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  1. Was going to give him a call in the morning too. Done business with him before, enjoyed the transaction. By the way if he sees this, this is one of the creations from his back plate he sold me.
  2. Sounds legit, but I know through working at a truck shop that they need serial numbers/part numbers. Don't have either. Searching through old posts there used to be a place called trax or trac-4. I can't find them now.
  3. Well it happened... The big hoss is broke down again. Checked the oil before it went out, and it was good. Apparently, pinion bearings disagree. Front pinion bearings went out, and locked the front end up. Hoping to salvage it and see what happens. Called case ih and the parts are non existent!! Holy moly.... I'll have to call local bearing house and see what happens there. Anyone got a good line on where to get parts? Doesn't look like too bad of a job to fix.
  4. You tis always lookin, an now they's a catchin ya.
  5. I thought it had a chip on the back, or had something to do with the actual IH logo on the data center??
  6. Finally got it hooked to a disk. Pulled it around for a while, and so far no issues. I'm hoping it works good and has no issues. Fresh hytran, filter, and pumps. Going to change filters here in about twenty hours of use.
  7. As I agree with you, I couldn't believe it myself. We had that driveshaft in as straight as an arrow from output shaft to the rear end, and it literally would about vibrate a cup off the dash when you got up to speed. We changed nothing except for the block we had welded on for a spacer for the hanger bearing.
  8. You are going to want some degree of angles on your driveshaft. If you make it all in a straight line, it will vibrate some. We stretched out a 359 pete ex hood and it vibrated like crazy. Finally brought it in to a drive line shop and I think he said with a shaft that long, you are going to want around 7* of angle from our carrier bearing back.
  9. In the winter, the cab is way better than nothing... But that's about it, quiet, no. Comfy, meh, can you hear the radio or your phone, no. If the ac works good, then try aren't too bad in the summer though. Mine will put condensation on the windows in the summer when it's working up to par. Tractors them selves are semi primitive. Good starting, dang near bullet proof for trans and rear ends. The t.a. are like every other ih design. Engines are good starters as long as it's healthy and the injection system is. I'm not a fan of ether, so I just plug mine in when it's cold, that I mean around 45
  10. Lube is important for the ta. I wouldn't run it too long, but if it's going out, it's going to go out anyway. I'm not an expert or claiming to be. I only know what I know from being self taught.
  11. Well if the t.a. is shot, I'd recommend to put a new pump and mcv kit in anyway, so you really wouldn't be out anything if you do. There was just a fellow on here with a 1086? with the same problems about as you. Maybe want to check his post and see if you can follow some of his procedures.
  12. Is this on the three point or the hydros like when it's hooked to a disk? If it's the three point arms, I'm almost certain that it shouldn't have pressure going down.
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