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  1. So it begins. Doing just top fields since driest. Got 3" last week so low ones are rice paddies yet. Main thing is we neeeed silage.. No extra hay in the entire PNW and $$ if you find it. We have 9 days left of grass silage. This 80a will tide us over for few weeks. Hope foreguess is right that we have wet weekend then long run of nice. Kinda fun site... www.whereismymilkfrom.com
  2. https://stcloud.craigslist.org/grd/d/bowlus-open-station-magnum/6869275127.html Not mine just stumbled on to it. I could use it
  3. Fwiw.....we rarely gook to much wt to the 1066. But it has been on NDE mixer few times. And moving reels you could see it bending some. Gonzo gave me tip he has done. I removed the bar support under draw bar with the 4 bolts. I then got a chunk of 1"x2" mild steel just long enough I could still get bolts in...10"ish?. Welded that to the support on edge. Put all back together. The theory...is legit...is the brace bows a bit then pulls the bolts side ways in. The torque then cracks the casting since its not made for side load but staight down force. This makes it stay square with the tractor....an was quick and easy to do for a bit of insurance.
  4. Yeah here that is IT for mixer trucks. The push/tail axle and 1 or 2 mid drops for 11yds. In Canada they have frt unloaders. Never ever seen one here in my life. All mack or t800s
  5. See...fwiw.. i absolutely have 0 idea what a bushel of anything is. Now I 100% get what a cuft is all day. Kuhn has like 4 ratings if you look on web. Bsl, cuft, cumt, tons, something else etc. I cant ever figure out what a bsl means.... Aint every crop dif wt? I frankly like cu yrd since i know what a 2.75 yd bucket looks like dumped on ground. Now for more mind blowing.... Most feed mixer companies rate as cu ft.of box/tub. Only Loewen from BC minus' the actual volume that the augers/screws take up. They have oddball sizes like 687 and 1104 etc for models. Moreeee goofy...GEA uses Imperial gallons not US gallons for manure tank sizing. 1.2 US gallons per Imperial.....geniuses Did you have some left over egg nog n rum for Easter supper matt?
  6. Dale... never seen a haybuster brand. But as for the lasting...a horizontal will out last a vertical 2 to 1. My old Loewan 687 4 auger was 15 and had a set of chains in back few knives welded in (my self) 2 plastic liners and 1 unloading chain. Orig auger flighting and steel on whole thing. Our NDE, which we really are happy with, had to be relined anand reaugered in 6 years. I spoke with Loewan (in BC) owner few months ago. He said 100% a vert will take 2x cost of ownership vs a hori in 10 years. But they mix alllot nicer. Since we got vert we gained .20% fat from week one to today. And so even vs horizontal in feed bunk.
  7. Looks nice. Sounds like a church project. So and So figured cleaning the gutters will take alllll day. One of us blue collar deacons comes at 7am before the work day and used a man lift for 30m and leaves before anyone knows what happened. Or when i was told by sunday school teacher the old evergreen shrub by door was just in the way (it was 1/4 blocking door where parents got kids). Asked about cutting it....met with ponderment. "People may not like it".."just maybe trim it a little". So i did....on a Thursday, at 730 am, to the dirt level, at both doors, tossed every shred of evidence in pick up before 830 am. Teacher was real happy...some...not so much. I told pastor when he noted it.."hey if someone offered another option then they could of came fwd". He seen my point then. It did tske 3 weeks for anyone besides teacher to figure out what happened Sighhhh volunteer "helpers". No pump trucks in MT eh?
  8. On edge of break even. Aloooot of cows have went to new careers as beef cows last quarter. Over 70k head a week were butchered last few weeks. Near record or better most weeks. The spring flush isnt amting to much reports say either. I can't believe costco. It is by no means dbl in price and Darigold sells them the milk for a pennies profit. When folks opine how terrible wally world is i mention costco and amazon/whole foods. They are ruthless to suppliers. While foods did big brag lately about passing cost cutting to store shelves recently. Trying to have healthy food for less. So happy happy. Who do you think they cut? I bet packers and distributors aint suffering. I know organic growers and producers are getting hacked. The extra for growing orgazmic is almost none existent in most fields. Ugh....better quit before i get rilled up! Thanks for buying! Every # helps.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/jtDnDTvTTBKAp_vEat_9LQ.khYNZLhoF_CBpQQBzWDkVk He still says Thanks. Good thinking MTO, almost overwhelming when you see some of the flood damage and cattle loss #s for sure.
  10. Even chatter up in this area about a RPRU is un nice shall we say. 🙂... Long list of excuses, some legit some silly. Gat o the Org was here 5 6 years ago. Amazing turn out! Way over org guesses. People said it was neat since it got them out of their region. They said to friends they never would of enjoyed our area if it was not for the goto event. Show looked good again Tony. Didnt Carol ban any chairing of events?
  11. Hate to say this....sorta..... And why do we even have trials for this type of "human"? Prob 50 witnesses and 0 logic. He is simply a draved animal at this point. Pop him in the head. Too bad hes in custody. Father should remedy the draw on my oxygen....aggghhhh Sorry.....just disgust me beyond belief. Also was not on news any where which chaps me more yet.
  12. We buy several parts and full pieces from across the line. Cows even actually. 2 miles so.... Awesome MF dealer about 20 min away who treats us like his kin, we get mowers and mower parts from. Just inform the dealer of your situation. They should have proper sales contract and drive on through. No broker no fees etc. Just ask for papers and what it is. Drug 15' mowers through truck crossing, pickup(needs a letter for epa stuff) and silage wagons. 0 issues. If dealer takes over as a seller then it complicates it. Farmer with farm equip 0 issue. Red building right behind mower is Sumas/Huntington border crossing....😉
  13. Looks ok. Hope fits well over there. Interesting thread in a way. We have not had a sickle machine since prob....87. Vicon 281 then late added a 321. One of the toughest machines ever built imo. Rocky ground yep. Wore hood on late cuttings to protect ypu a bit. But if skirts are right and angle good they were fine. Even all the hobby guys have disc. I cant even think of last sickle cutter I've seen. 321 cutter leaked so we traded for 8312 then 281 frame went and got 3315 Hesston/Agco, 8312 finally wasn't worth repairing anymore at 15y mowing us and uncles. We got MF/hesston 1375. So now 2 15' center pivots. Soooo much faster than the 12'. We have plexi 8'x30" rock shields on all mowing tractors and have for decades. Yes a few get by that and about 1x every 3 years it gets a back window. We have moles bad b/c of berries next door and gravelly ground so they push up rocks. We have skid shoes set 5 to 6" from dirt to top of cut blade. Then tip deck fwd about 70% on little gauge. Makes for fast grow back and lo ash silage. And keeps rocks on field not in sky. Also fwiw we trim skirts 6" right across the front. Makes cutting later light stuff waaaayyy better. Also throttle back from 1100 pto rpm to 900 and it slows tips so they don't blow grass down. Shorter skirts don't knock soft dry stuff fwd and let wind out basically. All custom guys have did the trim trick. Hesston/MF and JD are main ones for SP and NH for pulls. But every NH guy didn't speak highly of them when we shopped. Stuck with MF since same parts for shelf. We had some flattened rye cover last year and just could not get though it unfortunately. Plugs an clutch slipping. Brother tried....I think I could of got it. Anyway we had custom guy cone with R430 whatever JD. Flat impressive....12 mph and no note of struggle. Brother rode along and said it was good ride and power. I think we easy could go to a SP and sell a pull one and cut few hrs of time to cut. The turn around on ends is so quick. Cut speed of 10 to 16 mph is same but they just zip so quick on ends... Buuuuttt for the $ we'll sit tight how we are. 🙂
  14. What? Here is 3 small plates or 4, on 3pt held about 8"- 1' off of ground. 12' would just cover tractor is crap!! Mine is 4-5' normally off ground fwiw
  15. Thats the boring too but it is very spendy when big. Here its used for municipal water etc b/c of speed of install vs PVC. Even though more money for pipe.
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