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  1. Mountain Heritage

    My favorite International machinery.

    I like how they are comparing the Early Riser to the JD in the planter section of the brochure. That's pretty neat. Wonder if it all still holds true today in comparison? Seeing the tail end of the 88 series ROPS tractor working in the field is neat too. Gotta say, RED equipment looks great in the fields on those nice sunny days! Just something about that colour against the lush hay fields or freshly tilled soils. Makes ya smile!!
  2. Mountain Heritage

    My favorite International machinery.

    Can’t wait Dale. They are great! Feel like a little kid looking them over!
  3. Mountain Heritage

    My favorite International machinery.

    You have yourself some awesome pictures! Now that’s relaxing bedtime reading! Great to see all the old machinery! Unfortunately we don’t see all that stuff much anymore, sad actually.
  4. Mountain Heritage

    It’s Mountain Heritage’s birthday!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! It was a good day....even if I had to work all day away from the farm!
  5. Mountain Heritage

    Increased the herd

    I've done the fuel pump twice on the one tractor. Not sure why they crap out all the time? Bought it brand new, didn't last a year??
  6. Mountain Heritage

    3950 disc vs 496 disc

    What is the rated hp on the drawbar for your 7120? Your pulling a 496 or a 3950? What Teton of soil do you have? Hills or flat where you are?
  7. Mountain Heritage

    Increased the herd

    Always nice to have a back up! Unfortunately I have two red ones that are “sick”. Fuel pump went on both of them 😡😡😡😡
  8. Mountain Heritage

    Increased the herd

    Nice herd!!! Gotta love those red Cubs!!
  9. Mountain Heritage

    3950 disc vs 496 disc

    So I've searched the topics on the forum and I don't really see a cut & dry answer to what the issue is with this model disc. Perhaps I'm not open minded enough, or just too tired to comprehend. Some have said they don't like them because they weren't built heavy enough, other say they are heavier than a 496? Did they completely change the 3950 from what the 496 was? I know they added the leveling/depth stops to the wing wheels (great idea I would think). Isn't the frames made of the same size and thickness of steel? The centers look identical to me between the 496's and the 3950's. How much harder does the 9" spacing pull compared to 7.5" spacing in lets say clay/loam soil, no hills, 2wd tractor. How many hp/foot is it going to take to pull the 3950 vs a 496 at 7.5" spacing vs 9" spacing. I'm talking fall plowed ground (corn & bean crops) working them up in the spring. I haven't found anywhere on the web where there is statistics or reference charts to show this? One forum member gave me a few numbers from a 3800 sales brochure - is that basically accurate for other models of similar heft and build? How do you guys figure this stuff out - or do you just watch your neighbor or take the salesman's word for it? If you have more than one tractor I suppose you could do the trial and error idea and see which one pulls it the best - but that doesn't work when you only have one 100hp tractor.
  10. Mountain Heritage

    disc upgrade

    So you've seen the pictures of my modified 496 and you know how heavy they are since you have owned one before. Mine is 20 feet in the front and 21 feet wide in the back, 9" spacing. Without the harrows on the back, is it as heavy as a 3950 with 7.5" spacing, 17' in the front and 19' in the back? That's what size I'm debating on buying and scrap the idea of down sizing my 496's. Like you and others have recently told me, why cut up a perfectly good disc? I like the idea of a 4wd 3688 - but I just can't justify buying another tractor right now for what he's asking for it. Not that it isn't worth it, just can't see it happening? I really don't want to switch discs either, but I'd rather to that than risk tearing up my 3688 because it becomes too much for it pulling the 496's the size they are now. Lots of tough choices and decisions.
  11. Mountain Heritage

    disc upgrade

    I'll throw something else out a 7.5" spacing harder to pull than a 9" or vice versa?
  12. Mountain Heritage

    disc upgrade

    Anyone can throw input my way on this one..... 496 vs 3950 model, which is heavier build in terms of frame size and wheel set up? To me looking at pictures, they seem to be the same frame other than if one is rock flex vs standard and the 3950's have the depth adjustment/stop on the wings where the 496 you can't make adjustments on the wings. Am I missing anything in the differences between the two models? Will the wings on the 3950 stay level okay like the 496's? I thought I read somewhere that the 3800 and 3850's had issues with the wings being to light and allowing the discs to ridge and ride up on the soil more?? Maybe I'm dreaming?
  13. Mountain Heritage

    3488 with a dt 466

    That’s pretty sweet!
  14. Mountain Heritage

    20’-24’ disk thoughts

    So going to modify the wings on my disc this spring, any chance someone out there with a 19 or 20 foot disc able to give the width of their wings from and back? Might make for a bit less head scratching when the guy I have modifying them asks where I want to cut the frame.
  15. Mountain Heritage

    Weight/rock boxes

    I think they would be handy. What size was yours on your 986? 20” square???