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  1. I would gladly sit on a soaked truck seat for a 1.3" rain right now,it's already 93 here with no rain in sight.
  2. Pretty tractor, I had similar trouble with the front pan bolts on a 5288 i finally chased out the threads with a bottoming tap,flushed holes with brakleen and used a little locktite,worked for me.
  3. No one will ever know what happened there for sure, story i got was that he had taken off the 46" dual with 1000# weight attached to fix an inside tire that was flat, Somehow that dual ended up on top of him. He had worked on a lot of tires for us ,with two different companies,it was a tragic accident that probably could have been prevented. He was a hard worker and well respected they had a line of tractors,trucks,sprayers and what ever else along the road on the way too the cemetery,and this was in the heart of planting season.
  4. If they still had shows like those on TV, maybe i would watch more than just the weather, which is also depressing now.
  5. Looking good ,have fun and bring home a few more trophy's .
  6. we had a 5288 for a while it had the round axle tube unlike our 5488,it was pretty sluggish compared to the 5488. i know i have some pictures of them both somewhere.
  7. I have put the GM style single wire alternators on several tractors. I just ran one lead from alternator to gauge to battery.
  8. Glad to hear it,prayers for a speedy recovery.
  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you
  10. That is indeed a large man, he reminds me of a Kansas highway patrol that i met in the mid 80's he clocked me doing 70 on I-70 heading west. I was driving an 86 chevy 3500 and when he walked up to the window all i could see was his chest,i am 6' 4" guessing he had to be 6' 8" or better. Buddy asked me if i was going to pay the ticket or whip his Azz, we still laugh about it, oh and the ticket was 10$.
  11. I agree, with all of this monopoly money flying around, prices on everything have gone crazy. I have been hunting a dump truck for around the farm and the prices are nuts. I think i will hold off and wait for the balloon to pop,which will probably be sometime next year.
  12. Brother in law has ac trouble compressor is locked up. Local guy put rotary conversion kit on and he doesn’t remember where he got it. I have had no luck finding anything similar online. It is not a sanden unit and no one can cross the numbers , does anyone recognize this setup. If not I will order a different kit.
  13. Your getting WAY over my head there😀
  14. I took a video but i can't get it to post,something about being the wrong format.
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