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  1. Anything can be fixed if you’re willing to think outside the box a little bit. I have never scrapped a piece of machinery that wasn’t burned up or wrecked in an accident.
  2. Happy Birthday, I hope you’re not too overheated. It’s brutal where I’m at.
  3. I’m in the sprayer today. It’s hot outside, that’s for sure.
  4. Without needing a flex head it would be a waste. I forget not everybody farms like we do sometimes. I’ve never used a rigid head in my life. That’s what I get for answering questions nobody asked. Carry on gentlemen.
  5. That’s it. I remember them also saying how washing machines and clothes dryers were bad too.
  6. If I had a combine that did not have it, I would seriously consider getting a MacDon head. They tilt on their own with no electronics. My neighbor had a 2388 years ago and that’s the set up he had. I know it’s not what you asked, just something to consider. He had a 974 36’ on his 2388.
  7. I wonder how they are transmitting the power to the transmission? There must be some kind of a ring and pinion set up where the original crank was?
  8. I remember a kids television show called “Captain Planet”. My younger brothers were watching it at my grandparents house. At the end of that episode, they talked about how air conditioning was bad for the environment. I remember my grandfather saying that anybody who thinks that is a moron. That must have been 30 years ago at least. I guess those brainwashed kids have grown up now.
  9. Here in row crop country, tractors will almost always have blown engines and/or transmissions before 10,000 hours. I have a powershift 8R Deere tractor that will barely pull itself on level ground that didn’t even make it to 7,500. Yes, it’s a Deere, but that is pretty standard. Used hard, they need major, major rebuilds and money at 10,000, if not before. No large operations here would have a 10,000 hour tractor on a planter. The tractor we have on the mixer accumulates a lot of hours, but they are not nearly as hard as working at full load in the field.
  10. Did the flood happen so fast that there wasn’t even time to move some equipment around?
  11. That is a lot of water. I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in a 15” rain before.
  12. Some TD20C or 250C owner should buy that.
  13. One extreme always follows the other. That really stinks for these events that take massive amounts of work and planning to have them ruined by bad weather. I’m probably 5 1/2-6 hours south. The weather is nice here. All that water will be coming down the Missouri River to us. I wonder if it will flood the bottoms here? Probably.
  14. There are lots of them left here. Most are in bad shape though. They were everywhere, just like the combines. There must be 5 or 10 All-Crop combines just on land that we farm.
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