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  1. We adopted a Tuxedo cat from the animal shelter and named him Mr. Trickey. He was a very special cat, he'd follow me every where which was not always a good thing. Even out in the woods while logging fire wood. One day I went out back of the shop to take a whiz, when I finished he looked up at me and then went and covered the spot ! THAT WAS DEFINATLY MY CAT !!!!
  2. augercreek


    Well this is COLD I think -40* at 3:15 this morning ! I was going to go to Bible study today NOT.
  3. I have a 15" Grizzly and my buddy has one also. His has a retro fit spiral cutter head and is much easier to change cutters. They are very good machines. You must tune them up when you first get them.
  4. augercreek


    May Gods' peace and comfort be with you all. Jesus, give this family a hug from us all.
  5. If you're in the building while the heater is running you're breathing carbonmonoxide and spray painting with it running is a death wish!!!!
  6. Just wait till your 70, you'll be making short small wood !!!
  7. There were some young folks sleeping in card board box's that night just to see what the homeless have to put up with!!
  8. I've studied this stuff for years and just love it. Built a model railroad featuring logging back in the 70s and am now going to dispose of the stuff before it's too late.
  9. All our locomotives had one of these in the cabs used to adjust brake rigging if needed.
  10. Lord be with this family and give them peace and comfort.
  11. Lord, I ask and pray for your healing power and comfort for these men and their families. Strengthen their faith and resolve to stand fast in their belief in you Lord.
  12. That sure is some interesting equipment.
  13. augercreek


    Yes, now is the time to tell him about Jesus saving grace and love. Lord Jesus, be with them now and bring them peace and comfort.
  14. For years my wife and I do all the tree trimming outside. We have thousands of lights on the trees, bushes, and we made 32 mini trees out of upside down tomatoe cages on a rebar stand. Some twinklers and others multi colors. We have Sgt. Pepper riding on a old F12 in the corner of the yard so he's in charge of the lighting. We turn on the lights at Thanksgiving and off at New Years. They are on photo cell timers, on at dusk and off at dawn. Looking at all your nice trees in your homes is good but, I see one thing missing NO TRAINS AROUND THE TREE!!!!
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