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  1. It was about 80 psi on both, ambient temp.
  2. I don't recall the type of oil I used. Also, just thought of it, the high side needle on the gauge bounced very violently vs having a mostly steady pressure reading like normal. It is 134a also by the way.
  3. This one was converted over 10 years ago. I converted it just like you said. Wondering if maybe it didn't get enough oil in it?
  4. AC is not working as it's not cooling the cab well. High side is 150-175. Can't get much higher than that. Low side is 60-75. Suction side is not very cold. High side is obviously hot to the touch. When I close the service port it will only pull vacuum down to about 10 and not any lower. I'm thinking the compress is shot and not pulling very well and letting the high side pressure past the pistons in the compressor.
  5. Usually just the coop that picks up our milk or local cnh/new holland stores. There is an independent ag store close to us too. Usually big items for building Menards or the local hardware lumber yards. We have found that the fleet stores are about as expensive and twice as far away as the other stores.
  6. Literally are the only person I have heard that late panting works best 😂. I'm not knocking you just couldn't believe that would be said.
  7. What works best for weed control for you guys? Is there a type of organic spray or pretty much just cultivate?
  8. Amish friend of ours grew some type of open pollination corn that actually did quite well. Of course, it was about as good of a year for corn that year. Was almost 12-14' tall. Yielded closer to 200 (very good in our area) that year also.
  9. Good point in the larger frame cows. I kind of over looked that. Most of ours are brown swiss and guernseys cows. We have moderate sized cows in my opinion. Most have deeper stature than most of the streamline "modern" dairy cows. It sounds like we are able to feed corn silage but can receive higher premium if they are all grass fed. In our operation, all hay diet would not work well as we have a very large tie stall barn. We have enough pasture to make the swing work. It would like you said involve a large amount of work to keep up with the pasture.
  10. It seems as if there is an uptick in our area for agriculture. Lots of little hobby farmers popping back in and farming what were once fields and have grown into willows. Land rental prices are up with the demand.
  11. Sometimes I wonder if back to the basics would fix most of the worlds problems. And you are correct, mass production is when refrigerated systems came into effect. Ways to keep and store food has always plagued humans, and now we have found ways to keep it palatable for a very long time. Milk production has went up almost always throughout the history of the industry, so like my grandpa said we cut our own throats.
  12. All of you are correct I do believe. There's many variables in the industry that are settig ourselves back. Mostly I think that it is a market that is being over produced with diminishing value to the consumer. It's been a long rough ride even before milk alternatives, and now it's rougher so to speak. I wish a guy could fix it and just have as many mom and pop farms as there was many years ago.
  13. Troy, us dairymen have to stick together but sadly like my grandpa put it, "A farmer is his own worst enemy. If prices are down, he makes more commodity to offset cost. If the prices are up, he makes more commodity to offset the down years." We have basically flooded ourselves out of a market and we continue to do so. These "niche" markets seem to be really catching on in our area. Lots of "greenies" looking for the closest thing to raising it themselves. Which is good, not knocking them any. Just tossing a label so to speak. If all of us could ban together and literally just dump our milk for a week or so straight, I would come to think we could make a turn around. The problem being is we are all for the most part up to our ears in trying to stay afloat that we can't let the waters of dept come over our head for any much longer.
  14. Three year transition. We are for the most part organic besides fertilizer. Really rarely treat any animals anymore thankfully. Seems like they are always behind when they are treated and don't catch up with the rest of the herd so culling them if at all possible is the best route. Besides fertilizer in the field end of it, our corn starter fert is chicken/turkey manure based and passed for organic. Besides little things here and there it may be the better option with some more added labors. Our base price is little over $14 so something has to change. We are too big in my opinion to do our own bottling and transport we would have to haul at least 45 miles in any direction to be able to market the volume we produce.
  15. Thanks. It all sounds very enticing especially with the prices selling "conventional" milk. We have talked about it for some time. It's rather intriguing to hear they are looking for milk.
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