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  1. What are the original quick hitches with the lollipop handles going for now a days?
  2. I have actually heard of stories where people have had small tanks on their house. It was too cold to vaporize the propane so they started small fires under them to warm the tank.
  3. Rather interesting.... I wonder if they are pieces used in the sand reclaimers at the factory. Like a big vibrating tumbler?
  4. Nah, ya know it twont werk up here in da nort because da ole ice shanty tank freze right up when it get ta dirty below.
  5. New stuff is blue for our self propelled chopper.
  6. It has an Android valve on it, so I don't exactly know how that whole system works under the rectangular cover.
  7. Dang.......... Try gotvalds? They had a crank in the galvenized shed that looked to be a 407 block next to it. Has tag on it from machine shop even...
  8. Waste gates were brought about so they could use a tighter ar exhaust housing, thus increasing lower end turbo response without the risk of over boosting an engine and causing damage. You can buy little elbows that let you control the opening psi of the waste gate if you so wish, but I used to use one on my pickup, but mostly seen little to no performance gain out of it.
  9. Yes, I do agree with ace, you can do that. Although you have to remember that they are literally only 1/8" thick or less. You will burn through them if you are not careful. If you plan on an inframe and not a major (which I would suggest a major) then you have to worry about weld splatter and slag.
  10. That would be a good question as to finding one. I for one haven't seen many parted out for engines being good. I'd rather do an overhaul than a rear end split. I think I would overhaul the original engine and swap over parts to make it a turbo engine. I would assume that the block is prepared for oil squirter's and the rest can be made or found.
  11. Didn't know that, but says ambac 100??
  12. Should be checking and measuring everything to perform a top notch rebuild. Dry sleeves like the 361/407 has can be a pain to pull without the right puller. If you are sending it to the machine shop they will take care of that, of course for a charge. I haven't had any troubles with reliance besides I got a chipped up head gasket once.
  13. He is a member here, but I don't recall who for sure.
  14. Egts are a concern when turning up a motor. I would strongly suggest one if possible to put in. Does yours have an annoroid valve on it? It will have a line coming from the intake to the top of the injection pump. If so I've never been in one before and therefore I would be of no use. The easiest way if it doesn't have an Android valve is to take the top rectangular cover off the top of the injection pump and in the left top side in the center is the excess fuel screw. Out is more fuel, in is less fuel. One turn is approx ten HP. I would really really really, did I say really enough yet? recommend an egt and boost gauge. These old engines can handle about thirty pounds of boost reliably if used as a daily, but it is starting to get out of the efficiency map of the turbo. A cheap, and usually direct bolt on turbo is the 3Lm 466. The engine itself will handle about 400hp reliably with little to no upgrades. Boost about thirty pounds and I would recommend a different head gasket or studs with a stock gasket.
  15. Did the radials make a large improvement do you think?
  16. They make angled ones just for that reason.
  17. Could also be the ply rating on the tires. Did his squat any more or less? How about his weight vs your weight (person weight).
  18. I'd like to see the original cb am/fm radio. Fix up our red power 1586 with it.
  19. Lol no, but almost, top secret government control for rpf 😂. No just an internet satellite. Very good observation.
  20. On a second thought, it looks like my holes come down further. Yours appear to be in the middle of the window.
  21. Thanks that gives me a good idea. I was wondering if you needed to lean back, but that may be ok because then they aren't obstructing your view off the sides. Those look like they may even be the correct distance judging by how far down they come.
  22. Does anyone have a picture of the mirrors on the side of a 66 series duluxe cab? I have holes on both sides that have thread inserts on them. I am assuming that they are for mirrors. I googled and searched, but it seems that everyone has them mounted in front of the door or on it. Just curious if anyone knows where to get the style that would bolt on like mine would have or have a picture of them?
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