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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. So many things I could or would like to say...... but each would be construed as political and would get Hiller's thread poofed.
  2. My BIL always ran JD Sidehill's. When they came out with the rotaries and no long made the sidehill models he got a Hillco for each of his JD's. My question..... does Hillco make two types of units? One Sidehill model and one Hillside model that levels in both directions? BIL's is like the JD Sidehills and only levels in one direction.
  3. Gonna hang a radio, but that will probably just give them something to dance to while they are eating my sweet corn. I usually run 3 wires and a couple ground rods and once a week I'd put a 5 gal bucket of water on the ground rods. I usually use a 200 mile fencer that when everything is cookin' will spark between the claws on a hammer. But unfortunately this year I have to use my solar fencer. Been watching it and thought I was going to make it, but they must have figured it out. I think I'll get enough for us and the kids along with some for friends, but it is gonna be a race.
  4. As far as I am concerned, I don't care who/what/where/when. You take a knee, you disrespect this country, I give you zero respect. Some things are not tolerated. Not negotiable. End of discussion.
  5. In spite of a three wire electric fence the bazzturds found the sweet corn. Mom never canned any sweet corn, but dad always planted a few rows for corn on the cob, and for the grandparents, etc. He once planted some in the middle of a 40 acre corn field. You had to know it was there. Yep, you guessed it....
  6. Women soccer took a knee for the anthem. I won't be watching a single event.
  7. I seem to remember someone on here was looking for a JD bean head. This one is on the Omaha Craig's list. Looks to be in good shape. I have no affiliation to this. Just passing it on if anyone interested. https://omaha.craigslist.org/grd/d/sheldon-jd-row-crop-bead-head/7354188192.html
  8. 1.) 560 w/turbo 2.) 4320 JD W/cab 3.) VAC Case W/eagle hitch 560 because I love them even though the one dad had (gasser) was a BIG POS. 4320 just because the time spent on one, I thought it was a good tractor in a lot of ways and would make a good all around medium horse tractor. VAC Case because it was the first tractor I drove. Would love to find dad's 560G and my 1256, but the chances of finding either are slim to none.
  9. Probably not the best for steering traction, but I like the looks of that front end.
  10. Looks like fresh gas and a new battery and she is ready to drive to town. (that is...after you get the tires a wee bit rounder)
  11. Local guy used to have a helicopter he sprayed with. After he crashed 2, he said that he wasn't taking any chances with #3. He quit. A local family their oldest son (maybe only son) had a helicopter spraying business in South Dakota. Crashed probably 15 years ago. He didn't survive. Why do you always hear of the helicopters crashing? Don't think I've ever heard of a fixed wing duster crashing. Is it just because they have so many moving parts? I know they glide almost as good as a rock. Family friend collected WWII trainer planes. Swore he would never get in a helicopter. The last few days the sky has been full of crop dusters spraying soybeans. Just got me to thinking. ps: couple guys have flown close enough to the shop I could wave as they went over.
  12. You can only wish.........
  13. Several hundred 20 miles east of me on the edge of the Iowa wind corridor. All owned by Mid-American Energy...ie Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway). At night if you look to the east it looks like Christmas. Nothing but red blinking lights on the horizon. Agree with the comments about the absentee owners.
  14. Checked with her parents...... yep, that's the place. Was told it is really dry there. Don't know if it's in the fire danger area or not. She's a combat medic. Heard that she already has had a chance to practice her suturing.
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