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  1. 2400 to 2600 I believe if it's later year.
  2. That depends if you are measuring it with a toaster or a convection oven..
  3. Well looked it up, that gear in diesel 504 and the 544 with esn of 10,xxx, that gear has to be the same. It absolutely has to be.
  4. It is pressed on and tack welded. Found one on eBay, but guy said it came off a diesel 504. My guess is that it is not the same although it's the same part number he has listed?? He claims he doesn't take the time to cut them off the crank because no one orders them. I told him he can send up six if he gets them. I'm willing to pay scrap price for a gear or crank.
  5. I was wrong, engine sn would mean I need gear number. 308398R1 or 398043R91.
  6. None, not available through cnh. None in the depot. Called about ten scrap yards in Minnesota, and most of them haven't even ever scrapped a 544 or one with the like engine. Worthington AG has a couple complete motors, so does gotvalds implement by me. Seriously looking into buying another crank from somewhere and just getting it reground. On another note, can a guy run it without the balancer? I would think it would eventually shake itself apart, although the older 4 cylinders aren't "balanced".
  7. Couple basic questions Does it have good fuel flow to the carb? Is the float and carb clean with proper adjustment? Intake gaskets leaking? Running lean can make an engine miss or stutter at wide open throttle. Spray carb or ether on the mating surfaces of the gaskets any rpm change, up or down, indicates a leak.
  8. Not terrible numbers. I would think you don't have a burnt valve or one that is terrible.
  9. Had a couple I've run across like that too. Block usually says dt468 and then the sticker from src says something different. Only way to tell would be drop the pan and look up casting codes on the crankshaft.
  10. Dunno, but it is a gas that I have. I can find diesel ones all over, but no gas ones.
  11. Doesn't seem to be available though any new supplier. Part number is 66478C1.
  12. Or if the are even available? I ran a search on cnh but can't for some reason get the engine to pop up.
  13. Does anyone know where to get a balancer gear for the crank? I need the big one that goes on the crankshaft itself. The only ones I can find are for a diesel, not a gas.
  14. And the over seas companies did what? They didn't work either. The whole world half ways shut down for nearly one year. Avoid getting all on the policies of parties, it was sad to see so much crumble so quickly. The supply chain is fragile, and no one has enough room for inventory. Everyone moved over seas because everyone on the U.S. soil has basically over priced themselves out of work. I'll stop now.
  15. Hopefully everyone understands now what happens when no one or very few work for nearly just one year.
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