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  1. Since this side of the planet seems to be a bit damp I thought I'd add a bit more doom and gloom.. Had to head 30 miles west today and then north on I-29, then back down the other side of I-29 to CB for the first time in a year. I know everybody here has had a bad year and am not trying to make this sound any worse than where you are. But..... those poor guys. There were white caps in the fields, and the edge of the highway looks like you are driving along a surf zone. Only the top 3 or 4 inches of the fence posts are viewable. And this is thousand and thousands of acres for miles and miles. Imagine $10-12K+ an acre / 250+ bpa all under 4 feet of water. I-29 gets closed every time we get a shower. Today Iowa Hiway Dept. was salting I-29 in a few stretches because the water was splashing on the hiway and freezing. Earlier this year everyone was talking about these folks on the Missouri River bottom not getting a crop in. He!!, from what I saw today it will be 2 or 3 years before they could even consider it. SD and ND are already getting snow. Snow melts in the spring, water flows downhill. Farmers are a resilient bunch of optimists, the water will go down someday. They'll just wait it out. I'm sure I-29 from CB south is no better, I know 29 was completely washed away down by Nebraska City this summer. It's amazing what Mother Nature will do if she gets pissed. Sorry no pictures. Maybe IHRon can snap a couple the next time he heads to Omaha Packing I'm assuming he comes down 29.
  2. Hiller .... you got snow yet. Omaha weather said we could possibly see some flakes if the front gets this far. How far are you from O'Neil? Used to know some folks from there. Fired up the boiler this morning... furnace guy says it needs a new gas valve. Guess the fireplace will have to do for a few days.
  3. Love your wide rear stance. You could use some larger headlights.
  4. I heard also that the left wants to change the Military Phonetic Alphabet as it is racist and sexist. c=Charlie, j=Juliet, m=Mike, etc etc. and Y= Yankee, Z= Zulu is racist. Do people actually lay awake at night thinking up the sh*t?
  5. This is just kind of a shake your head and walk away type of vent. I've never watched the show. Just kind of looking at the guy turns me away. His wife passed away a few weeks ago , it was all in the news. It was raining, considered taking a nap and was just thumbing through the channels. The show had already started. Ok, I'll turn in on and watch it. What a joke. Here are these guys decked out in enough gear that would make a Navy Seal envious. This guy must be going after some real hard case crooks. Huh, no guns? In place of a Glock they have a can of pepper spray. Who is this hard core criminal they are chasing? He has to be dangerous. Well, he missed two bail setting meetings. Now that's gotta be a hard core crook. If he keeps going down this path, before long his picture will be in the post office for not paying library fines. So they catch the guy (who'd thought). And what does he do.... he )Dog the Bounty Hunter) sits down with the guy and tells him how he needs to straighten his life out. Oh, I forgot.. the guy walks to his door and is surprised to see these people. Tries to run away. Gotta be a half dozen camera teams, along with these pretend SWAT wanna-be's.. But his half as*'d escape attempt allowed the wanna-be's to throw him down and cuff him. But..... he's getting rich chasing those adult juvenile delinquents and I 'm sitting here typing this. I should have just taken a nap.
  6. Hiller... forget the rut. Around here once corn harvest gets in full swing it won't be safe on the roads. I'm not talking tractors or combines. The f'n deer will be running back and forth all over looking for a place to hide. They remind me of people and snow.... it happens every year, but they have to relearn every time.
  7. A question for the dairymen and the cattle feeders. Does anyone do either of the above? When I was at home we tried some HM corn. We put it in the upright and then put about 10 feet of silage on top of it to seal it. It was good feed, the cattle loved it and did good on it. We only had a worn out 403 combine that did a very poor job of combining it so dad only did it a couple years. The guys with the blue ones did a lot of HM corn. What about Earlage. there was a guy who had a snapper head on a JD (I think). It was the fall of 67 and I was gone by the summer of 68 so I never knew how it worked. I think he put some in a bunker, but never asked him how it worked out. He is long gone now too. This was back in the day when almost every farmer in Iowa fed a few cattle and a few hogs. Dad would have been considered a BTO feeder. We fed 2-300 a year. Roorda feed wagon and a Super H. Dad fed in the morning and I fed after school. Then I'd load for the first load in the morning so all he had to do was start the tractor and go with the first load.
  8. Does anybody make an over the road cabover anymore? I know Mack makes a cabover, but they are specialty trucks like trash haulers and in-town deliveries etc.. Only cabover I ever drove was a straight truck so that doesn't count. I understand you felt ever bump in the road. And the old saying about being the first one at the scene of the wreck. Don't see many anymore. But.... there used to be some really sharp rigs on I-80. I still like the looks of a decked out cabover. But then again, I never had to drive one. 50 years ago the local elevator had a couple GMC's. I remember the sleeper not being much more than a shelf behind the seats with a mattress.
  9. IHRon and tmtbob... sounds like you just haul feeders and fats. Do you ever haul cows or bulls? And do you have escape doors or something to get behind if a bull or cow develops an attitude?
  10. We get a shot every year. Don't know if it works, but haven't had the flu either. Usually get a cold or two. We have grandchildren....every week or so our immune system gets a good dose of whatever is going around at school.
  11. If you can't find a jointer, you can always run them through a table saw and just have the blade touch up the edge. Don't take any wood off. I've done that before. Just make sure the blade is a true 90 degrees, else you will have to flip one of them when you run it through the saw or you will end up with a wider gap than you have now. Sanding...... never!!! that top has scratches and stories to tell. Dowels = Better than a toenailed finish nail but not much. Good in their day, but a lot of things better today. Hard to get the joint flush even with a dowel jig. I don't even know if I still have mine.
  12. When I was in Puerto Rico they had a pot of coffee, a pot of warm milk, and a pot of hot water. I just drank the coffee . I was told that you were supposed to mix the three to dilute the coffee. They just kind of looked at me when I told them the coffee was fine by itself. I drink tea as well because the wife actually gets nausious sometimes smelling coffee. Remember the 'key' to open the coffee cans. I've got some Butternut coffee jars from when it came in jars before the cans. Oh yeah, and when 3 pounds of coffee was actually 3 pounds.
  13. Grew up on the kind that if you didn't drink it you could tar your roof with it.
  14. dads706

    Combine pics

    Still to wet here. Couple guys tried it but corn and early beans still wet. Hot and windy today, a few more like that and people will be in the field. BUT.... rain in tonight's forecast.
  15. Love it because that one is a single board. Do you know someone who has a jointer? Just take a 32nd off each one to true them up else you will never clamp it tight enough to hide that seam. But then again, that seam gives it a bit of character. I'm guessing it was probably visible in the past just maybe not that much. You could try a couple butterflies on the bottom side. Without biscuits or splines or pocket screws, ..... a 'good' glue (use hide glue, Menards has some if you want to be authentic), clamps , and a couple cleats would be easiest. But that seam still needs trued up. Looks to be hardwood. I still say...... go to Menards or Home Depot or Lowes. Get a beginner pocket joint jig. Probably $30 bucks (a guess). Get the correct screws, (hardwood and soft wood use different screws) and pocket joint it. The beauty of a pocket joint is that the screw will 'pull' the pieces together and you are not dependent on glue alone. Wish you were closer, I'd help you. If you do go with pocket screws, DO NOT do it until you have experimented with some scrap wood the same thickness. Trust me on that. There is not a lot of meat between the tip of the screw and the table surface and you do not want to F up that family heirloom. I've repaired antique furniture before and you only get one chance. Take your time and you will be fine. A lot of good advice on this forum. For what it's worth, pocket joints are the only way I will put face frames together. Like I said the biscuit jointer stays in the case.
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