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  1. Finney


    I think reflective is the key, caint use it of A2 at all. That stuff comes polished like black chrome.
  2. Finney


    I have one that is within 10* of temple stick. But I still always check with a stick.
  3. Nope, did not support the GREAT SA 200. Was told I did not know what I was talking about and not to make those kind of statements as it could lead a newbie astray. I proceeded to explain to them how many years I had with a SA200 and what he could do. SA's WERE great machines but there are many better machines now.
  4. I got put in time out for stating my opinion about the best engine drive welder
  5. I replace the clear lens every morning.
  6. Excellent job, you must have graduated form pipe fitting 101.
  7. I dont give them anything, with all the business's around here begging for help NO WAY will I give them a dime.
  8. My opinion, In a dangerous large animal situation I would take a short barrel leaver gun in 45/70 or a 12ga with slugs.
  9. Sorry for the late supply, had to take a nap. Its exactly as AK stated.
  10. I used cottonseed oil for ears.
  11. I have built a couple. I used 4"X1/4" square tubing and a 50-1 worm gear box for the drive. I would not use anything less than 4"X1/4".
  12. Local cattle farmer ha a tree fall across this small dozer and destroy the sweeps. Built him some new ones.
  13. Hope you heal fast and the pain is bearable. I have been burned quite a few times in my line of work and like a idiot I kept going back for more.
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