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  1. New Englander

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    Hydrostatic steering ends up in a different position all the time. Was on the machine when I bought it and useful since it takes so many turns lock to lock.
  2. New Englander


    Why do you think it tastes so good? Get with it man!
  3. New Englander


    HyTran, of course!
  4. New Englander


    Jeez guys. This was about a damned chicken sandwich, not about morality or alphabet groups. It's a descent sandwich made by folks who think their employees should have Sunday off. Get over it! This is worse than an oil thread!
  5. New Englander

    Hitch hikers

    Yes. Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, built and paid for by Robert Kraft the owner of the team.
  6. New Englander

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    Mosquitoes are not just an inconvenience, they kill more than a million people a year just through the transmission of malaria. Add to that the numbers of those sickened and killed by other mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever and West Nile virus. Zika virus – no vaccine, no cure. West Nile virus – no vaccine, no cure. Dengue fever – no vaccine, no cure. Yellow fever - no treatment but there is a vaccine. Good thing because the fatality rate can be as much as 50% I've had mine. They are not pollinators, just instruments of death. If ever a species deserved destruction, this is the one.
  7. New Englander

    IH Gas Turbine

    Ha! Somehow I read KC97 instead of C97, which of course would only have Avgas. They had them at PSM, my backyard, and that's what comes immediately to mind.
  8. New Englander

    IH Gas Turbine

    Running off gasoline or jet fuel? Most turbines don't like leaded avgas but I would imagine the jet tanks were sometimes dry.
  9. New Englander

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    Funny! I had an apartment in Bluebell. Tough commute down the Surekill, er, Schuykill Expressway to PHL. There was an incomplete highway, the Blue Route, that promised a much easier drive. Sections were complete but wherever it went through an upscale community the NIMBYs held it up. A few years back I had an overnight in Philly and for the heck of it checked it out. It's finally complete but walled pretty much the whole way.
  10. New Englander

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    Fred Bean in Doylestown.
  11. New Englander

    Old ihc jack/stand

    Bead last and paint! Highlight the logo.
  12. New Englander

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    I recently bought a CP aircraft 4X rivet gun for $70. It was probably a $300. + gun new and it works perfectly. Just made an offer on an IR air drill from same guy. I actually bought my pickup truck on Ebay! I recognized the PA dealer name from when i was based in Philly, talked to them and they said if not as represented I could walk. I bought a cheap one-way ticket, they picked me up at the airport, the truck was as represented, and I drove it home. I couldn't find the truck I wanted locally and it was exactly correct. No regrets; I'm driving it still.
  13. New Englander

    IH Gas Turbine

    Solar made a tiny gas turbine APU that was used in some Dassault Falcon 20 airplanes. I flew one with that APU and it worked OK but was a little short on bleed air for cooling the plane in the summer. It, and probably most, was/were replaced with a Honeywell unit. For those who are wondering what a Falcon 20 is, it was the launch plane for FedEx. Fred Smith bought and converted 30 something of the business jets to start his small package airline. Wow! It sure worked. Those planes had no APU to save weight.
  14. New Englander

    Stumbled onto this cute little guy today

    Found On Road Dead Actually I had a few '70s Ford pickups and they were OK. Very tough on gas with 360s or 390s - maybe 7-8 mpg. I never heard of the chainsaw option on the camper version. Never bought one new. Had a slide-in on a '72 and was traveling the Cape Breton Highlands on Nova Scotia when the starter quit. We pushed it, I drove it to a parts store, and changed it right there.
  15. New Englander

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    I do buy plenty from Ebay with mostly good luck. I've saved lots of money doing it. Feedback is very important, however, you can buy successfully from a infrequent seller; everyone has to start somewhere. If it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it probably is exactly that. My wife got burned on a "ships from local" that actually came from China. It never showed, she cancelled the credit card purchase, and finally got a notice from US Customs that it was seized as counterfeit in LA. China company kept sending her emails looking for money. The price was a little too good and she's wised up now. Don't be afraid of Ebay but do your due diligence.