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  1. How bad did you get hit for Duties & Taxes on the items you ordered? Did UPS have their hand out upon arriving at your place to pay for it? Just curious. Had to do that once with some parts I ordered out of USA. I understood I had to, just caught me off guard when UPS guy had his hand out looking for $$$. Wish we had a good company like that in Canada!
  2. Well? Where are the pictures??????
  3. Looks good sitting in there. Glad you didn't mess up the gear box.
  4. Oh yeah, we want PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well now if you needed something to fix.... I have a list going here Steve, come on over! The beer is cold in the fridge!! Pretty sure I'm gonna agree with you. There is like NO room in there to work. I bet you'll curse a few times getting that torn down enough to "properly" weld it. Sad actually that they didn't do a better job on those small areas. Then again, maybe they thought the same thing - frig, this is a crap place to work - guess a couple tacks will do the job!?
  6. I know the feeling! These blowers are a bear to put on. I normally need a drink when done installing mine!🍺
  7. Just curious, what size belt you have on that? Seems to go down into the gearbox pully far? Or is it just my eyes? Also, your lift straps (one with multiple holes in the bottom) do you find that sometimes it over centers and you can't lift the blower? I've had to switch out straps in the past to stop the over centering from happening. Just wondering that's all.
  8. Will agree with all above, everything I've seen and heard about them - that's the GO TO place for any sort of quality decals.
  9. Those look sweet! And they are fitting on regular Cub rims okay, seating good I'm guessing. Like to hear a progress report from that member on how they perform and if they tear up the grass much. I know the Firestones 23' I bought do not. But they aren't quite as tall of a tread as these. I agree, not sure what to think of the tread design on the Carlise's - I would think they would fill up with mud and not clean well? Seem like something that would be on a skid steer for use in the barns or something, hard surface work. But hey, I am by far a tire expert. That I know! 🙄
  10. Like to see how those battery maintainers are set up. They just have a plug ran outside the hood like a block heater plug in??
  11. So when do we get to see the build thread of Snoopy??? 😁
  12. Salt damage. Trim in top of wheel wells would rot out if not properly washed out. Just like the cab corner that is missing. My bet, that has bondo in the wheel wells already??? '88 & '89 had the small headlights, always like them. They looked good on sport trucks back then.
  13. Sweet! Ummm, if you make a planter....I WANT ONE!!!
  14. Nice! I like it Steve, very cool. Thank you for showing that set up. I like what you're using for the template material, it will last you. Only have to make it once then! So you figure you will shut down the production line after this one? What is your next project?
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