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  1. 12_Guy

    After breaking 3

    Exactly where on the WD could you pin that clevis? LOL
  2. 12_Guy

    Farmall H miss

    “Is the #3 plug oily or black. How about the other 3. They should all look similar. If not then you could have troubles with the oil rings on the dirty cylinder.” Hate to be a nag, but have you looked at plugs? Is the #3 fouled? You said you changed the #3. Did that help at all?
  3. I run 15w-40 diesel oil in my gas 504.
  4. Gary, that sure is an interesting photo. I can’t quite understand what is happening. Looks like more than one tractor. I see two steering wheels. Any more info?
  5. 12_Guy

    Farmall H miss

    Is the #3 plug oily or black. How about the other 3. They should all look similar. If not then you could have troubles with the oil rings on the dirty cylinder.
  6. 12_Guy

    Old disk plow

    Looks horse drawn, but I have no idea on brand.
  7. I wonder if the mag just is not making a good hot spark. I would start by cleaning/polishing the points to see if you see any improvement. It can't hurt to get the magnet charged but that is much more involved and probably not necessary.
  8. Not that I am aware of but things change minute by minute it seems.
  9. I like the hinges Anson. Looks delicious. What time is supper? Just kidding but it does look like the beginning of a fine meal.
  10. What he said ^^. Also a good idea to check how a clutch disc fits the input splines.
  11. Pretty cool indeed! Probably not too many dealerships still around under the same name
  12. Back to Mader's question. Lightening does whatever it wants to do. It could probably be deadly a mile away or survive it close by. I mean it jumps miles out of the sky. Do you really think that it matters if it is wood or steel posts? Or how close to the ground rod it is? As an electrician, I have seen some strange stuff. Everything from every electronic device in the house fried, but no other detectable damage to outlets ripped out of the wall breaking the wires in the process. I have seen multi-thousand dollar surge arresters completely destroyed and cheap ones that did the job. It goes where it wants and does what it wants. I was standing by my garage door with my hand on the track. I was standing bare footed on damp concrete enjoying a much needed rain. Lightening struck several hundred feet away and I got a good jolt. Way worse than 120v ever. I felt lucky to still be standing.
  13. You guys with these beautiful views make me ill. All we have to see around here is corn, beans, and trees.
  14. It probably wouldn’t take as much power as you might think. The mill is what requires the HP. I would think 12-20 hp gas engine geared down to 540 would work. Belt drive a jackshaft with idler and then chain drive the mixer. Make the idler spring loaded or overcenter to act as your clutch.
  15. 12_Guy


    I vividly remember your story about that day. I'm sure glad that it was not meant to be "his" day. Something like that would have been awful hard to live with for you or anyone else. Someone was watching over the both of you that day. It's clear that it still has affected you. That just means you are a good guy in my book. Glad that the two of you are still fine.
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