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  1. Mudfly

    Building a Sentry Module

    Not that you would necessarily want to do this, but with a “new” controller could you mount a toggle or rocker switch on the arm rest for the up/down shifts? I’m thinking that you would still need to actually shift between gear pairs (1-2, 3-4, 5-6) so it may not be worth it.
  2. Mudfly

    D282 glow plugs

    Might be more amps but 15 seconds at 140 amps is less power than 60 seconds at 80 amps.
  3. Mudfly

    D282 glow plugs

    Why not put a voltage limiting device in-line to make sure they never see more than 12 volts? maybe it would be expensive to do so with that much current draw, but it’s got to be cheaper than new glow plugs after 2 or 3 times burning them out.
  4. Mudfly

    Question for today

    There had been 1 listed in MN for along time at $15k. I don’t doubt he has that much in it, but lucky to get around $8k I think. Maybe $10 if he finds the right person.
  5. I believe that all row crop mechanical TAs are interchangeable. Mta, 300, 400, etc up thru the 656, but I am not an expert. @Ed Leaman I know you have done a lot with TAs. Any work with mechanical reversers in lieu of the TA to help this guy out?
  6. I believe the reversers were more common on 504 and 544s. Maybe the utility versions. maybe call an aftermarket T/a company and see if they have a reverser option. Hy-capacity maybe? Ed Lehman also seems to be a good source of information on this type of stuff. Maybe he knows.
  7. That articulated WD9 is interesting. Would like to know more about it. i was going to add a smaller size articulated tractor for use in deep snow and mud. I was going to suggest 2 M sized rear ends with TD-14 engine. It would have been great in the woods (early skidded) or used for spreading manure in the winter, etc.
  8. Mudfly

    308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    At a mile it would be more than 2 seconds. 1.5 to 2 seconds for the round just to get there and then 5+ seconds for the sound to make its way back.
  9. Mudfly

    USS Hornet

    Here is the photo of the tug. One of the Doolittle Raiders! Wow! I bet he had stories.
  10. Mudfly

    Follow up 706 shifting

    4 more weeks of winter? C’mon, that almost sounds like optimism from you. As a fellow Minnesotan I can almost guarantee at least 1 good snowstorm in April.
  11. 656 or 544 with hi-low and a 4 speed with hydraulic TA instead of the 5 speed and mechanical TA. 560 with an upgraded 4 cylinder gas engine maybe 4 cylinder 300 ci. Never did care for that 263 6 cylinder gas. Liked the rest of the tractor. 45x6 and 47x6 with the 817 inline 6 instead of the V8. And maybe with a torque converter instead of a dry clutch. Would have been more like a Steiger or a Big Bud.
  12. Mudfly

    1066 - 5 millionth Tractor

    Read post above. The 2 million was at the Waterloo plant only.
  13. Mudfly

    1066 - 5 millionth Tractor

    Depends on what they are counting. And actually how many tractors are made now. I find it hard to believe they are making more than 30,000 tractors a year there. 30,000 tractors a year for 34 years to make over a Million. Say 6 days a week, roughly 300 working days a year. That would still be 100 tractors a day. I’d at least say that is reasonable, if not accurate.
  14. Mudfly

    Corporate Tragedy Relevant on the Farm Today...

    Don’t forget about other services offered. In business this would called differentiation from your competitors and can help drive sales. Essentially offer something that few others do. Being able to deliver hay, along with good quality for the price has kept people coming to us for their horse hay. We also unload and pile wherever they want it (within reason). Those two services alone bring us a lot of business. Now we have to charge accordingly to offer those services (ie mileage) but very few other people will deliver and most horse people don’t have a proper trailer for hay. Another service is that we will let them store hay in our barn if they don’t have room. For instance if they buy 200 bales in the fall, we will set that aside and they can come get their hay as they need it. Takes some planning and a little extra work but again for those people with limited storage, it’s a selling point.
  15. Mudfly

    stolen hay

    Can’t agree with you here MTO, your heart is in the right place but stealing is wrong. We, like many others on here, make and sell hay. If someone destitute or going thru a bind showed up and asked, we would likely figure out a way to help them through the hard time, but stealing.... nope cops are getting called or we will remedy the situation ourselves. we have in fact over the years kept a whole herd (3-4 horses and a couple of goats) alive for a winter because the owners couldn’t pay. But we worked something else out. Another time we had to go start loading up someone’s beef cows because someone took with out paying and didn’t deny it.