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  1. After 24 hours of soaking i smacked it a couple times this morning and out she popped
  2. I have beat the side with a 16 oz. Hammer and an air hammer until it looks like it is akneeled. Not sure if I spelled that right. I have never seen any tie rod end like this, I agree normally a few whacks on the side and out the pop not this booger.
  3. The steering tie rod end on our 8930 2wd striped out and I can't get the old one out I have beat it soaked it heated it and had a jack with all the front weight on it all day. This isn't this first rod end I've worked on but I have never seen one like this. Has anyone else ever experienced this on one of these? I don't know what to do short of torching it out.
  4. I read a news story this morning were a group of USC students are trying to have a tribute to John Wayne removed from the university ; calling him a racist, best i can remember he shot all creeds and colors equally DEAD.
  5. Hard to tell from video but i wouldn't think a black bear would attack a deer . The conservation dept. claims they eat nuts and berries and are harmless.
  6. Someone sent me a video of the railroad bridge at Bruswick ,MO getting washed away by the Missouri River i don't know how to post it the amount of debris caught behind it is amazing. I am sure one of you that is more computer educated can find and post it.
  7. Anybody shell any corn or cut any beans yet, just wondering how it is yielding. We shelled a couple of hill fields, first field in the 150's second the 170's and any spots that held water 0 to 30 bpa .
  8. The older ones with the straight six are as tough as a pine knot. Oldest daughter bought a 2012 nothing but problems with it. The first year she owned it the thing was hooked to a tow truck four times .
  9. Pioneer radios also have a reset button if all your voltage and connections are good that may be the problem. I went through this with my daughters jeep, if you take off the face plate there is a small hole use a paper clip or something similar to press the reset button. If you need pictures let me know the jeep is gone for the day now.
  10. That's a lot of pies, seriously what do you do with all of them, apple butter is a favorite of mine.
  11. most new radios require 2 hots one continuous and one keyed ,have you checked your circuit with a light or meter?
  12. After tearing half of the cab apart I found the culprit, under the seat on top of the A.C. coil. Sucked him out with the shop vac and instant improvement.
  13. I have never had mice in the cab until the door got left open it gets cleaned completely every fall it's a green combine a Deere 9650 I think it's in the right hand duct by nose detection.
  14. I went to move the combine last week and when i got close i noticed the door was open. Apparently the youngest had one of her city friends over and she took her for a tour of the machinery and forgot to shut the door. I noticed shreds of paper towels on the floor *%$#& mice had been in the cab. Well yesterday i backed it out again and wow said *%$#& mouse is deceased, it must be somewhere in the duct work and the smell is terrible. Does anyone know of someway to fix this , besides a match , the insurance is still a little touchy after the tractor fire.
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