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  1. This is what I do. Put a hydraulic jack centered on the opposite side centered. Run a chain across the top of the jack and hook in each end. Jack it up until you get around 3/8" bend in it. Back step weld it and leave the jack on it until it cools.
  2. Might offend some but I believe there be certain crimes that if convicted you would have a certain number of days for a appeal and if that failed straight to the electric chair.
  3. On the edge/corner or in the middle of the flat??
  4. Their used to be a M with a TA around here with a 4BT cummin in it and they worked it hard. I think its still around .
  5. I always wanted to get a close look at one of those twins to see exactly how they did it.
  6. Finney

    Barn Repair

    This bunch could tear up a anvil in a plowed field.
  7. Both sides or one side??
  8. Finney

    Barn Repair

    Local cattle farmer called, one of his hands hit a post and broke it. He said I cant get a carpenter can you do something. So we did.
  9. Yes bore the sleeve to fit the spindle. Most of the ones I replace I wind up splitting the sleeve to get the old one out and I can put 40T of pull on them.
  10. I guess I live under a rock, what is cancel culture??
  11. Finney


    You just had to bring that up!!!
  12. Finney


    Last week during the ice and snow I decided to follow our CIC,s advice and find a green job. No luck, no green jobs anywhere close. O well guess I will continue to make sparks and smoke, burn all the fossil fuel I can, release all the CO2 in the air I can so when the climate is screwed up you can blame me.
  13. I run a 350MP Lincoln (the most user unfriendly machine made), 250 Miller, 220 Miller and numerous wire feeders off engine drive machines. I have ran ESAB a lot on jobs and they are great machines. M.C. is right buy from local welding supply house because you are gonna need parts, consumables and support. Local box store is not gonna help.
  14. Went to a auction last month, fab shop selling out. They had 2 wire feeders I was interested in. One went for 2100 and the other was 2400, same price as new.
  15. I run a lot of self shielded wire. Reverse the polarity. Self shielded runs hotter size per size than gas shielded.
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