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  1. I believe that harrow would only be extra weight in most of our clay hills. Not interested in hooking up the moldboard and trying it out either.
  2. from H to 80


    We had a 350 years ago,dad traded it in on the 856, supposedly when i was about 4 they sat me on the seat for a picture when i jumped off i must have unlatched the brakes and the hired hand had to chase it across the driveway. My mother has the before and after first tractor drive pictures somewhere.
  3. we loaded tons of manure with a 560 and trip bucket loader until skid steers came along. The first 20 HP air cooled skid steers would out maneuver and load twice as fast as the old 560. I know we had fluid in the 15.5 X 38 tires but i can't recall more than maybe 2 sets of weights on the rear. If i count right there are 6 sets on that 460, i would think that would hold more weight than the front axle would take or the loader would lift, maybe not.
  4. I know of seven around here and 4 of those belong to an equipment trader. Curious as to how big of a radius those came from.
  5. I believe the Minneapolis Moline is a 2290, if it is then it is identical to the first combine i ran ,a 525 Oliver. It came equipped with a sunroof a 2 row wide corn head and an eleven foot platform with a Hart Carter flexible cutter bar, If i remember correctly it held 55 bushels. Up until dad bought it all of our corn was ear picked with an M2H picker mounted on a 560 gas.
  6. I think the biggest issue is the programming to make it run after you remove all the emissions.
  7. I remember reading a thread about someone working on this,not sure if there is any connection.
  8. I assume this is the same guy that asked me about doing this, let me know if you get it figured out.
  9. all of the field pullers around here seek out the B F Goodrich radial tires that came out on the 66 series IH's,power savers i believe they were called, i don't know if they made them in a 16.9 though.
  10. Check out the post on the 6" M crankshaft.
  11. I just saw a post the other day from someone wanting to crank up his "M",i hope he sees this. Let us know how it works out.
  12. Pretty tractor, I had similar trouble with the front pan bolts on a 5288 i finally chased out the threads with a bottoming tap,flushed holes with brakleen and used a little locktite,worked for me.
  13. Looking good ,have fun and bring home a few more trophy's .
  14. I have put the GM style single wire alternators on several tractors. I just ran one lead from alternator to gauge to battery.
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