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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.
  1. The "In jail" scam.....

    The wife got a call from her mom this morning (she had her 90th birthday a couple weeks ago). Someone (foreign speaking) called her telling her that her grandson (she has 5) was in jail and was needing her help to pay for his attorney etc. My wife spent an hour trying to calm her down and telling her it was a scam. She wouldn't tell my wife if she provided any credit card, SSN, etc information. Wish these a**holes would call me once. I'd love to play with them.
  2. I said something to my vet once about the fact that if I called him, he came as soon as possible. I told him I appreciated it even though I only had 30 cows, he said " you pay your bill", was all he said. Local rumor was that one of the local BTO's had an outstanding bill of close to $100k, before the vet got paid. It's not always paying your bill that makes a good customer or a good business. Propane supplier retired a few years ago and sold the business to a chain. This guy would come out after hours if you needed it, and he would also bring a 100 gallons if that's what you wanted. Some people struggling to make ends meet can't afford 1000 gallon fill. The new company sent a letter out saying that from now on, they would no longer do partial fills on propane tanks, only full fills. And all kinds of stuff that were going to be 'extra charge'. I'm not arguing the extra charge, but these were simply unreasonable. The original guys secretary stayed on with the new company. She said that after 2 years the new company had about 1/3 the business as the old owner just because of their business practices.
  3. What ruled the roads then?

    Love the American mags. They were pricey back in the day, wonder what an original set would cost now? I've never seen the red headlight covers. 57 Corvette grill. Love the Everly Brothers too.
  4. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    First thing I said was ..... "there is a gawd dam* 55 baler". You guys beat me to the comments. My thoughts exactly. Glad to know that I wasn't the only kid that rode the twine box. Must have been a common thing with those 55T's.
  5. What ruled the roads then?

    I knew a kid who bought a 69 or 70 396/375 Nova. I was gone by then, but was back once and got a ride in it. He only had it a few months, and I heard he sold it. It was not safe. It was simply scary, not exciting scary, just scary scary. Like was said above way to much power for that car in street trim. I heard that the reason he sold it, was he was on I-80, hit 4th at about 65 and it went sideways on the interstate. With drag suspension, it would have been completely different story. Sort of like a 466 triple turbo pro puller, on an end gate seeder.
  6. Craigslist question.....

    Is there a way on Craigslist to do a global search? Instead of Omaha, or Des Moines, or Lincoln etc. I'd like to put in what I'm looking for and have it search every thing from the Atlantic to the Pacific (so to speak). I'm looking for a 5 1/2 foot clawfoot bath tub. I wouldn't mind a road trip anywhere within about a couple states in any direction. I have a couple 5 footers, but 5 1/2 footers are harder to find. They are out there, not really worth any more, they just aren't as common. Because of the shape, most older bathrooms didn't have room for the longer tub. Remodeled the master bath this past winter and the wife wants a clawfoot tub. We are both 6' tall thus the reason for the longer tub.
  7. What ruled the roads then?

    In high school mid 60's it was 55-57 Chevys or 58-64 Ford's, a couple early 60's mopars, and 1 Hudson Hornet, most were warmed over but nothing serious. Usually just wheels and glass packs with an occasional cam or carb. Nobody had any money. Except one kid had a Pontiac Tempest 2 door sedan. 326 flags on the fenders and granny hubcaps all around. But under the hood was a god awful 389. He drove it to school during the week, and took it to the strip on Sunday. When I say god awful, that is a compliment. He was not a jock, and his only girlfriend was that car. If it is possible to have an engine that was barely streetable that was it. He had the trophys to prove it. On saturday, he would take his dad's tractor and loader, pickup the rearend, roll a completely different rear end under it (I think locked 4:56's if I remember right), bolt on some Vo-Ag shop built ladder bars, and be ready to race. I've seen it pull the wheels off the ground when only the big boys were pulling wheelies. Nobody even tried him, why bother.'s the story. Kid from a couple towns over had a professional built 390 in a Mustang. (his dad died, left some life insurance, and he and his siblings did their best to spend it) Anyway, it was bound to happen. North of town was our drag strip. The county had put 2 road signs almost an exact 1/4 apart. We measured it one weekend, and it was within a few feet. Saturday nights after taking our date home was spent at the Skelly station, telling lies about getting lucky with our dates, talking cars, and drinking Schlitz. (hey, it was cheap) The local county cop was a nice guy, treated us fair, and probably remembered that he had been a kid once. This race was scheduled for the next saturday night, the word was out, this was going to be a big deal. We were all sitting at the Skelly station and in he pulled. He wanted to know about the race. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. As up front as could be the conversation went something like this.... "myself and (two other county cops) are going to take our lunch break at 11PM out at the restaurant at the I-80 exit. We are going to finish our lunch at mid-night. After our lunch break we are going to drive north of town and I don't want to see anything but stars. And I do not want to see any beverage cans laying around. You know, the kind that you sat on your floor boards as I drove in". That was his way of saying ... I'm not condoning it, but you have 1 hour to run this race. Behave and police yourselves. We understood, and like I said, he was a nice guy and treated us fair. We all knew not to cross the line. Back to the race... we probably could have sold tickets, there were probably 100 kids, we even had a couple cars a mile ahead with flares just in case some traffic came. There was a field entrance right at the 1/4 mile mark and there was someone shining headlight across the road at the finish line. It looked like the scene from American Graffiti. Both cars lined up, the Tempest in full race trim and uncorked headers. (that thing idled at about 2 grand). They took off and the Pontiac bogged at the line but still won by a fender. It was supposed to be 2 out of three, but we only had time for 1 more run. (county cop rules remember). This time they came off the line, I know that Tempest had the wheels in the air. By the time they hit the finish line the Mustang was about 4 cars behind. There was some argument about the Mustang having engine issues or something. But true to our word, we were back at the Skelly station by midnight, and true to his word, the cop drove by at about 12:05. After graduation (he was a year behind me) the kid with the Pontiac went to work for a dealership in Illinois I think, and a couple years later was working for GM Pontiac performance. Probably the only non-engineer there. I heard once he was either still there or retired from there. This is a great thread, brings back memories and the age of innocence.
  8. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    I forgot about that ^%%&*%^*(^ ... 55T baler. When it tied, it was a great baler. When it didn't, yours truly got to sit on the twine box and tie the loose ends. Thank goodness, it was usually just one side. You had to be quick, because there was a brace across the top of the bale chamber and you had about 10 inches to get it tied in before it went under that cross brace. And in heavy hay, that 10 inches went quick. It was one of those machines that was infected by gremlins. I could sit on that twine box all day eating leaves and dust, and the next day it wouldn't miss a bale. Must have been the phase of the moon. Probably had the local IH 'baler knotter expert' work on it a half dozen times. Still acted up. Sure was glad when we started chopping all the hay.
  9. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Not mine but dad's 560 gas I loved that tractor, but what a POS. I remember when he brought it home brand new. Every time he put it to a hard pull, it would burn valves. Every spring during tillage and every fall during silage chopping you could count on it spending time in the shop. Heck, I think they probably had a stall in the shop with it's name on it. Never did figure out what the cause was. Even had reps from the factory look at it. If you never pulled it hard, it was a joy. Finally traded for a 706 G. That 706 was a good tractor, but you needed to add saddle tanks to the thing for fuel just to keep it fed. Damn it was thirsty. Mine isn't any better.
  10. Toilet in the shop.

    Adding the hardware etc. is easy and cheap, the expensive part would be running the water (I could rent a trencher), but a septic tank and lines would get pricey for no more than it would be used. I suppose I could just put in a small tank with a single outlet. It wouldn't really need a drain field with a bunch of laterals.
  11. Toilet in the shop.

    Current wood shop doesn't have one. The shop is only 200' from the house but sometimes when 'ya gotta go' that 200 feet seems like 2 miles. I know you guys that use your shop as your business I can understand it. The plan is this summer to remodel a different building that I could use for additional woodworking etc. I was considering a toilet. I don't need a shower as I don't get grimy just dusty and I can blow most of that off. I'd have to run water and add a septic tank. probably add a water heater for hot/cold sink. A lot of expense for what little it would be used, but sometimes... when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Nuff said on that subject. Heck if I'm going that far, I may as well add a small fiberglass shower. Whichever son ends up with this farm may be glad it's there and for $500 (for the shower etc) it would be considered a cheap addition. Comments please.
  12. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    NOW, if not sooner! And the one that has followed me around since I can remember was the general fits all comment.... "You're going to have to do it sooner or later" or a variation "Just do it and get it over with"
  13. BB gun advice.

    The wife says to me this morning "I want a BB gun". Ok, no problem. I ask what for. " Oh, just to shoot those ********** Blue Jays and an occasional squirrel". "And maybe I'll shoot that dumb dog of yours every time he does something stupid. Oh wait, I'd run out of BB's" I ignored that remark and started googling BB guns. I told her I'd get her a Red Rider, but she'd probably shoot her eye out. I see BB guns from $30 to $300. She is not wanting to kill anything just kind off chase them away. So I would say that a pellet gun is not considered. Anybody do any serious BB gun shooting? I've shot some high dollar super accurate BB guns and they were a blast. I'd get her the $39.99 Red Rider, but she would not be happy with it. (she is a darn good shot and if it's not accurate it'll get wrapped around a tree) I've never shot a BB pistol. Maybe just a mid range priced pistol. Your thoughts / advice please.. Price isn't critical, but knowing her, she'd be happier with a plinker than a target gun. As me and the boy were heading out to the shop I heard the comment .... "maybe I'll shoot ya both and see which one yelps the loudest." She really does like us ....
  14. IH 1466

    My 706 is a TA delete.
  15. New joke

    He'd probably be banned from pre-school. The woman could probably sue, even though it appears to be concensual. Possibly he promised to pick up his toys if he was allowed just a quick feel.