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  1. An architect or structural engineer, either should be able to size the beams, but your local building code may require a professional engineer. if it’s real complicated an architect may want to consult with an engineer anyway. Depending on what you are doing, footings, posts, beams, etc all need to transfer weight from all the loads to the ground. You can get online calculators for most beams and get close but I’d recommend a professional.
  2. My post was a bit sarcastic. Likely there was no thought beyond, “ I have an SUV, and a firewood trailer, why not buy that Fifth wheel trailer.” I just think it’s funny that a company made an actual legal version of that thought.
  3. The original post was just a prototype. (Perhaps) Safetytowingsystems.com
  4. The correct answer to your question is ALL of the 1468s had V8s. if you want to know how many 1468s were made that’s a different question. Tractor data says around 2900.
  5. Mudfly

    AK Welder

    The other issue is mountains. I’m currently in Anchorage and for instance right now at 10:30 am, the sky is somewhat light but the sun is behind the mountains. So why technically day light, it’s still really dark out.
  6. You have a heavy foot. It’s 250 miles to grand forks from duluth. If I remember right you are another 1.5 to 2 hours west of GF.
  7. Mudfly

    Hay Equipment

    I concur with this statement. If you have buyers that show up with cash in the proper amount...try to keep them. Offer them a discount on a yearly basis if they order in advance and put a down payment. Good customers are rare. Lots of non-payers and sob stories.
  8. did a 4166 have Bar axels? I believe it had fixed width axels.
  9. I would love to still have those prices on the kits. Thanks for posting!
  10. Watched it last week. Haven’t had time to dig into the mag yet. It will probably wait until it’s warm out, but if I’m going to switch it over I can start getting parts lined up now.
  11. That’s what I’m asking. What else is needed?
  12. Alright, you have all been trying to convince me to keep the mag. That was not the question. I wanted to know if there are any additional parts needed to bolt the distributor in place of the mag. I can handle the coil and wire from the different switch.
  13. I find it hard to believe there is any more maintenance on a distributor vs a mag. I do understand how magnetos work for the most part, I just understand a distributor better. Also I can install electronic ignition in a distributor and get rid of low quality points that are sold today. I look at it as I have a non working mag, if I get a semi functional distributor from a junk yard I will still be better off in the short term with room to upgrade in the future. Plus it’s not my tractor. I am just the one storing and maintaining it until the owners move back in state. there is a reason why distributors replaced magnetos in the 50s and 60s. And why electronic ignition is used today, it’s better technology.
  14. Hi - I have my relatives H that I hauled a couple of weeks ago. Can’t get any spark out of it, never really worked on Magnetos before and thought about switching it over to a distributor. other than the distributor and coil, and wiring. Is there anything else that needs to be purchased? Or does the distributor bolt right in place of the Mag? Im used to Delco distributors, but have heard good things about IH distributors as well. Is there any preference? I’ve heard finding parts for the advance mechanism is getting tough for one of the two.
  15. Mudfly

    Hay Equipment

    Northern MN - dew is on by 7 or earlier. We also used an 8N to rake with. I preferred the super C. 3rd gear is well shy of 5 mph. I know my grandparents put up 25,000 square bales one summer with an M on the square baler. An H to rake and haul wagons, and a super C with a sickle mower. I concur that there are better taking tractors than an M, but let him get a year or two into it before spending too much money.
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