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  1. augercreek


    TOOOOO COLD here for any insects !!!!!!
  2. Do they treat this with the feces treatment thing?
  3. If you put wider tires on you'll have to reverse the rims in order to have clearance on the spindle.
  4. They's got tough Deer in Ioway !
  5. What happens when the salts are built up in the soil due to evaporation?
  6. Needle valve packing can be made out of course thread like buck stich thread it is heavy and waxed.
  7. He was the best ever ! No off color stuff needed.
  8. Sixty years ago and just graduating,,,, WHOA what happened,,, that was just yesterday !!!!
  9. Yes we maintained our equipment to the best quality until Blackstone bought the railroad. They were just a investment firm and didn't care about anything but profits ! When they had to start spending they dumped us on the market. They started to out source jobs so we lost a lot of work, the union couldn't do anything about it either!
  10. A lot of the old ALCO'S were air start. VERY noisy !
  11. Yes they were also called slugs, I forgot that term.
  12. Another term you don't hear much is the calf unit. No engine in it just traction motors, usually no cab either.
  13. Oh the ground is all white again 4" here but down by the lake they got 9". Most ever for May ! And the Zoo, two Bears and three Deer in the yard last night, ripped down the bird feeders ruined a lot of fencing getting in and out. Muddy foot prints on our back door! Funny they didn't smell the fish fertilizer I use in the Green House ! That would have really made me MAD! I really wanted to spend a day doing damage control.
  14. That same thing happened to my Grandpa back in the 50s ! Heard him hollering back in the woods, went running back there and found him pinned under a Ash tree across his leg ! I got a sapling cut and jammed it under the butt and lifted it enough to free him. He says I'm okay, I look at his leg and the knee is bending side ways! I picked him up and put him on the back of the tractor and hauled out of the woods as fast as we could go and then to the hospital. Bone split from knee to the shin so they put screws in it and not much of a cast on it ! In six weeks he was back in the woods cutting firewood . Tough old guy he was !
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