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  1. Would help to know more about the tractor, brand, model, etc. Most people run gas in them assuming it is spark ignited not a diesel.
  2. I have been looking for a newer utility tractor. Red of course. The 84 series usually have more hours and are in poorer condition than CaseIH 85 series, understandably so. I find it curious that the 84's are usually priced higher than a comparable 85. It makes me wonder how difficult it would be to find a good 84 hood and grill to install on an 85. I can't stand the thought of driving one of those fugley 85's. JMO LOL
  3. I bet the Case guys hated the beautiful red paint job.
  4. Agree with the guys who cut beyond the feed rolls, if you are going to be using the same wire next time. Sometimes I need to change wire type, to use flux core for example. To change type, I cut the wire at the gun to be sure it doesn't have a glob at the end. Next I make sure that the wheel has tension on it so it doesn't freewheel. Finally, while holding the wire between the wheel and drive, release the drive wheel tension and wind up the wire back onto the wheel. Pay attention when the end comes out and hook it through a hole in the wheel. At least once, I got carried away winding up the wire and pulled it right through my hand.
  5. My F350 has the 5.4. Not sure about the axle ratio. Probably 3.73? It has 275,000 hard miles. Work truck with a utility bed. Average weight is north of 8,000. This is an '03. Never had a wrench on it except for oil, batteries, brakes and tires until recently. It developed a miss that required a couple of coils and set of plugs. Great truck. Drive it anywhere.
  6. $10! I'm not afraid to admit that I am a real cheapskate, I just downloaded an app for that on my phone. It's called Strobe Light and was free. It works pretty well although it doesn't "read" the speed for you. You have to adjust the strobe rate to match the shaft speed and then take the reading. It uses the flashlight on the phone it's not as bright as a dedicated tack. You will need some shade for it to work.
  7. 12_Guy

    Tires shot??

    Scary for sure. The result of running with low pressure for an extended time??
  8. Wife and I finally broke down to go get a few groceries tonight. No milk, eggs, TP, etc at our normal small town store. Decided to go to slightly larger store next town over and found a few eggs. By now we were thinking let's see how crazy things really are. Went to another town close by and nada. Checked out the gas station/ convenience store for gas but no milk. Stopped at the Dollar Store and the Family Dollar no milk in either. Called the Kroger store, much larger, yet another, larger town and was told they had some milk. Went and got my normal weekly supply of 4gal without issue. I did get some strange looks though, like I was being a hoarder. I did notice that they are low on TP. Crazy around here.
  9. 12_Guy

    Bitty Built MFG

    Henry Abma. Actually north of East Troy. Nice fellow.
  10. 12_Guy

    Bitty Built MFG

    North of Williamsport. I bought a tractor from a retired dairy farmer in Troy. He was raising replacement heifers
  11. 12_Guy

    Bitty Built MFG

    Finney’s welding and Bitty’s Farm Shop Fabricating tech school. Where do I sign up?
  12. 12_Guy

    Bitty Built MFG

    Nice. You always do good work. Please post away.
  13. Wow. Lucky man indeed!
  14. Small engine?? I guess it’s all about your perspective. Keep the pics coming. Thanks
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