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  1. augercreek


    I've talked to some event organizers and they say their insurance providers won't want to cover what may happen with liabilities.
  2. How about this, could the debris be from previous damage and was not cleaned out well?
  3. I use Horticultural vinegar 27% acid works well.
  4. Well I bought one on E Bay and it did what I wanted it to. Cleaned all the scalely stuff off the trailer frame. It would clean down to bare metal if you hold it there long enough but I didn't want bare metal anyway. I used Black Blast for the media. My pressure washer is a 3100 PSI and worked well.
  5. Civil War books are my favourite with Logging a second choice. While reading Civil War accounts I quite often put myself in the scene and wonder why they did that, I would have done it differently. Oh hind sight is so good isn't it.
  6. That looks like what I'm working with !
  7. It's hard to believe they race teams! I'd think their feet would get tangled and crash!
  8. That's what they make loaders for and skid steers !
  9. Are any of you sick and tired of all this covid, floyd, juneteenth crap ? Is nothing else happening in the world? What's next ?
  10. Just dry the tank and get a can of gas tank sealer put it in and turn the tank all around, let dry and problem solved.
  11. Normally they came with clams, I bought the flat tops because I liked the look. They were a option though I think.
  12. I'm talking about the ones you use with your gas powered pressure washer.
  13. Have any of you used the pressure wet sand blasters? Are they any good?
  14. I have one with a IH decal on it. I have three of them and use them often being prepared in case they tip or slip. Always have handle up when tripping the down lever. A friend didn't do that and when he tripped the lever the handle came up and ripped his ear off !!!!
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