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  1. I didn't realize that White built plows for Ford. We had two 508`s. Damn fine plows IMO.
  2. The weather was gorgeous 70 and sunny. Several days ago the weather guessers were saying cloudy but it's Indiana and mother nature was smiling on us. I have video I will try to load up.
  3. So what do you do if you are one of the oldest steam, tractor and engine clubs in the country and your showgrounds just happens to be nearly centered in the path of totality? Well, if you're my club, the Pioneer Engineers club of Indiana, you have a little fun. We decided to have a spark show with a Frick "Eclipse" engine during the Eclipse. The guys timed it perfectly and the show lasted almost the entire length of darkness. One of our members snapped this photo. Great job by all involved.
  4. JIC is a flare fitting, so no o-ring, but different sizes than the brass plumbing fittings
  5. Not that this helps, but to me the number appears to be PL52385.
  6. First, some people are very easily amused. Second, it’s fun to listen for the “ting” when you hit it?? I don’t know.
  7. Aeromotor ?? what size fan and tower?? Nice looking.
  8. I’m curious about your lye solution. How do you make it? How strong etc?
  9. What solution do you use in the hot tank?
  10. Friend of mine and his son both had GM pickups. I don’t remember what year. Anyway, son goes out one morning and had a flat tire in the driveway. No big deal just put the spare on. Looks under neath and no spare. Just a rusted cable. He thought no worries I’ll just use the old man’s. You guessed it. Dad’s was gone too. Not cut and stolen just rusted away and presumably lost somewhere along the roadside. Personally, I agree with VT. Do you really have room for the spare even a compact? How you store them is very important. You don’t want them bouncing around during an accident. A jack could kill you. I would check tire condition and more important it’s age. Old tires are more likely to fail.
  11. I have that exact tilt bed truck and tractor. No box. Well used. Probably not worth much...
  12. It’s all about control. It’s been going on for decades. Probably not a farm out there who hasn’t received some form of gov money. CRP, loans, drainage assistance, milk programs etc etc etc. The time to stand up to this crap has long since passed. These programs have gotten to the point where guys would struggle without them. The hook was set years ago and they have been reeling us in ever since. This is just the latest thing to come along. IMO there should be no government money for anything. Let capitalism do its job. Solar, wind, EV’s, ethanol etc wou not survive without being propped up with our tax dollars. I honestly don’t see any way out of this mess except some kind of apocalyptic conflict that changes everything.
  13. Steak knives will be next. Pens and pencils too, forks, spoons heck they all can be a weapon.
  14. Our school handbook had guidelines for knives. IIRC anything over 3” was not allowed. No switchblades. Etc. Later on they were banned outright. I remember a female teacher asking to borrow a knife to open up a box after the ban. Most of us guys of course had one.
  15. Pretty sure these words of wisdom work better when combined into : “Yes ma’am, it’s my fault, and I’m sorry.
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