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  1. You are correct, no comments necessary. A picture of a peaceful sleeping baby is all that's needed to make even the toughest guy feel a lil fuzzy... Tis a tear jerker for sure..
  2. Let's start simple, you already ruled out the carb, but why did you try the ebay one to begin with? Did you have trouble with your old one? What colour is your exhaust while the tractor is running? Take a good look at carb gasket, and manifold gaskets. Like said above, look at gaskets when running and spray a little flammable spray, like ether, carb and choke cleaner, or some brands of brake clean around carb gasket, and the manifold gaskets where they meet the head. Look for cracks, splits, soot in areas where it shouldn't be. Second, I'd check spark on all four cylinders with
  3. Bought some older herters primers at a gun show. Nice heavy boxes
  4. Love me some revolvers too. Something fun about sliding them long straight wall cartridges out of the cylinder and the pronounced click, click, click of the cylinder... Dang you got me wishing a cowboy action revolver is going to be better...
  5. That's pretty neat process. I was wondering if they would use blanks.
  6. That thing is sweet. I'd love to own a piece of family history like that. No, definitely not a plinker rifle, but I bet if you could do some digging, you could find some light charge loads for it to be able to shoot it safely.
  7. If your area lacks in rain. Irrigation systems can be costly to maintain and repair. Our soil holds moisture very well, so our area doesn't have them.
  8. Always was a fan of ruger firearms. A no. 1 would scratch the itch....
  9. Don't know, maybe would be wiser choice. I don't recall what they did exactly, but I remember they converted it to a center fire cartridge.
  10. Have a 410 and 22 already that is a rossi youth. Had it since I was 11 and I cant even count how many pigeons have succomed to that bad boy. Really fun to shoot and super handy for the raccoon hunts.
  11. Look up midway usa on youtube. They converted one to 357 mag if I remember correctly. Pretty neat and would make a good conversation piece.
  12. Here is my take on your situation and what I would do. I'm a third generation dairy farmer, it's my only source of income beside what my wife makes part time. If I was in your shoes, I would purchase a nice plot of land that would be in my budget, it is going to help you if you can purchase land that has been already cleared and in fields already. Take a small amount and grow a larger sizes garden, gardening is in its own sense, farming. You can sell your commodity at local farmers markets, and get a good sense of what it's like on a smaller scale before you dive in head first. Re
  13. No ammo for it, but local shop has some in the back he saves for people who purchase rifles from him. I also reload, so not huge problem to figure that out.
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