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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery !! Burns are one of the most painful injuries , hoping they are keeping you comfortable with some good medications .
  2. J-Mech pretty much nailed it . You can turn up the smoke screw all a person wants but all you will get is more smoke and very little more HP without an increase in air to go along with the more fuel . Fuel + Air = HP
  3. Check cam lift when you have the rocker shaft off .
  4. I grew up with MM's we had a number of models of them BF , R , Z , U , M5 Gas , M5 Diesel , G900 , G1000 , G1000 Vista , 4296 Combine . My 2 most memorable unique models we had were a Model D Universal and the rare UDLX . The 1938 UDLX was only manufactured in 1938 with a total of 125 made before production halted due WW2 and was never resumed after the war . Due to circumstances after the death of my Uncle in 1986 my Dad had to sell it to settle estate expenses . It was sold to the owner of Scwartzrock Implement in Charles City Iowa where it resides yet today alive and well . The 1918 Mo
  5. Thinking it is possibly from high & low shift rail . Used to retain the fork on the rail . It what was before the the shift rail upgrade . There are E-Clips on the 3 point hitch vave linkage but none that would that size as I recall . It could be from a previos repair to the high and low shift rail .
  6. A few years ago I installed one on an M . The disks were worn and needed replacement , I didnt know where to find some so I gave Hy-Capacity a call . I mailed one of the disks to them and they custom made some , customer wanted an extra set done besides for future use .
  7. If I remember right it is a solid pin and there is a small soft plug on each side of shifter housing that retains the pin .
  8. Number 2 answer : I was drunk .... the day my Mom got out of prison ..... and I went to pick her up in the rain .... but before I could get to station in my pickup truck ..... she got runned over by a damed ole train
  9. That used to the bar crowd going !!
  10. Yes you are correct . I was there and on duty with the ambulance crew the day of her Father's accident . I knew her Family and they were customers of mine . She was probably in her late teens or early 20's at the time if I remember right . I remember that day well .
  11. This happened about 20 miles East of me a couple of days ago . Please becareful !! https://www.keloland.com/news/local-news/21-year-old-man-killed-in-grain-bin-accident-in-hamlin-county/
  12. Yep that would be us , day 1 of 36 years thus far .
  13. Would that be a 220 volt fence ?
  14. Married 36 years to my High School sweetheart . 3 kids and 4 Grandkids later and still going strong .
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