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  1. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Jerry can you disclose who owns the Titan?? Just curious if I have seen it.
  2. Well pump trouble

    It sounds like your pump is not working at full capacity thus the lower amps. I assume that this pump moves a lot of water so a reduction in flow may be difficult to see. There are numerous possible reasons for lower output. Clogged inlet, blocked outlet, restriction in the line, damage to the pump, or blockage in the pump's impeller vanes. Of course the meter could be faulty also. If you could give us more information about the pump and the piping system it would be helpful. Kind of guessing now.
  3. F12 Help Needed Again!

    What is not wanting to line up? If the height of the carb is the issue you may need to use an extra gasket between it and the manifold. This is a fairly common problem.
  4. E4A mag question

    There you go!
  5. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    If you would have bothered to read my post, I said "I think" I didn't say that I was certain. It appears that I am wrong again. I have been wrong before. I will be wrong at some point in the future. I THINK it was a first for IH although I could be wrong about that as well. I guess if I had to be wrong at least it was by two relatively obscure tractors. It looks like less than a grand total of 40,000 of both combined. I have seen both of them but I admit I didn't know much about either one or when their production began. Thanks for the correction. Always good to learn something new.
  6. Looky what I found!

    I have no clue about how much wire is on a spool, I assume that you could connect spools together for whatever length was needed. I could be interested in the goodies, any idea on price? Would you be able to assist?? Maybe pickup and hold for me or a name and phone number of the store?
  7. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    The Regular was definitely a leap I of course agree. However, while the basic design of narrow front, wide high rear for row crop was used for decades, many of features were dropped very quickly. Things like the drop boxes and not very adjustable width along with the single speed governor and ball bearing engine were gone for good with the 12. The F-12 was a much more modern design. Its impressive how much they learned and changed in a few years. The Regular, must be on the list of course, but I hope that you do consider the 12 as well, especially if some of its innovations were indeed industry firsts as I think they may be. Something else to remember is the implements. These early tractors were nearly nothing without them. Even a JD or Fordson or a steamer for that matter had a drawbar, but IH with its mounted implements and "Farmall system of farming" changed AG forever. If you couldn't tell I have a soft spot for implements as well and have collected many of them too. To me it makes a better, more educational exhibit with an implement to show what the tractor could do. Thanks again for your time, effort and consideration.
  8. Looky what I found!

    The 4 row check row planters would work just like the 2 row you would just have to whip “move” the wire further. They always said that it takes a **** of a man to whip 1/4 mile of wire. I think that was the dimension.
  9. E4A mag question

    I don’t know the year ‘25-‘29?? The guys on the Pre’39 IHC Facebook page would know
  10. Frozen septic lines

    What you need is a jetter. It is a pressure washer with a stiff hose and a nozzle on the end that has holes pointed back at an angle towards the hose. These jets help drag the hose into the pipe. It will also have one hole straight ahead to break up the clog. A good jetter would likely open it in a few minutes. Feed it in at the tank and aim towards the house. Since you have a snake attach a hose with a cap with a small hole on the end and try that. A roto rooter probably will not work very well. If it can chop it up, you still have a snow cone and it will refreeze. You need flowing water to wash it away.
  11. Why??? 1206 top link

    They changed their parts to save money or improve the product. It might not have always worked out the way it was planned but I doubt that they planned to waste money.
  12. Service manual

    X2. Mike is a great resource. He probably has thousands of original manuals and literature. All makes, all models. And he is a great guy to deal with.
  13. horn seeder

    I think both of my grandpa's had one that they used to sow clover in standing wheat.
  14. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    I have been watching this thread with interest. I think all of the mentioned tractors are good choices. I have another model to suggest, the lowly, often unappreciated F-12. Before I get started, please note my handle, I am obviously biased, but here goes. I know most people would say it is just another model in the F series like the Regular, but I disagree. The F-12 was I think the first IH with adjustable rear tread by way of bar axles and transmission and final reduction in one gearcase. Maybe the first in the industry?? This basic design is of course still being used by everyone. The F-12 was available with hydraulic power lift using a rockshaft for mounted equipment, again similar designs are the industry standard. It did have its own problems, and I think IH learned from them. Most notably the inability to disengage the pulley, what were they thinking, and the downdraft carburetor with fuel pump. I don't think either one reappeared in IH tractors. Lee, Doug Seymour has a very nice 8-16 in northwest IN. Contact Smoker.
  15. Letter Series at Work

    Sorry no pics. My H is still on the job. I have a 6’ Woods deck on it. It makes a great mower for use at our local club show ground.