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  1. You do realize just how hard it can be to find that stuff in the book?? SMH. Can’t blame the guy for asking here first when somebody might know right away vs poking through a 5 inch thick service manual for 2 hours trying to figure it out.
  2. Fafnir is owned by Timken now. It’s worth noting that New Holland round balers used to have Fafnir bearings on them, then for a while were coming out with PEER. Wonder why?
  3. Ya ever see the gobs and piles of rust in say an M block? You won’t find that in newer engines that have always run coolant with adequate anti corrosion additives. All that rust hurts heat transfer and can block passages. It is additives that keep the 400 series IH engines from pin holing the sleeves in a few thousand hours due to cavitation. I used to have in my possession an old diesel engineering text book that did a pretty good job of explaining that whole cavitation thing, and what the exact chemical was that prevented it. Copyright 1969. Sadly it has been misplaced.
  4. @SDman You have me curious about the remote valves on the NH stickered tractors. Are they unique to the NH label or did the MX Magnum use the same thing? Thanks!
  5. Gearclash

    Cab removal

    IH purists would have blood shoot out there ears if they saw all the cobbling done on my 856. I don’t care. It works. Somewhat. LOL!
  6. Gearclash

    Cab stands

    Heh heh! Don’t ask how I know either!
  7. I have wondered about their choice of model numbers myself. 06: 6, 7, 8, 12 56: 6, 7, 8, 12, 14 66: 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15 86: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 One could argue that the 6 model doesn’t belong as it is a totally different rear frame and I would agree.
  8. I always thought they were both top shelf bearings. For what its worth Chinese made PEER bearings are a subsidiary of SKF.
  9. Just a comment on the mechanics of tariffs, since the baler net wrap I use was subject to them. The reality is that tariffs turn into a real murky mess. The tariff was not on the net wrap itself per se, although some of the tariff fee probably was. the rest was on the plastic that goes in the net wrap, and on the shipping to get it from China to the US. In the end I did not pay more for net wrap. The dealer I buy from, the importer and owner of the US company that wholesales the net wrap (a good NE boy by the way) and the manufacturer in China all agreed to eat enough profit to keep the r
  10. @SDman Thanks for the input! You mentioned something that has rattled around in the back of my mind for a long time, and that was the relationship of the engine to the trans on the blue tractors vs their red counter parts. I knew the MX Magnum had moved the engine up and ahead but somehow it seemed like the blue tractors were different. Now I know for sure.
  11. I asked a while back about the MX Magnums, got a wealth of information about them. Got to wondering lately how the TG New Hollands compare to them? I would be mainly interested in the TG210 and TG230. I’m under the impression that the TG shares its drivetrain with the MX? Mainly different hood, cab and front axle arrangement? Doesn’t look like there are very many TGs out there compared to the MX counterparts. Thanks!
  12. I *think* the alternator speed signal can be tuned on the MX Maxxums, not sure if it can be on the older tractors.
  13. Gearclash

    Cab stands

    A couple hundred dollars and a few days of fabrication should get it. The biggest $$$ would be the hubs if you need to buy them.
  14. That is a figure of speech, but yes, that is what they will (are now and have been) do(ing). Creating money into existence is good, provided it is done at a rational pace. Think supply and demand, and how that affects the value of things. Someone said that 10% of the dollars in existence today were created in calendar year 2020. Yowch!
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