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  1. I have used a large headed rivet close to the internal diameter of the tube too and it worked good .
  2. After reading more of your thread , if I am understanding right , when you have the MCV spool in the middle position your pressure is OK ? Correct ? That does lead me to think the problem is interna in TA due to spool in the mid position cuts oil supply off to the TA . The MCV supplies to all the rest of the drivetrain too includeing the rearend , if the pressure is OK in mid position the other the rearend lube system must not be the culprit causing the low lube pressure .
  3. Brian S - When hook up a preluber as another member suggested to the lube should rule out the lube baffle as the culprit if it will hold around the 20 psi of pressure . One way you can attach the preluber is to tap the inside of lube tube to 1/8 pipe thread so an fitting can be screwed into it for the preluber . The tube is still fine to use after tapping , it will just have threads inside of it . The lube baffle is a very thin copper disk approximately 3 inches in diameter with a tang on it the sits into a notch in the housing . There are 2 very light springs that hold it against the input shaft bearing to seal the oil . Another has mentioned to not to use full air pressure in the jumper tube for suppling lube when checking TA clutch operation after assembly of trans , this is why it blow out or warp the brass lube baffle , and pressure should be limited to around 20 psi . Kuddos to you for doing your first TA job , there are alot of fine very knowledgeable experienced members on this forum who are more than willing to help ..... just keep asking questions . By the way a long time ago in a land far far away when I was doing one of my first TA's I got well informed about " Mister Lube Baffle " through the " School of Hard Knocks and Life Lessons " I made the mistake once and never forgot my lesson . LOL !! Is it repairable -- Yes , not sure if CIH has them available yet not , havent tried to get one in maybe 3 decades but I am sure they can be aquired someplace , the aftermarket rebuilders get them from somewhere . I use Hy Cap TA's bet your dealer could maybe get one from them . The bad part is if in fact it is the problem the TA would have to be removed for repair so do the simpler things first . Bob
  4. Never heard of a fisher . Looks to be related to the Wolverine and they are a mean bugger I have heard say . Dont have anything like that where I am at .
  5. Just currious ...... if when you installed the new TA unit was the hose clamp loose on the input shaft that holds the TA bearing carrior causing the the carrier to slide up on the shaft when the TA unit was lowered into the housing ? This can allow the lube baffle in the housing to come out of place resulting in a Lube leak .
  6. Check your charge pump pressure . There is a sender in the big hyd line that goes to the piston pump , that is the sender that operates your filter light , take out sender and screw a gauge into that port . 100 psi gauge is sufficient . If my memory serves me correct it should read around 20 psi with warm oil at rated rpm .
  7. Yep I agree . Had 55 mph winds here in NE Sd . Winds have went down alot and is currently 35 below with windchill .
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