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  1. Dear Lord take care of little Charlotte and guide these doctors with her care.
  2. When you hit exit 242 in Missouri i am only a mile North, if you need anything. I don't have full hookups but i could set you up with a level spot, water and electric.
  3. I assume it is just a tradition that they keep up,like threshing wheat, if everyone made hay like that it would be 1000$ a ton.
  4. 15 or so years ago I had all of this redone. A new hub going to oil cooler , soldered new O-ring glands on the tube I even took the pump housing off and had it built up and remachined. I have put atleast six new red IH o- rings in this thing and I can’t get it to stop leaking. The old girl has a ton of hours but has been retired for 25 years. Someone has to have a truck to fix this ,I’ve tried everything from silicone to 3M weatherstrip adhesive.
  5. AC quit in the 5488 I have power coming out of the switch it then goes to a rectangular box (relay maybe) and nothing is coming out on my yellow to compressor. What is this dang thing , what does it do and where can I get one.
  6. I would loosen the clamp bolts and soak it with kroil for days before even attempting to move them.i have had good luck moving quit a few of them by twisting them in the tube first. Wrap a chain around the bottom of the spindle and give it a tug with a small tractor or skid steer. once you get it too turn add another pull, as straight out as possible.
  7. Where did you find the power saver's ,they are getting some age on them now, and most i have seen are dry rotted.
  8. I knew there were some European RP members that had better answers. My only expertise came from a German foreign exchange student, that i talked with about it. I believe they required license plates on the tractors as well ?
  9. I was told that European farm equipment has very strict width requirements on any public road,3 meters i believe,that is why you never see duals on their tractors. Now i am just guessing here, but perhaps that is why they add a second smaller implement to the front hitch,to cover more ground and stay under width.
  10. After this discussion my nephew showed me a video of a newer green planter, pulled by a quadtrac, planting at 15 MPH. I don't care what anyone says, there is NO planter, no matter what color, that can be accurate at that speed.
  11. In my opinion when it comes to accuracy speed kills, i try to stay under 5 MPH but we mostly notill. Now if the clouds start coming in and i am trying to finish a field then speed may vary.
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