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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. Not hijacking, but a quick cattle question..... I used to subscribe to a magazine called Canadian Cattleman (loved that magazine by the way). I noticed that many of the ranchers would calve in Jan/Feb in that bitter cold weather. My question is what is the reasoning for that? In Montana it was because you moved the cattle to your forest grazing permits in April so you calved in Jan/Feb. You can PM me if you want. I don't want to go off topic of the thread. Coldest I saw in Montana was -52 F. (it was -62 at West Yellowstone that day) Coldest in Iowa I think was -24(+/-) growing up ba
  2. Makes great cabinet and furniture lumber if it is big enough. Else good firewood as you probably already know.
  3. It has always amazed me how abrasive dry snow is. Doesn't take much snow pushing and the blade is as slick as a plow bottom. After I get the yard cleaned off, I angle the blade and run down the road once before the grader gets here. Hi-2nd.......love watching the snow roll off the blade.
  4. Yep, that looks like yesterday. Nice looking tractor. Tho I like the 560 better. What are the brackets for...saddle tanks
  5. I always said I wanted to take a couple 1/2 X 9/16 wrenches with me to the beyond. I would need a couple because before they got the lid shut I will have already lost one.
  6. The shop restoration is going slower than anticipated, but life and stuff just seems to get in the way. Insulated, drywalled, electric and air (compressed), windows and overhead door are done. (haven't started on the upstairs yet) Now it's time for the bench and cabinets. As I mentioned in the beginning I salvaged as much as I could of the old bench (one plank and the post vise), the bolt bin (my guess is that was it's original purpose), a couple scrap pieces of wood with holes drilled I'm assuming for drill bits etc. All that heirloom stuff is first on the list to be put back. Was thinking t
  7. dads706


    As of about 3pm the road is blown shut. Drifts were 2-3 feet or more at that time. Feed bunks drifted over. And we are only half done with the storm. Still blowing like He!!. You guys will be proud of me....... I put the chains on the 706. I would add what the wife told me about the chains (or lack of) but that would get me poofed. Ok winter, come and get me.
  8. dads706


    Not here yet but it is coming. Schools reporting closed already yesterday. Omaha businesses and gov offices are reporting closed this morning. Been a while since that has happened. Propane tank is full, firewood if needed, pantry is stocked and meat to last a couple months......bring it on. Still don't have the chains on the 706 though.
  9. Another joke thread......this one has a "punch line". Was out in the wood shop this afternoon and was swarmed by 3 small people..... all frozen, all suggesting we go see if grandma has some hot chocolate, all under 4 feet tall, and all talking at the same time. (if you have grandchildren you understand) Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, do you want to hear a joke.... .. sure, lets hear it, I like jokes....... "Why did the guy get fired from the calendar store?"........ When grandchildren tell jokes, you make sure and laugh no matter the punch line, and even if they don't understan
  10. Back in the day, I would have slept in that parking garage just to prove that I can take whatever they throw at me.
  11. Not my wife, the guy in the other car. Local guy drives big rigs coast to coast, Has done it for as long as I've known him. Because the semi is tall and he can look down into the cars, he said once he could write a book about all the things he has seen in his 50 years of driving truck.
  12. I had a vision that this thread was similar to my experience. Wife and I were cruising along on I-80 and the car ahead would speed up and then slow way down. This went on for several miles. Wife said pass him he acts like he is drunk. Just as we pulled along side another head pops into view.
  13. I found this on youtube. Any time someone thinks this great country owes them something they should listen to this. I'm a history buff and did not know all of this. Some of it I did, but Paul Harvey goes into much more detail as only Paul Harvey could. This should have been one of his classic "Rest of the Story". Moderator, this is a history lesson not a political statement.
  14. When I saw the P-38's my first thought was of Randy and ...." I bet Randy could tell us about them".
  15. I think we may have moved from the point of the original post....... but at least it is still here. 😀
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