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  1. When bored in a hotel room I found this guy's youtube site. He builds/rebuilds wooden wagons including the wheels, axles, bodies, etc. He build a couple of massive borax wagons that have wheels that must be over a half ton each. Great site. He makes all of his own tires except the borax wagons as the steel was just too heavy and had to be farmed out. He's got a rig that rotates the tire with a couple of torches on it to heat it evenly then he drops it on the wheel. For the borax wagon wheels he had a bonfire outside the shop and used a forklift to handle the tires. https://www.youtube.com/user/EngelsCoachShop
  2. Horse people 1) (European) def: Those who spend too long around horses so that they adopt horse-like characteristics such as "saddle arse" and "buckers". Over time it can be difficult to determine who should be riding who. This causes confusion during breeding season. Horse people usually live in dog dominated houses. They are also frequently barking mad and should be treated with respect and caution.
  3. NADA is free online. Car Gurus as well. NADA has classic vehicles if that's what you're looking at.
  4. Is your floor smooth? I roll my restoration project on a floor jack with ease. It helps to have the wheels lubed. It's a pretty light MG but I've moved heavier vehicles the same way. I usually just put it under the differential and position😀 the front wheels as necessary to slide it into a corner.
  5. I stumbled across this. Same model Commando but not mine. Got a thumbs-up from Jay!
  6. Here's a brief explanation: https://woodgears.ca/bandsaw/crowned_pulleys.html
  7. I've had a few 2 cylinders and yes, the belt pulley has a crown. As others have stated: no crown and a flat belt will just run off.
  8. If one does go to Paris visit Sainte-Chapelle. It's very close to Notre Dame and has some of the most outstanding stained glass that you'll ever see. It was only a few years ago that I was turned on to it and it's well worth the visit. If memory serves it dates from the 13th Century.
  9. Unless you've been in it it's hard to imagine the scale and intricacies of the building. It is huge! I really don't know how to put it into words. After having visited it many times over the years I still had a hard time grasping it. Being on layovers with different crews who'd never visited meant I went more often than the usual tourist. It took centuries to build and has been added to and renovated many times. a billion may not be enough, especially if they use the original techniques.
  10. I had some unexpected income in '18. While it was welcome there was no withholding, hence the problem. Normally I don't need to do quarterly or estimated tax. Oh well, taxes are one of the only certain things.
  11. And yes, Henry Ford did hate labor unions, note when the first contract was signed v the date of the 40 hour work week: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ford-signs-first-contract-with-autoworkers-union
  12. Here's the real story. Ford did, in fact, begin the 40 work week: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ford-factory-workers-get-40-hour-week
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