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  1. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Me too. Cut about 2" next to cap. After 20m i gave in and went to Doc for 6 or 8 stitches. Grinder TAKES ...material... away dont cut. Hurrrrrts like nothing I've felt. Did pee wee show for last day of fair. She requested whites for her 5yo self . Like 22 kids under 7. Ring was so full it was hard to move. Cousin and our club leader "judged". All got a ribbon for at least leading a strange animal around and a ice cream token. Late bday got from wife. Foxworthy tickets. He was at the Fair. GREAT time!
  2. TroyDairy

    dairy herd sales ?

    The stress of the loses are getting to everyone. Our next check monday is $1cwt Less than June.πŸ˜₯
  3. TroyDairy

    From The Unsanitary Side Of The Bash

    So, are wells at 600 to 1000 drying up? Also being in the GAB could you not pump or not enough electricity avail to pull that much elevation of water? Is drilling very $? Could you drill a 600 easily or do the bureaucrats make it impossible? Very curious.......
  4. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Cousins! Tired friday night now. Load out 9pm tonight...circus to behold! Call dairy pump guy. Says hes out for a bit. Why? Grinder won....took surgery and some pints of blood to fix up.
  5. TroyDairy

    That old familiar feeling

    Hope amd pray no issues man
  6. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Busy with Fair. 2 kids and calves is 3x the work! Wife been bringing them in early (6ish) to clean calfs up every day. Required to be washed daily. Then rest of club rotates daily cleaning bedding out each morn. 2nd girl got 1st in fitting and showing in novice class. Older one got 3rd. In Type they both got mid class. I think ours got a bit fat. Judge really was all over on what he wanted was consensus of folks. Too dairy, not dairy enough, too tall, nice n tall. What you gonna do? Little one being herself... Neat pic of my youngest with Pauls youngest. Its her last year of 4H since she's a senior this fall. Mine has to wait another year to get into 4h. Gal (and her 2 sisters) are just class acts. Dad sold cows 4 years ago and works for school dist now. All 3 did 4h and did well. All 3 decent, pretty, respectable, christian young ladies. Oldest just got married last month. Guess tech they are 4th or 3rd cousins, her Gpa and my mom are 2nd. This one is great with little kids in club. Always helping or teaching. Never complaining or burrowed in her phone. Wife sent this. She helped neighbor club show a cow in the club vs club show. Then sat here and in seconds...poof. la la land
  7. TroyDairy

    From The Unsanitary Side Of The Bash

    I am curious on if there is no under ground water in AU? Inland here thay have 1000+ deep wells for irrigation pivots. Obviously dif rock formations and etc but. Can they not drill 2-500 and get fresh water for cattle at least? And yes the last few years of weather patterns have really hit the area there hard. Seen stories like this 4-5 years ago from West AU. Frustration if your the farmer I am sure.
  8. TroyDairy

    Vintage Ads

    I find it interesting here in the US we never seen self loading wagons. In our area in the 50s-80s when most guys had 100a and 120 head they would of been very handy. Guess we all had enough kids around to help withe silage and hay harvest....
  9. TroyDairy

    pto quit

    Yeah sounds like they let go. A pliers and 3/4 wrench is all you need to get it out dang near. Super simple units to redo and lo price parts. If just clutches that is. But is sure would be my assumption with your post. The sucking air and over filling is for the mcv pump when they get old and o rings get dry on intake. The pto intake is quite low and if its that outta oil you got other issues!
  10. TroyDairy

    Wheatland 806 survivor

    Exactly. Look on the vast majority of tractor (older than 2000s) dont have 3pt. Here yes we use 3pt and PTO on every one. Buddy in ND dont know how to hook a 3pt up. πŸ˜€
  11. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Carnival co trucks. Ive driven a coe Fliner...they look better than the drive is all I'll say. Saturday, 1st rain in 5 wks. Kinda long for us, it just cleaned the air and back to dust couple hr later. The coolest carni bus ever! Dragons! Bet it has a heart shape bedπŸ€£πŸ˜‰ Last practice at home sunday Our club taking over the show ring. Leader makes em "show" for a hr every monday at the fair for years. Great for kids to get a feel and calves to smell things. Fittting and showing today....busy busy Farm credit paid for demo derby tix. After the bankers behavior last few months...I'll take em. Dishonest is nicest thing i can say.
  12. TroyDairy

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    True I can float you a few bucks. You do need helpπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Seriously though i always think suicide is such a selfish thing. Leaving others in the post mess is horrible. Several dairymen in New England have did it lately i understand. Sure i dont know whats gonna happen if these prices dont change but leaving Honey and the girls alone sure as **** wont make their well being any better! Met a guy few years ago, 2008, in Tulare at dinner....big dairy immigrant. Built quite the biz. 08 prices were killing him so he signed up for the buyout. Got his bid and would of walked away in his 50s with near 2m in his pocket. Set letter on desk and shot himself. Left wife in a daze, the acct, banker, and consultant asses talked her into canceling the buyout and going fwd milking 10000 cows alone. Lost entire operation to bank by end of 09. Prices were way worse than 08. So now widowed and near homeless i guess. So sad. I think some of it is our godless society. Everyone chasing x or y to feel something. Not Grace and forgiveness. Imho
  13. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    I like it green but....not gonna work hard at dragging hoses etc. We have great psi and volume here. But i dont like using it when we got 700 cows who NEED it NeED it!
  14. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Let see here, reset and cleared everything Someone found uncles ol petal tractor and he let her take it home. 4H practice, neighbors old loafing shed, big kids on 1 side of bunk little ones other. 20 something hd, 30 total this season. Teaching 9 yearold, her birthday, to pull out reel. Picking sweet corn to sell at moms in town. 350 ears in 6 hrs. 2 part days 240 bucks! They were happy Condenser/heater core is plugged badddd. Some one really beat it up at some point. Fins are terrible Last practice and yes i dont irrigate lawn B/c i hate irrigation....more leak repairs Got calves all trimmed for monday Blue Angles! Airshow this weekend The used pool was a hit for bday party. Man girls are LOUD!
  15. TroyDairy

    Anyone else get errors lately when uploading photos

    Ok bj Ok bj. 2.o mb pics last 3 5 days get same message. Tried relog in, power down, 1 at a x or 7 at a time, wifi, network etc etc Thanks EDIT! Went back and cleared cache/history for 30 days. Log out and logged back in... Works now...