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  1. I kinda think you need some fender extensions to bolt under the rops. I haven't been around one with a rops on it in a while so I may be wrong. Mac
  2. Ok Jimbo, we need a little more info. Is your exhaust the type that goes vertically through the hood, or does it go horizontal out the back (underslung)? If vertical, you can get a new manifold, pipe, and muffler from most any parts house rather cheaply. If its the underslung one, your options are a bit more limited. You can either a) get a new manifold and elbow from Steiner (almost $400) and then have a muffler shop bend an exhaust pipe for you, or b) buy everything I listed for the vertical exhaust plus a 2" hole saw. Mac
  3. Started off today hilling potatoes and replanting corn with the 340u. Then did a bit of cultivating with the Cub. Got the Atrazine on the corn with the 300 also: I may have driven a bit fast, as I had more chemical left than I expected, but I can hit it again in a week or so if it doesn't kill good. Also had to do some shuffling in the shop and managed to get a "family photo": Going to go shell some corn after lunch, grind a load of feed, and call it a day. Mac
  4. Yep, I got him now! .22 Mag is a darn good round for stuff like that, I've got a Henry Carbine that I really like for that kind of stuff. Eyes aren't so good anymore so probably need to put a scope on it at some point. Mine mostly lives in the truck for knocking off critters that shouldn't be around barns, gardens, and chicken houses. Mac
  5. It's kinda hard to find in the picture! 🤣 What am I looking at there DT? Mac
  6. Probably not this year. I got a little carried away with corn and didn't leave myself enough room, and Mrs Mac's got enough to play with from last year. I might plant one short row in the garden though, just for fun. I do like watching it grow! If not for putting atrazine on the corn ground I planned on putting some in the short rows, but I don't figure cotton and atrazine play well together. Still have some of the seed you sent though, should be enough to do what I need for a while. Mac
  7. That's probably right honestly. If you can braze it's not hard to stick the tube back on but seeing how I can't I used the JB and so far it's working. You might give it a whirl as a quick fix, but it's not hurting anything the way it is. Mac
  8. All quiet here, so far. Weather guessers say storms will get here around 9 or so, figure you'll get em before that. Radar simulation shows it splitting and going around us, but probably won't get that lucky. Got water standing on my heavy ground and need to replant the drowned spots and get some herbicide out. Not looking like that's going to happen soon though. Mac
  9. My 300 did something similar, and would steam when working hard in the summer but not get hot . I removed the nose cowl and used JB weld to stick the tube back to the radiator, and replaced the cap also since it had some wear. That was a couple years ago and it's still holding just fine. Just make sure you clean it up good before you stick it back together and let it set over night before you use it. Think I used the high temp JB but don't remember now. Mac
  10. Well at least he didn't have to pay for a hotel that way. Just pull over, crawl in the sleeper and get some rest and carry on in the daylight. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! Mac
  11. No kidding? I admit I pulled my haybine about 40 miles from where I bought to the house, and ran around 50mph with it. Did the same for my baler, had no trouble from either. F250 pulled them just fine, just like any other trailer that I've pulled. So a big machine like that probably wouldn't be too bad. Mac
  12. I gotta know, how long did that take? I can't imagine SD to W. AR at 15mph would be any fun. Mac
  13. For $100, you ought to fix it. Grab a service manual and the new shaft, take the PTO unit off and set it on the bench and go to work on it. It isn't bad and you can have it done in a couple hours like these guys are saying. I helped a neighbor do his a couple years ago and it really wasn't horrible. Easier than putting a clutch in one! I have to say this, and I hate being obvious, but if you can afford to go buy another planter, you can afford $100 to fix your tractor. Now if you're farming with borrowed money and can't afford to fix what you tear up, you're screwed bud. Ask me how I know... Mac
  14. It may be, hard to tell on my phone screen. Mac
  15. So, an easy fix to get you going might simply be a bolt. I notice there is a hole in the 540 shaft; is there a hole in the pto shaft on the planter? If so, a long 1/4" bolt and nut will hold the shaft on just fine. I have to do this on my #37 baler and also on the 101 picker since neither have a lock on the yoke. A lot of older equipment was this way, and it works, but be careful! That bolt spinning around can grab you and twist you up in a heartbeat! I am very, very careful around both those machines for that reason; I'm down to 9 fingers and one so can't afford to lose anything else! Mac
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