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  1. life in our corner

    I hear you, why it is that way? Why dont plants pay for the milk to come in like a grain co or farm pays to get stuff in? Dealership pays for equip to ship in, The Gap pays for jeans to ship to store (then charges it onto item) convenient store pays for beer to come in. Makes no sense why we pay for everything. Then people B farmers are on some subsidies gravy train. Read story other day lady (from vegan group i figured out) B-ing about $30b hand out to dairymen. It was for cheese for food program iirc not hand out. Anyone get $ in their pocket from uncle sam recently? I dont need the man to hold my hand...but sometimes when you feel like policies they make neg affect you...kinda wanna make em help. This mess is our fault, we did not get proper info about this herd and took sellers word. NEVER should of did that with anyone. Buyer beware. Then we should of went over our uncles 5x before committing since we would of prob seen big inefficiencies. We have 100 of 240 cows we got in Dec. We have about 20 hfrs of 180 +/-. 55 died of pneumonia bsrv, 25 culls for myco and the rest from pneumonia culls. Sold hfrs since no milk $ to pay for raising and needed cash to buy milkers (36). So cow #s down for line values. Cow prices tanked, milk price crashed, HUGE sick cow bills came in (5 figure vet bill and he didnt bill any extra time helping out), 5k for deadstock guy etc. Plus all the milk we lost and still fed 100+ extra cows for weeks before mess. The prices dropping so hard was a bit of a schock. We figured tight month or so not all winter and spring. Amazing how in 120 days (Nov) things on paper become teepee. Its a testament to proper vaccination programs. 0 of our cows got mycoplasma, 0 of our cows got bsrv (or brsv..), some of the new herd dry cows even just up and die after 8 weeks here, the calf raiser said she never seen such weak animals and lost 4 in days of 28. Zoites is paying for necropcys on ones that die now. Want to understand how their immune system is so bad. Started de-worming them when they dry (we always do anyway) and went and did all the 1st lac ones from that herd. Wish had $ to go do all of them left. Appears to perk up 1st lac milkers. Well keep us and other dairymen in prayers (with Kristopher) for some guidance with our/their future plans. I thought the talk of fundamental shake up was a bit over hyped.....I am afraid I was wrong. We have the re-fi option yet to visit and 1 more idea but....see what God wants.
  2. life in our corner

    Our for feb is 13.60....with fat etc 15.04. BE. 17 +/- depending on life is county avg. He just got our cow numbers and immediately called very concerned. we can put some on the real estate or do something like that but then what are you doing 6 months if it doesn't get any better? He was going to go over everything with detail a little more but you can imagine how fun his job is right now so he's a little bit on edge . Oh and everyone keeps saying oh it's got to get better. Talk to a sales rep from Idaho he said they lost 10 to 12 thousand cows in the state since November and they assume 20,000 more by may. How on Earth can milk production be almost the same the USDA says when you cull and moved that many head of cattle it just doesn't all add up. I understand we have a big Supply but all the things that show the supply going backward is not making the supply go backward according to the reports like I said it just doesn't make sense Still need to fix things....
  3. life in our corner

    Banker called...........I may be in the same boat as ol' Bill in a few weeks. So frustrating. You plan and work hard and everything you can think of goes south. Pray for dairy.
  4. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here?? the biggest 'problem' is Canadians buying our land for high $ b/c in BC its $100k a acre.
  5. Nobody gave me 17 minutes off

    No by walking out they are saying nothing but disrespect for the tax payer funded education I am providing. It is a place of learning (supposed to be) not of expressing rights. Which most of do not kick in till 18 years old. Nazi...that is vile you would ever compare a school super to a murderous totalitarian regime and you and your family should be ashamed that you have done such. They walked out for gun control....I think...not real clear. Not for "stop picking on kids not like you till they cant hadle it any more", or "why dont schools and police feel its ok to protect us yet armed guards at a bank are ok?", walk out. Not for the stabbing victims the other day in a school attack. No knife walk out? They can stand up to the the super fyi....and stay home permanently for disrupting not only the supers job description of educating youth but the other student whom this affected.
  6. Scary ladders

    This blimp hanger in in Tillamook OR...huge
  7. Something From Mr. Sohn's Neck Of The Woods

    Cool In the vid at the 20 min mark is that a IH radio?!
  8. Oh the differences in up bringing

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........I forgot about that. No offence but she is level 8 of 10 crazy at 6ish months preg. With 3 she'll ease up some on silly things like mud. Rinse em off in the garage quick and have run to the shower. Hose clothes of on a sheet of plywood since you dont have lawn and ma will never know. We need to have you over for supper. I am pretty sure we'd get along just fine. Like yesterday was mid 50s and real sunny. Went to Bay after church with lunch. Let girls sit in bed of truck and eat then find shells etc. Then left em in bad and ILLEGALLY cruised the Bay "strip" with them in back. Ma was a bit irked but stayed quiet. Its March, no one is there but the Canadians who got condos and few folks walking. Should of seen the pointing and look we got. 20mph on a near abandoned road with water on 1 side....SO risky. Girls were smiling ear to ear whole time.
  9. life in our corner

    Wow, just watched Drugs inc show on Philly. What a shame of a American city. 750k in poverty and acres of abandoned homes and communities. So sad. 4000 guns pick up a year, 01400 OD on heroin alone, 100s of murders, 75% blk on blk murder. Kennsington/Badlands. area.....near you MTO? Man so sad it looks like a 3rd world country in 1 of the greatest early cities in the USA.
  10. Life in Alaska comment but I have met you..... That board is cool idea. Clean and easy to track issues etc.
  11. Tractor Supply Co.

    I bet they do! We grab basic stuff. Min licks are 1/2 price as CHS store, bunny/cat/chick feed are same as anywhere and low price. Yep just a wally world of suburban/rural things. All good, since our only deal was a chs storw that was $$. Got what i go there for. But yeah dont go to wally world for carharts of work boots. Go to local out of way farm store since its rhe real carharts and boot not "made to cost" ones.
  12. neat farmall toy sale Stumbled on this...neat stuff
  13. life in our corner

    I dont know. I assume hydro, never looked looked. Ol gal looks alright yet when cleaned up. 12000hr Got new liner and screws in. Will paint in summer i hope. Improvising, new calf pen door too small for loader so..
  14. What ruled the roads then?

    I was thinking and we did have a lot of 4x blazers broncos and trucks in the parking lot. I feel liek I was right at the end of cool car and cool truck trend start. (1992) Now parking lot is 60%+ trucks of some sort.