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  1. Why is that? Of all the oil yakking thats pit there the steady comment i hear from mechanics and machinists is that.. Pennzoil make gunk in a engine. Machinist told me he seen a 401 Jeep with the whole lifter valley solid sludge but the crank and rods were perfect standard sized with 100k on it. Heard same reports of gunky lifter and valve covers fulll of gunk in a Penz engines. Not sure about last 10 years though. This was 20 years ago when I worked at GM dealer Fwiw.... any lower ash content oil (or straight 30 wt of normal ash) is going to be higher spec than anything IH was using 50 years ago guys. So...what oil filters are better?
  2. Feels like getting worse fyi
  3. Iirc.... You need to reg you own a drone. No flight plans etc. Friends got one for their agronomy co and it has some uses. But his main concern is when here we are 2 mile from a airport. So they only will go away from it since i guess we are all a no fly here b/c of the circle around airports. You are NOT allowed to shoot them. They are considered a aircraft. Now you shouldn't. But when i see them i sure would like to take it down. Then sit in a lawn chair with said shot gun and tell em to come get it..... Besides as long as the camara dont see your face when you bury it youll be fine.
  4. So words were lost! And pics are not even close to how I shared em... Truck hit 100k yesterday when we were camping at friends inland. Old beef farmer fella Bill was baling on a bench an still uses her to rake. He is the model of shoestring ranching. Dont worry...he has a 2019 2500 chev in the garage and bakes with a 60s wire tie NH and near new JD 100hp rig๐Ÿ˜ He broke both baler needles same time. So he welded them up and crossed his fingers. Finished the field....ugly bales but they were bales Girls picking sweet corn Monday pm to sell tue. Bad year for it here, everyone's is poor. Hard to see, moving irrigation at 430am and raining๐Ÿ˜ friday when we were gone we got .2". Still silly dry.
  5. Summit Strocker 360? That sounds interesting....what's this for/about. I am a chev guy but all of my buddies whom ran FE ferds impressed me. Lotsa tq and good sound
  6. Certified (brand) moly for everything. Seems to bee sticky and had good bearing life on high speed situations so stick with it.
  7. I think id get the correct hose from a dealer. I as well have always seen the inline one and then a spin one. Fwiw our local dealer for years put inline filters in front of the fuel pump from Magnums/maxxums to MX series. Just a extra safety the serv manager said.
  8. Been busy.. Irrigating...ugh, Fair, 4th cut, irrigating, fixing. Supposed to camp few days soon. Hope fit it in! Always mixed up! The 1456 is neighbor custom guys baby. Pretty clean rig. The 4h pics are all over. They moved dairy into newer barn at fair now. We go 5 days then beef 5 days. Few bugs but well figure it out. Girls did well. 1 got 2nd in fit and show and other was 5th iirc out of 11. Type....dad pics DAIRY cows not SHOW cows. All 3 were middle of pack. There was decorating cow contest. She a Milk Maid. Other is a MAGA๐Ÿ˜ 4th was shockingly heavy. The 2x a day 7 day moving water paid off i guess. Gets old moving reels at 9pm but is what it is. Could flip burgers I suppose. Did the 1000hr serv on the 185 Puma....fuel filter caused sin. I frankly forgot about them when we got it last year. 2500hr and i bet OEM.๐Ÿ˜– Like welded on. Did all the fluids and such. I am fretty about the cvt and oil. I guess they are "hard" on hydro oil. Yep crocs and a tank-ini pulling calfs. Gun cart loader up with corn and tipped enough to make flipper quit. Flooded a swipe. What a mess. 4x and diff locks to pull reel out to get corn off and properly water that swath. Broke a few welds even. Ol Charlie.
  9. I wish I had the $ and space to help you male room by buying that 350 Reverse loader. Just love that thing.
  10. Have you seen the pic of Lorenzo getting gas?
  11. Yes we just finished the Fair and people were down but the border closed is some of that for sure. But yeah the vendors...food guys etc are thin. ALOT didn't make it though the lock downs and such. Just sad for .80% chance of death virus. Cousin is one of the main guys at the Fairgrounds and they are really struggling financially. The Fair went from 6 to 10 day...then we had freak 100 degree days in a row so that hurt attendance. Today felt pretty busy. Alot less kids in 4H and FFA. 2 years of kids graduating out. And then families kinda forgetting about it. Kids 6th grade teams seeing same thing. From horse to cows to chickens all the barns are light animalwise.
  12. He is "special" trust me.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ And i figured this was a Biden post by title.
  13. This is a 2010 210 with a Fiat/cnh style axle. Book specs 80-90w for all 3 areas on it. I guess the housing looks same but hubs are different. The 185 hub oil was so icky I'll re-change it in next few weeks.
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