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  1. I know....the worse is they have 3 tablets an a rv but no groceries....w t h?
  2. Here too. Spent 10 days making sure free lunches got out. Another few to figure out how to educate kids. Public school is about 3 weeks behind my teacher sister says. Shameful...0 planning. I will toss a wrench. So...schools are frantic getting govt funded bfast and lunches out (here in summer also)... so the parents who dont feed their kids get off Scott free? Honestly...whos responsibilities are these children? I get some cant afford much but the mom picking up her kids lunch backpack in the Denali...or crew cab lifted with rims...wth. Why isnit okay to have kids you flat cannot support? Here we go.....
  3. Watched webinar from RaboBank (biggest ag bank in world). Sad...the bump in retail sales is good. The destruction in food service is just as big though. Exports are way down. 1 day a week of the nations milk goes off shore. Est are 2 billion pounds over supply in 3 weeks. No one can even store that as cheese or powder. No room. FL is dumping since they mainly bottle...demands already dropping after the rush (lying limits per customer are not helping). California..N cali dfa farms been told they will leave 30% on farm for 2 weeks. CDI...dryer melt down....8 to 10 loads a day into lagoons. No where to take it. Coops are NOT making much ..LOL # look good on paper i did see. My coops stuggling. Poor management decisions...weak board leaders...market full. We are 3 states and 450 farms shipping 10s of millions a day. Concern for survival is real. Upping our withholdings and locked off any growth. Only 43% of milk in the US didthe 100 buck basic emergency margin coverage program. Even lessthe price insurance. $12 milk is unsustainable for any operation. It will come back...but ag after the coron panic will not be the same
  4. 40% of my milk is powder. In the West its the majority I will guess. The 40% is all shipped out of country
  5. Aw I didn't see that. What a neat guy with great stories. He'll be missed
  6. Lol.....friend went to walley world. Sat in car with kids and his wife ran in. Said 99% of glove wearers did same deal. One dude had gloves on...stops by his rig. Fiddled in shirt pocket, pulls out smokes, soft pack, fiddles with a cig then reaches in pocket for lighter and lights cig. All while wearing the same gloves! Then got in rig and as driving away tossed gloves on dash. He said he taught kids stupid that day
  7. Yes farms are in the Paycheck thing. Its any biz who continues operation/paying workers. Yes billions was in bill for CCC...FSA and USDA. 300B iirc. It is silly the $ being tossed. I get paid to kepp paying them (2.5 months) and they will get $1200 for doing nothing also. No, banks cannot operate on a .25% margin. They get for 0% they need 2% or so to operate. They need at least a slim profit or they will be gone. Then we have the 1930s. Whole thing is sick. H1N1 killed million and now in the US 6-7000 have died and we have destroyed our economy in weeks. Based on data that ofter dont seem to merit the drama.
  8. the worse is the people wearing gloves. Get out of car with them on. Pump gas, go into store, buy X, go out, open car door, shut car door, grab steering wheel, go where ever. Yeah the gloves aint as "sticky" as your skin but what ever you were so scared of on that pump is on your steering wheel the same. Disposable is on the box folks.
  9. I've shook. Then ive washed. It dont go through skin. I do notice hand washing a little longer and for things i normally didnt. Like grabbing a cookie from Hot Stuff in house etc. Also not touching face. When you think about it you realize how often you do that. Otherwise....got tillage equip greased up. Fixed auger...did normal life. Oh watched Bank thing on this....will be picking up some 7up for whiskey afyer chores.....bloodbath is nicest to expect
  10. Milk was being dumpped in ON not BC. Contact said BC gave guys 10% more qouta 2 weeks ago. Now pulled it back. Just watched RaboBank webinar on this. Think farmer suicide rates were high? (3x more likely that a returning soldier) wait 6 months. They est $13 for 9 months then masssssive inventory problem. Figures are showing a over supply of 2 Biliion #s. The fluid crazy will slow then people wont have jobs/$ for cheese etc. Oil price always mirrors milk they said. Only 45% of US farms signed up for the last emergency type program. Even less actualy bought insurance (like crop insurance). 1 auction (odd for here) next week already. 800hd...old $. Dad didnt have his estate together till deathbed. Made poor choices out of necessity not sense. Kid on farm is done. Sad sad sad deal. Him and his wife sweat milk and work. But other siblings are.....not sure but not positive either way. Sounds sad sad sad. Pray.
  11. The Milk Board in Canada is like mafia. It great. They get rewarded for their risk. And work. And to know a price years ahead of time basically! Wow....what a diff in their additudes.!! Yeah he is right it part of the formulas. ALSO is less than 1% iirc of production!
  12. TroyDairy

    Hi clear

    The IH and Watts ones, well and Kuhns work just fine. Clunk..folds back....it pushed back fwd in 8 to 10' as your sill going 5.5mph. Mine goes clunk...hit petal and throttle back. Back up 3'...bonk. throttle up and go. Few Watts hydro set locally. Dont recall any IH currently though. Inland seems tons of IH hydro sets. The Kalichie (sp) requires it. Every auction got a 4btm 145 hydro. Then in ID none have any resets. Lucky Tons of 145 to 165 4 to 6 btms around getting used every year. Whats interesting is dad said in the 60s he started seeing rollovers. An by 70 there weren't any one ways he knew but 1 or 2 custom big acre guys with Deere 8btms. I never in my life (besides horse plowing match) have stood and witnessed a 1 way plow. Just cant even think of 1 in our 2 counties here. All the newer ones are Kuhn or Lehmken now though. IH are super $$ I guess.
  13. Iirc .75% of sales set price. They are dumping in WI. No logic. The stores are criminal in my mind. Limit 3 here...why? Shelves are full and out coop is keeping it that way. I am guessing most of issue is since food service sales are crashed that all the other things are DOA now. Fuid plant is built for X and cant handle more but they have no home for butter and 25% home "sick"(its paid now) it cant tske the milk either. Friends in BC just said they are dumping till friday. Same BS ...stores limiting to 3 yet have plenty in back. They have a damn supply mngt system. They dont have too much or too little. They juuuusst gave then 2% more qouta 2 weeks ago. Cattle guys were calling me looking for cows. I am not sure if they are dumping milk b/c a supply issue or..."oh your gonna screw with us? Okay..you want a fake shortage...we'll make a shortage for ya". Like a mafia the milk board...LOVE IT
  14. Oh?! I was wondering the conversions. I noticed when i grabbed a cpl things for Hot Stuff here that burger is $5++/lb in the store....wowza
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