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  1. Would be a terrible shame if some unfortunate burglar was accidentally ridden over while purloining a converter.
  2. Off the top of my head I’d say Cat. I have yet to be impressed overall with Deere skid steers. Not that I think Cat walks on water, having been around the small end of the Cat skid steer line. I’ve probably spent well over 7,500 hours of my life in a skid steer, and the older I get the less I like large skid steers. Visibility is horrible on them compared to a compact wheel loader. Even the small skid steers are bad. Engineers have forgotten that operators need to be able to see what is around them. The only way I would buy a large skid steer is if there were no other option for the job at hand.
  3. If the fuel pressure is at spec it ain’t the pump. I had a fuel pump take a dump, it would act up more when hot, would idle just fine, part throttle was fine, ask for full power and the pressure would drop off, engine would cut out like the ignition was getting switched on/off. It was a Nissan 5.6, and those infinitely wise nitwits don’t put a pressure test port on the fuel rail. Idiots.
  4. One thing about embedding a beam in a concrete floor that would give me long pause for thought -- it will be a break-on-the-dotted-line situation. I would bet money the floor will crack in line with that beam. As such, if you do go that way, I would preplan how to cut control cracks to, well, control the cracking around the beam. Without control cuts, I would expect crack(s) to radiate out from the beam ends.
  5. What are you spreading? When I hear 5250 tractor, I think New Holland 195 spreader. Just the right size for that tractor, durable machine, and just about the best spread pattern you will ever find for a horizontal beater spreader.
  6. I suppose since I try when possible to fill my leaky 856 trans with used hydraulic oil I can expect the guts to fall out of the bottom any day now LOL!
  7. One thing big singles won’t do is give the stability of two pairs of sidewalls. Back in the first days of my brother’s 7140 we pulled a manure tank with it, single 18.4R-42 rears. Making a sharp turn loaded was a most unsettling feeling . . . one would swear the tires were gonna come off the rims . . . they never did . . . non theeless I never got used to it. Duals made that horrible sensation a thing of the past.
  8. European tractor with typical European tyres. Duals are virtually nonexistent over there, overall width regulations are a factor in that. No different really than the current North American fad of LSW tires. Except I think these tires are a better idea than the LSWs.
  9. I’m seen them rated that way in trucks. That engine was built for many decades and configurations. I have seen marine versions of the 6-71 rated for 485 hp. I would imagine the fuse was a bit short at that rating.
  10. Gearclash


    This would be a good idea. I do wonder if the load sense line from the loader valve got hooked to the wrong port on the power beyond. You could post a picture, but someone else will have to critique it. I have an MX135 that has the power beyond block, but I don’t know what goes where.
  11. This here is one of the better ideas here. Used Hytran won’t hurt a thing, but being Hytran it should help pull more of the excess water out of the transmission than what any of the cheaper oils will do.
  12. Gearclash


    If the remotes can show 2400 psi then the loader valve evidently isn’t leaking off the load sense signal. The steering circuit runs at a lower psi than the hitch and remotes and that can make some odd stuff happen if the pump pressure is too low at high standby.
  13. Gearclash


    A function that doesn’t work is not the one with a bad signal check. But I need to caution that a lack of signal may be either the signal getting lost because of a leaking signal check, or not being generated in the first place. It should be pretty easy to cap off various parts of the signal circuit and see of there is a faulty signal check someplace. It should be 2750 or 2800. (Memory is getting fuzzy on that). If the 3pt and outlet high pressure fall below the regulated pressure for the steering circuit, things will start acting funny. I’d have to stick my nose in the book again to see what the spec'd pressures are.
  14. There are at least two drivers behind these high prices. One is all the money floating around, another is desire to have a simpler, more reliable machine.
  15. They were asking for trouble. On a gravel back road I can look past it, but not on a highway. Following an accident that someone I know was involved in (oncoming truck met his farm implement and went off the road), I called our county sheriff office to be certain what the law is about wide farm machinery. Legally, each driver must yield half the roadway to the other driver regardless of the width of the machine. So if someone is driving a wide tractor or harvester with duals, they are not entitled to more than half the road way.
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