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  1. Not just a entertainer , he spoke up for his beliefs , religious and otherwise. A rare commodity among today's celebrities. I was lucky enough to see him perform several times, a great man and artist, even though he started out on Rocky ground.
  2. from H to 80

    Polka Party

    My middle daughter was about 3 when she discovered Polka Joe on RFD TV she would have me dance with her. A few years later when the catholic church elected Pope Benedict , she was certain he was actually Polka Joe, We still laugh about Pope Polka Joe.
  3. If they build there Dams with the same quality of material that they ship to the U.S.A. i wouldn't want to be downstream .
  4. I have heard that but I need a recipe . I'm guessing you have to bread them with something.
  5. I have done what you are describing but you need seamless tube, most tubing has a weld on one side.
  6. So when do you normally plant milo ? If we plant in early May ,then we can harvest in October if it gets into late May or early June, then harvest usually drags into November. Do you plant another crop behind it ?
  7. General made a really good tractor tire ,farm bureau sold them under the safemark brand, I have a set on the 856 ,been on there for 20 plus years. Those in you picture are a different tread design though.
  8. Cancer is a terrible disease it took my dad at the young age of 45. Sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing your picture.
  9. So i guess that big tire up front is some sort of push bumper?
  10. I am by no means a big NASCAR fan i may watch occasionally, but only the last 30 laps. Bubba is the only black driver on the circuit and supposedly someone placed a noose in his garage. My shop is not that fancy, and no one parks a half million dollar stock car in it, but i do have cameras. That is what makes this story strange if you ask me, if i had one or two of these cars in my garage there wouldn't be a place to spit without it being on film.
  11. Try this guy he trades in a lot of older farmalls, Doug [ 636 584 3265 ]
  12. Take the day off Christian, wife took me out for a late breakfast and now were going crop inspecting.
  13. try cook tractor they have yards in both Missouri and Illinois.
  14. I always worry about that same thing mowing our road ditches. We live on a blacktop county road with a 30 MPH speed limit , which apparently is only a suggested speed because a lot of them run through here at 50 MPH or better. Glad no one was hurt, and yes you are probably right about the lawyers.
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