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  1. While were on the silo unloader subject, can you use a ring drive unloader to level off the silage after filling? This silo has a distributor on it first load you flip the handle up next load flip it down it has never worked very well leaving a lot of forking to get silage leveled off before covering.
  2. You have a lot of good points, i'm still trying to weigh my options ,usually we only chop corn for beef cattle and the only time we fill it completely is when we have a bad corn crop. The auger and trough are about 1200.00 dollars if, like you said, the rest of the unloader is good, and i can get it for a decent price it is a lot cheaper than new. Getting it lowered and out the door will be the challenge, at least it is close by so any tools i might need won't be too far away.
  3. Just put a bow on the new one , Mothers Day is near.
  4. I don't think i'm fast enough to execute an exit plan if needed i have watched some of the videos of those things coming down. The silage is actually rotted away from the sides except for the bottom foot or two and the structure itself looks a lot better than my old silo. I wish i could pick it up and move the whole thing. i haven't got any prices for the auger extensions yet , until i do it is a waiting game. I don't think it is worth much if i have to take it out , or pay someone to do it
  5. I found a Jamesway ring drive nearby it's only 18' but i have been told you can replace the auger and shield and make it 20' problem is that's a yhree cable system and mine isn't? Anyone had any experience with them? pros , cons it's sitting at the top of a long abandoned silo it looks good from the ground problem is all the doors are gone , and there is 15' of molded silage still in the bottom of it that would have to be removed just to get the unloader out. Silo was put up new in 1982 and abandoned in the early 90's so not much use i just hate to spend a ton of money on a new one if i can find a good used one.
  6. It's a silo=matic titan 2600 yes it's shot the main frame that the blower bolts too is nearly rusted in half . I wouldn't mind trying a ring drve but i only have a single cable system.
  7. We had a van dale in an old martin steel silo i will agree they are better than silo matic not much maintenance in the 40 years we used it . We lost the metal silo in a bad wind storm in 2012 it didn't get replaced. This 20× 80 won't get replaced either if something happens to it but as long as it's usable I'm going to keep it.
  8. It's a silo matic titan 2600 it was installed new in 1980 . Man it doesn't seem like that long ago
  9. I could not get the silo unloader to run so i called the service guy he messed around with the impulse starter switches in the motor and got it to run. When it started up a terrible racket came from the blower the housing is completely rusted out. I guess when we took the tension off the drive belts whatever was holding the fan in place let go , he said it is not worth fixing. So now like it or not i'm in the market for an unloader i thought i might be able to find a good used one with some help from you guys.
  10. from H to 80


    I have a retired electrician friend that worked on installing a lot of high voltage stuff he always talks about wearing a flash suit when turning on new gear for the first time in case something went wrong. I asked him if that would protect you his answer was no" but at least you can have an open casket" nothing to joke about i know a couple of farmers close to me that got an auger in the power lines they both got badly burned but survived. i have been around some of the 480 stuff and it makes the hair on your arms stand straight up.
  11. After a lot of searching i found someone to rewind the existing electro-magnet in my clutch and it worked out great. The only reason i am posting this is in case someone else might have a similar problem. He rewound it and epoxied it and shipped it back to me for 172.00$ i won't post his # but if someone needs it P.M. me and i will give it to you. I asked him about larger clutches like the header drive on the combines and he told me, as long as he could get them apart, they could be rewound also.
  12. It's so windy we had to stick a gunny sack up the mules Azz to keep the bit from blowing out of his mouth.
  13. A friend of mine is in the real estate business he told me that the ones he has dealt with are worthless. He sold a newer house a year or so ago that came with a warranty,come summer time they turned on the AC and it didn't work insurance paid zero. Some story about it being a preexisting condition.
  14. Happy Birthday March is a popular month for birthdays around here
  15. It just doesn't make sense to me, throwing away a perfectly good wiper assembly because the rubber is torn but that seems to be the way everything is going . Maybe i'm a cheapskate ? Just seems like everything is disposable these days. I will check out your website and maybe order some to have on hand.
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