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  1. Being a non farmer, it is nice to see how it's done.
  3. I did buy a harbor freight one and it worked real well. I would recommend two things though! On the piece that presses on the bead would be to weld in a piece between the two strips that hold the piece that pushes the bead. The other is to make a stronger bar that installs the bead back on the rim. I changed out four tires in less than two hours. I mounted it on the center of the garage floor and remove it when not in use.
  4. Very nice to see it in person and meet a fellow RPer.
  5. Buy a garbage disposer for grinding. If you freeze the apples first then thaw you'll get nice clear juice.
  6. That bender is a very useful machine.
  7. It's all collusion if you ask me ! MLB and teams are in cahoots !
  8. Fox Sports North no longer is and besides Dish dropped them in 2019. So last year a shortened season we had to hunt for them all over the network. So now this year all games are controlled by MLB. So no Twins.
  9. I like to watch my Mn Twins after I'm done for the day. So Dish network has offered a package to watch all ball games for $130 so I sign up and find out all Twins games are blacked out in my area !!!! I call Dish and wait 20 minutes for a person to answer and get told they have no control over MLB network blackouts ! I asked for a refund so we'll see, I'm a little ticked so I check with MLB and they say they have a package for $109 to watch all the games so I bought it. I turn on the channel and it says blackout in my area !!! NOW I'M GETTING P****** so I call MLB and wait for the next available person to answer and she says what's your area code, I tell her and she says' that area is blacked out.#%**!! I demanded a refund. Home or away they are blacked out ! What gives anyway? I can watch any other team but the Twins and the Brewers. Well this sure ruins my baseball season !
  10. May Gods peace be with him and his family.
  11. Do you think that little green int.with the five window cab is factory or a good fabrication?
  12. The spore of the varmint AKA the curse of every gardener!
  13. Firewood bundle holder I'd say.
  14. Very informative I believe!
  15. May you have a God blessed day!
  16. The copper rings are for the rifeling to grab hold of.
  17. Took Clive ( 504 Farmall ) for a ride, felt good to be on the road again.
  18. Yes it's one of the toughest things one has to do! When you love them just as much as a person it's a real heart rending moment! But think of all the love they give you while they are with you, it's well worth it !
  19. I better not or it'll surely get POOFED.
  20. That is quite the machine! Can you imagine the fun of using it and building it !
  21. Being that Dish network will not carry base ball games again this year is there a way to get them from the computer to the tv.
  22. Here anyone that lives North of the Twin Cities is from OUT STATE 1
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