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  1. Yeah, perhaps orphan is the wrong word. I am aware of the 686’s roots. I simply meant that it didn’t share much with the rest of the ‘86 series.
  2. The 686 is completely different than the rest of the 86 series. It is kind of an orphan. I don't know if the PTO would be the same or not.
  3. I would disconnect the cable at the pump and try it at the pump. Also check the cable with the pump disconnected. My bet is the cable is causing the stiffness as noted above.
  4. I agree that it looks like a Cub. However a cub should have the trip, hold levers attached to the beam near the lift chain, so I’m betting A,B,C. Need more pics. Or I need a bigger screen. LOL
  5. Agree 100%. I could be way off here. I really don't know but it is certainly not a full time gig so probably limited compensation at best.
  6. I'm not sure BJ is even compensated. He may be more of a volunteer than employee. I don't know their arrangement, but I wager that he is not getting paid enough for his troubles right now. I'm not trying to make the Meisner's out to be cheap but I think that the whole thing may be more low budget than anyone realizes. Remember that there are no sponsors/ ad's which I deeply appreciate.
  7. I agree with you that the battery switch will solve a couple of concerns. My issue with it or the keyed ignition switch is that they are so easily defeated. Then it's off to the races only to get it back in the barn and reconnected before pops gets home. The keyed ignition switch is a complete waste because all you need is a screwdriver or even a pocket knife to disconnect the ground wire from the mag. The battery disconnect is a little better but still easy enough to grab an adjustable and move one cable over to the other post and we're gone. I really like Jeff's suggestion about finding a way to padlock the brakes. Done correctly it would be difficult to defeat without doing some damage or cutting.
  8. No fifth seem odd, but maybe it has something to do with the reverse speed. 19.5 in reverse, good lord hold on!
  9. Thanks Jeff for your comments. You are truly a cowboy poet at times good sir! I think you have rather eloquently said what a lot of folks on this site are feeling. We do tend to be a passionate group on here. To Dennis and Sally, thanks again for this site. It really is appreciated.
  10. Looking for advice on the cheap, manual tire changers. Reviews are mixed, not that I put a lot of faith in them. So I am asking you guys for real world user input. I don't have the space or need to buy a tire machine. It would see occasional use for trailer, wagon and front tractor tires with the occasional lawnmower tire for good measure. Thanks in advance.
  11. The blacksmith shop at our local showgrounds has a trip hammer, a few forges and anvils and a plow blade sharpener. I can't remember the brand. I will have to look for pics. Any of you guys remember seeing one of them??
  12. You would loose the TA speeds but you gain the extra reverse speeds. I have always thought that the 5 speed reverse was painfully slow. Awful on a loader. The reverser should be nice.
  13. Like most metal, aluminum will corrode. No idea how long it would last underground?
  14. I go out on calls that are not equipment or installation failures often enough. It is just part of providing good service to my customers.
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