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  1. They have a way of coming around don't they! Have a good one Mark.
  2. We have Garn, it is a gasifier type which is much more efficient than other type and no smoke. Yes they are more costly but you will make up the difference in wood consumed. We had a Heatmor before and when we switched to the Garm we saved six cord of wood per year. Look the Garn up they have videos there and one of them is about Ernies Garn. He's had his since 96 and running well. I maintain his, clean the flues once a year.No creosote ever to bother with.
  3. The new strain of Covid is infecting some of the gas pumps now so we can;t use some of them so prices have to go up !!!
  4. The town of Hibbing Mn. was moved twice so they could mine ore deposits there.
  5. I thought they only grew potatoes only in Washington !!!! I've been wrong all these years?
  6. They wear them over their ears because their ears stick out !
  7. One of our cats snore and wheezes. Nice if you're having a hard time getting to sleep!
  8. The outfit that was burning brush near us had a small JD crawler with the radiator fan turn around and a two foot long duct bolted to the shell. If I remember it was made out of a barrel.
  9. For sure the loader valve is the wrong one for a single acting cylinder.
  10. How does any one accummulate so much anyway?
  11. Even with good mitts on at -40 5 minutes your fingers are starting to hurt.
  12. It seems a lot of people don't think of winter at all. Even here we have a lot that don't wrap water lines or turn on the spigots. Some plow all the snow cover off there water lines and wonder why they froze! This is the 12th day in a row we've had -16* to -44*, -40 this morning.
  13. Many a time I'm shedding cloths as I scurry from the shop to the house, jacket on the sidewalk,bibs undone and say loudly get out of the WAY as I rush done the hall, barely get the shorts down and let er rip!!! ( I confess, not quite making it once or twice ) I hope I can get better at sprinting, aw heck that only makes it worse !
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