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  1. I had a nice little uniden bearcat in my old truck. Ran an inline amp and I could talk 15-20 miles on a good day and no one would complain about my signal being distorted or anything. Heck, good times I could pick up people in st. Cloud that were forty miles from me, sometimes if they had good power, they could transmit back. I think my antenna was a Wilson 1000??
  2. Lol you know it's still sitting in his shed. On edit: I still haven't been able to get some time. He still harasses me about it, but light heartely. We are good friends, and he's in no rush, obviously.
  3. Would maybe take you up on that but be further drive for you than myself. Machine is in Mankato. I think I might get a chance to go check it out tomorrow and see.
  4. That I do not know. Watched an old video of how to set up from case IH itself and seems like there were two different styles. Keystock and wire.
  5. Think the ih. From what I gather the Cummins came when the big letters and numbers went on the side. This has the old style decal on the sides.
  6. I have had a friend talk to me about what to look for, but like I said, I'm totally green on these machines. I'd like it if he was available to see. Been waiting a couple days to see if he can look at one by him, but haven't heard back. He stays busy so I don't want to rush something that's free advice. He has a really nice new Holland that comes with two heads for half of the 1660 price we contemplated too. Only thing seems like there are no aftermarket parts for them.
  7. I should add, we are not going for ultimate speed. Just an efficient machine that will do 150-200 acres of corn between milkings. We are getting tired of custom guys, by now, we could have owned a nice newer machine. Some years we don't have much to do, some years we have plenty left over. All depends on what we have for silage crop.
  8. Looking to purchase our first combine. Have a couple choices of a case IH 1660 or a case IH 1666. Both machines have close to the same hours. 1666 is close to $20k and the 1660 is only at $12k. I don't know squat about combines except changing belts and bearings are a pia. One has standard rotor and seives, concaves and the other has what they describe as large wire grates?? What does a guy need for a combine to come from their lot to my house without needing to change stuff out to harvest corn? We have a 963 corn head available to use.
  9. Seems to be what others have been doing. I have personally never done one. I have one I need to do, but I plan on doing it that way when I get around to it.
  10. If it was me, I'd be looking at the same money or a little less that original offer. High bills push a guy to get rid of it a little easier.
  11. Yea, I believe it's yanmar made. It says yanmar on the engine and has characticatchers all over lol.
  12. Everything works good, thanks for the info. @snoshoe
  13. That makes more sense. Appreciate it. I was thinking that I was needing to run a wire from the positive switched on side of the ignition switch to excite the alternator.
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