  7. Hoping the pace of recovery picks up for her. glad she is able to be home.
  8. Maybe in the 70s that was true I don't know. I do not believe that to be the case this time around.
  9. Ray is right. Not all were meant to be mounted. The free standing ones were staked to the ground with metal rods to keep em from walking across the ground during use.
  10. Drones and cell phone cameras as well as mounted cameras. This ain't the old days. I doubt very much of the behavior you talk about would fly today but maybe I'm wrong.
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