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  1. Finney


    Bought another welder a couple of weeks ago. Wife asks how many do we own now. I said almost enough.
  2. A few pics of the engine coming together. That's the intake I finished also.
  3. The heat and humidity have about got this old fat boy down this week.
  4. This weeks project, built this one Saturday and Monday for their approval. They came and looked and measured this morning and approved. Said start with the rest, we will let you know Wednesday how many. Don't know what it is or what it does.
  5. Its a piece of 1/2" plate.
  6. Got a job coming up where I am gonna have to build and support about 4,000lbs of steel. My Sumner stands are not rated for that so I threw these together today. 1 ton wheels, 3" sch.80 pipe, 1-1/2" acme threaded rod and 3"X1/2" tops.
  7. I will know in a couple of weeks.
  8. It is wood burning with a oil drip.
  9. The turbo bolts to the header. Don't know the size.
  10. Stove is 43" long, 22" wide and 41" tall. Corners are 16"sch. 40 quartered, sides, top, front, back and bottom 3/8" plate. Air to air heat exchanger 16" sch. 40, tubes are A106 sch. 80. Plugs in the top and bottom are for sticking a air wand in to clean out. Blower is from a old furnace. Grate is 3"X1/2" angle turned with the point up like a upside down V. Weight is around 1,100lbs.
  11. I had it tacked to a piece of steel 4"X1-1/2"X36"
  12. Header for a 5.9 Cummin in a 1066.
  13. Why do these people think their opinion is worth anything???
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