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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. Wife gave the ok to put up a new wood shop / shop in the next year or so. Actually it was her idea. I have outgrown the wood shop so it will be 80 % wood shop, with a large enough bay to bring a pickup or tractor in when it's cold and work in comfort. There will be a wall separating the two as this is predominately a wood shop. This isn't a floor heat / make it big enough / toilet / lighting / etc etc.. Been there. My question is the poles and the doors. 1.) Poles - backfill ..... some guys say cement. Some say good old fashioned dirt. Heard a guy say just use 3/4" limestone. I've just seen dirt or cement. Pole barn creosote rotted away after 50 years with dirt. Jury is still out on the cement. 2.) Doors... anybody use the roll-up doors. I have commercial overhead doors in the machine shed and the current shop. My only complaint it the wasted space they take up. When I built the machine shed, I wanted a 12' clearance, so I had to go with 14' 6" side walls so that I could get the 12' overhead door. The only rollups I've seen are small 8x8 utility shed type. Don't want to go over 12' sidewall on this one, and would like lower if I could get by with it. Thus the roll-up door. Or do I need a 12' for a cab tractor? An alternative that I am bouncing around is to upgrade the existing shop (truck/tractor) ... more insulation, electric, lights. a real furnace. And just build a bigger wood shop. I've always been disappointed with 'combo' buildings as they always seemed to only be about 75% as useful as what they were intended to be. All comments appreciated.
  2. dads706

    Supercharged Chevy power on the Nurburgring Ring

    Some how my body just cringes at downshifting/letting the clutch back out at 8 grand. I'm just waiting for parts to start flying all over the place, but it doesn't seem to hurt it. We had some road races as a kid, but I just couldn't get myself to downshift and let the clutch back out. Straight 1/4 mile no problem, but 4,3,2... with my foot in the way.
  3. dads706


    Winter is the reason we changed to May calving. It doesn't work for everybody, but it sure worked for us. (SW Iowa) No heaters, bathtubs,basements etc.. No scours. Cows are all on new grass. Just lay down, no stress, and the calves are up and running in no time. Plus a bunch of 2nd period cows are a heck of a lot easier to take care of in January. We weaned at 120 days +/- so we had the calves in the lot on feed and the cows dried up running corn stalks right behind the combine. But having said that I also understand winter calving. Most of the guys in our area of MT had forest service permits so they had to calve in Jan/Feb to be ready to kick them into the forest graze come spring.
  4. dads706


    I remember one of these polar freezes when we lived in MT. -52 at the house and that was NO wind chill. -60 at West Yellowstone. Guy down south of Belgrade had 200 cows all sync'd and AI'd to calve over a 3 day period. They had neighbors volunteering, half dozen FFA chapters (both sons and their chapter were there ) They had calves in cars, trucks, basements, anyplace they could find that was above freezing. I'm going to get the number wrong, but if I remember correctly. they lost over half the calves. Mother nature is a tough mistress.
  5. dads706

    Over driving lights

    The wife's High Country has those LED headlights. I like being behind them. but being in front your eyes will see spots. Even on dim damn those things are bright. Rick, thanks for shaking up the gray matter. I had forgotten all about day and night speed limit signs.
  6. dads706

    Utility ATV-What to buy?

    I have a '94 Honda. It has checked cows daily and a million other jobs since new. Except for tires and routine maintenance, I probably spent less than $300 in 20+ years. Would get another in a heart beat.
  7. dads706

    RANT! Lost, missing, mis-placed tools

    The boys said they were going to bury me with a 1/2 x 9/16 combo box end wrench. They joke that I will lose it before they close the lid on me.
  8. Where ya going? 

    1. dads706


      East for a couple weeks, maybe more.

    2. lorenzo


      I will be at epply  on Sunday also  . 

      I have a group going on a dive trip and half of them were on the runway when that SW flight slid off . They finally got out a couple hours later that night and are now stuck in Atlanta until i catch up with them . Perhaps i will see you in Omaha early AM



    3. dads706


      Darn. Mine is mid afternoon. We didn't get the weather they were predicting. Got ice, but barely a dusting of snow. I'm not complaining. Spent most of the day outside making sure there was plenty of feed, fences were good, waterers heated etc. Sun was out, really wan't all that bad.

      Have a safe trip.



  9. dads706

    Russian jets collide near Japan

    Yep, and I just got word I'm flyin out Sunday. Maybe we will miss the snow. Starting to get cold though.
  10. dads706

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    Cows---I'm in my element. Horses I know which end the hay goes in and which end it comes out... I've just explained my knowledge of horses. Colic.....Lorenzo, I know it can kill them, but how common and what causes it?
  11. dads706

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    I've sometimes 'exhausted' when I 'galloped' also. Sorry not hijacking, but to good to pass up.
  12. dads706

    What kind music do Cows like ?

    Good one 'tilla.
  13. dads706

    stolen hay

    Maybe I missed something here as well. Could you simply hide a trail cam somewhere aimed at the hay? Area guy had a similar problem of diesel 'evaporating'. He hid a trail cam, took the photos to the sheriff, no more evaporating diesel. Turned out it was a couple of local teens with chipped pickups. Guess they were burning more diesel than they could afford. Hmmmm, but they could afford to turn'em up. How's that work.
  14. Give me a snorkel, I'd better jump in and check for sharks.
  15. Having spent a lot of time in your fine country, I just realized that I have never seen Corn or Soybeans. I've seen miles of small grains, and fruit as well. But never corn (I think you guys call it Maize) or soybeans. Why .... inquiring minds want to know. The weather, the soils? I'm assuming that that is partly why all your beef is grass/wheat fattened. Please tell us. Come to think of it I've never seen Milo (grain sorghum) either.