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  1. ....maybe.....unhook the disc to plant? Are you spraying when planting? I doubt it right? So swap that rig. I know crazy talk. 😁 Here we (like nearly everyone I know) switch multiple machines to multiple implements all spring and summer, cheaper to unhook than buy. Even the custom planter guys [coop] an such use same tractor to spray low fields, plant, cultivate/innerseed and sometimes broadcast cover crop. I always enjoy your guys post with 5 tractors to do 5 jobs. That is really rare here. Keep eyes open...I bet for under 30 you can get a EU Mag which are 100% FINE an cheaper.
  2. You'll be fine. Sounds like they are fine machines for your use. But its 40. Get it now and in few seasons its 50. I was of the "lets get older" till recently. Just get tired of the maintenance on 30 year old units. 10years is good imho....but for Magnums since they are so notorious for reliability. Keep eyes open this winter for another 71xx. You know them, have maintenance items, know they do all you are requesting, and are 100% good rigs. Parts are no bug deal for most items. Major items....well there are lots wreaked now. Maybe good deal you missed it....esp for 12k
  3. Or tilla? Did we find out where is is? MTO...prob internet overload?
  4. Looks good. All the author has is... He/she criticized the lockdowns earlier and they are from rt leaning stuff. Oooooooohhhhh.....real tantalizing agenda there. At least all 3 are consistent in their opinion. IMHO
  5. Thanks Mike. Well wrote piece. My Doc says almost exact same thing.
  6. Thats a dream team of social justice and holding minorities under their thumb list
  7. Is there a "tell" for the updated valve? I keep tempting myself to get a tg210 like tractor for manure pumping duty. Like hook to spray plate for rest of know time. Friends tg210 has 20000hr and 12k are 100% drag lining manure last decade. They are a bit cheaper than a Sim MX. Sq magnums are great for this task but honestly the cab is alot better on 1999 and up models. And the reverser lever is smooth. But i should save some $ for things like bills....
  8. The bolt bin things. Wr have a grease zerx one, cotter pin one, and a stove bolt (allen head for holding keys) one. Still grab em often. Been refilled some though
  9. What about Ephinex? We need a milking approved label here...? I spilled at least 12mg on the dry cows yesterday on my hands. Never seen a lice on me
  10. Why would she follow that? Her teachers union contract I guarantee does not give the school these rights. So sad how people are letting the powerless rule over them. We are having a normal family Thanksgiving with wifes side. Nothing we do will stop a virus. Sadly people will die. But it has to run its course...like SARS few years ago. Painful for 100k a Americans then done. As long as the Fed keeps paying these States and County for cases this will never end.
  11. Booker is crazy #1. He just introed it weeks before the end of session. Low rate to move forward. He is a evil man. He is controlled by someone since i cannot see how he could walk and chew gum. It is a deal similar to whats going on in Africa. Look up Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. S Africa today. Its sick and morally more reprehensible that the slavery they act like we had something to do with. There are 0 examples of this kinda thing working out. The bill is wrank with political grandstanding. Rich white guy telling the poor minority how he's gonna help em. No one is asking him for
  12. Sadly guys pull that stuff. My bankers younger Bro was banker in SoCal for few years. He had mainly dairies in the Riverside co area (look up Chino ag preserve on google earth). In 09 when it was really bleak he had other banker get dupped by the farmer having the crew run pen 1 into pen 8 afyer milking so as they walked around the corrals he seen few groups 2x making his # look better. He had the best one though.... Guy was showing feed on hand and had quite abit of corn silage stacked in the yard. Kinda odd for SoCal...they truck daily feed in normally. Banker came back and had a peak
  13. "Invested".... apparently in the central USA you have a different definition for investment than we do over here. 😁
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