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  1. I don't remember.
  2. All 3 locked up and sheared the shaft off.
  3. When they switched the fuel to low sulfur I went through 3 injection pumps in 3 months in a 2,000 5.9 with the VP44 pump. Started adding 2 cycle oil and have been on the same pump for 150,000 miles.
  4. I have over the years tried the new fangled gases but always came back to acetylene.
  5. If I remember right I put them on staggered all the way around.
  6. I drilled and tapped 4 zerks for a guy on a 1066. He said he greased it once a day for a week and it came out.
  7. Local megs dairy broke the rear end housing on a 200hp Deere pulling a huge manure tank. It broke where the drawbar support bolts to the rear-end housing. They called me to look at it. The tank had a diagram on the front of it showing a cross bar on the lift arms with a cable/chain going down to the drawbar. I asked them about it and they said it came with the tank but didn't want to fool with it. I told them that the 20 minute's to put it on would probably be a lot cheaper than the housing was gonna be. I think it cost them close to 10,000 to get it fixed.
  8. Bitty, I would use studs in place of the head bolts. All the 5.9's I have owned when the head was removed I had the bolts replaced with studs. Never had a leak with studs.
  9. mader,

     Need some info. Gonna have to drive some 2-7/8" pipe. Guy wants 2-7/8" pipe post and 2-7/8" top rail and 4 cables below that. Will the hand held gas driver you use do this???

  10. Yes it had a 2 stage clutch, dealer made many trips to adjust it until it was out of warranty.
  11. You could not ease it out, like a toggle switch it was on or off no in between.
  12. Dad bought one when they came out and it came with a 2 bottom plow. It was the worst tractor we owned. Toggle switch clutch, couldn't ease up to anything. Couldn't steer while pulling, had 2 sets of front wheel weights on it. Wound building a front weight rack and putting 4-100lbs weights on it. It did not stay around but a couple of years.
  13. Where did you get the mounts you put on the one for JD loaders.

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