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  1. 12_Guy

    when you realize you have selective hearing....

    For the love of God and all things holy man, if she didn't notice that you didn't hear her, don't, under any circumstances, tell her that which she does not need to know...
  2. 12_Guy

    On this date.

    Oh I am aware that we can affect things. We had smog in Cali and acid rain, but we have made huge improvements in our pollution and things are much better. What concerns me cost versus benefits. For example let's say that the first 90% of reduction cost a small amount, the last 10% will cost comparatively much more. When we impose ever stricter regulations, our compliance cost will increase exponentially. Subsidizing green energy drives up the cost of the other sources and makes us more reliant on less reliable sources. We can't control the weather, so we can't control the capacity of solar or wind energy. We can control coal, nuclear and natural gas capacity. You're just the most recent in a long line of people I have left speechless... I just don't believe that we can affect things as much as you think we can. As I said, pretty arrogant IMHO to think that we are solely responsible for the changes we may see. My guess would be - human influence 10-20% mother nature 80-90%
  3. 12_Guy

    fencing pictures

    I don't care for wind chimes either. There is one that was made with old gas bottles - ox,acet,etc. that sounded good. Mud sux. I feel your pain.
  4. 12_Guy

    Read this billboard before you google it.

    The website talks about using art to convey their message. Probably the only person who gets it is the "artist". I'm not much of a fan of most "art" since I rarely "get it".
  5. 12_Guy

    On this date.

    Exactly, Mother Nature has way more power over the weather. Pretty arrogant of humans to think that we are capable of affecting the weather.
  6. 12_Guy

    On this date.

    Seems to me that "climate change" has been happening for awhile now.
  7. 12_Guy

    Advice Hydro 84

    Ok so this sounds like a tank type heater, I was thinking about the type that goes in the lower radiator hose - like a coupling with a heat element inside. There could be rust on the ends of the hose fittings that screw into the block. If either is blocked it would prevent flow.
  8. 12_Guy

    Advice Hydro 84

    Sounds like the heat is not getting into the block. Is this heater mounted in the lower radiator hose? Those heaters are not directional, so can’t be backwards. Has anyone ever put a heater in the manifold on any of these tractors?
  9. 12_Guy

    "God Bless our Veteran's"

    Thanks to all vets! I find it ironic that the town had vet banners on the street light pole in front of the restaurant and denied the restaurant their sign. WTH Hypocrites. I hope that someone at town hall could not approve it because of size, ect. so it was denied. I hope that the board didn't need to be convinced by an angry mob.
  10. 12_Guy

    Snow plowing?

    How’s the new horse?
  11. 12_Guy

    Hot Dawg Heater

    The flame in the red area is the ribbon burner or cross lighter. It’s job is to “jump” the flame to the next burner to get them all lit. Imagine a furnace with 5 or more main burners, the green areas. The flame does seem like it bigger than necessary though. Are the wire connections on the roll out switches burnt? Hard to tell from here. Can you place a thermometer on the burner side next to the switch to check the temp then look on the switch they are normally marked with a temperature. You could have a bad switch. You could also try to test the switch out of the furnace to see what temp trips it.
  12. 12_Guy

    You just can't make this stuff up!!!!

    Or a sober adrenaline junkie looking for a good rush. The dumb a$$ was lucky to get out of there with his life, who cares about having clothes. At least now he has the scars to prove how bada$$ he is. Too bad Darwin didn't get this one!
  13. 12_Guy

    Trailer Tires

    Don’t shoot the messenger, but I have had good service out of Carlisle radial ST trailer tires. I keep them aired up to the max and they do just fine. Load range D. Never overloaded. I’m sure they are “junk china” tires but they work for me. Seems to me that the biggest problem with any tire is low pressure. Second is overloading. I see it regularly tires half flat, flying down the road...
  14. 12_Guy

    Year-A-Round Cab for 86 series?

    Real Fugly... I have always thought that the doors on these cabs look extremely narrow at the bottom. I have never had the opportunity to try one out but it looks like I would get my feet tangled up.
  15. 12_Guy

    Antique Ball thrust bearing identification help

    Is there a standard ball bearing that is that size? Ball bearings are not normally intended for thrust but they can withstand quite a bit and I believe that one could work well in this application.