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  1. Anyone familiar with a Farmall H governor should be able to handle it.
  2. As Ray said, hopefully just rusted / stuck brakes. Do you know if it was ok when parked? It's not likely that something broke internally while sitting but it could have been parked because something was broken. Good luck.
  3. It's definitely a grain binder. It appears to be a horse drawn binder. The one in the video is a tractor powered binder. They came along later. The horse binder was powered by the large ground drive wheel shown in some of the pics. The tractor binder has a PTO shaft. Both were transported endways on the small wheels. Once in the field the large wheel was cranked or jacked down to take the weight off of the smaller transport wheels. They were then removed and the tongue was moved from the end to the side. You may notice that the tractor binder has some levers accessible from tractor seat.
  4. Years ago there was a older fella who had exactly what you are talking about doing. The rear of the bus was moved forward and a flat bed with dovetail, self cleaning ramps and all, was built on the back. Painted JD green and yellow to haul his Johnie popper. I know the front was a camper but don't know much about it. It can be done! I would buy a wrecked camper for appliances, tanks, pump, lights, A/C and all of the other stuff you will need. I plan to convert a gooseneck cargo trailer into a toy hauler. I have the trailer and a wrecked camper I parted I just need the time.
  5. Gary, I'm sure sorry to hear about Sharon's stroke. Please know that you have many friends here who are all likely hoping and praying for a good outcome for you and her. Take good care of her, but don't be afraid to ask for help. Take care of yourself as well. You will be of no use to anyone if you become overburdened. In regards to your pic of the Hart-Parr tractor and implement. I believe I see a stationary hay press and a hay loader. Perhaps an inventive farmer connected the two and powered it via PTO. I see a low platform for a man to ride on and tie the bales. I assume that there
  6. 12_Guy


    Yes, it is the spring for the plow on a Farmall A. I believe I posted that pic on the first post. I may be interested depending on where it is located.
  7. A pic or two of the tractor would be most helpful.
  8. No law against being stupid, unfortunately.
  9. The angle of the windshield is way off. Looks like nice craftsmanship though.
  10. Lots of F series tractors that, because of their age, should be grey but are painted red.
  11. This is my dilemma, I was using a 1” wrench IIRC. 15/16” would be standard for a 5/8 bolt. But I had “measured” 3/4 so now I don’t know if my measurement is faulty or my memory of the wrench size is to blame. Either way the tractor is 35 miles away. Sux getting old.
  12. I’m not sure what to think now
  13. I lost one of the axle clamp bolts and the other three were loose. I moved the wheels a few years ago and I apparently didn’t get them tight enough. I need a replacement bolt and I measured one before I tightened them. Now I am doubting my measurements and am not near the tractor. I measured 3-3/4 long and thought it was a 3/4 bolt. I was in a hurry and using a tape measure. Thinking back about what wrenches I used I am thinking they would be 5/8. Can anyone confirm the bolt diameter?? Thanks in advance.
  14. The Swisher is indeed a front wheel drive. Even better, you reverse it by turning wheel all the way around 180 degrees. A friend of mine has a few. While parading it he will sometimes turn the wheel continuously. It will go in a circle that looks like it was drawn by a Spirograph.
  15. I intended to respond to this sooner but I didn’t have the pics and life has it’s challenges I suppose. I have an A who’s serial number begins F.A.A. I don’t know what it means. I have thought that the second A is the model since my B starts F.A.B. Similarly the H starts FBH. I have thought the second letter may have been a build location?
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