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  1. I thought all pistons were forged but that picture of the piston skirt looks like an as-cast surface to me. A forging definitely shouldn’t have a brittle fracture pattern as that piston appears to have. if that piston is forged, I’d say that something was wrong in the heat treatment before or after forging. Or there was a major flaw in the raw material prior to forging.- Your thought on the wrist pin being too long is a valid thought as well.
  2. Poor casting quality? That metal surface doesn’t look forged to me so that’s why I’m guessing a casting. Or was it improper machining? Either way, that should be fixed under warranty. What else did it take out? Valves? Head?
  3. What I don’t understand with that shift pattern is why the pairs aren’t consistent. Should essentially just be changing the 2 speed trans paired with one of the gears in the 4 speed for each pair, so why are the jumps inconsistent? 1-3 is a 2 gear jump. 2-5 is a 3 gear jump 4-7 is a 3 gear jump 6-8 is a 2 gear jump 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8 makes more sense but would be less usable.
  4. All else being equal the bigger wheels will turn slower and will have fewer revolutions for a given distance.
  5. Knowing your personal limits is pretty key in life. There are a lot of things I’m good at, and there are things that I pay others to do. Dumb or stupid doesn’t have much to do with it. Ignorance or lack of situational awareness (common sense) can hurt. It just goes to prove what the Bandit said: "When you say something, it depends on what part of the country you're standing in as to just how dumb you are."
  6. Jack up a rear tire, put it in 5th direct drive on the TA and rock the tire. If it doesn’t move, tie a 2x4 to the tire and hang a heavy weight on the end. Try rocking it every few days. Keep putting your fluid of choice in the cylinders. One day the weight will be on the ground, or you will be pulling the head.
  7. You nailed it there. I’ve been to a lot of those places delivering hay and been lectured to by more “experts” than I’d care to remember.
  8. Now I don’t claim to be a horse expert, but we have 4 and have been selling hay to horse owners for 25 years. Why are you buying straight alfalfa? This is serious question. Most horses will founder on that much protein. Grass hay is way better for them (generally speaking) unless they are heavily worked, and even then probably better to supplement grass hay with grain rather than feed alfalfa. I’m sure your horse is fine with it if they are used to it and I am not trying to accuse you of anything because I know you love your animals, just trying to understand why the high octane fuel, so to speak. In a pinch horses actually do fairly well on reed canary grass. When my grandpa was young, the dairy cows got fed the good stuff and the work horses got the leftovers. When they ran out of hay for the winter or didn’t have enough, they would fence in low areas and let the horses eat the standing reed canary. He said they always gained weight on it.
  9. One thing to remember about the Eco-Boost is that you can have one or the other. Meaning you can drive it for mileage (Eco) and get 20-22 or better. Or you can drive it with boost in mind and get 12-14, or less if you are pulling. Had a couple at work, but they were traded off before high mileage. Honestly I haven’t heard anything all that bad about them over 100k. I’m sure they are expensive to fix if something does happen, but what isn’t these days. I’m assuming condition and maintenance will be critical on a used one.
  10. Um I don’t like either of their policies one bit, but going down the road of personal attacks is what we all need to avoid. Gentlemen, regardless of your politics, try to take the high road. I simply questioned their sensibility because at 70+ they should know better than to wedge their feet into high heels.
  11. So without trying to be political or sexist here, why on earth would any woman who is of the age of these two, try to wear what appears to be 2.5 to 3 inch spiked heals? personally I think any woman is nuts for jamming their feet into those things, but can understand why some of the younger females would make the effort. I just figured that with some age, maybe common sense would prevail and they would wear something comfortable. Apparently the lack of any sense at the congressional level extends beyond lawmaking.
  12. “Death Machines”? Doc martens had the WORST soles on any kind of ice. I agree they were relatively comfortable but you couldn't wear them for 6 months out of the year. It was easier walking in Ice skates than the DMs.
  13. Total bill should be based on the primary meter reading. The secondary meter just dictates how much of the total is charged at the lower rate. for instance, if the primary meter shows 1000 kw-hrs and the secondary has 300 kw-hrs, the total bill should be 700 at the higher rate and 300 at the lower rate. There is no way he can be charged for power that didn’t go thru the primary meter.
  14. Well then you are good to go. Run that meter up as high as you want. It will just put more Kilowatts on the lower rate.
  15. Not sure why you have the second meter. Are they in series or separate incoming power feeds? if it’s like mine, the second meter is used to determine how much power will be charged at a lower rate compared to the first meter which is the total used. We get a discount for off-peak electric, hence the second meter. if that is your case as well, you would want the second meter to read higher as that would lower your overall bill.
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