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  1. Publishing them online... open source.... whatever you would want to call it, would be great. while very expensive to make NLA parts it can be done for a cost. Not having to reverse engineer parts to get Dimensions and tolerances would help. with 3D printing making leaps forward, that could be a future solution to some difficult to acquire parts.
  2. You should have asked if he wanted to get rid of the chairs.
  3. I’m a little light on contacts on the north shore, but my farm is about 40 minutes west of Duluth. So less than 2 hours to Two Harbors. We have delivered a lot of hay up to that area.
  4. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings are a great time to move things.
  5. What general area of the state? If you are close enough, I know a few guys that would trade tractor hours for a few wrenching hours. Not a long term solution, but might help you get started. I also have a brush hog that has a deck In rough shape but really good gear box that I want to get rid of. It’s a project but price maybe right for you.
  6. Mudfly


    Anyone use a rock rake or rock picker? We will use the rock rake to windrow them and then use a rock bucket on a skidsteer to sort the windrow. Works pretty good.
  7. I’d carry a 12 gauge also for close in support. Cats are way to quick to rely on a single projectile (bullet). Shotgun will cause more damage in close anyway.
  8. If you go to the fixed position, is there any need to unhook the teledepth system? or is there a way to shut it off?
  9. I like that one, but this is still my favorite 'cobbled' wood splitter.
  10. I have to be in the right mood. But yes, it’s quite entertaining. He has a 684 with a loader I think. ”Chorin’”! “pitter patter” I really like how Wayne is a hick farmer and the only one with some common sense. Also a bad-ass when it comes time to throw hands.
  11. Can you say “Ran when parked” with those?
  12. Mudfly


    Put a different area code on your bill. If you have relatives from out of state use their address. With paperless billing, there is no need to share this information accurately. The only reason dish network knows where you live is because you tell them.
  13. Downpressure percentages would be the same. I should clarify. Those are the amount of vertical force that you will get from the cylinder. Then you have to take into account the geometry of whatever you are pushing. The OP has the pivot point or fulcrum, then the the force (cylinder), then the tire. Either side can be considered the load. Since the tire is relatively close to where the cylinder connects, it’s doesn’t change the force much. Hence why I said to stay well below those numbers. If the tire was a lot past the cylinder pin, it would be a different story. O
  14. At 31 deg, 50% lift capacity is pretty much dead on at the bottom of the stroke. Once the geometry changes it will increase.
  15. Those aren't rules of thumb, I used the formula. Those are rounded percentages for those specific angles. By my eye the cylinder is in the 25 +/- degree range. That's why I posted the numbers down that far. If you have the specific angle I can get you the actual numbers, but again, I would use the rough numbers above and make sure you have more cylinder than you need.
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