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  1. I used the Google machine but not very keen on what I'm looking for. Is there a scan/diagnostic tool for New Holland available to the aftermarket/general public? I found a couple but I'm looking to do injector cut outs, read rail pressures, and be able to see what the computer sees like a fancy snap on/matco scanner. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately I don't really know. I just talked to him briefly and he was talking about having the local n.h. dealer repair it now. I thought it would be handy on our mixer for the dry cows. I'll have to stop and talk it over some with him and see what he is thinking and knows. So these tractors must only use one hydraulic pump to supply oil for remotes and shifting?
  3. As stated a neighbor has had a 5130 sitting for about ten years that just stopped moving. He doesn't remember exactly what was going on but it acts like no gear is selected. It just doesn't want to move and acts like it's in neutral. Possible causes? This one is the power shift one. Something electrical? Worst case scenario what does a guy look into it for price? Has roughly 10k hours. Fix it or knock it on the head?
  4. It turned out not as bad as anticipated. Have about as much into seals and gaskets as hard parts. All the other packs look good so just testing and sealing.
  5. I suppose I could see a guy getting used to it. My brother has the classic 78 and it just tosses a strange motion to me when opening a drawer.
  6. Even I guess if you found a nice stationary one a guy could weld up a nice little frame for under it and put your own casters on. 🤔
  7. I looked at the proto boxes on Grainger. $12-15,000!!
  8. That's one box I always thought looked dang nice. The Kennedy line of equipment is super and always liked their machinist boxes. I'll probably end up saving up some more and buy a good used snap on box or something. The icons are really catchy and all but they aren't very deep.
  9. Exactly why I'm kind of wanting a name brand one. Craftsman sold out and it seems they are doing a clean sweep of things and doing it their way from now on. I truly like my box. I wish it was bigger is all. What my wife said, probably....
  10. I really like that the lock swings out like the craftsman boxes. It just seems more natural to do it that way than to slide your fingers sideways and pull like the snap on. I've never had my hands on a Mac or matco but have heard they are good boxes too.
  11. I've also eye balled the Cornwell boxes. If only I had an unlimited budget ha. I'm thinking I definitely need a 60" box or bigger.
  12. I have looked into them some and I don't really care for the drawer layout. I like to have more thin drawers than large deep ones because I don't keep my tools in the blow mold cases that you get the tools in.
  13. Yes I agree with that. My brother has a classic 78?? If I recall and it has almost as much room as both of mine combined. I think it's nearly 28" deep? I don't remember but it's pretty deep compared to mine. I had no idea that master force made the larger ones. I'll have to look into them.
  14. I'm hoping to stay around the $1500 range. I find nice used snap on boxes for a little more but willing to spend more on quality like that. Thanks but that's about what I have now. I'm looking at probably at minimum a 60" box. I have another service cart with some things in it and tools up on the shelf that don't fit in my box. Pliers stacked on pliers and screw drivers specialty items.
  15. Thanks guys, I was really leaning towards the husky boxes. The hd one where the top rises up is kind of neat but I also see they have a standard one with lots of larger drawers. Figuring out the square footage is most important so it's about like looking at new cars. You look till you're about sick of looking and just buy the next best one.
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