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  1. 1666 in wheat questions wanting to bale straw

    what kind of combine do you have most of them i know of have a provision for windrowing.
  2. merecedes MBE-900 engine

    it's in a 2007 sterling
  3. merecedes MBE-900 engine

    Do any of you have any experience with this engine looking at one for a field to bin grain truck all short hauls but some pretty good grades.I looked online and they have mixed reviews looking for some actual experience
  4. 5088 range shift handle

    yes but we couldn't get the bolt out so we had too take the whole shift assembly apart. i was hoping for some expertise on putting it back together.when we drove the shaft out the key bottomed out on the center shift handle mount so after prying the park lock rod over i rolled the key out with a punch. Getting it back together looks like a real pain unless i'm missing something
  5. 5088 range shift handle

    I have my brother in laws 5088 in the shop the shoulder bolt broke off that attaches the handle to the arm. After several hours of cussin cryin and pryin we got it apart , but now i'm wondering how to put it back together. After some prying we moved the low and reverse shift rail over enough that i could get a punch on the woodruff key and rolled it out of the shaft then we were able to get it apart. Question is how i'm going to get it back in there just isn't any room i must be missing something any of you had to work on this before? Going to order the 45$ bolt this morning so any info appreciated.
  6. Stainless IH logo from Rock Island

    I looked at the IH sign on E-Bay how did they mount it? I don't see any sign of brackets or holes anywhere i would be a little concerned without some form of documentation. i would guess that the original signs are out there , and worth a lot of money , but they would be easy enough to duplicate.
  7. fuel supply line dt series

    I had never heard that before , i'll be dang
  8. fuel supply line dt series

    When the 1586 caught fire it burned the fuel supply line, the existing line was nylon braided made by a local guy. The pump shop that rebuilt the injection pump told me only use a factory line, is what he was told ? why would this make any difference has anybody had any experience with this ? I just can't imagine what difference that could make.
  9. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Smart Till tillage tool without a doubt we demo'd a new one in the fall of 2013 it had large spikes kind of like an aerway on front and a rolling harrow on the rear we pulled it across some corn stalks and it looked like it did a great job. We were about to make a deal on it when we found a low acre used one just south of Chicago almost 15000$ less so off we went about 2AM and drove up 6 hours and bought it . Bright idea was to pull it home with the 1 ton ,but we couldn't take the interstate all two lane highways and back roads, by the time we got to the Missouri side it was getting late so we found a truck stop and unhooked it and went home about 80 miles without it . Early the next morning we headed back to retrieve it needless to say i won' t try that again. It gets better next spring we took it out and worked a creek bottom for corn i went in about two hours later with the planter. No more than i started planting i thought man this field is rough but it had been fall ripped so i blamed it on that. In the mean time they had worked another patch a nice long smooth bottom i was glad to get there after planting the first field at 3 MPH no more than i started the tractor started bouncing %&$#^&&%$ i had no phone service so i couldn't call the guy running it so i chased him down with the tractor and planter told him to take that damn thing back home and get the old rig back out. The spikes on that thing made a nice even pattern invisible to the naked eye after the harrow went over it but in the seat of the tractor it was a perfect wash board.
  10. That period in ag history will be repeated again some day that i am sure of it may not be in the next year or two but it will happen and i know a few high rollers that have been riding high on borrowed money and as long as the tide is steady or rising things are great but when the plug gets pulled look out. I have tried to caution my kids on too much debt, but mostly on deaf ears if they had spent some sleepless nights wondering where the next interest payment was going to come from then they would understand.
  11. Not wanting to start a political fight but President Reagan brought this country together during a rough time the early 80's were a terrible time in farming commodity prices were low and the interest rate we were paying was over 14% . There was a farm sale nearly every day of the week sometimes the auction schedule got so backed up that they had two sales a day ten year old tractors 1066's 1466's sold for two to three thousand dollars i watched them sell with my hands in my pockets we came precariously close to the same fate . As i watch this news reel it stirs memories of those days Times were tough no doubt but by the middle of Reagan's second term there was a pride in this country that i haven't seen since i miss him.
  12. 2404 valve lash

    Have a 2404 in the shop had three bent pushrods , i think it got some moisture down the stack , anyway i need some info on setting the valves i don't have a book for a C 135 and can't find the specs. online. Does anyone have a manual for one?
  13. 1586 oil cooler

    that makes it easy thanks guys
  14. 1586 oil cooler

    The oil cooler lines burn't off the 1586 in the engine fire which line goes where? the book only says identify lines before removal does the top line on mcv go to front or rear port on oil cooler?
  15. Firestone super NO tractions

    It is a shame they don't still make the BFG power saver best pulling tire ever made tractor pullers still pay good money for used ones with little or no tread. Titan supposedly bought they molds but there just not the same different quality rubber or something.