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  1. At 15 yrs old my first car was a 48 chevy fleetline, next a 42 chevy coupe , 47 stude pickup, then a 49 chevy 2dr sedan. Then the Navy called, no cars for a while.
  2. I subscribed for many reasons. Lots of things for the inquiring mind there.
  3. My daughter has some puff balls larger than a basket ball.
  4. I would feel better off raising my own food ! Gold is hard to chew !!!!
  5. My grand parents on my dads side came from Finland in a Swedish community in 1887 and gradually moved West to Mn. Lawler Mn. Got forced out by the depression in 1936 to where we live now Duluth Mn. On my mothers side my grand parents lineage goes way back to the pilgrims days and gradually wound up in Park Rapids Mn. Grandpa was on his own at 9yrs old and moved to Duluth area in 1902 setting up a cabin and running a trap line from here to Snowbank lake near Ely mn. for several yrs. until the 1918 fire burned him out. We live on the same 40 acres that he homesteaded. Now we gave 30 acres to my daughter and she has built a house where Grandpas house was.
  6. I can't imagine having a 6 year old running the winch !
  7. That has to be the most stressful job in farming in the country !!!1
  8. Most definately a flying squrriel
  9. I just redecked my trailer last year with Tammarck cheap at the local mill.
  10. Being a non farmer, it is nice to see how it's done.
  12. I did buy a harbor freight one and it worked real well. I would recommend two things though! On the piece that presses on the bead would be to weld in a piece between the two strips that hold the piece that pushes the bead. The other is to make a stronger bar that installs the bead back on the rim. I changed out four tires in less than two hours. I mounted it on the center of the garage floor and remove it when not in use.
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