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  1. I’m interested to hear how/what was used to repair that damage from the bucket pin. It looks like it really cleaned up well. It’s always great to learn from other’s skills.
  2. I have a ‘69 C50 that we still use as a tender to haul seed to the planters and the drill with. It sat around for years and I decided I wanted to get it up and running again recently. It had a lot of brake problems from sitting in a barn for years. It would suck brake fluid through the intake every time you pushed the brake pedal. I didn’t have any trouble getting new parts for mine. There is still an old school truck parts place in St Joe, Missouri called Bolin Truck Parts. They can be a little difficult to deal with, but they are local to me. They still have all the old catalogs on a cabinet
  3. Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without. I always liked that saying. It was apparently popular during WW2.
  4. They said all the big pieces are there. The only things that they couldn’t be sure on was all the control linkage from the cab. I might be short some of that. Supposedly that is the story with it.
  5. If anyone would know it would probably be them. A 9150 is basically the same as this tractor, but a 9150 is a power shift. There is probably some other small differences, but it is same frame size. This model Cougar seems to have been a pretty low production model as not many people seem to have much experience with them. I am probably going to buy the PTO anyway, but just wanted to see if any members had any personal experience with this.
  6. I have a 1985 (supposedly) Steiger Cougar KR1280 that is bareback. I am the second owner of this machine. I bought it in 2009 from the original owner when we rented his farm. He said that it had a 3 point on it when it was new, but the dealer offered to take $5,000 off the price if he didn’t want it. He didn’t think he would need it so he told them to take it off. It never had a PTO installed. I had never owned a 4wd that did not have a PTO and I knew it would limit its usefulness, but bought it anyway. All of our other 4wd’s have a PTO and I have been wanting to look into field installing a P
  7. I used a 660 sprayer that it mentions to spray tobacco with. I still have it , but haven’t used it since 2015. I never knew exactly what year it was from. The most I ever sprayed was 30 acres, but it had to be sprayed about every 10 days. I couldn’t even imagine pulling in a field of any size and running it all day. It was brutal, not to mention being covered in whatever you were spraying. It worked good though.
  8. They are neat tractors to look at and think about how much fun you could have driving one. I have had many employees over the years who thought just that. They can be caught staring at that Steiger Cougar 1000 in the barn just thinking about how much fun they’re going to have. They can’t wait to get in there. They can all tell you that the fun wears off pretty quick. Halfway through the first day pulling that John Deere 726 finisher smoothing up ruts and ditches in front of the planter they have had enough. There was never a fight amongst the experienced employees about who was going to run it
  9. I use an Ag Leader On Trac 3 on a 1982 8650 Deere 4wd. It has tilt steering on it. On Trac bolts to the steering column and has a ring that bolts around the center of the steering wheel, so there is nothing to bang your hand on as you turn the wheel. They say it’s easy to move around, but that’s the only machine I use it on. If it works on an older Deere, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t/couldn’t mount in what you describe. I have the Ag Leader In Command monitor to operate the steering and control 12 sections on my 24 row planter. I have a Starfire 3000 Greenstar GPS receiver on it. I used a
  10. This is a very interesting thread with a lot of great insights added over the years. There has been a lot of discussion about the problems with some of the tractors, but in my part of the world (Kansas City, Mo), I think there was much more to the story with equipment. I was not around in the heyday of IH, but have heard many stories from family members and friends as to what problems that they encountered and ultimately led to purchases of other brands, usually green. Around here by the time the axial flow was introduced IH had been almost completely pushed out of the combine market
  11. My CAT book says that model 620, 630, 630 LGP, 630L, 640 use 6.75” pitch chain. It says that D4 6.75” pitch chain can be used in this application on the OEM sprocket, rollers and idlers. It also says that the OEM IH/Yumbo track pads will fit on this chain. CAT does not list a suitable replacement for anything other than the chain and pads in the book that I have. It also lists conversions for several other models of IH/Yumbo machines. I jus thought I would post these since that is what the thread was about.
  12. The pitch on mine is definitely 7.5”. My understanding is that the rollers on a 250 loader are the same as a TD20 of the same vintage/year. I have been told that TD20’s used 7.5 or 8.5 pitch and 250’s at least earlier ones were all 7.5” I’m not sure about later models. If there is any new parts for this loader I have been unable to locate them or talk to anyone who knows anything about them. My Komatsu PSR did look for quite some time to come up with anything and they could not. Dressta said they didn’t supply anything. I live near Kansas City, Missouri and there is a very large Caterpillar de
  13. My conversion book says that if your machine has 7.00 pitch to use 6.91 pitch D5 chain. If you machine has 7.5 pitch to use 8.00 pitch D6 chain. This would require machining to get the sprocket segments that it says to use to mount on the final drive. It can be made to work, but as I have found with my 250 loader this is easier said than done. The prices of these conversions are difficult to justify for many collectors or occasional users. If this machine is just used for fun, most people can simply not afford it. But, if you hire out much work that could otherwise be done yourself if you just
  14. I wish you the best of luck on your search for parts. I am not familiar with the 175B loaders, but I have a 250. There are no available undercarriage parts for mine. I have wasted an incredible amount of time searching for track rollers for my machine. I have recently given up my search and am in the process of trying to adapt CAT rollers from a D7 on to the 250 track frame. I hope to post pictures with my process sometime. If you are unable to locate parts this might be a good option for you as well. I’m sure there is a CAT roller that would work if you are energetic enough to make it fit.
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