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  1. Who did they copy...

    No doubt there's one in the works.
  2. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    Not on the evening news. If you Google it, sure.
  3. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    I did not see it on CBS last night. Perhaps it's old news already.
  4. This kind of thing will never end.

    Sadly it's a combination of naiveté and greed as it's not just the elderly who fall for these scams or else no one would be getting calls from a Nigerian prince!
  5. Building a new Shop - looking for cement advice.

    How true! Mine looked big enough but once I rolled in a few tool boxes, benches, compressor, blast cabinet, several welders, lift, some forever projects, etc. It became small in a hurry! Insulation, as Danny said, is really important. I've got 18" in the ceiling and 6" in the walls in a somewhat milder climate. The doors are Garaga, a Canadian outfit, and they had the highest R value I could find. I wish I insulated the floor. My heat is a Miller mobile home furnace with the cottage base. The nozzle is only a .57 GPH and it has no trouble keeping the place as warm as I want even when below zero outside. The floor, epoxy painted, is cold to the touch and heated would be nice. I have all the second floor for storage. I'd like to finish it but it's way down the list. 12/12 roof makes for lots of room and the building blends in with the 19th century barn beside it.
  6. Building a new Shop - looking for cement advice.

    My shop is on a floating slab as well. Same construction as your contractor will do plus fiberglass in the mix. It's over 10 years old and NO cracks! The downside: With frost wall construction the floor can be pitched to take water to/out the doors. With my perfectly level floating slab snow and slush/salt mix melting off vehicles just pools and has to be squeegeed out/swabbed up. Shop is well insulated although floor is not, just perimeter of slab. It's heated to 60 all winter, warmer when I'm working. Takes 300 gallons of heating oil per season which is OK with me as it has three overhead doors and 12' ceiling. Sill is PT, siding T1-11, got a little bit of rot on personnel entry door sill/trim. Replaced and installed gutter to divert splash. I went with the slab as the I got the front and rear approach ramps and slab for the same money as frost wall and floor only. Two doors in front, lift bay door rear side. That's a nice sized shop you're building. Mine is 28X42 ad I wish I'd gone bigger but I was stretching the budget already.
  7. oil filter question

    Keep us posted. Wix is one of the best on the market and the story sounds, well, a little thin.
  8. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    I had a couple of those '70s Ford trucks one with a 360 and one with a 390. Got about 8mpg. Nice trucks but like anything around here the salt killed them. I rented a slide-in and drove the Cape Breton highlands with my '72. Starter quit and my then wife and I pushed it, got it running and drove to a parts store there in NS. Crawled under and changed it in the parking lot. I drove one of them from Boston to Philadelphia during the second gas shortage. Had a 55 gallon drum of Avgas in the bed and siphoned directly to the truck's tank. I liked those Fords and Chevys of that vintage too. Dodges of those years had bullet proof 318s, 340s, 383s but it seemed everything on/in the cab just fell apart or was simply primitive plus they just didn't look good to me.
  9. Vintage Aerial

    Don't have my county in NH yet but we did buy a picture about 20 years ago which may have been from them; I'll have to check the back of it.
  10. Scary ladders

    I often fly by it going in to San Jose. The siding has been stripped and it's awaiting re-siding but it's unclear where the money will come from.
  11. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Some years ago I was looking for an extended cab long box K2500. Couldn't find one anywhere near me as they were all short box. I found one on Ebay. I recognized the dealer's name from when I lived in PA. I bought a cheap one-way airline ticket, the truck was as represented, and I was driving home that afternoon. No rust, stickers still on frame. New England salt has since eaten through the rocker panels but at the prices for newer, it's getting new rockers. Six liter gas is thirsty but it's been 100% reliable except for all the steel lines. I replaced the brake lines with a stainless set and the fuel and transmission lines with aftermarket. Good to go for years.
  12. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    I had an '87 1/2 ton that I used as a commuter. It was a 2WD with the 2.73 gears. Being fuel injected it got great gas mileage. I never used it for anything heavy, just a commuter I could toss miscellaneous stuff into. At 387,000 miles I was getting concerned about its reliability and sold it to a guy who wanted the cab, bed, and transmission for the 4WD he was building. The transmission was new and he had to change it for the transfer case. The engine, never opened, he put in his wrecker when the wrecker engine dropped a valve. It was to be a temporary thing and the 350 from my old truck was sitting on the floor ready to go. As far as I know that engine was in the wrecker for some years after. I've always had good luck with SBCs and that reaffirmed my faith. The rest of the truck was a bit like grampa's axe - a couple of water pumps, radiators, etc. Only one transmission though.
  13. I bet you've never seen this...

    Great picture. Print it and frame it!
  14. I bet you've never seen this...

    Kind of common on the skeet field to have squib loads. Reloads with just the primer but little or no powder. Every place I've ever shot has had a dowel or lately, a fiberglass driveway marker to clear the barrel. Barrel bulge or worse to fire into a blockage. I've never seen it though on any factory load - shotgun, rifle or pistol. QC screw up for sure.
  15. Shotguns

    You're right and it's seven clays.