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  1. We have the same thing here, family's with the 3rd generation on welfare and more able to work than I am.
  2. Local farmer did not grease the swivel pins that hold the undercarriage on his tracked skid steer. 60 tons on the front and 20 tons on the back to get the undercarriage off.
  3. In 1961 I think dad and I were coming back from the barn (been milking) and a ball of fire came south to north in the air. Heard on the radio next morning a large military plane broke up over our area and finally crashed about 30 miles away. We picked up small pieces of metal for many years.
  4. Finney


    Shopping for a new motor, wife/momma will not let me mow the yard. I cannot tell weeds from flowers. I am only allowed to gas it up, check oil, grease and sharpen blades.
  5. Finney


    Connecting rod escaped from momma's lawn mower. O well, get a new engine ordered. 24HP Kawasaki.
  6. Candle wax also works when you heat up a nut or frozen joint, capillary action. Yes it will catch fire if too hot.
  7. In my area the dairy's have lots of problems with instant on PTO's destroying gear boxes on mixer wagons. A lot of them keep older tractors on them.
  8. Yes, most of the time around 2500lbs.
  9. Its a 310 Deere backhoe chassis with a Midwestern side boom on it.
  10. I don't think it is corrosive, he has 100's of ft of SS dairy tubing and wanted to us it. The crane is going to be rated for 1,000lbs at 18ft.
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