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  1. The best advice has been said many times above - Be the parent! My wife stayed home when they were little. Not everyone can afford to do that, I know, but if you can I think it's important. Being on the road half the month it was the only way for us. We pushed them into sports, it only took a bit of a nudge anyway. When they were little we, or I should say my wife just signed them up! The good kids/parents seem to be involved in sports. Our son turned out to be an all-around athlete. A tremendous school system helped as well. K-6 in my town has about 40 kids so the attention and adva
  2. Well, There's your problem! Seriously though, Powerstep Protech insoles and a cortisone shot fixed my plantar faciitis. The shot in the foot can be a little tough. Knees are shot - two surgeries on one already, replacement probably next. Elbow can't take vibrating machines for long. It's age. We weren't really designed to live as long as we do so we wear out. Modern medicine is almost miraculous. I've been using Voltaren topical gel. It goes through the skin for pain relief rather than through the blood stream. Seem to help. I can never take anything that may make me flunk a dr
  3. Agreed but automotive systems usually have constant running fans so the chart is at least a ballpark. Lots of variables with an expansion valve opposed to an orifice. I wonder if it has a sight glass? I'm fighting an intermittent now on my pickup. I lost my scan software when the motherboard died so shot gunned a pressure transducer on a hunch - no help. Have a Tech2 clone coming which should help. Of course the system that's run perfectly acts up in the hot weather!
  4. This is like the chart I use: https://www.rechargeac.com/how-to/ac-system-pressure-chart
  5. I've had a few two cylinders and still own a 620. How is it operating a hand clutch with your left hand?
  6. Are they big dogs or the small western Coyotes? If they're big they may have migrated from the northeast. Coyotes have hybrid with wolves in NB and have moved out of the Maritimes down through New England and farther west and south. They're very big dogs, not like the western ones I've seen that are bigger than a fox but still small.
  7. Fundamentally wrong as NO spike protein is injected rather the MESSENGER vaccine instructs the cells to make a form of it. https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/byram-bridles-claim-that-covid-19-vaccines-are-toxic-fails-to-account-for-key-differences-between-the-spike-protein-produced-during-infection-and-vaccination-misrepresents-studies/
  8. I wonder if it was just the guy who was doing the screening? It seems customs service does not do much psychological screening for their hires. I've run into a couple that really should not be dealing with people at all, just not suited. Conversely I've dealt with many more nice folks. I don't think I'd want the job. Like any law enforcement they're always dealing with some real slime in addition to normal folks.
  9. Maybe Ron could come out of retirement! @Ron Cook Nah, I'm a transport type of guy. I have nothing but respect for the guys who are catching weeds in the landing gear and working right on the edge of stall at every turn. Heck, you can't actually stall the Fly-By Wire plane I fly. You can hold the stick all the way back and the plane will say, nope, and take it away from you. The FAA says the training must demonstrate stalls so they have to put the plane in direct laws (no protections, flys like crap) so we can demonstrate one. In normal laws you can't over speed it or over stress it.
  10. I used Pasture-Pro, which is 2,4-D mixed-amine, in my neighbor's 300 gal sprayer. Place looked like a golf course afterwards but a few years later it all weedy again. Had surfactant left over from years ago and put a little in. I did it at dawn when there was no wind and didn't have ant drift problems.
  11. I know what my thoughts about him and covid are and they're not very Christian! Hopefully he's having his room and board provided by the State of California!
  12. Gonna do something real bad on the first sharp turn for sure!
  13. I envy you! I've done a bit of P&B repair work and it's challenging to figure out how to slip in a repair where something was assembled on the ground and stood up. My latest project I'm in the middle of now involved, amongst other things, replacing a notched 8X8 sill. After cutting out the first notch with a chisel I remembered I have a 1/2" router that I use so rarely that I'd forgotten about it. So I bought a huge carbide bit and found that router handled it quite nicely. I'm all for traditional building methods but with power tools! Model looks good and a smart way to address pitfa
  14. My dealings with customs/immigration/border patrol world-wide have mostly been quite easy, but, somewhere in California is a guy with the same name and age with a very bad record. It tripped me up on every US arrival resulting in up to an hour's delay answering questions. The guy has a different birthday, SS#, height and weight and lives on the other side of the country where I've never lived. No matter to a couple of very young kids who must have figured they had a high value collar! Anyway, after putting up with that BS I finally got what's called a redress number. It involved a formal inves
  15. I've eaten quail eggs but don't recall ever eating a duck egg. Do they taste much different? On the other hand I've eaten my share of duck! Yummy when cooked right.
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