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  1. Do it. The Miller gun on the Hobart welder is JUNK.
  2. 1066 will be adequate. Be sure the tractor harness for the baler is connected directly to 12 volts at the batteries using clean hardware and snug connections. #1 netwrap system problem on all brands of balers is usually a poor 12v power supply. Do not under any circumstances use the convenience plug that New Holland provides. It won’t pass adequate power to support the actuators. I pull one of my two 560s with a 115 pto hp rated CIH. I’ve never run it out of power. The 5.9 will grunt a little at times but never runs out of power.
  3. Baloney. I switched an 856 from a non assist clutch to an assist linkage. The pedal is different for the assist linkage and it make it noticeably easier to depress the pedal even with the engine not running. There is no substitute for an assist clutch. If you want to be a he man and shove that beastly heavy non assist clutch in all time, go for it. Don’t come complaining to me in 20 years that your left knee hurts any time you kick a clutch pedal. Been there and done that.
  4. Ah. Gotcha. My MX Maxxum fenders don’t have that feature. They are “movable” in that there is a selection of mounting holes for the plastic to bolt to the steel frame.
  5. What you might look into is front fenders with a rubber torsion in the fender support. It allows the wheels to travel farther than the fender would otherwise allow. Fender hits the frame and stops. Rubber torsion allows the wheel to continue turning to its stop. CJ’s 5488 has them. Also on my neighbor’s Deere 8420 I think.
  6. Sometimes we have to look at it not as “we had a bad day” but “we had a day”, a privilege not everyone got.
  7. I have my doubts. When I bought my MX170 it had fenders on the front. I moved the front wheels in a few inches to something that would just squeak through 30 inch rows without riding them down, probably something like 64 or 66 inch centers. I took the fenders off at the time and didn’t not reinstall them. I can’t be certain but I don’t think they would clear at that wheel spacing. I still have the fenders. They are not for sale but you are sure welcome to check them out to see if that fender could be made to work for you. I can send some pictures too.
  8. Looks well built. One thing I want to mention after pushing silage for near enough a quarter of a century. While weight is weight, getting the weight on the front of pushing machine makes the pusher more effective. Having a pusher that has a rather rear heavy bias leads a near total loss of steering authority during a heavy push. We use a front blade to push and I found that every time I added more weight right to the blade, the whole outfit became more effective and less stressful to operate. 4x4 (articulated) tractors are ideal silage pushers as they are naturally front heavy. If your sole purpose is to pack, then it doesn’t really matter beyond balance for stability (safety) reasons.
  9. This is from my MX170 Ops manual. I do have a tractor set on 88” centers all around. Be aware that having the wheels set that way does increase the loading on the wheel bearings and the king pins, also if the MFD is being used it will increase the loading on the tie rods. Within reason it will be okay. I reset the steering stops on this tractor but set them one notch short of maximum allowable angle.
  10. “My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!” ― Edna St. Vincent Millay, A Few Figs from Thistles
  11. In addition to the cost switching to the 1000 RPM components, your long term operating cost will go up as the 1000 PTO CV on those balers has about 60% the life of the 540 PTO CV and the 1000 will cause more vibration when it begins to loosen up. You will be money ahead in the long run to make 540 available on your tractor.
  12. Makes a person really angry that a parent has to push for testing. My wife had to do the same thing this summer when our boy was sick. Local doc said “it’s probably E Coli but I’m sure it’s not O157.” WRONG. I hope your daughter gets well soon!
  13. @mader656 -- I am so sorry -- we’ve been down that road -- more than once -- may God give you comfort.
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