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  1. We looked into visiting friends in ND. Site is huge PITA. you basically have to book what you want and then be told no. Start over and try again. After hours I had it. Retried week later. Go it. Then the Red River flooded and they cancelled my ride the night before we we going to leave. Crazy part is you can sign up 5x and get 5 prices. Looked a few months ago for same trip....wont let me book a family of 5 (needs to be even or 3 adults. Ok the 12yo can be a adult. Nope 5 in party is too many. Ridiculous. So i book 4 for fun....3000 bucks!!!!! Ah they really need to run healthcare too. I Never did anything...we drove the 1st time anyways.
  2. I've never seen a Cardinal ever in my life for real. But I lose count of Bald eagles I see in the 5 to 7 miles to town. Alot of Cooper Hawks too. They really "resurged" I guess. But dad says they never were common. Few pairs were planted for managing starlings in berries. Seem to work...alot now zipping around. They are neat to watch behind the mower. And when the eagles go after them and their lunch!
  3. TroyDairy

    The Dog Thread

    he figured out that the guys clothes are nice and warm in the morning cuz they because they take them out of the dryer from the shift before
  4. Frik...25 to 45 mph winds since Sunday night. Rained all morning then like a switch wind changed direction at 4pm and went from 43 to 23 in 2 hours. Here the world shuts down with sub freezing and 3" snow. Has been 10 to 16* all week. Wind was just brutal last night. Got snow in everything in barn. Had to get another porta Mr Heater for guys. The claws in the parlor icing up between groups even. With a big tube heater on full. We didnt shut up the vent on old barn with tin like normal. We figured focus on getting roof on dry cow barn project. Should of did in dark last thur night. Kept rain off drys but that ice wind is hitting barn here worse than we figured. Haven't scraped since monday. Scrappers froze up. Most alleys are like icy compost. 2 cow side feed alleys in big barn sloppy enough by 10ish so we scrap with tractor but the back alleys are bad. End 40' is froze 6" deep then slop then other ends 40' froze This morn the tunnel was freezing over (slots too skinny) so scraped it into drive (cement) then scoop up after it froze up at 4pm. Supposed to warm up tomorrow to 34 and Friday near 40. Pray it does. What a mess. Worse we can recall for decades. 1.sunday 730pm 2. Loading the bucket with the skid steer of the slop from the barn 3. Luis just scraping the slop to the yard so I can let it cool off 4. This was last week Tuesday spreading some solids out 5. He's figured out the guy's clothes come out of the dryer in the morning and they're warm 🙂
  5. Yeah...i would never pull it on its own. Tried one time packing in seed after blew on. Cultipacker lost bearing....did terrible job. We had harrows in back of our disk too. Best scrap we ever sent. All the did was pull up tuffs and rocks imo. And heavy..got stuck more in danp spots. Baskets are a finish..last pass thing. At least thats how everyone uses them here. Never replaced a bearing yet. The harrow is a "board" with 3/4" fingers like 6" apart 6" long. Spring loaded. If sooooft and dry they kinda bulldoze but 90% of time really elim tire tracks etc. We pick ours up just a tick when turning except on final rounds. Cant hurt we figure. Alot of spud guys will do 4 to 6 passes then pull a big high clear chisel plow and a basket behind that. Man that looks nice. Then they rottatill 2x and plant. They love dirt work 🙂
  6. Have a Unverferth...22'. Always pull behind my old 475 disc. Love it. Has a harrow on front and 2 baskets with "flat stock" for cage. 5 to 7 years old and very little wear. 3 to 400 acres of silage corn ground a year. Goofy thing is how it pulls. Youd think wouldnt know it there but you set it down and tractor drops a few rpm. Planter co loves the seed bed. Esp on clay soils with clods. Rock just get into baskets and we leave em. Its near impossible to get some out at end of season. Glad we have one.
  7. Yeah but remember... 1800rpm.....thats like 45 on the highway in a old polara
  8. TroyDairy

    hydro car

    On a tangent Great old dairyman/equip dealer had a guy in Canada do his idea few years ago. He sold them a few vermeer tedders and one day as they visited they were opining about a new feed truck. They were going to make their own and were split between hydo drive for mixer or gear driven. He goes and suggest both. Wth?...they look at him. He gives them the idea of hooking the trans of truck to the mixer. Now you have 13sp to mix dif loads at based on size/ingredients. Then off the pto run big pump to huge motor bolted to last drive line. Then you have infinite speeds for unloading. They didnt go down the road so 30 35 mph(iirc) speed was fine. Came back 3 4 months later and there it was....the built it and loved it. Big Loewan on a T800 with hydro drive and multi speed gear box for mixer. Fwiw....AT is awesome. Like my IH buddy around the corner says..."my a/t truck picks gears better than I ever did frankly" Local ready mix plant got 3 new Ally trucks. Driver says he loves it. Same mpg and just nice to operate. Custom chopper guy next rd over has 3 fl80 at trucks and a few 450hp 18sp class 8. Says the little fl80s always get to the field 1st. Just push petal.
  9. Really? I thought just pennies. I know the Rec centERs take change. Only 6 miles and 10 15min to get there. Girls save a jar till we have 12 cdn then we had clerk the zip lock🤣 Cheap family fun! Waves and all
  10. Watch RB auctions. In the prairies they have tons of sales. Prices seem really reasonable imo. Set up a acct on Richiebros and see results...
  11. Farm equipment my friend. Show receipt and drive through. Do similar few times a year with stuff. Heck I've towed 15' mower though truck crossing and just drove my 2013 chev over with a piece of paper saying epa approved
  12. Here....2 miles from Canada every bank takes funny money.😁 .73 buy .76 sell Thanks for debit card since easier. But then they screw you for a 'international fee". We generally just swing into a atm in BC if need $. Just start mixing it in your change...99% of clerks won't notice 🤣
  13. Separate to the best of my knowledge Local CIH shop sold Kobelco (allloot) machines for years then the contract shake up happened. In the intern they took in Doosan (yes they own Bobcat for 5 7 years as well) machines. Sold several loaders. They have NO less electronics than a pussy kat or a JD. We almost bought a used one last summer. 10k hrs and was really well cared for. Looked and worked flawless. But no $ at time. Dairy up road had one...has had some emission issues...just like other guys Cat locally. The dealer sold a few excavators too...guys in the woods really liked em. Dealer in Portland i guess has sold alot of units in several years they been selling. Local dealer got Kobelco deal straightened out and went back. Left Doosan...salesman was perturbed since Kobelco is just excavators. Yeah resale....the hi lift 200 we looked at was 50k with every bell and whistle and 10k hrs. A JD 544k similar with same hrs is like 70k. I dont know new price...but a brand new 544L JD list for 180k.... For the hrs you use I think youd be well. Mike has good real world info...pm him for # and get details! I will say I did not know they sold backhoes. Yes they are S Korean...they have improved greatly. Cars like Hyundai are quite impressive today. Fwiw...Komatsu has easily out sold Cat and jD last 5 years in the Puget Sound. They are everywhere...drain tile guy has a backhoe and really likes it
  14. Never thought of that.... A average drone can return home with a button press/ screen tap. Autonomous...0 man intervention. Heck for 500 600 they can fly pre program route. Local refinery services now have a drone division. They pre program flights (monitored) over gas and power right of ways. Faster and cheaper than a guy in a chopper or pickup. Also looking at higher systems on refineries big thing. Amazing how 15 years ago was a silly toy. Now they can be serious biz
  15. I heartsee this all the time in dairy. Older fella with 0 heirs interested complains no one wants to dairy. Younger guy approaches an they brush then off as the complain no one wants to farm. The worse is some have nice efficient set ups that with just some fresh breath the young guy could make work. And so there these nice places with decent ground and facilities sit to rot. All while the owner grumbles But its his i suppose
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