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  1. CGI did the grooving? They did all of our barn years ago, some of the best spent money.
  2. We just drove across the country on I-64, I-70, I-29 and some MO highways. Crops either aren’t there or look poor. I think we are going to see a well below trend line yield this year.
  3. The United States does not borrow money from other nations to pay it’s bills. The US is a sovereign currency issuer so if it needs more money to pay its obligations it creates it. This is what happens with Federal deficit spending. The National Debt is not really a debt in the proper sense as it never needs to be repaid. It is a measure of how much money the Federal government has created. The amount of the National debt is not a concern, the rate at which it increases should be. Too rapid an increase over a longer term could result in excessive inflation. Technically, we do not have a trade deficit with China, it it just “trade”, X dollars for X dollars worth of goods. Because the US government is constantly creating dollars, we can be in a “trade deficit" with China forever, within reason.
  4. This comes from the Levitical law which was in force for the Israelites from the time they left Egypt to the time that Jesus Christ died. Homosexuality being sin is implied under the moral law (the 10 commandments) by which every person that is or was in existence will be judged. Look at the example of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were destroyed for egregious sexual misconduct which the Bible states clearly included open homosexuality. They were destroyed before the Levitical law came into existence and they were a people to whom Levitical law would never have applied.
  5. I ended up tossing my new gasket and using anaerobic flange sealant. The cover distorts too easily for a paper gasket to seal well.
  6. Had trouble with air in the MCV flow on my 856 after working on it last winter. The problem was a leaking hydraulic filter cover.
  7. Gearclash


    Hmmm. For $4000 I’d be tempted to buy it, turn the fuel screw some, and flog it until something goes pop, then send it to the salvage yard. That thing really doesn’t look any more disreputable that the 856 I bought 6 years ago for $3500. I’ve put near enough 1000 hours on it since.
  8. Inflation here we come.
  9. I’m on balers 3 and 4 with endless belts. Sure beats having to replace splice pins every 1000 bales or so. Last time I counted, there are 7 rollers that have to come out to put endless belts back in a NH baler. Other wise just cut the old endless belts and put new laced belts in.
  10. Too much cheap stuff on that series for me to recommend them, especially when there are more reliable choices out there. I had a TM120 which has less electronics on than the 175 and 190.
  11. When ever I test trailer electrical systems, I always do it with only the plug from the trailer connected. I leave the trailer unhitched. If there is a poor ground somewhere it will show up a lot better that way vs having some grounding going on through the hitch.
  12. Some things to look for: Poor grounding. Ground wire too small. The ground wire has to return the amperage of all the other circuits put together, best to use 10 gauge on a trailer with electric brakes. Poor connections in supply wire. Supply wire too small. 14ga is really barely adequate for 4 brakes, 12 would be better.
  13. Gearclash


    Ya, I’d want to see those allegations verified. But honestly, I think ole Wayne can pay for his clothes out of his own million plus per year salary . . .
  14. Ive never had to mess with the switches . . . paging CIHTECH! Are you “flooring” the clutch? The pedal needs to be most of the way down to trigger the pedal switch.
  15. Once the clutch disengage light is on, it won’t go out and the F/R clutches won’t engage until the clutch pedal is cycled, even though the either or both levers may be in gear. There is a switch under the dash on the clutch pedal. The switches for the speed and range levers are below the levers in the console I believe. If they are out of adjustment I suppose it is possible for the trans to be “in gear” but the “clutch disengage” to not allow the tractor to move. The control of the speed and range transmissions is all purely mechanical, but the F/R clutches have a level of electronic control.
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