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  1. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    May sell outs in New England? What are mailbox prices there?
  2. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Yep Skagit speedway! Got 3rd/2nd in. Mower gear box mnt broke. Tilted a bit and chewed up belt. To Canadian dealer i went. 1.3 hrs to drive and repair. Son met me half way to help me out. Called at 5:15p. Didn't bat a eye at getting me new belt after hrs. Cool Qtach cyl on loader lost seals. Hydro shop had to make up parts since kits NLA. Pumping now. Brother 2 kids tanking and hauling solids too. Busy busy. Was 92 monday and now (friday) 70. Man, prices keep sinking. There is 0 light at the end of the tunnel now. Trade drama wt heavy on markets now. Not sure if us or anyone can make to many more months like this.
  3. TroyDairy

    So Typical these days

    Where's the goats..... Its been assumed all these young men refugees aint that but soldier for islam
  4. TroyDairy

    indiana milk proce ?

    We pay .48c. Whole 8 miles to plant. Plus stop charge, fuel charge blah blah We all can do it ourselves cheaper but coop wont allow.
  5. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Well 5 days. Got a old ih man to get dads 464 going. Way better now! Took him for his bday (sat) to dirt track s aways. Truck night! All 8 or 6v_92 smoke makers! One was a 46 IH body. Was cool. Been irritating for weeks already. Ugh...
  6. TroyDairy

    Members who have passed on

    ihdanialboone this year... Ghenges...we got confirm on that ?
  7. TroyDairy


    I assume the audience had boots on for the aftermath of your "knowledge"! LOL Looks a smaller than other RPRU BUTTTT cool as heck. I like IH but I really dont need to see another H, M, Cub etc. Seeing them special crop adapts is really neat. Bill K, do people leave saturday morning? That would kinda be lame for folks who are working 40h a week to miss out on displays. Here they cannot leave show till like 3 or 4 iirc. Never get that, show up to event 2 days early then complain about not being able to leave 6 hours early b/c you have "things to do". Unfortunately I can't see ever going and taking the time to fly halfway across the country to a red Power Roundup for 2.2 days of a show and people can't stay till Saturday afternoon at least to show off their stuff.
  8. TroyDairy

    7 passenger suv recommendation she should like this surley...
  9. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Well leak seems to be good. 52 psi and pump off.....praying we got all. Cps what? Sisters were leading 4h calves and she wanted in... No school now! Guy from church wants manure so i brought 10 loads of solids over. Its green but he has a Cub and neat 4000 ford orchard too. Neat to see the old 8x0 out working imo. Great tool, saved our tails in plumbing repair. Wifes softball league started. Dbl hdr...845 pm looking east about 7m east of farm. (Not in order fyi)
  10. TroyDairy

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    Its the pimped version of ANY GMC model. They do look sharp imo. But denali full size suvs are 6.0l and awd. Friends with one experience 2mpg+ less mpg than our 2002 5.3 suburban. Escalade is the caddy version of Suburban/Tahoe/Avalanche
  11. TroyDairy

    Red Power Round Up 2018

    Mike I did not know you dairied. We had out break this winter from cows we bought. Disaster.... Here we test and cull and do lots of pre dipping etc to elim transfer. Tank gets weekly checks now not monthly. All new hfrs get checked too. I for the life of me cant figure out why you Govt thinks culling all these cows will do anything. Guy we bought cows from had decades of clean samples. Stress of moving etc brought it out. Prayers from NW WA
  12. TroyDairy

    Well the Mrs. Is due any day..

    Well she is marr......forget it.. If you had a suburban she could comfy lie in back on way to town.😁😉 Hows MIL patrol? My cousin and his wife took his jeep out and jumped every RRxing they could find. Freshened next morning!
  13. TroyDairy

    7140 no go 1-6 w/ load.

    Sd Random thought. My MX170 has creep, but as you know it is a manual lever in cab to engage 1 and 2 range into creep. Full throttle 1/1 .1mph. Ordered for spud guys. Anyway, we have bonked creep lever and thought we lost trans. Was just out if standard and not quite in creep. Felt real smart when tech came out with guages and manual and cheap call! So on a Magnum is there any possibility that system is "stuck" between creep and lo range thats why he has others? My uncle had creep equiped 7120 i assume will be ours some day so curious. Rfh, i will also say i kinda think youve lost the clutch pack on lo. From a previous experience on my 8930.
  14. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Took 3 holes to get 2 bad barb to hdpe fittings. Ugh The compression fittings seem to work good and frankly I cant see another option for the application. Cover holes with plywood and cow mats. Wait few days to backfill. Drain rock and sand this time so easy to dig if need again. Bummed a 90* pipe wrench to get barb off....great tool! Acquaintance ol 1066. Half mile off Sound.
  15. TroyDairy

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    Nice about them is the 3rd row is terrible cramped and they get worse mpg than a 2500 suburban with a 6.0. 1500 Sub/YukonXL my friend. Then the MIL will fit in the very case thats needed....