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  1. Lock it up and be careful who gets a key??? Might be cheaper and more effective than the camera?
  2. Congrats Mader. I’m sure your growing family could use more space. I think I may have waited for nicer weather. The days are getting pretty short but you gotta do it when you have time.
  3. The small ends are cat 1 size. The larger center section is cat 2. The lower link had cat 1 on one end and 2 on other. The pin could be inserted either way to connect whichever end was needed. I can't help you with the length except that it should not too hard to measure. The holes in the housing are cat 1 on the inboard side and 2 on the outside.
  4. I have one similar and like it. I think I painted $2200. What else can you buy and be more capable or reliable for the price?
  5. I assume that this is a carbon steel set as opposed to a high speed steel set based on price? I could not find it stated anywhere.
  6. Love all the great pics fellas!! Wish I had some that could compare. Bill, I even enjoyed your “less fortunate“ pics. What happened to the right hand tires on the Ford??
  7. Wondering if that is somewhat newer. I don’t think I have ever seen one with an integrated grinder. Maybe a newer design? I have no idea just thoughts.
  8. What, no pics? What gives? Ah there they are.
  9. They probably were designed to be throw away cheap engines. I also bet that no one ever expected them to still be running 50 or 60 years later and fully capable of doing what they were designed to do.
  10. A BTU is a BTU however a gallon of diesel is around 140,000 whereas LP is 90,000 BTU for cost comparison. Yes LP is cleaner but still just as noisy. And yes radiant is quiet and clean. I have an LP tank top unit that is silent and works great if you can stay close to it.
  11. X2 on the oscillating sanding pads. They are available in several sizes and shapes.
  12. 12_Guy


    Looks great as always Finney but the purists would want the spokes hot riveted as was new.
  13. I love my steel frame building. Very easy to build. The frame is completely pre-fab. No cutting no drilling no special tools. I built my 36x60 basically by myself. It would be easy for two guys to assemble the entire frame in a day. I did it myself in a couple weekends. Think big erector set.
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