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  1. Finney

    A little work in the cold today

    Thesd5488, I like it a lot, it will let you know if you are using a wreaker than needed chain.
  2. Local excavator/landscaper called with problems, usually calls about once a month. Pic #1 skid steer bucket with the cutting edge peeled away. Pic#2 had to persuade it back into position. Pic#3&4 replace shank on track hoe bucket.(220 Kobelco)
  3. Finney


    In a former life in the late 70's we would beat the asbestos insulation off pipe to make tie ins.
  4. Finney

    Pickup Glider Kit

    If they start testing here I will have to park all my cars & trucks. All have at least 200,000 on them.
  5. Finney

    Another bale mover

  6. Where did you get the mounts you put on the one for JD loaders.

  7. Finney

    Another bale mover

    Excellent work, where did you get the hooks and eyes for the one for a loader?
  8. Finney

    Another bale mover

    Just built what he wanted, if it don't work I will recommend a grapple.
  9. Finney

    Another bale mover

    Yes they slid out easy. No the bottom is not attached. Just dump the bucket on about a 45* angle and they will slide off.
  10. Finney

    Another bale mover

    Around 650lbs.
  11. Finney

    Another bale mover

    I use TSC spears
  12. Finney

    Another bale mover

    Local beef farmer brought over a Komatsu loader over and wanted a detachable bale spear made for it. Also brought 20ft. of 4"X6"x1/2" tubing. Said when they switch over to silage bales they had destroyed all their have moving equipment. So I fixed him up.
  13. Finney

    Not one $70K dually either

    You got that right.
  14. Finney

    The Great Depression

    My granddaughter and grandson have been brain washed to think they are special. My grandson was with me ate the store and saw something he wanted, I told him if he would sweep the shop out for a week I would buy it for him. He then told me he would not work for it. So he didn't get it.
  15. Finney

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    I guess I will keep driving the older ones. I got the 2,000 Dodge I use for a welding truck in 2001 and it had 14,000+ miles on it, it just turned over 298,000 miles. 17miles per gallon and it weighs 10,000+.