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  1. He hunts with a 300 wsm. Lol
  2. How does it do? I have a budget beater that needs a scope. It goes in the tractor with me, but a 24 power may be overkill for it.
  3. I would tend to agree with that. Lot of beginning hunters don't have $700 for the rifle, plus a decent scope. I know I mowed a lot of lawns to afford my first deer rifle, and it accompanies me on every deer hunt minus one.
  4. Mostly was wondering about their larger caliber bolts. My cousin has a marlin xl7 in 30-06. Cheap gun, but is outstandingly accurate. Shoots factory federals 160grains right into a ragged one inch group. Synthetic stock, blued barrel, nothing fancy about it.
  5. Will be interesting if ruger puts their logo on it somewhere. Wonder if they will try to make their bolt rifles too?
  6. Hasn't learned to use his right hand yet.. - Sam Elliott.
  7. Magazine restrictions? Yea, that could happen, already has in the big states. So far, mn has been pretty pro gun. Legalization of suppressors, veto magazine restrictions. Now, if only they would lift the Saturday night special law.
  8. Find it hard to believe that there is a lining behind this purchase.
  9. Sorry, didn't get updated. I purchased new solenoid assembly from case ih.
  10. Word on the street is ruger bought out the rights to manufacture marlin branded firearms. Hopefully they will put out a nicer product than remington did with their remington marlin rifles. Kind of makes me excited as I enjoy ruger firearms and can't wait to see what it will bring for the marlin name...
  11. Looks fairly clean with very few leaks. Generators are fairly easy to work with and should be an easy task for you guys.
  12. Did some testing finally and found the solenoid to be open. It is made by ambac fluid power from Illinois. I did a quick Google search and found a couple companies selling their products, but they all seemed to be out of stock. Anyone have some leads? I will try to call them tomorrow.
  13. Could be a couple problems, but you can take the glass off the gauge cluster. Move the needle a little with your finger and see if it is just stuck from the magmatism in the gauge.
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