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  1. New Englander

    gas engine in pickup

    6.0 3/4 ton here. Nothing but brakes and tires, zero engine problems at about 150k now. Downside is 4WD and 4.10 gears = terrible gas mileage. Salt has destroyed rocker panels. I will probably replace them as sticker on new is shocking. 6.0 seems bullet proof as have all the 5.7s before.
  2. New Englander

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    New Hampshire
  3. New Englander

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    NH no personal income tax, no sales tax!
  4. New Englander

    Wanna own a stadium?

    Robert Kraft paid for 100% of the construction costs of Gillette Stadium, a rare instance of an NFL owner privately financing the construction of a stadium. Perhaps there's a lot more incentive to assemble a winning team if you have to pay for the stadium! Go Pats!
  5. New Englander

    Why $19 a month?

    The MOST annoying is the 1-800 cars for kids jingle. I shut the radio OFF when I hear it!
  6. New Englander

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    Jerry Brown will not tolerate being anything but number one!
  7. New Englander

    Drive systems for tractors.

    Along the same lines how about electric actuators? The below picture is of a flight simulator on electric actuators. They used to be all powered by hydraulic actuators running 3-5000 psi, as they have to react so quickly. Have a pump fail or even have the inside of a hose deteriorate and it made for big trouble. It wasn't uncommon to have the motion base "crash". It would usually just come off motion and settle to the home position, however, I've been left in such a position that we had to use the escape ladder to get out. Little particles floating around wreaked havoc with valves. New simulators are all electric. No huge hydraulic pumps, filters, hoses, valves, etc. Inside you can't tell. Between the visuals and the motion base it fools you into seeing and feeling the real plane. Uses way less energy as you can imagine. If an actuator does happen to fail it's a 30 minute job to replace it with no mess, no bleeding the system, just disconnect, remove, replace, connect. I'm pretty amazed.
  8. New Englander

    Fire extinguisher "testing"

    If they're halon they get weighed. I've no idea about dry powder.
  9. New Englander

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    My go-to real parts dealer was closed for the night so I dropped into Car Quest and asked for an inline clear gas filter with 5/16ths ends and got the same "make and model"? from the young kid. Older fellow overheard and passed him the box and said "he wants one of these". He did show the young man the from of the catalog where they have pictures. To be fair, even if the young man behind the counter happened to work on his own car and had some mechanical knowledge he probably never came across such a filter even though 99.9% of the guys on here can immediately visualize one.
  10. New Englander

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    Tom Cat bait packs. I go through one of those small buckets from TSC a month in the early winter. I like cats but I think I'd need an army of them by the amount of bait I go through.
  11. New Englander

    Pickup Glider Kit

    It's unlikely I'll ever buy anything with a CVT. I get them as rental cars on the road, usually Nissan. They remind me of driving old Buick Dyna Flows, one continuous hum except it's a little 4, not a big V8. Maybe they're ok on little engines but I'd rather have a computer controlled automatic with 6-8 gears. Anyway, my post was concerning the improvements spurred by emission controls that led to electronically controlled fuel and ignition systems. I read on this forum a certain nostalgia for the old carburetor and point ignition engines. The sentiment is that when they break they could be fixed easy and didn't cost very much. Well, it depends on how you look at the cost. Take a 3/4 ton PU. In the '70s it would have a carburetor, points and a transmission controlled by a governor, engine vacuum and throttle position, and get 8 mpg. That same PU today, with the same gearing, etc. , will have a computer controlled FI, continuously variable ignition timing, and a computer controlled transmission with more gears, and get 12 mpg. If you drive them both for 250,000 miles you'll spend at least 30 grand more just in fuel not to mention twice as many oil changes or 4 times as many spark plug changes. All round numbers, of course. Now I know someone is going to say that his old PU got way better mileage than his new one and the new one is always breaking. Well, I take care of all my vehicles and even the old stuff rarely let me down. The new stuff will occasionally have an O2 sensor or some other sensor go bad but it keeps running and a scan tool will tell you what's up. Meanwhile I have a way more driveable vehicle. Reach in and turn the key or push the remote start button. Can't do that with the carburetor. In Texas maybe you can drive something 'til you're tired of it but in NE it's just going to rust out from under you.
  12. New Englander

    Pickup Glider Kit

    NH has no service engine light also. That's the end of the emissions test because it pretty much stands to reason that if there's no light, it's all working correctly. Of course that's determined by the OBD 2 hookup, so pulling dash lamps won't help. There's a gross weight cutoff so my pickup doesn't even need to be plugged in. Half tons do. Local inspection shop lost their ticket by letting stuff slide, so big brother IS watching. I don't bring anything into my guy unless I've already checked it, and he appreciates it.
  13. New Englander

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    It's not just vehicle parts. If anything you find broken has a part number on it, Google it!. It's often likely you can find it waay cheaper as just a component than from the manufacturer of the whatever you're repairing.
  14. New Englander

    Trip we just came home from

    I'm in Dallas right now and gas is 1.92! 2.42 last fill in NH, over $3 last week in CA. My wife has had several Suburbans/Yukons. The MPG seems directly related to speed on those big boxy vehicles. There's a great improvement slowing to 65 from 75 but the traffic won't let you or you're in just as much hurry as everyone else.
  15. New Englander


    Guy I buy my lumber from has a WoodMizer. He's had several models, trading up as his business grew. I take it from that there's a used market out there either at the dealer or private, Craigslist, level. What I like about the band sawed wood is that I plane it out to almost 5/4, so it works nicely for trim or anything else I need finished lumber for. I'm usually working on the barn with rough cut but save out the boards that are clear or nearly so. Rough cut I used to buy at local saw mill was cut with circular saw and there's always a tooth or two running wide so you end up planing down to 3/4/