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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. I see on Craigslist there are some "Red Semiangus" heifers for sale. I'm guessing they are Simiangus cross heifers, but who knows.
  2. For the fruit growers here........ 1.) Do you use netting on your cherry trees? The birds don't seem to want to share. 2.) Do you net the entire canopy? ie....drape it completely over and tie to the trunk so birds can't get under it. 3.) Do you fertilize your fruit trees? 4.) If you fertilize, do you us a granular or a foliar spray? Thanks
  3. The point I was making is that it seems that 90% of the handicapped spots are used by some woman who pulls in with her rusted out hulk of a toyota, unloads her 7 kids and trots off to the store puffing on her cigarette. I don't use mine as much as I could. Pride and/or ego mostly. But I'll admit that when the wind is blowing out of the north and the parking lot is solid ice with the temp in single digits, it does come in handy. Dis-claimer: The part of Iowa I was referring to is kind of an Iowa joke. Just imagine you are facing the south end of a north facing donkey. But having said that, the city itself has a wealth of American history, much of the population is...well, never mind.
  4. Having only one good eye and one good leg, After my last eye surgery I got a handicap permit a few years ago. I have since found that the handicapped spots in Council Bluffs are reserved for "chain smoking, spandex wearing, toothless beauties" ( I probably should include "welfare collecting") Only Art will understand this.
  5. My shop radio and my cordless tool chargers do not play nice together. They are both on the same circuit. The building is covered with metal. FM isn't to bad but my "classic country/farm news" AM station has issues. Help me please because the only thing on the country FM station is some country rap sheept that is an insult to the great country singers to even call that crap country music. This isn't meant to be a music rant, I just want to be able to listen to my radio.
  6. Years ago when I was doing work for some defense contractors I somehow got shipped off to DC to listen to a bunch of Georgetown lawyers explain why I should always use terms like "could" or "can" and NEVER use terms like "would" or "will". The session had absolutely nothing to do with what I was doing, but it was interesting and gave some insight into legal speak. I still think about that sometimes when dealing with legal stuff.
  7. To the Craigslist sellers.......... It's a corn stalk not a stock. And it's a hay bale not a bail.
  8. Some things are priced to make "break even" at best. A good example is that $5.00 fast food meal. All the money is made on the drink not the burger. That $1.89 'small' drink actually costs about 18 cents total. We used to figure that the ice and the glass cost more than the Pepsi/Coke syrup that goes in it.
  9. Never drove a cabover. Always was told they were rough riding no matter what kind of air seat. If there is a wreck, you are the first to know it, but I have always liked the looks of the old cabovers.
  10. As a young sprout, on the rare occasion we went to town and bought gas while we were there, the two guys at the Standard station would come out to greet you. Ed would wash ALL the windows and Walt (I think was his name) would pump gas and check tires and oil. I was to young to pay attention, but I'm guessing gas was a dime or less. (I have a receipt from 1950, farm gas was 8 cents.)
  11. Seems the local meth heads have found something to steal besides Anhydrous ... they have switched to Diesel. Was listening to the local radio yesterday and they said farmers are reporting diesel being stolen out of tractors and portable fuel tanks. Construction guy reported a 500 gallon support tank stolen while he was dozing. I guess he was out in the field building a pond and when he got back to the field entrance his support tank was gone. Said he didn't mind so much that they stole the tank and trailer, but he had just filled it. Ouch. Then just this morning the Omaha TV station was talking to people who had gasoline stolen from their cars parked in the driveway overnight. They said thieves would just punch a hole in the gas tank and drain the tank. And to make matters worse they said that the dealers were having trouble getting replacement tanks. On backorder. What the he** is happening out there.
  12. Local yard carries Anderson. That's probably who I will go with. I was just wanting some price comparisons. My mistake. The bazzturds started calling already this morning again. If it says "get a quote", do not hit the enter key.
  13. I'm installing them myself. As long as I still can, nobody uses a hammer/saw/drill etc. on my house but me. I built it, I can fix it. I'm still in the "it's on my summer projects list" mode. So I was just wanting some starting point prices. It was 97 degrees here so I figured I'd do this where it was cool. Should have stayed outside in the heat.
  14. I'm planning on replacing/upgrading some home windows this summer. Instead of running over to my local lumber yard, I got on the "net" (first mistake). I thought I would just compare some prices and do some 'window shopping' so to speak. I got on a manufactures web site (not sharing the name), entered my information, pressed enter for my free quote. AND........ within seconds and I do mean seconds, I immediately get a call from some guy in India (I assume) who is asking about my windows and telling me they have sold many in my area. I asked for some references.....sorry, we can't give that information. The next thing he heard was my click. Then......for the next hour and a half, my phone was ringing with phone numbers from all over the USA. I should have just driven over to the lumber yard......! Now I know.
  15. The good/bad/ugly.... please?
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