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  1. Yes, and you may need the updated fitting that comes out of the filter head too. Brass elbow, pipe thread on one side, flare on the other.
  2. Change the rubber line going from the filter to pump head too. It's cheap, and mine had a flutter to best describe it. Changed it, no flutter.
  3. Pulled the expansion valve out. Took the pintle and sprig out. Blew ac flush through the system, and the valve. Reassembled, vacuumed, and charged till no foam in sight glass. Has been working good.
  4. Ok. Could a guy warm the bulb up to check it? Kind of sucks because I literally just out it on.
  5. Ok. Any way to clean them? The last one I took apart and blew air through it just messing around. Could a guy pull the spring and pintle out of this one and clean it too?
  6. Even though there is frost coming out of the expansion valve? It is started into the evap, but doesn't have temp change out of the evap.
  7. I am positive I have enough in there. If I hott wire the pump, no bubbles in the sight glass, it will flat out not gain any pressure. It just pulls into a vacuum within two seconds. I would hate to say I got a bad exp valve, but who knows... I could always recover the refrigerant and blow air through the evap just to make sure. I don't have nitrogen, I was taught in med/heavy that compressed air is a bad idea, but I don't have anything else.
  8. You guys think the brand new expansion valve is the culprit? Isn't it's job to cause the pressure change to creat liquid to gas to evaporate in the evaporator, thus soaking up the heat?
  9. I took off top cover of roof panel. Looks like either evaporator or return is plugged. It is frost up right out of the expansion valve, but no temp change in the evap anywhere...
  10. To clear it all up, when looking at my 1066, the round switch works like described above. But, the power going to the smv flasher goes through the signalstat switch. That way, the switch controls what side to go to. If it's in the middle, the power goes to both.
  11. Yes, all updated lines and adapters. No screw on adapters to convert from r12 to 134.
  12. Very well could be... I'll just have to disassemble everything and start over again.
  13. Ap air systems conversion kit. Comes with compressor, dryer, and expansion valve. All of which were replaced. Lines have all new stickers on them from about ten years ago. Would think it's hard to believe that it's a blockage because the high side never gets higher than 75. I agree that it isn't adding up anywhere.. I hooked my gauges up to another known good tractor, and they read fine, and fit the same. The fittings are 134 fittings, they are part of the compressor line adapters.
  14. I know, I know, it's getting over whelming... Ac questions, ac not working, blah blah blah... But this one flat out has me stumped. Compressor makes a vacuum on the low side, but will not build pressure on high side... Replaced the compressor, dryer, and the expansion valve. High side is at 50-75, low side is anywhere from 0-(-20). Have around four cans in the system, no leaks. Vacuumed the system for over an hour. Held vacuum for thirty minutes. Warmed up the cans to get them in the system.
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