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  1. So far, can't find it in that size container in Canada. Only you guys in USA can get that. I will keep that n mind, thank you. Been looking on Amazon, they are selling for $150-$350 on there, need to do some more reading on them. Reviews are not too bad if you can believe them.
  2. Just thinking out loud - what’s the dog and cat going to do while this is running? Does the “waves” bother the animals?
  3. Neat. I honestly hadn’t heard of these ultrasonic machines. Anyone have 2 cents on a better brand or style vs another? So for an average carb, depending on the build up and type of solution used - overnight soaking/cycle with ultra sonic machine would do a decent job on them? That sounds pretty decent!? is there solutions you shouldn’t use in them? Or does it depend on the machine?
  4. Just wondering what you guys are using to soak your carbs in for a day or two? Here in Canada it’s hard to find solutions that are in a gallon can or so in size that you drop the entire carb into to dissolve the crap stuck in them from sitting. I see lots of stuff that’s sold in USA only online, but for us, we can only get an aerosol can size cleaner - at least that’s all I can find.
  5. Looking forward to see how it works this Spring! Nice job i was able to pick up some NOS 26” Firestone 23’ for my 982 - can’t wait to try them out!
  6. Neighbors likely thought you were nuts going in circles though! I do like your tractor though, nice with 4 post canopy.
  7. Triple R can likely hook you up with all you need. Mik's a pretty good guy, he knows his stuff. Anything i've seen pictures of, seems to take pride in his work.
  8. So my power steering hoses are getting to the point that i'm worried they are going to leave me stranded along the road. Time to change them out Is there a specific way of doing that? Or can I just remove them, put new ones on and then start up tractor and the system will recharge itself? Do i have to worry about bleeding air from the lines? The steering system is supplied by the Hytran in the rear end right? Priced them from IH and they figured they could make them cheaper with their hydraulic lines vs ordering them pre-made from IH. Anyone know a good source for that rubber wrap for around them to prevent them from rubbing on each other all the time?
  9. Nice score! Great price too! Always liked the smaller ones with fenders. Looked slick I have a #4, and it’s done a pile of work moving gravel, topsoil, and firewood since I’ve owned it. Agree it sits high enough to dump nicely. My two cents, keep it original and use it, store it inside when not in use, unlike previous owner, and it will last you a long time! Doing chores in style now!
  10. Didn’t think there was screws in the dash?!
  11. Nice. So how do these attach? Screw/bolt to dash? Can a regular travel mug fit into it? Maybe even a couple donuts when the wife shows up with them???
  12. Yeah MC seems to be decent too!??
  13. Nice! I like that idea. So basically get myself a good punch and a big hammer and would be all set! what are the belts like at either end, they normally decent quality like the old combine belts that they will last a while under normal use and not used to level ground out? I bet the rubbers in the front are one thing that would have to be sourced elsewhere other than IH and Shoup? Any of you guys have choppers with chains in the front instead of rubber? Does the chain seem to work better at keeping flying debris at bay than the rubber?
  14. There really doesn’t seem to be much on them to maintain as long as something isn’t bent and throws it out of whack. I would imagine as long as a person stayed away from the rocks, it should last for quite a while. Were the knives a PIA to change because they were on that short stubby shaft?
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