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  1. i have a ball valve with a male and female coupler attached to each end,hook that to your pressure line[lift side of loader] raise loader close valve then see if it creeps down. Easier than trying to unhook lines under pressure.
  2. Where is that rig sitting, Owkaville by chance.
  3. That is some piece of engineering, i have seen spray booms on a Suzuki Samari down south before,maybe the same manufacturer.
  4. I agree on using a cart, as long as you can get a driver, they will nearly double production. We have had one for years and added a second cart four years ago, to keep up in corn. With our hills and creeks a 600 bushel cart is all we can handle, even they are not loaded to capacity in some fields.
  5. i have no continuity on the yellow wire,from what i see it goes from the lower gauge directly too the upper gauge. Mother Case's service manual ain't much. found a bad connection in the bypass plug for tractors without the auxiliary tank,cleaned it up and put a little contact grease in it and now the gauge seems to read right.
  6. with the top sending unit removed and lower sender unhooked if i ground the lower center wire gauge shows ever other bar.
  7. last fall my fuel gauge on the 8930 was acting up, i have it in the shop now trying to diagnose the issue. i have a service manual for the pro series magnum but not the 8900's,are the OHM readings the same ? i took the top gauge out and it reads .22 OHM's empty and 46 full the lower tank is full and reads 14 OHM's my thinking is since it has the larger auxiliary tank that wraps around the axle this may be correct.Anyone have a manual or know the correct readings ? THANKS
  8. Wes,prayers for you, your mother and family, from Missouri.
  9. Always to busy that time of year at least you gave me a little tour. THANKS
  10. I often thought that there should be a site where people could trade hunts, whitetails in the East for mule deer or antelope in the West. Guided hunts are just getting way too pricey for the average person.
  11. We don't run any 9 bolt duals anymore but i agree with L 1466 9's are 9's from what i have seen.
  12. I went through this with my 1586 ended up that the separator plate was warped and had a low spot. I took it too a machine shop with a magnetic base grinder, that solved the gasket problem. mine was blowing the gasket on the bottom rear corner, it worked fine until it got cold,i believe that the thicker oil built more pressure than the gasket could take. You may be able to find a good used plate ,if yours is bad, a new one is NLA.
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