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  1. I don't like shooting high recoiling rifles, although I will.... If that counts. I admit to my wife when I'm wrong, which I think God should have made a sin so I don't have to.
  2. Ever notice that most women in construction run the Packers? 🤣🤣 Oh ok, that's enough from me..
  3. Then she would wonder where your wife got one too? 🤣
  4. I don't do much for housework here besides the dishes and kid stuff. Wife takes care of that. Couldn't afford one of them fancy vacuums anyhow. 😄
  5. Yes vacuums, don't know why you need a vibrating handle on it. No demos, that's ok too, if you catch my drift ha. 😬
  6. One group of ladies came selling vacuums once to our house. Biggest selling point they repeated was the vibrating handle. Yup.... Now you guys can think on that a little...
  7. Errrr I meant broke your rocker arm shaft... 😊 You could take a soft hammer and whack the valves and see if they all move, although it will not tell you if they go full travel without binding.
  8. Going to need to get head done. High exhaust gas temps probably either a. Warped your valves or b. Heated them up enough to make them stick to valve guide and broke your pushrod. You have a fuel injection pump problem me thinks, or a sticking injector. Get them both done since you are pulling the head, and pray you didn't wreck a piston too.... Best thing I ever did was put gauges on my 1066, boost and egt (exhaust gas temp). It's over kill, but I put them on every truck I own too just for safety of mind for me.
  9. Dimensions didn't come up on old thread ...
  10. I'd be shaking like a queer holding a hot dog if I seen any of those....
  11. Imagine the timber and work performed to make that bridge just to be able to get to the job you needed to do.
  12. Although you are trying to find the correct overall length given by the book. What that is telling you is max length for standard magazines, basically. Most bullet manufacturer are going to have around the same from tip to ogive length, although not exactly, but going to be close. Berger, however manufactures bullets that have way longer length.
  13. Yup, right on. You have to measure where the bullet ogive starts. That's the part where the bullet comes to diameter to contact the rifling, to keep it simple. What is the distance from base to the shoulder?
  14. No reason to really get all uptight. I respectfully told you how to do such repairs because you asked. I understand we all have to live within our means, but if you or I are moving forward in search of a useful machine, it must be repaired in a fashion that needs to last, and needs to be correct for the application. Plenty of people have half azed repairs only for it to return with the same problems or worse. I certainly do no want a dead headed valve next to my feet with no place for pressure to go to besides potentially exploding. Shooting hot oil all over me, or possibly injecting itself in
  15. Not starting a fight here, but if an individual is coming to us to look for help and insight, and it is given, but does not follow, then what? Is it us who are really being rude and discraceful? Everyone tried to tell the correct way to fix his issues, but the op was more than insistent on doing it his own way and own manner. I see that some points were getting out of hand, but if you are bound and determined to do it your own way, then, why ask in the first place. Plugging the back of that spool valve is just going to wreck more havic than it is going to do good. Said multiple times to fix th
  16. Same with moose around us here. Little too far south for it to be "natural", but the last one they let be. Dnr said it appears healthy as far as they can tell.
  17. Lorenzo, were these close to you? Very nice animals, didn't know there was much for elk in nebraska.
  18. Head space Comparator is what it's called.
  19. That's what I would do too. Can be tricky to measure shoulder bump on them without the right tool. I know it starts with a c, I just can't think of it at the moment. My set is made by hornady.
  20. You have a headspace issue if primers are backing out. Too much bump back on shoulder, or excessive clearance between chamber and bolt.
  21. Maybe she wanted to take the delgrandi or what ever it is you old farts drive? I tell my wife how hot she is everyday... Still waiting... Been together for ten years, but only married for three... Still young, I know, but dang.. hopefully the wine gets better with age... 😂
  22. Well then... Is it a rubber line? My brothers tractor the line swelled up in the middle. Try unhooking it off of pump and see if it will pump fuel through the pump. Like j mech said, check to make sure you have fuel coming out of bulb. Seems there is something offly simple or the pump is hooked up backwards.
  23. Did you screw in the low idle screw on the carb where the gov shaft attached? I made that mistake once, and when I started it, it ran wide open. Screw should be backed all the way out first.
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