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  1. I have to ask how those down under have access to such delightful tools!! Back in my military days with the combat engineers we played with similar tools of the trade, but possession today is highly discouraged.
  2. Back in the day when cash was tight I cut a barrel in half, the long way, and hinged the upper part. I made an angle iron tray for the bottom, and angle iron legs. I had a five gallon bucket underneath connected with a pipe. My pump was an old Ford oil pump with the drive shaft connected with a rubber hose to I think an old sewing machine motor.The pump was submerged in the bucket and I think I had an old oil filter in the line. It actually worked pretty good. Still have it stashed in a trailer from when I had to clean out and redo my shop.
  3. Every time I start one of my old dozers I'm reminded of the old timer from years ago who said you best put ten bucks in a can every time you start a dozer, cause you are going to need it later for parts. Now I doubt if a hundred bucks a start would do it !!
  4. Have UPS rates gone crazy or was I gouged? I ordered a transmission mainshaft from a place in pennsylvania and it was sent here to Iowa. Thirteen pound package, three days, and $43. Needed a plastic fuel gauge retainer for my Ford, no longer available, only one dealer in USA that had one, $5.00. I did not ask how much to ship. Got it three days later from UPS. $ 23 to ship a 2oz item that fit in a shirt pocket. I think I paid for all the free shipping from other retailers!!
  5. I am replacing the clutch on my Ford 7740 and the old pressure plate had shims between it and the flywheel. The replacement clutches mostly seem to come without this shim set, but some come with shims and say to use included shims. This is a flat flywheel so I suppose the shims make up for resurfacing the flywheel, but I am a little confused on which way to go. Also some disc come without damper springs and some with???
  6. We had a 656 that got so it would never start when cold. Once warmed up it would start. I think we replaced every ignition component at least once. Finally got so we carried a jumper wire and went from pos on battery to coil and it would fire right up and start and run for the rest of the day. Finally went with electronic ignition and no problem.
  7. I believe there was a model 33 conditioner, which was an improvement over the old 2A. I spent way too many hours with a 2A, most of them under it!!
  8. Are you looking at new or used? I don't think they make a new 660, but I haven't kept up with the new Yamahas. I had a 2006 660 for several years which got used pretty hard. Last fall the transmission drive blew apart. I debated rebuilding it, but sold it as a parts machine for a good price. I always liked the machine, but it seemed there was always something to fix. Seems like I went thru a lot of axle shafts and fuel pumps. I bought a new can am defender last march which was a big step up.
  9. About five years ago our rural fire, 06 F550 had engine problems. About $17,500 later it went out the door with Ford reman . I think engine alone was about $12,500. The truck only had about 6,000 miles on it then, and probably less than 10,000 now, but it still is serving its purpose and hopefully keeps going a few more years.
  10. wild one


    I and the wife are both life NRA members and I buy each of my four kids a membership each year. I watched this gun control since the 60's and I really believe without the NRA your weapon of choice would be a slingshot. I really doubt if any prominent spokesman in the NRA in today's world can appear in a public place without placing themselves in great risk. If you don't want to contribute to the cause you probably will still have your money and no rights. I would bet the money being spent to kill the NRA far exceeds any membership dues ever received.
  11. This might be like an oil thread, but I am going to ask anyway. If purchasing a new truck in the rust belt, is rust proofing worth while ? I have heard several body guys say its worth every penny, but I have never had a vehicle that was rustproofed and always thought it was a waste of money.
  12. I have one of the Harbor freight winches with the remote. Remote has never worked well and after two years finally figured out what was draining the utv battery. Replaced the remote with regular solenoids and works fine and no more dead battery. I also have a skid steer splitter I made. Works great ,but can make a mess if the ground is not froze hard.
  13. You might try sears parts direct. If you can get a parts number off the ratchet, they may have parts to match.
  14. I have the same unit on one of my old flat fender jeeps. Used it a few times to run a generator and always had plans to run a hydraulic pump or air compressor. Always wanted the front pto winch, but they are hard to find and expensive and then utvs came into the picture.
  15. Last winter I tore my tracked skid loader apart in our garage to do some undercarriage work. I needed a large snap ring pliers for bearing replacement and my old Napa pliers gave up on the first one. I looked around and finally got a nice set of eight from Harbor Freight. I needed the largest pliers and it worked well for the disassembly. Several weeks passed and I gradually rounded up all my repair parts and began to reassemble things, but I could not find my new snap ring pliers in the garage. I spent hours searching for my new pliers, but they were nowhere to be found, not in the machine,n
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