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  1. Was a parts tractor, was torn apart to fix 2 others.
  2. Update She’s going to China
  3. Anybody have any interest in this? Located in California
  4. Ok so this looks like a speed tool to me how about y’all? One side is 3/8 the other 5/16 no ball detents or maybe y’all know what it is. No markings anywhere on it.
  5. Anybody recognize what this crimps? Found it buried in a shed I just tore down.
  6. I think that each company has had good and bad ideas, I mean ford has excellent marketing. The F series is the best selling truck because it’s ran since 1948. It’s comparing international to John Deere or snap on to mac or matco. I will say Coca Cola is better than Pepsi if that debate happens haha.
  7. Not oddities but I do collect some allis chalmers.
  8. My dad had an 05 Saturn ion, he loved it traded it in on a charger that was junk and ended my dad buying anything Chrysler. My cousin had an 02 ion and he loved his, sold it with over 300,000 miles on it.
  9. I like them anyway but raw, soft boiled, and poached.
  10. Thank you, my grandpa had heart electrical problems and a pace maker too. I exercise regularly to try and keep my heart healthy, all sides have heart issues. My dads 60 and has beginning stage heart failure, on meds and goes in routinely to monitor it.
  11. I read this yesterday, my uncle died of a heart attack this morning. He was 61
  12. My uncle had an orange one, my aunt used to take us to school in it in the late 90’s early 2000’s. He sold it when my aunt died, neighbors have a light tan/yellow one.
  13. I’m 31 and I live in California 😁 we had two movie theaters in town, one closed when I was a kid and the other is still open. The bowling alley closed and became a motorcycle dealership when I was a kid too.
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