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  1. Guys I have a question and wish for your thoughts. Have the Galion out and this sweet old UD-16 is bucking me finally. Remember: In the moment I forgot to check to see by loosening the pipe thread fuel cap if that would help check IF the breather on the tank is plugged with ice. Put more fuel in after it slowly died as I was losing power and governor (there's 10 gallons in maybe a 30 or 40 gallon tank-I measured and calculated last summer but forget). Got him parked out of the way. Not enough fuel? Can't be. The gauge said no fuel pressure. Drove and got 10 more gallons (heard nothing as I opened the fuel cap), put 10 in and rechecked bleeders. Pressure good and ran nice for 20-25 minutes. I was idling down this hill blading snow. Did I just answer my own question? Or have you fellas seen other things that can get wishy-washy in the fuel system and surprise us? New filters, a new delivery hose, good fuel (all since August) and he had been running real nice. Thoughts?
  2. Duey_C

    T4 crawler , is it rare ?

    Sorry to stick my nose in here but I'm interested too. I had no idea you could get a crawler in that small of size from IH. Very cool. I'm more a gas-start IH Diesel but these are so darned cute! I actually consider a TD-18 out in the middle of SD as I'd like an IH crawler to do some messing around here in the woods and I sure could use one of these little T-4 bugger's too. JT, a garden hose, a scrub brush and perhaps some linseed oil/thinner to preserve the tin work. SWEET! OH! You're looking to get rid of it... It'd be fun. Fun to work on too to get it up and ready to go! : - ) Tall men like me, bend your knees a bit more. : - ) Ya! Where are you? And I stutter about a Twin City/MM (LATE) KTA for a decent price to add to my growing bevy of TC's...
  3. Zorch, how are things coming with your TD9? I'm itching for updates. : - ) Dang it; your username reminds me of Larry Storch. Don't ask why: - ) I did lip-off on your engine thread about fuel system helps. Hoping that helps. I worked for weeks here to get that info together from all over this great site. : - ) Keep us updated! Pics and video clips are much appreciated here like you've shown already. : - ) I want more info about workarounds with a Bosch injector pump.
  4. Duey_C

    IH Green Diamond engine Needs rehomed.

    Bump Russell, have you found an IH/old engine home for your Kansas Green Diamond? I hope so. : - ) If I were closer... I would preserve it until someone needed... : - )
  5. Duey_C

    WD9 Injection pump advice .

    Ooh ooh ooh! Try this one for further care. Granted it's my own... :-( Sorry to bump this. I just looked at the date. Has your friend got it going yet? Please remember the injection pumps and nozzles are the same, only your coffee buddy has a single plunger pump instead of a twin plunger pump. I opened up my secondary fuel filter, filled it with Marvel Mystery Oil and let the air out so the injection pump had pure MMO to drink for a short time and it softened the gunk enough to allow both plungers to operate. Worked great for a short time but we need to give it fresh fuel to drink as I had to do it again and clean the everything up inside not seen. Have your friend consider cleaning out the fuel tank as there may be sludge in the bottom. Yuck. My 1953 Galion motor grader's tank needs to come off for a good cleaning. Hard sludge. IF in doubt, (oh crap, does that WD-9 injection pump have a plug on the rear of the injection pump on the inside, towards the block?), pull the plug and check for free movement of the rack with your pinky. True. I'd bet it's super sluggish or won't move at all when the throttle is moved. When that moves along with your throttle lever you're good. Mine was sluggish as heck. It had been a year or so since last running but he warned me he had a problem. Try an MMO dose to soften the gunk. Start on gas, open the injector bleeders, pull the throttle back some and see if the bleeders will squirt some Diesel fuel. : - )
  6. Sorry your motor-grader ended its life that way Ross. Waiting for the transmission on mine to say NO. Until then, on we go, dear Galion and try to make sense of the manual. So I am a trifle conservative with mine. I shouldn't be. Go out and run! He'll get his run time soon! I've snow to move! By the time he's warmed up and limber, it's time to let him sit down as his work is done. Holy cats! I should jump on your parts Ross!! Been in a off topic old tractor HAZE since my last post. :-) Twin City tractors. Mmmm. :-) Last startings of this UD16 were very promising for the upcoming! After it gets cold and then warms a bit, that is. Need to clean up the Hill and the driveway. We'll see. : - )
  7. So, I pored over a TD-24 today. I can hardly call the engine (buried in that crawler) a UD-24 engine, as to the lack of any Unit Diesel mounts. Different from my little motor grader. Everything is open and within arms reach on the Galion motor grader. Wanna play with the A type scavenger on a TD-24? Grab a low stool, perch on the track and bend down... Fascinating. Big engine. Big crawler. I wanted to pull/push Tee handle (for starting) and clutch lever but kept myself from even getting in the operators seat to do same... I wished for a step ladder to get up there too. Knees. Bull. I wanted to find a gas can, put some in, pull the Tee handle, find that starter switch, figure out the Diesel throttle and get some vrooms/dabble, dabble!, dabble!!!! I would've been as nimble as a 40 year old IF. But. Not mine. The TD-24 has a gas primer. Wha? What for? For starting? Cold weather perhaps? A few flops and this little16 is coming to life even quite cold. KoO might have different/same observations. :-) Decided it was best I don't have a large crawler like THAT near my place. Too much bog under the driveway before the hill. We'd sink. And muck up the driveway. Goll, what a big crawler. Been too long since its last parade tho. If it could've it would've been hard. ;-) Duh. Still want it. Where's the cable operated blade? Prob'ly laying about. ":Hey Bob, what's the story on the TD-24???" Kinda thing. IH gas start Diesels, shwing.
  8. Yeah, watch those radiator guys. Some shops refuse to listen when some fella brings a radiator for a model T Ford in and they wreck it when they put the psi's to it. 'Spose they don't know no other way and wreck stuff. Glad to hear things are moving. Keep hollering here if more questions. These fellows are a goldmine of info!
  9. Duey_C

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    I'll echo the replys! Love seeing the older tools you're using too!! If an International crawler falls into my lap like I wish it would, I'll need to do what you are doing. I've gone 50 some years thinking I don't need a crawler. This site messed that up for me. I want one bad. If you've caught it here, do be very careful about the float lever in that carb. I broke mine 20 some years ago and made one here out of a piece of aluminum. A saw and a file and it works good.
  10. Duey_C

    Super C accident and resurrection

    Dig your heels in all you want! I have a co-worker/friend that uses his little Allis and a Woods rather than the modern John Deere zero-turn they have. Another friend uses his Super C on the showgrounds for moving pallets of slab wood and other tasks. Cranks it because he won't replace the battery. One or two flops. Running. Your single front wheel is cool! Patient men work with cast iron. Very cool fix and saving your Super C. No sense to scrapping/upgrading is there? Upgrade shmupgrade. That said. We've nothing but trees to go around here so moderns do it for us. If we weren't so darned cheap, I'd buy her a zero-turn then train her how to use it safely. She'd like it. Wanna repair a broken 28 Twin City steering wheel? Neat thread!
  11. "and the ''working man " is treated like he is still seven years old´╗┐....sigh" Oh so true. Kinda sad. Can we say 1984 is coming? See the movie or read it by George Orwell. Yikes. Where we are now, we're appreciated and left alone unless we need something and I walk to the pickup happy after 4-6 hours. Ehh hem. Back to the UD-16. I'd like a couple more of these engines. I did try the cranking over test without gas or spark. By gum, I think it helps! I must try it tomorrow (Hehehe, double blind test?) but the lever was moved to starting mode, the button was pushed to crank it over 10, 20 or 30 times. I didn't count. No pressure on the gauge but I swear the main shaft didn't knock so bad for the moments it usually does just after starting. I stopped, turned the gas on, waited just a bit ( I have the darned bowl so clean now I can hardly tell if there's gas moving), switched on the 12 volt F-6 mag-distributor and lit it up. Aha. I'm not over choking with 2 compressions. It didn't take so had to do it again. He runs so nice. Flopped the lever to Diesel, and flipped the switches off. Happy. Then worked on the 28 Twin City.
  12. Hahaha! That was pretty good Mike! :-) I hate to admit I had to read it twice tho. You made my very good day into a great day! Almost 5 years ago I was fired from a place that was turning that way. 5S, watchers, timers, team leaders, complain boards (turn in your neighbor) and morning huddles. :-p They hated tribal knowledge and very independent me. But now my employee owned stock $$$ is coming in so I'm happy as a lark! So the dope did me a huge favor! Us "misfits" congregate up the road at an older, backwards compatible competitor. We can tell our supervisor "F you!" and we all have a good laugh over it. We have a great crew! I work side by side with the man I worked side by side with down the road. He got canned too. : - ) We always say to each other (EDIT) 60 plus years airline GSE experience. Hahaha! I never even use y'all or even "yous guys". But I do say things like "uff da" and "you betcha"! That reminds me of on topic things. I'm going to go crank over the UD-16 and see if I can get any oil pressure before giving it gas and spark. It might knock less at starting.
  13. Ahh, yes, I get it now Rawleigh. :-) Thank you! :-) Here's a notion for ya'all. How the heck do you spell y'all? What voltage is the starting/generating on your International engine? This '53 motor grader has a 12 Volt (Mr Volta) so I'm good with 4 gauge cables. Or am I? It's been touched on here. Correct me if incorrect. : - ) I've so much maligned the 6 volt system myself until I tried it on another history piece. The model T Ford. That used 90 year old starter flops that 4 cylinder over like a modern! OK, not that fast but wow! IF your starting is 6 Volt and it cranks over like TOO many other 6 volt pieces still living, too darned slow, try some bigger cables! These Internationals still go don't they? Yep. : - ) Urrr urrr urrr urrr urrr urrr. Too many urrr's, fix what's wrong! : - ) This UD-16 is a urrr urrr , slap the choke cable knob to open, urrr, tob a teeble tob a teeble and then vroom. I'm still over choking it. 2/0 not 2 gauge (NOT 4 gauge!) but Two/Aught gauge should be used if you have 6 Volt starting on your 6 Volt International! Please. Less Voltage= more current. EDIT. I should've typed lower not less. : - ) Friday night, I put a helper ground cable on (2 gauge for this 12 Volt system-I don't even like saying the word SYSTEM anymore. My dad had a good "crew" when he was alive and building. Nowadays we are supposed to have a TEAM and all things are a SYSTEM. F that.). Ehh Hem. The ground cable should help the starter. I made a cable to go between a starter bolt and the ground on the heel plate of this Galion motor grader that has the braided negative ground mounted on a 3/8" bolt on that heel plate.
  14. Oh. That blender is VERY neat! Is it that Cummins knew a little oil helped and enticed their customers to mix it up a bit? On wheels and ready to go to work. Thanks Rawleigh! If you ever take some WD-40 on a rag and clean that housing, show us a pic would you? :-)
  15. Reach over the intake manifold with your fingers. You'll find that butterfly shaft. Just a bit away from the center section you should find this: Left finger should find the V/Y shaped part that allows the whole spring loaded butterfly shaft to "flip" back and forth and the flat finger from the rod from the bellcrank below. The right finger should find the clamp that hooks the 2 shafts together. Should be spring loaded in both directions when either in gas or Diesel cycles. It's fingertip precision. Flip flip with your index finger ends. I checked my UD-16 502 a week or 3 ago to see and it's still all good. Get some spray into the 4 spots in the manifold that the shaft rotates in. 2 on the inside/center section and two towards the ends. Should rotate easily. Also look IN and UP just to the left of the top of the carb, right above the Y shaped bellcrank with the hex nut pivot. That bellcrank does the butterfly shaft switching business. That butterfly shaft should have a bit of spring loaded play in both directions. Gas or Diesel. :-) Hey. Look for this just for fun: Look just to the right of the carb, is there an upright spring in that mess of mechanisms on the block? That's the gas cycle latch mechanism. Mine's filthy but works good! There is a fella here that found his spring missing and it would not latch in gasoline cycle. He went to the store and is happy now. :-) Hahaha! No one got hurt and nothing was wrecked? Ahhh. I bet THAT unloading incident felt like IF my 20,00 pound Galion motor grader with the UD-16 got loose on my hill driveway. Yikes! One Irishman to another, we get lucky sometimes! :-) Maybe a lot! : - ) Bart, I have more smarting off to do but that'll wait till the morrow. Have a great day!