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  1. New notification?

    Did not know that.
  2. New notification?

    You can do that?
  3. Mopar guys

    I hear ya on the money part new guy! Then and now. Lol
  4. Found the needle.

    I thought mine might be about shot (maybe it is) because if i tried to turn it by hand it was pretty stiff. When i asked one of the shops about it last year i was told it would be because of the carbon seal ring. (Probably not the correct term) Newer ones use a diff seal style and turn easier? What i recall for what its worth. Others may have more inout on this.
  5. New notification?

    So tempted to react with a sad face........
  6. Anyone buy this truck/commercial?

    Heck ya!
  7. strait 6 gm

    Somebody was looking or asking about buick or pontiac not long agon i think.
  8. New notification?

    Just a quick cute way to show a like (heart) or other emotions about your post. Others have jokingly asked where the like button is when they like a post. I suppose similar to facebook. Only thing im not sure wether i like or dislike is i dont think you know who liked your post. Might be a good thing if i dont know who dislikes my posts lol Oopps im wrong you can see who liked your post. Sorry for the misinformation.
  9. New Holland Bale Wagon

    Anybody use the bale wagons that look like a big angled cage on 2 wheels with a dump gate on the back? How many bales can one of those hold i wonder? Saw an ad someplace for one of those the other day. No moving parts cept the gate. Tempted to try and build something like that for my 2 bit operation. Son wont be around to help someday.....
  10. These Should Be Close To Home For At Least A Couple Of People Here

    Art you may need to set up a schedule, 1 dvd, read for x amount of time , you tube x amount of time, ect everyday.
  11. My unpopular opinion.

    Pete i also enjoy and learn from your posts. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions as well as share your past experiances both ih and personal.
  12. oil filter question

    I used to have pictures but i think i lost them, of some filters i cut open at home. Going from frams cheapest to most expensive as well as a motorcraft. I do know for sure the more expensive frams had more filter material in them than the cheapest one. Each step up had more media in it. Check valve looked cheasy on the cheapest, dont remember now what the more expesive frams were like but was thinking better. The motorcraft had more media in it as well and better check valve. My impression was at the time the top of line frams were somewhat comparable to the motorcraft tho i think motorcraft are cheaper here than top of line frams.
  13. My unpopular opinion.

    Um no not everyone said that. Pete said he went from 08 till 14 or 15 maybe with no problems and i have had my 400 since 89 or so and can count on one hand the number of times i have even had the cap off and have changed plugs maybe 3 times in that amount of time. Wires about the same . And just cause i felt i should not because i was having a problem. A couple of years ago the resistor droping voltage to dist went bad but the only time that has happened in all those years. Maybe i have been real lucky but i just havent had a problem. Now i do agree quality of parts may very well be not as good as it used to be but i havent ran into it thus far. I will say i have a honda front tine tiller dad bought new that needed points every year or it would not run. One year he had it in for service and it was converted to ei. Havent done a thing to it in probably 20 yrs now. But i still wont be converting any tractors until i see some sort of ongoing problem.
  14. Windmill idea?

    Like the others have said im betting there is a reason they used rod instead of chain or cable
  15. Found the needle.

    One of the desiel shops i talked to in DesMoines a year ago claimed to have parts and to be able to go thru it. Dont remember how much they said. Des moines desiel service? Might be somebody closer to you as well.