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  1. Sounds like inadequate flow or pressure. Or if it has a flow divider it’s not working correctly. Possibly a relief valve? i have no real knowledge of Masseys just pointing out likely items to look at. I think i would get some gauges hooked up if possible to see what the pressures are doing. Sounds like something is worn out and/or leaking.
  2. Pretty sure the last secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) came from the private sector. That would be more similar to a CEO than a General.
  3. And the police filed the report perfectly. I'm sure all the witnesses onsite will confirm that is exactly what happened.
  4. I think I would caution BOTH sides to look at history. These things never end well. Deere needs to realize that they have to SHARE some of those record profits with their employees. And the employees need to realize that if they push too hard, they will be replaced or production will be moved elsewhere. UAW recent history has been ok, but the past shows that they were way to greedy at one point. Not sure how Deere is currently treating employees, but this is serious. Both sides are playing with fire, both will get burned badly if they aren't reasonable.
  5. Interesting. Honestly that is probably more real life than a sled (which was designed to create a 'sport' or competition). In real life, if you can get a load moving, a tractor will pull it. Still need to avoid soft spots and hills are always a challenge, but it not a load that constantly gets heavier/harder to pull.
  6. Set them another hour fast tomorrow, then 15 minutes slow the day after. or set them to Zulu time. it’s all relative, but having all the clocks different would drive me nuts.
  7. Question for anyone. Not much of a fan of pulling. This set up looks laid back compared to some of the other pulls I have seen. My question is, since the sled doesn't increase weight/drag as you go, are you likely to pull the sled out the other end once you get it moving? I imagine there is always the chance of spinning out, but it seems like the majority of the pull is based on the first few feet. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way that last pull was still impressive.
  8. If you think there is any damage in there you should probably open it up to at least clean out the metal shavings. Even an open diff is better than scrap metal.
  9. Take some pictures of the differential. As mentioned maybe we will recognize it as being common with another manufacturer. I'm sure that Cub Cadet either used common parts with a lawn mower that they manufactured OR paid someone else to build these. Wouldn't make much sense to design something new for the limited number of side by sides that they sold. I guess I don't know if these work like a car axel, if so you could always weld the spiders in the differential so you essentially have a solid axel. Or you could always sell it, right now you could probably sell it for more than you paid.
  10. Sorry to the original poster for hi-jacking the thread. @vtfireman85 I know you have a lot of equipment that you use for various things. I believe you have or had a 6.5 Chevy diesel as a work truck. I have nothing against that, but is that really the BEST work truck you could have? Could you have one that was more reliable, went faster, drove smoother, required less maintenance? I'm sure there is, but that comes at a cost. (to be fair, I drive 2 trucks that are 20+ years old because they get the job done and are paid off) I appreciate your opinion and agree with you. But if the weight of a 60 cc saw is a problem, why not drop to a 50cc saw? They aren't that much slower (unless you get into 20" plus wood consistently) and are a couple lbs lighter. OR if you are that worried about performance, skip the 60cc saws altogether and go with Stihl 462 which is the same weight as a stihl 362 and will hammer both that and the Husky 562 on performance. OR even better yet, go straight to an MS500 fuel injected 80cc saw that is in the same weight range and will pull a 36" bar or more, but comes with a $1500+ price tag. Also realize that some people will still complain using any saw because they are running a dull chain and it wouldn't matter what power head they have pulling it.
  11. True, but for a lot of people who use 5 gallons a year or less, why spend the extra $300 to $400 when the cheaper saw is just as capable and will probably last as long or longer since its not strung quite as tight. It just weighs maybe 1 lb more and cuts 5% slower all else being equal. One big selling point to the Echo is that is also is a standard carb vs the auto tune so you can still adjust your own carb, or any small engine shop can work on them vs having to go back to a Husqvarna dealer to get plugged in. I get it, I have a Jonsered 2260 (same as a 562 only small mount bar). its an awesome saw. I also have a husky 576xp and 550xpg v2. (Well I have a lot of saws.) 😉 And honestly my favorite saw is probably my old jred 2156 (Husky 357 XP equivalent), just something about it although the 576xp is close in bigger wood since it is ridiculously smooth on AV and will pull a 24" bar with ease buried in hardwood. So I completely agree with you the 562 is probably top of the heap when it comes to 60cc saws, but there are other cheaper options that will serve most people well.
  12. I have a couple of Echos. The CS590 is not a Husky 562 (both 60cc saw class) but it’s also half the cost and a very good quality saw. Most people that cut less than say 20 tanks a year Would be well served by one. Dollar for dollar I would say it’s probably the best bargain out there right now. I also picked up a little 35cc echo recently for brush removal. It weighs about 8 lbs and was $200. Cs3510 maybe, anyway still trying to break that one in. Seems pretty decent though. And if it gets trashed I won’t be too heartbroken at that price point.
  13. I concur with OT on this one. Ban diesel tractors all you want, that will just put the final dagger in the California Ag industry. I wonder if they would be better off mandating bio fuel. Not that I'm for these mandates, just thinking that may be a better alternative if they want something that is feasible.
  14. That’s probably what I’ll quote him. If he wants something better he can let me know.
  15. Thanks. But not my trailer, I’m doing this as a job. I doubt the owner would pay me to drive 200 miles 1 way to buy decking. I’ll keep the number handy for when I have to do my own trailer.
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