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  1. 12_Guy


    Like most game, it can be good if cooked properly, if not, well you know... A local church here has a turtle soup dinner. IIRC they always try to catch at least a hundred 15+ pounders. That would be a bunch of work to clean them.
  2. 12_Guy

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    Around here they are Frisch's Big Boy...
  3. 12_Guy


    Everything is better with bacon!!
  4. 12_Guy

    Shooting down a drone

    Captain Kirk, they are using a jamming device. I've lost the signal.
  5. 12_Guy

    w-12 wheels

    Good luck with your search. I'm guessing that most were on steel. Have you tried over on the Pre'39 IHC tractors Facebook page?
  6. 12_Guy

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    I'm curious and willing to learn, would you mind explaining and/or post pics please?
  7. 12_Guy

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    That M with the 466 is amazing. I had no idea how easy, seamless that would be. I would have expected a hatchet job on the frame rails and worse. Learn something new each day here! Thanks gentlemen
  8. 12_Guy

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    Does anyone have any New Holland experience? I have ran a couple and thought that they were good machines. I know of several in my area, all of them were used hard, abused really and no issues. At one time I think they had higher lift height than any one.
  9. 12_Guy

    303 oil

    As is usual, there are at least two sides to every story. Consider the source of that information. Warning: I have no dog in this hunt, don't really care what type of oil you use, and don't trust too many manufacturers. I'm not trying to start another "oil" thread, just pointing out that Cenex has an interest in marketing their products.
  10. 12_Guy

    Westendorf Hitch and Go

    Guys here fill uprights as well. They have a “live floor “ , knowing them they built it from a couple of old wagons. Back in, dump n go. When they are chopping close by, I doubt that the blower ever shuts off. They have big bunkers as well.
  11. 12_Guy

    Westendorf Hitch and Go

    Just a question fellas. Does anyone still use a silage wagon? It is all hauled in trucks here. The single axle dumps are giving way to semi dump trailers now. The only wagon that I have seen pulled behind a chopper lately the side dump type.
  12. 12_Guy

    Easy method for checking your block heater.

    I have made these adapters from a piggyback teathered float switch from a sump pump. Just cut the cord and splice the wires together. Then clamp around one wire.
  13. 12_Guy

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    Got any pics of the positioner setup? I have thought at times something to turn the part would be handy.
  14. 12_Guy

    Mini ex repair

    Finney, awesome work as always. Just curious if the customer priced a new link? I would assume that you have quite a bit invested - your time, materials and machine work? Or was the plan to build a stronger, more durable link?
  15. 12_Guy

    Saving Money

    Lots people live paycheck to paycheck with lots of borrowed debt, not unlike the government...