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  1. I'd wondered if it was. I've been following your channel now for a while. Thanks for featuring the 350 as much as you do; seems like no one really talks about them much, and there aren't that many videos on YT. Mac
  2. My pleasure. Is this the same 350 you have on your YT channel? Mac
  3. It is a bypass system, as @snoshoesaid. There should be little to no effect on oil pressure from it. Have you lost pressure all together or has it dropped dramatically? If so, have a look at your oil pump screen. It could be clogged with sludge and not picking up. Mac
  4. Going by the final drives and the angled shift lever, it looks like a Farmall Regular with a two row lister-planter. At least to me anyway. Best I understand, lister planting was (and maybe still is) common in the more arid regions of the US, as it somehow conserves moisture. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will chime in. Good to hear from you "Perfesser", and thanks for sharing! Mac
  5. I like Brownells Oxpho-blue. It's easy to put on and works good, I've used it several times on old guns and it turned out well. Mac
  6. If you pull the forend off, I'll bet a nickel there are some Belgian proofmarks under it. Most of those old trade name guns were made over there and imported here by the boat load, then sold by Sears Roebuck or Monkey Wards to farmers and ranchers all over the US. They were cheap guns back in the day, only costing four or five dollars. It has what is called "circle hammers", that you might be able to find from one of the big gun parts houses or your local gun show. Mac
  7. No problem bud, just wanted to point out that people had answered you on the other board. Mac
  8. Why don't you go back to the General Chat and respond to those of us who replied to your original thread. Mac
  9. MacAR

    Axes Anyone?

    Ain't that the truth! That's why I try to save all those old "toothpick" handles I can, they feel so much better in the hand! Mac
  10. MacAR

    Axes Anyone?

    Sounds like a nice haul, Sledge. I'd like to see them all laid out sometime, if you have time of course. I found a couple neat boy's/camp axes the other day. One is marked but illegible, and appears to be blacksmith-made. The other is a Simmons Chip-a-way, that sharpened the nicest of any axe I've ever filed. Both are on original or very old replacement handles as well. The best part, I got the pair for only $20! Will post pictures when I can. Mac PS - Thanks to you guys who've kept this thread alive!
  11. That's what it had, I do remember that from the couple times we had the carb off. Mac
  12. Really? I'm almost 99% sure Dad stuck a 300 carb on the old H back in the day, but then again I was just a kid and might've misunderstood. Am I wrong in saying that a 300/350 manifold will bolt up to an H/SH engine? Out of curiosity, where did you find that? Not doubting you, mind, I'd just like to add to my knowledge. Mac
  13. Sure, if you've got all the parts to do so. What does it have on it now? Mac
  14. Sounds like you have a running, driving tractor that seems to need a little restoration. That's the whole point of this hobby, or so I thought. Ok, so the engine may or may not be correct to the tractor. Your FBH-99156 doesn't cross to a darn thing in any of my books, not saying it isn't stamped on there, but that it simply doesn't cross. You need to look on the block (on the distributor side, toward the back near where the block and head meet) and see what is stamped on it, C152, 169, or 175 will be your options. You may have to scrape some paint/rust off to see it good. A C179 was never offered to my knowledge. As far as the carb, an H carb will fit a 350 manifold; if you don't want to rebuild the H carb, you can always get one for a 300/350. It'll bold right up and should give you a bit more power as well. Good luck! Mac
  15. I'm not a senior either, but it seems I had a moment as well. I'm fairly certain you're correct, and if it wasn't so bloody cold I'd slip out to the shop and consult my shop manual to verify as much. Mac
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