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  1. Finney

    Some fun from today

    That looks good!!
  2. Finney

    Tear jerker

    Thanks for all the kind words. 88Power, I don't think my wife will ever find peace even though its been 26+ years. I had to accept it and go on. One person that helped a lot was a coworker who stopped by after Jake passed away. I was sitting on the porch one Sat. and he stopped and came up and sat down. Now you have to realize this guy was rough, not around the edges but all the way through. he didn't care if the sun never came up, when he got to work if you wanted to work, fight or party he was in but one of the top welders I ever knew. He looked at me and said I know you are asking why me, why would this happed to me. He then said why not you, what makes you special that nothing bad will happen to you. he then got up and left. It made me mad at first but after I thought about it he is right. Rick does bring up a point, but I saw little people who never had family/visitors at all. A few years ago we were doing business with a machine shop. I new the owner in passing. One morning he called and wanted to come to my office. I told him to come on over, I thought it was about business. He came in and sat down and looked at me and said his daughter was killed in a accident 2 days prior and he was having problems handling it and a mutual friend told him to come and see me. I turned the phones off and we talked for hours. Yes I told him what the rough SOB had told me years before and how it made me feel. I tried to help and now he is one of the best friends I have. ihcubguy, we belong to a exclusive club that no one wants to join and we don't want anyone to join. And most people don't know how to talk to us or bring up our child who has passed.
  3. Finney

    Tear jerker

    My youngest son spent almost a year in Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville TN until he passed away at age 2-1/2 in 1992. Dealing with terminal little people will change your life forever. I saw kids there that never had family visit that passed, but they were never along. When you got to feeling sorry for yourself you could walk down the hall and find something a lot worse. The doctors and nurses that deal with this on a daily basis are special in my eyes. The celebs and their people and media would come through during the holidays to have there pics taken with the kids for the local TV. (I always thought they were grandstanding) One night as I came back from getting a snack and drink around midnight I saw a lady in the hall rocking a baby. I thought man she looks familiar. I asked the nurse who she was. It was Sarah Cannon (Minnie Pearl). She would come in a couple nights a week and ask the nurses which baby needed rocking and stay until dawn, no media just her. I thought I was a tough SOB, been everywhere and done it all. I found out I was not. I worked for a mechanical contractor as a pipe welder who would let me off whenever I wanted. My wife stayed with him during the week and I would go Wednesday night and stay and go back Friday evening and stay until Monday morning and the wife would go home and rest and spend some time with the other 2 boys. It was a 140 mile round trip. You will be shocked, amazed and mad when you find out who will stand with you and who will turn away during your time of need. I will share one, I went to the grocery and when I got to the checkout the girl rang it up and said it was paid for, I told her I did not understand and she called the manager over whom I knew from school. H told me 2 guys came in and gave him a roll of cash to pay for our grocery's and when that ran out they would bring more of course I asked who they were. He said they told him if he ever told who they were they would whip his ass every time they saw him and he believed they would do it. This changed our lives forever, my wife has clinical depression and other problems every since. That's fine I will support her in every way. Females take the death of a child different from males. For many years I was the most bitter and hard to get along with person you ever met. Anyone who has the deal with losing a child has my deepest reguards.
  4. Finney

    Supercharged Chevy power on the Nurburgring Ring

    That would be a ball, but my reflexes are wayyyy to slow to do that.
  5. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    The strength comes from the flat sides. Yes they are many other brands of couplers.
  6. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

  7. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    That would help. The replacements I use have a pin that adjust the height and set screws that take the slack out.
  8. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    You can get the couplers rated for 40.000lbs.
  9. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    Yep going down the road, I think if you don't keep the set screws tight the slack between the inner and outer piece will cause this. His trailers are on the road 5 days a weeks averaging 20,000lbs The new one is rated for 30,000lbs.
  10. Can't say I have seen that before.
  11. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    Square is a lot stronger than round in structural applications given equal thickness.
  12. Finney

    Goose Neck repair

    Local dirt/landscaper called and said he broke the hitch on one of his goose neck trailers. Pic#1 Yep he broke it. Pic #2 Old one cut off and cleaned up. Pic#3 New square one installed. (I won't put a round one on)
  13. Finney

    Ready for smoking

    Looks good, you still have my number???
  14. Finney


    Very well said. I wish I could say or do something that would give you some relief, but all I can do is offer to listen and hope & pray you have better days. PM me if you want to talk.
  15. Finney

    Best work boots. For the price

    I wore slip on RedWing for most of my working career. It got to where they were killing my feet. Tried a pair of Wolverine, most comfortable boot I have every wore. So for the last 5-6 years that's all I have used.