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  1. from H to 80

    General IH stickers

    Check on E Bay, i have bought some off of there before.
  2. from H to 80

    New joke

    I saw a picture of a bus loaded with , i'm assuming representatives , on the news last night. They looked like a bunch of disappointed forth graders after their field trip was cancelled.
  3. from H to 80

    What kind music do Cows like ?

    Moo----ving on🤣
  4. from H to 80

    Lonesome Dove

    I always thought if old Gus wouldn't have died in that movie, they would have made a fortune in sequels.
  5. from H to 80

    planter closing wheels

    There are about as many different spiked closing wheels as there are soil types. I think i will experiment with a couple different ones this season, and go from there. The gauge wheels are something i looked at also, i have replaced a few of the tires only and have a hard time getting them to run true.
  6. from H to 80

    planter closing wheels

    Hey at least it's red
  7. from H to 80

    planter closing wheels

    We have been looking at changing the closing wheels on our planter. Running 1 rubber wheel and 1 Mohawk wheel now. The problem with the Mohawk is that when the soil gets damp the wheel chokes up. Does anyone have experience with some of the other types ? Looking at Yetter or maybe Schaeffert we are nearly 100% no-till and our soil varies greatly from point to point . Going from clay to loam to silty loam all in the same field.
  8. from H to 80

    756 reporting for duty

    Were did you get your 756 neighbor had one that went to auction 20 years ago locally , and that one looks familiar.
  9. from H to 80

    3pt caddy/cart

    When we bought our Blue Jet three point ripper was told not to pull it with an articulated 4x4 . so i would guess that may be the reason for the cart.
  10. from H to 80

    Auction sales starting.

    Realignment auction is that they new term?
  11. from H to 80

    87 paystar for sale

    I found a 1987 paystar for sale and it is so neat someone should save it. Truck is all wheel drive with a super silver 6 v 92 detroit and has 5500 actual miles. Apparently came off an Air Force base in Nebraska was used as a fire tanker. I thought about buying it for a grain truck, but it sits too high and takes 40 acres to turn around I have no association with this truck ,but i think it needs to be saved from an ugly fate. If some individual or club is interested PM me and we can talk.
  12. from H to 80

    Tractor mounted on combine

    I wonder how they steer it and if the pto is used to drive the thresher?
  13. from H to 80

    Any feedback on this Iowa based product?

    friend bought some said you can't pump it when it's cold.
  14. from H to 80

    2404 what is it worth?

  15. from H to 80

    2404 what is it worth?

    no 3 point ,but it does have power steering and a straight 5 speed.