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  1. It's interesting to know there are so many options on these machines, if you just pay attention to them.
  2. I don't think you will like it, I'll be willing to pay for shipping to get it here๐Ÿ˜
  3. No insults intended. My grandpa always said the only stupid questions were the ones you never asked. If you are willing to ask questions, then you are willing to learn. Hope I didn't sound arrogant, everything I know is self taught or asked on here. Went to school for medium/heavy truck repair. I didn't like the profession of laying on your back every day and getting crap in your eyes. Decided that farming is where I wanted to be, so I asked my dad if I could come back, and of course he wanted the help. Yes, I've baler wired something together so it will finish the field, but never replied on it past that. Like I said, and j mech said, there are plenty of guys on here who want to know just what they think they need to know, and then those who take all the advice into consideration.
  4. I knew what you were getting at from the beginning. Not everyone can actually play guitar, but they all can make some noise.
  5. I think, if I'm not mistaken, that those are aftermarket steps? Maybe I'm wrong.
  6. Some have had trouble with reliance kits, I haven't had much trouble to be honest. I rebuilt a d312 and just recently an 886 with a d358, 986 w/a dt436 and a new Holland l170 skid steer with reliance kits with no trouble. Minus the l170 had a missing bearing shell for the thrust bearing. Not a huge deal to me, but was a set back. I don't know if mahle makes piston kits for these engines, but I'm thinking they do. Could always put together a kit with parts you can scrounge up if you aren't satisfied with a complete kit.
  7. Seen a 1066 all "restored" on tractor house once, it was selling for $55,000. It wasn't on their very long. The pint I'm trying to make is, people can ask what ever they want, it will be up to the buyer to decide what they want to pay. If it's worth it to you, you are going to pay it, if it isnt, it's probably easier to walk away.
  8. MinnesotaFarmall


    Lord was watching for you and Joe MTO. He and you have something to do in this life.
  9. Only problem with substance farming is that each person needs x amount of land to grow enough food for themselves. We've already run out of capacity boys... Let that sink in. Most people think oh, I'll go hunt for my meat. Yea, bet you will, you and thousands more. We are already limited to so many animals now.
  10. Think about it. How long does it take to get the milk from the tank, to shelves? Two weeks or longer if it's cheese.. the high prices in the store are nothing more than a gain play in the pocket book for the corporates. Paid 10-12 cwt for the milk, and then jack the price up in the store. Farmers get happy, usually store prices take a while to reflect back to the farm, now, they say it hasn't caught up, and expect to get less than what was previously stated. More money padding their wallets. I agree that dairy industry might be a dying breed for the smaller guys. It's a hard pill to swallow because I am one of them. But, on the other hand, people are also becoming very mindful of where their food is coming from, mostly the millennial generation. I do solely think that there will be an influx of do it yourselfers out there and will have one or two cows themselves. I think the best way would be to bottle the milk right on the spot. Cut out the distributor, and make it all and help control your price inputs. But dang.... That's almost a whole nother farms payment to borrow to hopefully get a good return..
  11. I was born way too late... Ha
  12. Someone would have been getting a visit from a concerned neighbor if it was me... Lifting someone up in the bucket when you need to change something, yea, but that's just pure stupid right there. I really think most people don't have the "what if" thoughts.
  13. Bad day for everyone involved... Pure stupidity going down the road with people in the bucket... Local guy here road in the skid steer with his son while they towed it down the road on a trailer. Driver list control of the truck and trailer and dumped it all in the ditch. Kid has some serious injuries, dad was banged up well too, but both made a full recovery.
  14. I can see there place, short trips in town, point a, sit, point b sit kind of stuff. I just don't see a future were they are more environmentally friendly that a combustion engine is all.
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