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  1. Your floor looks awesome! As for the trim, I bet it may still be available. Finding the right supplier and the exact profile may be the challenge. It would not be too difficult to make as stated. If you need quite a bit of it, then you may want to try to find a supplier. Last resort would be getting knives made, unless you need a thousand feet.
  2. Another option would be the fiber-cement board. It is available in 4 x 8 sheets about 1/4" thick. Rough sawed fir plywood would look nice as well.
  3. Are you referring to the blinds on the windows?
  4. Nice as always. Got any pics of the tractor with the side mount boom. Looks handy.
  5. In the blink of an eye they say. This is what they meant. Sorry to hear the bad news.
  6. Don't get in too much of a hurry. As mentioned it doesn't really like this cool wet weather. We used to raise some 30 years ago when we had cattle and were short on hay. It would produce in near drought weather when nothing else would. You can make baleage, or dry it down and make hay. It can be tough to get dry enough, not a problem in a drought. Ha Ha. You need to be cautious about the toxic issues, but as I recall you can bale or pasture after a killing frost. Something else to be careful about is feeding. We usually tried to square bale it so we could mix it with other, poor quality hay. The cows would fight for it so we would spread it out so they all could get access to it.
  7. Maybe it's me, but the one on the right seems to be type that uses the wrong pronoun to describe herself/ himself. Oh **** maybe I'm the one who is confused...???
  8. BJ, all the rooms seemed to be expensive long before January. We are staying in a Quality Inn in Danville. It's $111 a night and around 10 miles west. I don't know if they have any rooms left.
  9. Still funny! 😉😂
  10. X2 but maybe thicker than 1/4 plate. 3/8 would not be too much IMO
  11. Is it me or did he drive the wheels off of that trailer?
  12. As an electrician, you are no doubt familiar with the connector by the same name used extensively for phone wiring. These are the same only bigger. No stripping, just plug in the wires and crimp. Awesome!
  13. I forgot about the wire nut with that name. Agree with you junk. I am talking about the insulation displacement connector filled with grease pictured above.
  14. 12_Guy

    Making Gaskets

    Today there are a lot of things assembled by the OEMs with nothing but RTV goo. Not saying it's right, or the way that I would do it, but probably the cheapest, leak-free method.
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