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  1. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    MT Matt may be onto something here...
  2. 12_Guy

    Music thread

    Thanks for the link. That is the song, but the video I happened upon had lots of bikini clad honeys running around. 🤔😤😛
  3. 12_Guy

    Music thread

    I've always been a George Strait fan. I remember hearing "Unwound" on the tractor radio when I was in the field. In high school I listened to some pop music, they play it on the oldies stations now. Sigh. Still like King George. As far as new county acts, I really like Jon Pardi. A duo I haven't heard anyone mention is the Bellamy Brothers. I was searching for some of their music recently and came across a video of a song called "Boobs" by them. It is newer music based on their appearance, you guys would like it, obviously. Sorry I don't know how to do a link. Maybe someone else can help me...
  4. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Just a question for you whistle-blowers. Have you tried higher pressures? Normal tank pressure should not be a problem since they were made to operate on boiler pressures of probably 150psi steam. Just wondering how they would sound. Maybe someone has tried and it doesn't sound good?
  5. 12_Guy

    powermatic model 63 table saw

    Nice find. I wouldn't mind having one like that myself.
  6. 12_Guy

    Conveyers roller ends build up.

    Awesome as always. What type of wire do you use for repairs like this? How does it machine?
  7. 12_Guy

    wiper blade refills

    My local auto store has Anco or Trico blade assemblys for around $4. While I don't care for the throw away world we live in, you can't beat the price. Just click on and go. Much easier than threading the refills and they would probably cost $3.
  8. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, the P-12 is a power unit. Check out page 144. Here is a pic of one of mine. The T-12 was never a production crawler. It was assembled from a W-12 and a Cleatrac undercarriage by another collector. I bought it at his auction. A pic of it and the Fairway.
  9. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Yes Gary, I collect F-12s,but more precisely the entire 12 series. F-12, I-12, O-12, W-12, P-12, Fairway-12, and even a T-12 are part of our collection. What model is the return flue?
  10. 12_Guy

    Ok, this is just sad

    Wow, I feel old and wise.
  11. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks for the info Professor. I assumed that it may have been some sort of spark arresting equipment, but I don't think I have seen one in the wild. I guess I am more used to the Gar Scott type. I like the tender with your engine as well. I think since we are featuring Case steamers at Rushville this year I should brush up on such things. A pres of a steam club is expected to know a little bit about engines even if he is a Farmall guy. 😉
  12. 12_Guy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, what is the extra "attachment" on the smoke stack of the Case engine in the video?
  13. I once paid $1000 for a parts tractor with a mounted plow hanging on it. Setting next to it was a restored tractor that the owner had planned to hang the plow on once restored. It only brought $800. I kinda looked like a fool winching my prize parts tractor onto my trailer when the restored tractor's buyer came to collect it after the auction. I even had to help him get it started and then watch as he drove away smiling. All I could do was continue cranking on the winch. Honestly, I got what I wanted and was happy, but it was a little depressing. The other guy wondered why I was willing to pay so much for a non-running tractor. I had to explain that it was the plow I was after.
  14. 12_Guy

    Quick Oil Change

    X2 I have been trying to find one like that to buy. I stopped at local "big chain" auto stores and they all looked dumbfounded, no idea what I was talking about. One young girl at O'Reilly's looked it up on her phone, but couldn't find it in their system, so no luck. I will have to look online, thanks for the reminder.