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  1. In ’09 I finished custom building a 20’ goose neck deck over trailer with 2 5200 # axles. I used rectangular tube construction throughout. Tare weight of the trailer is 3500 lbs. I am really pleased with is as it is not excessively heavy for what it is, but it is very solid. No twist. The main frame is 3” x 6” 1/4” wall rectangular tube. The deck stringers are rectangular tube, the deck itself is 16 gauge steel diamond plate. There are several reasons I can think of why I beam or channel is the prevalent beam shape of choice. The first is that it is cheaper to make. Another is that I and C shapes allow torsional twist to occur when it is necessary without uncontrollable cracking. Pickup trailers for all intents have 3 points of ground contact, so ability to twist torsionally is a liability rather than a virtue.
  2. Check with salvage yards? If my memory serves right the power shift lever and the three point height control lever used the same type of knob. Hydraulic level knobs will fit on the power shift lever as well but they are different.
  3. Musta stole the drivetrain straight from an 80s Caprice Classic. 305, junk slushy, rear end ratio so high it could hit 60 in first gear.
  4. My gut feeling is that most likely that washer is at least somewhat hard. Not likely to be a plain old piece of mild steel. If you have to have one made, I would suggest working with 4140 prehard steel.
  5. Yup. No matter how wide your piece of equipment is you still are required to yield half the roadway. My condolences to the grieving family.
  6. I think you have your directions mixed.
  7. It would appear that Trump learned well from his predecessors. He might even be beating them at their own game. Your umbrage with the Democrats sounds kind of odd considering Trump was a Democrat most of his life and now seems act more as an old school Democrat than anything else.
  8. One bad hailstorm and asphalt shingles are junk, especially if they were elcheapo.
  9. Rick, Trump is a typical wily politician who knows how far he can go and get away with it. The whole Russian thing is a classic example. He didn’t violate any laws but what he did sure was less than upstanding. He should have alerted the FBI to the Russian overtures. Instead he took advantage of them. Classy. Then there is a recent speech where he was justifying the tariffs on Chinese steel. To paraphrase what he said, “We have to get away from buying steel from China because we buy so much steel from them we will be in big trouble if we ever get in a fight with them.” Its a false argument because only 2% of our steel comes from China. Talk about stretching the truth to the snapping point!
  10. I’m assuming you are new to this tractor, be aware that the 686 is somewhat notorious for developing a leak in the suction line for the hydraulic pump. This results in the pump pulling some air in with the oil and will make the hydraulics noisy and jerky. If this is the case, overfill the hydraulic fluid until the noise goes away. If I remember right about an inch over full on the trans dip stick.
  11. Who “was” Epstein would be the better way to put it.
  12. cedar farm, good synopsis on the decision to use atomic force on Japan. I have read quite a bit about WWII and the fanaticism of the Japanese is hard for us to fathom. I read once that Japanese samurai swords ended far more lives than both the atomic bombs did. War is not **** but it is very close to it.
  13. China does not own any of the US National Debt. They do have dollars invested in US bonds, as they have quite a few dollars to invest because of our trade with them.
  14. To quote someone on another forum “Are you surprised that Epstein committed suicide? He was probably even more surprised."
  15. I could not identify what cylinder was missing on my 856 when it started to run lame by cracking injector nuts. Ran over them several times tying to figure it out. Turned out the head gasket was blown out between 5 and 6.
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