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  1. Uh huh! A fellow out in Colorado did the same trick, fitting the heavy bale wire pump handle in the pump from a John Deere combine engine. Another fellow mentioned his has a rod straight out the bottom of that cover to push up to actuate. Yes, too long... In the rod's current state, if I pinned the three arms together it'll probably work. The "slop" between the three arms had been "fixed" with a couple of pieces of wire around the pivot pin. If I added about an 1/8 of an inch to the rod, it'll work as intended. I won't do anything rash until that pump kit gets here and
  2. How long is that rod actually supposed to be? The one I have is just a skoche over 6-15/16" ignoring the wear. Seems as if the rod should be at least another 1/8" longer. The fuel pump and pushrod are the two most significant conundrums for these tractors. In my opinion. Thoughts? Thanks Du
  3. Duey_C


    If we remove the three screw lower cover with the pump in place on the engine, can we see the end gap of the rod to the rocker? I'm starting to wonder the same about diaphragm travel. Also, if I may. You guys have thoughts on making certain the seats are clean enough to hold fuel? I pulled out the fiber disks on this 14 and resurfaced them on some 2500 grit paper, the seats appear pretty nice but...
  4. ? Chris, that reply means very much to me. Thank you and a great story! I cannot imagine, 60 years ago or today, traveling a gravel road for miles at a time (this grader came from North Dakota), grading roads. Shoot, if you ever get into central MN, give me a holler. We'll go for a spin! If ya don't climb, we'll lift ya up in the skid loader bucket and you can just step across!
  5. He lives again: Taking a little time off, waiting for new parts to be made so I worked on the motor grader/UD-16. Loved the diversion! Had a bunch of nice days last month, old work friend stopped by, we re-filled the coolant from a clean grease barrel after I replaced heater hoses a few months ago, re-filled fuel from another clean grease barrel and we did it all with pails! The new pump for the cordless drill is out in the toolies under the snow. JUNK. Darned ice: Had to bust it off the spherical arrangement of pins and yokes with up-down to further complicate the shifter. Wh
  6. Just when I thought you had a little bit of everything up there, you pull this out! Cool. Thanks KoO! Dual stacks are pretty cool. I can say that as mine is singing good again. Love pulling my hill with the ol' motor grader in 3rd, throttle pulled back and listening to the pretty music. Always fun catching up with what you've been up to.
  7. I'm so firmly entrenched in my Minneapolis built small "set of tractors" Twin City's so I welcome this diversion.
  8. Fiddlesticks. Always open to ideas. Let us know your thoughts Ross. I started it, didn't I? : - ) Whining about Rudolph Diesel's fuel nowadays. It might answer my own questions about fuel and its propensity to harbor rust... Plus a thought for other fella's perhaps. Say what you feel. This whole mess is about running and preserving. Expound, my IH friend. The more info/opinion, the better. In my opinion. : - )
  9. Duey_C

    Goofy kids

    That's cool! Wait a minute, that be-dazzled Lawn-Boy is an old 70's unit, yes? Near indestructible. Just found another 70's unit for 20 but the governor needs a little tweaking. Can't wait for next spring! Have a 90's lawn boy and it doesn't get used. Dumb piece of equipment...
  10. Bring it on. Winters haven't been real up here neither for 20. The Galion snow mover should be ready to go. Zoom zoom!
  11. Not wrong. Here's the line but do not cross it.
  12. Good deal Rick! My 11, 8, 8, 8, and 7 year old grandchildren have free access to the BB guns here and are crack-shots. Have targets all over the place. Makes me happy. Introductions, comfort, strength to **** the thing, respect, dangers and sheer fun of shooting. It will be fun when we step it up in a few years. My little kids are mostly morons but ol' back-woods/farm raised Grandpa will sort 'em out. I don't hunt, got shot at too many times deer hunting... Hunting with my brother, I was fast enough to get a second shell into my ol' Hercules 20 and pop that rooster!
  13. I have a brand new Moto Z-4! Wow! Works good as a clock, to text, take phone calls, shake it around and the flashlight turns on or off and has a great camera in it (but googl holds my pics). It's in my pocket. I use this desktop with a real keyboard and bigger screen. Older vista machine using Linux instead of windoze. Note me as a number 7 or so. : - ) Dumb phone, I hate typing on those things.
  14. ? Thanks Ross. I do hope it's useful. There is SO much good maintenance/repair info here! When I was working on just this fuel system last summer, it took me two weeks to find all I needed. More To Come from this fella, I'm afraid. Never ending. And my head is firmly lost in another brand of tractor right now too. The UD-16 patiently waits for me but winter is coming. Recheck inlet/outlet stainer in the tank, refill the fuel, add old fuel and 5%??? two cycle oil to improve fuel lubricity. Diesel fuel harber's(sp) rust and that fact angers me a bit.
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