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  1. I have no more BENDIX spring now I maybe can have some in spring time from friend but they closed for winter time
  2. I have some used pistons 251057r11, some new starting valves 251074r1,some new intake valves 42747d,some exhaust valves 32482dd,a 1 camschaft gear 32284dc and have 1 crankshaft gear and have no number she still on the crankshaft. gemdozer@hotmail.com
  3. I think am still have 3 pistons no more sleeve and have new valves,some gasket and more
  4. Am't sure you use the correct oil in transmission not sure it 10 ae or ATF OIL.
  5. This manual have 240 pages and he is complet but not very clean and this manual show 2 model injection pump in (INTERNATIONAL, AMERICAN BOSCH) gemdozer@hotmail.com
  6. HI I am sorry have no tickness discs and plate and if you have no lipp near teeth they can be rlinstaled
  7. I am still have some used TD9 parts if can help
  8. Try some wd40 betwen the plate in flywell joint and knock on front plate the rust should let out and I dismantled some TD14 for parts and had't much probleme I removed the motor and used the sledge hamer I had some spair plates.
  9. The plate side is freese in flywell and with a small hammer knock on side gently and the plate be loose
  10. I am still have a vey smal parts inventory parts for tc5 if can help
  11. I had a HOUGH 60 35 years a go and he had a motor CUMMING 6 cylinders
  12. This carburator number is 271203r92 and used TD9 SERIE TC24
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