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  1. it is up to my dad, but you can make an offer on the engine

    1. 12_Guy


      I would need some basic information such as: location of engine, is the engine free or stuck, model if you can determine it. More pics would be nice. Thanks. My email: markfarmall12@gmail.com 

  2. Grainfarmer.com treated me very fairly on a rebuilt head for my ZTR. Called and talked to them. Very quick and easy. Absolutely no issues to date.
  3. Looking at the Scout pics again, I see it has a mount for a snow plow. I wonder if it could be a Snow Star? Not sure what years they were made. Might have been the 800 nthan ot the 80? If it is a Snow Star that would make it pretty rare. Google says that the Sno Star was a '71 800b. Only made less than a year. Less than 500 total.
  4. The Scout doesn't appear to be anything special. Like they said a 4x4 model 80. Probably best for parts now. Definitely worth saving. The engine is probably from the 30's. There should be a tag on the tank support. It looks to be BIG. P-40 or bigger. The size of the gas tank compared to the tire makes me think P-80 or 100. It looks like it was originally a kerosene or distillate manifold. It appears like the intake had a heat box around it at one time. It is broken away now and the exhaust manifold was fabricated. If it ran the sawmill then it would be a large engine no doubt. I would love to have it, if it is available.
  5. Another option for pre/post heating is to hang it in front of the outlet of a salamander type heater. You can adjust the heat by how close to the heater the part is located.
  6. Gary, I'm curious how you can tell it is a 30hp. I was pretty sure it was a Huber but I was lost on it's size.
  7. Gary, I see no reason to believe that the Nichols&Shepard couldn’t pull that plow, provided you had the plowmen lift most of the bottoms. Nice picture for certain. I bet you have as much fun sharing it as you did taking the picture. I’m sure Gary or Roger knows, but I will take a quick guess and say a Huber. That is based solely on the return flue boiler. Experts what say ye?
  8. I think that would be one heck of a load for 4 mules. Especially on what looks like ground that has been worked. A small tractor would struggle.
  9. Very early Regular with vertical exhaust?? Can you make out the number cast in it?
  10. You might try checking with a plumbing company. You may get lucky and find a heater with a good fan that was removed because it was leaking. Long shot probably I realize. I would think you could vent a gravity vent heater through the side wall with B vent if you are close. Check the input rating of your heater. Some power vent heaters are 75-80 k btu whereas gravity are usually around 40 k btu. You can order in gravity vent heaters with higher input ratings for space heating but that will no doubt add to the cost.
  11. That's great news, Gary. So good to see her awake and looking at momma. Soon I hope she's at home where she can continue to heal and grow up big and strong. Great grandpa has some tractors and engines to show her!
  12. I've seen seasoned drivers drive right through a hole that he has just pulled the "new" guy out of. Pretty amazing where those trucks can get to when driven by someone who knows what they are doing.
  13. Nothing about a power vent is better than a gravity vent. They are easier to vent but not any more efficient. They do make high efficiency models but they are even more expensive. Big thing is the heating capacity. Get one with enough BTU’s to do the job.
  14. First off, make sure it is straight and not warped at each bolt hole. Use your favorite gasket sealer, gasket maker or blue goo on both sides of the gasket. I personally prefer a black colored sealer so it looks nice. Use sparingly as to not have a lot of squeeze out.
  15. Stole the technology and then did a pi$$ poor job of reverse engineering and producing the product.
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