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  1. The guided part I get, no offense. I dairy farm, so I know about the time off, plus I also have kids. I got it. I meant it by the fully fenced in guided ones, who guarantee a kill.
  2. No, some type of deer. Seen it on that meateater show. Looked like fun to me. Actual free range animals, none of that in the fence paid "guided" hunt crap.....
  3. Local salvage yard takes them to a machine shop and they bore it out and push a sleeve in it.
  4. There is also an exotic species in Maine you can hunt too. The name of it slips my mind at the moment.
  5. I've heard of people using bottle jacks to hold a ratchet up in the plug and using a long pipe on the ratchet or breaker bar to get it loose.
  6. Would not hurt to flush the hydro fluid with the cheap stuff, but not necessarily. I'd replace the water pump if you have the extra funds, otherwise worry about it when it leaks. Fuel system needs to be addressed before you do any repairs or fluid replacement. I'd check timing first since he claims that e had it off. Clean the return line going back to the tank first, and make sure there are no coffee looking chunks under the top square cover on the injection pump. If there is, he lied, and the advance ring is going out. Next I'd be looking at checking compression if it's starting hard. I don't know the specs, but I would think they should be around 250psi??
  7. Have to pull your shroud out for that job ace. I usually pull the front tin cover, makes it nicer to do.
  8. They can be good machines. We have two of them and really don't have any poor points to inspect besides the ac. You are going to be baling hay in TN with no AC and you are going to hate it. If it doesn't have AC it's going to be hot in there. I know a lot of people just pull the doors off, but to me, that's a sign that they don't care about having a machine that is running in tip top shape. AC systems on these machines, if you don't do the work yourself can get costly. Just about every hose may need to be replaced, they are r12 and the 134a molecules leak out of them because they are not barrier hoses. Like others say listen to the reverse and shifting should be easy, and not have to force it. Look around the manifold for wet stacking or damp areas. They can mean that valve seals are out, poor compression, or fuel system issues. Torques the 986 usually didn't see a whole lot of abuse because they were rated for slightly lower hp and didn't get heavy use. Upon start up, listen to the hydraulics to hear any whining or slow steering on first start. These can be signs of a bad mcv system. Look at the filters, if they are faded and rusted out, it's probably been a long time since the oil had been changed, and also look for a coolant filtration system. Most other problems are leaks around the hydraulic valves under the cab.
  9. Really not a huge deal to pull the radiator on them pickups. If you are handy, you can have it out in about the same time it takes to drain the radiator out. Remember to mark the crossover between the fenders with a marker or scribe, otherwise you are going to have problems getting the hood to shut good.
  10. Sandhiller, looks like it's gonna be summer soon down there .. you can come take some if my snow if you want.
  11. About every day, then every night, before I go to bed, I look out my window at what I'm working towards, my farm, look at my family laying asleep in their beds, and realize I'm still full on the inside. I know what you are saying, sometimes, a guy needs a break.
  12. Be sure the correct clamp and bolt/washer combo are used. If you look, the clamp where the bolt goes through is beveled. There is a heavy washer that is beveled to sit in the bevel. I believe there are two different styles, but I have only seen the bevel washer style.
  13. Helluva set of steps on the cab tractor.
  14. You are never above the grunt work. Housekeeping should be done by all, and a vary valid point. I started at a truck shop and sadly right when I started, work was very slow. Two, maybe three trucks for the two shifts. So, three trucks, not six a day. Boy, you get agitated quickly with almost a month worth of sweeping and washing shop owned tools and watching everyone else do work you can do. Hated it, I was hired to work on trucks, till it hit me, I use these tools also, and I can also clean them up. Still hated it though.
  15. No better teacher than hands on, period. I took on little jobs swapping lawn tractor engines and such. With a helpful and patient elder, kids can learn a lot. Don't be afraid to ask questions and look in books is my thoughts to this day.
  16. Got any pictures of the cab over? I gots me a soft spot for a good cab over....
  17. Look at Pam's auto. Sometimes they have cheap or decent stuff and offer a warranty.
  18. Ouch, but I hope they got the coyote.
  19. Sad, I just recently bought a small herd of guernsey cows from a retiring farmer. He is sitting on some prime land, but sadly not for farming. He owns property around a lake that I forsee going into development.
  20. Cups often pull out with them is my experience. Sometimes, for me, they can be a pain in the rear to get to seal back up.
  21. After pump replacement, did you hook back up to the same piece of equipment that you were running when the old pump went out?
  22. Looks like the conversions are kind of their niche?? Just glancing at their Facebook page.
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