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  1. TroyDairy


    Friends dad had one SS to match his 68. 5 years....traded for truck. Friend said it was hard to get in and out and vis stunk. But it was FUN!
  2. TroyDairy

    Stupid transmission clips

    Aw....2 wire 2000psi will be fine. 😁 And call around....1 bad FB review could be his competition fwiw. Go ask and find out warranty. I totally am Dale here I'll admit. If i pay X its done asap and has coverage. Also i was not led to sin lying under something trying to curse a engineer to destruction.... Remember that the clip was .02cents and last 250k miles and 10 plus years. But i hear your pain....
  3. TroyDairy

    Stupid transmission clips

    1350 here is good price. Neighbor will do my 95 4l60e for 800 in his shop and i take out bring over. 255k is great! Dale is right and you know...flush good and i have always been told to just get nee converter too. Esp with them miles. Iirc that thing looked real nice in pics. And as you.fix the trans payments and a new one is 50k
  4. TroyDairy

    Stupid transmission clips

    How many miles? If over 160k the 4l60e is on borrowed time. I switched to syn oil at 50k and have 170k on now with 1 serv in between there and shift is nice and fluid is bright. But i got a tune to crisp up the slush some. No chirp just feel it. Hear you guys talk of these clips popping and never hear about it around here honestly. Trans-x has actually worked in my exp. I have also seen hytran (hydro oil of some repute) hold a trans for few more miles too. Fwiw the 4l80e in 2500s and up really was built a bit better. Mine went at 230k after 100k of heavy towing and hot rodding. Same deal though. Tune on ecm to tighten things up. Cooled it down some. Switching to syn oil took apx 20* off temp when hot as well. Man so sorry for the pita for you. But yeah at least it wasnt last week. Bet you liked it on the rd trip though!
  5. TroyDairy

    Valentines Day

    What show!? And cool
  6. TroyDairy

    β€œReversed” loader tractors

    Anyone have a pic of flipping? I am not seeing in my mind how that would go. Were them old tractors with loaders stable? Like the AC in pic. I would assume be nimble but the 1 tire and ht youd think tippy. Wonder if any manufacturers built them? Bobcat didnt take long to go to skid steer vs pivot 3 wheel machines for stability. Tonys is super cool and very well done imo. Good topic!
  7. TroyDairy

    Good reason to close highway

    lol...the vid clip is from guy we buy hay from!! Trebb is quite the guy. FWIW...truckers complaining. I-90 on Snoqualmie pass was closed from Sunday very late p.m. to Wed afternoon. Just our milk co-op lost $100s of 1000s of dollars in dumped milk and late contracts. 53" in 24hrs is a mess! Guys locally ran out of hay since trucks were stuck inland for 2-3 days. Closing them is a big deal for trade and peoples lives/lively hood. Even Trebb there brought me hay saturday morn. They close Snoqualmie that early morn, he made it. He had to go home on Stevens (higher steeper) and it should of took 5 hrs. Took him 11. Lost load b/c place closed, spent $$ on fuel for nothing. Not counting if he got pulled in for ELD overage. Even tonight our milk truck was late late. All loads form here been going to seattle to fill fluid demand since we cant get any from inland. So truck has to load then got to Se-helltle to Safeway plant. Dang Al Gore......Polar Vortex, old word for AlGoreIsWrong
  8. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Most guys I've spoke too say the number of losses are not that high but higher than the reported 1600. 1 dairy lost 160 heifers alone. Sounds pretty dark over there from what i hear. Stuff like that just must kick you in the gut. Was told today one of the biggest dairies in county is open about auctioning off herd next month. Sad deal....the dad was a heck of a dairyman and businessman. Did pretty well. He is in nursing home now and my mom helps him out as a nurse. Decent guy. Prices just keep dragging this winter. After getting manure stuff figured out us boys decided to use the dang snow for good for a few hrs. This sleigh is my Grandpas he build for my dads oldest sister when in Middle school. She grad HS in '59!😁 It was a "barge wagon", horse drawn, that he made wood skies and pulled with his Super A for kids. In 63 Dad took sides off in shop class. Cut up old steel wagon wheels to make stonger frt skids. The flat is 1x10 t and g. The flat just sits in 2x4s on skid frame. Nothing ties it to skids. Hitch is old scrap from something. There is a neat chain system tying frt to back skids. Cousin let us into fair grounds down in the hole by creek. No WIND! Was so nice. Kids loved it! I wanted to take to the streets like when we were (and dad) did. But brothers were fun policing. Wife bumped in to kin who grew up next to dad. Said we were sleigh riding and he said "the one from when we were kids?!" She said yep.... he laughed and laughed about all the fun they had when he was in HS with dad and his brothers back when! They used Gpas Super A or their 40jd. Dad sure smiled when watching kids ride around. My hfr guy sent a pic to assure me...πŸ™‚ They insisted to try "skating" on puddle Saturday in 55mph wind. The green is whats left of cover. Sleigh in truck. It was kinda icky otherwise here...wind and few inches. 3 no school days. Heli spray guys hoop building collapsed Saturday in wind... Kept em busy... County plow KW. They sure did good in our area this time.
  9. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    He is for sure exaggerating since I know him.. Besides he thinks TW Fords are the pinnacle of tractors.... My friend over there just knew of the 2 dairies and 2 hfr lot for 2 others but that was just this morning. I may call Darigold guy tomorrow to see what the totals are for region. Tonight inland supposed to get inches more snow and cold. Ugh....
  10. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    20s and few inches and 30mph wind. Not horrible but everything is cold now. Cement, steel etc. We gave up and quit trying to babysit scraper (dont put slots out side...idiot) so just loosened the ropes and pushed to side and scrape 1x a day now. Mess but not cold enough to be dry or warm enough to be slurry. PITA but better than 8" of crap. Now 30mph winds and snowing pretty good, drifts tomorrow. Foreguess is 6"+. Other side of county had 10" but wind kept it out of here. Tired and sore from digging crap and keeping things thawed. Thur should be 40...lets hope. Guy I know in Sunnyside WA inland lost 250 cows Sat night. They had teens, 18" of snow and 60 mph winds. Corral strings pile up in corners and suffocate each other. I called my friend who works on another dairy said his area S of freeway was bad but N was disater. His buddy lost 600, 2 farms lost alot of heifers but didnt know data. Said the whole Valley was snowed in for 12-18 hrs with no way in or out. The Feb-ecember is stinking.
  11. TroyDairy

    Bought this more for Dad then me, but I like it too!

    Dang 3.80 corn and 8 beans must be rough. 😁😁 ha..... few silage hauler guys have gone elec tarps. Most say they love em. Keeps boots clean and shirt dry round here. Custom silage hauler up road has 24-26' boxes (one on quad axle frame) and has the fore to aft tart system and likes it.
  12. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Whew....been icky. Keeping manure moving and cows fed etc. Tip....never put scrape tunnels out side...even. if we won lotto we would add 16' to these barns and cover whole shebang. The Canadians do and its so nice. Cows cant get to tin, cows cant reach doors, area to set salt and lime, scraper drives inside nice, cost alot.... Oil cooler on mtx120 leaked...messy but pretty easy to fix. This engineer's fantasy hose was leaking is how we caught it. Tee molded in for heater hose. No rad cap so had to chem flush system good. Today 60mph and dry. Tore out berry fields are dry since no rain for 10 days. Dust in area is horrible. Taste it.. Broke scraper rope on ice. We spliced it....its sorcery that it holds. Esp in old fraying rope. But held for 5 days now! Have few that are years old actually.
  13. TroyDairy

    Tractor camping!

    You redoing the floors in kitchen? Id never seen them before coming over. Looks sorta fun! For a week or so.....
  14. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    15 and 45 to 50mph wind for few days. Nippy with 50% humidity! Checking and turning scrapers off before bed. 2 cows already slipped last night. Ugh
  15. TroyDairy

    Cattle Guard

    Fwiw.... Here we used to get them from guy who made em of cement. About 3' deep and rnd top runs. Worked ok but cows would test the runs and figure out they were solid and some would tip toe over or get half way and fall and break legs. In CA they are loose oil pipe in a cradle. Cows tip toe and they spin or clank and they really respect them on dairies.