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  1. Here are a few pics of the scenery we saw going from Finland Mn. to Schroeder Mn.
  2. After two years I finally got the firewood processor revamped. Got tired of the Wisconsin VG4 and decided to put Bessie to work on another job around the place.
  3. I have this problem on my 06 GMC.
  4. That is one fast vette !
  5. It'll have to be Clive as he has the buddy seat.
  6. 52 years today and happier than a lark ! I asked her what she'd like to do, she said we could go for a TRACTOR RIDE ! Hallelujah what a woman !
  7. I'd like to have some to plant. Could any of you send me some?
  8. How the heck did they keep from having the worst case of soil erosion? I like young lad on the winch doing a mans job ! What were they growing potatoes I presume?
  9. I had one that acted the same way, found the intake valve seat was loose in the block so I took a centre punch and rounded the end and went around the outside of the seat and peened the block enough to hold the seat tight ! Problem solved .
  10. May Gods' peace be with you and your family.
  11. Bill, your wife is in my prayers for full recovery. It was a very nice day for the ride stopped mid way for lunch and a whizzel break. Old gravel road was a bit wash boardy but not too bad. Forgot to take any pictures though ! OLD AGE creeping in ?
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