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  1. TroyDairy

    Featured tractor on Classic Tractor Fever

    But how many gold 1026 were there...HIGH CLEAR optioned?
  2. TroyDairy

    fencing pictures

    No "surprise" carved pumpkins this year? I hope...
  3. TroyDairy

    dairy prices

    I dont youd think wont be keen on loaning for new barns. I called butcher wed, he picked cow up friday...hamburger ready tomorrow. We sell for $3 a #, little more than store. Only close friends and fam. Non usda shop. Yes the regs are nuts nuts. Also the ones here aint getting younger. Big issue it its too hard of work for someone under 35. Other options for career. Cant take the forecast futures prices for 1st qrt.
  4. TroyDairy

    dairy prices

    This morning the cme futures again show that the trade and usda think there is gonna be MORE milk in 2019. Again 1 to 2cwt below cost locally. Guy has 200 heifers from milk to springer. $500 was last offer and no takers. 2 weeks broker been trying to sell em. We are looking at other options currently...
  5. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Been awhile, nothing exciting going on I suppose. Wife noticed that butter at costco was $2+ a pound last fall. Now...$3.25 per. Frikin sickening. They pay less than sell for higher. I know, thats biz. Just frustrating when producers always get short end of deal. She said normal safeway store places are $4 something a #. And milk prices continue to flounder. Took kids to get heifers friday. Stayed at cousins who has sim age girl. Nice part day away. She found Loretta the one she won fit and show with this summer. We seen other kids calfs too but they were not a reminiscence of kids! View west from calf ladies. That the mainland across the channel there. Buuut takes 45 min N to get to it then another 30 to get to that point! Guy we rented land from is developing it. Said we could have the shop. So.... Hailed solids here....below/s of us we lease 80ac. This is right down middle it actually is a county road bed. Was given up in late 30s when they hit the peat ground. Owner finally in the 90s filled in approach from state highway to keep hunters off his land. Trees are just on edge. 30mph field road!
  6. TroyDairy

    Old Willie still after it

    Hey, not sure why you are always so abrasive to everyone. I am reffering to a presentation presented to me by Country insurance co 2 weeks ago. But you obviously dont read or want to see the facts. It clearly states a 3% increase in fatalities and 14% higher crash incident. So yes it is worse. I don't see you argument that 3% more people dying is ok....? I didnt not write down the data presented to us the other day unfortunately. You dont get it. I am for it too in some ways b/c it will keep folks like you from succeeding in society leaving more opportunity for my kids generation to get jobs. We spend way to much on a lossing battle for drugs. If folks cant find a better way to feel at peace than a substance the use will never quit. Watch Drugs inc some time, it so sad how these people live. As for the tax argument, i have not seen any data saying WA is flush with income. The price per gram is down to 5 6 bucks. I guess it used to be 10 13..? The growers are whining they need govt programs to keep them afloat. Crime pertaining to legal pot still exist here. The grow ops here look like medium security prisons. Razer wire and tall fences. Stoners can't get jobs so they attemp theft of it instead....or personal property to buy it. It is a crazy complex issue for sure with no 1 sentence answers. Protect people who are victims of the peripheral drug use culture. Or their own choices. Or let it be lasie fair and free for all and hope no one gets hurt/addicted. Should ask contacts i know in holland how it is. Very legal drug culture there. Wonder what they see? Like i said never has a man in recovery told me legalizing is a good idea. But you wont listen to them. Where you at in indy? We should grab lunch i am tentatively(30yes/70no today ) going to DeMott area this winter for dairy thing. Be neat to meet local rpf members. Basically as long as people fill the emptiness inside with stuff not Christ we will see this sadness I think. Now where is the horse meat tenderizer?
  7. TroyDairy

    Old Willie still after it

    Interesting...via a church based org I am familiar with that works with recovering addicts. 100% have said pot was the starting point. No big deal, just pot. Then the slow chase to a stronger high came. Then 1 thing advanced to another. Had employee with addiction issues and I asked him. Same story, pot at a party. Then coke next season then heroin etc. Never seen a guy go from Pepsi to crack. Its step by step Satan gets these people tied up in this horrible life. I am sure you know people who use it I prob do and dont realize it maybe. But....ask them to stop. Or get a job. Here its legal and a honest 40% of job applicant at my friends tech co division(Amazon) and trucking shops/biz all walk out the door after being told they drug test. The science is there showing the affects last days not hours. They dont want the liability or fumbling. If it wasnt why wont anyone hire pot smokers? Cant wait for legalization....sick kinda. In every state, here too, traffic fatalities have gains 20-30% since legalized pot was in place. State Patrol friend says you wont believe how many drivers are high now. Great for who? Not my kids on the road. Our car insurance rate have went up 5-10% because of this. The insurance industry assumes more since the trend line is to keep ticking up for serious accidents. Its a slick slope. I get it. Do what you want its a free country but if it hurts innocent then? Why is alcohol ok and pot not? Science says pot affects for days and booze for hours I understand. If folks who smoked would sit at home and not collect welfare since they cant be employed then nice. But if we have no prob as a culture killing millions of children then how do we say we care about the addict?
  8. TroyDairy

    585 clutch noise/rattle

    Glen you know what the height should be?
  9. TroyDairy

    585 clutch noise/rattle

    1986 585 cih 2wd shuttle, 40hr on clutch maybe. New pilot, disc, pres plate, throw out, turned flywheel. All parts from ASAP, 12" hd kit. Has chatter on engagement it didnt have last week. Like a finger loose or ? Should be smoother imo. Mech at dealer asked if id replaced the vertical clutch spring. Said hes seen them being soft the petal rattles. And he mentioned aftermarket clutchs have never worked out good for them. Will pop cover off bottom tomorrow i hope. Any ideas Vid wont work, petal bounce and in N rattle in clutch area.
  10. TroyDairy

    Little Red Fun At 2018 Valley Nationals

    Be neat to resto the white one. Not fancy but clean new fresh work attire i guess. Pay respect to its roots.... I never noticed you didnt have P/S on the red lady. I bet its a hard pull
  11. TroyDairy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I hear you. I look at IH group 2x a week prob an thats it. I wish i was more sheltered! A cabin in the woods looks better every year
  12. TroyDairy

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Better get new reading glass jerry 😀 Gary noted that! Lee Klancher took this for some book/something. Was on his FB page. What a cool deal for chp 17!
  13. TroyDairy

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    Its just loaded from stack in field to truck with a boom. Harrobed from field to stack/corner, boom to trucks, gas/or elc hay elevators into barns at dairy. Them 3 tie aint for sissies for sure!
  14. TroyDairy

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Fwiw..... I would take a mechanic from the dealer a 12 pack and visit with him when he pulls into his yard at home. Its a MX built one isnt it? Funny is my uncle has a farmall 70c (or A) and its a pile. Low use hobby guy and always something. From siezed clutch to electric issues. They do feel like nice rigs when ive looked. But our dealer mechs all say to run away from them.
  15. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Done with everything! Pumping manure now.. Fogot if i posted these. Promised kids wed camp if we were done with silage before their 2 days off school for teacher stuff. Went inland 4hr with friends. Very nice time, 60 and cool. Some neat stuff around that area.