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  1. Yesterday afternoon I went to the former owner's place to help my friend load and transport this tractor. Said person has an absolutely incredibly well-provisioned garage/shop, I thought I walked into a tool museum. This is the first time I had viewed the 2444. It looked brand new. I will try for some photos later, as I had left my phone at home. I believe the term for the property owner might be 'neat freak', Not a thing this man had shown a speck of rust . I believe my friend got the deal of the century for $2500.
  2. I am wondering if the front axle is positioned that way to help maneuverability with the loader. Having a backhoe hanging on this tractor would negate the need for rear counterweight. Thanks for the comment.
  3. No comments? Ok, I'll inform my friend that he just bought the most trouble-free tractor ever. Kidding aside, I understand this is a version of the 444. , possibly built with a heavier front axle, and maybe some other small differences.
  4. A friend just acquired a 2444 International, which has a front loader, and 3-point hitch, gas engine. Does anyone know of specific concerns for this tractor? it will be used for property maintenance, and light landscaping duties. He is already looking for a 3-point backhoe to utilize. Thanks, the amount of accumulated knowledge on this site is amazing.
  5. 65806 why are the pads/ chains on the D2 installed that way?
  6. This seems like a reasonable spot in the conversation to add some related thoughts. Rubber tracks from mini excavators and compact track loaders have been fitted to small crawlers, with good results. I witnessed an Allis Chalmers HD4 where a track from a small Asian excavator had been fitted. Pricey, but worked.
  7. See if you can find a chromate self-etching primer. Lots of different regulations in the past few years have made the excellent paint formulations that really worked, alas, illegal. if self etch is not available, wash with dilute muriatic solution, then wash clear with hot water, and apply a primer immediately after drying. top coat with any paint that is compatible with your primer, for maximum weather resistance, a two-part epoxy paint will outlast most anything else.
  8. That pesky 'g' snuck back in.
  9. And then there is extravaganza. Could this be a spare vaganza that you could use while your regular vaganza is in the wash?
  10. I wonder if Allis Chambers knows Alice Chamlers?
  11. A conversation overheard "over at my in loves house, what? you know, my wife's parents"
  12. If the cooling system is still intact you can heat cycle the engine with a block heater. find a heavy-duty electric timer, set the block heater/ coolant heater for 12hrs 0n ,12hrs off. fill the cylinders with whatever magic concoction you believe is the best rust dissolver, and let it heat cycle for a week or two. if it is still stuck, you have the knowledge you covered all the bases. King of Obsolete (google this) makes a gadget he calls the bar starter. Worth a try.
  13. that is a phrase popular with the pa dutch, seems that "needs" implies a future tense, they see "to be" as unneeded. sort of like 'close proximity'.(not even remotly pa dutch)
  14. Catalpa grow quickly. Bean pods are unique.
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