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  1. Replaced the h\quick attach hooks and repaired the mounting plate. Straightened a friends tool box off a semi that got side swiped.
  2. Had one of those in 7 Mag, was not fun to shoot.
  3. Rained off and on all day, under tornado watch now.
  4. Finney


    Sledge that's dangerous, you better send that vise to me
  5. Rebuilt a auger on a chip trailer with a walking floor for local diary. Bearing went out and destroyed the female end. Built a new end and installed. Pulled the pin on the opposite end which was pressed and rusted in. It was tight. This auger is in the top of the trailer and was a pain to get down and out of the trailer.
  6. Straightened 1 of the lift arms on the front of a 7230.
  7. Feed alley divider, only 4 more to go.
  8. Starting a new feeding area, 80ft of bunks. As you can see my help stays close by but don't get a lot accomplished.
  9. When your mind says we got this and your body says No WAY.
  10. If I lived closer I would be helping.
  11. I do, sometimes its the only day you can do what's needed.
  12. I cannot imagine being in storms such as these.
  13. Started hanging weld gates at the cow yard. 4" pipe post. As of now we have 2 months + of work lined up at this place and they are adding to it all time.
  14. Good gun, will not shoot with a CZ457 Varmint. But it is more truck, side by side or tractor friendly. CZ is heavy. Ruger is 1+MOA, CZ is 1/2MOA.
  15. Grandson Cole stayed with us last night saw my Ruger Precision Rimfire sitting by the door and wanted to shoot it. (he has a CZ at home) So we took some golf balls, drilled holes in them and run a 3/32 tig wire through them and hung them on the plate rack at a 100 yds. He smoked me, he got 8 out of 10 and I only got 6.
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