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  1. Got my second yesterday. Other than a tender arm, no other effects. Wife - school system, gets her first on the 12th. Her school resource officer had some nausea after the second. She's probably 110lbs of tough cookie so I'm wondering if it's body mass that makes the different reactions; I have plenty of mass😁. Most of my family has had the 1st, I'm he only one in the second shot club. Some people are just afraid of it and, if the internet and social media was around at the time, wouldn't have gotten the Polio, MMR, or any other shot and maybe those diseases would still be out of control. The
  2. I asked for either on my chip, figuring it would save me some time at the checkout line. Turns out they're not available on the Moderna chip.
  3. A full sized couch on a bicycle in Beijing. Back before everyone had a camera on the phone, and back when there were mostly bicycles in Beijing!
  4. Thanks for posting, a kid's eye view, if you will.
  5. Wow, for one still in working clothes it's really clean! Full restoration in mind? It's often said that if you want to restore something, start with the best one you can find.
  6. I agree with everything you said except the above. Until it was discovered what was going there were no protocols in place. My sister's FIL, a B24 gunner is in assisted living at 99 and under strict controls but before the impact was understood there were none. Lucky for him and the others in the facility they're in Maine where there were few cases until brought in by folks fleeing to their summer homes. By then the facility had the protocols in place.
  7. I don't think individual teachers are at fault but rather the union leadership. Having worked as both a union mechanic and a non-union foreman I've seen it close up. The vast majority of the guys wanted to work and do a good job. The shop steward though, was fully indoctrinated in the union power. He's the guy who would walk in with the candidate list and say "these are the guys we're voting for". Yeah, right, I'd think to myself. There's no way I'd vote for any of those guys. The union is there to protect the workers, I understand that, but the leadership is all about the power, and it c
  8. Catholic schools never stopped - no union, self evaluation program every day, strict protocols, sports somewhat limited but not completely, kids learning like they should. It's not been perfect but a heck of a lot better that trying to learn on your laptop sitting on the bed. It does cost money though and not everyone can afford it but enrollment is way up. NH public schools back this month. I'm afraid it's a lost year for most except those whose parents are involved. Sadly, no license to breed required.
  9. They're truly family and the love they give is unconditional. Their time with us is always too short. My condolences.
  10. Apparently no lives lost, quake was offshore and the concern was for a tsunami, which thankfully didn't happen. Pacific ring of fire includes New Zealand. We should hear from Mike although he's on the south island.
  11. Faster! I can grab what I need at Home Depot and checkout way faster than having a cashier do it.
  12. The normal testing program takes more time in that it's run sequentially. First mice, evaluated, then higher and higher animals before being released to human trials. In the current crop of vaccines the first tests showed no negative results so the next tests, due to the necessity of getting the tests done quickly, were done concurrently and the human trials, in excess of 40,000 volunteers each type, was completed in record time. The same tests that all vaccines have were done, just at an accelerated pace. Why is that so hard to accept? The fact that the vaccines were developed fast was becaus
  13. Many do and it's great that you're one. I sure hope that 70 hour work week wasn't around other people perhaps spreading it to people who couldn't fight it off with Advil and Sudafed. Yes, I know several people who had minor symptoms and were ok in a week or two. I know another who suffered greatly but still with us. The reefer trailers in NYC were graphic evidence that many weren't so lucky. A perhaps greater danger is that if not brought under control it may continue to evolve to something that most don't shake off and we may see more trailers. Did you have a test or antibody test t
  14. Can't be long term studies until it's been out there long term. Perhaps your friend did have some sort of delayed reaction but it had not shown up in the tens of thousands, over 100, 000 in all of the accepted vaccines before being released. The number of test volunteers has been no different than any vaccine. Rushed, yes! Tested, yes, by running what would normally be sequential tests concurrently. Released under the experimental use protocol rather than putting it through the red tape mill. As we know just getting anything through that mill requires all sorts of studies and public hearings:
  15. It was a yes or no question so answer my question. Yes or no? Of course it's a ridiculous question, a grade school trap question. If you have an issue to debate, engage me directly on that issue. I've been known to hold my own in a discussion when dealing with facts. Don't try to set some ridiculous trap.
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