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  1. Pics 1&2 Khun disk mower had a wreck. Pics 3&4 handrails at a factory.
  2. I use Black Stallion FR rated. buy online
  3. Finney

    Labor Day

    Been working on a Wilson hopper bottom for the last 5 days, just finished about a hour ago.
  4. Went to have tires rotated and balanced on one of the welding trucks. Pulled up and went in and told them what I want, they said give us the keys and we will take care of it. I said nope you don't drive my tucks I will pull it in. Well I pulled it in and watched. When they got the back tires off they started to take the rear drums off, I asked him what are you doing and he said he has to check the brakes. I told him nope you dont touch my brakes and he went and got the owner who tried to tell me they legally had to when they removed the wheels. Total BS I had my air conditioner service one time and when I picked the truck up I had a smoked clutch so that is why I dont let anyone drive mine.
  5. Nobody would fess up as to what happened.
  6. The morel decay of society.
  7. Only one, be 44 years this month.
  8. I really dread this time of year, calls around the clock, help I am broke down and they don't care that I have other obligations to meet. A couple of the farmers just call and say we are down get to it when you can. Those are the ones who I get to first.
  9. Pic#1 Hay trailer repair, after 20+ years and 7,000 plus bales the tongue gave out. Pic 2&3 Have no idea, got drawings and we built 7 of the posts and 6 of the octagons.
  10. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I use a Dakota Alert wireless alarms on the shop, tool shed and drive ways.
  12. Last year I built 2 air/water intercoolers for him, the intercoolers has 2 radiator cores. There is 1 pump for each core. The intercooler is between the turbo and intake to cool the air before its goes into the engine. He fills the tank with ice and water.
  13. Just finished a intercooler tank for local truck/tractor puller.
  14. Paystar, inductance on this welder is changing from a watery puddle to a stiff one. Good looking job on the tailgate!!
  15. Hammer, I have a 5ft. dia. circle saw blade that has lost its temper and will not stand straight when running. We need to figure where to meet this fall and I will bring you half of it for the price of a couple of knives.
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