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  1. Hard to get a new one approved in a lame duck situation.
  2. Same here.Thin blade is on it instead of thick combination blade. I still need a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
  3. 1 HP is small for a 10" saw. I don't think wiring it for 220 will make any difference as long as you don't have significant voltage drop at the outlet. I find 2 HP on mine is just adequate so I'd go for the bigger motor if it's the same frame size and simply needs a bigger pulley. If it doesn't work out you're out less than 10 bucks and your time.
  4. It's early and I've just started coffee but my gut reaction is that you'll be fine with the lower RPM motor and larger sheave. The motor doesn't know what it's doing - just rated HP @ RPM. Just because you essentially gear it up to make the blade turn at the RPM it needs makes no difference. The saw probably uses the 3500 motor just because they're cheap. The 1740 motor makes more torque in order to have the HP at the lower RPM. The 1.5 @1740 motor is going to be bigger, heavier and should do the job just fine. I've got a 10" table saw with 2HP 1740 motor. My problem is that it's on a 15 amp circuit with some lights on it as well. When I load it down the 15 amp breaker will pop. It's usually only a problem when ripping 2" stock, so I haven't been aggravated enough to run a 20 amp circuit.
  5. Ha! Most of my wardrobe is LLBean. My wife loves their clothes as well. She has one of their credit cards so it's free shipping. If we drive up and buy stuff there we have it all shipped for free and no tax either as NH is a no tax state. ME charges a 5.5% sales tax. I buy their flannels for casual wear then when they're getting tired turn them into winter work shirts. Open 24-7, 365, no locks on the doors. I wonder what they did for the shutdown?
  6. I'm partial to snap pockets too but they're hard to find for sure.
  7. New trial Dickies LS tall was waiting for me when I got home and I'm happy to report the sleeves and fit are good. Wearing it today as it was 40 this AM.
  8. I worked on a hog farm while going to school. Everything said about them going under, over, or through fences is absolute truth! Another thing to watch out for in the pen are the friendly ones that'll step on your foot then push you over. Never get between them and food! I got stuck between a truck and a bunker wall with a huge sow going through or over me and it took everything I had with a pipe or some other weapon that had come to hand to convince her otherwise. Farmer we rented from had his own pigs but neglected them and just let some have run of the place. There must have been some over 500lb. They would lie in the road and wouldn't move until the bumper was touching them. Cut early! The ones that slipped through the cracks and got cut late were the problem pigs from then on. It was a b*tch just to catch and hold them for the cut. Of course I'd feel the same way😁 Anyway, do some research for nice marbled breed if you can. I find a lot of pork these days is just too lean and goes dry if you don't cook it exactly right. There's no forgiveness if slightly over done. Doc and wife next door raised a couple and were afraid the kids would get attached so named them ham and bacon so the intent was clear from the start.
  9. It sort of depends what you're doing. I've got a couple of the small ones I use on 3/8ths impact under the hood where it may be tight or awkward, otherwise bigger is better. I'm still amazed at how much better cordless tools have become. My half inch Dewalt impact has more beans than my half inch Ingersol Rand air tool.
  10. Old Tanker is quite correct about synthetic oil long being used in turbine engines. The temperature is so high at the bearing (s) in the turbine section that oil is circulated at a very high rate through them. There's usually a minimum idle or low power operation time required before shutdown so the oil left in those bearings doesn't coke. Taxi-in usually accomplishes that on fixed wing planes but helicopters use so much power in hover taxi that they'll do a two minute or so idle after landing. Wheeled helicopters no so much. Of course the Blackbird had even more challenges than the average turbine plane so they most likely had their own spec oils. Amazing plane!
  11. I believe you're correct. Russia does have the largest proven deposits.
  12. Glasses fog because they're cold. You usually only need to wear a mask indoors so I find that as soon as my glasses warm to room temperature the fogging stops. I also found the one with a wire, although not perfect, do lessen the fogging. I figure it this way: If the mask is only 50% effective, and you and I both are wearing one, it's 75% protection.
  13. Cows have been gone from the family farm for about 40 years. The pasture land that was too rocky to mow/plant has completely overgrown with some pretty big trees. In New England outsiders often ask why we have rock walls in our forests. They can't seem to fathom those forests are all second growth from when the farms were abandoned for the better Midwest land.
  14. Only hurts your wallet, but really, other than flat tappets with high pressure on them it really doesn't serve any purpose. Tappet loading on a modern engine is light and the cam follower is lubricated hydro dynamically - it's skiing on a film of oil. If a roller tappet, same. Older flat-tappet engines, especially those with a heavy valve train/springs have the cam and lifters lubricated in a mixed method - lubricated hydro-dynamically and on a boundary layer created by the zinc phosphate in the oil. That's an extremely hard film formed on the cam surface and protects under heavy load. Anyway, using it won't hurt anything but perhaps your converter but it won't help anything unless you have an engine that needs it. Edit: Beware so called high zinc oils as often the label is marketing. Since most oils now have little zinc any oil with more than a little can call itself "high zinc". If you really want high zinc you need to look up the actual content rather than relying on the marketing statement.
  15. That's always been a favorite of mine. Nowadays everyone has a readout. I remember when I first started flying glass cockpits with inertial navigation and got magic readouts like ground speed, TAS, and wind direction. Flying above the airline guys flying Jurassic Jets and smugly listening as they asked for a heading to somewhere until they could pick up a VOR while we could just push a button. The freight guys flying pistons would be asking for a speed readout as it was a lot faster/easier than cranking a wiz wheel around. They were lucky to have anything working. My Cessna now has better navigation equipment than the first jets I flew.
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