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  1. 706 Diesel Electrical Problem

    For that system it is correct. Check voltage drops going to starter. Would be easier to watch a YouTube vid of how to do it than for me to explain. Also, don't forget to check the voltage coming out of your solenoid to the starter strap. If you aren't getting 12v to the starter before you even try to crank, then you either have a ground or pos cable problem. Could even try removing starter and try a bench test with a set of jumper cables. If it's slow to move with no load, chances are it needs some brushes or an overhaul.
  2. About drinking raw milk

    No one seems to mention that if you take store milk and put it under the microscope, there is actually more bacteria in it than that of raw milk. Granted the bacteria is "dead", but it is still in there. Milk is tested for bacteria on every pick up. If it is reaching a high number, then the farm is alarmed. I am going to make an assumption and say that most people who get "sick" are not actually hospitalized, but more so get a bad stomach ache or have to make frequent bathroom visits. I am also am going to make the assumption that it is because their bodies are not used to 1. The obvious bacteria that is in there (probably not any more or worse than that gas station soft drink button you just pushed and then used the same hand to eat your candy bar with) and 2. That their bodies are not used to the whole cream and milk that is still present. My wife grew up on skim milk, and she is finally turning over to whole milk. She and I drink raw milk from our dairy and she doesn't have any problems that I have ever noticed. Then again her brother made her eat sand a couple times when they were little...
  3. Head gasket for D-282, best one.........

    Call Murphy's motor service. They also have studs for the head. They are pricey, but seem to hold up well.
  4. How much was that??

  5. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    The theory is that the engine/turbo sucks the guillotine to the pipe to make a solid seal in the event that it is used. If you were to put it on the pressure side, you would have to figure out a way to keep the pressure inside of the pipes and seal it up to the outside atmosphere. Some of the pullers running triple turbos are well over 150psi compound pressure. We are talking major seal strength.
  6. I dare you

  7. L170 nh skid steer

    I finally found the culprit guys. It was a bad connection in the fuse box behind the firewall. No need to buy a new computer or do any major wiring. It would light up my test lamp, but it wouldn't hold a light bulb. Problem solved!
  8. L170 nh skid steer

    Nope not the same fella. That is a bad deal too. He lived, just has a bad leg now.
  9. L170 nh skid steer

    I'm not a fan of bypassing stuff. Just a couple weeks ago a kid caught his leg between the ski loader bucket and the tire. He went to climb up in and slipped, he grabbed the lever and it sucked his leg right down between it. I know for a fact he had the seat belt bypassed, so it's not going to happen. I'll gladly spend the money on safety switches, it's simply not worth getting hurt. All of your safety switches work.
  10. L170 nh skid steer

    Yea we used to get that until they are swamped, then it's here is the info you need buy your parts here haha. We have done business there for twenty something years, so they know us well and we treat them to a bone or two.
  11. L170 nh skid steer

    Thanks for your reply, sorry just seen it. I will check it out!
  12. L170 nh skid steer

    I am absolutely certain that I have no bad wires on module, and that I got them on the key correctly. It all worked flawlessly up till it went bad (obviously haha.). I hope I don't sound arrogant, because I'm not, I have over looked the obvious a time or two, but this one has got me stumped. If I had a wiring diagram I could read it. I've been working on machinery for five years now with three years of schooling under my belt (doesn't mean I'm the brightest on the tree). I just don't know what sensors are hooked to it besides the seat and the belt. It will run the fuel pump but it just isn't opening up the shut off solenoid. I'll probably have to wait till Monday and call our local dealership, they usually help me out without hesitation. It could be a trouble code of some sort, as it does have a diag port right behind the computer too. This one doesn't have an override either if that makes a difference.
  13. L170 nh skid steer

    It will not turn over unless you are sitting in the seat with the seat belt on, which that is the normal operation also. It will crank the engine, but will not unlock the hydro or anything else. The computer should not read acc unless the key is in the acc position, but I get it in every position but off. Which is very abnormal, so, in respect to your answer, the safeties are all functioning as they should, as that's why I am thinking the computer.
  14. L170 nh skid steer

    Hello guys, I figured this is the place to ask besides the tech forum. We have a new Holland l170 that just flat out died on us like someone just shut the key off. I've gotten my hands on this gal quite a bit and am pretty confident on how it works. This time I'm really stumped. When you sit in the seat, computer says acc, should just light up and show hours. Then put on the seat belt, no change (normal) and lastly, if you turn the key to start, it only will crank it over, but computer says acc and doesn't change anything else. (Not normal). It should show glow on the meter and should kick the fuel pump on, does none of this. The computer is fairly new as we had it go out once about two years ago, so I think it seems fairly early for it to go out again... But, I'm starting to think it's the computer again, it's fairly expensive and I would hate to though it on to say hahahaha in my face. I've already changed the key switch and it is sending power out on the posts it needs to. Does anyone know how the electric system works on this? Anyone have a diagram or had this problem before?
  15. Thieves

    If using trail cameras, always put one on the camera you are using to catch them. Sometimes they see the cameras and take them, but not the other. Now you have them on camera actually stealing property.