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Found 7 results

  1. I'm needing an injector for my old 46 TD9 WD9, UD9 will work. my No.3 cyl was frozen and looked like it had been that way for some time. If you know anyone that might have some parts yank on the ol' email chain and point me in that direction, Please. Thanks Fat Dan
  2. We were very excited to start this TD9 last week. Here are two short videos: TD9 starting Switchover to diesel: It was so old, there was a tree growing between the blade and the dozer. I don't think the carb is working because we were dumping gas into the intake manifold to get it to run. Miraculously, it switched over to diesel and ran for a little while before dying. Now that we know it works we have a few questions: What is the start procedure? In particular, what is the control to the right of the choke that rotates? Is it for the butterfly valve in the carb? What is the starting / running position? Any ideas where to start on cleaning the diesel circuit? I suspect the diesel in the tank is decades old. What needs to be lubricated / filled / checked before we try and move it? How do we move it? What do all the levers and knobs do? Thanks!
  3. Any advice on setting steering clutches on td9
  4. Hello, Recently purchased a 1949 TD9 i plan to go broke rebuilding with my boy. Tons of great information about the IH pumps on here. I need to know if the injector pump upper cam shaft is in time with the lower governor shaft? I suspect it was. Rust was holding the governor when we started it up and drove it on the trailer, I didn't think to mark it when torching it apart on the press Thanks for any help, Scott
  5. Looking for some help in identifying this machine. I've been told it is a 1950's TD9 yet it is on wheels. I was told that a limited number were made. I've searched all over and I am unable to find any information on this machine. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. So my grandfather purchased a 1945 crawler and he has tried to get it running. Problem being he cant see well and can only talk people through it. He operated one in the late 40's but never had one tore down so his knowledge on it is limited. I purchased a couple of manuals for it and we started from there. The engine turns well but wont fire. The second and third starting valves are stuck in the open position which I don't think should be a problem when starting on gas if it fires, but will be a problem when switching over to diesel. Any tips on freeing up these valves without taking apart the head or is that the only way. I am not very familiar with these engines so any other advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  7. Hey guys I'm new to the page, thanks in advance for any help. So recently my dad picked up a WD 9 and a TD 9 originally he thought he could get the TD 9 going without swapping but that was an epic fail the head is cracked leaking anti freeze into the oil quite a mess so we're on to plan b. We've never worked on one of these before we've been given so pointers on what all needs to be switched over but any input is appreciated. Dad is in the process of trying to remove the crank shaft and crank shaft pulley but this is giving us a run..... Can anyone help us out any pointers or walk me through how to get this apart? The nut is off heat and an impact but the rest is at a standstill.
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