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  1. Working on a project I have to be finished by Thursday next week. With the heat we have I only get a little over a half day in before quitting.
  2. To me a copper head is a whole lot worse that a rattle snake. I want no part of either.
  3. Built a couple of rough hauler dump beds a few years a go. 1/4" floor and sides and 3X rough sawed oak with 3/8" plate over that. Contractor used them on jobs hauling shot rock. Did some minor work on them last year but seem to be holding up good.
  4. No only the tailgate.
  5. I think that's where the cylinder and valve came from.
  6. About 4 hrs a day is all I can handle with this hip acting up. Will get pics of the latch when I get it done.
  7. Small crawlers with rubber pads bolted to the steel pads have replaced the rubber tired ones in most places.
  8. 12_Guy, Its a Midwestern side boom mounted on a 310 Deere backhoe chassis.
  9. Guy brought a tandem grain truck over and the back end changed to a dump truck tailgate from the butterfly doors. Pic #1 & 2 butterfly doors and removing them. Pic#3 the left side was sprung over, had to cut it loose and reweld it. Pic #4&5 filling in the inset for the original doors. Pic#6 New tail gate. Pic#7&8 Installing tailgate & hinges. Pic#9 It works. Now just have to install the air latch and chains.
  10. Bill, these plow days remind me of growing up where we would start at a neighbors farm, plow and plant then go to the next one and do the same. It was the same way at harvesting.
  11. Danny, that's one nice ride.
  12. You said junkyard, I thought you can to my shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I use lease tanks from Holston Gases, never know how many I will need from one week to the next. If Airgas was they only supplier in my area I would shut down.
  14. Bitty, that looks good. I always enjoyed that type of job. Right now I am supposed to be changing the back end of tandem grain truck to a dump truck type tail gate but my left hip has put a stop to all work.
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