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  1. That is where I was leaning, but as I mentioned, this was CHEAPER than the Ecoboost options that I could find locally. And to be honest, while I spend money, I don't like to waste money, so a cheaper selling price was plus in my book. Assuming one of the reasons why it was cheaper is that everyone here wants a gas 1/2 ton or goes straight to the 3/4 or 1 ton diesel, so there wasn't much market for the truck. Again, I was an oddity for my driving habits, so I will take advantage of that lack of demand. I had a similar deal when I bought my F250 back in 2003. It was a 2001 with a 7.
  2. Thanks BJ. it’s a nice little engine. Again I wouldn’t treat it like a HD Ram with a Cummins (or ford power stroke, or chev duramax) But for light duty towing and long distance driving it really shines.
  3. I think it’s a Fiat owned design, but could be wrong. It’s not a Cummins.
  4. This! The 1 week where I wasn't driving long miles and did the 5 minute trips only, the DPF needed to regen after about 4 days, so I had to go out to the highway and get it up to road speed for 15 minutes. Not a big deal, but shows that they need to run. These are not meant for in-town driving. As mentioned for my current situation it works. If I had a 5 mile commute, I would have probably passed and got a gas truck.
  5. Yes. Used 2017 or 2018, quad cab 1/2 ton. 50k mile range. This was sub $40k even with warranty. The ford Chevy equivalents were $45k+ For a gas 1/2 ton quad cab with the same parameters.
  6. Hello, Last fall I asked about experiences and thoughts on a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. There were some mixed opinions on them, but probably shaded more towards the 'Be Cautious' or 'Stay away'. Well I went to test drive one and it was a very nice truck for the money. Any comparable Ford or Chevy was close to $10k more and honestly weren't in as good of shape. The truck was spotless other than a small dent in the top of the tailgate. I inquired about a warrantee and decided to add a 3 year unlimited mileage bumper to bumper to the truck. It was still almost $6k cheaper than the other 2
  7. All good reasons. The memories and few hours a year are worth way more than what you would get for it anyway.
  8. I love Hash - nothing better than leftover roast, onions and potatoes fried together! But then again either I know how to take a hint or my wife is more forgiving than yours. Hence the reason I have 3 extra small people telling me what to do. how on earth are you ever going to need to go on those weekly re-supply runs for diapers and formula if you are constantly in trouble? Maybe she likes to make up?
  9. Start with the correct spring in the distributor but I’d also be checking your manifold closely. Since you stated it only does it when at operating temperature, you might have a hairline crack in your manifold. Might be a long shot. compression, ignition, and fuel/air. Start eliminating things. If valves are set right, and assuming you have compression, that leaves ignition or air/fuel. You need to eliminate one or the other so you can focus on the root cause.
  10. @Cattech Heck, even if you aren’t leaving MN and want to sell your sled, shoot me a PM.
  11. For selfish reasons: If you are looking to rid yourself of your Polaris widetrack, please let me know. I’d take it off you hands for you. As far as going south, I’d look south west personally. Or like Carolinas, eastern Tennessee area if you are set on South East.
  12. I have an 8.1L in a 2001 2500HD. 12 to 13 empty, maybe 14 occasionally. Pulling, 6 to 10 depending on what you are pulling. 7x16 enclosed trailer 7000#, I usually get 9 to 9.5 mpg. Or that’s what I got on the way back from AK last fall.
  13. Shhhh.... don't confuse people with the truth and real facts that don't fit the current narrative on eco-friendliness. Seriously. Tier 1 and Tier 2 were probably an ok idea. Tier 3 emissions was questionable, and now Tier 4 final is just rediculous. In terms of gas engines, I have no issues with them, but they have limitations when you start making any appreciable sustained horsepower.
  14. Well - I was headed to go test drive tomorrow but it sold today. Oh well, it was likely too big anyway. anyone on here spend some money today?
  15. Thanks. That is the type of feedback I wanted. It's WAY bigger powerwise than what we need, but sometimes the bigger implements are cheaper than the implements for say a 60-70 HP tractor. My biggest concern is if it is just physically too big and if it would be cumbersome to use. I'll have to go drive it myself to get a good feel for it. For loader work, we aren't too worried about high production and if needed I have a skidsteer to handle that work. This would mostly be used to feed hay in the pasture and plow snow at the in-laws farm. There current tractor is a little light for th
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