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  1. Yeah...friend put in a delaval 1 and went up #4. But he pushed 4x a day....we pish 10x a day. So it wont make a diff. His is doing 9x a day i guess. Wed need 3....they are really still early 2000s tech frankly
  2. $25k and cant go the 150' outside between barns Or we would!
  3. 11D.....8" [4 loops] tall. Danner Quarrys
  4. Yeah...have to be a pnumatic one and yes weld in a stop for wheels on be on its side. You know....even get a x64 to x95 and use components from a lift. ? If i was smatererester i could make that forklift nearly autonomous Like that fella in SK with remote controlled tractors hes got to work to run grain carts and such. Had em for at least 4 years...he had youtube channel showing his stuff. Pretty simple...and complex at same time
  5. True. Here is a another Hispanic thing I have noticed. No disrespect intended but these guy have 0 comp how to use a choke. The 464 pushed for like a year after we got full time milkers. I cannot tell you how many times I'd come out on a cool morning and there she is with a dead dead battery in the feed alley. "no start boss".... Charge battery on boost and pull choke half way, fire right up, let run for LIKE @) sec and turn off choke and away you go ...gently! They would crank till battery gone. I tried training and etc, just from warm climate so dont get it I guess. Them elec Clarks are not too bad price wise. Just pull mast and stick a blade on.
  6. Crud, I had the 7 yo with me yesterday doing few errands. 2 frikn times I was chatting with her and stopped. Jumped out of my 94 chev truck and left it in gear. Almoooost hit the barn but I snagged the wheel and cranked it as i hit the brake petal. Then hoped out at friends to quick measure something and got my tape from door pocket, stepped out and away it went. I wasnt even really out yet so caught it quick. But the driveway is right into a decently busy highway. Only takes a sec. She even yelled at me a little.....and I deserved it!
  7. We generally have underground 4 to 8" pvc with the TEE risers at correct spacing for reels with big nelson guns http://www.gheenirrigation.com/prod_underground.shtml
  8. Please say he heard the warnings Id hate to see that happen. We all know what WILL result, and would mess up your mind too if you are 1st on scene. Lady near us had 2 small kids in bucket on road. Swung into lane and hit pot hole. 5-6 yo son bounced out and she ran over head. Died on site, our friend at church is her niece. She said she never was same and never recovered emotionally. Sadly she died quite young of damn cancer about 10 years ago. Dont believe she was 50 even......
  9. On a side a mini loader be cool. A small kubota 420 or sim. Sell the c50 and 60xt and get small loader....guys say handy as a pocketknife
  10. Order is goofy Had buddy in field cutting grass. Got this poor old stuff for dry cows. Hilly annnnd wet....pic with sun in it. When i moved to N side of Swale here i forgot that you cannot swing the mower up the hill (kinda do a funky pattern since we have guy bale off swaths...to hilly to rake) annnd swoop there she went...i was ready and quick grabbed remote to swing it half ars so didnt take tractor with it. When 15' mower is 20' on the wrong side....pucker some. Went around and ran down some grass and "fixed" it. Bad tiles annnnd record rain in peat aint good Had custom guy come in and disk/ripper last 40a. I disc/rolled ot 2 days later. Still left....2 acres. Then plowed the peat and disc/rolled it quick. Last corn....June 29 ugh.....2000 was did July 3. Last 8 years June 10 done by. Got few years out of last pair. Only USA made Danners. Wore em today...0 break in issues Cut 2nd ...2 diff weeks since lo land was wetter than 1st cutting. The greatness of being dad. 8pm on a tuesday....new toilet Sunday after church seen this guy. Then about hr later literally bumped into 806man! Couldnt believe it! Went for cruise 2 countys S to check a campground out and "hey that spud guy!!" Forgot he has a nice little weekend spot by the sound. Had little visit and checked place out. Good times
  11. I was thinking that too. A big forklift be better. FIL had a elec cart too....the hydrogen sulfi in barns dont jive with electronics either.
  12. Yeah they are cool. The DeLaval one is better but the dumb things cannot cross manure alleys (no lift), cannot go between all 3 barns outside etc etc. Like i've said 100x.."for 50 buck I can get a drone to spy on my neighborhood, run a pre programmed track, and come home at the touch of a button....and we cannot make a tractor unit push feed in a barn with a pre programmed course?" I know, but they are near 100k bucks. A co in Cali makes a "45hp" one but its 50k as well. Seems a lot for today's tech. Esp when a diesel one is 20s for same work ability. Triolet makes a very slick system of a elec mixer and related. It runs and then you load feed wagons to go to cows. Only need a smaller hp tractor. Handful locally. Several large dairies inland now have Elec drive mixers doing same thing. WAYYY cheaper. I KNOW!!! During herd health the vet said "hey!" and the Zamboni came up. Kinda pricey for a test though. They have pneumatic tires and wt. Slow and hydro controlled..... @dasnake you have one sitting around your yard up there?
  13. After seeing Lorenzos Tesla thread I figured I bring up my idea. So we push up feed 10x a day with a C50 CIH tractor. Clutch is getting soft since Latinos are bred to believe a clutch is a speed control not a de coupling device. Its frankly bigger than it needs to be and has a side fold blade on it that sticks out a bit and on occasion they hook gates/walls etc with it and do damage all around. Friend got a BX1880 Kubota hydro to push with. ITS mini! Like most are lawn mowers. Says so far so good after 2 years. Barely can push feed the 1st time after it's put down but then its fine. Hydro (like 90% of scrapping tractors) elim clutch and its too light to wreak what it hits. I have been thinking of making like a Boomer NH or 2800 HST (hydro) Kubota size into a elec drive. QUIET and 0 maintenance. Get a hydro one and all you need to do is flip a switch. I could even manage the motor rpm so that cant go too fast. C50 has 3-4 unhooked. Put 'snow' blade type blade on front so tight against nose and not hanging out a mile. They only go like 2000' from start to finish doing all 6 pens so battery life should not be a issue. Then where it parks is a panel we could easy wire a plug and charge between pushes. I have 0 idea how to do this. See some E tractor companies but for $50k for a "40hp" rig that nuts. Then the few tutorials are a bit back woods builds. Not sure the couple I seen would be daily reliable. What about pulling a Prius drive system and putting batteries on a 3pt rack? Brother wont allow a auction prius with a blade.....says be too ugly! I can see making it clean and simple with out too much money IF used some used parts like a Toyota etc. You'd have to keep the rad or add a cooler for the hydro. But it takes like 7 min to push up, then near 2 hours till next run.....a 5 gallon tank to heat sync would be more than enough. Any thoughts? Be nice and quiet and have speed control/limiting. The short hard run time is going to kill the little Perkins soon! Latinos hit the key and drop petal at the same time! An no one I know has got them to be gentler with machines.
  14. I will say that I thnk whats the driver is the lack of trained or ability to be trained (lazy) culture. Everything is easy. PEX, wiring, gps, 100 sensors, self driving etc. Makes everything easy so people dont need to bothered with work. There is all this effort by group pushing guys into trades. Yet you can always feel culture is not truly on board. You make a $100k welding (which is not the majority of welders) or CPA-ing (totally common $100k) peoples books and when you into yourself at the wedding/party/event you can see the difference in reactions. Then the white collar folk will B all day when the plumber charges 100/hr as their law firm charges 300. No one wants to pay for skill it feels like.
  15. They currently in the model 3 will gor 360 miles. Thats quite amazing when you thknk 10 years ago it was like 100. Yep they take energy to build...yep they take energy to move. Like a horse or mule. Cuz has 1. Says best car ever around town. But in ID by the time you go somewhere and then need to charge you gotta sit for like 40 45m. Not bad but alot slower than getting gas. So aslong as hes 100 from home he happy...which is 90% of his driving. And in id power is like. 08c per kw
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