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  1. The front shield on driveline was actually optional in the 71xx but I assumed by 89xx they were standard but maybe not? Id recommend finding one. Check cih even. Sending unit on tank...clean everything wiring and see. 2 one below and one on back below window under plastic strip. Pop the "heater hose" looking hose off when your there and blow it with a air gun quick. Vent, they plug and make hard to fill fuel. Yes sender on turbo manifold probbbbaaably bad or loose. Pics?
  2. That was my thought too! Easy and not crazy $ fix
  3. We just started watching too! HILARIOUS. For city folks it should be required watching. Yes he cusses when the tractor dont start or the sheep escape.....like most of us. Not proud of it, but it is what it is. Imagine a camera on you all day? I love how no one in the Ag community seems at all impressed by his "celebrity". Just a guy who owns 1000ac from town to them. His worker yelling at him he's a idiot etc. Seeing the regulations is great and ridiculous. Great since it shows townies the hassle the Govt put on ag and scary since they have to report knife cuts etc to L&I in UK. Lorenzo thats great, I just read a book about Top Gear and the fella said Jeremy is thee exact same guy in a studio or in a pub or your living room. May and Hammond have their own quirk but the 3 work so well together. The Grand Tour is quite good too imho
  4. 1. 100% mint super low hr or restored 8940 2wd for feeding 2. Its twin mfd for tillage, spreading, etc maybe a EU model for the speed 3. Puma 240cvt with frt points and loader for mowing and stacking 4. Restored like BJ's 186 for raking and irrigation moving 5. 9220 (or is it 9120?) Row crop special Stieger with the frt steering.
  5. TroyDairy

    Update stinks

    I have the exact same issues. I also clicked on the 'Bezos' topic 4x and it will take me to the homepage each time. I have to often open a topic in a new tab in chrome. I have clearwed cookies etc and have seen no change and also same issues with my Android devices. Thanks
  6. Nice rig And it works perfect..for you. I would never envision a 12' bed being needed here. But i also aint ever remote like you are. Did i miss the pic of that fancy rig?
  7. Oh boy... My 2500hd diesel chev is a ccsb and it pulls a 28' goosenect 70% of it mile over the pass. Only grumble is i cannot turn real tight but never have been stuck either. A former truck had the hitch relocator b&w thing. Made biiig dif that 3". Should order one but meh. Sure cclb would ne sweet for trailer but...they are such a bear locally in town here. Very non ag community which isnthe county seat. You may park mile away to fit a cclb. Brother has a exlb and i kinda like that but they are unicorn out here. Ccsb is norm by far and away. My farm truck i just sold (maybe a mistake) was a 94 sclb. Really loved her. But i honestly cannot recall the last time i needed 8'. Stuff get delivered now days.i also have a 16' flatbed S1900 truck so if its long we use that. And with 3 little kids the 2dr was kinda pita sometime. So we got a great deal on a auction for a 06 1500 exsb with protech box. Why sold 94. I frankly use the back seat more than the 8' bed....alot more. I may sell the tool box since it makes it a 4' which is a bit frustrating. What ever works for you man. I just dont need the long bed. Heck 90% of my trips could bein a SmFartcar.
  8. What a cruddy end to a day. Dont worry about the wt cop. 99% us agree....its whatbit made for, who the heck takes them on and off? And it frikin 50 years old....i am 47 and things seem to be stress cracking and not working as smoothly. $300 400 isnt bad really for another probable 20 years of use. A very competent welder i would trust to repair if you wanted to...maybe a reinforcement strap would be safer if you weld that pivot area. I am always amazed when i find a Nutrea hole and the 2wd 120hp rake tractor go BANG and keeps rolling along at 5mph like nothing happend....but my coffee is in my chest hair😉
  9. Wow, this is a great talk. She hits on simple to understand/explain pesticide use/source. And the part half way about Lenin and Stalin.....can we see this happening here? The science things...wow. https://youtu.be/L1nwg1KcKd0
  10. @ZG6E Has a nice 90s chev with 6.0. I wish i had the time to set up a 98 z71 exsb with a 6.0 for a run apund truck. Be fun
  11. Seen title and i figured topic about Democrats
  12. Good point But a ancient told me "brute tq makes up for leverage " 😁 Some of the ls turbo 10.5 tire cars ive seen are running quite high gears. 3.08, 3.23 and even seen a guy claiming 2.73 welded up dif. All crazy fast. Big turbo and little tire. Want less giddie up and more go fast. The higher gear let them leave gentler but at the 60 ft the turbo and fuel came in and boom they went. Diff mindset to achieve same goal. A empty wallet
  13. Fwiw I know they make manifolds. Virtec heads are good. And by the time you make them a little better with screw in studs etc you can just buy a brand new pair of GM performance or AFR etc etc for less than 200 more. Now if they are free and just need machining... I cant at test to the needing screw in with a sub .500 cam though. Or under 7000rpm. Maybe just slap them on with that performer rpm package and it will never fail. Simple smart. More pics please. Looks like fun dad son project
  14. Thats pretty neat. I look at my flower bed H and think "if it was mint what could she do here?" Still have not came up with answer besides parades. Which are 3 in county so.. A MD on the booster pump when we water some land with 10hp pumps would be good use though
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