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    That right there is one reason I would want to leave the EU post haste. I think the Euro and its management could be the undoing of the EU.
  2. bitty, I think you will be surprised what is salvageable from that Magnum. Tires aren’t even burned off yet. I put a salvage MFD hub housing on my MX170 that came off a burnt tractor. Didn’t have any paint on it. So far it has held up to my abuse including as a loader tractor. The real toasted tractors come from building fires and those can be mostly scrap metal.
  3. That white cab 1066 is near enough a twin to the 1066 we had from the early 90’s to mid ‘00s. Ours was not as nice and not as original nor did it have the tilt steering this one has. No AC either.
  4. Come to think of it, I think the Claas Xerions are 4 wheel steer too.
  5. Could you put a spring clamp on the knurl knob is such a fashion that it wouldn’t rotate? I have a “self adjusting” flow control on the back of my MX170 and that was my low buck solution. Just hold it in place with a spring clamp. Can get it to stay in about any position I need to.
  6. Working on wheel loaders is not something I look forward to . . . they are generally a pain to work on, whether is was the 1968 Case W10B we had or my brother’s current L60E and L70E Volvos.
  7. Well, for what it’s worth my MX150 has the inner tip of the exhaust rotting out too and it is a Euro tractor; doesn’t seem like it sat out in the weather constantly. I wonder if there gets some acidic condensation from the exhaust up there.
  8. Regarding 18th gear being locked out . . . This jogged my memory. I used to own a New Holland TM120 with the full power shift transmission. It was a 2wd. It was also a 17 speed. The MFD versions of the full power shift had 18 speeds. I am as certain as I can be that the 17 speed was an 18 with 18th electronically looked out. Supposedly it all comes from Euro road regulations that require tractors not capable of 4 wheel braking to limit road speed to 19mph. Why CIH and later CNH stuck to that same rule for NA tractors is utterly beyond me because Deere and Agco sure didn’t. My brother has an Agco RT135 2wd that goes 25 real easy down the road.
  9. I have an example in my shop right now. It’s not a Magnum but close to it, an MX150. It does have some Magnum parts in it 😁. It’s a European tractor with a ton of hours on it (who knows how many, the hour meter can’t be right. Split the trans because the forward clutch started to drag, found some other problems too, mainly with the internal MFD driveline. Everything else looks good. So far I have spent $3,500 in parts on it, add to that about $1,200 to freshen up the MFD axle when I first got the tractor. I don’t think you will spend money as quick on a Magnum as the tractor I have apart. My brother bought a 7140 off Ritchie Bros years ago, it had a questionable past. So far he really hasn’t spent a lot of money on it. Freshened up the MFD axle I think, shift control cable, head gasket, maybe a few other things. He’s gotten a lot of work out of it.
  10. I've thought that myself. As much as the 66 series is revered, and hey, I like them too!, they really were IH hanging on to some ideas that should have been abandoned. The cab was outdated before it even came out. The unsynchronized transmission with its poor pattern layout also left something to be desired by the mid 70s. I ran a 1066 with a white IH cab for too many years in front of a big square baler to have too many romantic thoughts of those tractors. Learned to dislike the cab and hate the trans in that particular application.
  11. I got a feeling that’s a later model 5200 dash. My brothers 5140 has a digital dash and it doesn’t look exactly like that. His 5230 is a very late one but has an analog dash.
  12. Sooner or later the problem will solve itself . . .
  13. Reminds me of a comment by Ernest Gann in his book Fate is the Hunter. “Most airline pilots will freely admit they are overpaid most of the time. The rest of the time they would gladly return the entire amount to be somewhere else."
  14. In case you didn’t know, there were several different dashes that CIH used in those tractors. There was an analog tach dash and a digital dash. There may have been variants of each of those over the life of the 5000 series. You must have a digital dash there. I think the earlier digitals were an ordinary black LCD display. At some point in the 5200s they went to a green character display. I would find a tractor that uses that dash and plug it in, see what happens.
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