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  1. tractor ride

    We noticed wrong tire direction right away when we picked it up. We thought we'll just turn the wheel around and be fine but nope wont fit that way so we broke it down. A good thing we did as the tube was way too big and had folds in it and the valve stem hole was rotten also. Got new tube and cut out a patch from another rim and welded it in. The tires are Remington's never saw those before! On the side wall is marked with arrows one way for traction the other way for road use. They are old tires but no weather checking at all. Took er out yesterday for a ten mile run half way at full throttle she runs nice a little wobble in the front though.
  2. tractor ride

    Here's a tease. More of the after this week end.
  3. tractor ride

    Our club has been restoring a C demonstrator for scholarship raffle this winter, got to finish some painting yet but, just had to take er out for a ride! Went about three miles a little cold on the fingers but, sure felt good to go for a ride!
  4. ❓Maple Syrup Harvest 2018

    In our area not much sap flowing yet. Ground is frozen two feet down yet.
  5. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Yes indeed one thing leads to another and the credit card gets a work out! Nice journaling on this rebuild !
  6. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    We went to look at the BIG LAKE yesterday, at Stoney Point there were 16' waves and lots of spray. There were 8-10 guys' surfing out there with wet suits on! They quite often do this when the lake gets rough! They'd stay out a while then come in warm up and back out they'd go! Ah to be young again ?
  7. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    When the weather does warm up everyone will be scrambling to get things done! Lots of projects are already screaming me first, me first !
  8. Mysterious white Farmall C

    Our club is restoring a C made in 1950 Jan-Feb serial # 51653. It is a Demo, first coat of paint on it is white also. We are raffling this off as a scholarship fund raiser for students that are going into one of the industrial trades.
  9. Jay Leno Drives a Quadtrack

    That was darn near as good as being there myself!
  10. Reflector polishing

    The reflectors in the lights on our C are dirty what would you use to polish them up without getting them scratched?
  11. Salvage Yard Issues

    Like most salvage yards they are connected through the net and if they don't have it they will check with other yards.
  12. Steering Arms on W Series

    If I remember right they are tapered. Back the nut off a couple of turns, jack the axel up so the tire is off the ground, use some heat if you want, hit the nut with a heavy hammer and it will come loose.
  13. Sap suckers of 2018

    I would think the ol 5 second rule would apply here!
  14. IH collection in New Zealand

    A nice bunch there, good to see.
  15. Sap suckers of 2018

    I hope he wasn't in the evaporator!!!!!