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  1. Check the butterfly systeme in the intake manifold
  2. The td18-td20-td20b use the same bottom roller than 250B LOADER
  3. You need to use 2 puller bolts for remove the cover
  4. I think you need to removed the reenforcement bracket the pine is welded or preess fitt because in my parts manual he has no parts number for the pine
  5. This bracket is a final drive reinforcement attachment and not sure the pine on is use too for the brake band
  6. I have a 500c parts manual and he do't have that pine with braket and the brake band have no braket on too
  7. I dismantled 6 or 7 of these model machine and they had all these pine and plate on.
  8. You could removed the linkage from the band and turne the band front in back untill she gone on the pine .
  9. The brake bande photo from june 14 we can see the braket riveted on band with the hole and the bottom pine have to be in when the stering cluch and brake band are instaled and this bottom pine is't a adjusting pine like the other model machine and if your brake band have no braket and hole she must ben change by a bad model SORRY FOR MY BAD WHRITING ENGLISH AM FRENCH SPEAKING HECTOR
  10. The pine has a bottom plate with 2 small screw 3/8 by 3/4 inchs long and that pine is just to keep the brake band in place and you could removed the brake bande linkage and try turning the bande and if she is turning the bande braket hole is't on the pine
  11. This pine assembly brake band anchor is 635289r91 and this pine is maybe not press fitt she have a small plate outside housing and bolt to the housing and yes she can be pull out.
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