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  1. If the 15B is like my 9B, replacing the fan belt is no fun. I too had come up with a couple different parts numbers and not knowing which I decided to go with one of the sectional belts. Not cheap, but went on easy and seems to be working.
  2. I soon hope to be getting my 95 f250 powerstoke in and putting my rust free cab and box on it. I was thinking at that time of installing a wired backup camera for hooking up bumper hitch trailers. I have a couple newer trucks with the backup cameras that sure make hookups a lot easier. I always thought it would be nice if one could switch the cameras on anytime just to check on the load or to just see whats behind when going down the road. I was thinking of hooking the camera to just a toggle switch or toggle and backup lights. Might even need a higher mount camera or something!! Anyone have anything that has worked well for them? My daughter gave me a ride in her new Jeep Wagoneer the other day. As she was backing out a narrow drive way I think that thing had six different camera angles, which was great as there was a bunch of small kids in the area. Might have to put a camera on the old dump truck too!!
  3. The ones I have seen are on Ebay. China imports I expect, but most aftermarket are probably china made too. They do list for a 756, not sure about the 856.
  4. Has anyone tried one of the aftermarket aluminum radiators for the 666 diesels. May need a replacement and the aluminum seem to be about 1/2 price of the copper.
  5. My father bought a new 656 gas hydro back in the day. It was pretty much the main tractor and worked hard. Always just used regular oil and it got so about every six months a valve got torched. After about the third time the dealer finally talked him into using low ash oil and the problem stopped. The spark plugs also lasted a lot longer. If you can stop the oil burning, you probably will not have a problem. M&W used to make a four ring piston overhaul kit that actually made the 6 cylinder gas a long life engine.
  6. I now have two of the Milwaukee M18 electric guns. My son who drives a service truck bought the first several years ago. I used his and liked it so I purchased one. He also bought the lock and lube and liked it at first. About six months ago he made a comment about that damm Milwakee greaser and its been in my shop since. I asked him about the lock and lube and he said it was more trouble than it was worth. He now has two alemite pistoll grip guns. I have a weak wrist and shoulder on one arm so I use nothing but the electric and love it. I do use more grease and have blown a seal or two. I have yet to find a long lasting tip, but maybe the lock and lube will find its way into my shop!!
  7. My first car was a 59 Ford Fairlane. It was about ten years old and had about 75,000 miles on it when I got it and like most of that era was pretty well used up at that age and miles. The 292 with a two speed ford-A- matic wasn't much of a mover. When the tranny went it got a three speed manual on the floor, slight improvement. Had a friend who had the collectable 59 Ford retractable hardtop which was kinda cool for its time.
  8. I rented - used a Cat 277 with brush cutter a couple years ago. It was a tracked machine and worked well on our steep terrain trying to inflict some damage to our multiflora rose. Kinda fun to rip the plants to pieces, just too bad it doesn't kill it. I have an older Cat tracked machine I would love to have a brush cutter for, but in the end it would probably be a lot cheaper just to rent and not have to deal with repairs
  9. We are finally getting around to doing a valve job on our 656 263 gas with a blown head gasket. Since this tractor may be a daily chore tractor I would like to replace the freeze plug block heater that was on the tractor when we bought it many years ago. I don't think I have ever seen this type of block heater before and I wonder if it was an original IH and if is still available. The element was threaded and came right out and would be an easy replacement if available. If the element is not available I would replace with new freeze plug heater. I don't know how the part in the freeze plug comes out, if it would be just driven in or what. This engine has over 13,000 hours on its last rebuild and still uses very little oil but needed a valve job when the head gasket went. If the head is planed is there a specific finish for this head. When the engine was rebuilt the finish on the head was either too fine or course and the head gasket would not seal . The head was taken to another machinist for a coarser or finer finish and no further problem.
  10. My son decided he needed to look at a 450 gas for sale the other day. It had been sitting in the guys shed for the last 20 plus years with a locked up engine. The engine had begun to knock and locked up. He never got around to fixing it and wanted it gone. Really nice straight tractor with not a lot of wear now sitting in my yard !! We rocked it back and forth and it was locked solid. Pulled the starter and rocked it some more and the flywheel rocked, but not the front pulley. Dropped the pan and the crankshaft is broke. I don't think I ever heard of a broken crank in one of these old four cylinders before or if it is very common. I don't know what would break a crankshaft in one of these engines. Bad crank? Bad block? Rebuild this engine or look for another block with a good crank ??
  11. Sounds like Cal deserves a nice ride. I have been a die hard Jeep guy for over 50 years and still own two, but with bad knees,getting in and out sucks. I have a 2020 Can-am Defender which rides a whole lot better and is just as capable. If he has the bucks let him enjoy himself a bit. If he doesn't spend it someone less deserving probably will !!
  12. My local CIH parts guy had nothing and had returned what he did have since they did not like it. Internet search turns up lots of insulation tape, but nothing really looked like the original stuff and some looked just like tape. As usual there are people on here that know what works and I will see if I can find one of he suggested tapes. Thanks again.
  13. I have been redoing the AC on my 1486 and after replacing the expansion valve, the old insulating tape is pretty well gone. What should I use to re wrap the lines with ?
  14. I have to ask how those down under have access to such delightful tools!! Back in my military days with the combat engineers we played with similar tools of the trade, but possession today is highly discouraged.
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