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  1. That is how J and L Machine in Hayti welds cast iron and I have never had a problem with stuff he has done for me . Neal is an extremely talented welder and machinist .
  2. Yep I stand corrected ithey do have the 585 cubic inch engine .
  3. The 2-150 had the big ole 672 cubic inch engine in it .
  4. We also had a White 4-150 with the screaming 3208 Cat engine in it , high idle was 3000 rpm and rated load was 2800 rpm . I much preferred listening to the slow turning , long stroked deep throaty sound of the MM Diesels out working in the field .
  5. Prayers going your way !!
  6. I grew up with MM we had 2 G1000s both Diesels and one was a Vista , G900 Diesel 2 M5 Diesels , R , U , Z , BF and a Jet Star . The photos are 2 of my favorite memories that we owned although I was way to young to do any feild work with them . The second photo is a UDLX they were only manufactured in 1938 with only 125 made . It is still alive and well today and is located in Charles City Iowa . The first photo is of a 1918 Moline Plow Company Model D Universal . Moline Plow Company was the predecessor of MM . It is alive and well and is located by Nevada Iowa .
  7. I have dreamed about something happening and than after quite some time passed it actually happened ....... DeJavoo or however its spelled .
  8. A Streaker ..... while stopped at a stop sign back when it was thing to do in small town Midwest America . Pretty sure alcohol and a small sum of money was the culpret . Had an Emu come running out of the ditch in front of me . I have no idea where originated from . Back in 2005 at 3 AM 3 quarter horses decided to run out in front of my Wife , I was the passenger .... lets just say I ended up on the short end of that stick . I dont remember the accident .
  9. I dont even know what to say other than this guy must be Satan himself .
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