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  1. I doubt i will ever make it to California,but if i do your 806 is on my list .My dad talked about all the vegetables grown there. He was stationed there in the late 60's .
  2. That bucket looks HUGE you may need a bigger bush hog if you haul anything but dry sawdust.
  3. Coil was wired backwards, my fault I had no idea . That solved the problem with coil getting hot but it still had the surging when I loaded it up and the lights were flickering. The amp meter showed 0,so I polarized the generator it then showed a pretty good charge. About two minutes later it dropped to 0 charge again the lights flickered and it almost died. What I finally found was a bad connection on the hot wire on the starter button I fixed that and everything is good. I had no idea on the + going to distributor on a positive ground tractor. Thanks for all the help and Paul says thanks as well. The amount of knowledge shared on this site is amazing.
  4. i did not check the wires i do know the are new,i filed and reset the points checked spark plugs and i tried a timing light but mine will not work with 6 volt.
  5. The second to last picture looks familiar. We finally finished last week, it's a good feeling .
  6. It is still 6 volt system i have 6.53 volts at battery and only 5.23 at coil so i ran a jumper wire direct from battery to coil. The tractor now runs but surges under load, like the governor is bouncing, but it's not. They coil gets so hot you can't touch it. the ohm meter says 1.1 on a bare coil. if i apply 6 volts to the hot side of coil what should the ignition side read? I am just trying to help this kid out it's his first tractor and he is getting discouraged it died on him in the middle of memorial day parade.
  7. Neighbor has an H that he restored it runs for a while then dies. I told him i would look at it and it seemed like the coil was getting hot. he ordered a new coil from Stieners and it does the exact same thing does it need a resistor in line or do these new coils have a built in resistor?
  8. That is sad i was hoping no one got hurt.
  9. I just caught the tail end of it on the news this morning,something about a tractor and train colliding East of St. Louis.Hoping no one was hurt.
  10. Friend of mine has a saying " there are three kinds of beer good beer, cold beer and FREE beer"
  11. Those kids are learning more than the finest university could ever teach them. Hard work and common sense are something that no school can teach. I can remember the local paper several years ago writing an article about a woman that was 100 plus years old, they asked her what was the biggest change you have seen in your lifetime. Her answer was" when I was a girl everyone worked hard and had common sense now no one wants to work and they have no common sense". Every employer I know hunts kids that grew up on the farm for that very reason.
  12. I heard last night they were forced to open the flood gates at Truman and Lake of the Ozarks, They predict a 4' rise on the Osage river, not sure what that will do to the already swollen Missouri.
  13. Never have tried corn after grass i think bugs and disease may be a problem " grass into grass" but we have no tilled lots of beans that way with excellent results.
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