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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. dads706


    Give me your favorite jerky recipe. Sliced? Ground? Smoked? Dried? Let's hear them all. I like mine ground and pressed. Red Vinegar/soy/onion salt/garlic salt/worsteshire (sp) sauce marinade with enough red pepper to bite but not overpower. Sorry, my jerky is like the wife's potato salad... no recipe, just make it and eat it. Good every time.
  2. dads706

    New joke

    OT, I've told my wife that when the time comes for them to shut the lid on me, I want her to send along some of her peach cobbler.
  3. 1466... same thing happened down here a couple years ago. Probably at least 5 miles. Luckily all the poles fell in the direction of the wire. Seemed that once the first one went, it was just a domino after that.
  4. Glad they have their snow boots and gloves on. Their.....ahh, toes could get frost bitten. Sandhiller I have heard that for frost bite you should rub vigorously. (Just in case you need to provide medical assistance.) Just wind here with some rain/lightning/thunder last night. Looks like it's gonna miss us... whew. Stay safe up there guys. Another reason why we switched to May/June calving.
  5. Saw the Omaha weather this morning and we are supposed to be just on the edge of the white stuff. But north and west are going to get blasted. This is going to be one of those heavy wet ones that takes out trees and power lines. I'd rather have 2 feet of powder compared to 6" of this stuff. I'll be watching and thinking of those in the middle of it. Wife's granddad used to say that your oats needed a late snow on it to make a good crop. And best potatoes were planted when Easter Sunday was late. So far we haven't been dry enough yet to do anything. Floaters aren't even putting on dry yet. Though I did hear of a BTO that was putting on NH3. Don't know how he was expecting it to seal when applying it in the mud.
  6. Supposed to get rain with a chance of snow. We need a good 2" rain to settle these gravel roads. It's like pulling a plow.
  7. I don't know how you guys do it. I have no concept of farming with rocks. Where I live, people bring rocks back from vacation. I remember in the mid 60's dad had a well drilled because the old one caved in. I don't know why this sticks in my head, but I remember the driller telling dad that we would hit sand at 110 feet and water at 120. He missed it by 2 feet. Sand at 112'. So you see with 100'+/- of dirt, it is hard to comprehend farming with rocks. The first rock picker I ever saw was when we lived in Montana.
  8. dads706

    Music thread

    Only thing I got for Christmas 1963. Didn't need anything else. More than once I fell asleep with it under my pillow where my folks couldn't hear it.
  9. dads706

    Music thread

    She said during in interview that she wrote this while on an LSD trip...
  10. Before I go to the cattle forums I thought I'd ask you guys. I love cattle. Granddad gave me a purebred Shorthorn heifer the day I was born. Been considering stockers. Wife pointed out that I hadn't been shot at for several years, but that could change if I got back in the cattle business. We used to raise Purebred Simmental/Fleckvieh but being involved with other things we got out about 10 years ago. Wife hasn't regretted it, me, I miss'em everyday. Part of the issue is retirement. Wife wants me to retire, I figure to retire 2 days after they bury me. I can work around that issue, but the issue we both are concerned with is the $$ .. ie cash flow. To be specific, is there any money in it? Buy calves in April, sell in November, Don't have to feed hay, no frozen waterers, etc. I don't mind that stuff..(actually enjoy it) she doesn't. The money problem is that depending on the grain market the farm I live on is $300 +/- cash rent (per acre) depending on the grain market like I said. I don't see that in the stocker market. Not planning on the entire farm, just 80 acres or so just to keep me sane, but if I retire, every $$ counts. Thoughts please. And be honest. The cows never lost money, but there were years they didn't make much though. I have only pushed the pencil in my head and part of that was my heart doing the figuring. To late for this year as the renter has already applied NH3 and I didn't notify him besides. I'll talk to some folks I know at ISU. Just thought I'd ask here as well. Heck except for my wife I talk to you guys more than my neighbors.
  11. Obviously the best place to buy a used tractor in it's working clothes is on a farm sale. But having said that, it is not an option for most people buying from jockeys. There is one area jockey that I'm not sure I would buy a tractor from, but have always been treated fair when purchasing equipment from him. But, there is one person that I would not walk, but run like the wind from anything advertised. An example.. probably 10 years ago I got a call from my BIL on a cold snowing day, that a guy with a loaded trailer had slid in the ditch and needed a pull. (since my BIL's green stuff probably wouldn't start.... sorry, couldn't help myself) Anyway the guy had a JD4840 on the trailer. Young guy, just getting started, great deal, the seller wanted to help a young farmer, etc. (good thing I had my boots on) this kid was tickled pink with his new tractor. The part that I really had to bite my tongue was when he told us that the seller had bought it new and used it on his own farm. Ahmmm, this guy has never farmed with a JD in his life and never bought a new tractor. I really hope the kid didn't get taken to bad cause you just had to like him.
  12. Some of you may be to young to remember this take off on the classic routine.....
  13. Or as most people will point out.... "He ain't the brightest bulb in the box" Each winter it snows. Each winter I push snow. There is a blade on the 706. There is gravel on the driveway. Mama is quite particular about her lawn. Each winter I push snow onto her lawn. Each spring Gene goes out with a leave rake. And lest I get to comfortable in my recliner watching a 1950's Randolph Scott western. Upon inspection by the keeper of the lawn it is reported that I missed a couple spots. Tomorrow dear..... The last I heard from her she was mumbling something about a box of crayons and the sharpest one in there. Must be something for the grand kids. Maybe next year when it snows........ Oh my aching back.
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