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  1. Last year I was going down the road and I looked ahead and see a car coming with a lot of smoke coming from behind it. And when it passed I see a piano tied in back being dragged with a guy riding on it they were doing at least 30mph!
  2. A type of horn worm, they will turn into a type of Sphinx moth. You some times think they are a humming bird.
  3. Boy I can see a lot of injuries happening there!
  4. Father God ,we give you thanks for your love and care you've shown to Zach and Emily through this trial. Continue to be with them and see this to his complete recovery. Be of good cheer for Christ is in your corner.
  5. I can see a lot of gnashing of teeth and a few cuss words being said if I were to relie on one of those to get the job done!!!!
  6. Seven years ago I could not walk a 100 yards even with a cane! Had it checked out , hip worn out! Had replacement done and have not had any pain since! I was up and pain free the next day! Just had to be careful for a month. God is good all the time!
  7. That sure looks like a Rube Goldberg invention!
  8. How about using those link type belts. They would make it a lot easier.
  9. How do you use these peas or are they beans?
  10. I sure hope you weren't in a hurry in those days!
  11. I like the work clothes the bearded gent has!
  12. Yes there are evils with unions but, without them there would be no pensions no vacations no insurance and working 6 days a week 10 hour days no lunch breaks and if you don't like it you can leave! I worked for a non union shop and if you wanted a raise you had to fight for it. One time I went in and asked for .25 cents an hour and the boss said we'll see, come payday I got a Nickle ! I went in and talked him and he call me every name under the sun! I figured it's time for me to move on. Went to work for a company that had paid vacation, paid insurance, pension plan, lunch and coffee breaks and 1 1/2 time for over time work! If I hadn't made that move I'd be working at Walmart!
  13. Gardens are done here now. Dug the potatoes yesterday and the last of the carrots. Lots of clean up in the garden to do before fall tilling. Waiting for cooler weather to plant bulbs and garlic cloves.
  14. If what you use does not kill the roots you're wasting your time!
  15. I would suspect the injector pump seal is leaking badly.
  16. Things you learn by talking to others! Yup it does hop & buck if turning! I'll keep that in mind!
  17. Last year I bought a 03 Dodge 4x4 that looked real nice no rust or dings. I don't drive if the weather is nasty in the winter so I haven't had to use the 4x4 shifter any. So yesterday I had a trailer load of stone behind and was backing into the driveway and put it in 4H and backed in fine. Took it out of 4H and the lever just flopped back and forth! Crawled under and found the rod that pushes the lever had fallen off and the bushing was gone so I made a new one and found a hair pin clip to hold it in place. Works good but, will not shift into 4L with no amount of pushing. How Can I free this up?
  18. My 504 looks like a 6 cyl. would fit in engine bay, are the any 6s that would bolt up?
  19. We went to two shows last week Rollag and White Pine and I thought attendance was down but, I think it was due to the HEAT ! 99*-102*. We couldn't walk around much at all.
  20. Yes I built it myself. Over two years I collected parts I figured I'd needed and then in six weeks evenings and Saturdays I got it together. Two things I found out years later is that a belt drive is not good in the brush! It was a belt like a timing belt but much heavier duty. So I changed to a #100 chain. Secondly I didn't know that F12 rearends came in six different gear combinations! Needless to say I have two that are only compatible in second gear which is okay for me because I only use it in four wheel drive when I need it. At the time I built it 1996 it cost only $4000. Engine rebuilt new hyds. new tires and winch. I finally came up with a name for it FARMALLIS. Up until last year we skidded 10-15 cord of wood out with it. Now I've gotten too unsteady on my feet in the woods to be safe so we'll be selling it.
  21. The Skidder is built out of a WC Allis engine and transmission and two Farmall F12 rear ends. It is articulated and has a 8000# winch on the back. here are a few more pics.
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