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  1. Ok, not that I was pick'n at it - I was just wondering if it was a thing for a while with the Magnums and then they changed it? Other than a few cosmetic things, you don't regret buying it I take it? I'm debating swapping out my 3688 for a Magnum (if I could find a good one for a realistic/decent price). More and more I'm running into issues of needing a 4wd, the 3688 just isn't cutting it sadly. Dumb question, did the small window on the left side of the cabs in the boxcars - did they ever open or were they always glued in and not intended to open? Door seals/window seals, are they an item that normally goes missing on these tractors along with rusted out door bottoms? I am seeing a lot more like this, missing things or rotting out - what causes the rot, poor door design or age and abuse and water gets in the doors? Fiberglass cab fenders, what's with them being cracked along with the grill frames - is that just abuse from the operators? How the heck do you break these things??
  2. Nice find! Looks great! I like the side vents over the front axle. I have an off the wall question, and I'm not knocking your tractor AT ALL - but the bottom of the step, is it bent back towards the rear tire? Reason I ask, I was looking at one today and it seems to look the same, to me, as if someone hooked something and forced the bottom step backwards - perhaps its the angle your picture it taken at?
  3. It worked fine after I switched out the fuse blocks - I'm going to say I used it for 3 or 4 hours after I replaced the fuse blocks - no issues. Could be - but hoping it isn't as I think I replaced it not long after I bought the tractor used? I could be wrong about the replacement....but wouldn't other things be effected from the key switch? The analog gauges all work as they should, when key switch is switched on - the fuel gauge moves, and I think the amp gauge does a little dance too? No - well, I say no - but when I tried it this morning - it worked for like 45 seconds, tractor running and it registered 800 rpm, then it crapped out (the digital dash) and everything showed black again. The hour meter stopped ticking as well. I shut off the tractor and tried it again, nope still black. So that's why I'm wondering if its a ground? Where are all the grounds that feed the dash located? I tired googling issues like this, one guy had the issue on an 86 series I think it was that had a digital dash - he was looking at cleaning/replacing RPM sensor? Would that effect the other lights (doubtful)? That's why I'm thinking a ground somewhere or a short? Up until this - knock on wood the fuse block replacement has not showed any issues? That's what leads me to think its something else.
  4. Yeah, hopefully he's around and able to make some suggestions. I know he is a busy man.
  5. Worked up some new land I was able to pick up on Saturday, was really nice to do fall tillage in November with temps over 20*C - don't get that much around here! Sadly, it did involve some frustrations. Noticed after I got out to remove discs from transport lock when I got back into tractor the digital RPM read out of the dash wasn't lit up. Everything else in the tractor seemed to work, lights, radio, gauges on the right (fuel, temps, amps)? Checked the fuses, they were all good. I removed a couple to check as the shadows I couldn't see the wires if broken. Replaced them where I found them and then I heard the hour meter clicking, it was counting as it should. The dash was lit up again - great! Jumped back into seat to start discing, it went out again. 😡 I couldn't get it to light up again. Is there a ground somewhere behind the digital block that I'm missing, or an additional fuse? I recently replaced the two fuse blocks (as my original ones melted and took out my lights) and all 4 flasher units on the top of cab with LED's - but everything had been working just fine. I checked all the wires I installed on the new fuse blocks - they are good too? Scared I'm going to be chasing a Gremlin here soon!??? Suggestions?
  6. How accurate is the moisture testing compared to the bench top testing done at elevator? Within a percent, or more of a variance?
  7. Yeah, found out the lights were already separated. 🙃 Doesn't look pretty but they are replaced, what a tight crappy spot. Of course the wires are way too short to work at them outside the enclosed area. Fat guy with fat hands, not a fun time! 🤬
  8. So the unit you have is a yield monitor vs just a moisture monitor? I see yours has the moisture reading on it as well. Wonder what the difference in price is between the two units - have not heard back from company as of yet as it was Sunday when I sent info request. Installation - what is/was involved? Running a sensor line to some place inside combine I'm guessing? If I remember correctly the website said they just have a battery in the unit, no hard wiring required? Nice to see the screen is bright, it is easy to read in the daytime under sunny conditions?
  9. What are you guys running for moisture monitor in your 1640 or other combines (after market setup) for on the go readings and average readings? We're toying with the idea of possibly installing one for corn and soybeans mostly. Any good, bad, ugly stories of different products to stay away from? Different options of units that are better than others or the ones you need to RUN away from. Seen this one: https://loupelectronics.com/products/moisture-monitors.html Not familiar with the company name, so still in the research stage for sure. Others?? I kinda would have thought companies like Dickey-John would have had something - but all I can find are bench top units from them?
  10. I bought those for the rear round fender lights, huge difference!!
  11. Good info Dale! Right now, the only original style lights I have is the front grill and the flashers, the rest are LED. Will check out the ones you suggested, thanks. The grill ones could certainly use an update. Think I will look at separating some of the lights, maybe put on two fuses instead? I know it is a heck if a mess of wires in a small spot. Your set up makes it feel like its almost day time, I like it! Good to know!!! I just wish getting stuff from you was cheaper, the darn border stuff can be such a PIA. I could go crazy shopping in your warehouse!
  12. I consider it giving, they don't have to work for it like they did all summer long. Don't have a manure pile to dump it in.
  13. Like all the ideas, thanks. Sadly I ended up dumping them for the deer and birds. I checked them again before doing the dirty deed, not good. They were starting fo heat a little and I could almost make a ball with them by squeezing in my hand. Sad because I had a couple wheel barrows full likely that were decent beans. Shame. Never had to do that before, hope its the last time too. Certainly tried not to look over there when working the field. Pile of potential money there, if only.... 😫🤦‍♂️ Elevator I deal with considered them, until they knew it was bridging in combine. Darn.
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