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  1. NOAA has one that pulls up the radar first thing,i like it when i am out in the field, i can take a quick look to check on approaching storms. Several of the river bottoms we farm are behind big bluffs and you can't see anything coming until it is on top of you. I can take a quick glance at the radar then i can hurry up and get stuff covered before it hits.
  2. I went to a big saw mill in Salem Missouri years age to pick up some rough sawn oak for a lot fence. Inside of there office hung all types of steel pieces that they had found in logs axe heads, horse shoes ,plow shares and even a complete 6 or 7 foot sickle bar. Back then i believe he told me each one of them cost about 1200 dollars for a new blade.
  3. It seems like these things happen in three's this fall we flopped a grain truck, the main frame on the grain cart busted and we ripped the left hand divider off of a grain head all within a weeks time. Keep fighting and hang in there ace.
  4. Some Ted Turner type will buy it, build a monstrous weekend castle on it, set all the livestock free to roam inside there newly erected security fence and then hire armed guards to patrol it.
  5. I’m in ,we can let my wife hold the money........ maybe that’s a bad idea
  6. I had the same thoughts about people riding around in there cars with masks on, until today. i had to take middle daughter to get tested,we both had our masks on just in case she is positive, i passed a friend of mine in his dump truck and he gave me the same ,are you stupid look, that i have been giving others. I myself am not worried about getting covid , but just this morning i had to go help my elderly mother in law,and i don't want to put her at risk.
  7. looks like what is left of an old gas pump, my great uncle owned a station with a couple of those,if i only had them now.
  8. I found this inside one of the figures when I was putting up the nativity scene . I am guessing from the 70’s .
  9. My wife does most of the decorating for the holidays my job is to put up the nativity. The logs came from her great grandmother’s farm and we’re supposedly part of an old fence. Her grandmother used them then her mother and now us , I find that pretty neat , our part of a Christmas tradition
  10. She makes that johnny popper look good. Do you carry a club to keep the young men at bay.
  11. That is a nice piece of redneck engineering, hard to believe that a second remote was an option on that series tractor ,and now tractors come with 6 or maybe more remotes.
  12. Careful Dave or everyone is going to start calling you Scrooge. Wife and kids like to watch it, if they had some real country singers i might pay more attention.
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