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  1. Best wishes and good luck. FIL had targeted radiation several years back and seems to have beaten it. He got regular PSA tests and actually had a clean biopsy but then PSA suddenly shot up a few years later and next biopsy showed cancer. Recovery for him was pretty easy. His was contained in the prostate; I hope you's is as well. I get the test every year; so far, so good.
  2. Not too hard to find: https://northeastbattery.com/ultrapower-flooded/
  3. Call Northeast Battery. They're just a distributor, not a manufacturer but since they sold them they should know. Looks like maintenance free to me but I don't recall seeing a top quite like that.
  4. Amazing technology! Watching Jay Leno's team restoring his collection. Got a bad part made of unobtainium? No problem! We'll just scan it, print one up on the 3D, send it out to be cast, and machine it on our CNC. Deep pockets, of course but just wonderful to watch something being brought back to life.
  5. I hate winter! 9 degrees at Aspen this AM - too early for that cold! At least it's not snowing though. I hope you get a quick melt and warmup to finish off for the season.
  6. It's about the time of year deer seem to become suicidal. My wife got a big buck some years back. The Suburban was still driveable but had many thousands $$$ damage. She was so mad she started encouraging me to hunt! I don't have the time/too lazy/like my meat from the meat market. I'd probably be violating several laws shooting from my back porch😉
  7. What's the valve on the thumb cylinder? I have a fixed thumb on my backhoe that I built from plans but it would be more useful if I substituted a hydraulic cylinder for the fixed arm. How's your thumb controlled?
  8. I'd rather a double space only on a new paragraph.
  9. Good crow food! I don't try to hit them but I learned my lesson trying to avoid them. If you swerve left, that's the way they'll go. I just hold a course and if no one is behind me, I'll slow.
  10. I hate the cold! Gas fireplace knocking the chill off the living room at night now. Oil burner has kicked on a couple of mornings at the min thermostat setting. My body has always run cold. My wife claims I don't sweat which is true until it isn't. When I do finally break a sweat it's like turning on a fire hose and it takes forever for it to stop. Old joints are already complaining of the cold.
  11. Johnny and Jay after him were class acts. Never forced their political views upon the audience and took shots at either party but never maliciously. I can't watch today's crop, can't really stay up that late anyway.
  12. Looking back I got my years mixed up. It WAS '79 - '80 not '80 - '81. Thanks for pointing that out. It's hard to believe 40 years have passed since then.
  13. I came close to buying a 5.7 PU in 1981. Gas was going up a nickle a week but diesel wasn't and was a good deal cheaper. GMC dealer was an arrogant a$$. I was trying to option it with just the stuff I wanted but was being pushed to buy packages. The final straw was when I saw the first of the '81s roll off the carrier and saw they'd put one size smaller tires on them, and they looked awful. I asked the dealer to quote back to the same size as the '80s that I had looked at and he quoted me $500.!!!!!!!!!!! That was in late 1980. I could have bought 5 new tires for less and had the take-off tires and had some cash. I cancelled the order and told the dealer where he could put it. Guy did me a favor as it seems those engines had more than their share of troubles.
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