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  1. Here are a few pics of the scenery we saw going from Finland Mn. to Schroeder Mn.
  2. After two years I finally got the firewood processor revamped. Got tired of the Wisconsin VG4 and decided to put Bessie to work on another job around the place.
  3. I have this problem on my 06 GMC.
  4. That is one fast vette !
  5. It'll have to be Clive as he has the buddy seat.
  6. 52 years today and happier than a lark ! I asked her what she'd like to do, she said we could go for a TRACTOR RIDE ! Hallelujah what a woman !
  7. I'd like to have some to plant. Could any of you send me some?
  8. How the heck did they keep from having the worst case of soil erosion? I like young lad on the winch doing a mans job ! What were they growing potatoes I presume?
  9. I had one that acted the same way, found the intake valve seat was loose in the block so I took a centre punch and rounded the end and went around the outside of the seat and peened the block enough to hold the seat tight ! Problem solved .
  10. May Gods' peace be with you and your family.
  11. Bill, your wife is in my prayers for full recovery. It was a very nice day for the ride stopped mid way for lunch and a whizzel break. Old gravel road was a bit wash boardy but not too bad. Forgot to take any pictures though ! OLD AGE creeping in ?
  12. Doing a 30 mile ride today with some of the guys and weenie roast this evening with the family. Good day I think ! The leafs are turning here now so should be pretty on the ride. Seems a little early for the leafs but maybe it's due to the drought !
  13. I've been putting electronics on every gas engine powered piece of equipment I own ( Bobcat, all tractors, Wisconsins ) only had one failure because I (STUPID ME ) hooked up the coil wrong.
  14. augercreek

    Fire pit

    Did you kill the cats before they could use the sand?
  15. I use Zep Industrial get it at Menards. It will eat aluminium so be careful and it burn the skin.
  16. I had been mowing the grass under it all summer and never even noticed !!!!!
  17. I just made a new input shaft from the clutch to the F20 transmission. I took the Plymouth transmission input shaft and stubbed a piece of round stock to it , added a chain coupling to it and the F20 shaft. I couldn't use the F20 radiator as it was full of leaks so I used the Plymouth.
  18. Here's a neat nest, never noticed it till this spring !
  19. I don't know if any of you on here are in the area that was hit by last Fridays 10th storm but, watching the millennial farmer this morning as he went through the part of Iowa that was hit and talking to some of those that hit by it was just gosh awful devastation ! Is there some way we could donate to help out ? The damaged area is about 90 miles wide by 730 miles long and millions of acres of shredded crops. If you have a chance look up mn millennial farmer and see the devastation. Keep these people in your prayers please.
  20. I would say go for it ! I put a Plymouth six in a F20 years back, was a fun job ! Boy that thing would go down the road ! It also had a Heisler road gear in it, Never did try to open er up way tooooo fast !!!!
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