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  1. "Since it has 3 valves per cylinder is this one of the higher horse modifications. " Two valve head. Center rocker operates injector.
  2. I know some machines have clutch housings that can be filled up with some penetrating oil. I had good luck filling an ac hd6 with diesel and tied back the handles, went to work with the blade on a big stump, the disks broke free after a while.
  3. supermechanic

    New Ride

    Up here in the land of road salt, no fine examples of IH road vehicles exist. It is as if the hiway department had a bad dislike for Scouts and their like.
  4. I viewed one of those in person at Churchill Dam, on the Allagash River in Maine, maybe 45 years ago. I believe that one was fitted with skis, rather than wheels in front. The engine was the original, a huge beast. The tractor may still be there, Google earth shows a pavillion structure at the site, maybe it is under cover.
  5. "Stackist" that's a new one for me. My father always called me a pilot. I pile it here and I pile it there.
  6. As long as it's not idiot cubes. Helped put up 12-15,000 a year between 1982 and 1995.
  7. 303 oil has been obsolete for better than 40 years. If you buy the $18 per pail oil vs. the $45 per pail oil, you get what you deserve. Good stuff isn't cheap, and cheap stuff isn't good. About the only thing 303 is good for , is to use as a flush for a highly contaminated system, before installing the rated fluid.
  8. I have some tractors that are not 'RED', any good forums like we have here for allis and jd? i mosty collect tracked stuff, latest addition is a 1962 JD 1010 track loader.
  9. this stuff is awesome. http://www.wabchemicals.com/bombs-away.html
  10. About 30 years back, a buddy put a Dodge 225 slant 6 (the leaning tower of power), complete with the 4 speed transmission, on a Farmall M. Made for a long tractor, but money was short, and parts were at hand.
  11. Winco (wind charger company) used the 2 cyl wisconsin on a lot of their products. Build seems similar as well, just the wrong color for winco. Perhaps it was built for Sears or Monkeywards.(or western auto, or anybody else ,for that matter). Orange does remind one of Allis-Chalmers, and they built all kinds of stuff, besides tractors.
  12. When dealing with rust, a very good penetrating solution can be made using equal parts of automatic transmission fluid and acetone. , almost any light oil and lacquer thinner works also. Mix it well, and give it a good soak.
  13. I have used these people in the past, with decent results. https://brillman.com/ Some of the parts have to be fiddled with to fit, bear in mind, the moulds or dies that make the parts like caps and rotors could be 70 years old.
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