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  1. Have one on our 1586, you'll like it.
  2. I've had a tire pull my jacket before. I learned, should have never done it in the first place. One other time, don't know what even happened, but uncle pulled the 886 down to the shop with the mower on the back. He went in the shop, all of a sudden it sounded like grinding gears, looked up and it was going across the yard. Stopped it two feet short of the power pole.
  3. We use some type of a gold coloured rod when we have to weld cast. Grind it out down to good metal. Get it decently warm with a torch and stitch weld it back together. While the short burst of weld are still hot, beat the snot out of the weld causing it to expand some so when it cools, it doesn't shrink up too much and pull itself loose. Lawyer note, I'm no welder, or metal guru, but that process has held very well on the cast items we have welded.
  4. I think you could go to a dealer and just order the plug part. Ours screw off of the dipstick itself.
  5. Found this in our original owners manual for our 1586, thought it was neat.
  6. 351m uses a Ford cleavland style head fyi. There are aftermarket parts for a 351m that will make that engine go for half the cost of a diesel motor alone. If it were me though, I'd look at an idi 7.3 with a turbo kit, or a dt360. The 360 is going to be a tight fit height wise, but would be easier of the engines if you wanted an inline.
  7. Yes, they make custom fitting ones, I believe ours on our parts machine are original. I can try to remember to snag some pictures.
  8. Also, foxes will eat berries or small tender chutes. They are more of an omnivore than a carnivore.
  9. Probably eating worms and grubs. Foxes eat whatever they can find. Funny thing you want to get rid of your cat, cat meat makes the best predator bait for trapping. Just saying...
  10. I hear you. Last summer, we were so dry we only got one crop of hay. Now, this spring, we are about three weeks late compared to last spring because of the cold and snow/rain.
  11. I hated those things with a passion, especially when they would fill them full of home silicone and stick them on there. Son of a gun I would get pissed.
  12. Wait a minute, I know it's for removal of the chrome lug nut covers lol. I used to work at a truck shop and knew it went to something.
  13. I don't think I could do without my flashlight and Leatherman. Those two go with me everywhere.
  14. I remember one day my dad asked me to get get some gas out of the fuel barrel. I guess I was too young to know what a gas can was used for. When I got back to him with a five gallon bucket half full of gas and the other half splashed on my side, he just shook his head. I guess it's expected lol.
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