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  1. thanks. at 10 bucks for a 40 foot pipe it was tempting.
  2. That's why I ask, the guy is practically giving this stuff away, and I cant stand the idea of not being able to use an incredible bargain
  3. I am looking for some input on re purposing 6 inch aluminum irrigation pipe. Available not far from me is a large pile of pipe, farmer is now growing townhouses. I need drainage from my basement, the plan is to bury about 80 to 100 feet of pipe to make a sump drain come out at grade. Does any one here have an idea how long aluminum will last if buried and is in permanent contact with wet soil?
  4. If you are using the old Meyer square pin style plow frame, just weld a few "c" shaped mounts inside of the bucket, about a foot back from the front edge. This way you still have the spring trip on the snow plow, and you can raise blade to stack snow. If you are crafty, you can get the power angle plumbed to an auxiliary circuit. Had this on an old JD 300 "Landscapers Special" (clapped-out beater) years ago, worked well. keep the rear scraper blade, makes the tractor do double duty.
  5. Those who care enough for their "obsolete" technology to worry about lubricity, most likely also care enough to drain water from filter/ separators and change elements at a reasonable interval. It's a mind-set thing. A bit of howes or powerservice or even 2-stroke oil is just part of the ceremony created around the ancient engine designed to promote longevity. It is not a bad thing.
  6. not speaker blowing, but I burned out an amplifier on the intro to Dire Straits "Money For Nothing"
  7. Back around 1967 my kindergarten teacher had a pet skunk. it would roll up and sleep at her feet . i recall it had a fondness for nutterbutter cookies.
  8. Just plain old creeper. some people actually plant this as ground cover.
  9. Excellent little tractor, you will find them on craigslist and FB marketplace from time to time. I suggest getting a spare to break for parts. The earlier model, hd5 is mostly the same, save for the engine. Also, Hector Gemme has parts, I think he is on this forum. Treat the 344 buda motor like it is gold, as parts are almost as expensive.
  10. Here I go leading this in yet an other direction, Any clue how well a tractor can keep a pto generator at 60 cycles?
  11. Back when I would help out at a school mates dairy operation, a neighboring farm had an accident similar with a Harveststore silo. I think in that case CO2 was the culprit. Farming, Logging and Commercial fishing lead the most dangerous occupations. Truly sad happening.
  12. Crude Claude strikes again. I think the pan seat from the rider mower really makes this build stand out.
  13. Ditto on air brakes. Exam wants specific numbers, I.E., air pressures and leak-down rates.
  14. As for finishing, 98 percent of a paint job is getting a smooth surface to paint. Fill, sand, fill, sand,fill, sand, and so on.
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