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  1. There was a sale here a few months ago. That was the first time I ever saw a hill farm bring $10,000/acre. It was a local farmer who owned adjacent property who bought it. There was 1,000 acres of Missouri River bottom that was auctioned just the other day about 25 miles from me. It sold for $12,000/acre.
  2. Less than that POS deserves, but at least he’ll spend the rest of his life looking through bars.
  3. If it is hydrostatic, I assume the disconnect is to aid starting the engine in cold weather when the transmission oil is cold. A transmission disconnect would not prevent the engine from turning. It certainly would not cause your “bar starter” to break. I do not think this is the cause of the engine not turning over. I suspect it is stuck very tight.
  4. Does CaseIH use round bar concaves? I don’t know much about red machines, but that is the standard here for corn and beans.
  5. If you know you need a replacement, I would get a new one. The only way I would choose anything else over new would be if the only new parts available are Chinese. Then I would take a reman or good quality used.
  6. I only have one kid old enough to go to school. She’s in first grade. They have a 4 day school week. I love it personally. I love the extra time that I have with her. She goes farming with me on some Mondays, which is her day off. My wife is a stay at home mom. I watched some family members really struggle with child care and we decided not to fight it. It has caused a lot of sacrifices to have to be made. Health insurance costs a lot of money, but I don’t see how you can be without it. I can see how it would be hard for some families.
  7. I have used Uship successfully a few times. It doesn’t cost anything to put it on there and see if someone will get it for a price you can live with. I met some nice people that hauled my stuff.
  8. It’s hard to see, but it looks like a wire ring. If it is, you would need to pry it out with an awl or pick.
  9. Yes, in backwards cultures and failed third world countries, this is the norm. Who wouldn’t want to be like those places where people will literally die just trying to get out of there?
  10. FWIW I talked to several oil suppliers in my area about the 10W oil as I had never bought any before. They all told me that the 10W oil that it specified basically didn’t exist anymore. They said that “new” 10W oil is nothing like what 10W was in the 60’s. No supplier had any here and didn’t express any interest in getting me some. They all wanted to sell me whatever hydraulic/transmission oil they were peddling. I ended up with John Deere Hy-Guard in mine because we already keep that in bulk. Hy-Guard is 10W oil. I don’t know what the correct answer is. Things have changed so much since these were new I can never get a definitive answer about what will or won’t work and why.
  11. 25 to 30 years ago many farmers around here were buying their first diesel pickup. Almost all of them said they would never have another gas pickup again. Now, many are saying they are done with diesel pickups due to high costs and reliability problems. I know it’s not all ULSD problems, but it’s one of many.
  12. Do you have an old one to take measurements off of?
  13. @billonthefarm I hope you keep track of the yield as well. I would be very interested to know how the yield compares to your other crops.
  14. This. Just the same way any kind of an announcement can make traders want in or out of the market. Sentiment can move markets.
  15. He probably gave him and his friends a ride on the rotary mower right after this video. This guy is why we have warning labels.
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