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  1. Professor, any chance that you will be in Rollag next weekend? My wife and I are planning to check out the 150 and all of the other cool things they have there. Anyone else going? I haven't been there since '15 and I'm ready to go back!
  2. Probably what is called a trailer tow package today. I don't know if they have heavier springs etc or if it's just the extra cooling and trans cooler with a brake controller prep. I suppose that the manufacturers may each be different.
  3. 12_Guy

    Almost to hot

    I know that you're a Dodge guy, but don't you think that enduring 95* heat to cut up the competition is a bit extreme? LOL
  4. I must concur! I have the 1/2" Fuel hammer drill. It comes with a clamp on side handle. I first thought that's for whimps, but the first time I used a large hole saw it twisted my arm pretty good. More torque than most corded drills easily. The only thing that could keep up would be a hole hawg or a serious D handle. I'm pretty sure that it actually did break (fracture) something in my arm since it was quite sore for a month afterward. I use the handle now! You must "own" it or it will "own" you.
  5. Yes, we have heard about the change. Someone was saying that the Ft Wayne event would be on the off years so they would not conflict?
  6. We were in Ft Wayne last Saturday as well. It certainly was a good show but I think they were a little overwhelmed by the turnout. The food vendors ran out of food but otherwise they had a great day.
  7. Been there Done that. I know exactly what you are saying. I always wanted to farm but when I graduated HS the farm would not support another family so I got work off the farm. I play around with antiques now.
  8. My wife’s rose between the two thorns. Err... thorn among the two roses.... Scout 80 with camper. Scout 80 with the 7.3 engine option...
  9. Some pics for you guys who are not here.
  10. Norris Works as in SE Ind.? If so you were very close to my neck of the woods. I'm about 30 mi NW of there. They still have plenty of parts last I knew.
  11. The cold one looks bigger to me, but I've been known to be wrong once or thrice.....
  12. 12_Guy

    W30 timing

    You need a different disc on one side or the other. The holes should not all line up at the same time.
  13. Those exact brackets and bars were on dad's 464. You could make a decent bracket out of a heavy angle iron. The axle has two tapped holes on the bottom for the bracket. Go buy yourself a sway bar and short pin "Ferguson type" at TSC or wherever. The only thing that you can screw up is the location of the bracket pin. It must be exactly in line with the lower lift arm mounting pin. If the pins are not inline then the hitch arms and sway bars will bind up when raising or lowering. Don't ask me how I know this. This is only a problem if you use two sway bars, one on each side. Good luck!
  14. Sad news for sure, but I can't honestly say that I knew he was still with us. He compiled an amazing amount of data in his books. They are a great resource for the collector. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  15. 12_Guy

    W30 timing

    I think one disc has a different number of holes. If they both had the same number then they all would line up all at the same place. You should only find two holes lined up at once, that is where the bolts go. If you really do have the same number of holes then something is amiss... One disc has tapped/threaded holes correct?
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