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  1. Ih806 with 3588 transfer case

    Make 2 and sell the second to help cover the cost. If you get it figured out, you have a ready made business..... assuming you can build these for a reasonable price.
  2. Looking for

    FYI - I don't believe its on his for sale board. This was a story he did about a guy that restored a family tractor. Its on youtube for sure.
  3. Looking for

    Machinery Pete put up a 1970 826 gas hydro youtube video over the weekend. I didn't catch the serial number on that one.
  4. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    when were the 7388, 7588, and 7788 made/prototyped? I thought it was in 84 85 time frame to match up with the planned 72, 7488 release.
  5. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    So question: weren’t the 7388, 7588, and 7788 still IH design traditional 4wd tractors? I realize they were mostly just warmed over 43, 45, and 4786s but IH still had a design for an articulated 4wd.
  6. Rail travel

    I've rode on several trains overseas (Europe with specific fondness for the German rail system and also rode a bit in China). Other countries know what they are doing with rail travel. Not saying that we don't, I hear the Northeast is pretty good, just that we don't take it nearly as seriously as other countries.
  7. Rail travel

    Don’t travel on a train in the winter. Ask Dale560 about Amtrak being stranded near Rugby ND last winter in a 15 foot deep snow bank. He wasn’t on the train but lives right there. I believe the passengers were there for an extra 4 or 5 days.
  8. gmc 2002 heater fan

    FYI - Looks easier than I thought to replace the filter. Good luck with your fan problem. That sounds more challenging.
  9. gmc 2002 heater fan

    I have this problem. Where is that cabin filter? How hard to change it? I just changed the oil on my 2001 2500HD with the 8100 and the Alison, and it might be the LAST time I do it myself. If the cabin filter is a similar effort to changing the oil filter, I might gladly pay to have it done.
  10. No more Obama micro managing. Get ''R" Done.

    I’m not sure where the mentality of “being nice to our enemies” has come from. It certainly hasn’t been that way in any of our successful conflicts in the past. granted WWII was fought against nations instead of groups, however how many civilians were killed in Japan and Germany by the allies? And not long after the war they were 2 of our strongest allies. Maybe we forgot that you have to defeat the enemy first before you help them rebuild.
  11. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    We are going to be doing a serious remodel to the house in the next 2 years. I currently have an indoor wood furnace in the basement (fuel oil backup), but have seriously considered going with an OWB as part of the remodel. Then again for the same or not much more, I can put in a geothermal heat pump and get AC. Dont know which way to go. Good points to both. Either way I don’t think there will be a wood stove inside after the change. It’s amazing how much of a mess wood inside the house makes (smoke, ash, bark, etc). Maybe a small wood burner (stove or fireplace) for ambience.
  12. Big Bud plant burned on Christmas Eve

    Hate to ask it, but how was the company doing financially? I would think it would be hard to make it supplying parts and service to such a small market. But with the longevity and simplicity of the big bud design, I could also see where the tractors would still be in high demand. No emissions and easy to work on.
  13. chain saw compression release mod

    My advise is to trade it in on a similar saw that you can start easier, or if you have limited use for a saw; try one of the new electric/battery powered saws. if you really want to pursue the modification, talk to the fine folks at the link below. They know as much about saws as the members here know tractors, but i will say it’s slightly more like tha bash board than RPF.
  14. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Late regular M. If I’m reading the serial # correctly, it appears to be 29x,xxx. Should make it 51 or 52.
  15. Dashing Through The Snow

    I think I just changed my request to Santa this year. That "sleigh" could stop by here anytime to drop off a present.