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  1. Also check your TA spool linkage adjustment and make sure the spool in make the full travel when TA is shifted
  2. Sounds to me like you have a tooth out of the park lock gear in the range transmission . The noise will be more prominent in reverse . To investigate it you will have to remove the aux fuel tank if the teactor is equipped with with one , and remove the side cover on the range trans and you should be able to see the range gears and inspect
  3. I remember learning the PFC System not to long after they first came out . Yep " Pretty Fricken Confusing " is a pretty accurate term until one got to understand them .
  4. https://www.keloland.com/keloland-com-original/what-would-a-potential-big-dakota-look-like/ Scrolling through the local KELO news station articles and came across this .
  5. Once you get to Branson I liked the Titanic Museum when I and Wife went there a couple of years ago .
  6. I am day 11 after my second dose of the Moderna vaccine . As a Paramedic I chose to get the vaccine , I have taken care of a fair number of patients since this whole nightmare began with symptoms ranging from mild to life threatening . Luckily I was able to dodge personally meeting the acquaintance of " Mr / Mrs Rona " . I chose to get it as I have underlying cardiac risk factors myself and working in High Risk occupation. I do know of 2 persons that have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine but ..... in both csses they were also allergic to the regular Flu vaccine . After


    Yep you are correct ....... I found that out the hard way once doing an overhaul . In a hurry and not paying attention to detail during assembly . They dont start worth a S**T if the pistons dont come to the top . Right overhaul kit per part # but wrong pistons in the kit . Got rhe honors of tearing it down again and installing correct pistons . Lesson learned !!
  8. I had the right to remain silent .... but I didnt have the ability
  9. I am in this first phase of getting vaccinated as a Paramedic . Scheduled to get my first dose of the Pfizer Monday morning .
  10. Here is the one my family owned and is still alive and well in Charles City , Iowa .
  11. I was thinking " Are the good times really over for good " by Merle Haggard
  12. Good to hear it went well !! The difference is truley amazing even right afterwards .
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