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  1. That is a GREAT idea to get it recorded for the family for generations. Here we are near desperate to move out of this **** and looking for guys like your brotherinlaw to let us work in or something. The new home looks modern and fresh, and cows love to ride them rotaryies
  2. So Our longtime well respected shop weve got tires from for 3 generations used to rec firestone for everything. Or Bridgestone if feeling fancy. My 05 2500 love the Destination at. Then loved even more the dueler AT. Wore great, rode great and handled the 26' cattle trailer well. Now he says they just aint the same in heavy app. So Michelin or GY is all **** let me use for the cattle trailer 13 dmax. He said he love the Destination and makes him sad they just dont last. I had Michelin on truck when got it and they wore well but were loud imho for a allseason tire (esp vs Dueller a
  3. Dad was too far i think to help. But he got very dehydrated. That was his knockout(drink alllooottt of pedialite if you got, and Vit D and Zicam docs are saying here) But we maddde mom take the paste. And she had 0. She was with dad for month locked down in house. So she was exposed alot. Hes doing good. Seen him and mom walking in town today. Up to mile a day so hes happy. 3 weeks ago he need help taking a leak. Been out for 6 weeks tomorrow. I stopped and chatted for a min. They both are sure in good spirits. Know several folks on or whove felt "off" a day so got some
  4. Before bj closes this.... I know sew who agreed with your comment in a leadership group I was in. After touring our states top security prisons solitary wing and seeing the faces and eyes of the "men" peering out at us....no one left the grounds thinking rehab is a option. The evil....i cannot describe the chill in my own spine. I honestly believed these...men...we notntheir own and full possessed by a demon. Just erie cold empty eyes. The guards an the things they have seen reinforced the conclusion. So......the media is bending the truth for profit and to help a certai
  5. Every single family we know on it say nothing bad. Cousins infant son had a hear issue. 80k in bills. All paid in weeks via 100s of people giving. For 350 a month for a family of 4. 100s of cards too boot. We have many examples locally of big bills covered. You dont get little check ups paid for...which is fine. Co-pay it what began the spiral ofncost in healthcare imho. Generally you get cheaper prices if you pay cash anyway. At least our Doc and Dentist do...no paperwork save them tons.
  6. TroyDairy

    8930 MFD

    I didnt say but Fehr stuff and APair stuff seem good quality. We've got things from AP and dont recall how since you should be dealer. I feel very good stuff. Blower motor kits etc. Some A/C parts. I got the foam from hardware store. Worked well. Also i see you say CIH dealer. Frankly ASAP tractorparts has never did me wrong. Often the box looks like same one OEM comes in. But aloot cheaper. I did get a bumm fuel solenoid from em and the OEM has lasted much better. If you look on their site and dont see what you want look under 8920 or 8940 etc and part maybe in that file. Yo
  7. The kids watch...(watched now since dad seen) some youtube folks who are so dumb its staggering. Like you watch 10m of their "life" and feel 5 hr dumber. These morons have millions of subscribers and views. Looking at data shows often the make $100 to 400k a year off ads and product placement in their videos. 1 family, that is actually decent people, have iirc 7 or 8 channels on youtube. Sources assume that with all them subscribers the family make easy over $1 million a year making clips of their life etc. Another has 20 year old being morons paying cash for Lamborghinis and such. The
  8. If you can do vid of Jen stacking behind you on that baler and 806 I would appreciate seeing that. I will file it under my "Actual Bigfoot photos, Unicorn fence ideas, and Intelligent Democrat Gov photos" here.
  9. Your mean Idaho. @806 man know a little about spuds I have heard.
  10. Kubota bought Kneverland 3 4 years ago. Iirc they are German (or dutch) and have good rep. Across line here there are quite a bit of Kneverland tillage and forage stuff. Not as much as say Agco but quite a bit nonetheless. Kubotas are reliable and tough tractors. The newer models face same issues as every color....emissions and lower calibur build quality. That being said most small tractor buyers locally say if you demo red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and other shade of red (branson) you will always pick Kubota. Local dealer sells million per year orange paint. And yep... the guy no
  11. Them Freeman are heeaavy units. All over E Wa hay land for smalls. Agco looks like maj of big balers nowdays though. Here are some newer Freemans for you friend Eddie if he really wants to get into idiot cubes.😁 https://www.usauctionidonline.com/Listings/EquipmentFacts
  12. When we were kids. Wow...us boys were like 12 10 5 when we did it. Made plywood scraps 1/16 bale size hay press. Hand pound the hay in and use a piece of fence wire and needle nose for tying. Wonder wear it went? We made alot of hay for our pretty impressive toy farm in the back yard.
  13. We had one in the new parlor few years ago. She went goofy and as she turned into her spot an lost her footing. She then death rolled and fell into the pit. 4 steps on each end. Since we just got going in the new parlor i was helping guys and we all stood there. "Wth now?". S was reciever and etc to destroy. N Was the vee into the entrance. She looked at us and went full out to N end. Bounded UP the steps and 1 foot missed and put alllloottt of wt on a 6" pvc line! I was envisioning alot of damge and duct tape to keep working. It held! Now she is in the vee so i sprinted up thw step
  14. Just remember.. 10 years ago i toured the Nuclear plant in E WA. The amt of waste today is %s of what it was or the the media lies it is. They recycled the spent rods and re used them iirc 2 x. So the waste was lower in Rhems (sp) and volume. All it needs is water. Which we have. It dont even need to be fresh clean drinking standard and it will work. We can catch the steam and re use it even or dump back into river etc. Iirc I read that all the radioactive waste ever made can fit into a big coal mine ? Or something like that. Like the amt it really small in the grand scheme. But
  15. Well, when your nephew dont get the door shut on your 210 Mag quite right and turns into a 35mph wind and it folds over back and blows up, dont give home to much grief. B/c when his uncle and dad goto put the new 460 buck glass and and a certian uncle forgets the 1 .90 cent rubber washer and gives hinge 1 last tinnnnny turn tight and the 460 dollar window blows up, you'll be glad you didnt give the nephew a real hard time.☹
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