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  1. Combine repair technician trying to get some job security? seriously if that is for real the environmental terrorists (ag, energy, mining, etc) or Antifa or whatever they call themselves need to have harsher penalties for there actions.
  2. He got the shaft out yesterday. He cut the coupler in multiple locations with a die grinder and cut off wheel but he nicked the threads so he is t going to reuse the shaft.
  3. It’s gravity feed so wherever you move the gas line all of it needs to be below the bottom of the fuel tank.
  4. Like that set up. I grew up around a super H with a front mount buzz saw. Late 70s early 80s everyone was burning wood because no one could afford fuel oil (oil embargo aftermath). My grandpa also had a sawmill run off a flat belt so it was normal and you just knew not to get too close. i was too young to run the buzz saw, but I was hauling rounds from the saw to the splitter. with the light and relatively powerful chainsaws now, I don’t know if there is much advantage to a buzz saw. It was a lot of work to use one. 2 guys to put the log up on the table and to feed the log into position after each cut. I can block a lot of wood in a day with a saw.
  5. Welcome! Did the block crack? Or why are you doing a rebuild? post some more details and pictures on what you think the problem is and you will get some good opinions. Also going to need to know the condition of the rest of the crawler, undercarriage, finals, clutches, transmission, etc, before we can recommend a course of action
  6. Mudfly

    Trans fluid,

    We have a Ford 6610 and it uses 134B or C. Which is a different spec than hytran. See pic. I’d get a owners manual.
  7. Take 2. Hopefully that went.
  8. Tried to send you a pm, let me know if it went thru.
  9. I have the red version, Jonsered 2260. They seem to be pretty good saws. I have no complaints, but I haven’t had carb issues either. I believe all of that occurred prior to 2016, so if you purchase a new one you should be good to go.
  10. What kind of shape is the 9 in? Maybe consider putting the 6 engine in the 9. That seems like less work than swapping track frame rails. or sell the 6 motor as a running engine and find something else to put in the 9.
  11. https://youtu.be/eq6fDa9JrzQ maybe we should rethink this theory vs buy into the global warming agenda. Seems awfully odd that scientist could be 180 degrees (pun intended) 40 years apart.
  12. With all this stuff and accusations years after things happened. What good does it do now? second question, weren’t we taught that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones? Maybe it’s time for people to look inward at themselves and how to make themselves better versus trying to topple those at the top. (Some do deserve it though) last point. Next they will try to say Jesus himself was racist because he preferred the company of Jews. And to be an equal opportunity offender here, the same be said the the same for the profit of Islam. All said to prove a point that anyone can find fault with all of us if they look hard enough.
  13. Rick you haven’t reported how your new Ford is working out. 800 series wasn’t it. Maybe I missed the update.
  14. This is obviously huge in comparison but I wonder if they make a smaller version of a power dozer to fit in a D4 size machine. If there was a quick way to attach it to the blade I would think that would be way more versatile for a small dirt moving company.
  15. Mudfly

    Header repair

    Nice work on the sleeve! I’m sure you know but ratchet straps wrapped around with a small block spacer or a chain and small hydraulic jack are great for pulling sleeves together for tacking. Looks like the clamps worked well too. Did it come with the story of how an 8 inch diameter tube got dented/kinked like that?
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