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  1. There's a Youtube channel of guys who "fish" with magnets off of bridges and they seem to often come up with guns. They turn them over to the cops as it's likely they were used in crimes.
  2. I bought one new car in my life and never a new truck. I've been content to let others take the depreciation hit.
  3. Well, my hearing aids recharge wirelessly as do some mobile phones but I'm not sure that counts.
  4. Once I got very irritated at a GMC dealer and finally I cancelled the order, perhaps not too gentlemanly. It was one of the best and accidental decisions I ever made as it was an explosive 350 Olds diesel engine I would have been saddled with.
  5. Fix it. They make good shop clock/night light.
  6. Impressive mountain. I only got a view of it once and from a distance at that as most of our Asia flights were at night. What kind of plane were you riding in?
  7. I just replaced the motor in my shop clock for the second time in almost 30 years. Got the number off the motor and found from dealer first time, NOS on Ebay the second time. It's had several new florescent tubes over the years so I changed that while I was at it.
  8. Looks nice and should work out well. Excavator in your future?
  9. Pipeless air and wireless electricity.
  10. Every time you hit the throttle four big squirts of raw gas go in. In the grand scheme of things while going from 4 to 5 or vice versa is a big percentage as Pete said the cool factor is worth it. There's aftermarket TBI that will give a good mileage increase with no performance loss: https://pfisystems.wordpress.com/products/complete-tbi-conversion-kit-for-stock-big-block-chevy-454-7-4l-959-99/
  11. That's really good wire. I've had mice make a huge nest in a boat from a roll of paper towel but luckily they only gnawed some wood work inside a cabinet and didn't touch the wires. If I need to make a battery or other heavy cable I'll buy what I need by the foot at West Marine along with the terminals; I have the crimper.
  12. Squirrels nested in the boom of my bucket truck and gnawed through the control tubes. I used 360' of tubing to replace and what a pain to snake all that tubing through lower and upper booms. Getting a mouth full of hydraulic fluid didn't seem to stop them. Control tubing is 5/15th air brake tube. Now there's a shotgun behind the door for any squirrel venturing near. Now that I think of it I should resume leaving the boom straight up.
  13. Nope, no conduits, run in free air. Conduits would add weight, the bane of airplanes and there's no easy way for rodents to get in except maybe with cargo or (yuck) in the catering carts.
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