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  1. Gearclash

    Is This Torque or Horsepower at Work?

    Horsepower. You can have torque without horsepower ( torque at 0 rpm) but not hp without torque. Lots of hp tends to imply lots of torque also, but it depends on the engine speed.
  2. Gearclash

    New Ram (Dodge)

    I never said it was Chrysler’s fault. The reality was back then the manuals could handle the extra power and the autos couldn’t. That is all. Look at the hp ratings of the manual vs auto transmissions for the second generation Doge Cummins and you will see that the autos were set for a lower power level than the manuals, evidently for good reason. Interesting to note that the Getrag manuals couldn’t take the power that the NV manuals could. In very high horsepower applications the aluminum case of the G56 would flex and allow the gear mesh to separate slightly resulting in tooth failure. The iron case of the NV5600 did not have that problem.
  3. Gearclash

    Would you take this for free...

    Yea i’d take it for free . . . lotsa scrap weight there . . . Just kidding! I wouldn’t mind having a dut dut around. My mom’s family farmed with them.
  4. Gearclash

    New Ram (Dodge)

    I was referring to the manual transmissions. A slush box trans does not need as many gears (in theory) to keep the engine in the power band.
  5. Gearclash

    New Ram (Dodge)

    Careful when you say “millennial proof”. I have had two college student baler drivers in the last couple years who where perfectly proficient with a stick shift pickup.
  6. Gearclash

    New Ram (Dodge)

    Here’s is why some people still want manual transmissions. They remember the bad old days of the 47RE et al. My brother owned a ’97 Ram 2500 with a turned up Cummins. He spent about 10 cents a mile on the automatic trans which seems to need a rebuild about every 30,000 miles. I own a ’99 2500 Cummins with a mild chip on it. It has cost me .4 cents per mile in transmission repairs. In my opinion even a 6 speed doesn’t do justice to the Cummins power band. A 10 speed would have been perfect, but impractical for public consumption. In any case, I don’t much care what they offer any more as I have no interest in owning any of the newer emission emasculated diesels. They are going to be money pits at some point and I can’t afford that.
  7. Gearclash

    New joke

    He’s there to hold the governor wide open when they make a dash for cover.
  8. Gearclash

    New Ram (Dodge)

  9. Gearclash

    856 MCV problem

    The loctite trick worked. I found that a 1/2” shaft fit pretty close in the spool, and used retaining compound (loctite 680) to hold the shaft in the spool.
  10. Gearclash

    CaseIH MX100, MX110 and MX120 School Me On Them

    X2. I owned a TM120 (same as MXM) for 3 years. It was a nice enough tractor but the cab was outdated and pretty much all of the tractor was “cheaper” than the Maxxums it replaced.
  11. Gearclash

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    Yes, chain cases were prone to water intrusion. The hubs were sealed on both ends and filled with grease though so moisture in the case shouldn’t bother the bearings.
  12. Gearclash

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    25 wheel bearing kits?? I’m incredulous! What were you doing with it? The gasser above to the best of my knowledge has the original wheel bearings yet. Which is surprising considering it spent some of its life on the front two wheels.
  13. Gearclash

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    My two Case 1835Bs. Both 1985s. Front on is a diesel with about 4600 hours. Bought it about 4 years ago on AuctionTime. The other is a gasoline burner with 13,500 hours. The engine has never had the head or oil pan off. My dad bought it new in 1987. Traded a gas 706 for it. He never regretted that trade for a moment.
  14. Gearclash

    CaseIH MX100, MX110 and MX120 School Me On Them

    Open station MXs are rare. The engine has 0 electronics on it, only a solenoid to operate the fuel shut off, and that can be wired or strapped open so the engine will run. The transmission, pto and 3 pt do have electronics involved. Parts are readily available, and there is a decent aftermarket parts presence. I would buy based on condition, not hours so much. The MFD axle is a Carraro axle. They are fine as long as they aren’t neglected and overloaded constantly. Turning radius is good also as long as the wheels aren’t set way in.
  15. Gearclash

    856 MCV problem

    I will try that. Thanks!