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  1. Would there be a benefit to sticking a HD mag to the bottom of the case externally to "hold" the broken piece in place?
  2. Ace beat me to it. Good chart of who owns what. Sad how it's so few at the top today
  3. 8930 was always piddly. Evap change huge difference. Just old I suppose. Sealing the cab? We vacuumed and washed the 8930 cab for hours. Dried it and redid foam on cab lid etc. With in a season the drains were plugged with dust up top.... Old stuff, more a/c problems. My 186 never was very good either. The Puma will freeze you out.
  4. Spoke with my CIH Mechanic and he said no go. Propitary software and he did know any way around vs the cih antenna. I have been impressed following your threads in farmer friendly GPS units.
  5. Wa and ID do extensive cloud seeding. Been few years... Google it a sec. It's interesting....and goofy. ID just said they are going to ramp it up. Iirc they even have permanent "cannons" on some mt tops to disperse the ..alum oxide (?).
  6. There are a few of them AC loaders here. One is nicely restored by the local [and quite old] former AC dealer. I'll get a pic next time at his auction yard (about all they do nowdays)
  7. Zach..... I, for example, have a 2015 195 Puma. It has the whole AFS equipment but was not specd with a antenna. The valve and monitor are GPS 'ready is how they phrase it. Would a simple antenna like this one Ace has shown suffice? We have 1 Magnum with afs and it's nicer to have than you think. But in spring with manure hose dragging and such it would be handy to have 2 tractors with it. Thank you
  8. The mx170 had 16000 on her. Just was becoming 1 thing after another. This popped up inland and tech it's a red Puma with blue dress. T7.210....2015. We've been happy with her. Loader as well, PS 26mph, (wish it was cvt) and been good replacement for the 170 which we sold. It's handy now we have 3 tractors with same filters etc and local former cih mechanic is lower cost than dealer and well trained for the 2000 to current cnh stuff.
  9. They use planes for that. At least in ID and WA. ID has some "cannons" too iirc
  10. 1st 2023 finally. COLD spring.
  11. Happened to do my random check in and see this.... Some of my, good imho, contacts are reporting that their alley vac unit started on fire near the back of the holding pen monday night. The unit quickly escalated and started burning the spray foam insulation which the ceiling is 100% coated in. Then there appears to of been a 'DEAD AIR' spot in that area of the barn the vent fans could not move and a build up of methane gasses (like in any closed in dairy barn) exploded sending a fire ball of **** down the barn lighting the ceiling on fire for 100s of feet instantly. No digester near the barn from my contacts. Being it is a Cross vent barn it has 100s of huge fans sucking air across it for ventilation and cooling. So add a petroleum based material and a nice 10mph breeze and you can see how the fire was nearly instant. The videos are sickening, they died of inhalation most likely. I would recommend NOT watching them. This barn is 18000 freestalls under one massive roof (pretty common in TX now) and apx 1 year old....100% loss. Also you may get coverage for a fire claim but you cannot afford cow coverage on it's own. Its more per head than the animal when we looked. So lets pray for this family and that they got a good insurance company. These barns cost about $12-15000/head so were looking at $250-270m facility from my guess. In texas I would reason a producing Jersey is about $1700-2000/head so....even more sickening. Southfork dairy in Dimmit TX, you can easy find it on Google earth/map
  12. NO... we cannot get Alo to give us info. We most likely will have to buy the 400+++++ stick and start cutting wires...? Adding the proper CIH stuff is 10k here. The stick and harness is 400-700 reman vs new. My tech is passively looking at making the joystick run the remotes and just hooking loader to them. Its a 2010 Mag so that was not a factory thing iirc. We love Alo loaders but their support is a joke. Parts fine just the help. We also see part # for the little stick etc are NLA.
  13. FWIW, just happened to check in here....wasn't going to post but in a weird set of circumstances this topic was fresh on my mind. I just had a phone call Friday from a 70 something yo dairyman I serve on a board with. Kind of random honestly. He spent 10 minutes how I need to stop, listen to the wife, take them to where THEY want on some trips. Since tomorrow you will be old and tired and wont be able too and you will regret every trip you didn't do for selfish reasons or pride. His wife would take kids on trip and he stayed and worked, and he deeply regrets it now. You don't wanna drive...fly, take train, make some other stops to break it up. Don't like city, you then plan things away from it. Many great ideas that don't involve people/crowds here even I am writing down for my next FAMILY trip. Its not a ME trip, it's a family trip. A farm show with friends is a Me trip. Do something they are interested in or before you know it the kids will be gone and she will be bitter for decades. ("it's fine" when you say NO isn't 'Fine' at all) Not being a jerk, but I see my 75 year old dad and he always wanted to travel but mom "was busy, next year" (BS...she just thinks at any moment they will be destitute while they sit on significant amount of money) and now he simply cannot. Just be too much honestly to drive much or fly anywhere imho. He is healthy but if he comes at 9 to the farm and goes home at 3 he is whipped, even though he really didn't do anything physical. He is a bit peeved at her to this day and you can tell. She is quiet about it, but you know she now sees it's too late.
  14. Just saying hi See the poof this not that game is still going on.
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