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  1. A bunch of us guys from my former church formed a group called The Green Hat Men's Society and we did community service's for any that needed things done. Worked well for a few years until we all got old and decrepit. Do think any young fellas would join ? Not a one! So basically we've become just a once a week breakfast group!
  2. May God be with them and comfort them, they are in our prayers too.
  3. I too have one of these clevis's it was tied on to a F12 that I have since parted out. A chain link would be put over the centre peg to keep from sliding back and forth. Mine looks much lighter duty.
  4. augercreek


    On another board I couldn't get any response so I'll try here. Do any of you grow your own garlic and what kinds do you grow? I've grown chesnok and inchelium and am looking for some recommendations. I didn't get to plant any last fall due to too much rain all fall.
  5. The moth is a polyphemus moth, very pretty they are.
  6. No, while stopped or down shifting. It feels like the detents are very stiff, you really have to push hard to get in gear.
  7. I have a 06 GMC with a 5 speed manual transmission that is getting hard to shift in first and reverse but not always. Is this common? I've had standard transmissions in every vehicle I've owned and never had this before. 201,000 miles on it. can it be rebuilt? Or should I look for a used one? Rebuilt ones are running $1500. so that's out.
  8. Doesn't high moisture cause the bale to heat up?
  9. How is more gun legislation going to stop the killing? Isn't killing against the law? Or doesn't Gods law thou shalt not kill really mean that?
  10. Just look at all that plastic that'll ebd up in the land fill !
  11. How about all these shoot'em up movies and videos. NO PAIN felt so why not try it for our selves! Feel all the glory of saving the world from the evil beast ! These killers are so ennamored with their games, cell phones and other clap trap that they don't know fantasy from reality ! Many of you all will just pooh-pooh this but OL' Satan is just a giggling over all this, when we've turned our back on God we get what we want ! Thousands of BABIES are murdered every year and do we hear a loud hue and cry about that? OH NO it's a woman's right to have a abortion it's her body and none of our business. Enough said ! Your brother in Christ Augercreek
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