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  1. I hope I didn't offend.... I rode one briefly with apes and could never see myself liking it. Way back a mechanic who I knew to have a Honda 750 tricked out as a Cafe Racer with clip-ons and rear-sets, showed up with a brand new Heritage Soft Tail (for those who don't know it's styled to look like an ancient hard tailed bike but has a hidden suspension) I said "pretty bike" he said "try it". I promptly dragged the floor boards just pulling out of the parking lot and sheepishly rode back. He said "it isn't made for corners". When I came across him some years later he was still heavily into riding but switched to side cars so he could carry his stuff. Side cars are a trip! Totally different and a little scary for my novice riding attempts. It would take some getting used to.
  2. I forgot to mention that mine was caught in a leg hold trap, not a live trap. Approach slowly talking softly, cover with blanket, let it calm down a bit then leave enough blanket off at the opening to let it out and release.
  3. About 30 years ago when the baby boomers were first buying the bike their mothers wouldn't let them have a few of the guys in the flight department where I worked, the department manager, the chief pilot, and the maintenance manager all when whole hog, so as to speak. They invited me on a charity ride and I was going to use my Commando but it turned up to have a flat tire so I took my GS1100. I showed up and found a group of new riders. They all had complete leathers, forward controls and ape hangers and proudly wore jackets with giant HOG (Harley Owner's Group) patches on their backs like they were part of some outlaw bike gang. I was relegated to the back of the pack while they rode in staggered formation, slowly, as they really couldn't ride. I couldn't believe the snobbery! They were looking down their noses at a bike that could out speed, out handle, and out brake them! thought it was a ride for charity! After being reprimanded for breaking formation I decided F this and passed the whole column at warp 9. I've got nothing against HDs but really laugh at the guys who try to look bad on their new bikes. The ape hangers crack me up. After the blood starts draining out of their arms you see them riding single handed. Watching one trying to negotiate a high speed curve with forward controls is a trip. They look bad azsed though! I remember meeting up and riding with a guy on an ancient Sportster. We were pretty evenly matched as the Sportster would pull ahead on the straights with the Commando catching up on the curves. Two old bikes meant for riding, not looking pretty. It was inpromptu and when we went our seperate ways we both had smiles.
  4. I was faced with the same problem and made a syringe extension out of PVC pipe - one with a cap with a hole for the needle and a smaller one to push the plunger inside. I approached slowly talking softly apologizing for what I was about to do and gave it about 30cc of acetone. It closed its eyes and quietly passed away without spraying. I had no quarrel with that skunk, just the ground hog that dug the hole it was investigating and felt badly about it. I've read that some trappers will talk softly and approach slowly and release the trap. I don't have the balls. I was in a full Tyvek suit just getting close. Edit: Found picture!
  5. Actually, while steering assist is lost you still have brakes through an accumulator. Try it. Place truck in neutral and coast, shut engine off and try braking and there should be plenty of stopping available. Hydro boost is on gas 3/4 and 1 tons.
  6. I've got one of their tachometers. It's marketed for the early version of a 786 so the PTO mark is slightly wrong but otherwise it works OK. It's got about 100 hours on it over a couple of years with no problems.
  7. I've had a few. Last was an '87 C10. It had 387 on the clock when I sold it. engine was never touched 350 but rest was a bit like grampa's axe - 2 new heads, 6 new handles. I've still got a '79 C60 and an '85 C70 which use the same basic cab and doors but the floors are flat.
  8. I don't understand the no-dipstick for engines either. My kid's BMWs don't have them and you need a PHD in BMW to get through the dashboard menu to check. I know the car will tell you if its low on oil but I'd rather be able to check for myself. Our 6 speed GM transmissions do have dipsticks.
  9. Average A&P mechanic at a major airline is making in the 90k range. Our guys, granted very experienced and with a lot of responsibility are way north of 150. There's no reason a good and experienced diesel mechanic shouldn't be making 90 or more depending on location.
  10. Yes, they polish up nicely. The bashers don't bother to learn how they work. There's no choke as such and no accelerator pump, just a single jet and no idle jet so it's a mystery to some. Tuned properly they provide the same mixture across the RPMs.
  11. I always though of the SU as a good carburetor and not all that hard to adjust/sync. I always got a kick out of people pumping the throttle on a cold day start. My MG TF has a pair.
  12. I was about 14 working after school pumping gas when the shop mechanic was having a good laugh. It seems a do it yourself guy was checking for leaks and loose screws and tightened the mixture screw in the carburetor. Needles to say it wouldn't idle. The idle mixture screws on the Amal Concentric carbs on my Norton are actually air screws rather than fuel screws, so out is lean, in rich.
  13. Nice! What a great idea! If one were to lock/weld the drive to the armature one could rock the engine back and forth as it came loose although leaving the drive loose it could ratchet the engine around. Just getting them to move at all is the most important.
  14. You'll get the most leverage on the flywheel teeth with a bar if that's not what you're already doing. I've got a few moving that way that would slide the tires when pulled in high gear. Good luck to the boys and to dad😁
  15. I like the "rare", often seen on eBay even if the item is as common as dirt, The "ran when parked" is another one that makes me laugh.
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