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  1. About five years ago our rural fire, 06 F550 had engine problems. About $17,500 later it went out the door with Ford reman . I think engine alone was about $12,500. The truck only had about 6,000 miles on it then, and probably less than 10,000 now, but it still is serving its purpose and hopefully keeps going a few more years.
  2. wild one


    I and the wife are both life NRA members and I buy each of my four kids a membership each year. I watched this gun control since the 60's and I really believe without the NRA your weapon of choice would be a slingshot. I really doubt if any prominent spokesman in the NRA in today's world can appear in a public place without placing themselves in great risk. If you don't want to contribute to the cause you probably will still have your money and no rights. I would bet the money being spent to kill the NRA far exceeds any membership dues ever received.
  3. This might be like an oil thread, but I am going to ask anyway. If purchasing a new truck in the rust belt, is rust proofing worth while ? I have heard several body guys say its worth every penny, but I have never had a vehicle that was rustproofed and always thought it was a waste of money.
  4. I have one of the Harbor freight winches with the remote. Remote has never worked well and after two years finally figured out what was draining the utv battery. Replaced the remote with regular solenoids and works fine and no more dead battery. I also have a skid steer splitter I made. Works great ,but can make a mess if the ground is not froze hard.
  5. You might try sears parts direct. If you can get a parts number off the ratchet, they may have parts to match.
  6. I have the same unit on one of my old flat fender jeeps. Used it a few times to run a generator and always had plans to run a hydraulic pump or air compressor. Always wanted the front pto winch, but they are hard to find and expensive and then utvs came into the picture.
  7. Last winter I tore my tracked skid loader apart in our garage to do some undercarriage work. I needed a large snap ring pliers for bearing replacement and my old Napa pliers gave up on the first one. I looked around and finally got a nice set of eight from Harbor Freight. I needed the largest pliers and it worked well for the disassembly. Several weeks passed and I gradually rounded up all my repair parts and began to reassemble things, but I could not find my new snap ring pliers in the garage. I spent hours searching for my new pliers, but they were nowhere to be found, not in the machine,n
  8. Thanks very much for all of the replies. After also checking some other forums it seems under certain circumstances the ABS can cause a low speed brake loss or what seems like a brake loss. I have no codes showing until I unplugged the ABS unit and now my ABS light is on. All other functions seem to work and brakes seem normal. I plan on a complete exam of the brakes and to look for any obvious faults before I take it anywhere again. A seventeen year old truck with 250,000 plus miles could easily wind up with a bigger bill than what the truck is worth at the local Ford dealer. I have two sons
  9. Might not be a bad Idea, but I could be the one hit next time !!!
  10. Sorry I posted this in wrong place. Should have been in coffee shop and I do not know how to change it.
  11. I needed to make a trip the other day to my local small town bank driving my 2003 Ranger. There are a couple stop signs in town and I braked and stopped normally at each. My bank is right across from a T intersection where I stopped and brakes seemed fine. There is angle parking in front of the bank with fortunately a sloped curb about 18" high. I was probably going five miles an hour when I applied the brakes and at first I think they slowed me a bit, then nothing. I remember a racket coming from under the hood as I began to thing my bank was going to have a new drive in door. Thankfully the
  12. I have the small TD9b dozer, an old D7, tracked 247B cat, and case 1840. Each has its own place. Some things I will do with the 1840 that I will not do with the 247B, the track loader does things and goes places the 1840 could only dream about. If you have nice dirt to work the tracked loader is awesome, but throw in rocks and junk and steep hills and the dozer is awesome. If you use the tracked loader like a dozer it will get expensive.
  13. Got the hydraulic problem fixed. We took the screen out of the tank and it was covered in what looked like clothes dryer lint or some type of fabric. How it got there or what it come from I have no idea. I had taken the screen out last time we serviced the dozer and everything was very clean so I did not think it could be the problem. Wrong. Reminds me of a fuel tank our supplier let us use. It was a 500 gal above ground tank with electric pump that worked well the fist year then pretty much quit. They brought a different pump, but no improvement. Finally took a piece of heavy wire wit
  14. My TD9B has developed a major problem with air in the hydraulic system. The blade hydraulics work fine at first, but after half an hours use they work very slowly and you can hear air coming into the reservoir. I replaced a couple hoses with small leaks and also put a new cap on reservoir. I can see no leaks or bad spots on lines to and from the pump. Pump is engine driven external mount. If there were bad seals on pump drive shaft would that cause air in the system?? Would it also leak oil out those seals?? Any other ideas??
  15. I have a son in law who is a lineman. He spent two weeks in New York restoring power before being called back to Iowa this week. He has been home six hours in the last three weeks to see his five month old daughter and wife.These guys are giving it there best and I wish them all a safe and quick return from a bad situation.
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