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  1. Our club wanted to enter our Christmas City of the North parade one year but, the fee was so high we just forgot about it !
  2. Since 1970 wife and I have done lights for Christmas even computerized to music for a few years broad cast on FM 101.3. We had 128 channels with over 100,000 lights even tied in our neighbors lights. After a few years we went back to static display. It took too much time to sequence the lights to the songs we'ed play. For one minute of sequencing it took 10 hours of computer work ! Now we have a few lighting our DEER fencing, tomato cage trees and a large tree in the front yard. Lights go on at thanksgiving ( dusk to dawn ) till 1st January. All LEDs.
  3. I've had a tank rust out ( INGERSOL ) you'd be surprised at how thin they are not even 16ga metal.
  4. Now a days most all so called comedy make out the males are all stupid fat idiots !!!!
  5. All the snow clean up took priority , so here are the pics. By boring out the ball and fitting a 7/8"x 1" bronze bushing to it you can bring it back to specs. Shafts were worn very little so didn't have to build them up and turn them down. Now to take up the slop in the part that holds the ball I just used some spacers ( washers ) between the two halves in stead of putting the bracket between them. snugged it up good but still left enough for a little play. The hardest part was getting the roll pins out of the U-joints. Odd angles to use a drift and hammer. On the middle shaft there is a timing mark so to be sure that gets back in the right place.
  6. Now each political party have big funders ! The red party has Paul Singer and the blue has George Soros !
  7. Never heard of the guy! These types like to stay out of the light.
  8. The only time you can have too much light is if you have to wear SUN GLASS'S.
  9. The Halloween storm of 91 we got 43" here. First time I had to hunt on snow shoes! Shot a ten point Buck that dressed out 243#. Had many people wanting to buy it when I took it in to weigh it. Should of entered the contests that year ! Haven't shot a buck since only does.
  10. Just a check on snow fall this winter so far. Here on the North Shore between Duluth and Two Hrabors we got 21" in the last blast. Very heavy stuff a two day blizzard.
  11. Well , while working on the dash trying to get it off, all the screws holding it in place were uncooperative, the slots were all chewed out so I ground the heads off. Even the ones that hold the power steering cover on had to be ground off. Then I notice how greasy dirty the steering shaft U joints are and OH GOSH how sloppy loose the alignment support balls are !!! Well one thing leads to another! If this keeps up it won't be long I'll have the whole tractor apart !!! You can't buy those balls or the cages that they ride in so I have come up with a way to fix all that slop ! I'll post some pics of how tomorrow . Busy with all the Blizzard stuff today I think.
  12. can't offer much in the way of help , but I know the feeling you have!!!!!
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