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  1. @CIHTECH I have heard of this but am blanking at what can cause Maybe Glen can help
  2. Had same issue with a 1994 K1500. Got for good price since guy couldn't get it to run nice. I swappws distributer and some other typical things. Not fix. Gave in ...went to local old chev guru. He swapped a module from a junk dist. Ran like a kitten.
  3. Finally drying out enough to work. Rain forecast again now! Cut top fields, massive winter damage and weeds. Tearing up more grass than we planned. Thank the Lord the prices are moving up finally. Been long depressing/frustrating winter and spring money wise. Triticale looked good. Uncle olllllllllld grass field he finally let go. 80% dandyloins. 8930 raking and wildlife this spring.
  4. Thanks for answers. Id say 90% of plows sit out here too. And 0% have grease or paint on them.
  5. Making the lonnnng trek out!
  6. Being "stuck in 1 range after pump" makes me think something didnt go together correctly also
  7. Exactly. I flat know people locally whom b/c of SG and PS trans left IH in the 70s. The SG is not too big but its warm/cool and quiet. Way quiter than a red or white cab. I know from running a SG is quieter than a Control center. You can make the doors open back. Just weld up Magnum hinge and reports are it does ease egress. Wirh the strut kit it really helps the doors mainly. Don't shut on your foot. Control center are roomy for sure. Fwiw I think that look sharp. Wonder what inside looks like? I understoof MF cab be nicer than a red cab..? Cant be louder i assume.
  8. Does the steering work? Wonder if the main clutch is bad or the torque hub sheared....?
  9. Find Justrolledin on YouTube Its terrifying what people drive on the road
  10. With utmost respect.... This is why we rarely let dad operate machinery. Reacts too slow and leaves keys on or things in gear etc. Just feel we are all safer. He dont seem to care at least.
  11. Different bearing style and smaller axle Iirc
  12. They were a Malmut from Germany I understand. There are few floating around america
  13. Youre a handsome fella
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