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  1. iowaboy1965

    What you bid for the H and M ❓

    Well depends on why the m doesnt run but if its not broken in some way it might not be too bad to get running. The stuck h who knows. Might get it loose witout much fuss, might not. If you enjoy a challenge and have the space and time for whatever it takes, go for it. I would try to bid just enough that you beat out the scrappers and not much more...that way if it doesnt work out to get em running you will still be able to come out some how...
  2. iowaboy1965

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    Sounds to me like she has been tying the ignore it thing since kindergarten. Think they are way beyond that now.....Some times enough is enough. It is a slippery slope, as some have said kids can be sneaky.
  3. iowaboy1965

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    Sorry to hear your family is going thru this πŸ˜• no excuse for it whatsoever. I know what i would have done had i been standing where your wife was .......none of the options im thinking probably would have ended well but that girl would have had a mad parent to deal with.........hope you can get it taken care of satisfactorily for all involved.
  4. iowaboy1965

    Are these IH power Units?

    Im wondering if the fe you rebuilt wasnt a transplant. Fe's were a front distributor engine and a diff series of engine than the old rear distibutor y block just ahead if that. Fe's didnt get put in cars until 58 or maybe 57 iirc. Not sure when they came out in heavy trucks....or the engine sizes for heavy trucks...gonna have to google it now....
  5. iowaboy1965

    IH 856 TERP

    You cant possibly know that every tractor is owned by a bto or that they are going to rot in the weeds till there is nothing left. Yes im sure some will and some would still find their way to salvage yards. But some would eventualy find their way to other owners. Your assuming bto has owned all these tractors for years which also might not be the case. Might have been bought up for express purpose taking advatage of these types of programs. I understand its a lenghty process or sounds to be but some may be willing to go that route. Some of theses are roached out tractors to be sure but ones like at start of this thread....nope sorry makes me sick to see the waste of it. And even some of the roachy ones are probably worth saving.
  6. iowaboy1965

    Follow up MF65

    Thanks Mark. 1 of my uncles bought a massey to brush mow with and was thinking it had something. Couldnt recall their name for it. He has since sold the buildings and sadly had a stroke. Not sure if he still has tractor or not. Not sure the number tractor but was smaller than this one i think.
  7. iowaboy1965

    Follow up MF65

    Doesnt look like too bad an old tractor. Did those have something similar to ihs ta?
  8. iowaboy1965

    Follow up MF65

    Mine keeps changing with updates but yes sounds like your on the right track. I have 2 diff places to click documents and if i forget and chose the wrong one it goes to sd card which i dont have one in phone so nothing to post. Your already miles ahead of me....i dont know how to take a screen shot and post it like you just did...
  9. iowaboy1965

    Follow up MF65

    Lol. Well if you get on red power on your phone and try to post from it there should be a button or link to click to chose files(pictures😊). At least thats the way it works on my samsung android. I bet you can figure it out Rick! Will root for ya any way. πŸ™‚
  10. iowaboy1965

    Follow up MF65

    Do you have a smart phone?
  11. iowaboy1965

    Are these IH power Units?

    Thanks i did google it and see what you mean. Probably not as handy as a true back or track hoe but still usefull...
  12. iowaboy1965

    424 with 2000 loader leaking hydraulic oil on clutch

    My best guess is if it aint the same color as the engine oil its not the engine oil..........
  13. iowaboy1965

    Are these IH power Units?

    Guess im not really sure what a gradall is....
  14. iowaboy1965

    I wonder what will happen if it happens!

    Yes acreages were always larger in other parts of the country but what are the acreages now compared to the 70s in those parts of the country. Dont think i saw a goverment conspiracy named .....not sure who the they is that gleaner is refering to but didnt see the goverment blamed..... And you said exactly what my point is or part of it. As numbers of farmers shrink jobs to support them go away too. Also fewer folks on the land to raise their kids in the rural life. Factory farms that reduce our control and knowledge of where our foods come from and our control over it as opposed to what corporations and misguided gov programs try to make us believe...
  15. iowaboy1965

    Betting she learns to ride her own bike soon

    Poor kid! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£