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  1. augercreek


    This would not be a job I'd want to do!
  2. I have never seen a potato planter of any kind ! Diggers a plenty I've seen but no planters. Sure would be nice to have one for display.
  3. augercreek


    It only took me 60 years to find this out!
  4. Precious ( her new name ) is pretty nice shape except the tie rods were all bent. Paint looks good at a distance but close up you can see brush marks! She'll get a new coat next Summer. Tires are next new on the front, rears have cracking between the lugs. Good enough for me and what she'll be doing.
  5. I bought a 504 RC last week that needs a few things fixed. First was the exaust pipe from manifold on up. Elbow was broke off at the manifold and there were 7 muffler clamps holding all the pieces together! Peeled out the old elbow part and retaped manifold and installed pipe nipples and elbows and muffler. Next the tie rods looked like pretzels so I thought I could straighten them but no dice! Way too many kinks and couldn't get the sliding parts out either. I thought well I could still use the threaded ends, just make a new rod out of pipe ! But OH NO you don't ! The threaded ends are 11/16 SAE thread !!! Why? So I bought two new ends at the auto parts that will work just fine. Here are some pics. Next, make a buddy seat for the wife to ride on.
  6. Prayers sent. May Gods' peace be with you all !
  7. I know nothing about nowadays tattoing but back in 1959 when I got mine it stung like a thousand Bee stings and that was enough for me !
  8. I feel for you farmers and have been keeping you all in our prayers and thoughts. We too are hoping for drier weather so we can start cutting next years firewood. The woods is so soggy every step you hear a squish. Can't run the skidder out there make too many ruts and they never go away.
  9. Bitty, very nice to see some video of your operation !
  10. Tried yesterday to straighten the steering rods but they are sooooo kinked and bent, I think I'll look for some new ones.
  11. He was one of the best ! Watching him you didn't have to wonder if it was funny or not. His shows just seemed to come naturally funny! Most of todays stuff you see is gross or insulting to our manhood.
  12. They go as far South as Louisiana I believe.
  13. It's easy to have that racing style muffler, just drive in the garage and forget to take it off !
  14. Hope to get mine looking that nice!
  15. I'm sure I'll a few parts along the way. Right now I'll be changing all the fluids and fixing the leaks. I do like the flat top fenders better and I'll be looking for those!

    1. IHRedDrive


      You've got a real nice tractor there. Congrats on your purchase. 504 is a stout tractor. There are parts you may need that are not available at CIH or aftermarket suppliers. If you run into anything, let me know I'll help you out any way I can!

    2. augercreek


      Thanks for the offer ! The exaust elbow is not listed in any catalog that I have so I made up one with pipe fittings. The part looks like a very long street elbow. I wonder if any other models use that part?

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