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    Looking for Dad's 560G. Last 6" of the shifter is bent vertical to wrap around the steering column instead of horizontal. Don't know the serial#.
    Wood working, cabinet making, pretty much building anything with wood.

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  1. Since we are reliving our youth....... off topic, but worth a smile 'cause we've all been there
  2. #1 This is a 1980's energy crisis cast iron stove. It has new rope on the doors, so it is 'tight' but not 'air tight'. #2 My heat exchanger is...... (if I can explain this correctly) a) smoke exits the stove via a single section of black pipe, b)this is connected to a "T", c) 90 elbow at each side of "T", d) straight section of pipe on each elbow carries smoke upward e) another elbow on end of each straight pipe section f) elbows connect to another "T" g) short piece of pipe connects "T" to insulated pipe at ceiling h) smoke exits via insulated pipe. That is a wordy explanation of what looks like a big rectangle with a T entrace on the bottom and a T exit on top. My idea is to put the damper in the short piece "g)" rather than the piece of pipe at "a)" Looks similar to this but with a standard section of pipe between the elbows rather than connecting elbow to elbow. Mine would have a standard pipe section at the bottom, and a short section at the exit. I want my damper at the top rather than the bottom. This guy did not indicate where he put his damper.
  3. I think I asked this before but may have worded my question wrong. I am installing my other woodstove in the new woodshop. It is 83" from stove pipe opening on the stove to the ceiling. The stove may be a bit small for the building so I want to retain as much heat as possible before it exits the shop. My other shop will be used for assembly so this one doesn't need to be 'shirt sleeve' but want it to be 'sweatshirt' on those cold January days. (I'll have a fan behind the stove to move air) There is a 5' attic space between the ceiling and the roof exit. My question is the damper location. Since the damper helps retain heat in the stove pipe for a better draw, I would like to locate the damper nearer the ceiling than nearer the stove to capture as much heat as possible. Comments and suggestions please. ps: I guess I could always put the damper up high and if it doesn't work, I could move it lower. But would like to do it once and done.
  4. The wife was thinking of trading her '17 Chev High Country for a new one since you hear about how hot the used market is. I called my dealer who I've dealt with for 40 years. Told the salesman (who I didn't know) I had a '17 High Country, just turned 15k on the odometer, white pearl paint, has never had a snowflake touch it, sits in the garage from Halloween till April, $2500 rollup bed cover etc..... what can ya do for me........ ....... he said if he could find a new one it would be (thank goodness I was sitting down) probably 30k difference. Nope, she is very happy with the one she has. I was considering trading if he had said 10, but no way in he** at 30.
  5. My built 396 was turning 2500 and 65 mph w/3:73 and 3000 w/4:11. The 4:11 was pre-wedding, and the 3:73 were after the wedding. It was our only car and my daily driver so I backed it down (gear wise), factory cam, and went back to the quadra-jet to get the mileage back to a livable number (12-15). Remember, I was only paying .19 for premium. I know cheap, but I was only making $350 a month. But with the big gears, the L88 and the Holley......oh howdy, it would plant you in the seat. I remember missing second one time..... just about pi**ed my pants. (ya had to have that lumpy cam for the boys at the drive in on Saturday night) That's why there is a 69/SS396 on my bucket list. To relive my youth and to show the young pups at the Dairy Queen what muscle really is. Know a guy that is building a 67 Chevelle with a hot 504 cu. in. (454) it's only purpose will be a Saturday night cruiser. He said he is shooting for 800+ on premium gas and a single Holley. The things we will do to be young again. If only for a little while. I tell my boys how I wanted a Vette since I was about 12, but could never afford one. But now that I can afford one, owning one really isn't all that important anymore. Besides my body is so broken and battered that I probably couldn't get in and out of a new one.
  6. Yeah, I figured it was so the could charge whatever they could get. These had no stickers of any kind in the windows. No option info, nothing. With no info of any kind in the windows, you are forced to come in and talk to a salesman.
  7. You guys were running some pretty tall gears. We were always told not to go over 4:11's to keep the rpms down at highway speed. At 70-75 mph (interstate speed) what rpm's were you guys turning with 4:56's and 4:88's?
  8. Had a few minutes to kill so I took a quick spin through the local dealer. He had 4... yes 4 pickups. Usually 40. What I found interesting was that all the price info that is usually in the window had been removed. Has anybody see this before, or is it just this dealer? ps: I've dealt with this dealer before and the prices were always there.
  9. Those would wind the rubber bands pretty tight. Especially if you are highway driving a lot. Maybe not a lot of top speed, but in a 1/4 you will get there quick. Tallest I ever saw anybody have in a daily driver were 4.56's, and at 75 it was wound up. But, we were young and dumb.
  10. yeah, that's what I thought. I know this is a pure race motor, but "back in the day" 7grand from a big block and you could expect to see parts flying.
  11. Ya gotta love cubic inches https://www.foxnews.com/auto/chevrolet-most-powerful-v8-engine
  12. We started an orchard last year as a legacy for the kids and grandkids. I've been babying the apple trees and haven't lost a single one. Went out to the wood shop this morning and noticed what looked like a broken top on one of the trees so I walked down there to check. The F****** deer destroyed some apple trees. Broke off the main branches rubbing on them. I'm a landowner, it's time for the "shoot and shut up", open season has begun!
  13. dads706


    I lived through the 60's and never touched the weed. Never was even interested. I'm with Hiller....I can handle pain. 2 aspirin and move on.
  14. My memory is a bit rusty, but I remember a few years ago an article about some trees that were being dug up is some 'bogs' in New Zealand. I don't remember the variety of tree. Seems they were estimated at 50,000 years old and the wood was perfectly preserved. The pictures I saw were using excavators to dig up the logs. Some were 6' across. Never heard the asking price of the lumber, but did hear that it was being sold by the square inch.
  15. Yep, tire patching clamp.
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