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  1. My son decided he needed to look at a 450 gas for sale the other day. It had been sitting in the guys shed for the last 20 plus years with a locked up engine. The engine had begun to knock and locked up. He never got around to fixing it and wanted it gone. Really nice straight tractor with not a lot of wear now sitting in my yard !! We rocked it back and forth and it was locked solid. Pulled the starter and rocked it some more and the flywheel rocked, but not the front pulley. Dropped the pan and the crankshaft is broke. I don't think I ever heard of a broken crank in one of these old four cylinders before or if it is very common. I don't know what would break a crankshaft in one of these engines. Bad crank? Bad block? Rebuild this engine or look for another block with a good crank ??
  2. My local CIH parts guy had nothing and had returned what he did have since they did not like it. Internet search turns up lots of insulation tape, but nothing really looked like the original stuff and some looked just like tape. As usual there are people on here that know what works and I will see if I can find one of he suggested tapes. Thanks again.
  3. I have been redoing the AC on my 1486 and after replacing the expansion valve, the old insulating tape is pretty well gone. What should I use to re wrap the lines with ?
  4. Back in the day when cash was tight I cut a barrel in half, the long way, and hinged the upper part. I made an angle iron tray for the bottom, and angle iron legs. I had a five gallon bucket underneath connected with a pipe. My pump was an old Ford oil pump with the drive shaft connected with a rubber hose to I think an old sewing machine motor.The pump was submerged in the bucket and I think I had an old oil filter in the line. It actually worked pretty good. Still have it stashed in a trailer from when I had to clean out and redo my shop.
  5. Every time I start one of my old dozers I'm reminded of the old timer from years ago who said you best put ten bucks in a can every time you start a dozer, cause you are going to need it later for parts. Now I doubt if a hundred bucks a start would do it !!
  6. We had a 656 that got so it would never start when cold. Once warmed up it would start. I think we replaced every ignition component at least once. Finally got so we carried a jumper wire and went from pos on battery to coil and it would fire right up and start and run for the rest of the day. Finally went with electronic ignition and no problem.
  7. I believe there was a model 33 conditioner, which was an improvement over the old 2A. I spent way too many hours with a 2A, most of them under it!!
  8. Thanks very much for all of the replies. After also checking some other forums it seems under certain circumstances the ABS can cause a low speed brake loss or what seems like a brake loss. I have no codes showing until I unplugged the ABS unit and now my ABS light is on. All other functions seem to work and brakes seem normal. I plan on a complete exam of the brakes and to look for any obvious faults before I take it anywhere again. A seventeen year old truck with 250,000 plus miles could easily wind up with a bigger bill than what the truck is worth at the local Ford dealer. I have two sons in the ag-construction service area and even with probably some of the worlds best diagnostic equipment sometimes it comes down to an expensive guessing game. I have been considering trading or selling the truck for something newer but in its present condition it would probably wind up on some dealers lot and a unsuspecting buyer could get hurt. ABS moules appear to be very expensive and I too have had bad results on gravel roads with ABS. I am considering removing the ABS and re plumbing everything like my old rangers without ABS.
  9. Might not be a bad Idea, but I could be the one hit next time !!!
  10. Sorry I posted this in wrong place. Should have been in coffee shop and I do not know how to change it.
  11. I needed to make a trip the other day to my local small town bank driving my 2003 Ranger. There are a couple stop signs in town and I braked and stopped normally at each. My bank is right across from a T intersection where I stopped and brakes seemed fine. There is angle parking in front of the bank with fortunately a sloped curb about 18" high. I was probably going five miles an hour when I applied the brakes and at first I think they slowed me a bit, then nothing. I remember a racket coming from under the hood as I began to thing my bank was going to have a new drive in door. Thankfully the tall curb stopped me when I started up over it. I backed off the curb ans sat there a second hoping no one had seen this. Wrong. Local gal who is an emt came over wondering if I was all right, or more likely if I was drunk. She said she was behind me and had heard a loud racket then saw me hit the curb. Street repair crew down the street are all watching now too. I check under the hood , brake fluid is full,can see no damage, all looks fine. I never told the banker I had almost given him a new drive in door and when I came out the streets were empty so I tried the brakes and all seemed fine. I drove home very carefully and when I got home tried the brakes many times and they seem normal. I am probably about due for a brake job anyway,so I plan to tear this thing apart and see if I can find a problem as I have no confidence in driving it right now. I could have been in a very bad situation. This makes me think what if I had been in a bad accident and I said I lost my brakes and some one checks them out and they work fine? I am sure I have an ABS problem that may be difficult to find and maybe not worth the cost in a truck with 250,000 miles, but I do not feel confident driving it til I do. Makes me wonder how many people have been in accidents or even killed because of some little intermittent or one time malfunction that is never known.
  12. Got the hydraulic problem fixed. We took the screen out of the tank and it was covered in what looked like clothes dryer lint or some type of fabric. How it got there or what it come from I have no idea. I had taken the screen out last time we serviced the dozer and everything was very clean so I did not think it could be the problem. Wrong. Reminds me of a fuel tank our supplier let us use. It was a 500 gal above ground tank with electric pump that worked well the fist year then pretty much quit. They brought a different pump, but no improvement. Finally took a piece of heavy wire with a hook on it and snagged a paint covered sweat shirt from the bottom of the tank. We had a hard enough time getting it out of the tank so it did not just fall in there through a 2" hole. Maybe previous user was unhappy!!
  13. My TD9B has developed a major problem with air in the hydraulic system. The blade hydraulics work fine at first, but after half an hours use they work very slowly and you can hear air coming into the reservoir. I replaced a couple hoses with small leaks and also put a new cap on reservoir. I can see no leaks or bad spots on lines to and from the pump. Pump is engine driven external mount. If there were bad seals on pump drive shaft would that cause air in the system?? Would it also leak oil out those seals?? Any other ideas??
  14. Dozer coming up at auction.https://www.hansenandyoung.com/auctions/item/bw50933/3671393
  15. Pete, that seems to be the right number. I googled it and it looks right. Ten to twenty bucks for a nut and ferrule is crazy, but I am going to search around so I have one here if the line leaks again.
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