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    It was a balmy 9* here in N. Arkansas this morning. On my way into the office it warmed up to 11, and is sitting pretty at 31* now. Wind chill yesterday and this morning was -6 if I remember correctly. Thankfully no snow here. I don't understand how you guys up north stand it. Between stuff not wanting to start, chopping ice every morning at daylight, being cooped up in the house or shop, and carrying wood in three times a day, I'm sick of winter. Not to mention the cold gets in my bones now, where it used to not bother me. Supposed to be up around 50* by Sunday, but the grounds so wet it can't be worked... just give me some dry ground and decent weather already! Mac
  2. Hey Art, I don't think he was kidding.... Fred, I'll look into this program. But I'm about 98% sure our county agent will laugh me out of his office when I tell him what I'm doing. There's been no cotton here (or within a 200 mile radius) since the 1960's, and I can't imagine that the State Plant Board would give a hoot about some guy planting a pound of cotton seed. Of course, I may be completely wrong. I was once, long ago, though what I was wrong about escapes me and no one has ever told me different since*. Mac *If you believe that last part, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you... 🤣
  3. Well Perfesser, I'm sure the Benton would likely make it down the Mighty Miss, its the rough and narrow White that might cause you some trouble. They used to use smaller packets here, like this one: This is the Ozark Queen, taken around Guion Arkansas at the turn of the last century. About 15 minutes from my house, and some good trout fishing. Perhaps if you could get it that far, I could haul the bales down behind my old 300 Farmall? Mac
  4. You are most likely correct, Art. Now that the coffee has fully kicked in, I see the humor in it! I suppose if I'm to raise another crop of cotton, I'll be needing it ginned. There's been an offer from the Booger Creek Gin Co. to do so, but we've not arrived at a method of payment. I'll also need someone to haul it... do you suppose the famous Auto Wagon could handle such a load? Mac
  5. That makes a lot of sense, Art. I was thinking they were using it for primary tillage, but in a reclaimed pit the ground would likely already be loose, so using it to lightly cover the seed would seem more reasonable. Mac
  6. Can you explain that a little better please? Why would I need to report to anyone that I'm growing a couple 50' rows of cotton? Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but I'm confused. Mac
  7. Not wanting to get political either. I just looked and saw that you live in Washington. Tells me all I need to know. Have a lot of family out in Wenatchee that wish they could come home. Mac
  8. It almost looks like they've set it up to operate like a one-way plow. Maybe they don't want to disturb the soil anymore than they have to? Mac
  9. What the heck is that 1086 hooked to. Almost looks like 1/2 an offset disk. Doesn't look like that would work too well to me, but maybe it does. Mac
  10. Yea, pretty recently. I kept a team up until about 2018 and then sold them as they weren't getting a lot of use and it just wasn't fair to them to stand around. Well, that and the feed bill. I grew up around having horses and mules; grandad never owned a tractor and he died in 2019. He traded a lot, but the last team we had (Prince and Duke) was a pair of full brothers I raised from a mare he gave me when I was a boy. Good team of horses, for sure, and I was sad to see them go. But, it was for the best in the end. The guy that has them regularly goes on wagon rides and sure does enjoy working them. I hope no one minds, I found a couple pictures of them and thought I'd share: The harrow cart I built out of an old walking cultivator and some scrap metal, with a seat of a 9N Ford tractor. It sure beat eating dust behind the harrows. This disk I repurposed as well. It was a 5' tractor disk, and I welded a bracket on the front to hold the tailwheel off an old bush-hog and bolted an old rake seat to the frame. I spent a lot of hours on it behind the boys. And another I found, for all the cotton people on here: We planted this little jag of cotton "just because" one year (I forget exactly when) and my wife wound up spinning a lot of it into yarn. It was fun to play with, though. I've not grown any since then, but I'm considering putting in another little patch of it for her. Unfortunately, seed has been very hard to come by since this was done. Would anyone (meaning Anson 😉) know where I could buy a couple pounds of de-linted seed? Anyhow, sorry for my rambling, and I hope you all enjoy. Mac
  11. I feel like I've missed something here.... Are you saying that the Gov't is mandating that you make fish habitat on your farm? If so, why? Something about this is a bit "fishy" (see what I did there? 🤣) Please share some details if you can, because I have some "ditches" too and don't want to have to make fish ponds out of them! Mac
  12. Thanks for having me! Talking of wagons, I had a Springfield ages ago. It was a good old wagon, but it had steel-rimmed wheels and I wanted rubber ones. So I swapped it off for an old Weber that had been retro-fitted with rims and tires off of what I can only assume was an A-model Ford or similar. Sorry to say, no pictures of it. I started out my farming career with three old horses. If you'd like, I'll try to find some photos of them and share them with you. Used to get a lot of funny looks from people 15 years ago; not a lot of people plowing with horses in this area anymore! Mac
  13. What a happy coincidence, then! Out of idle curiosity, what model is that old hoe drill? You never see those in my part of the world. Only disk opener drills, and darn few of them. Matter of fact, I only know of one IH drill in this county and its in my shed! Anyhow, keep up the good work, Perfesser! Mac
  14. Gary, that Greytak drawing of the WD9 and rod weeder getting into the fence really makes me smile. Even though I've never owned or operated either one, it just seems like something that I'd have done or would do. Thanks for sharing! Mac
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