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  1. The 5 picture sprocket is't very good the other one are better
  2. The TD15 startor DELCO IS 1113345 and the INTERNATIONAL parts number is 305 514 r91
  3. Sorry am french speaking I check this morning and am still have the streaner and want $20.00+ shipping. gemdozer@hotmail.com
  4. Yes but make sure tomorrow if he still on racking and comback to you
  5. The oring parts number is 285 253 r1 5 1/2 x 5 3/4 x 1/8 and the streaner is 622 255 c1 and should have the streaner but not sure for the oring
  6. The streaner is in bottom front cover rear the oval cover and near the big hose
  7. Dont forget to removed the front transmission streaner for cleaning
  8. You could angaged the transmission and angaged the master cluch and pull the 2 stering cluch lever maybe could help
  9. Am't sure but some wagon drill use the same size track
  10. Did you check your fuel and air filter condition and he has to run on gas for 5 to 8 minutes on gas for good starting on diesel
  11. The holes in housing are use for holding the winch and you can't pull out the stering cluch before removed these long rods.
  12. The tdc5 should be a BD144 and some have a mechanically governed injection pump built 1959 and since and some have a dpa injection pump diesel burning built 1960 and since and they have a priming pump
  13. I should have some TD9 spair parts but last year I ben rubbed and so much parts are gone.
  14. The bolt from the yoke have to be removed and you have 2 dowel pines to keep enligne the bolts from the plate to the cluch housing .
  15. I have a rod tread track adjustement 9 inchs from flange to the end
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