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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6w-ZnkeXI7c&t=87s
  2. The net tension shouldn’t affect the knife cutting unless the tension is so high that the duckbill is prevented from returning fully to the home position and being sensed by the duckbill home position sensor. What does the cut net look like? Nice neat cut or horribly ragged? Wouldn’t surprise me that the net knife is rather dull and the knife is tripping but not able to cut the net successfully. Both my balers quit cutting the net right at the 1000 bale mark. One would think NH could send balers out with a properly sharp knife, but no, that doesn’t happen. Another thing to chec
  3. Very sad to hear that. My condolences to those near the victim. Be careful around big wheels! A local guy I know of was laid up this spring just before planting when a rear tractor dual tipped unexpectedly and hit him. His leg was broken in several places. It has been quite a few years, more like 20 years, since I have manhandled duals. Built a dual mover for a skid steer a long time ago and that is how they all get moved now.
  4. There are good young folks out there in the USA. I hire a few college students to operate balers for me in the fall. So far all of them have been good people to work with. I’m wondering how long the current owner has had that 4 million mile COE?
  5. It depends on what code is triggered, but yes, the monitor does store codes. Book will tell you how to look them up. I am wondering if there is a code related to the knife or not. If not, I would be inclined to think that for some reason the duckbill home position sensor is not being triggered when the duckbill goes to the home position. If that sensor is not triggered, the knife won’t cycle. I can about promise you that there will be some teething pains getting everything adjusted right on the wrap system, but once it’s dialed in you most likely won’t be messing with it much. Ju
  6. Are you getting an error and code when the net does not cut? If so what is it? Code will be on the upper left of the monitor screen. I know. It is really stupid. Welding the rods cured that problem on mine. Completely. That is unusual. Wrapped way on the ends? How is your tractor harness connected to power? Direct to the tractor battery or otherwise?
  7. Are you asking about the Navistar Maxxforce class 8 truck engines? If so, there is no way to make them reliable. They are utter junk if they have the emission crap on them and they are still junk even if deleted. Just a junk engine from top to bottom.
  8. Just remember that there is nothing new under the sun . . . The United States of America has a great deal of moral debt incurred because of its freewheeling ways . . . I am convinced there is a reckoning coming.
  9. Item 1 is the suction screen. Remove bolts (item 4) to remove cover (item 2) to access screen. I just changed the hydraulic oil on a tractor that uses this screen. The old screen looked like it was possibly vulnerable to failure in the future so I opted to replace it. It was $43 which I thought was reasonable all things considered, and when I got the new one I discovered it had stainless steel mesh instead of the poly mesh of the old screen. My recommendation would be to replace the screen if it looks at you cross eyed.
  10. My sentiment as well. I have spent plenty of time on open station tractors, did time in a factory 66 cab with no cold air (but it DID have doors and windows LOL!), spent a lot of time in a Barkow cab on an old Case wheel loader (no air either); now most of my cab time is in a modern cab with air and heat. Unless I am just going to be in and out fairly quickly I would rather have no cab at all than an uncomfortably hot, noisy, and in some cases a visually obstructive cab. Shucks, I don’t even want a cab on a skid steer, no matter how nice it is. Not for the stuff I do. More liability than
  11. Truth. But. The dirt that gets moved around for a pipeline isn’t the same for a long time. I wondered how that was going to work out after DAPL came through here. They gave tenants 100% comp for the year of construction, then I think it was a year of 50% and a year of 30%. That was a rip off as near as I can tell. Last year yet it was still pretty apparent where the dirt got disturbed. The crops aren’t fully back to normal over it. And they move a pretty wide swath of dirt.
  12. Ah, the infamous 53 block. Yes they would crack on their own, but the only thing the crack did was leak coolant.
  13. Ooooh boy. Have a thought for that poor block. Looks like someone is going to see if they can blow yet another Cummins 5.9 block apart. Maybe Finney can fab a massive stud girdle system to hold the block together.
  14. Yea, there is a lot of truth there though. If’n I didn’t run my Year A Round equipped tractor year around for feeding I would toss that oven/echo chamber off in a heartbeat.
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