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  1. Yes you are correct . I was there and on duty with the ambulance crew the day of her Father's accident . I knew her Family and they were customers of mine . She was probably in her late teens or early 20's at the time if I remember right . I remember that day well .
  2. This happened about 20 miles East of me a couple of days ago . Please becareful !! https://www.keloland.com/news/local-news/21-year-old-man-killed-in-grain-bin-accident-in-hamlin-county/
  3. Yep that would be us , day 1 of 36 years thus far .
  4. Would that be a 220 volt fence ?
  5. Married 36 years to my High School sweetheart . 3 kids and 4 Grandkids later and still going strong .
  6. He is an unbelievable talented person !!
  7. If anybody could make you one I am pretty sure this guy could do it . He is the person who built the Case 150 HP Steamer one part at a time with parts he manufactured . He is in Webster , SD . https://anderson-industries.com/
  8. And if I may add to this ...... Dont forget to put oil in the pump . I got in a hurry once and forgot to put oil in the pump reservoir ....... expensive mistake !!
  9. Only 60 miles from me , Wife and I will be there .
  10. Pretty sure the owner wont scrap it at least , but will sell it .
  11. It is a 4100 , depending on which way you take you wouldnt be all that far away from it .
  12. I can get some pictures for you if you would like . You very could be right on it being a 4156 .
  13. Yes it does make one weary and set one to thinking also . Thank God I have had a very supporting family through the years . Had my first heart attack at 50 , spent my 50th birthday ( 6 years ago ) in Sanford Heart hospital and have had 3 more stents since than , who knows maybe stress had something to do with it at that age . I guess I know what I should do but ...... pulling trigger and calling it quits is a darn hard thing to do . Sort of a confusing time in a person's life I guess . I have everything paid for so one would think it would be an easy decision .
  14. Been doing some thinking lately , been turning wrenches for 39 years , started at 17 right out of high school . Allways worked 2 jobs , mechanic at the local IH dealership untill 1990 than my own repair buisness since than as well as working EMS too . The mechanic end of things provided for my Wife and 3 kids , paid for thier college education and the normal day to day necessities and emergencies of raising a family . Years of long hours ,cement floors and abusing the body kind of starts to take a toll on the body , at 56 I dont consider myself old yet years wise but arthritis and worn out joints catches up to a person . Just a darn hard decision to make on something that has been such a major part of ones life !
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