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  1. Only in when I cant hire it done.
  2. Some of the holes are stamped wrong, size& location. I weld a slug in the holes and they machine the proper size and location. On the fully assembled frames I cut the front or rear section off and they are sold for wreck repairs. Why hey cant pull the needed section off the assembly line before they are assembled is beyond me.
  3. Pic 1&2&3 Have no idea what there are, they send me drawing and I make them. Pic #4 Ford truck frame parts, had to do a little over 100.
  4. We had 3 guys killed in the 80's in southern Ill. A bad storm came up and we shut down and went in, they did not show up and the superintendent and I went looking. They were working about 1/2 mile behind us wrapping welds. Corner said lightening struck the pipe.
  5. The job son#2 is on has some diesel electric D7's. He says they will give a high track 8 a run for its money.
  6. I keep a list of all the air, oil, fuel, oil type and spark plugs for all our equipment. Trucks, welders, forklift and momma's lawn mower. When a item is needed I go in the parts house and tell them to get me this part no. and how many. First thing out of their mouth, what car/truck is this for. My reply none of your concern just get me what I asked for. Their reply we need to make sure its the right part. My reply, not your problem get me the parts I asked you for.
  7. He only uses this trailer on the farms to move cows around. He hires to haul on the road.
  8. Local cattle farmers trailer developed a case of rot. Put some patches on it. He is the one we get our beef from every year so his repairs pay for the beef and pig meat.
  9. My sister bought this rake. I told her not to!!! She called and said they broke the tongue off it. I went and looked at it and the tongue was made out of 3-1/2"OD tubing about 3/32" thick. I keep some 3"X5/16" wall pipe around and that is what I replaced it with. Cut the hitch off the old tongue and put it on the replacement.
  10. Sandhiller, I have bought many used machines from Sunbelt rentals. On large jobs such as refineries they will put new machines on the job and sell them when the job is over. Most jobs like that they are responsible for service.
  11. Sandhiller, Take what I say with a grain of salt. I use feeders on my gas drive almost daily. I have 2, I keep the 8VS set up with .045 selfshielded and the S-32P set up with 1/16 selfshielded. For what you are going to do the .045 will work great and is what I use on pipe fence. I use Hobart Fabshield 21B in .045. This wire is capable of going op to 200 amps all position. A Bobcat will work just be sure to turn it to CV and reverse the polarity If you can find a used Trailblazer . I have 2 Trailblazer 302's and have been trying to find a 350D Trailblazer. Also have a 300 Vantage and 350 Pipe Pro.
  12. Jeff, they were not marked. The ones we are cutting now are 350/450. I was told they are changing the frames in August could be a part for the new ones.
  13. First 2 is of a box scrapper on wheels that a company from Ala. is using to finish grade a new golf course. They had broke the the piece on the rear and put a new cutting edge on. No. 3 is a new jack on a 24ft. shutz batwing. Jack is rated for 7,000lbs and is still hard to crank. No 4 shows some of the modifications to pieces of ford truck frames.
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