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  1. They both look decent. The 2nd be good for mixer box for that price
  2. I can see 300s/. Its 265 delivered here now. Maj of 1st inland got rained on. Bad color for export poor test for dairy. 200 at stack for 140 rfv hay. Hear pockets of good test...175 to 200 rfv are asking 250 at stack but only rumors i hope. This forage issues us bad. I have been following blogs and vlogs about it. Flat scary...
  3. I found blog of a lady from the PNW here. They did a really good write up of the issues and remedies to converting the bus. Skoolie something iirc. The couple came up with some neat tricks for storage and things.
  4. 1 of our School teachers from NW IW went home to visit. Sent my wife pics of coming in on plane. She said they came up onto SD IA area and plane was dead silent. Everyone got the effect of the weather. The pics were endless water. Here mother says they have had rain weekly since march. Then yesterday she sent vid of one of the harded rain storms I've seen in my life from her folks front porch. Seeing more desperate type post from your guys region. Will keep all in prayers.
  5. Your joking right auger? Jass is correct from what i know. He just corroded the heck out of the system. No on can be that dense.
  6. I have to take pic of corn. So far so good. Hit some water over it this week. Brightened up and since spray grew nice too. CHS guy chk it 2x and stll stands by leaving it. Cutivating this week to give it a boost. Got 30 last acres planted Monday. Field was bumpy..9yo peat sod. Hard to tear up..should of rottatilled. Angle disc but the ol 435 is too light really. Sob bricks and scary dry this year. Turned 6....4 Wheeler time Feeding the employees... Brother went to air up tire night before leaving camping. Wth? The triangle braces from I beam frme to outside qall frame were either collapsed or cracked. Had to build 2 from scrap since it was sagging to tire. Slide is too heavy for the sheet metal brace. What if it happened 5 hr from home? Such cheap construction. Took 2 of us 2 hrs.
  7. That's really spendy here its .07 per. Anyway.....how did they do it before Chris? Her we've injected/splashed for 20 years +. Few use big guns still but only like 2 or 3. They are a B to manage. Tank if only.have too.
  8. So.......I was pumping other day an stumbled on a V-odcast from Dairyman/nutritionist in IA. Appear he has a few vids....I totally flaked on his name. It was on Dairyfarmer of FB page IIRC. Anyway I watched the one from 5/28. The word 'crisis' 'emergency' 'disater' was mentioned several time reffering to forage in the N IA S MN area and overall region. He said its not a county thing its a full multi state regional problem. From NE to WI, MN to MO etc. 10000s ac winter kill, 10000s ac late or no plant corn (esp grain). He and his company have had several Emergency forage meetings in that area. Is it that bad? He is afraid come Feb a HUGE forage short is coming and cows will have to be culled since there just wont be feed. On top of mediocre prices.... Even guys in ID have reported here that they are 3-5 weeks behind on planting but done now. He was serious as a heart attack....like sobering. Or here thankful since we have had 2 very good cuttings and corn is a month to week in the ground. Cultivation is starting even on May ground. A commenter to the vid noted a dairy in NY with 2100 who plants 2000 had 30 in the ground as of monday. THis commentary was 2 weeks ago...I assume it isnt any better. I called my friend from Pioneer. She said on Wed they abandoned any more test plots b/c of weather and poor conditions for gathering fair data. Also Pioneer is concerned about seed inventory for 2020. If they are worried good grief. She said the contacts of her's are dead srious and she in 12 years there never seen this from the HQ. I booked all my grain corn 10 minutes later. Distillers is all over with cheap oil and now supply issues. Soy, we dont feed but pro is ok. Canola meal has rocketed though......trade issue with CANOLA oil buying nations i guess, and price to farmers is to low to encourage planting rape seed. What is gonna go down and how bad is it, on a serious note, not coffee shop conjecture? daniel olsen on FB!! Posted another emg forage one today
  9. Well..........all I am gonna say is Big and Little Ennis got a good deal for a truck of Coors. UPS isnt so negotiable. Better slowly savor them 11 cans buddy......
  10. Out here its pretty spendy. Like 4-5x what the cheap corn based stuff is. So we dont have it very often. But I get it I understand it is quite the process to get. Who the heck took sap and boiled it and ate it anyway? Like cranberries....so sour you'll hurl if you pop a raw one. But some one thought...lets boil and add 5 to 1 sugar and yummy
  11. Hey just a FYI.........it supposed to be 90 in me and 806's area today. So you may only get a 11 or 5 pack.... and softball starts so......7 or 3 is a possibility as well I am afraid but you'll get some
  12. So FedEx? Its everywhere here seth
  13. It was off road so.... I think cop was in on it actually. No way he'd just sit back like that otherwise. Kin used to ski in irrigation canals
  14. Well the sick corn looks ok. Not perfect but rebounding. CHS guy has looked at it few times and says he is still comfortable leaving it. He has rec some guys plow it up also so not being one sided and hes married to kin so I know him. Got 2nd in this week...eagle there in pic did my WaSt Farm Bureau meeting in Leavenworth wa. Seen this guy on side road on pass when i stopped to pee quick! I think griz..he was tall as headlights sitting on butt. Hump on shoulders and right color. Discing down last corn field...the grass just isnt worth it. Old stand and now since we did not replant may as wele use the $ for the 30 more ac. Ace helping pick up wrapped bales... Order of pics...i cant make it right anymore!
  15. Not to pee on anyone's parade but isn't it Toyota the most actual American pick up built right now? Not a fan of them...just dont like the style but GM and Ram aint much dif now either looks wise. Windtunnel designs...
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