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    3588 - no signal flow to engage the pump

    Remove the fitting where the signal line goes on the pump mounting plate . Look inside the hole where the fitting was , you will see an orifice with a flat screwdriver slot . Unscrew the orifice and make sure it is clean , there is also a screen in the orifice . Flush out the orifice and make sure there isnt any debis in it .

    a nation wide text

    I got mine at 1:18 , it was right on time I guess . Stuff like this kind of scares me in a weird way , seems like it's not a private world anymore . How did they get my cell phone number to send the test notification ?

    3788 trans no first gear

    Speed trans has to come out , so it has to be split between the the center pivot and speed transmission and also split between the range transmission and speed .

    Farmall 400 diesel

    DK Diesel in Watertown , SD . I have used them for 35 years and they have done a fine job for me , never had a problem with thier work .

    Starter on 656 farmall gas.

    The ballast resistors do run hot normally especially if the engine stopped with the ignition points in the closed position .

    Starter on 656 farmall gas.

    Sounds to me like your ground cable has a bad connection or the cable itself is bad . The electrical system is using your tester to complete the ground circut rather than going through your ground cable .

    Fuel Pump gasket kits

    DK Diesel in Watertown , SD . 605-886-2750

    August 2018 I wont miss you !!!

    Glad this month is darned near over . Been in hospitals and seen more Doctors more than I have been home . Pretty sure Medical Bills will tally upwards of $200,000 , thank goodness I am fortunate enough to have health insurance , otherwise I would just have to hand over the keys to everything I own . Follow up appointment yesterday with Dr resulted in being off work for yet another 2 weeks to allow time for the Femoral artery to do more healing . On a positive note I am home and still seeing the world from the top down instead of from the bottom up . Sure am bored out of my gord being penned up .

    Anyone have sleep apnea?

    Yep I have sleep apnea , was diagnosed last December although i think i may have had it maybe 10 - 15 years before the diagnosis . During my sleep study my oxygen levels would drop to 70% ( normal is 95 - 100 % ) and i would quit breathin 48 times an hour . They calculated that i would only get around 20 minutes a night of good sleep . Over time sleep apnea is **** on all the organs of the body heart , brain , kidneys , liver ect ... The body needs oxgen and glucose to make its engine run efficiently and smoothly and to regenerate itself through sleep. I havent slept a night without CPAP since they came in during my sleep study and put it on me , that was mid last December . For me it made quite a difference in how i feel , life changing is more like it . Before being treated i literally could fall asleep mid conversation while talking to my Wife , trust me she is not a boring Women to talk to LOL !!! I allways walked around in a sort of " Brain Fog " , best way I can describe it . Couldnt get through a day without a couple of naps . For me adjusting to CPAP was easy , I wont sleep without it . I realize some have a very difficult time getting used to it , but hang in there it gets better . The body doesnt make up for perhaps years of being deprived of oxygen and sleep in a short period of time , my Dr said it can take a year .

    Goodbye old friend

    Saying goodbye to a pet is a hard thing to do . So sorry for your loss . We had to have a Golden Retriever put to sleep she was 19 years old and grew up with our kids . She had hip dysplasia really bad and also started getting growths from cancer . She couldnt hardly get around anymore without assistance . We buried her in the meadow by a creek that we fished at in our back yard . Sad day for sure but she had no quality of life anymore , she passed peacefully at the Vets with us by her side .

    That old familiar feeling

    Update : Went to the cathlab Tuesday morning and did get 1 stint which makes 4 I have includi g the previous 3 from 4 years ago . It was in one of the arteries that I already had 2 in . It was 85% blocked in between the 2 stints that were already there . Things kind of went down hill from there . The previous time they went in my wrist to place the stints , this time they tried to go thru my wrist but werent able to get in the artery so they ended up going in my groin in the femoral artery to place the stint . I was discharged on Tuesday evening at 6 PM . I and the Wife decided to get some supper before the 100 mile trip home . We ate supper and I started noticing some pain in my groin area by the puncture site , didnt think to much of it thought maybe it was nornal . We atarted on our way home and the pain started getting more intense and I could feel swelling starting . I knew something wasnt right and I mentioned it to my Wife that we should turn around and headback to Sanford ER , we only made it 10 miles out of Sioux Falls . By this time the pain was severe along with the swelling . In the ER they immediately applied pressure to the site and tests were done . What happened was the plug that was put in the artery after the stint placement was leaking and also caused an aneurysm which was also leaking causing internal bleeding . I was readmitted to the hospital to the Critical Care Unit where continious direct pressure was applied by a devise to try to stop the bleed . A vascular Surgeon was consulted and bypass surgery of the Femoral artery was considered . The vascular surgeon suggested one final procedure to try before going to the opetating room , an injection of Thrombin into the aneurism to form a clot to stop the bleed . I guess it worked . I got discharged once again on Wednesday evening about 6 PM . They said that with the blood from the internal bleed I will have alot of bruising from the groin and down my right leg to about my knee . Well ..... since being home I have had unbelievable swelling of my boy parts . The Vascular Surgeons office called this morning for a follow up to see how things are going . I mentioned the terrible swelling and black color of things and he ordered an ultra sound at the Watertown hospital to rule out another aneurysm bleed , waiting as of now for a call back from his office with the results . Thanks everyone for the concerns , thoughts and prayers . This is getting extremely frustrating .

    That old familiar feeling

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and words of encouragement. Cardiac issues run in my Family . Mom passed away at 60 , Dad at 65 and my oldest Sister at 52 .

    That old familiar feeling

    Dog gone it Mike I havent made it to the Diner for morning coffee chats in quite some time . I am going to have to make a point to do that . Glad to hear everything went well for your Wife . I wish her a speedy recovery .

    That old familiar feeling

    Things have been going since I had my stints put in up until the last few weeks . After my stints I was put on the blood thinner Plavix and also an Aspirin a day in addition to my regular meds . Kind of a PITA , seems like the least little scrape or scratch oozes for quite awhile . Yesterday I was put on another pill to relax the blood vessels prior to the procedure . I guess the drug companies got to make a living too .

    That old familiar feeling

    I am not sure if the 2 share operating rooms or not , hoping I dont have to find out but I guess Tuesday will tell the rest of the story . I kind of want to be around for that 4th Grandchild comming the end of December .