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  1. That sounds like it might work,i'll have to try it. Nothing more aggravating than spending all winter in the shop cleaning and prepping equipment, then have those birds crap it full.
  2. I wore Red Wing Wellington's forever,because they were USA made,my feet started killing me so i went to see the doc. He recommended a flat soled shoe and arch supports and the difference is amazing.
  3. I pulled one home from Iowa down 40-61 not interstate but 4 lane highway, 55 MPH no problem,it's the narrow 2 lanes with an 80' auger that are hairy.
  4. I quit the Gehl dealership in 2002 and don't remember a square baler in the lineup.
  5. White had the air system long before Deere,it is very simple and accurate,and it requires little maintenance. we had a 6818 which was 10" spacing,i planted wheat with it ,way better accuracy than a drill.
  6. Friend of mine went to a Wisconsin salvage yard to get some pulling parts. While he was there the guy showed him his extensive collection of IH tractors one of them being an 86 series with a V-8 that is supposed to be factory stock. I've never heard of one much less seen one,what do you guys think ?
  7. Dealer support is a big problem,we have a Gehl RT210 1600 hours on it now,and the only issue has been a console in the arm rest. Since then Gehl sold out to Manitowac (spelling may be off ) and we lost our dealer. A contractor i know has bought 2 of them since we bought ours and he has gotten along with them well also.
  8. I have not heard any good comments about a deere skid loader. I know some farmers who bleed green and there son is a JD mechanic, they bought another brand.
  9. Dodge has a bad reputation for plugging heater cores, the crud settles on one side and depending on which direction the door is positioned determines where the air flows. The problem is it costs 1500$ to replace a 75$ heater core because the whole dash has too come out. I hope that is not your problem,but it sure sounds like it too me. We had to replace one in my wife's 2016 last year it would only blow lukewarm air as well.
  10. What about a controlled burn ?
  11. The hundred $ bill is the new twenty
  12. Any time we move from the home farm to the river bottoms,i worry about it,i have started wearing my seat belt as well. The brakes do work well but i just don't think about using them,your body is trained to pull back on the hydro lever,because that is what yo do in the field. Hoping your brother makes a full recovery,scary how fast these things can happen.
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