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  1. Happy for you I hate paper work as much as anybody.
  2. Sad, but true i guess, that these big cities have so much crime that we think of it as "normal murders".
  3. How many do you want his yard is covered with them.
  4. Helping the nephew butcher chickens and he has a tree in his yard and my grandma always said these were good luck Pretty rare around here.
  5. I was going to suggest the same thing, but i think you have to type in Webb cutting components to find there website.
  6. I have an old .32 caliber single shot also, i have hunted for some ammo for it, just to have it, without any luck.
  7. from H to 80


    And i just wasted 450 bucks on security cameras
  8. That could take a while, wife's cousin used to do some demo derbys he decided 'after a few smart sodas' that he would test the limits of a 351 in an old galaxy 500. He fired it up and held her to the floor, after 15 minutes or so he got tired of that and wedged a concrete block on the pedal, I'll bet that thing screamed like that for another 20 minutes before it slowly lost RPM's and died, funny thing is after it sat a couple hours he hit the key and it fired back up.Try that with one of these beer can motors they use now.
  9. i drained the engine oil and some of the gas first , if you look at the picture you can see the baffle is completely ripped loose . yes it needed blades in a bad way.
  10. Anytime I get a broken stud out i parade around the shop like I just won an Olympic gold medal. CONGRATULATIONS
  11. Neighbors mower needed some welding on the deck so I hung it up and gave it a bath first. I just thought it was a good IH and Deere picture
  12. 30 years ago the salvage yards in Sikeston had a huge pile of frame rails engines and fan shrouds out of the 68 series binders.If i had only bought them all for scrap!
  13. Tragic, I almost ran over a young guy that was trespassing during bow season, i guess he saw me pull in with the combine and decided to hide in a little ditch along the field road. When the head went over top of him he jumps up just a couple of feet to the right of the duals. I didn't know whether to hug him or chew his butt off , i opted for the latter scared the heck out of me ,and i suppose him as well.
  14. There are two routes one north one south the southern route that I was one had 127 I’m guessing the northern had half that amount or more.
  15. They run 2 different routes a North and a South that both meet in Washington for a barbeque the Southern route that i was on started with 127 and picked up a few on the way . I am guessing the Northern route had about half that amount.
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