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  1. They will work excellent for fire rings.
  2. Way south of me. Almost 6 hours of drive time from where I’m sitting. that’s a running, driving 450? Looks way too nice to be parted.
  3. Where in MN? I’m guessing you were south of me, but you never know. nice looking 450.
  4. Thanks. These are coated cables. Thanks. I can't really see them slipping out, but then again its cheap insurance. Just need to wait a couple of days for shipping.
  5. I was finally able to get the new belts installed yesterday. The new belts came with the 'wire' to put in the splice, but didn't have the ferrules that were on the original splice wire. Question. What is required to keep the wire/cable in place? In some pictures I have seen the end of the keep is bent over, but that appears to be more of a solid pin vs a cable. I'm leaning towards getting the ferrules and adding those to ease my mind on not ruining all the new belts. Is anything actually needed or will the tension on the belts keep the splice wire in place? TIA
  6. Road out a 7.0 in Anchorage in Nov 2018. Glad I was not around for the 9.2 in March of 1964. 7.0 was more than enough for me.
  7. Wow. What a nice place to work for the day. I'm assuming you have been in worse places.
  8. If I remember right, isn’t the recommendation around 10 HP per foot of disc mower? 25 foot swather would need 250 ish HP to turn it.
  9. Can’t help you there. If you do it, post the results. Our 1190 is still technically around, but only cuts maybe 5 acres on a couple of very small odd shaped fields a year.
  10. Have/had an 1190. It was ok. Did not care for the sickle head design at all. Ours would wear out the ball joint (for lack of a better term) on the sickle head after relatively few acres. It cut decent but I much preferred the new Holland 492 and then 488 that took its job. I don’t fully understand what you are proposing, but if it replaced that drive head with something more robust, I think it would be worth a try. our 1190 has a riveted bar. I didn’t know any better. Thought I had really made it when the NH showed up.
  11. Yes, but JD was trying to expand their line of heavy equipment. Front end loaders, excavators, dozers, off-road haul trucks, etc. Again without knowing what all would have been purchased, my point is pure speculation.
  12. The only thing that I can possibly see JD wanting from AC, is the manufacturing capability. Believe or not Allis had some of the best manufacturing capabilities in the country. Now that was outside of the agricultural business so I don't know exactly what portion of AC was supposedly being acquired, but to me that manufacturing capability was the crown jewel of AC. FYI - did you know that AC built a nuclear reactor?
  13. Rig up a gallon jug and clear fuel line straight to the carb. Hang it high to gravity feed. You will at least eliminate everything upstream of the carb.
  14. There are 2 schools of thought on winning. 1st. Winning is winning, whether by an inch or a mile. 2nd. Leave no doubt about who won I believe that performance falls into the second category.
  15. Disagree.. that is free speech and they are entitled to it. In the same respect, those that appreciate people such as Teddy Roosevelt should NOT be silenced by ‘cancel culture’ and should stand up to keep monuments for those that achieved great things. NOTE: I am not saying monuments to great people. We may believe they are great people, others don’t like them. I don’t think anyone can say that Roosevelt and others didn’t accomplish great things.
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