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  1. At least they do kill rodents. I cannot recall last mice/rat evidence weve seen. Girls now tame the feral barn cats. We give them 1 1liter scoop of food per day. ..23 of them. GIRLS! ITS JUST enough to keep them around and enough to keep them hunting.
  2. Yeah but like crawlers pushing dirt for hours. How could that not of worked? Were ag crawlers never PS? The majority of our tractors dont do long hrs of pull now i think about it.
  3. Love the painted rims and color combo. Looks neat so is that a aftermarket body basically?
  4. Staring through your soul. Diabolical creatures....never know when and bam! Attack claw to the eye, tail around ankle at top of stairs.
  5. Evil Thinking of how to prepare you for a meal. They are sinister beast
  6. Better than this! 😁 Hooker or Dougs Headers have a special washer for thus application iirc. So you can antisieze and it will hold it. Maybe just for a bolt application though SS stud/bolts maybe? I bet there is a aftermarket remedy
  7. Goofy is I see industrial have a power shift of some type and a shuttle. That would of been a big deal for ag dealers in the 70s and 80s yet they never capitalized on it.
  8. I don't wanna be mean Orin.....but is that normal yield? Here 20 is expected but 25 to 30 is no that un common. I'd say wth our soils we are 20 avg. Some good some.....sorgum. you coming for holidays again?
  9. TroyDairy


    That is perfectly worded. He echos what ive been told by inlanders for at least a decade and read in western Ag publications for just as long.
  10. TroyDairy


    Lets not forget.....our Supreme Leader Das Fuhrer would not allow men on the ground b/c of cv19 fears. No joke. I dont know 40 50 years ago was their smoke redneck and 806? Like this? I know it was damp summer. Yes the majority of fires in the west slopes of Cascades were arson. Several arrests made near Seattle region of ****. Guys stopped along highways with propane torches. All chatter points to antifa....crash the system. I also know old timers in the woods say we replant too heavy. There are tons more fuel per acres than 50 years ago. 3 to 4 tons more in some areas. Then they have restricted grazing which allow the undergrowth to grow up. Easy tinder (not the site seth and catech) for lightning. The ancients say when indians roamed you could drive a wagon and team through the woods since the trees were 40' apart and 12' across. They shaded the ground so much there wasnt much under growth. Now with 10x10 replant grids its a thicket of fuel and timber. Loggers note in 10 20 year old woods there are very little wildlife....to dark and sticky. Oldest stands are grazable for the deer and clear cut swaths are meccas for wildlife....sun=forage and berries which = deer which leads to bears and wolves. Say a prayer for the fighters its a B of a task. Yes its still smokey here...cant see 2 miles...everyone has a sniffle and runny eye.
  11. Get none ethanol gas. Solve a multitude of sin...i mean troubles Thats beautiful what a fun day
  12. Milk pricing system is anything but a free market. Its a over thought bureaucratic behemoth. I dont have a better answer off the top of my head but it def is not free, open, or transparent. 80% of dairyman prob dont 50% grasp how milk is priced. Or why coops cant make money as large stores have their own plants making $ Its a mess
  13. Its vermont... BS is your rep....isnt everyday sad?
  14. Local Hunting/gun place in the very Lib bigger town of our county told my buddy getting a tag that they are selling every gun they get with in 24hr and have to order 2x the ammo as normal. Kinda scary if all these city folks are getting armed with no clue. Even I feel un knowledgeable about my weapon and need more practice. But at least I have gun sense.
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