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  1. Be assured that God has heard all prayers, it's in his hands now.
  2. My 504 has the one slanted forward. deffinately a hood ornament.
  3. I thank God that I never had any ! I just hate going to the Dentist !!!! Just had mine cleaned this week to the tune of $ 223. for 25 minutes work ! I wish the Dentists would come to me for some machine shop work !
  4. We have never been thankful enough for those moments!!!!!
  5. Getting ready for paint but had to get the seat suspension loosened up. That took a good day to free up all the joints and adjusting screws. Kroil sure helps.
  6. It is a 1966 gas wide front.
  7. What are all your thoughts on gravity spray guns? I've only used siphon types and am thinking of switching.
  8. augercreek

    504 decals

    Were there not any decals on a 504 rc? No one seems to have any.
  9. I have two tractors 300U and 504 RC that act the same when you have the TA lever in the forward position with the transmission in a forward gear. They both act like you have stepped on the brakes and are hard to shift. Adjusting to what the book says doesn't change a thing. I reverse they don't do that though. With TA lever in the forward position is it's clutch engaged or not? Even with the pins in the linkage removed they still act like you put on the brakes. HELP !
  10. If we think back to say WW1 and on up to today were people different then we are today? Is the stress level greater today? I can hardly think stress was any more than say the Great Depression. I almost feel we are missing something here ! With the population so much higher and instant news bombarding us constantly we become overwhelmed by it all creating angst in our lives ! I would like to discuss this further with any that would PM me .
  11. We will say a prayer for you and your new employment.
  12. augercreek

    TF19 ?

    If that was all it was used for it might be in pretty good shape.
  13. Everyone is a nimby . Can't use coal, too much pollution. Can't use gas, too much of a carbon foot print. Can't use nuke power, can't get rid of the waste. Can't dam the rivers then the fish can't spawn. Can't use the wind cause I don't like em. Oh and the Sun don't always shine especially in this gosh awful cloudy winter we are having ! And don't ever or even think about putting a power or gas pipe line in our areas ! What's to be done? Get rid of all the things that use these products! Just think of all the money you'll be saving ! No power bills to pay, no gas to buy, won't have to buy that new thing because there won't be anything to run it with ! We'll be saving so much ! Oh wait a minute, how will I get to the job? Car won't run, hey I don't need to go to work cause there ain't NO WORK !!!!
  14. We here in Northern Mn. are in the same boat ! Since Oct. hardly two days in a row with any Sun. And since the end of Nov. it goes for weeks with no Sun. The only saving grace is that it's been quite mild!
  15. We'll be praying for you and your family this morning. Have you got neighbors near by that could lend a hand ? I know it's hard to ask but, a lot of times they don't even know of your situation . I'm sure if they needed help you'd be there so ask ! It also makes them feel good that they could be of some help.
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