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  1. Call me pessimistic, but the morons who put these people in power will never understand how stupid they are until they go to the grocery store and the shelves are bare. And possibly not even then. You cannot have a prosperous and successful society while simultaneously banning everything that has made it prosperous and successful. As has been said before “It is not the Prince of fools who is the problem, it is the fools who made him their Prince”
  2. My neighbor has a 2510 gas powershift. I looked it up a while back and it is also a relatively rare tractor. It’s not a standard, we don’t have those here. It has a loader on it and is still in use. He has had it a long time.
  3. Here’sa list of dismantled machines from Machinery Trader. Maybe someone has what you need. TD7G Salvage
  4. We used to have Burley Tobacco here. We would “cut” it. And the real professionals referred to it as “Back-er”
  5. There’s not an American holiday that hasn’t been watered down by the masses. Memorial Day and Christmas have to be the two worst examples.
  6. I believe this is the best advice. Just start over. The wiring on something this old can’t be that complicated.
  7. I have some trucks that we still use of that vintage, but not IH. There are not many wires under the dash of any of them. I also joined this forum because of issues that I was having, but with IH industrial equipment. I received lots of invaluable advice, but there was still a lot to figure out on my own. These big projects are not for the novice. There is a reason you don’t see a lot of IH trucks and equipment anymore that were once very popular. Technical knowledge has been lost to time. Parts are difficult to come by. There just is not a kit or a diagram for everything needed on these relics. There are some on this forum who make these projects look easy, but that is only because of how talented some on this forum are.
  8. If I have a lot of work to do I much prefer to use the air impacts over the electric. The larger Milwaukee impacts seem to get incredibly hot with heavy use and the sound the larger electric impacts can be felt in my chest. For quick jobs, the cordless ones are very convenient and I wouldn’t be without them.
  9. I have an S-K torque wrench about that age. I was told by the local dealer there is nothing that can be done with any S-K torque wrench. We now use Wright.
  10. There was a large Deere articulated 4wd being used on a county bridge project here several years ago. The lengths that the modern low life will go to avoid “working” is really something. They stole the batteries and drilled a hole in the plastic fuel tank and made off with several hundred gallons of diesel, which is all too common. But, this tractor was equipped with several thousand pounds of wheel weights bolted to the outside duals. They stole those as well. I would think it would be much easier to get a job than steal the still attached 450 lb wheel weights at night? Idiots…
  11. I’ve heard about those Allison Chalmers loaders…
  12. Got it planted today. It planted good.
  13. Sure looks like it is worth saving. I hope it goes to a good home.
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