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  1. Finney

    Spindle removel

    I worked around Oil City and Franklin years ago, enjoyed the area but I think I had better stay around here so momma can be with the grandbabies.
  2. Finney

    Spindle removel

    Yes, I have 3 different sizes I have made for various jobs. I got lucky when this one would work without remaking it.
  3. Finney

    Spindle removel

    Local dairy's mechanic called and said they got a JD disc bine with a bad spindle he can't get out. So with hydraulic and a little heat it popped out.
  4. Finney

    fencing pictures

    I would not want to be welding that close.
  5. Finney

    Fish truck finially finished!!!!

    They run a live bait business and also stock ponds/lakes. They haul out of somewhere in Arkansas. They cover southern Indy, Kentucky and northern Tennessee. They run 3 of these trucks and 2 goosenecks.
  6. Finney

    Fish truck finially finished!!!!

    I don't know.
  7. After waiting a long while for tanks it is finished. Pic#1 Hinges for walk boards installed Pic#2 Walk board installed. Pic#3 Building ladders Pic#4 Ladder installed and everything folded out Pic#5 Everything folded up.
  8. Finney

    Why weld down gooseneck are bad...

    Well I did not do the one in the picture but have welded in many hitches. I use 8" channel with 1/2' plate inside it. I let the 8"and plate stick over the outside of the frame 1" on each side. I then cut a piece of 1/2" plate that will fit up inside the channel/ plate and cut it where it comes down to the center of the frame. I weld the plate to the channel/plate and horizontally on the frame if that makes sense. I have shortened and lengthen many truck frames, all welded no bolts.
  9. Finney

    New to us grain cart

    Good welds!!
  10. Finney

    Honey Wagon Axle rehab

    Thanks for the kind words. You are a welder to be able to gouge that out and rebuild it.
  11. Finney

    black vultures

    We have had a large problem with them in the last 4-5 years in my area.
  12. Finney

    Honey Wagon Axle rehab

    3,600gal manure tank trailer with floatation tires on walking beams. Axle broke in the center where the factory put a hole and bolt to keep axle from rotating. Pic#1 broken axle Pic#2 end plates on the frame, after the bolt sheared the axle was rotating in the plate and wore it oval. pic#3 new end plates, new axle was welded to the backside of these plates, axle was 4-1/2"OD 1/2" wall. Wanted a 3/4" wall but lead time was 4 weeks so had to go with 1/2" as his lagoon was full and he needed to haul. Pic#4 truss for axle Pic#5 truss installed. Lost pic of new axle installed with the walking beams installed
  13. Finney

    For you welders out there

    I have been using 1.75 cheaters for years.
  14. Finney

    For you welders out there

    I just a hobby welder. I will have to practice to get good as the top weld, What about you AK?
  15. Finney

    Got yank over on the road on the 966

    Got pulled over last month as I got off interstate in the welding truck. They went over it with a fine tooth comb. One of them said sorry for keeping you so long, I told him it was fine as I get paid by the hour form time out to time back. He was going to write me a warning for no bumper and the vise and step that sticks out the back. I asked him when the law changed about anything 3 ft or less sticking out was OK and look close at the back of the bed for the bumper. He told me to go on my way.