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  1. Nice, are they $$ and easy to just swap out? I aint a expert but I figure it was a priority issue. My 210 had some mystery junk in the #3 remote signal line screen. Only way to make 3 work was to turn wheel a bit or push #4 paddle to kick pump up. Next time try to have presence of mind to pull #1 remote for example and the joystick.
  2. Seen worse. Lots of decent parts esp if that engine can be saved. Here at least it wont be $ worth what it will take to make it operational.
  3. Wow....so articulate and frank. I love how he says "you can roll your eyes" showing her lack of respect or knowledge on the topic she exposed she was on higher ground about. Amazing he is in politics...too smart. Good for you KY
  4. Them sq caprices are just so tough. The movie Striking Distance with Bruce Willis has a crazy car chase with a ton of them just doing awesome stuff
  5. So update. Brother went to plow. We didnt adj the adjustments. They all are same so figured hang on. He flipped left and all good like normal. Flipping right noticed it stayed on top again. Then as it caught the stop slipped a full 2" off. So if the front is 2" off the back share is prob a 10". The clunk wasnt the tension its the main tube is bad. So the shares get off going straight and won't go in. Why it dont lay over as nice either. So... welding shop up road has did one before. My uncles was done after a farmer demoed it and hooked something massive and bent the inne
  6. TroyDairy


    Ill try looking at it when we catch up Thanks!
  7. FWIW...... I have a buddy seat in my mx170. Put in last year. Took it out of my mccormick 135 before we sold it. (Same tractor dif shade of red as a MX) No problem at all. Haaard to mark holes to drill for bolts. Angles all over but just took coupke hrs and naughty words. Like i said 1 thing nice about classic magnums is nearlyeverything's available at a parts store or salvage yard and aftermarket nowdays. Pretty rare qe need dealer for them. We turned up our mx170 along time ago. 170 pto. Tech said timing and i am not versed enough to explain. But wow that woke her up.
  8. Tmi has 0 injuries or deaths or real neg results did it? If people think waste is a issue they dont study Nuke tech. The ability to re re re use rod and even re run waste is all in grasp
  9. I know I know. Just i see the tears of frustration when their village has a mafia (not cartel) get excavators and rip up the main highway to keep the neighboring mafia out. And they know people who can get groceries or medical attention since every road is barricaded or gone. School teachers who vanish mid day never to be seen. Nieces who never make it home from school. All in their small rural area. I get in the US our big cities are crap shows. But rural area are nothing like them. Here even in cities pretty rare we find butchered human remains on the police stoop. Or trucks of
  10. 1st cut done! No order.. 1st time in new to me mower. Learning curve. The old IHs..... old farmers farm stead. We helped truck some grass for custom guy. He is out in the old Cat v8 massey with a 55 chisel and a ancient spike harrow. There is a 1586, 986, 1026, 966, McCormick combine, and a IH something in that lean too. All get used. Also a 40s Ford school bus and 50s bus sitting there too. I should stop an visit. Bet he has neat stories. We can sure grow cats. 3 litters mixed and ma are all shaing them. If you dont pay attention you w
  11. A MX150/170 is hard to beat for your app. Pretty simple and nice to use. 14000 hr on my mx170 A 71xx magnum is a step up too from a 86 and reasonable price. Get one with 8000-12000 hr and youll get alot of life. Maj of parts are not CIH specific. MX are having internal trans parts becoming NLA fyi but we've never needed any
  12. TroyDairy


    2003. No change with new switch, yes the T800 is nicer to use but that allison almost makes up for it..
  13. Interesting My workers fromMX all had dreams of working here 10 20 years and going back. Every one says no way and are trying to get more family here. Its to dangerous even in their small rural areas. Kidnappings and "mafia" violence with unchecked abandonment. Police wont do anything. 4 towns in Jalisco and Morralia. I would love to drive around there for a week fyi
  14. Yep No one can take a joke or ribbing. Its rascist, sexist, bigot, mean, my feelings and butt hurt.
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