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  1. I am day 11 after my second dose of the Moderna vaccine . As a Paramedic I chose to get the vaccine , I have taken care of a fair number of patients since this whole nightmare began with symptoms ranging from mild to life threatening . Luckily I was able to dodge personally meeting the acquaintance of " Mr / Mrs Rona " . I chose to get it as I have underlying cardiac risk factors myself and working in High Risk occupation. I do know of 2 persons that have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine but ..... in both csses they were also allergic to the regular Flu vaccine . After


    Yep you are correct ....... I found that out the hard way once doing an overhaul . In a hurry and not paying attention to detail during assembly . They dont start worth a S**T if the pistons dont come to the top . Right overhaul kit per part # but wrong pistons in the kit . Got rhe honors of tearing it down again and installing correct pistons . Lesson learned !!
  3. I had the right to remain silent .... but I didnt have the ability
  4. I am in this first phase of getting vaccinated as a Paramedic . Scheduled to get my first dose of the Pfizer Monday morning .
  5. Here is the one my family owned and is still alive and well in Charles City , Iowa .
  6. I was thinking " Are the good times really over for good " by Merle Haggard
  7. Good to hear it went well !! The difference is truley amazing even right afterwards .
  8. Merle Haggard just popped in my mind for some reason 🙂
  9. I had mine removed 3 years ago at 53 . I was totally awake for the surgery they just numbed my eyes so I could not feel the surgery . I had 2 cataracts on my left eye and 1 on my right . Had lense implants . I wore glasses since 1st grade in school and didnt need them at all after surgery . The surgeon said I may need a cheap pair of Walmart reading glasses but as of yet I have no trouble reading and dont need them . I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and 20/25 in my left now . Got the glasses restriction removed from my drivers licence too . Good luck and hope all goes well with your su
  10. Heck we may have crossed paths years ago at the IH Dealership I worked for in Hayti . Started working there at the tail end of Seppala Implement and than it transitioned to Hamlin Co Equipment with new owners after that .
  11. 36 years , almost 37 for me and my Mrs . We dated for 3 years prior to getting married . Were High School sweethearts .
  12. 37 years repairing IH and Farmall's . 31 years as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic , I did both at the same time . Started mechanicing in the early 80's at the local IH dealership until 1990 when they closed up and than purchssed the building and went into the repair buisness for myself . About 7 years ago I decided to only do the EMS fulltime and repair tractors on my days off from the Boo Boo Bus , mainly older smaller IH and Farmall's . Too many years of abusing the body when I was younger thinking I was invincible and not needing to use cherry pickers to lift and carry things led to arth
  13. I think this 12 year old young man will go far in his life too . Never heard of him before until now .
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