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  1. 12_Guy

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Years ago, I recall seeing a guy "playing" with a Bobcat during the pulls at the Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. He had one of those twin blade track graders on it and would run most of the way down the track on either the front or back wheels. I thought that the guys who were on the tractors grading probably were wishing he would quit playing and help out, but it was entertaining. This was probably late 80's. Any else remember this? Probably this kid's dad??
  2. 12_Guy

    Just so we don't forget what happened 49 years ago...

    I could swear that I remember hearing about the value of teaching a man to fish versus gifting him a fish...
  3. 12_Guy

    Just so we don't forget what happened 49 years ago...

    I agree with you Art, but the problem is physics. Venus, the next closest rock, is approximately 100 times farther away than the moon. Until we can time-warp, hibernate, or deal with mounting an expedition that could take a couple of years, we're not going anywhere. Not saying that it can't be done, but it will be difficult. Excepting Mars, anything worth exploring is exponentially farther and even more difficult. My two cents worth.
  4. 12_Guy

    Anyone seen one of these before

    I believe that it is a planetary gear set. I think it is interesting that they were made in Columbus Neb. Isn’t that the same town where the “good “ spinners were made?
  5. 12_Guy

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Interesting topic here. I have never owned any kind of hoe, but I have operated skid attached, minis, TLB, compact TLB. Having some experience on all of these types, the mini is the best hands down but they do come with a price. My problems with the skid steer is as follows. Moving the skid steer every few feet when trenching is a huge pain, hard to get into cab or reach levers. If you need to do anything with the bucket you must remove the hoe first. I suppose if I had the skid steer and thought the hoe would be useful I might be willing to pay $1K maybe. $3K never ever. I would rent a mini for any sizable project.
  6. Just a thought, I don't know that this will be easy to do. Why not just reroute the neutral switch wires to the clutch pedal switch or add a switch if it doesn't have one.
  7. 12_Guy

    Linear actuator problem

    First, I know nothing about your baler. I assume that the actuator is powered by a DC motor, with brushes on an armature. I would check them out. Opening up the motor may present some challenges but I have faith in your abilitys.
  8. Sounds like you are talking about a raintight distribution panel - breaker box. If there are no breakers it could just be a junction box. A pic would help.
  9. 15000 lb tractor vs 70000lb truck. That's probably never going to happen.
  10. 12_Guy

    I almost stopped to help.

    Apparently not high enough
  11. 12_Guy

    #8 One Bottom Plow?

    Good possibility
  12. 12_Guy

    #8 One Bottom Plow?

    John Deere built plows ????? The only JD plows I was around were all junk!! They would roll the dirt over in big slabs and not break it up and refused to cover trash. IH or Oliver (White) built plows!
  13. 12_Guy

    #8 One Bottom Plow?

    Super A, I must admit that I would like to have a #8 single, but an 11hour ride?? You must want one BAD. LOL What do you plan to pull it with? Good luck. Safe travels.
  14. 12_Guy

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    There is no doubt that the maneuverability of a zero turn will save you time. As far as trimming goes, you can go slow and get real close, so that trimming is all but eliminated. With the variable speed of the hydros , you can go faster when you are in an open space even if it is fairly small. I would not hesitate to install some larger gates for the mower. A 60" center deck ZTR is still a very nimble machine.