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  1. I think I saw a commercial where they used “Flex Seal” to repair that.
  2. We’re under $4/gal here for unleaded, but just barely. Diesel was $4.99/gal tonight
  3. Those rows look like every field around me before GPS. Most people couldn’t plant (or plow) straight.
  4. I have had enough experience to really sour me on dealership overhauls. Sometimes there’s no choice, but if a factory reman is available, it’s the only way to go. Not necessarily because the job they do is any better, but when and if a failure happens, it’s covered. I’m sorry that happened to your truck.
  5. We planted wheat last fall because it looked like it could make some money and it doesn’t cost near as much to produce. Wheat didn’t look like a bad deal before the invasion. At current commodity prices if your crop looks good, no matter what you planted, you’re in good shape.
  6. I figured it out. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/142793-farmall-560-axle-bearings-and-seals/
  7. I found the old thread on Google. It was @KWRB who posted the information. I’m not smart enough to post a link.
  8. On some of our newer equipment just the batteries getting a little weak causes all kinds of weird electrical problems. Our sprayer is the worst offender about throwing codes even though it starts fine. I don’t know anything specific, but it might be worth asking how old the batteries are.
  9. I used to see 40 series Deere corn heads for sale all the time. The early ones were called “High Tin” and the later ones called “Low Tin” referring to the difference in the sheet metal. I used to see them advertised as “High 10” and “Low 10”. That really used to make me laugh.
  10. The local Case IH dealer here is a one store location. All of the Deere stores near me are from two different chains. You can’t talk to the owner, but they do a very good job in my opinion. The local CAT store is Foley. I don’t do enough business there to amount to anything compared to their large customers. I did go there a while back with a CAT undercarriage conversion book from the 1980’s in an attempt to find some parts for an IH track loader that could be made to work. All of the parts guys were very helpful. You maybe could even say they thought my story was neat. They had never seen that conversion book before and were unaware that it even existed. If they were willing to help with that project, I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t help anybody.
  11. They used to say that if you were planting a very low population you were supposed to remove every other finger to maintain RPM. They don’t work (as well) if they spin too slow.
  12. I think a large large part of the consolidation is that there isn’t that much money in it any more. Small dealers have been calling it quits, at least in the Ag sector, for a long time. I’m aware that some are forced out, but many have just given up. I’m not sure that much of this is any different than farming. 160 acre operators would struggle to even break even anymore, but a 10,000 acre operator can make A LOT of money. I also don’t think any brand can sell itself without good products to back it up. IH was a huge name and it’s long gone. 60 years ago no one would have ever believed the entirety of IH would be gone.
  13. We paid a little over $15,000 for some new 900/60-38 Michelin combine tires last fall and I thought we were lucky to get them. They were possibly the only ones in the country at the time.
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