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  1. Spotted this international across the river on the neighbors down towards the old quarry my dad tells me not to ask if they wanna get rid of it it’s by those trees green water tanks in background.
  2. I was thinking it was no way for my caterpillar to treat me, all the love and attention I give her! One pony cylinder kept flooding, I’d open the valve on head and it was like pouring a cold one on tap! Float wasn’t stuck. I’m thinking needle and seat might be bad. 🫠
  3. D2 pony motor wouldn’t start, kept flooding pull started with the TD6 first run of the year for it.
  4. From the media it would seem it’s the largest quake to hit the US 😂
  5. I do use the TD6 I have for a lot too
  6. Yea for most things especially tillage, the farmall H, AC C, case 530 and ford 4600 would struggle pulling the 7’ offset.
  7. First disking of the year, 7’ offset IH disk was a little wet still, D2 let me know it was! Just gone once over these passes.
  8. Thanks y’all, looks like the ford econoline bumper!
  9. Can anyone help identify this bumper? I’m stumped on vehicle it’s off of any helps appreciated thanks. Bracket to bracket is 39” and 75” long
  10. Was a parts tractor, was torn apart to fix 2 others.
  11. Update She’s going to China
  12. Anybody have any interest in this? Located in California
  13. Ok so this looks like a speed tool to me how about y’all? One side is 3/8 the other 5/16 no ball detents or maybe y’all know what it is. No markings anywhere on it.
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