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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
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  1. Hiller. Yep they can get snorty if you catch them on a bad day. I had a bull that was grazing the BIL's corn stubble one winter. He was the only one in that corn field. Since they are herd animals, that may have been the problem. I took the 4-wheeler to round him up. He wanted no part of me. It's a good thing I was not on foot. He was usually good dis-positioned. Don't know what got into him that day, but he was on the hunt. The worst I saw, wife's uncle had a bull get out into the neighbors corn. He called and wanted some help before he did to much damage to the corn. He'd have been better off leaving him there and paid the crop damage. It was about 95 degrees and I'm sure that contributed. Uncle had a new Chevy truck, That bull came charging out of the corn field, head down and hit the passenger door. Backed up and did the same to the front fender, which buckled it into the tire so the truck wouldn't move. By the time he was done, I think the only straight piece of tin was the roof. When he finished, he headed up the lane and back home as if nothing happened. Those two were just pissed off for one reason or another. In high school a classmate had a dairy with a MEAN Holstein bull. I understand they are notorious anyway. But I remember telling that he got out once and the neighbors wouldn't help get him in. They just don't know their strength. I had a 16' gate made out of 2" pipe. I also had a Simmi bull that turned it into a U. And all he did was scratch himself. He just kind of leaned into it and kept scratching. I ended up driving over it with the 1256 to straighten it. Still got the gate and remember it every time I open it.
  2. dads706


    I sent you a PM. Dads706
  3. Lorenzo, Make it personal. Build her one. Get some good lumber or traditional pine and send her off in something you built yourself.
  4. dads706

    Favourite Job

    exSW, I'm there with you. God never made a prettier sight than red cows eating green hay on white snow on a bright sunny day.
  5. I'm a USA history buff. I'm sure there are others here as well. If you go back to the time the first white man set foot on this soil, there have been mass killings. Yes SOME were done with guns. But remember per capita there were more guns per household 150 years ago then there are today. Yes, times were different, a gun was used to gather food as well as protection. Check your history... people went nuts in mining camps, wagon trains, towns all over the country. Heck there were people in colonial times there were wackos as well. When Lizzy Borden whacked her parents did they ban hatchets. If she did it today, it wouldn't make the local news but one day. If someone walked into a Walmart with a corn knife and just started swinging it would barely blip the news, but do it with a gun and mother bar the door. It's because we are dealing with a gun control agenda. The media wants to talk about guns and only guns. Guns are dramatic. Guns make loud noises. Hollywood likes guns. Rambo kills whole armies with an AK-47 that never needs reloading. Protect your home and family with a baseball bat. That will be a lot of help if the bad guy has a bat also. But I'm guessing he came better equipted. If i have to protect my family I'm sure as he** going to do it with more than a water balloon. I know I haven't solved anything and probably never will. Maybe I've only got another 15-20 years of this. Then it will be my kids problem. What kind of a world am I leaving them. Wrong thread, but today I found out that not only am I a deplorable that lives in a fly over state the nobody gives a ship about.... but I'm a racist too. Lordy how much more of a low life can I be.
  6. dads706

    Favourite Job

    I should add cultivating corn in there somewhere. A 14 year old kid can do a whole lot of dreaming sitting on a 560 just watching the corn roll past. Hey... corn goes with cattle. Maybe I've discovered something....everything revolves around the cow. That's the answer to everything... cows!! Cows...methane...global warming...AOC... Oh Gawd....Just forget everything I ever said about cows.
  7. dads706

    Favourite Job

    Mike, I enjoyed making hay as long as that &&%^&*(*(*) 55T would tie. I wonder why I got stuck riding the twine box.... not sure if it was an honor or a punishment. Probably both.
  8. dads706

    Favourite Job

    If it has anything to do with cattle. #1 Making hay #2 I guess #2 and #1 go together.
  9. Been listening to the left blame the latest shooting spree on Trump, gun owners, gun sellers, gun manufacturers, etc. .... I ain't the sharpest pencil in the box, but it seems to me the person responsible for all this is the guy who pulled the trigger.
  10. Go ask Alice......"When she's 10 feet tall". "and the doer mouse said..... feed your head, feed your head." Grace Slick... hot babe in the 60's. Also one of the most popular songs in the late 60's. She said she wrote the song in about 10 minutes when she was tripping on LSD.
  11. Has there been any studies to determine if the type of feed (diet) affects the flavor of the milk? I know the diet affects the taste of the meat, so I assume that the milk would be similar. Grass fed beef has a much different flavor than corn fed. My college roommate (out in Hillers country..O'Neil) shot a deer one season that had been living in an orchard on an abandoned farmstead. It ate apples and corn. He said it was as fat as a steer, and the meat had a sweet flavor. Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Thanks Tony. That all makes sense. But one correction..... I always used a hay hook. I know one farmer who made his. They were a bit longer. Go to any farm store (at least in this area) and you can still buy hay hooks. Mine are still hanging on my NH68 down in the barn. Speed, yes I think the new MacDon's are talking 15-18 mph in the field. You couldn't do that here, but under a circle I imagine you could. I remember a couple times in my youth I stuck the 560 in 5th going across the field.... whoohooo. I can't imagine mowing hay that fast.
  13. dads706


    Anybody ever pickled watermelon rind? Wife says her grandmother used to pickle it. Again, probably the depression, etc. you wasted nothing. I may dig up a recipe and try it. I love corn relish too, but again, I'm the only one who would eat it.
  14. When it comes to pulling calves, I'm stronger, but my wife is much better at telling me how to twist and turn the calf. After having 2 kids that each weigned 9 1/2lbs she understands what is happening.
  15. Tony, a couple West Coast baling questions...... I'm assuming that all the bale handling with those 3-wires was all mechanical? Correct? This area was all NH twine with an occasional JD or IH. Dad had a 55T another guy had a 55W. This was back in high school, and the town kids made summer money hiring out to make hay. Most guys pulled a rack directly behind the baler. The guy with the 55W had to pay higher wages because he couldn't get anyone to help. Those bales were just to heavy. We tried shortening them up to make them lighter, but then we just ended up with a square cube. Did you kick them out on the ground and then pick them up with an elevator. I have a bale pickup elevator in the trees. We used it, because dad never hired help, it was usually just him and me. I think it is IH. Would like to restore it some day. We had it on the H. I started out driving the H and then graduated (grew) into stacking on the rack. Surely those bales had to be manhandled somewhere in the process? Give us a lesson in West Coast hay making..
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