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  1. How much does it leak? Like a good ole small block Ford, if it leaks or burns it, it will always have fresh oil in it 🤣🤣
  2. Cool, I wonder how that auger works?
  3. Thats them lol. Well they look good from the road anyway.
  4. I drove one for a while. It was old, worn out, still had the V8. That thing was a beast, but loud in the cab, and hot. Ac didn't work, windows open but someone had run the exhaust pipe right next to the window and that made it louder, and hotter. Had triples on it.
  5. Off of highway 47, there is a guy who has two yellow and green gravity wagons that a year a round. Still nice looking wagons. I've wanted to stop and talk to him.
  6. Seen on the radio advertisement on Facebook that Merton Anderson had passed away. He invented the year around cabs. I wonder how many total pieces he sold? I also didn't know they were built in Mankato, Minnesota. Rest in peace, you truly did help out agricultural workers.
  7. I think that's the best. You have to keep the bottom flat, bag must stay tight. We keep our bucket up about three to four inches off the bottom and just scoop the left over back onto the face or into the bucket. We still catch some bag, but not terrible. Haylage is the worst. It makes the bag lumpy and bunches up on the bottom bad.
  8. The two cylinders that look like that both have cracks in the valve area.
  9. Friend of mine is doing head on his isx powered quad track. Head had cracks around the valves. Just had an inframe overhaul about 1000hrs ago. What do you guys make if this cylinder? He said it isn't pitted that they can feel or rusty. It is just an off colour. Comparison to a good cylinder next to it.
  10. Them beads are the way to do it. Used to work in a truck shop that did some tires. They are good till you take the rim off and the beads go everywhere. They are slicker than tire lube.
  11. My dad told me that when my great uncle put up his free stall barn, he bought one them Menards pole barn kits. He said the men showed up with hatchet hammers and short barred chain saws. Not one single skill saw was used or chop saw. I've always wanted to pay attention better the next time I was in it, but haven't been in the barn for a while.
  12. We finally just pulled all the roofs off our boxes. Makes filling them nicer and can drive along side saving time hooking and unhooking.
  13. Why isn't there any snapplage on top of your box roofs? I think you're doing something wrong lol.
  14. Anyone have any info on that Melroe head attachment? It kind of looks cobbled together but after some searching it looks like that's the way they are mounted.
  15. Well it finally made it here on the back of a flat truck. Haven't gotten the chance to get it running yet. Engine is free spinning so there's hope.
  16. I guess I've always used black to bed rifle actions. Haven't had one stick yet.
  17. If you go the epoxy route, you can use shoe polish on the jet. Coat it really good, and that will help the jet release from the epoxy. On second thought, maybe dabble some in and redrill and tap it?
  18. We just sold our 986 with 65xx house for $14,500. So, I guess that 10 really isn't out of price range. Ours looks faded, but really isn't, just hay dust.
  19. Dunno, I'll keep my distance. I read it was a monk house?
  20. If you change the air compressor, I believe the compressor drive gear is part of the engine timing. You HAVE to put the gear back exactly as it was in the timing.
  21. My old man told me, "An oak tree is and oak tree. If their family is a bunch of oak trees, that's what you will get." What I took out of that is no matter what, they are what they are because of their own selves. Good for you to walk away from the situation. It sounds like it's time.
  22. Old ways with new people seems to be an issue at most parts stores .....
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