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  1. Just saw your TD-15 pics! Nice looking crawler! And you have a radiator coming! Yesss! On the gas starting side; it looks like you have ONE thermostat housing (with a bleeder for 4, 5 & 6) compared to my old 2 thermostat 502 UD-16 engine. Like. What is that oil soaked mess between cylinders 2 and 3 with a wire and terminal leading to the bottom of the carburetor? Does the 554 have an electric main gas valve solenoid on the carb? The bottom of the 554 carb is way different than the old 502! If so, perhaps you could jump 12 Volts to it to open that solenoid and allow gasoline for the carb????? Pull the gas line, the "Gasoline Strainer" screen just inside and a screwdriver will (should) let you pull the bottom of the carb and clean/check it. ?? A nylon zip tie would be a nice touch on the right side UP blade hose so the track doesn't eat that hose. :-) B style injector pump with the "potty" hose for the internal drippings. I've been itching to see one. Like! When you're ready for Diesel cycle, drain the injector pump oil and remove that bottom cover on the injector pump and clean the snot out of the sump! :-) That's a bear on the 2 inside-row bolts next to the " pump support"... Perhaps the side cover too. There's crud in there waiting. Piece of cake actually. Look to see IF anything is out of place. I want to spend a few days out west and help you get that sweety humming! Interesting Cat blade... A single stack engine. I want to hear that one run! My older 502 UD-16 is a twin stacker. And they have a "sound"... Ahhh. Don't forget about the fan shaft housing and generator mount grease. I'm still learning HOW to be certain the bearings are getting grease that isn't ancient. Grease gets too hard to do anything any good after this long. : - )
  2. Uh huh! On the Marvel Oil thought! It does work very good to loosen sticky plungers. Note to self. OLD fuel sticks them right back again. :-) Hmmm. John Deere corn head HG 0 grease. I like what you type about it Rawleigh! I sure don't mind some leakage, lets me know it's in the bearings. Did you try that grease in the fan and idler housings on your TD 9 or is that a newer thought? Those housings are gear-less... :-) The fan shaft bearings are just a trifle loose so I watch that. :-) What in the Sam Hill did they do to ATF? Hey, can I sneak a gallon of OLD fuel every now and then into the fresh fuel? Thoughts? One major point I've learned and you guys helped in the teaching. If it runs, run it. I gotta get the oil changed so I can run it some more. Heck, even my 2 daughters still like smelling that ol' sweet guy run. :-)
  3. Keep working at it Bart.You'll get it. 86 here in MN and I wait for shade. Have you seen this book yet? M Diesel was kind enough to scan and post this. I downloaded the pages and put them in a file. If you're on your phone, the pages would be right there when out working on it. Wade thru the specifications pages and then look at the linkage adjustments. I've never had the need to adjust the linkage but I do give the pins some lube every so often. Perhaps some PB Blaster or WD-40 on the joints. It does help. :-) I'm a UD-16 fella and am not familiar with the 554, it was a newer model of the 502 UD-16 and UD525 but with a bigger bore so probably the same or very similar...Keep us up to speed. :-) I don't know if it would be of help but perhaps see this thread. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/115178-type-a-fuel-system-with-ud-16-care-and-feeding-notions/
  4. Dug into the 3 magneto oil caps today. Cleaned the dirt out and but one did I find any hint of wick still in place. The others were dirt all the way down. Yuck. Oh! I opened the generator mount/idler pulley/shaft and water pump plugs and found the clean Mobil grease I put in many years ago. It still smelled like Mobil grease so I know I need to take them both apart to be certain the bearings will have newer grease. Unless you guys have tips about making certain. Hah, prob'ly suck as much grease out as possible then dump some Kerosene in, install the plugs and fire it up for 20 minutes or so. Then suck the Kero out and do it again and again until clean and dry. Then put in fresh grease. ??? Will the grease find its way? I'll probably have to take them apart. I had opened up a new, 35 year old N scale RivaRossi steam engine's gearbox this spring and found the old grease was SO hardened, it wouldn't let the little motor turn. So I don't like old grease much right now. :-)
  5. Duey_C

    706 Project Finishing

    I worked with a fella that grew up around one of those German Diesel's and he'd light his cigarette off of the manifold in the evening when out plowing. He said it would glow. He loved that thing! Beautiful 706! Oh garsh, you ain't gonna work that tractor with that plow? Hehehe! :-)
  6. Duey_C

    1970 Farmall 826 Gold Demonstrator

    It's nice to see ANY of the Demonstrator's showing back up! Ya just don't see too many/enough of them! Beautiful 826 and thank you for sharing pics!
  7. Oh, I guess the Galion has been 1063 all along... :-) We often want to know where the machine came from I was trying to wash a decal off the fuel tank when this appeared under the last coat of paint. Very cool stencil! The second pic shows a better view of what I found a couple years ago after washing. The pressure washer was a big help for me today.
  8. n9: If a fella can love an engine, I love this one and want more. I could use an IH crawler around here some times. :-) Maybe even a four cylinder. Ya, I like fours that run right. It's fun to lose a mechanic's mind while explaining the starting system on these Diesel engines. John Q. Public is even easier to lose... Deer in the headlights... ;-) The October of 50 owners manual (7B) I found doesn't even mention the distributor ignition! Funky since any of the newer books cover it. If I popped the cover (hiding in the mire) out in the pic above, I could drop in a dizzy and that lonely bolt in the counter bore is likely a holding bolt for the distributor. Good eyes on that. The coil that was in the magneto and the spare coil were both weak. I recharged the magnet hard, put in points and condenser.... Hmmm, or did I? I thought I did but IF I didn't replace the condenser , that would fully explain the crappy running on that mag. I may not have been fully up to speed on condensers yet. I didn't have any money for a coil so I turned that mag into a 12 volt distributor. I have an F-6 12 Volt distributer! One winter soon after conversion, it wouldn't start so I used a piece of wire to jump the resistor coil I put on and use it still. That green 10 gauge wire that's on this side of the mag is actually the HV/high tension lead from the coil output to the distributor section of the mag. The wire on the far side is obviously from the points to the coil. Yes, I drilled 2 holes in the magneto housing for the wires. :-) Hehehe! Making do with what I knew and could figure out/conjure up. Gosh he starts and runs nice. NO more than 1200 rpm's on gas! Found that in the book tonight. Whatever. Side note: Oddity? Electric starting and generator with a magneto??? Well maybe but it is a bit of a cobble job even before I and my past work got it. Lubricity additive you say? 10 gallons old fuel out and 10 gallons in yesterday and need either some ATF or a shot of Lucas in the fresh fuel. Shoot, number 5 cylinder likes the old fuel better. That cylinder fires quicker on that rotten, dead fuel that is gummy/waxy, grows algae and makes mess. Oh wait. As designed; to run on poor fuel. Kevin: You're a lucky man to have those goodies. And hose too? Yessss! :-) I learned something new today! Interesting! No wonder I figured the hose is old, it has yellow/red paint hiding under the gunk! I beat the old hose on the T running board/walkway to shake some gunk off and I see paint on the old leaky hose... 65 year old hose? Perhaps. Me? I miss the hose cutter at my past work the most. I drooled as the store guy cut my crimp-on fittings off the new hose and thought to myself, "What do you need those pins and that pesky lever for"? One of those disc type cutters. Gosh they work nice. I really should set my self up. I'd get a kick out of making hoses for folks at an affordable rate, in about a minute, if I'm not taking a nap. Hehehe! :-) I had watched the "truck shop" fellas install these types of fittings on hoses some time ago but what a treat to be able to work with the Aeroquips!. Thanks guys. :-) Gosh, I think there's a running, unrestored Brockway truck at our show. :-) Didn't have the oomph to get the oil changed this afternoon/evening. Need starting gas anyhow...
  9. Aw cripes. I had long since forgotten the gas carb's idle screw is right there looking at us. Just unlock the screw and turn it up or down to suit you and the temperature outdoors. Just like a regular carburetor, in to speed it up and out to slow it down. The plug below is for the screw, spring and flat that decides at what speed after it starts, the throttle "butterfly" will flip over/down to your preset speed. I slowed mine down today and that big 502 (501.8) sounds so dang sweet. Wow. Both plungers were stuck again so I was patient and waited for them. 10-15 minutes later and they were both pumping. Hey! Things to consider. I "back blew" the outlet from the tank a few days ago. It was half plugged (darn slow gravity flow before). That cemented the notion that the tank has a layer of "mud" in the bottom today. I pulled the plug on the bottom of the tank to drain and holy moley, I had to stick my finger in the 1" pipe plug hole to open it up all the way. I'll be like other guys here, gotta pull this 50 gallon tank to get it cleaned out. I also back blew the return line to make certain it wasn't part of the problem of Diesel in the pump sump today before start up. 65 years of neglect will make a big mess. Oh wait, you guys already know that. Gosh I wish I had a couple more of these engines. True. If I am missing ANY tips for these gas start engines, please post yours here too. :-) Any thoughts on how to push out old grease to make room for new grease in the fan hub and the idler hub/generator mount? Or do we need to take them apart?
  10. You got that right Rawleigh. Very lucky! I'll install the "new" hose on the engine tomorrow, drain the rest of the old fuel that this IH engine runs so nice on, put in five or ten gallons of fresh fuel and hope the plungers will do their bit and RUN this poor ol' thing.. . Well, then go beat it up a bit. He's a cool customer so I have to watch the temp gauge. I'd like to take him out and see if I can muck-up the road grading job I did already. Diesel fuel that "grows algae" in tight quarters needs to heat wet wood and fires in the ring... Learning by doing. Install of the Aeroquip fittings was a breeze. They're nice.
  11. I needed a new hose to supply the injection pump so I had one made at the store. The old one leaked and was getting worse with new leaks. Yeah, prob'ly 6-6 female swivel JIC fittings I thought. Oh contrare! I'll stop back at the store and have them cut the fittings off the new hose. Not gonna hack saw or cut-off-tool 'em. The elusive #7 on the swivel? 5/8 straight threads. My luck it's standard 45 flare. Prob'y not available anyhow. What to do about the hose ends... Look again Duane. Aeroquip replaceable hose ends! Yippee! Got 'em off the old hose and cleaned up for an oily install tomorrow. These don't have a nut on the shank(?)/screw in shaft so ya have to install a mating male fitting and wrench the mate to screw them together. I've crimped thousands of pipe thread hyd hoses together over the years but this is new and fun to me. I THINK they're really old.
  12. The "water separator screen" cleaned up nice. Cleaned the spring and wriggled it back into the tabs. The second pic is inside the auxiliary filter. Lotsa mud and that darned slime from the filter seals. Third pic is inside the final filter. Way nicer as should be but still the slime on the outlet tube. The old filters seem as thought they'd rather come apart than come out in one piece. That snap ring was in the top of the final filter, did I miss it it last time I serviced? See anything unusual?
  13. Look at the slime around the tube and on the bottom of the filter above. The "water separator screen" wasn't real bad. I needed the wire to help extract the screen but it cleaned up real nice. no assemblies were harmed during this adventure...
  14. I'll get the hang of this yet. More to come. More than you want to see.
  15. Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into. Think Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Things you've already seen before but if you haven't? Here's a possible sample. Service the fuel system regularly. I learn from what I do or don't do. What a mess I've helped allow. The bits above I've never touched before but what I did today, I've had a hand in before. I have to admit I like to see pics of machinery. I'm also learning this site as I go. Note the missing copper gasket on the auxiliary filter cover?