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  1. We have been fighting it for years in the crop fields, and now like you said, it is covering our hay and pasture fields. We tried a rope wick several years ago, it thinned it out some but now it is thicker than ever . I heard that hogs would root it out and get rid of it, but i'm not that desperate yet.
  2. Like I said this is an after market pump just out of curiosity I looked at case IH a rebuilt is 740$ surely someone makes a good after market cheaper
  3. i suppose that's possible it never pulls more than a feed wagon anymore so it doesn't really get pulled.I think i remember seeing a post about pressure testing the TA a while back ,i know i don't have the equipment to test it but maybe someone else does.
  4. I got a chance to look at the 1586 this A.M. PTO works but the tractor stops in both TA and direct drive it has zero pressure at the port. Even with no pressure shouldn't it move in direct? I replaced the MCV pump not to long ago and rebuilt the valve, but i bought an after market pump. I suspect it shot craps.
  5. Sounds like a fuel line may be collapsing internally ,sucking shut after it gets hot, and cutting off fuel supply.
  6. Saint Clair Missouri has a pair of water towers labeled 'hot & cold' but they serve the industrial park. I think they were built in the late 80's so they may have copied Pratt's design?
  7. a 1066 running right with duals will handle a pretty good load we pulled a 22' Krause disc for years also a 5 bottom plow and it will handle about any size planter that an older model tractor is capable of running.
  8. I was clipping pastures with my 1586 and got it stuck behind a pond dam, anyway after we pulled it out i have no steering or brakes and the transmission pressure light is on. I checked the oil and it is full, i thought maybe i knocked something loose. i finally got it turned around and it stopped moving completely neither direct or TA i shut it off and restarted it then it would move????? It did this several times on the way home and when i hit any downhill grade it would free wheel . I have no idea what the heck is going on here. Maybe the nut came off the MCV pump i guess i'll put some gauges on it and see what i have the TA spool is moving but it does not change the speed at all.
  9. My 8930 drips water out of the right vent sometimes, i can't figure out why either.
  10. We had an old 16.5 truck tire laying outside of the old shop years ago.When it blew out it left a 4" hole in the gravel parking lot, and scared the devil out of me, it landed about 10 feet from where it had been.
  11. I know nothing about the drive on a cub atv but the polaris rangers have plastic guides that wear out on the driven pulleys and they will stick causing the symptoms you decribe. It's a cheap and easy fix on them.
  12. Sounds too me like the chest X-Ray probably saved his life,some will say it's just a coincidence maybe it is, but i have seen more than one instance where a minor trip to the ER reveals a life threatening problem.We believers call it divine intervention, so i think the Lord is already looking out for him.
  13. Deere never made a decent plow, so if your a diehard JD guy and need a plow this is what you have to do.
  14. I ain't much on fizz or fish eggs.
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