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    30+ Years of repairing Farmalls and IH's. 30 years in EMS as a Paramedic .

    Caring for the sick and Elderly Red Iron and Human Beings .

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  1. The exact procedure I use . Never had a problem doing it this way . machine shop around here wont touch these engines either .
  2. On the 06's keep in mind the engine oil pressure shares the same light as the mcv lube light . Either low engine oul pressure or the MCV lube pressure can turn the light on , unless it has been modified .
  3. Had to say goodbye to an old friend / Family member . Our 14 year old black Lab . He had been getting multiple tumors showing up all over his body and had been losing weight . He started developing a bad cough and seemed short of breath with little exertion so we had to make a decision . What should be an easy decision due to his detoriating health is still a tough one to make . Took him to the Vet as there is no way I could have did it . He went peacfully . RIP Remington .... you were definately a one of kind .
  4. A few years back I installed a hand clutch for a customer . It needed disks . I sent the old ones to Hy Capacity and they custom made the disks .
  5. I was born in this valley On this ranch I was raised Corb Lund : S Lazy H I have lived it ....... special song with a special meaning that hits home .
  6. I took this a few years ago looking West from my deck . Mother Nature wss a little ticked off that day . 100+ mph winds and hail came with this storm .
  7. Had to stop and snap a picture of this sunset on the way back to Station from an Emergency call .
  8. There is a radio station here that has a program called country classics every Sunday morning tell noon here . My favorite program . 96.9 KDLO FM .
  9. " Hello Mrs. Johnson you self-righteous woman " Cal Smith : The Lord knows I'm drinking
  10. Yep I think he did party a bit to much as well but he did record some good songs . I can relate to this song as well . I enjoy listening to older Artist's music wether it be Rock or Country , I like varity in my listening pleasure .
  11. " I have a mansion, forget the price Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice " Lifes been Good : Joe Walsh
  12. " The Blood Red Sun Beat Down And Baked The Red Clay Ground " Merle Haggard : In my next life
  13. " Well, I can't recall, one time in my life " Johnny Paycheck : Old Violin
  14. " I wish a buck was still silver And it was back when country was strong " Merle Haggard : Are the good times really over
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