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  1. Mudfly

    All Labs matter

    This was the original Facebook post from years ago.
  2. Currently looking at a local bank. 5% fixed for 20 years with 30% down. Which I thought was decent. He’s shopping around though. he was originally thinking contract for deed until I started asking about current owners situation, health and family. That ended the contract for deed talk quickly.
  3. Mudfly

    Tractor chains

    Divide length by 3.14 and you get tire diameter. Chains are a bit tough but they would fit a tire about 3 feet tall. I think even fords Ns are bigger than that.
  4. The 10 speed transmission behind it should keep it in the power band and allow it to run more efficient. Remember going from 10 mpg to 12 mpg towing is a 20% improvement. I wouldn’t expect a 50% increase though. Just saying that anything helps.
  5. Looking for some advice for a friend. They are looking to purchase a half section of pasture/grazing land in Colorado. They don’t have a farming background so they asked me. I don’t have many details, but sounds like they would have a tenant willing to lease it from them, so there would be some income off it. They asked me about loan options so I thought that a farm credit bureau or something similar might be a good option. Any suggestions or positive experiences that you can share? I thought going through a local credit union or bank might be the best, but figured I’d check on other options. thanks in advance.
  6. We put a horseshoe drawbar on ours (like the H and M would have), along with the fixed, trapezoid drawbar. Not only did it extend the hitch pin back about 10 to 12 inches to keep our rake off the tires in a sharp turn, it also makes a great step. i don’t have a picture handy but it’s all IH parts.
  7. Mudfly

    RE: Wind

    I lost an old log building from the wind recently. Was planning on rebuilding it, but I think now it might be firewood or a bonfire. it wasn’t in great shape, but it was built in around 1910. I don’t like wind.
  8. Google earth is free and you can trace them on that as well. That gives you a .kmz file which can be converted to a shape file if needed.
  9. Hmmm. Well maybe next time.... you have the priorities correct, it was pulling the chisel plow.
  10. Conveniently, COVID has solved global warming. Oil consumption is down 30%. Which is what all the enviro-mentalists wanted. Im not a conspiracy theorist. There is no correlation between the two, just a coincidence.
  11. I bet the heat and radio in the enclosed cab made that infinitely better than plowing in snow on an M or H back in the day. Nice picture!
  12. How does the fluid look? If it’s really milky try to get out as much as you can. If it’s just dirty and time for a change, it’s not as big of a deal.
  13. Mudfly


    I knew a big rancher from Idaho. He always said, “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.” Meaning water is too expensive to drink out there. I’m from MN and have a hand dug well with water at 6 to 8 feet from the ground level . I also have springs on the hillside that run year round. Never had to water the cows in the winter, they could drink from their foot prints.
  14. Mudfly


    Not if they are made in China. I’ve been there. There is SOME automation but not like if it was made in the US. Labor is too cheap over there and the govt actually has some restrictions on what can be automated. They want to keep their people working. Look at Foxcon. There is still Lots of manual labor to make electronics. I'm not advocating cheap labor, I’m just stating don’t underestimate the amount of work to make the components. Tier 2 and Tier 3 components.
  15. Mudfly


    Not many man hours required to assemble a car. I’d guess around 20 man hours, likely less. Think of the hundreds of components in a car, even 5 or 10 minutes each and it adds up.
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