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  1. TroyDairy

    04 Pete 379X

    Here Mark..... neat story imo. They have test track/shop hour from us. Tour is 1x a year. Super neat https://www.paccar.com/about-us/history/
  2. Fwiw.... it is not running the crap out of a tractor feeding. They last 10 to 50k hours. Cant be that hard one it if it last that long. Long steady pto work. Like a highway patrol car. Nearly "free" hours or miles humming
  3. 👍 What is a finishing angus get per day? My holsteins eat 100 to 110# +/- wet tmr per head per day. The High grouo is 165 hd and gets 20000#. 36000 calories a day
  4. TroyDairy

    Alexa, It's me!

    LOL! Nice.... Wow that took like couple days for the #1 troll to appear. Such a help to the IH community he is from under the bridge. BACK on task....I must of accidentally pressed on the sq button on my Android phone last night during bed time for the kids. Out of no where I say "ok girls lets get teeth brushed etc" and Google pipes up "bedtime can be a challenge for some. Here are some natural remedies. ....." and on about what may cause restlessness and what can be done. For crap sake i swear I have turned all the listening apps off. Funny is I just shared the joke with my wife about Alexa laughing at the guys concern she/it was listening to the house conversations.!!
  5. I frankly think alot of that is "what we do". Look at the size of the boxes. But you prob have some big Lots round there so they cant be petite. I see tons of single axle trucks in the heartland with 400cuft rotomixers. Makes no sense to me if you are not going down the road. Fwiw a feeder has made 20plus a hour here for 15 years. Running the most expensive equip with the biggest cost of production. Its just capacity. Wheeled mixers even have brakes now on big ones. An tractors go 30 pretty common now. And you can swap units pretty easy if a breakdown. Which is huge when you have 4000 mouths mooing! Exactly and most places dont give wt tickets to tractors. Imagine a truck with a twin screw vert loaded with 35000# (or 40k of tmg) of feed. That 3/4 axle truck would wt at least 75000. Here...youd have a problem. Most out west Tim use a front pump off the crank. Just simply for constant power. My old little one for the dry cows was a pto with pulley/belt drive. Then we got dry cows 1/2 mile away instead of 4 and scrapped the mixer and made a flatbed truck. Friends just put togther a horizontal kirby truck...prob only guys with a horizontal now. The gear boxes to get up to mixer from trans were $1000s Loewen from BC just across the line built one for Dieperslues (sp) in Tulare like 10 years ago. 1400 cuft horizontal on a lowboy type trailer with 250hp JD on front. He then used old auction trucks to drag it around. Made some sense. Wire to hydro/elc valves to run. The salesman said the delivery truck to CA had to get over wt permits to get there. WA and OR allow 105500 normally...and it was over that. Now i think.....I swear it was on a auction bill few years ago. Friends dad is manager on that dairy. I should see how it worked. They didnt get another so..... Be so long...but idea is logical
  6. Main thing is capacity. In California and ID lots of trucks. But changing. You have 3 400 cow pens that is 30 to 40k of TMR. So 1600 to 2000cuft mixer. Truck would break in half. Also friends say its easier to teach tractor than truck. Also big teuck mixers are super tall for road trips now. A 1400 on a truck would be 14+ tall. Then you need a hi lift loader too. Getting more common is big feed boxes behind 150hp tractors or trucks and stationary elec drive mixers. Few around and guys are happy. We just had this talk... A new truck an mixer box would be at least $300000. Crap a rebuilt 1100 Laird box on a 8000hr Volvo was listed at $245000 in ID. The wagon ee got was $75000 and we have a tractor. When tractor dies we will get another sq magnum with 7 to 10k hours on for $40k and get 10k more. If tractor breaks swap it in 20 and go. Truck breaks you are SOL. But again its capacity alot of the time. Also...frankly Hispanics and trucks just dont mix. Look at ones coming over border! A used feed truck in farmfresh condition is nearly worthless. Many ways to skin the cat
  7. I was 16 even when I left. So it wt 15k even. A load of heifers is 28 to 29000 so not way dif but def different. On the plus it doesnt move around when your driving! I will say I would not repeat the trip. We assumed the truck was 13? or so. Small engine no bed etc....but the dbl frame thing threw me off. I think id wear this....
  8. 150hr is kinda over doing. BuT!! Nothing wrong with it either. I believe Bitty is saying "crap, i flaked and no duh it isnt running good". We would run that many hrs I think. Never have...maybe 1200 on something i flat flaked on. Loader was 1200 other day I noticed when doing oil. Whoops...them queer sq JD ones...I dont keep one on shelf so out of sight out of mind. Never have ever had a fuel issue to the best of my knowledge. But ....our dealer for 30 years had always put a 3/8" inline before the factory ones. And I have filter on pumps. That being said I change fuels at apx500 hrs or 2 oil changes. A/F at 750 to 1000 depending on unit and use. Them dang things are getting stupid costly aint they!?
  9. PT..my 7140 has 19000 something, we got with 10k in January '12 iirc. About 2100hd per year I suppose, 5_6hr per day 365 days. Plus some odd job and tillage work in spring. The 8930 only has 11000. The 186 has 17700 2 owner hrs. Most on mixer...100% OEM engine (on 15w/40 😎 ) 1 hydro rebuild but it needs a 2nd now to be really useful. A fellow on a IH page on FB posted a 7130 on his dairy in California with a 1 owner promised 90k hours on it. Yes 90k.... said 3 trans, 2 engines,(iirc) and forgot how many tires. The post was he got new "street tires" for it since it was a mixer tractor its entire life and now was back up mixer and feed mover tractor now. Looked pretty good considering the hrs. Said sure it has parts wear but the labor just could not destroy it. And everything could be repaired in the farm shop pretty much. Andddd 0 computer/ emission issues ever. Just always showed up for work so couldnt bear to put her down.
  10. 6 is pretty normal here and south a country they mowed on 11/4 for their 7th. Mainly fescues here with some orchard around. Love orchard but the stands just dont last. Then as they thin weeds take over. The newest fescues are getting alot better feedwise.
  11. Seen that on a web page. How cold all of US is. CA and us only warmer than normal areas. I love cool dry weather but....we neeeed rain. Rain=snow pack...snow pack=irrigation for direct pumpers from rivers. This year was nip n tuck...kinda weird. I went Hiway 20 this week to get a truck. Same amt of snow as early July.....usually the road is closed b/c they cant keep up plowing by Nov and shut it till May. Just some black ice now. 5700' so...kinda bad. But 57 here today...man feels good in a sweatshirt working outside
  12. Best answer. Had rain coming during planting....work till 12ish. Forecast looked nice quit at 8 and start after chores in the morning....9 930. Smiled otherday, in bible study our friend (city gal) asked how many hrs you work? I said "I get up at 4:30 and come in 5:30 to 6pm. Unless were busy then whenever done done. If I get heifers I try going at 3:30 so be back in time for supper. But I try to get in for breakfast and a 15 minute nap like 7ish though. Only 15 though since 30 makes you more tired". Should of seen her eyes...her husband is a dentist. 730 to 330...0 weekends or etc. Last winter the never off for Christmas was a eye opener for her. Nice gal...just town kid. Dad was a acct iirc
  13. That is exactly what the State Patrol officer said when he pulled me over 7 miles from home. 😊 He said looked sorta out of whack. Took papers, seen i was legal for 30k, I had all papers. Then he quick pulled next to me and tossed papers and said be safe then tore out with lights on. I was nervous. Figured PTO out, weird 2 switch thing. We will rewire so it's simpler. Gave it a diesel and hytran rub down. Looks real nice. Where can you find parts? I need some little odds like door pull and inner door handle. Heater control knob/valve and a new Brake valve, [the yellow leaks like crazy]. Floor mat etc. Google is not really much help. I prob just call a yard right over the border Monday to get a few of the "if it's nice it gets treated nicer" things. I noticed the IH/custom forage guy up the street has 2 FL80s so i'll swing in there.
  14. TroyDairy

    triple cutter

    An hear it all claas. Never seen pottinger set up. Hear guys in Canada say they are too light? Claas dealer has many brands sitting there from trades for Claas. I have read Krone new 3 set is heavier and better than previous but for 120k......
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