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  1. Fun little bugger Took him and charlie (4 yo lab/shorthair) to coffee stand 2x in pickup....coffee girls LOVE puppies. If I knew that when I was single! Both boys get treats. 3rd time took both to the dump in the old KW 900 dumptruck. Got to scale to pay and the little stinker was hanging out window looking for a treat from the scale gal. Then the big one is in my lap drooling on the puppy wanting his! Girls were laughing it up
  2. Bulbs prob bad or the printed circuit board. I cant remember if they are easily replaced or need to disassemble the cluster though... crs disease
  3. Actually no. Its the 6.7 like my Puma 185 and Magnum 210. https://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/008/7/2/8721-caseih-optum-300.html Mini Magnum like my 210 are bigger frame than a puma. But same hp range. Has its place and a 250 Mag and up is friking huge. Optum and NH T7 300 are more like a Fendt imho. Big power in smaller box. Road work, mowing type things they push towards. I beeellliiieevvveee they have the axles of the magnum since thay do weigh alot more than a Puma class and have a 6" longer wb
  4. Yeah.... i can promise 99% of fairgrounds and chambers would not do one thing you listed. They are all volunteers/ part time. Cousin runs local large fairground here. If not during our 10 day Fair its a 5 person crew with 1 CEO. They will opme the gate and show you whats whats but food, tix, etc LOL good one
  5. If applied from outside then vac would pull goop into seam.
  6. Sick of frikin jerks cutting the corner of our field at the curve by our place. Normally 4 wheelers but last weekend some one zig zgged onnand off the road into the grass for 1/4 mile then cut the corner and tore up the grass. The white tape today. Gets hit its barb wire for 100yd each way. I kinda want to find a truck and some punk with wire and fence wrapped around his rig. ....and help him. With the loader and forks....to tip it on its roof to get wire untangled. Thanksgiving at thw out-Laws.... unbelievable nice Nov here
  7. 2018! Wow already been that long?! How is your leg since the incident? Fully healed?
  8. Ugh.....the old US Farms was just rusting out so bad we were assuming it would break in half on a Sunday night...
  9. Thats what we have. Parallel parlor. If you had s dbl 60 you would need 7 guys in pit and guy pushing cows. He will now have 4 guys doing 120 stalls. And the rotary is always full. His dbl 50 [like mine] always had prob 50 units not milking when you figure cows not attached yet and cows done on other side. This has maybe 15 or 20 off. Also the big parlors take cows 2 minutes to get to 1st stall. Rotary...cows actually are pushing to get on. And in 12 seconds are wiped and 30 later attached. I belive the honcho said they were doing 700/hr. 7.4 minutes per revolution and 3.7 sec between cows. A dbl 50 60 would be 500/hr tops with 3 more people at least. And rotary elim the timing.... cows are moving and guys have to be steady and follow same procedures to kwep up. In parallel you get dinks doing 3 different things and not following protocol etc When they get this big they feel like wasted space but it is what it is. My 12' wide pit is a "waste" but it sure is nice to work in compared to the 6' pit in old barns. The price per stall is what frightened me!
  10. Romeo is going to be spoiled rotten Im afraid
  11. 12.2... Fwiw.... the cvt EPL (has to have for cvt) tractors are VERY Volt sensitive. The low amp/volt can screw up the EPL and actually cause issues. Brake booster low is of you press petals down simultaneously before starting. Soon as it starts psi builds and your good. Do the procedure noted above for the epl just b/c you should every few weeks if using it daily. Id pull battery and have it properly load tested to be safe. At least clean and snug up the cables.⁹ Mechanic tip we were told.... hold key into START position and hard hit "clutch" to the floor. So, lever in Park? Pto off? Butt in seat? Cycle clutch petal and listen for the click of the switch. Follow that washer wire and just see if it got tugged and messed up something else too. ? Ugh...the new ones are frustrating often imho. You may need a guy to scan it.
  12. This has tx plates. Anyways i sat in a driveup other day behind a gdi Tucson Hyundai. Googled it since didnt know what gdi was. They seem pretty well reviewed and get good mpg
  13. ... buddy owns a chev dealer. Best 4 years of his 20 years career selling gm trucks. He cant even get Tahie and Suburban last 2 years demand is so high. Its nuts
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