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  1. That WD-45 is looking great! Keep at it and get to the TD-6 when you get there. : - )
  2. Motor oil for the injector pump sump on the IH A pumps. Dang it, I wish I knew about the Bosch units but I'll ASSume.. You did switch the handle/valves back to Diesel cycle after he shut down right? Always switch to/leave in Diesel cycle when shutting down please. : - ) : - )
  3. Kinda like exSW said: I'll never complain about my hill again. But I will. Cool photos Mike! I gotta look again!
  4. Yep, the clean strainer was ready to go back in but the fuel tank wasn’t ready for it. I do not know how the strainer was held tightly in place originally as the parts book doesn’t say spit about any gaskets or shims to keep the strainer in place in a friction fit between the filler neck on top and the sump in the bottom of the tank without tipping over which is what it did when I put it back in place... Was the crud/goop that came out the sump something at one time? Possibly a piece of rubber? I made four 1/16“ cork gaskets to raise the strainer up and removed two shims/gaskets from the filler neck to lower it to hold the strainer. I need to re-check that the strainer’s in place right above the short outlet stub in the bottom yet. The shims/gaskets I made should’ve perhaps been fashioned for under the filler neck’s lower surface that rests on top of the strainer to hold it down or machined a shouldered part for under the filler neck.
  5. Naw, I ain't done. Hopefully, the finish line with this ol' boy and back to daring The Hill. Haha. Next for this motor grader are some broken/not working grease zerks and other little things but that's outside the scope of this thread unless it's UD engine is related. Hehe. When I tackle the water pump shaft and bearings and generator drive unit bearings on this UD-16, you'll know. : - ) I found the Galion tank inlet strainer lower portion looked good from the brass outside but plugged inside on the perforated steel liner under the brass mesh. The perforated steel liner is one piece, top to bottom and rolled together. The brass screen was soldered on the lower section for the inlet fuel below the separator plate. Cool part. What a bugger to clean. He's 95% clean now. 2 day session. Ready for a LOT of years. 7 The image thru the lower brass/steel screens are the trees in the background. Couldn't see that before. He was plugged. Maw SAW it first but I made it happen with patience. Glad she saw it. Made me VERY happy! 8 The pile of crud out of the lower portion of the tank strainer. It isn't exactly rust nor is it soft crud. Quite tough crud once its dry I'll bet. "Super Clean cleaner degreaser" did it's bit for me again to let me finish with the pressure washer, patience, tapping on my palm and these nodules rattled out until quite clean. 9 Took the upper portion to the bench grinder's wire wheel for the rust. Yes, that end needed help too. Are there fellas that don't have a wire wheel on their bench grinder? You Cccrazy without the wire wheel. : - ) Pic taken in a small sea of Twin City and other parts but he's clean and ready to go. : - )
  6. We can see from the 4th pic the two rings where the fuel levels SAT for years. Partly my own fault but I COULD blame it on the wimpy winters we’ve had for several years here in MN. Didn’t need to use him for too many years. Part of the problem along with even more time than I’ve been alive and the strainer not serviced... Pic 6 Purple cleaner has done me well for brass before and he’s “You’re soaking in it.” Remember Madge from the Palmolive commercials? And looking good! The 2 “fuel level rings” are about gone but need to get back out to the shop tonight to scrub him down some more with the Purple Cleaner. Side note: Poof! It is completely gone but I’ll babble this. Please be certain you service your fuel tank (whatever brand you may have) in shorter intervals than every 66 years. Yes, I cleaned up a Paw Patrol pail that was in the yard for the Purple stuff.
  7. Found it. A Galion fuel tank issue, not an IH engine issue... That UD-16 is a happy/reliable fella. 1 The fuel strainer in the tank. Top 2/3rd's is for incoming fuel from the spout from the truck or can, bottom 1/3 is for outgoing fuel. There's a shoulder below the filler neck to hold the strainer in place. It kind of works. 2 The view inside the Galion fuel tank. Man oh man did the last gallon of fuel RUN out of the line into the barrel after I pulled the strainer out! And I thought the flow was pretty good! The bottom of the tank strainer nestles on/in two places in the bottom of the tank. See the stub nipple in the middle of the larger hole surrounded by crud? Note the Galion return pipe from the pump in the upper portion of the pic? All the way to the top of the tank. The rusty wall is a baffle. 3 Well now. Ain't no fuel gonna flow thru that reliably. Yuck. I'll wash him off in a couple days and see IF he's serviceable. The 2/3rd's-1/3 separator disc doesn't show up in that pic. 4 Bottom of the fuel tank strainer. Yuck. The hole,in the middle for the outlet, the larger edge is stuffed into the tank bottom. Looking back, I know the fuel pump (not the injector pump) moves a LOT of fuel and should've realized... A darned good evening with my sweetheart. Tests coming. : - )
  8. Good fuel flow from the tank! Not sludge/mud from the tank. Tank needs to be cleaned out tho. Miffed. Fuel pressure low and then up. Bled the filter housings. Good! Headed up The Hill backwards. Ready for gas cycle just in case. He made it just fine. Then fuel pressure started to wain but ran great, settling him into his spot and some idle time. Miffed. I'll try another set of fuel filters. Did that muck from the filter housings soften? All fuel pumped by the primary pump isn't going into the injector pump sump but I DO have a leaky seal on the primary pump's shaft. OK. Been that way for a long time. On the "to do" list. I was hoping not but OK. What's another 50 bucks. : - ) Miffed.
  9. The frost boils were not ready. Now they are and the driveway needs it. Ignore those old Twin City tractors and what-not for a bit. This is only for Galion motor graders. Your fuel tank breather may differ greatly. Keep it clean. If it’s old check it. : - ) I’d never looked in here before. I attacked the Galion motor grader’s fuel tank breather just now and found: 1 The stuffing for the breather. The mesh is quite nice and clean. 2 The inside below where the mesh is. Twas plugged with moisture in March. 3 NOW the breather’s base looks better... Dental tools. : - ) It’s a two holer again. Should’ve lightly greased it inside for the next 66 years to keep the rust in check. 4 The stuffing/mesh going back in. Carry on. This UD-16 will be happier now. : - ) EDIT: Scratch that. Ran for about an hour and back to no fuel pressure. Next stop, inside the tank. Either get a full length glove to reach down into the tank to feel the outlet or drain and wash it out...
  10. Aha! Points taken mmi! Now it's warmer out, the tank breather is prob'ly ready to allow air into the fuel tank. I have to pull it fully apart and inspect it yet. :-) The frost-boils down on the road are ready now so I must stop monkeying with my old tractors and get back to the Galion so I can smooth the road out.
  11. ". the rack runs in oil not the diesel fuel." Quite true Rusty but on the inside of the plungers that need to TURN back and forth, we have Diesel fuel that likes to turn to wax that will stick them up hard. Been there. Nothing to do with? I use one that has a bad seal and Diesel fuel invades the oil sump on the injection pump so in time, the rack runs in Diesel fuel (mixed with oil). Sorry for any exuberance in trying to help. This has everything to with the injection pump.
  12. Guys I have a question and wish for your thoughts. Have the Galion out and this sweet old UD-16 is bucking me finally. Remember: In the moment I forgot to check to see by loosening the pipe thread fuel cap if that would help check IF the breather on the tank is plugged with ice. Put more fuel in after it slowly died as I was losing power and governor (there's 10 gallons in maybe a 30 or 40 gallon tank-I measured and calculated last summer but forget). Got him parked out of the way. Not enough fuel? Can't be. The gauge said no fuel pressure. Drove and got 10 more gallons (heard nothing as I opened the fuel cap), put 10 in and rechecked bleeders. Pressure good and ran nice for 20-25 minutes. I was idling down this hill blading snow. Did I just answer my own question? Or have you fellas seen other things that can get wishy-washy in the fuel system and surprise us? New filters, a new delivery hose, good fuel (all since August) and he had been running real nice. Thoughts?
  13. Sorry to stick my nose in here but I'm interested too. I had no idea you could get a crawler in that small of size from IH. Very cool. I'm more a gas-start IH Diesel but these are so darned cute! I actually consider a TD-18 out in the middle of SD as I'd like an IH crawler to do some messing around here in the woods and I sure could use one of these little T-4 bugger's too. JT, a garden hose, a scrub brush and perhaps some linseed oil/thinner to preserve the tin work. SWEET! OH! You're looking to get rid of it... It'd be fun. Fun to work on too to get it up and ready to go! : - ) Tall men like me, bend your knees a bit more. : - ) Ya! Where are you? And I stutter about a Twin City/MM (LATE) KTA for a decent price to add to my growing bevy of TC's...
  14. Zorch, how are things coming with your TD9? I'm itching for updates. : - ) Dang it; your username reminds me of Larry Storch. Don't ask why: - ) I did lip-off on your engine thread about fuel system helps. Hoping that helps. I worked for weeks here to get that info together from all over this great site. : - ) Keep us updated! Pics and video clips are much appreciated here like you've shown already. : - ) I want more info about workarounds with a Bosch injector pump.
  15. Bump Russell, have you found an IH/old engine home for your Kansas Green Diamond? I hope so. : - ) If I were closer... I would preserve it until someone needed... : - )
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