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  1. I have a little cast iron skillet in the shop that I use for just that purpose! A friend of mine got it on a visit to the Lodge factory or some such trip. As for the collection, I know a guy around here that makes pretty good side money (retired) buying old cast iron, cleaning it up, and then reselling it. I doubt he'd go for such a collection, but I'm sure there is someone out there that will. $75k is pretty steep though, my bet is they'll cut the price in half before they even get any interest. Mac
  2. I watched the whole series, and wartime farm also. Really liked both, a different perspective than what we're used to. Mac
  3. Happy birthday Tony! Saw a YouTube video on your old baler the other day, that's a fine machine. Mac
  4. That's true. Step-dad had an accident a few years ago, and got a ride in one from Mtn View to Little Rock. That 25 minute trip cost him 50 grand, of which his ARDOT insurance only paid about half. Life flight is a great thing, saved his life quite literally. But he'll spend the rest of his life paying for that ride. Bloody shame. Mac
  5. ----- DISCLAIMER ----- --- THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST --- -- PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AS SUCH -- I had a couple conversations with my Farm Bureau guys, and they seem to think that this won't make it out of committee. Not sure what makes them think that, but they seemed confident. This will hurt the rice farmers the most, but from what I understand even small guys like me that want to burn a bit of hay ground or corn stalks will be affected as well. Sure, we could bale the straw or chop the stalks and plow them under. But who can afford the fuel for that? That question, and others, have been put to the committee and I'm waiting to hear what they'll say. There was talk of a fuel subsidy, but I don't see anything coming of it. All because the citiots don't want smoke in their subdivisions. I understand and firmly believe that every citizen has a right to clean air, pure water, and good food. What kills me is that the majority of those citizens are burning **** to hamstring the minority that feeds and clothes them. What are they going to do once all the farmers and ranchers have been regulated out of existence? Mac
  6. Me too, but helicopters scare the bejaysus out of me! Besides that, $5500 for two hours is too rich for this poor old hillbilly. Watched some guys on YouTube blasting hogs with a 1919 Browning belt fed and a Sten gun from the back of a humvee. Now that I could go for! Mac
  7. I think the only thing wrong with it is it's not sitting in your driveway! Go get it Ace and make the Mrs. happy. Mac
  8. We eat a lot of deer, probably two or three per year. Most of my hunting is done with either an iron sighted 30-30 or a scoped 30-06. I don't own enough camo to make one complete outfit; red mackinaw coat and Stormy Kromer are my usual hunting togs. Like @acem, I miss dog hunting, but I've adapted to still hunting. But that's just me. Do I think that hunters go over board? Yea, a bit. But then again, you don't see a lot of guys out there making a living farming with M's and 2MH pickers anymore either. The technology is there, and I think it should be used. There is really no need to use a 300 winchester magnum for Bambi, but then again there's only one degree of dead. My 30-06 wears a Leupold 3-9x40 scope; it does exactly what I need it to. My 243 wears a 6-18x50; it also does what I need it to. Every hunter should strive to be as "ethical " as possible, but I won't try to define what "ethical hunting " is here, but as long as the hunter using all the fancy gear is killing his quarry efficiently and utilizing the meat, I don't care what he does. Mac
  9. Thanks guys. Most folks spend their birthday with their families, or out having fun. I hung two gates at the barn: The driveway was far too narrow for a truck and trailer coming off the road. I took it from 12 feet to 18. Anyhow, I left my phone in the truck and worked by myself. Hard work, but still somewhat relaxing. Mac
  10. I really hope nothing comes of this, and there's a good chance it'll fizzle out before it goes anywhere. Our state Farm Bureau does a good job of holding up for farmers and they have the manpower and resources to put up a good fight. Thanks old friend! Just another day older and deeper in debt as the song says... I've got the day off from the office so think I'll tinker around the shop and try not to think about the current state of affairs. Yes, very common. Most rice farmers burn their straw rather than bale it. Most of the concerns I've been seeing are from individuals who are either a) trying to save the planet or b) concerned with "public health". Nothing that serious, the burns are measured in days rather than months. I admit the smoke is pretty thick and it does affect some folks, but it's also just part of being in rice country. Mac
  11. I just read on FakeBook that the Arkansas state legislature is considering a study and a bill that may prevent farmers from burning their stubble in the fall after harvest, among other things. Maybe I'm wrong, but the idea of someone telling me I can't do something on my own land just steams me! It's bad enough we're regulated as much as we are without the citiots adding more regulations! I'm sorry, but if you don't like the sights and smells of farm country then get the he!! out of it! Sorry for the rant fellas, but I just had to get it off my chest. I'm sure there is legislation in other states concerning this, and if so I'd appreciate any information on the subject you folks would care to share. Thanks, Mac
  12. MacAR

    Old farm pics

    Those were the good old days, Ace. My grandad always had an English pointer and he, his nephew (in his 60s at the time), and I made a lot of tracks over these hills chasing ol' Bob. Grandad, "Uncle" Harold, and the old dog have long gone to their reward, and so have the birds. Sure do miss those days. Thanks for the great pictures and the memories, bud. Mac
  13. @twostepn2001 glad you're back in the saddle, old pal. You'll be back at the 'ol Booger Creek Gin in no time! Mac
  14. Oh that's easy Mike. The single bolt holds the entire wheel on, you just jack it up and slide the hub off the skein. They should fit on a tire machine. The wheel on my 101 corn picker is similar, smaller hub hole but same principle. The local tire shop put a used truck tire on it for me no problem. As an aside, I covet that wagon! If I'm not mistaken, the wood sticking up out of the bed is a shoveling board; not something you see much anymore. Mac
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