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  1. That explains your condition!
  2. You are the most determined woman I've ever seen! You and your younguns are in our daily prayers!
  3. What kind of oiling system do those tractors have? Seems so steep hills that the engines would starve for oil! Weighted tires also?
  4. And they find their way into our houses! When they get too many in the South facing windows we Vaccumn them up. Just make sure to put a plug in the end of the hose when done.
  5. Could it be a fire hose wrench?
  6. Thanks for posting these.
  7. Thank you for keeping us in the loop as we are all concerned and mindful of your devotion to your husband. We most certainly are in our prayers.
  8. Power band saw blades make good knives, also knife edge files make good ones and you don't need to do much grinding to shape them.
  9. Our New Life Church group have you all in our prayers,
  10. Boy I;d like to sample some of that cheese!
  11. Does anyone make heat housers for 300U or 504s?
  12. Yeah, we postponed Christmas Eave hotdog roast till New Years Eave. As the roads were drifted in and black ice where they were not. First time in 54 years we've had to do that!
  13. The snow is so hard packed in front of the garage I'll have to use a grub hoe to break it up.
  14. For those interested in this condition, there is a good bit of info on Health Prep.com.
  15. We will certainly keep you all in our prayers!
  16. I would buy a linoleum one for sure! That would be nice in the bath room as I plot and plan and grunt my way through the fields!
  17. I've got pictures of men shoveling a trench down the center of the road so the cat driver would know where to go. This was in 1936 March. The snow was so hard you could drive a car on it.
  18. I don't have livestock but, we do have lots of birds. First year we've got Cardinals and a Swainsons Thrush! I feel sorry for the thrush as they eat insects and fruit. They won't find any of that in -20* weather! All the other birds will get a extra helping of seed and peanuts for Christmas.
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