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  1. We have a coyote problem and i am going to buy some type of night scope. My nephew has a 6 X fixed power IR scope and i am 2 for 2 with it but i would like to step up to a variable power scope and have thought about the thermals, but i have not had a chance to try one. Anyone have experience with either or both ,pros,cons any certain brands that are better. I have been considering an ATN scope but they look fairly complex,a lot of buttons to try to find in the dark.
  2. What a great deed this marine has done at this families greatest time of need. Carry on soldier.
  3. The dairy business is a LOT of work,they got out of it here before my time,but when i sold Gehl equipment i got a first had look at it. Unless you get big enough to hire on help, there are no breaks or vacations.
  4. Worked just like it’s supposed to.
  5. Ran a heifer up last night, got up to check on her and the feet are just showing going to give her 30 minutes before i assist. Going to be a short night.
  6. congratulations to you and your family, what a neat picture.
  7. A little off topic but i read an article somewhere about installing a filter base inline on the discharge side of the pump. Article said he would install his used oil filters inline and simply throw them are when the choked up. Sounded like a cheap way to keep your fluid coming in filtered to me. Yes i use the stoddard solvent also.
  8. Post's like yours will save someone else from the same issues somewhere down the line.
  9. After calling Hy Capacity this morning I just wanted to provide an answer to my own question,in case someone else is looking for this information online,like i often do. The new shorter cartridge is a direct replacement for the older longer original,as for the clear o-ring,it it not used in the classic magnums.
  10. Worst snow storm I can remember was in the early 80’s weather wizard called for flurries and we ended up with about 14” We had snow flakes the size of squirrels . His idea of flurries and my idea of flurries are apparently different
  11. Out of all the small pistols I have shot, a browning hi power is still my favorite. This is my opinion only ,so don’t beat me up.
  12. From everything i have read i believe this is the correct replacement cartridge for my my 7240 but i cannot find a place or a reason for the clear o-ring. i was hoping someone on here might know, if not i guess i will call Hy-capacity Monday.
  13. X 2 on the lever binding ,you might want to check you cable also, i had one kink at the lower mount
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