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  1. Mudfly

    Randy Sohn

    A lot of aviation history and connections to the past went with Mr Sohn. Very sad day. Enjoyed his stories.
  2. And in 2034, they will collectively be known as the “Quarenteens”.
  3. Wrong. You only have 1000 CCA when they are in series. You add the voltages (6+6 =12) but the amps don’t add when in series. When in parallel, the amps add together and the voltage stays the same.
  4. That’s a fun drive. Have done that one myself a few times. 1 hard day or two easy days. At least she can sleep in the van if needed.
  5. The king of obsolete is out there. Lynn lake I believe. I don’t know that many can get further out than that.
  6. Mudfly

    Bald Eagle

    I was going to say, no way. That V-12 block would cost more than the guys truck and house combined. Also - rednecks don’t drink wine. Maybe Boone’s farm or other such cheerleader beer.
  7. Slightly off topic: I Completely agree with you, but what option do you have? If you want to use the product/software it’s not like you can object to certain terms in the users agreement. I’m sure we all would have issues with something in the language. So it comes down to time to read the terms vs ability to object to any thing about them. Time is too valuable.
  8. I disagree. Those that have been to war, have trained to fight, or would be sending their friends into a fight, are more likely to be cautious using those options. the days of glamorizing war, as Hemingway did, are over. Our soldiers that return know better.
  9. Quite possible I’m not listening. 🙂 my wife says that happens a lot. I’m not trying to change your mind or others. Just providing an opinion. Truthfully it’s not even an opposite opinion from yours. And I know, everyone has opinions and %#^holes and both usually stink!
  10. Rusty - don’t go on the attack here. You know nothing about me. I was simply pointing out what people like me think about ARs. If you want one, or 10, please feel free to have them. I don’t see the point. I’ve shot several AR platforms and didn’t care for them. Maybe they weren’t set up correctly for me. also no need to go straight to politics. I hunt, not a serious meat hunter but I’ve shot some nice deer. I let more go by than I harvest these days. in terms of a pick up, I don’t understand the new diesels either. Again for the average guy (not a hotshot) there is no need for 1000 plus ft lbs of torque. I drive a diesel, an older one, it’s stock, I’ve pulled up to 20,000 lbs with it and haul stuff often. Do I say that you can’t have a new diesel that can pull 36,000 lbs? No by all means go buy one, I just don’t have the need or see the point when I have something that works for me. Seems to me those newer engines would last longer and get better fuel economy de-tuned a bit.
  11. I’m not saying you can’t have them, or use them target shooting, hunting, self defense etc. I think myself and others don’t understand why you would want or need an AR platform for hunting. I’ve never come across a situation where a bolt action couldn’t deliver enough lead down range to effective kill game. Usually 1 shot sometimes 2. Why do I want need 10 rounds in the gun? If I feel I can’t drop something with 1 shot, maybe I should t be shooting at it. to each there own, but that is one reason why I wouldn’t want to hunt with an AR platform. Now on the other hand, if the game was shooting back, ie combat or swat team as you mentioned above. Then yes, give me an AR or similar platform, as many rounds as I can carry, and I’d still want more.
  12. WD stands for water displacement.
  13. ‘39 H sitting in my garage waiting it turn. Currently the magneto needs a rebuild.
  14. 9 speed? Or how do you get 1st high on an M?
  15. The DT817 was an in-line 6. It was used in the TD25 and also the 4300. some engine details. IH 4300 engine stats TD 25 engine
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