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  1. The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I’d rather fly

  2. My wife caught me in the shop with wet eyes. I wouldn't even bother to lie and say it was something in my eye as she knows that's accompanied with a certain level of cursing. I only ever knew the man from this board and private messages we exchanged on aviation subjects that would probably not interest the members at large. Although he was 19 years my senior we had many things in common including some round engine planes and the Jurassic jets. Now the corvid 19 has struck someone I know and I'm terribly sad. Randy has flown west as we say and I wish him the best at his new station.
  3. Godspeed Captain, in your flight west.
  4. Legal here too but you have to get a permit every time - so I bought a chipper and that actually works out easier as you don't have to move it. Cut, chip.
  5. I put a C301 in my backhoe/loader in place of a tired C221. It runs good and has plenty of power but boy, it is thirsty!
  6. Ha Ha! Really though, any room with a baby will have a throw rug anyway no matter the flooring. Bottle will get thrown out but really that's all that our kids, or actually one kid ever spilled as a baby. Every now and then that rug needed to be cleaned but that was only for a short time. The other kid wouldn't take a bottle or pacifier, just a boob - a real boy! You hit it on the college fund! Ivy league cost us a bunch, other kid went military academy and saved us. You can't start saving too early. Never put anything in their name except maybe a 529 or else it could become Harley money if things go other than planned.
  7. I was concerned about that and in a high dirty traffic area I might agree. In the dining room any dust/dirt that collects in the grooves comes right up with normal vacuuming. I was also concerned that any spills might be a problem but the grooves have the same finish on them as the top so my concerns were unfounded. The factory pre-finish is pretty hard stuff. I think if it ever needed to be refinished it would be problematic. That was another concern but 15 years on the finish is still quite intact. There's some dents and scratches for sure but none that detract from the look. Our living room is the original pine with a modified tung oil finish. That's soft stuff but since the oil finish is in the wood dents don't really detract. If money were no object I would do as a guy with deeper pockets in town did on his 5500 square foot house. The entire open concept floor is made from re-sawn beams. A company saws, T&G and planes it like virgin flooring but it retains so much character. The holes get filled with a black epoxy before sanding and finishing and the look is fantastic. His office was done in walnut at an extra premium and it is absolutely awesome. Google reclaimed or resawn flooring for some galleries. I wish I knew who he used because I'm sure his house ended up in the gallery photos.
  8. I put down pre-finished red oak from Lumber Liquidators in our dining room. It's been down over ten years and still looks good. The sub floor was shot so I put down a new T&G plywood floor, nailed with ring shanks and nail gun and construction adhesive to the joists, covered it with tar paper and nailed finish floor with a rented power nailer. Not a squeak ever! I don't remember for sure but I think it was staples. The sub floor prep is key as that's where the squeaks come from. New flooring was in the house whilst I was doing the sub floor. Room was a complete strip to the studs as the old farmhouse had no insulation or electric outlets. While not a high traffic room the finish has not worn at all. The nice part about the pre-finish is when you're done, you're done! Edit: Wife informs me this floor is over 15 years old - time compression!
  9. I bought a lot of JIC and pipe plugs and caps from Discount Hydraulic fittings. Have some AN too, they're the same pitch and angle as JIC. The plastic ones are good for keeping stuff out but it seems they still drip. Love the rubber ones mjcoleemn posted.
  10. Ha! I've been 34 for 34! Getting old isn't for wimps but beats the alternative, the great dirt nap.
  11. Get a pressure pot sandblaster as siphon will just make you mad. Buy a good hood and wear a mask, if you can find one, as you don't want to be inhaling old lead paint. Keep kids away. Don't blast where you don't want lead residue. I've just done it out in the field. It's amazing how hundreds of pounds of Black Beauty (coal slag) just disappears into the grass. You need a big compressor. I stopped doing it and farm it out to the local specialist. $1 a minute he charges. I do lots of smaller parts in my blast cabinet.
  12. Well, one can look at their segment and think "Now this shows them how important I am" or, realize that without the whole economy running it doesn't matter if you have crops to sell or things to move if there's no money to buy said things. The great depression showed us that. It's a big picture folks. The whole economy has to move for each of us to get our piece of the pie.
  13. Is there any issue welding on to certain truck frames? I see some with stickers all over some that say not to due high strength and/or heat treated. I presume there must be a proper way around that but am curious. BTW pretty work!
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