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  1. No one is judging MTO. It's his and he can wash it as fast as he wants.
  2. Mine usually has them back in a week. Very good guys to deal with. I think it's a drive for you though.. St. Cloud, MN. And if it were me, they would be replacing mine, and I wouldn't spend anything on a new one. My shop will custom build one for any application. Had a cat d4d dozer that sent the fant through the rad, and they custom build a new core for it.
  3. My local guy said you can go up or down 2" for tire sizes and they would mount ok. For looks, I'd probably go little wider than narrower.
  4. Looks like a good little project. Interesting hydro set up for the third valve. I think long farms has a tractor with that deal. Be cool to find out how it's done.
  5. Maybe an egr so everyone can suck their own farts for a while..
  6. As I stated, I don't know the whole story, but it is my rendition on seeing it from the outside. No life is worth losing when it comes to material objects, self defense or home invasion, different topics, although there are other methods of defense. My dad lived in those days and often talks about how it was good till the crash in the later 80's. He was still in high school and had to take over due to his father's ill health. Long gone are the days of good farming practices and common sense in my opinion..
  7. No, I agree, it was not worth it, but sitting on the outside circle, that was the whole push to enable them to fight. I'm 28.
  8. That ones simple, we wouldn't be getting their oil of we didn't send money over. Fought off the solviets so we scratch their back, besides, there were still residual effects of the cold war in most minds. Then, we would be buying oil from them feeding their war machines. Everything happens for a reason, don't know why, but it's either God doing it, or people in higher power than the gov is in control of.
  9. Looks like a nice place, congrats on your place and nice collection.
  10. I think it's a good idea to stand up for your rights. If you don't, you end up like the Nazi's occupation, on a worse outcome of course. They all went along with the spoon fed propaganda, and then they were taken full advantage of and it was too far into the cycle to stop. If you don't stand up in the beginning, then who's going to do it for you? Private owned businesses have the right to reject your business if they want as far as I am concerned. If you don't want to wear one, then I don't think there is any type of gov that should tell you that you have to. Period. Now, I don't think it's necessary to throw a complete fit either, but it's your choice to do what you want. Just like a seat belt, I don't think the state should be able to fine you for not wearing one, it's your choice if you want to go flying around during an accident or not, so make your choice. If you believe a mask is going to save you, then wear one, and you shouldn't have anything to worry about from here on out.
  11. Quite obvious, but even when it's in neutral, still makes me nervous.
  12. I installed a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of my yard.
  13. Looks like plain old steel tubing cut down to me. Be a good idea to keep the vibration out of them. That clutch hold down would make me nervous if I was standing in front trying to crank start it.
  14. Didn't know anyone was making chassis for the axis. I'll have to get back into the swing of things.
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