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  1. I think you can do what you want with a body on frame but unibody weld-em-together is a no-no, especially with today's steel; might have been ok back then. Funny thing about scatter shields. I was crewing on a B modified production car back in the '60s. I'd been up all night and was dozing off in the pits even with all the noise when a piece of flywheel with a bolt and a little piece of pressure plate cover still attached came bouncing through. Pretty amazing how it went right through a bellhousing like that. Brought the whole scatter shield issue home.
  2. Called a "cut and shut" and said to be both illegal and dangerous. Welds become weak points and fail dramatically in a crash. Google it, some nasty photos on a documentary I saw.
  3. Body's individual reaction and response. I got terribly sick with the flu and others not so much. I got very mild case of chicken pox and others had pox covering body and got quite sick. We have general responses to infection but still are individuals some with immune systems quick to respond and others with systems that over respond as in the case of this novel virus.
  4. Negative COVID; he's got to get one more negative before going on a 90 day East Pac patrol in about 10 days. It'll be a good trip through the canal. I've been to the locks and that sure was interesting in itself. Yes, car will get fixed while he's on patrol. Sadly his girl, a medical student, has contracted it. She works in an ER under strict protocol but most likely got it from her dad, an executive. Her symptoms are minor - loss of taste and smell and general malaise. but apparently it's the gift that keeps on giving. One of our mechanics sister and BIL had the same mild symptoms o
  5. Dogs certainly become part of the family but seek justice withing the legal system and make it difficult for the scum.
  6. Bad idea stating you intend to shoot someone.
  7. My point has been all about tariffs. The numbers are out there and easy to research. The steel tariff had a net loss of jobs. The consumer and the country paid more than if they never were imposed. It's a failed policy. It's also easy to find information on other failed tariffs. If you want to be an isolationist you tariff the heck out of everything but the world just doesn't work that way. It just leads to an escalation: You tax my milk, ok, we tax your bread, etc., etc. I don't claim to know how to increase US production but I do know what will hurt it and it's just been elected. M
  8. I disagree with the statement that the consumer will pay one way or another. I the vast majority of tariff cases the consumer paid way more than if no tariff was imposed. I totally disagree with the notion of tariff or government social assistance. Government funded social assistance is like feeding a wild animal - they loose the ability to fend for themselves. If tariffs are imposed such as the steel tariffs I mentioned then the workers whose industries are affected loose their jobs. Those now unemployed workers become drags on the rest of society for no good reason. They require as
  9. Yes and know. I was aware that he was a brawler in business, heck I worked for the same company that managed his first jet, a 727 once owned by Diamond Shamrock, and I knew he was hard to deal with, However, his name calling once he took office was totally new to me. I winced every time he called a member of a co-equal branch of government by some demeaning moniker. Who but some insecure bully does that? A large part of what got him elected was the "anyone but Hillary" crowd.
  10. Not off topic. You're exactly right, you'll never hear about it on the MSM. I believe part of the problem is that Mr. Trump gives so much ammunition (see how I worked that in?) that they don't have to report on that stuff to get ratings but rather report on all of his foibles , and he gives them plenty. He's exasperated the problem of the press to a new level. He could have reached many more independent voters who like his policies but intensely dislike the man's persona. His die-hard supporters love him, the left hate him, the rest of us are left evaluating the good v bad. Many of us fig
  11. A colleague who lives in that sad state forwarded this to me as the best information on buying ammunition in CA. It's not fingerprinting but as close to it as they can get: https://www.calwaterfowl.org/navigating-californias-new-ammunition-background-check-system/
  12. Here's the problem with Trumps experiment with tariffs: The president promised that China would pay the 15-25% tariffs he imposed on 300 billion of their exports. Well, no, what really happened is that we still imported those goods and the tariffs were passed on to the consumers. Tariffs always hurt the consumer. While the steel tariffs may have saved a job or two in the steel industry, the industry doesn't employ 10s of thousands of workers like in days past. What actually happened is the that steel using industries employ thousands more than steel producing industries. The higher s
  13. It's one of those "I remember where I was" events. In my case I was outside of my 6th grade classroom. If JFK were to return today he would not recognize the democrat party. Having just fought valiantly in WWII I believe he'd be saddened by the dramatic left turn it's taken.
  14. As was I. It was horrible to watch it live for a 6th grader.
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