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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. Tanker and Lorenzo are back to their old selves. Thank you Thank you....... albeit somewhat tame, but humorous none the less.
  2. House probably is insured anyway. Hey... give the guy credit for ingenuity.
  3. dads706

    Memorial Day

    Semper Fi numquam obliviscar
  4. Currently the big toe is kind of a mixture of yellow and green and purple. I'm guessing will be navy blue tomorrow. Don't think anything is broken. Just got the nail and forward.
  5. You got nothing to worry about, I didn't see Ebola on there. And the one involving size, that is one of those objective things. That reminds me of a story. Maybe I can hide it here and it won't get zapped. Bach in '98 I had major surgery that required I be in intensive care for 3 or 4 days (I don't remember) About midnight on the day of my surgery I'm in ICU still somewhat groggy and this young lady comes in to check on me and was giving me a sponge bath. She asked if it was ok if she washed the lower area along with Mr. Johnson and his buddies. I may have just come out of 12 hours of surgery, but I wasn't dead yet so in my best John Wayne impression I told her she could do anything down there she wanted. She started laughing and told me that from that comment she figured I was not going to die anytime soon. End of story.
  6. I agree about the cookies. But....... I continue to buy them every year. Along with the magazine subscriptions from school, and the popcorn sales from the boy scouts. Back in my day our FFA chapter sold crates of oranges or grapefruit around Christmas time. We had people that would put in orders in advance.
  7. So, can somebody start version 4? We all know it will get zapped eventually, but in the mean time let's have some laughs. There was the occasional one that might have been a bit much, but 99% were nothing worse than what you would hear at the farmer coffee circle every morning at the local Casey's store.
  8. Poor guy that gets the job of checking the air pressure in the tires. Hey guys, the inside, inside, inside, inside dual is flat on the 18th axle. LOL
  9. Never owned a pair of steel toed boots, but may seriously consider it. A 100 lb chunk of steel dropped on your big toe can bring tears to your eyes, cause a dance that will conjour up unknown kinds of demons, and creates a vocabulary the would fill a whole chapter in Websters latest edition. Damn that hurts!!!! l
  10. Wife's aunt swore by the phases of the moon. When to wean calves, when to cut calves, when to plant certain things in the garden, etc etc. I personally never believed in them, but she swore they helped. Fog days, I've seen them be pretty darn close. Catydidds not so much. Anybody here do things by the phases of the moon?
  11. Always had a compliment for Mrs. Cleaver. The jerk in school that everyone liked. RIP Eddie
  12. Anybody ever built a zip line? Am building a tree house for the grandkids and was going to add a zip line. 10-12 feet off the ground and 50 feet long at most. Nothing deadly just something fun for them to zip on. These kids are not wusses or scared of a scratch. Not sure whether to build a seat, or just something to hang on. Thoughts please?
  13. Sorry if I sound like a smartax but....... welcome to the world of feathered livestock.!! Those guineas will be a pretty good watchdog as they get older, but at any age, they have an IQ two notches below a dirt clod. I started out with 13 adult guineas this time last year.... have 2 left.
  14. Stopped at Sam's Club today and to paraphrase 'The Jerk'.........."the toilet paper is here, the toilet paper is here" !!!
  15. A work of art. Youngest son does car and truck restoration in his spare time. Watching him, I can only imagine the hours that went into that car.
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