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  1. Diesel specialties in prince george but they sipped it away so not sure who actually did it
  2. So, first of all, thanks everyone!!!! After a summer of mucking around, today i finally pushed dirt!!!! she puffed and sputtered but then purred like a loud kitten. The bushings are all fairly lose, the lift cylenders weep a little, she rattles but after a minor brake adjustment it worked fine! I need to burn through the sea foam in the tank, change the oil tomorrow, then make a mess of the property. in the end i sent my fuel pump away for a complete rebuild. It cost me two grand and i feel like i was raped but all in i have a functional dozer for under 6 grand. thank you, thank you, thank you all that helped!!!
  3. So…. Hopefully this will have me pushing dirt. I found an old machine in my area that was “running when parked 40years ago”. I bought the rights to the parts off it for 100$, there isnt a whole lot that is still usable but have got most items that will still be good stripped now. I am not the first person to pull stuff off! I got the fuel pump, cleaned it and pulled it apart. After some cussing and a lot of penetrating oil, she is rebuilt and Now ready to go on my old red beast!!! Fingers crossed this gets me running!
  4. Ok so last two days wrenching. My primary pump is pissing fuel into the bottom end of my hp pump housing. Took off the primary off and made a mess of the bronze bushings, still cant get them out to get at the seals and such. I need to wait till tomorrow and chat with a machinist in town to see if he can figure out a fix for it. I see there is a fellow down in lower mainland that rebuilds them but i am hoping to get this up and running in the next few days. Any tricks or easy fixes you guys have would be appreciated!
  5. What do you mean by high low trans lever? I just got out to my property late last night. I can look a little later today. Need to stock the fridge and clean up my trailer this morning.
  6. OK so I found out a guy up the road from me has a slightly newer (yellow) TD6 for sale for 1500$ it doesn't run but am thinking maybe a parts machine? how compatible are the parts? rollers, pins cylinders etc? maybe even injectors and pump parts?It seems from what i read that the rollers are a bit smaller? and track is a different gauge? I can't go and look at this till the long weekend in two weeks. just trying to keep the overall cost down so my wife doesn't kill me. lol
  7. Great idea. I dont have any decent hardwoods here in northern bc unfortunately. I will look and see if maybe i can come up with some as i have a few friends that work for the railroad and may come across some good hardwood dunnage from down south
  8. Yes fuel pump 65309 DA201 i didnt find the serial number on the actual tractor but am pretty sure td9 now. One step closer! Last time out i left the fuel on and the lower end of the pump is full of diesel😢. I heard this is common when fuel is left on? Louis Figone, I didnt have time to work on her but did measure the tracks. Looks like I have a wide gauge model 60” center to center. It was 78” outside to outside on the tracks with a 114” wide blade i am taking holidays beginning july and am going to spend 10 days out at my property and getting her running. also i am missing the two from idler/track rollers…. Like the whole assembly. On both sides of the dozer. Does anyone know where a guy might find them. How essential are they really?
  9. The 6.25l stamp is on the injector side up top on the head near the front of motor. As mentioned before, i will get more pics this weekend.
  10. Also, looking at the pics i took, it seems to be a 6.25 litre 4 cylinder motor. I looked online but it doesnt seem to match up to the 14a or the td 9. Any thoughts?
  11. From the tank forward I had a basic look at the fuel lines, the look ok. When I opened the bleed on top of the second filter while running, fuel shoots 6 feet in the air. I will look deeper for pin holes but i dont think there is. I have not checked the return line yet, and will look at that this weekend. the pump gauge comes up and does not have a psi on it when i first started this process it would barely move but now is up in the “operating range” after all my cleaning and dorking. The “rack” which i read about in a few of the treads on here is i assume to be the gear behind the plunger pump? It was moving freely. But i flushed and cleaned it all out none the less. When i did the pump, i pulled it apart as far as i could go without fully removing the entire pump. So basically the plunger pump and a good spray out with brake clean ( my current workbench is the top of my brushmower in the grass with a tarp on it to keep my parts clean. So a full tear down in our camper may puss off the wife and mean me sleeping under the stars 🤪. hard tail, what do you mean by the injectors are lapped? Should i take some valve lapping compound and see about re-seating the injectors? Any clarity or thoughts on what parts and how much i should lap would be appreciated!! i am heading out there on Friday to give her another go this weekend. I will hopefully be able to post a video of me pushing dirt, but if not i will send one of fuel spray and smoke when i change it over. thanks for all the ideas!
  12. I just watched a couple videos and mine definitely doesnt smoke like that when changing over. Im really thinking its the injectors now.
  13. Thanks guys!!! I was not using the ether to start. I tried a squirt when i swapped it on diesel, making sure it would actually run on that position as I am not familiar with these engines at all. It did fire when swapped over but only on ether not the diesel. I will not do it any more, nor does it seem to need it for starting as it flashes right up. As for calling it at td9, vs td14 i have only owned it for 2 weeks and am only going on what the old farmer (who is passed away) his buddy told me. I will take another look when i am out there next weekend and look for some serial numbers or identifiers. And take some better pictures. Hard tail, what do you mean PNW flair? Also when i swapped over, easing the diesel throttle up i did notice a slight colour change but not consistently and not to the extent i thought i would expect. I hosed down all the fittings with penetrating oil last weekend just to make life easier moving forward. On number three cylinder it looked like it was slightly bubbling at the injector when running. That is why i was also curious about the seals and injector cups and removing them. thanks to all of you. I will do some more digging and see what i can find!! I feel like a 10 year old playing in the sandbox with this thing lol:)
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