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  1. TroyDairy

    gas engine in pickup uncle had a 8.1 and went with dad to get hfrs inland 1 or 2x. Every trip said my 6.0 with tune would kick his 8.1 in the nuts. Couldnt get over how smooth it was. But mpg was what it was. A 8.1 prob been same. 6.5 at 26000 gross wt. 8 empty. Running around 13 14 Buttt.....i still want a 8.1 for local trailer work with a 6sp... 😉
  2. TroyDairy

    New Magnum ?

    Neat stuff! How many gallons of hytran does that system require? The planning for keeping airation to a min must be significant running that much flow though such small lines (considering volume and psi). And yeah...the, you may need a aux cooler of some kind frankly. Esp in summer weather.
  3. TroyDairy

    Odd worthless knowledge

    So the chichans send 4 people messages 100s of years ago Date thing sorta works. Wifes bday is 26th of dec. 1976/42yo. On 12/27 shell be 43 born in 1976 and 43=2019.. so....can be fooled... 😉😁😁😁😁
  4. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    Prices were a tick better this week. Got tons of rain. Girls did the Christmas program at church. Oldest had big part so kinda neat Tired...
  5. TroyDairy

    gas engine in pickup

    My old 6. Chev is still running with 260k farm truck miles Best thing for a ls/6.0 is to get a pro tune from best 300 I have spent on a rig ever. Just..woke it up. Went when you wanted, got 1+mpg better, shifted like a pick up, just so much nicer to drive. Interesting thing is guys with 16 17 18 6.0 2500s are saying they seem doggy vs let's say a 07. Not sure if different gears to help mpg or ?. I cant for the life of me get why GM wont put the 6.2 in a pickup....with a small supercharger to compete with diesels.
  6. TroyDairy

    Other Speed increaser uses?

    .dbl post
  7. TroyDairy

    856 3 point hitch ?

    Simple is 5 gal bucket of diesel. "Cheapish" and easy. My 3rd link on my MC135 McCormick was tight as all heck. One end turns ok. Other wont budge.... tried every trick o learned here and else wear. After months of tinkering I gave up. My 415 ih cultipacker ruined a center gang bearing 4 years ago. We cannot get the rings off to replace the bearing. Rings are not cheap and they are wore enough if I do one I'll need to replace all of the crows feet rings to make even. It has been standing on end in shop for 4 years. We have tried EVERY brand of penetrating oil, diesel, atf, gas, soaked in creek for 4 months, sledge, heat, jack psi, slime Jim's along dia, air hammer, ice, wind, rain and all. All we've done is break one ring. Next 3 4 will not move still. Just borrow uncles Brillion now. Fwiw.....if I anti sieze something like that that will be exposed to dust, dirt etc. It sure seems like it attracts more and makes a cement of paste and dried dirt. Bolts and PTO slides are all we use on now days.
  8. TroyDairy

    Other Speed increaser uses?

    Us too. We used to be able to switch to 1000 when and go 1/2 between milkings. But now milking is pretty much all day. Leave on 540/45kw. Best thing was getting frequency drives on everything but air comps. Soooooo much smoother gen then. That multiplier thing.....I hear you in saving $. But running at 700rpm engine will slow down and speed up with everything you turn on an off. And NOTHING is worse for electronic type things than low voltage and variable voltage. I wanna see these multipliers. Some one else on here talked about them before.
  9. TroyDairy

    New joke

    I think that made me pee a bit......yep it did!!!
  10. TroyDairy

    China back in the soybean market

    Nicely wrote Anson... I sure will look you up if ever in the Delta region again. Would love to have some coffee or whiskey with you. Your sentiments are perfect. I dont like some of 'how it is' but it is 'how it is'. IMO, People (every where) are not willing to pay for what food cost to produce. And I'll add the connection between producers cost/pay is in no way tied to the consumers price/demand at this moment. Cheese...lowest market prices in a few years. High inventories. Store prices, up several percent as they pay less. Used to be alot of X made X on sale to move it and store made margin sellin a bunch with low cost. Now they charge same no matter what their cost is it seems. Its not 1 stores deal it's the whole consumer mind set I guess...... Just my 2c I hope soy get moving then it will keep the Chiny out of my canola meal market. Getting silly $ wise
  11. TroyDairy

    Why $19 a month?

    There is a charity watch org that clearly list how much of a donation goes to X charity vs management of X charity. It is staggering, the NATIONAL (NOT local) Red Cross is something like 70% goes to management cost (few years ago), CEO made $600k or something. Just crazy. Salvation Army, like 90% to cause and 10 to manage. Ceo made $30k or something. Or the Clinton Foundation, the gal who ran it took near a million bucks our for "misc" or something, older story now. Obviously it is just a tax shelter thing. Anyway.... Costco and Walmart have a system with prices. IIRC if its xxx.79 it mean they are not gonna carry it and want it gone. SO if you want it you best buy it b/c they wont have it anymore. xxx.99 is normal, xxx.89 is almost gone but we are ordering more or something. Friends BIL run local store here explained it to me few years ago. Dave Ramsey has a write up about the research of how people spend. After hearing it I kinda shrugged, then noticed that I was doing same things. Cash from hand to hand makes you think about it. Clicking on keyboard a CC# is way less hurting to the wallet. "buy it now" barely even registers. Why you think Amazon and stuff want your to store your payment info? Easy to buy makes you buy!
  12. TroyDairy

    Unique way to deal with bully. I like it.

    I see no issue here and dont understand why its even being talked about....? She was dumb, she was punished, she was not touched, she wont do it again. Issue fixed by and where it should be. The Home, by The Parent. Good story. Pastor was asked by mom n dad what to do with PITA naughty kid. Pastor said "well you've done well trying every form of punishment with 0 results. Have you tried spanking (ten year old IIRC)?". Mom, "I dont think it's legal is it?". Pastor, " lets call officer Bob from our church". They call Bob, ask Bob is it ok to spank kids? Bod responds cooly and quickly. "Please do and please do it often when they misbehave. It would sure help us out here in LE." Imagine is every dad would respond this way? Not like most, "my kid is innocent, my kids angelic, the school should of X blah blah". I wish I could send him a thank you card... Carry on
  13. TroyDairy

    You think farming's tough here

    Wow. This is the MOST despicable thing I have ever read on RPM forum and if it was my call you would be banned asap. JUST.....rampant murder of women and children in rural areas, JUST a woman is jailed for calling cops "the N word" basically yet politicians OPENLY talk of killing whites from their House floor. Your hate is just staggering. You cannot replay the past and you cannot fix the future by just repeating the poor choices of the past. Racism and hate (like you encourage with you words) today will not right racism and hate from yesterday. Look at them pics again. Tell me thats just? I have spoke to folk from SA, their lifes are horrific. Everyone knows someone whos been murdered by a black. If it aint welded down its stolen, you cant get money out. These people have been there for generations and are as native as me to America. Murder, violence against, and rape and discrimination b/c of your color is matter what color. Again, just disturbing someone with your hate is allowed here is .....frankly.... disappointing on BJs part.
  14. TroyDairy

    You think farming's tough here

    Bingo, I was getting my despot countries mixed up. My friend just left a long time position at the Africans Children's Choir program. They take these kids singing around the world and then use proceeds for sending them to school after a year in choir. I asked if it kinda used them for gain. He said they has 0 left at end of year since it was totally for their schooling and he did not get paid jack. But he knew that going in, but now with a family needed a better job so hence leaving. These kids have no chance with out schooling of some kind so parents sign them up to go. I asked him frankly why cant Africa over all get their stuff together? They have people, natural resources (look up farming in Mozambique), land, climate, etc. He said point blankly....."When the President or PM has 0 issues stealing not only from the country but his own mother NO ONE has a issue stealing from anyone else." "Its almost bred into the society to look out for #1 only. So Absolute corruption absolutely corrupts.". Really a sad Godless culture. Then you got Countries, religions(violent ones esp now), Tribes, sects, etc to divide again and again every time they get close to something. Just a sad state.....
  15. TroyDairy

    life in our corner

    SOB....futures have went even lower last few days. So sickening. Beyond frustrating at this point.... yes exact repeat of last week. Starter on 7140 went. CIH wants 650....wth. Had dad run to old school automotive electronics place and they will rebuild it. He said less than 350 probably. It was the OEM starter. Had a CASE sticker on it. Not even cih. So 17800 hrs, 31 years old, it was time