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  1. Years ago there was a fella who did various digging jobs. Septic systems, water lines, etc. He would "tow" his backhoe behind his dump truck. He would hook the loader bucket over the tailgate of the truck and take off. The bucket would bang around side to side to steer the hoe down the road. Stopping was accomplished by allowing the loader arms push against the tailgate. I'm not sure but the grille guard might have been hitting the truck hitch as well. His cousin hauled his dozer without any tie downs. One day he unloaded it right in the middle of town by taking a corner too fast. The doz
  2. So sorry to hear this Mark. Nothing we can say will make it easier but take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. We had to put our 14 yr old shepherd/lab mix Scout down last fall. It was the day before my 50th birthday. Lost dad in November. Cancelled tractor shows and other events. Last year just sucked. We now have a pup. Oh boy, I may be too old for a puppy but I'm glad we got another rescue dog in the house.
  3. They do run shuttle wagons so one doesn't have to walk everywhere. Without a doubt, some form of transportation is helpful but you can certainly see a lot of it on foot.
  4. Any weight on the front would probably be a good idea.
  5. They had better be wearing spikes, lest they slip and stretch their own necks.
  6. Great welding and fab work as always. The square tube on the log skidder should help protect the tractor nicely. Do be careful though, you will be hitched pretty far behind and high. I know I don't need to tell you this but one can't be too careful.
  7. Good thing it wasn’t a Dodge or Chev. It was going up against a loaded?semi truck... Not exactly in the same league.
  8. There is a LOT to see. If you can get around pretty good or have a cart you can see a lot of it in a day. You will not have much time to talk, shop or watch the parade. If you want to see as much as possible, you will certainly need to keep moving but it is doable and definitely worth it.
  9. 12_Guy

    Furnace Help

    A bucket full of hot water can help thaw them out as well. Just pour it over the regulator slowly to warm it up.
  10. 12_Guy

    Furnace Help

    Good to hear that you got it working again.
  11. Probably safer to fill up the bigger tank merely because of fewer times connecting the hoses.
  12. 12_Guy

    Furnace Help

    If it is only 5 years old it would probably have a self-diagnosis feature. Usually an LED or two that will flash in a pattern. There is usually a chart somewhere that will explain the code. As stated above, first and foremost clean up the flame sense rod. I would recommend against using sandpaper, but the idea is the same. Scrape with a knife, steel wool, or a wire brush to remove any residue or rust. The sensor rod is a steel rod approximately 1/8" diameter mounted in a porcelain insulator. Also clean up the area opposite the rod that provides the ground. Usually the burner or another rod wit
  13. Like Sledge, no hemlock here. White oak is considered the best for beams here. Ash will work but I think it has a tendency to split. Popular is great for rafters and such as it is strong, lightweight and takes nails without splitting. Believe it or not, white pine makes excellent siding. It is rot resistant.
  14. If you don't have livestock, no one wants a fence, but a fence along the road solves most of these issues.
  15. Rogers's comments about the Titans and then being self driving reminded me of a plow day. IN Chapter 7 of IHCC held a plow day years ago where the host had a mile long field. It took me right at 45 minutes with either my F-14 or Farmall A, both with mounted plows, to complete one round. That would work out to 2 - 2-1/2 mph. Not bad for old iron but the it gives you respect for modern equipment.
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