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  1. You guys are making it more difficult than it is. When calculating the circumference, pi is a constant. We would multiply both sizes of pulley by pi so they cancel each other out. This makes it very simple. Half the speed requires twice the diameter to produce the same belt speed. 1/4 speed would be 4 times the diameter. One fifth would be 5 times the diameter and so on. Easy
  2. I seem to remember reading that with the older planes, they could see them and shoot them down. With the U-2, they could see them but couldn't do much about. Obviously they did get lucky a time or two. When it comes to the Blackbird though the quote I read was "They don't even know we`re there." This was all from a magazine article from years ago.
  3. All 3 look good. I bet that Gibson did draw some attention.
  4. That looks awesome. So handy not to have to get off!
  5. X2. RIP Randy If I remember correctly, the SR-71 would leak fuel on the ground but would seal up once everything warmed up and expanded in flight. Seems like the whole plane stretched several inches from thermal expansion in flight. I can't imagine the engineering required.
  6. Buy a medium or smaller skid steer for all the things that it was built to do and hire someone with a larger dozer to do the heavy work.
  7. You would still need the jet/venturi assembly that is at the bottom of the well. Most pump companies made a conversion jet assembly that would bolt onto the end of the pump to make it operate a shallow well type pump.
  8. The customer looks like Ben T. You PA guys should know? They have their old dealership near Bloomsburg. We visited it during the Roundup. I can't recall the name of the small town it is in.
  9. Thanks for the tip on unhooking the line. I figured that there was a way to determine which cylinder but I couldn't wrap my head around it. It makes sense to me now. Thanks for that. It really isn't an issue I need to be concerned about immediately but it does seem to be getting worse or on second thought, maybe I am asking more of it. I thought it was a question that others could get some good out of as well.
  10. Hillbilly done went and stepped up to a real truck. LOL. You can take the redneck out of the truck but you can’t get the redneck out of the redneck. No offense intended to my redneck hillbilly friends.
  11. I have a loader on a JD4400 compact tractor. Model number 430. I know that this is a Red Forum but I am betting that you guys can help. The problem is that the loader creeps down when loaded. It is slow and not an issue with normal loader work. The problem is that I do at times expect it to hold the load up for a little while. There are no visible leaks. I assume that either a cylinder’s piston seal is leaking oil past or the valve is not holding. I guess I can disconnect the hoses beyond the valve and see if it stays up. If not then which cylinder? Or just rebuild both? Is there a way to tell? Anyone have experience with these loaders? Thanks in advance.
  12. Might be a pattern makers vise?
  13. Probably not as dangerous as a ladder leaning against the pole. Unfortunately my service truck only hauls ladders.
  14. Husky is supposed to be fairly decent. The handles seem to be nice. Good luck and let us know how they hold up.
  15. Not sure if it will look right or not but Rust-Oleum Smoke Grey has a blueish tint.
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