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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. dads706

    old snowblower

    I just noticed the speedo reads in the RED at 50 mph. Maybe 55, but the old girl has never seen 60 in its life unless it was loaded coasting down hill. To be honest I would like to run it for a day.
  2. but it was a restoration. Got a call Sunday morning from a lady in tears. Her grandson wanted something off the top of the chest of drawers so he pulled out the bottom drawer and used it as a step. Yep, you guessed it. Stood in the bottom drawer, both feet.. right through the bottom of the drawer. Why was she bawling.... because the chest of drawers has been handed down in her family since before the Civil War. Ok, bring it out. I don't know any better. It is raining and miserable outside. I need an excuse to fire up the wood stove in the wood shop and maybe take a nap. So I take the thermos, and me and knothead head off to the shop. He usually just lays by the stove or looks out the glass door. (or comes over to get his ears scratched) Anyway here she comes with the drawer. The little bugger didn't just crack the bottom, be blew it out. Busted the center support and both panels. Thank goodness the frame was still fine. This thing was beautiful, no wonder she was upset. Solid oak, curved front, hand cut dovetails. Made me pee down my leg just thinking of the stories it could tell and the people it has seen. Let alone wishing I was half the craftsman as the one who built it. I told her I'd see what I could do, but no promises. Sometime in the past 150 years person or persons have tried to fix repairs with glue. And in the 1800's/early 1900's it would have been hide glue. My guess is that the panels dried,swelled, dried, swelled every season and eventually got really loose and somebody just glued the panels solid. Did I mention that the panels were solid wood 3/16 thick. I would have liked to see the board they came from. (I didn't keep them, I was tempted but I saved the pieces so she could keep them with the chest) I took a screwdriver, ground it 3/16 wide and made a half as*ed chisel. I spent a good part of the day picking and digging getting the grooves in the sides/front/back cleaned out. Who ever used that glue used plenty (dammit) all the way around the drawer. They made sure the bottom wasn't going anywhere. I had to make the center support as the old one was busted in half. Couple hours, a scrap piece of oak, experimenting with the router, and I had one that fit and looked like the original. The panels, I cheated. I told her I was going to. I had some 1/4" oak plywood that I had saved from some long ago project. Took a 1/16th" off the edge so it would fit the grooves. I cut the curves to fit the front and put it all back together. Except for a thimble full of modern glue to hold the center support, and the plywood, it was almost as good as it was 150 years ago. I called her Monday morning, she came and picked it up. She started bawling all over again. I even got a hug. I know, without pictures it never happened. One of you guys teach me how to post pictures and I'll post some next time. Not bad for a self taught sawdust maker. Just wanted to brag about my restoration project.
  3. dads706

    Any Line men on here, You might like this.

    That's cool. Wonder how long before someone steals it?
  4. dads706

    old snowblower

    I forgot the cold toes from the steel floor. Take a break, eat a sandwich, take your shoes off and put your toes under the heater blower to warm them back up. (done it) Remember this was before Sorel's or Bunny Boots. All you had was wool socks and 5 buckles over your shoes.
  5. dads706

    old snowblower

    I can visualize it.... colder than a __________, chain it up, thermos of coffee, couple of sandwiches, cab is about 45 degrees even with the heater wide open, about a square foot of windshield not frosted over,... I'm good to go. What more does a guy need?
  6. dads706

    What can we determine from this old photo?

    Sugar cane maybe? I'm from Iowa, what would I know about sugar cane?
  7. dads706

    Where will it end. LOL

    I don't know if Bauer still has the contract to build them for Deere. I wonder what it takes HP wise to pull it. I know a guy whose family bought a 36 row several years ago. They hooked a FWA 8400 on the front of it. They have all flat ground and he said it worked the heck out of it. 24 x 30" would be a heck of a head. 30" they would probably use a 16 row.
  8. dads706

    You can't be too safe these days

    It's a ceiling fan. If the straps give way, he can grab the rod and slide down. No way of knowing if he is installing or removing.
  9. dads706

    My congress hearing rant.....

    I see 2 scenarios... 1.) The FBI who has been beat up lately stays in the middle and says something like "We found nothing that said he did, but can't say definitivly that he did." or 2.) They say he might have, but can't prove he did. So not guilty. What I also expect is that once he is confirmed, the democrats who were in love with the FBI when they (and still are) tried to derail the president. But now they will hate the FBI and it will all be their fault for an improper or inadequate investigation. Ever wonder why people don't trust politicians? Heard a good one the other day, can't prove it but sounds reasonable. But the jist of it was that one of the Senators... suggested that it made sense that Congress members should be appointed (I don't know by whom) rather than elected by the people. Now that is scary.
  10. dads706

    more crazy weather...

    Just got home today. I missed out...93 today missed the record by a couple degrees, supposed to be 44 by 6 am tomorrow. Had dropped to 60 by 6 pm. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was back in Montana.
  11. dads706

    My congress hearing rant.....

    I'm not being political because I think both side are showing lack of intelligence. I can understand why the GOP allowed the extension because it is all about votes and the thin margin. But... when is this ridiculousness going to end. This guy is damn good, and I think everyone on both sides knows it. When I was 15 I sure as he** didn't think I was going to be sitting here typing this. If I had, well maybe I might have done things different. I doubt it but maybe. Deal with it. I was watching TV and didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or shoot the damn TV in frustration. So I just shut it off because I couldn't do anything about it until November. I did get a one line email from a friend in Edmonton that simply said. "I've got a spare room." I am so pissed now I could write more, but it would just get me banned or I would smash my computer. Maybe both. It's raining, I'm going to go out and cool off.
  12. dads706

    Nebraska Sandhills

    You mentioned Cherry County Neb., put Garfield County MT on that same list. The county seat has gravel streets, and the hospital has a gravel parking lot. (or at least it was that way 10 years ago, who knows it may all be owned by Californians now)
  13. dads706


    He bought it from another collector. It was a common site at the area shows for many years before he bought it. There are a couple others around.
  14. dads706

    auction haul

    Could I be so nosey as to ask how much you paid for the JD sheller. I have a JD sheller that is wooden and still has the original paint. I have had a couple JD guys pee down their leg when they saw it. Maybe I can sell it and retire. I doubt it though as it was owned by the wifes great grandfather.
  15. dads706

    A conundrum,,,,

    Just how well built is a brick sh*t house or how is a brick sh*t house built?