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  1. Should get some america flag ones and send a real message.
  2. Good question, haven't been able to find one yet. We tried watching for it coming out, but it's just gone. We have about 6000 acres of state land on the north side of us. Friend built one and said it would go through 3/4" plywood at 100 yards away.
  3. I am all for this idea to have the rest of the people wake up and realize what it actually takes to feed the nation. I'm glad it doesn't take much to help us feed ourselves. I do think everyone should do a little bit of self sustaining efforts also. The others have it right in my eyes, the remedy for the problem will also be the poison. Bring people to their knees, then build them back up with THEIR solution and products. Would someone mind p.m.ing me the info on the Gates? I've heard head say, and it's odd to me that he is now one of the largest land owners in the USA. Also, I have inside info that you will no longer be able to create new farm ground and insure it with crop insurance, the only insurance available will be for the established ground.
  4. A guy who came up here from Nebraska with my grandparents, Alfred "Bub" Anderson had a propane ford he ran around. Loved it, says he wished he could have everything running on propane. He got decent milage with it, and back when I was old enough to pay attention, it was only 50 something cents.
  5. This actually used to have a propane/gas carburetor on it. A switch flipped it to propane. Previous owner switched it over to a holly 2bbl. Not totally excited it's only a 2bbl but we will manage.
  6. Got the manifold on and the heater box installed. I decided to do plug while I was in there. I'd say this engine is running dang good. I can see the cylinders and they look great also.
  7. In my understanding you must check the milliamps through the wire to the solenoid. It should be a constant 12v and the amp changes the shift. But, if you have checked everything else, it's hard to say it isn't the eic.
  8. You ain't out of the water, and there are plenty of others in there too. Neighbor has a newer new Holland that has the same issue. Nh can't get a computer and there are none available. You have a good power source to the computer correct?
  9. I laid a flat edge across the one I had off. It wasn't as bad as anticipated, so I installed them. I hope they don't leak, but if I have to do it again, at least the bolts will come out.
  10. Terrance looking a little mean. I like these old dent sides.
  11. Had to pull the air box completely out of the way. Good thing I found out is my ac unit still had pressure in it. Also, my fan works, just now have to figure out why it doesn't turn on with the control. 🤔
  12. Been thinking if I go to pulling heads off, it's getting a cam. But, sadly, the neighbor had a 90* drill, so I'm not pulling the heads. I'm just going to drill them out and instal nuts on the back side. Is it correct? No, but it's functional and will work.
  13. I knew I should have gotten the one with a 300 inline lol. My first truck was a gold and green 1979 f250 4x4, 4spd with the old reliable, not so much power house 300 inline 6. It wasn't bad for what it was. Not too fast, not too much power, but it could pull like a train. That is, as long as you don't have to go over 45mph.
  14. Dunno, seemed to grip the broken bolt off good enough to bust it again?? That has been through my mind once or twice. It runs good, and I don't want to see something I might want to "fix" lol.
  15. Just so you guys can see what I'm working with. The tops of the exhaust manifold flange actually are just an ear that the bolt goes all the way through back to air. Not a blind hole like the bottoms. The bottom studs screwed right out with my fingers after I cut the head off the manifold bolts and pulled off the manifold.
  16. No stud left to weld to unfortunately. They busted right off with a shirt vice grip.
  17. Thanks for the insight. I think I'm going to try my luck with that. I have had these things hot four times now, and they absolutely will not move. Fortunately they are through holes and they go to air, so I'm able to drill through them and put a nut on if I need to.
  18. At least the bolts are butter soft.
  19. I was trying that. I cut all the heads with a torch. Pulled manifold, left what was rest of the bolt on. Heated them up and busted it off with a small pair of vice grips. 6" pliers to be exact. Didn't take much.
  20. Bought the truck I call Terrance as a project. Boy, it's really turning into one lol. Bought it with no brakes, new master and some lines, and some small things. Ex manifolds started leaking, and I decided to change them. Man, what a job on the 390 Fe motors. Top ones all but one busted off equal with the head. Even, with all the gentle finesse my hands could manage, and using plenty of heat. Pull the air box off to get to the bolts, gonna need a 90* drill now and do my best.
  21. Yea, I guess you are right, if it's going to be.
  22. Yes there are 6 and 12 volt regulatos. Make sure to get a 6v if you have a 6v battery.
  23. Any videos?? Everyone likes videos. Can't wait to see the Bitty Built sled.
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