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  1. I've gpt a good supply stored away. Very good fried with siracha sauce on a bun.
  2. If nothing else the tune will get ya.
  3. I do appreciate you're posting these videos! Thanks
  4. While Dad and I were sawmilling Balsam we had lots of them flying around us and you can feel them bite even with gloves on. Each type of tree has it's own kind of sawyer beetle and some new ones have come from China. The spotted long horn are a new pest. The beetle chews a hole in the bark of the tree and lays an egg there, it hatch's into a grub that gnaws a hole into the trunk and tunnels along for several inch's. Some types live as a grub for several years and get quite big as large as your little finger! You can hear them chomping away in the wood.
  5. I can't even imagine thinking of such a project!!!!
  6. If starter does not crank engine well it is drawing most of the amps and leaving the ignition system lacking. Worn out bushings will cause that.
  7. That paneling is Black Ash I made lots of it years ago. Our house has lots of it in the rooms.
  8. Some good info here guys' but to test the solenoid with the engine installed you'd be darn lucky to even find it! With the tank at least half full it ran well all afternoon yesterday! I also think that the new engine weighting only a third of the old one it has become very twitchy so I'm going to add a few hundred pounds to the back. I did put seventy pound of air in the tires and that helps a bit.
  9. Here is an update. I put a primer bulb on it and that worked great. Started right up went about 20' and died, squeezed the bulb again till hard started right up again and off we went about 20' and died! Choked the living daylights out of it, sputtered a bit ran and died! I thought it had enough gas but maybe not so I put another can in and all was well for a while and died again! Gauge says a 1/4 tank left but will not run unless more gas added. As one of you mentioned before furl level is too far below fuel pump so today, I'll add a aux. tank above the engine level and see if that helps.
  10. That is a reminder of what happened to my Bpbcat last summer, that is why I repowered it and have been fighting gremlins ever since.
  11. I have a old farmer match box holder from the Empire Store Co. on 605 Maple St. Old Forge Pa. It's in good shape and if you're interested in it I'll send it to you.
  12. Here the city only allows just so many rentals. So, if you are above the quota you're out of luck.
  13. WOW I'm glad I don't live close by and my wife is even more glad!!!!
  14. A lot of us see things that are wrong and out of place but, do we say anything to the offenders? Most will not because of various reasons and don't want to create a scene. So we go home and whine about bad behavior!. We need to stand and be counted for we will all stand before the judgement seat and give an account of what we did in life!!
  15. The series is Commando 940 ch1000.,
  16. Still waiting on the primer bulb. Mail delivery here lately is dependent on the mail man if sick there are no replacements! The engine does have a fuel pump mounted on the valve cover I assume it's vacuum operated ?
  17. A fellow next door said to get a primer bulb like that used on older fuel tanks used on boat motors like 88 mentioned . I just ordered one off Amazon just now. The engine is a 37 horse Kohler from Re Power corp. It had a Mitsubishi in it originally but caught fire last year and melted all the plastics and aluminum stuff. Boy that was scarry as the gas tank is right there!
  18. This is a brand new engine that I installed last September. It does have a filter in the line and is visable . Right from the git go it was hard to start.
  19. Have any of you repowered a 642B Bobcat with a Kohler engine? I has no fuel pump and is very hard starting most of the time so I'm wondering if it needs a pump or should I put a separate fuel tank higher than the engine on it?
  20. augercreek


    You seem to have a good grasp of what needs be done and not get all stressed out ! Give the Lord a thank you for keeping you centered and at peace.
  21. Prayers for Charlotte and family. Our prayer warrior group will be praying for healing and comfort.
  22. That took so awesome engineering ! Looks like it might be a night mare to fix something though.
  23. That is one interesting machine!
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