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  1. In all honesty, if you are looking at a tractor for 8k that can be fairly competitive, you should be looking for something like a 666/686 (lower on h.p. than your wants, but has the potential to get there) an 806/856, a 970/1070 case, they can be good pullers, and already have a good injection pump for pulling that needs little effort and mods to be full fuel. Case tractors around me are a dime a dozen, but their down fall seems to be the power shift in them. Also seems like the Perkins powered Oliver's can hang pretty well, but stay away from anything with the v-8. Costly to maintain and fix. A 1066 that is totally clapped out will be around your price range too. In all honesty, a stock tractor is not going to hang with the top few tractors unless you know for a fact, without a doubt, that they are telling you the truth that theirs is stock. There is a fella that runs a very nice stock 970 here that he bought for cheap. He put a narrow front on it and pulls it in 9k pound non turbo farm stock and usually is always in the front. He has pulled that thing for years and has it figured out to the T on what the tractor is going to do on about every track situation. That, is going to get your further than most money will. You must have experience. I started out with a diesel 560 and I wasn't totally getting walked all over, but surly was not in first by any means. Then, one day, I had everything just right and squeaked out a second place finish and out pulled another 560 by 10 feet. It can be done with stock machines if you really figure your weight and gears out right. Mostly you need to pay attention, ask questions, and DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!! Those who give up, never come back... I've seen lots of younger kids who pull once or twice, don't get anywhere and just stop. You of course need to put a like horsepower tractor in a competitive class, but you can also do fairly well with a stock machine too. Like others have said, 8k doesn't get your very far if you are truly looking to win every pull. Even then, there is someone who has more into theirs than you. Best I can say is, find the highest HP or displacement for their weight, and play with your hitch height, length, and weight placement, then, go have fun. Keep notes, scour the web for tips, tire sizes, and what's a good pulling tire, what is working for other people. Listen in to conversation and don't be afraid to ask questions...
  2. I'm thinking maybe have a loose or bad ground from the cab. It sending power out to the coil on the front of the ac compressor and is causing it to trip. Everything else is cab grounded, except the ac coil.
  3. Cool beans, I like it. I think I seen one of them once upon a time. I like to look at older stuff to see how far we have advanced in the world.
  4. Poor little things, I feel terrible for them. I haven't heard anything as of yet. I figure he will come to me to talk when needed. I hope our next conversation goes better than the last.
  5. What is that book? I think I may need one like it........... Don't tell my wife......
  6. Should all be lubed by the rocker stands from the head. Lift assembly and see if there is any thing plugging up the holes.
  7. Don't see why you couldn't go to amy large truck shop with engine number and see what they say.
  8. Can always just paint the hard to reach spots while you have to cab off. Did that to a 1066 I swapped engines out on for a reman. Painted the inside frame rails, front bolster stuff and the rear plate.
  9. I believe you are correct on that. Nice rigs, it's not ours, a friend's, but it stays here now and again.
  10. No, we don't. It had a little bit of shmutz left over in it that didn't get cleaned out. I was moving it out of the yard to park it for summer storage so decided to just use what was already running. We had our 1086 mfwd on it, and it was about all it would want if it started to get wet.
  11. Finally got around to getting the front tore down. Plenty of junk in there to clean out. Everything looks serviceable, so going to do a good year down of ring gear set and clean up bearings and check gears in diff. Have to find a source for the front seals on the big ball ends. There's a felt seal and a rubber one. Case IH says N/A.
  12. To put in your mouth while your wife stuffs you.
  13. Also, little trick I seen an old self taught mechanic do, get engine up to as high of a rev as it will get, then, quickly kill the spark. As the engine comes down to a rest, you can hear the chuff out the exhaust much easier, or out the carb if you have the air cleaner tube off.
  14. Yes, but now the oil galley is open to the crank case prior to the galley going to valve rocker assembly. It would just flow out of the top of the stud.
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