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  1. Mudfly

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    Was it a sonic boom? We recently had a mysterious boom in our area. Wouldn’t doubt that we are testing something secret.
  2. Mudfly

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    Not trying to steal the thread here, but just curious about Danny’s statement here. I read this as either get a 1086 to get the turbo or get an 886 with the 360 and to skip the 986. or did I read that incorrectly?
  3. Mudfly

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Impressive line up!
  4. Mudfly

    Our haying operation - video

    I’ve thrown my fair share over the years. The thrower just makes it easier when there are only 2 of us. Heck with 4 racks, we can put up roughly 400 bales in a day with 1 person, and not have to touch anything. Just pull the racks in the shed until more help comes.
  5. Mudfly

    Our haying operation - video

    Thought I’d share a quick video of our hating operation. Yes we still put up idiot cubes. Just alight day today. It has been very wet and the fields have been very soft. Just a couple hundred. All done now, all piled and equipment put away. Waiting for the next 3 day stretch of nice weather. Ford 6610 series II pulling an NH 316 with #70 thrower. Raking is done with a 51 Super C and a JD side delivery rake. I’m sitting on our 884 ready to change racks. The 884 also cuts with either an IH 1190 haybine or a NH 892 haybine.
  6. Where is the best place to order new plug wires from? Specifically looking to put on a 560. They dont need to be restoration, but we are looking for good quality. The cheap universal sets just plain suck.
  7. Mudfly

    Cattech- what engine is this?

    So what is this likely putting out for HP/ torque? It was impressive to see in person for sure.
  8. Cattech or anyone that may know, What cat engine is this? Appears to be a V16 and has 4 turbos. assuming this was either heading to or coming out of the haul trucks on the iron range. Spotted at a truck stop near Cloquet MN off I35.
  9. Mudfly

    Going home from RPRU

    I have a hard time believing that van could pull it that way. I guess it is on video. It had to be an empty trailer.
  10. Mudfly

    Well the Mrs. Is due any day..

    Been thru 3 deliveries by my wife’s side. After #3 (sept 2017) the nurse said “No sense quitting now you are finally getting good at this.” While I have to agree that 2 was an easier delivery than 1, and 3 was easier than 2; I dont know that we could handle a #4. hang in there, and good luck.
  11. Mudfly

    2001 chev 2500hd transfer case

    Update: Called Zumbrota today, knowledgable and helpful on the phone. They have options sitting on the shelf. About the same price as what the dealer quoted me to change the case for a rebuilt t-case before labor of course. And only $200 more for a new OEM one. Likely going that route with it.
  12. Mudfly

    Hydraulic valve question

    I’ll have to try an easy out. It looks like they were braised or welded in that plate. Why I don’t know. Might have to try to going that weld off before I try to pop it loose.
  13. Mudfly

    Am I Wrong??

    This is all great conversation, but back to the original point. What is a person supposed to do when they are harmed (items taken by thieves, fields wrecked by vandals) or threatened (as in the example of the farmer's daughter) and law enforcement won't or can't do anything? I'm not calling for the wild west, but what is a law abiding citizen supposed to do when their loved ones and/or private property is being threatened or taken? I understand that law enforcement can't go all out on a few stolen tools and some scrap iron, but the small stuff only makes criminals bolder and as a country were founded on rules of law and ability to have private property.
  14. Mudfly

    Hydraulic valve question

    Thanks for the link, but that system looks a lot different than what we have. That #8 valve has 4 bolts holding it on and pressure/suction lines on the bottom. The #8 valve that we have is a two bolt valve with no pipe on the underside.
  15. Mudfly

    Hydraulic valve question

    Question for the collective brain power here. We have a dump bed on the 3500 Chevy. Works great, except that the valve on top of the electric hydraulic pump reservoir recently got damaged. It is a Williams power pack with a #8 double acting hydraulic valve. You can see in the pictures that the 2 fittings on top of the valve body broke off. It appears that these fittings were welded/braised in to the valve body. My question is, has anyone ever worked with this type of valve before? Do these fittings just thread out? Could we remove the remainder of the existing fitting and drill and tap in new fittings into these ports? Link to the parts breakdown. Second question, are these valves something that is standard off the shelf that you can buy anywhere, or do we need to work thru williams to get a replacement valve that will bolt right in place of this one? Pictures below.