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  1. Sand will absorb ground moisture where closed cell will not. Closed cell foam will not compress under a cement floor no matter the load put on it. I have a 15,000# boiler sitting on a 4x8 sheet of pink foam for 11 years and it has not compressed any
  2. How about a progress report on Austin !
  3. I have hot water heat in the green house so I start some plants early. Four types of tomato's, Boxcar Willie is a favorite, Celebrity is another, always a paste type and cherry type too. These stay in the green house so that way we have tomato's in early June. We start onions, peppers, and alot of the cole crop plants as we cannot buy the kind we like from the green houses' in our area. We also start all our flower plants from seed as we need dozens of plants to make a flower beds look good and you know how much plants cost at the garden centers! Our green house is 10'x34' double layer sunpoly with air blown between layers over a i" PVC frame works. Hot water return from our house heats the green house before it goes back to the boiler. It runs through a heat exchanger with a blower on a thermostat that keeps the house 55*-75* even at minus temps. That also keeps snow from building up that must be kept off or it'll collapse. That happened once, not good!
  4. You should remember that a hoop house or high tunnel has curved sides so you need equipment that is low to the ground or else you'll be sacrificing 4-5 feet of growing area on the sides. A lot of Wheel Horse & Bolens & John Deere tractors would be the right size, they are well equipped for that kind of work.
  5. To me it sounds more like a insecticide. Back in the day they used all kinds of harmful stuff! In our area they used a lot of Arsenic powder. Some old farms still have some laying around.
  6. Those'll make some nice lumber!
  7. I've been told you can use a fusie to put out the fire. They do look like a stick of dynamite!
  8. Well I took the truck in to a shop and they read all the codes and it came up as a clutch fan issue! The clutch was so stiff it was always turning, I did notice that it was roaring but what do I know! A couple of years ago I changed out the water pump and the fan clutch and it did seem a bit stiff to turn but it was a new one so it should be okay right? Now it shifts like it should. How does the transmission know the fan is faulty? It's beyond me!!!!!
  9. Most weird winter I've ever seen in my 80+ years! 47* yesterday and maybe a inch of snow left. We are almost 3 feet short of our normal snow fall. We were in a drought last year and now we have a good start on one this year.
  10. White Deer are sacred to the indigenous people I do believe.
  11. I did change out the throttle positioner cause it was easy and cheap to no avail.
  12. Thanks guys, going to the shop tomorrow. All my driving years I've never owned a vehicle with a automatic transmission never trusted them much, a manual I understand.
  13. Thank you for sharing this with us, you are defiantly in our prayers.
  14. My 03 Dodge ram 1500 4x4 is having a problem shifting it want to shift if it feels like or not. stays stuck in 2nd and sometimes it'll go into 3rd and even 4th &5th. When starting from a stop it wants to stay in 1st until you let off the gas. So what do you all think?
  15. I am in the older generation and being a man we were told to buck up don't cry keep a stiff upper lip and pull yourself up by your boot straps! That's why we have ulcers and die at a younger age than women. It has taken me 60 yrs. to reject this idea so when a group of us men get together every Friday for Bible study we share a lot that has happened in our lives. We all have had our tearful moments and we share our pains and thoughts. At times we even hold hands on a person and pray on them. There is nothing wrong with giving a hug to one, it's a healing touch!
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