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  1. Another thing that will do that is when they regrind the valves. They get set in too deep and will cause them to slobber. Have seen it on case engines. Came in running fine, do a head gasket job, and Bam, slobber monsters.
  2. First, like everyone said, check oil level, and condition. Next, would strongly suggest new filter, cleaning the screen on the end of the hydro filter, and replacing the seal on the crossover tube for the pump suction. Fast way to tell if it's the seal for crossover is to over fill the hytran by about 3-5 gallons. That will bring the oil level up above the tube, but will be getting some unfiltered oil. Report back with any changes, and will be glad to help.
  3. How bad is it to repair them yourself? I have done a couple torques on ours, and such. Have done a few auto trans out of pickups also.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. They seem like they could be a step above the 86 series tractors too. We have them, but need something a little more big guy friendly when it comes to getting in and out. The speeds would be nice for the hay mower too.
  5. Ok guys, don't bear me up too bad, but what's everyone's opinions on the case ih 2294-3594 series tractors? Anyone better than the other? I read something about the 21 speeds being more desired? The magnums seem like the way to go, but serious, nice tractors in my area with 8-10,000 still bring 30k. Not going to happen. The 94 series in mfwd are all around the 20k range with half the hours. Seems like if the share the same cab as the case counter parts, 90 series, the aren't that bad. What are some thoughts on them from people who run them?
  6. Forget about the tractors. Where do you get a clean shop at lol
  7. Yes and yes. I finally got it.. had to get a little more Western on it than I like. I'm thinking I better check shaft for straightness.
  8. By the wedge lock ring? Yup, that popped right off, but I can't get the gear forward enough or the shaft back far enough to drop gear out.
  9. Hello, tearing into a 686 German diesel for clutch work. Found PTO drive shaft to be worn very excessive. I could not get it out of there. Friend suggested splitting it again at rear end. So I did, pulled it apart some and could get it removed but I can not get the threw shaft out to replace the large driven gear on the bottom. It will not bump back like described in the book. What am I missing?
  10. Around here they about give the 34" centers away. Where are you located? I am almost certain there are a set on the Northside of my shed.
  11. Yes, and you may need the updated fitting that comes out of the filter head too. Brass elbow, pipe thread on one side, flare on the other.
  12. Change the rubber line going from the filter to pump head too. It's cheap, and mine had a flutter to best describe it. Changed it, no flutter.
  13. Pulled the expansion valve out. Took the pintle and sprig out. Blew ac flush through the system, and the valve. Reassembled, vacuumed, and charged till no foam in sight glass. Has been working good.
  14. Ok. Could a guy warm the bulb up to check it? Kind of sucks because I literally just out it on.
  15. Ok. Any way to clean them? The last one I took apart and blew air through it just messing around. Could a guy pull the spring and pintle out of this one and clean it too?
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