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  1. Agree with you about the skills that we don't have today but what about the materials? Consider some of the timbers in these old buildings, where would you find a 12x12 or 12x18 beam 60' long today?
  2. You might be just fine. As stated the ID will be smaller, but on a shaper the spindle fit is probably not real tight.
  3. That certainly is an impressive chimney. Not trying to detract from this chimney, but there are taller brick chimneys. I assume that they used a level, measuring stick and possibly a transit to keep an even taper.
  4. Did the lead droplets solidify into a round shot on the way down? If so then what keeps them from flattening on impact?
  5. Gary, I assume that the double geared engine still has a differential. Is it located on the right hand side of the pinion shaft that drives the bull gears? That would be interesting to see how it all works.
  6. Impressive project. Are you in the video? Please feel free to post pics if you can. We all like pictures of stuff like that that the average guy does not get to see. Thanks
  7. There was as "upstart" company nearby that was supposed to recycle the blades. They rented a facility, hired a few employees, and started hauling the blades in, hundreds of them. They received local government assistance because they were to create jobs. They stockpiled the blades, but never recycled any. They stopped paying rent, closed the doors and left the landlord with no rent and a huge pile of blades. I think they were finally cut up and hauled away. Green energy my a$$.
  8. I hate to disagree but it looks like an x84 series to me. I've got to get the movie out now.
  9. In balloon framed homes around here, the interior walls also extend from basement to attic. This is why the interior walls are difficult to move. You will need a beam under the second floor wall to remove the first floor wall.
  10. 12_Guy

    F-4 Magneto

    You've got 5 brushes. That's correct. The top inlet is just a spring since there is no movement.
  11. You guys are talking about welding on large square tube guide rails. This is a very good idea. There is a local guy here who digs a lot of basements, and is usually only on a job a day or two so hauling out a lot. He always has the inboard rails on his trailer and I have seen him load on some pretty steep sites. I know of another guy who didn't think he needed to tie down his equipment. He managed to unload his dozer going around a corner. This was flat pavement and slow speed right in the middle of town. He got lucky, it stayed upright and he loaded it up and got out of town but you should have seen the blacktop. LOL
  12. Or throwing sparks. Ain’t digging great fun.
  13. Yikes. Glad everyone is ok. Nothing slicker than steel on steel.
  14. Not sure what brand of mag you have there, definitely not IH. Might be a Fairbanks Morse? Regardless you should probably clean up and set the points first.
  15. If I understand correctly, you can lock it on the panic side with the Allen wrench but it has no keyhole for the opposite side. I assume that the door is never locked on the lever side. If it has no keyhole then you will probably need to change out the lever with one with a key. You can get locks rekeyed as mentioned. It is not difficult but you do need an assortment of the pins. As stated you can file them down.
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