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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
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  1. My guess is that it is only part of the complete unit. I would imagine there are parts missing which would make it easier to identify.
  2. Yes, I did some work for QANTAS. I think I may still have an employee badge somewhere. I used to just flash it and get free upgrades. Because of their relationship with the Australian government and working in Canberra I had to get vetted by the Australia Secret Intelligence Service. (not as James Bond'ish as it sounds.) They also checked with the FBI to make sure I was not some low life. They must have determined that although I could still be considered a low life, I was somewhat of a harmless lowlife as they never threw me out of the country. I still don't understand the rules of Crick
  3. Most of it melted yesterday. This morning they said 10% chance of occasional flakes today. Well, the last I looked, there was about 2" of occasional flakes out there and still coming down. But...... Thusday is supposed to be 70's with possible 80, then back down to freezing. Hope this isn't an indication of the winter to come. FIL used to say....if it snows in January it will only last for a month or so, but when it starts snowing in November it lasts alllllll winter.
  4. Lorenzo, I agree. I have probably spent a year or more overall in Australia. At one point we considered moving there and letting the boys go to school there since I was going back and forth every couple months. Unfortunately (I say this as a tourist) I never got to the western side. My time was all spent on the eastern side. As a cowman, I enjoyed Rockhampton. I was usually stuck in the city. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra. There is a good museum in Canberra, but the name escapes me right now. The have a great section on the Battle of Gallipoli. FYI for those of us in the USA who may h
  5. Been to the GBR a couple times. Last time was '09, first was '97. Took the family the first time. A bit off topic, but if you have a bucket list, I would put it on it. You don't have to be an expert diver. Much larger than you would think, and much more to see than what can be seen on the normal sightseeing tour.
  6. I offered to vacume my office . 5 minutes and I was done. The conversation went something like....... "You can't possibly be done already" I vacumed everything. Did you move your recliner. It's not dirty under there. You have to move stuff, not just go around it. But nobody is going to look under stuff. I can see fuzz under your table. What about your desk? You didn't dust anything. How did that dog hair get in here. Did you let that dog in here? What a slob. You are both slobs. That's what happens when I try to help out. See wha
  7. Woke up to everything covered in snow. Maybe it's just really thick frost.
  8. Started to insulate and drywall the shop walls. There are very few things (matter of fact I can't think of any) that I hate more than painting. So I got to thinking about renting a commercial paint outfit and just spray it. I've watched it being done and it doesn't look to hard(but the guys doing it are pros). Has anybody here sprayed latex on walls and ceiling? I'm assuming it has to be thinned because good quality latex paint has the consistency of syrup so I doubt it sprays very easily. Any advice?? Thanks in advance.
  9. Knock off the birthday comments !!! Mark tried... I'll be more direct. You may think you are funny..... YOU ARE NOT !! Anyone who has seen death and dying up close will tell you that it is ugly. There is nothing funny about it. I very seldom agree with BJ's censorship. But in this case I hope that he takes a close look at your comments. gene
  10. The guy has some interesting videos. For non farmers they are informative. Plus he gets to play with cool stuff. I think Deere gave him an X9 with 16 row head to play with for 50 engine hours. He freely admits that most of the stuff is demos. I saw one where he had a new Versitale 4wd that he was demoing and really liked it. I think Deere also let him demo one of the high speed planters last spring. I think he was planting at 10 mph. Don't remember if it was a 16 or 24 row. They farm with all green equipment, but he has no problems telling you his likes and dislikes about a piece of equip
  11. Added this because of Hillers picture. If you don't get a tear, then I don't want to know you. I'm no pilot and have no knowledge, but was told once that the "Angel Flights" will be given landing priority over all other planes in the pattern. (pilots, is this true?)
  12. Let me add..... The program is a 14 hour series called "The War". Produced by the documentary genius Ken Burns. Unfortunately I was only able to record this single 1 1/2 hour episode.
  13. I just watched a good PBS program about WWII . The above mentioned raid was one of the topics. I will add that the raid did no damage to the factory. Also soon after, there was another raid on the same factory with the same results. Not as many planes but same results. Both raids are considered the worst US air disasters of WWII.
  14. Yep, sometimes when you get all the outside stripped off and you get down to the base material, it isn't as pretty as what you had hoped for. From his many posts, I think MTO has had several experiences like this.
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