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  1. New development is he said the tractor displays the direction and gear selection. If you try to drive it or take off, then it will make the wheels jump, but will not move. He talked about maybe there was a collar that was sheared off that needed to be replaced.
  2. Looking at buying a n.h. 8970 and found one that needs some work. Guy said was using it this spring in the field when it suddenly quit moving all together. Engine still runs, hydraulic all work, pto, steering, lift. It has no codes, and just doesn't move at all forward or reverse.
  3. No they will try to control that too!
  4. Thanks, but I think everyone knows what I was talking about.
  5. Have not even pulled it yet, but I didn't want to cause engine harm or detonation. I couldn't hear any detonation when I hooked to a loaded trash dumpster, the big roll off ones, and could spin them in 1st. Mostly I was looking to tune it and really didn't know how much was too much. I don't have a dyno, so I kind of just have to shoot in the dark.
  6. My super m has 40* total timing plate. I have wondered now if this is too much timing for my tractor with an lp head. I only use it for pulling and use 100 octane fuel. I have heard that cnh would send a timing kit with when you put fire craters or whatever they were for the rebuild kits. Thoughts?
  7. Very nice machine, Danny. I hope your next endeavor is good to you.
  8. Anyone know of a model number mid mount sickle mower for a super c? Just something to putz with but would like to stay away from a pitman arm mower.
  9. My grandpa, dad, and uncle used to farm with a 350 with the diesel. Said it started better than the 450d but wasn't nearly the power. Used to run the 450 on the silo blower and one to chop with and the 350 used to wear a loader and run boxes. I remember the old 300 that we had that never seemed to run right or start well. Always put the hotter plugs in it to get it to run "good". That one also was a loader. Nice sized machines for back in the early 80's to mid 90's. I wish somewhat they still would be suitable on our farm.
  10. I presume this is for a fence as I see the wire in the grass. Are you using it for an anchor or have you developed a way to attach wire to it?
  11. Sure I would too, if I could find them, and after I find them, be able to afford them.
  12. So do you think it's a step backwards compared to my new Firestone f&r?
  13. I have a new set of 14.9-38 Firestone field and road on my s.m. for pulling. Lots of people say ditch new tires for old women out hard tires. A fella has a set of good year what he thought he remembers as super torques (wavy tread design) he said he would basically give to me if I wanted them. Which one would you choose? Reading online it seems like no one really likes the good years for pulling but I wondered if they would be better for pulling vs my new tires. By the way, I have no trouble with traction, it's the HP I need lol.
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