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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. dads706

    Humor, funniest things your kids have said

    When oldest granddaughter was 3 or 4 she and I were moving the cows to a different pasture. We got back to the house and grandma was asking her about helping. She asked 'What did Grandpa say to the cows'? the response.....'Move god d*mn '.
  2. dads706

    Grandpa's warrior princess....

    No, she's not a Marine, but today oldest granddaughter became a member of the Iowa National Guard. She graduates HS in May with a 4.0 GPA. This is the same kid I had said was in contact with Harvard when she was a sophmore. She probably could have gone anywhere she wanted. The military was not the place I would have guessed her to go. She is still going to go to college. Much of why she chose NG. Her first school after basic is Combat Medic, she has always had an aptitude for science but what she really wants to do is to fly helicopters. Balls and good looks too. Grandma and I both had tears. Grandma just squeezed my arm and asked if she reminded me of anybody. Grandpa is proud as can be, and scared as he**.
  3. dads706

    Anybody ever seen....

    Not relevant, but dad used to have duals on the Super H to pack silage. The big tractor POS 560G was on the chopper. Until it burned another valve ( and then another and then another...etc. Thus the POS moniker) It would burn a valve backing it out of the shed. IH mechanic got to where he could tear it down and have it back together in a couple hours. Never could solve the problem. IH engineers came out to look at it, new head(s) Chrome valves, you name it, nothing worked. I'd still like to find it someday, but I'm sure it was rebranded as a Toyota many many years ago. Sorry for the off topic.
  4. dads706

    Why $19 a month?

    $20 is the key. Studies have shown that the most common bill in a persons wallet is a $20 bill. Years ago it was a 5 or a 10. In the future it will probably be a 50. But back to the topic. If it was $21, you would have to use two bills from your wallet. By using a single bill your brain says it is not as much money as 2 bills. Plus you will get change back. Even if it is only a nickel or a penny. They are still giving you money back. It's really 'all in your head'. Just like Farmall1066 explained it. Watch the prices when you shop. You will notice all the 'deals' at $.99, $4.99, $9.99. WalMart is good at dropping it an extra dime. $9.99 becomes $9.89 and you grab it because you are getting a deal. Businesses pay big bucks for people to study this stuff.
  5. dads706

    Why $19 a month?

    It is a mental thing. You probably do it for stuff and don't realize you are doing it. You tell yourself... "it's less than $20 bucks". The brain and how it works is very interesting. Same reason certain packaging is a certain color, etc. If two sports cars a red and a green, are speeding, the red one is most likely to be stopped. Interesting stuff.
  6. dads706

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    Had a relay burned up on the 4wheeler (my fault). $89 +/- from Honda dealer. I think I paid about 7 or 8 bucks online with free shipping. Probably made in China, but it's been working for probably 3 years or so. If it quits working, I'll spend another 8 bucks and 20 minutes to replace it. Same 4 wheeler, I thought the starter was bad (it wasn't) I called the local Honda dealer. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.+. About crapped down my leg. Got online and found the same thing for $49.00. Called the dealer back just to let him know what I found online. Sears isn't any better. F'n mouse got into the water softener and chewed the wiring harness. If I remember correctly it was something like $189. from Sears. Got online and found a half dozen places that carried them. I think I paid $20 give or take. Again, probably Chinese, but it is still working.
  7. dads706


    Dave Shepard, Wood Mizer has a model #10 that looks like it would be a good saw for just cutting smaller logs. Lorenzo, I'll check it out. There are a couple guys that advertise on the Omaha CL that do custom milling also. But I'd like my own so that I can mill it as I find it. Who knows, as the Ash beetle moves into Iowa, there may be lots of it available. Hackberry and Red Elm are both common here but not abundant. I have some dry Red Elm logs that I'd like to incorporate into a couple projects. Mulberry is hard with an color that changes as it drys. There are plenty of those weeds around. That would make some interesting projects as well.
  8. dads706


    Anybody got one or know anything about them? I've been thinking of getting an entry level mill. I'm not looking for a commercial unit. I had access to some walnut that the guy sold the trunks to a lumber company. There were some limbs that were over a foot across and probably had 8 foot of straight millable lumber. The lumber companies don't want this stuff ( to small) but for me building cabinets and furniture, I could get a lot of useful lumber out of that size stuff. I just hate to see quality lumber turned into fire wood. Sort of like seeing a 560 diesel going to China. Besides, it would be fun. One concern is that I'm afraid a used one would probably be worn out before the owner decided to upgrade etc. Not even considering one of the chainsaw mills so don't even suggest it. The only time I would consider one is if I was making 2x4's out of junk wood. I've used my band saw to resaw some short (3 or 4 foot stuff) just looking for something a bit bigger. Maybe handle 8-10' by 18-24" stuff. Just some wood shop thoughts from a sawdust maker. Comments please. I'm up for a road trip.
  9. They don't make them anymore, and I know where a couple are sitting in the trees. Nuff said. If I remember correctly they actually used the ground as the table to roll the bale. Bales were really loose if I remember also.
  10. dads706

    a song about me...

    Are you sure this isn't closer to the truth.......
  11. Why aren't they correcting their own country? ...... Because it took us 250 years and a lot of blood to get here, they can have the same thing by just crossing a border.
  12. This weekend is gonna be ugly with OSU losing last weekend, I have a feeling they will want to make a statement. But have faith Lorenzo, you still have to play Iowa. We had Wisconsin, and then decided to give it away in the last 2 minutes. We just can't seem to remember that the fourth quarter we still have to play to win, not play not to lose. I'm a true Black and Gold, but somehow we have a habit of winning the big ones, and then getting beat by Pisgah Beauty and Barber College.
  13. dads706

    Just because you can don't mean you should!

    While not recommending it, I can think of a couple times it would have been handy if I had a forklift.
  14. dads706

    New joke

    You've met my buddy. He's a real watch dog.. he'll sit and watch you steal everything. But.... at least he keeps me safe from being attacked by gophers, or rabbits or squirrels...
  15. dads706

    old snowblower

    I just noticed the speedo reads in the RED at 50 mph. Maybe 55, but the old girl has never seen 60 in its life unless it was loaded coasting down hill. To be honest I would like to run it for a day.