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  1. wild one

    radio antenna

    Go to Ebay. Little short flexible antenna that seems to work well for me shipped to your door for less than $10.
  2. Our 656 gas died the other day and the smoke began to roll out from under the dash but did stop when I shut the switch off. Under the right dash was a nice mess of melted wires. Since I needed to use the tractor I decided to replace the wires the best I could. I thought if I could get replacement terminals that fit in the harness connector I could just replace each wire one at a time, but I could not find the exact same type of locking terminals anywhere so I patched things up the best I could and its going again. I did some more searching today for terminals and found that the harness connectors use a Delco 56 type terminal. After I found the proper name I could find them all over the internet and even new harness connectors. I'm thinking I'll order a bunch of terminals and replace the bad wires one at a time and might be easier and cheaper than the harness. Amazing what you can find when you have the proper name for things. Maybe this will help someone else out.
  3. I have a Ford 7740 4x4 with loader and it makes a great raking and bale loader tractor. Twelve speed syncro transmission with reverser is simple and I prefer it to the 5240 most times. Shuttle shift is nice on 5240 , but ford is easier to see out of. 7740 seems to be a simple tractor with a good cab, heat and air that works well. Wish I could find another one for what I paid for this one.
  4. I bought my first new vehicle ever in 2013, a ford f150. I decided I was going to have a Ford dealer do all the service on the truck so I would have all the service records and if there were a warranty problem, they should take care of it. I had never taken anything I owned for an oil change or pretty much for any service. The new truck came with two free oil changes so I thought I would take advantage of that.Had oil changed and a week later I pulled the dipstick and found it to be almost three quarts low. Now I have a new truck with 5,000 miles on it and I have to add three quarts of oil!! No leaks so I begin to thing I got a lemon. Pretty much got a run around from the dealer who did the oil change and so I went to another dealer and changed the oil again and it never used any oil as long as I owned it. My guess is they never filled the engine the first time. My engine was the 5.0 which held almost eight quarts and the 3.5 only holds about five quarts. I would have thought someone would have pulled the dipstick before it went out the door. I now have an 18 and still take it to the dealer, but I always check their work and I might save five bucks on the oil change if I did it myself but I'm getting too damn old and I'm going to let someone else take care of at least one rig.
  5. I live here in far north east Iowa and the timber rattlers are pretty common in the bluff lands. Normally run into one every year, sometimes five or six. We have killed quite a few in our yard. One year we had two in our garden within a week. Wife kinda lost interest in gardening after that. Lots of stories of dozer operators having one come around on the tracks or someone having a dead one placed on the cab floor of their truck. Its the time of year to watch your step or where you reach.
  6. I still have one of those little saws and used the crap out of it fencing and the likes. Was always a hard starter and if it quit you were done for the day. I got so disgusted with it one day I told my boys I was going to tear it apart and if I could not find anything wrong it was going in the junk. I got it tore down some and saw the coil to flywheel gap seemed off. Adjusted it to where it looked better and it started fine ever since. The thing is probably 30 years old and has no power anymore but I almost liked it better than the little Stihls I have.
  7. My son works as a tech for Ziegler. According to him both the D and D2 have a kubota in them the D2 has DEF. There are a few changes from the C to the D same controls but the cab is one piece on the D and D2. Camera option was on all D series. I'm thinking the D series came out in 13 or 14 the D2 I think is around 17 model year. I would say you cant really go wrong with a Cat Skid steer. The heavy under carriage on the 299 vs the 297 is definitely worth it in my opinion does not ride as smooth but a lot more robust. Also make sure on the D series machine that the electric fuel pump works and keep your fuel filters changed. They have had issues with the electric lift pump and on high pressure common rail fuel systems low fuel pressure can be hard on injectors.
  8. If I take the front drive shaft off and do the procedure in the cab will it roll with no electrical power?
  9. I believe there was an electrical fire in fuse box, probably no electrical power. Will that procedure still work?? How do you lift it on trailer? Crane? Have detach lowboy available.
  10. Long story but have a dead mx285 that needs to be loaded on semi trailer. Anyone know proper way to get it out of park??
  11. I too could use hearing aids in the near future, but was not impressed with the big brand name my mother had. They cost around $6,000 and she hated them. I don't know how many times their people worked on those things, but never got them to work well for her. I tried them several times, but I think they would have drove me nuts. Nothing sounded natural and any wind noise outside was very annoying. What problems do others have trying to get used to them?
  12. We bought a good running 400 diesel a little over a year ago and parked it in a pole shed for the winter. Was going to move it one day last winner but it was froze up and would not move so we let it set til spring. When it finally warmed up I loosened the rear end and transmission drain plugs and probably drained a couple gallons of water out of the rear end and maybe quart or more out of the transmission. I kept repeating this drain procedure for a couple weeks until no more water came out. This fall it got parked in the same shed again all winter. This tractor has never sat out since we have owned it. It was a very cold winter with temperatures down to -35. Yesterday I thought I would crack the drain plugs again just to see if there might be water in it again. I must have gotten two gallons of water out of the rear end compartment and one or two quarts out of the transmission. Did it again today and got more water out. I have another old beater H that got pushed outside last fall for a rear tire replacement and just finally got back together yesterday. I pulled the drain plug and not a drop of water!! I am not sure what is going on.
  13. wild one

    IH 435

    That is a nice looking baler. We had one for many years and ran between ten and twenty thousand bales each year thru it. I have yet to see a small square baler that could equal its capacity. Only problem was some days one side did not want to tie. Right side hardly ever missed a bale, left side depended on the day.
  14. I needed the old M to go so I just put in a bolt with lock nut. It has worked fine since. Not pretty but it works.
  15. An Anyone else want to travel back in time for a few days and get a few truck loads of parts? I found this 1986 catalog from Surplus Tractor Parts in Fargo N.D. They seemed to have had most common repair parts available for most crawler tractors. Had anyone ever gotten parts from them? What ever happened to the outfit?
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