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  1. We bought an older Case Davis trencher for a few jobs like you are describing. We did a few miles of trench with it before the old Wisconsin V-4 engine gave up. We were still money ahead on it even if I never get it fixed. Most of the stuff we were running it in I would describe as pretty tough stuff, but we averaged 60-75 feet an hour.
  2. Dang, I’m late. I missed all the excitement.
  3. @IH Forever is correct, it is used to make meth. I don’t know the exact process, but anything made out of it would have to be terrible to put in your body. People are constantly stealing it from the local Co-op and they can’t get law enforcement to do anything about it.
  4. Ammonium Nitrate may be used by others to inflict damage, but that’s nothing compared to what people here will willingly do to themselves with anhydrous ammonia. Theft of anhydrous ammonia here to make drugs and the devastation of what has happened to the younger generation in some of the small towns is a tragedy. People have figured out how to abuse just about anything.
  5. The parts situation is likely much worse than you think, talking about undercarriage specifically. I know when I bought my track loader I thought I was going in with my eyes wide open. I figured the parts were out there, it would just take a while to find them. I don’t know about the 500 situation exactly, but there is absolutely no more parts for mine. I looked forever for a set of bottom rollers for mine, called every place that anyone gave me a number for. Finally gave up and I’m now in the process of adapting Cat rollers on, slowly. Maybe someone can comment about a 500 experience they’ve had recently. I have called Dressta a few times on mine and they have never been able to help. The guys were knowledgeable and knew what they were doing, there just isn’t much support left for IH.
  6. That is as good of an instruction list on how to drive those six cylinders as I have ever heard.
  7. My planters are bulk fill and vacuum, but I don’t carry any fertilizer. Like I said, flat land would be a lot different as well as conventional tillage. 175 horsepower would not pull a 24 row 30 in my area, no matter the configuration. The hitch weight on mine is 8,000 pounds when it is folded.
  8. I know some people love those old six cylinders, but in my opinion they are completely useless. We have a 1969 C50 Chevrolet truck that came with a 292 originally. It was thrown in the ditch many, many years ago and replaced with a 350 engine. That 350 has more power with the truck loaded than the 292 did when the truck was empty. I certainly wouldn’t plan on moving much of a load with that truck unless you’ve got all day to do it. Those 292 engines should have never been in anything larger than a 1/2 ton truck. Same goes for the Ford 300.
  9. I will qualify it with, as far as I know, nothing can be shipped to a customer direct from the Deere warehouse. Whatever is ordered is pulled and then shipped to a dealer along with everything else that got ordered, which depending on the time of year can be a lot. They sort it out and then they ship it to a customer. I wasn’t sure, so I asked today and they told me that the Deere warehouse staff is also on strike and that office workers are attempting to pull parts. Of course they don’t know what they are doing and there aren’t enough of them, so mistakes are happening. All the parts can’t be pulled, they get shipped to the wrong place, etc. I had some large items that had been ordered before they were on strike so I knew they would be there.
  10. I was up at the Deere dealer this morning. The woman who is the parts manager there is very worried about the situation. She said that they are running out of a lot of parts that the dealer normally stocks. She said that Deere is not allowing dealers to reorder stock for the dealership. Right now they can only order for a customer. So this means if they run out of something they are not allowed to replenish stock and then they are guaranteed not to have it when someone comes in and wants it. The only thing they can do is emergency order it for you and then it may or may not show up the next day. I wanted to get some M8 flange nuts and they don’t have any and can’t get them. Out of some filters. The parts that I ordered on Friday showed up in a dealer in South Dakota 500 miles from me. One of the parts guys there is 70 years old and he worked at Deere during the strike in 1986 and he said it is already worse than it was then because they were already having so many problems with inventory and the dealer was not where they wanted to be with stock before harvest started. They are stressing out because they know that when guys start coming in there to get parts that can’t be had they know people will take out their frustration on dealership employees. I am very worried for a lot of farms, including my own, around here and what they will do.
  11. We have two 3800s and pull one with a 8295R and the other with an 8530 Deere. We have used an 8650 Deere as well. The 8295R and 8650 are barely adequate here in no till and our hills. Going up hill in clay ground with the bulk fill tanks full is a big load on a roughly 300hp tractor. Flat land would be a lot different. I’ve always been envious of people who get to farm where it’s flat.
  12. I don’t think there is any other two wheel drive tractor of that vintage that could pull it. I guess that’s at least somewhat impressive for that reason. That is a 3700 Kinze planter. I have a 3800 the same size and in my area 300hp is about the minimum to pull it. Although we are no till and that video is not. I don’t think that most tractors that age would have good enough hydraulics to even lift it either.
  13. They don’t have a contract because they rejected the proposed contract. They have apparently been successful at not allowing trucks into Deere plants to get machinery out. This is as short sighted as anything I have ever witnessed. Farming is a time sensitive business and they are purposely trying to inflict as much damage as possible. I fear that they are being very successful in their mission to inflict damage. I suppose Deere is the target of their nonsense, but Deere’s customers are the ones being hurt. This is not a situation where you can just say, we don’t have what we need, we’ll just come back later. IH was in bad shape, for many reasons, and the UAW pounded the final nail in the coffin. As far as I can tell if given the chance, they’ll do it again.
  14. The parts I needed are in the John Deere warehouse in Milan, Illinois. The dealer can see the inventory. I’m happy with my job. I’m not the one on strike dissatisfied with my compensation. What I don’t like is people being fast and loose with the definition of a right. If I say something, like I did a few posts up, people tell me to get a different job. Well why can’t these people do the same thing?
  15. I guess nobody is forcing them to work for John Deere either. I guess they should take your advice.
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