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  1. Hopefully not a lost cause. I have always wondered how some people are just incapable of holding a job and then I met some people similar to what you describe. Something is, I’ll use the word missing. Not sure what, sense of urgency, concept of time, satisfaction from accomplishing something...anything. tell him to watch the “make your bed every morning” speech that the 4 star general gave. Basically he is saying to take small steps in order to show up for life.
  2. Was the F544 the last on the line so to speak? (56 series). I don’t believe there was anything smaller than a 666 in the 66 series. There was the 574 and 674, then the 84 series tractors, but those were Utilities. I would like to have a F-544 diesel hydro in that condition.
  3. You can close your mouth but you can’t close your ears. You can choose to NOT speak, you cannot choose to NOT hear. (Note: Some choose to NOT listen even if they can hear).
  4. I must admit that if my wife told me we had #4 on the way, my thoughts would not be Yay, but we are probably in a different situation. #3 isn’t quite 2 yet and #2 is a 3 year old boy that terrorizes #1 a 5 year old girl. There are good days, great days, and then there are days that will soon be forgotten. We also both work full time and don’t have any family nearby, so not many breaks. More power to you and your wife and Congrats on your upcoming addition.
  5. My grandpa had a Hough with the front drive and rear steering that he used on the farm in the 60s and then at his sawmill later. Looked pretty much like the OPs HF. What model(s) would that have been? its long gone since he sold it with his sawmill. I might know where it is but also know that it would need a complete overhaul, and tires, and all new hoses, etc. always ran great and would lift anything, just too light in the rear end at times.
  6. I struggle with this one. I agree respect should be paid, but especially with children myself, I understand how hard it can be to get them to listen and be quiet when appropriate. We try to stay away from solemn locals with them until they get a little older, but at the same time it might be the only opportunity to ever see some of these things. of course there are those that should know better and are still oblivious. I guess Americans have a reputation abroad as being oblivious to customs and traditions so maybe all cultures have some of that built in.
  7. My grandpa was in the Philippines. Not sure exactly what he did but apparently he had a few Japanese prisoners and they were to build some stuff out of the local trees. He didn’t have too much to say about the Japanese, other than they were ok workers. He did say the palm trees or whatever species there are in the Philippines were very hard to work with. (He came from a farmstead in Northern MN and had logged and worked at a sawmill for a time before the war. He was 23 or 24 when he went in so not old, but older than a few).
  8. I hate to argue with you but plenty of animals have been fed with 2wd tractors in the winter. And this is coming from a MN native. We have winter. Is fwa nicer? Yes, but still not needed.
  9. Thanks MTO. That really wasn’t the point of my post, but you have gone above and beyond to solve a problem. It’s not an urgent issue but I will keep that in mind as I move forward.
  10. Thanks MTO. I found that online also. The problem is that I still need to go to the dealership to have it programmed for the car. I was also told second hand that the dealership refused to program them unless purchased thru them. So I was trying to confirm that as well. Only Toyota dealer in the state of AK so kind of a monopoly.
  11. I really don’t get it. Are they that bored at work that they need to call people to say I have no updates or information for you.
  12. I contacted the local Toyota dealer today to find out how much it’s going to cost to get a new key fob for a 2017 highlander. Should be a pretty easy question to answer right? i knew that whoever answered the phone wouldn’t know, that fine. Polite person that took my information and question and forwarded it in. Ok no issues. about 15 minutes later I get a phone call from the dealer. “Hello my name is xxxxxx, can I put you on hold.” I was about to ask why he called if he was just going to put me on hold, but I paused and said “ok”. Wait 30 seconds or so, then they come back on the phone and said, “I’m sorry I was trying to connect you to one of our advisors so they could answer you question. Blah, blah, blah, won’t stop talking until I finally spoke over them. “Can I offer you a piece of advice on customer service?” Still talking in the back ground. Me: 1. never call a customer and immediately put them on hold, 2. don’t call a customer if you have no information to offer or questions to ask, 3. Stop talking and listen occasionally. You will learn more and all I really want is you to answer my question” The guy goes into some string of excuses, so I spoke right over him and said, “you can call me back when you have an answer. Thank you” What is wrong with people? I don’t need a friend, I just need an answer to a question. I’m sure I won’t hear from them unless I stop in.
  13. Women do quite well in Eng and have preferred hiring most places. Not sure where the 4 + 6 years comes from. If you work hard you can be out in 4, most take 4.5 to 5 years.
  14. Mudfly

    IHC HT-340

    That’s a lot bigger diameter turbine. I think this would be relatively small diameter and spin like mad. I’ve seen some small diameter turbines spin over 70,000. I think some small turbos will spin 100,000.
  15. Mudfly

    IHC HT-340

    How fast were they spinning the hydro pump (input side)? Turbines run fast 10,000 rpm and up. Assuming they had some kind of gear reduction in there.
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