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  1. If you go to the fixed position, is there any need to unhook the teledepth system? or is there a way to shut it off?
  2. I like that one, but this is still my favorite 'cobbled' wood splitter.
  3. I have to be in the right mood. But yes, it’s quite entertaining. He has a 684 with a loader I think. ”Chorin’”! “pitter patter” I really like how Wayne is a hick farmer and the only one with some common sense. Also a bad-ass when it comes time to throw hands.
  4. Can you say “Ran when parked” with those?
  5. Mudfly


    Put a different area code on your bill. If you have relatives from out of state use their address. With paperless billing, there is no need to share this information accurately. The only reason dish network knows where you live is because you tell them.
  6. Downpressure percentages would be the same. I should clarify. Those are the amount of vertical force that you will get from the cylinder. Then you have to take into account the geometry of whatever you are pushing. The OP has the pivot point or fulcrum, then the the force (cylinder), then the tire. Either side can be considered the load. Since the tire is relatively close to where the cylinder connects, it’s doesn’t change the force much. Hence why I said to stay well below those numbers. If the tire was a lot past the cylinder pin, it would be a different story. O
  7. At 31 deg, 50% lift capacity is pretty much dead on at the bottom of the stroke. Once the geometry changes it will increase.
  8. Those aren't rules of thumb, I used the formula. Those are rounded percentages for those specific angles. By my eye the cylinder is in the 25 +/- degree range. That's why I posted the numbers down that far. If you have the specific angle I can get you the actual numbers, but again, I would use the rough numbers above and make sure you have more cylinder than you need.
  9. Please send some my way! 😉 Good luck with your endeavor. The search for more horsepower is a great way to find the true meaning of endless! Just for asking what class do you want to run in? Other on here are way more versed than I on this, but need to know the basic rules to point you in the correct direction.
  10. I wouldn't assume that at all. Not saying your reasoning is wrong but there is no reason to assume anything. What is the angle that the cylinder is angled at from horizontal. These are approximate based on the angle. I would make sure you are far below these. I also wouldn't go below 30 deg unless you absolutely have to. 60 deg: you get approx 85% of lift capacity in the vertical plane 45 deg: you get 70% of lift capacity 30 deg: you get 50% of lift capacity 20 deg: you get 33% of lift capacity
  11. Mudfly

    Logging arch

    Are you taking orders? Other than it could use bigger tires, or dual those up for floatation, very nice!! And I'm sure stronger than anything on the market. I'm thinking about buying/making one of these for some low impact, select cutting which is hard to do with a tractor or pole skidder. I would look at the ones that fully suspend the log to keep it our of the dirt or mud though. Something like the one below.
  12. Same here. SUPPOSED to have probable cause, but we know how that goes. You can ask them to leave your property, but I don't believe they absolutely have to.
  13. Simple response.... no you can not look around. The DNR said there weren’t any bobcats around. How could there be a dead one on my property? and then you would be served with a search warrant.
  14. Same story everywhere. Same thing happened here with the mountain lions/cougars. People would have them on game cameras and the DNR still denied they existed here. Then 1 got hit by a car in the metro area (I-494 I think) and then suddenly the DNR HAD to admit that there is a population here. Hopefully a quick story. A couple of years ago I was in the woods and a big cat started screaming. Anyone that has heard one knows what I'm talking about. I recorded the sound, but never saw the cat. I figured I was about 75 to 100 yards away. Called the DNR the next day and they asked me to g
  15. Imagine that, those darn animals don’t understand that they are not supposed to cross imaginary lines. They are everywhere up here in MN. Not unusual at all to see tracks in the woods. I know of quite a few that have been trapped that were chasing livestock. Wish they would move into the Minneapolis/St Paul metro and chase some bikers and runners around and see if they get any response from the DNR.
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