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  1. Can you tell us what you were right about? It would be nice to know since I have ever had that happen when arguing with my wife.
  2. You are correct, I had a typo.
  3. Update: the 8N came home today with a fully overhauled engine and new clutch. needs a few more things (convert to 12 volt, lights, etc) but it’s back running again. And it’s a working tractor. Not sure who painter it green...with a paint brush. And I know it needs new front tires, but it runs and drives.
  4. No turbo on our 884. D268. It is fuel efficient, love the tractor. Runs hot at times, hard to start when cold. Does not have the weight of a 706 but very close in engine displacement to the early 706s 262 vs 268 cu in.
  5. Question: Did 706s came with 34 inch cast centers? Did they have a different axel diameter than a 560 or 656 or would that be an option?
  6. I’m torn on this topic. While I agree that guns in and of themselves are NOT the problem, they are a tool that can easily be used in a deadly way. I don’t think that making certain guns illegal (ar-15 and similar platforms) will make much difference. People will just change over to handguns, and a glock or similar can be plenty deadly also. Im not against increased background checks (even up to a 5 day deal), but it would be inconvenient for everyone and again most criminals don’t buy guns legally. Or those that do can just wait an additional 5 days before committing a crime. as I said before, what motivates these acts? Remove the motivation and the killings will stop.
  7. I don’t think they are talking 100 HP. A super M was mid 40s HP maybe low 50ish Hp if you tweaked it a little. I believe the “R” that they are talking about would have been in the 60 to 70 HP range which is a far cry from 100. It would have sold in the 50s. If the 706/ 806 had come out instead of the 560 in 58 I don’t believe sales numbers would have been much different than they were in 62/63. If they had come out with those models instead of the 400 or 450, would they have sold enough to justify the investment at the time? We will never know as it didn’t happen. It’s fun to speculate though. one thing for sure, they would definitely have been 10 years ahead of any of their competition.
  8. Rims have already been replaced by me. Old ones were rotted as it did and still does have fluid in the rears. I’m not sure it would pull a firewood trailer without being weighted.
  9. Price has nothing to do with what is better for me. I would agree that Generally an M is $1000 while an 8N is a $1500 tractor. That doesn’t make it better or more enjoyable to operate. While temporarily reassigned by the USAF, I live just across the state from you. Maybe you need to send me some pics of your M and maybe we can make a deal. I have descent tires and a 3 point. Engine runs ok, but needs a rear main and likely a bearing or two in the trans. If yours is good mechanically, I could see me acquiring a second M.
  10. I know that was for Rick but I have both. I’d rather run the M any day. Even put a 3pt on it. That is next on the list and needs a rear main engine seal and I have to take a look in the rear at a couple of bearings.
  11. If not a family tractor it would be sold or parted. It’s an ok tractor. Works well in the woods since it’s small and low. Not my favorite to run. looking for a replacement block also. Right now would have to buy a complete parts tractor here. And then there is No guarantee that block would be any better.
  12. Starting to work on some of the projects I have backlogged. The current one is an 8N that was family owned. Grandpas, great uncles and now mine. I had it running for awhile a few years ago, but it just didn’t have any power and would overheat, clutch was sticking from sitting, etc. Anyway opened up the engine and found that someone removed the sleeves and put oversized pistons in the parent bore. Of course now the bores are oblong....so to the machine shop, clean up bores and re-sleeve it. My question is: how common was it to do this? After talking to a local mechanic, he’s seen a half dozen of these in our area, so someone did more than a few. note: grandpa bought this used in the 60s and it hasn’t been opened up since then. Was never worked hard, did a lot of raking and other light work.
  13. Not to change the subject, but did I miss something? Back to the topic at hand. Nobody really figures out the true “why” behind these shootings. I’m assuming it’s because either the perpetrators kills themselves or doesn’t really know themselves. Bad childhood, loss of a job, jealousy, revenge, fame, pure evil in our time, etc? Maybe only the Lord knows. the media comes up with half assed reason and the population runs with it. Until we get a better understanding of what causes it, we can’t prevent it. Guns, bombs, arson, you name it. People have been killing each other since the start. And with 7+ BILLION of us now on the little rock, it’s almost inevitable. I’m not saying just accept it, but I do think that stopping violence against our fellow humans is a LONG TERM evolutionary goal for humanity. Or if your religious, it might take the second coming to make it happen.
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