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  1. Looks like a beast with that deck on it. I'm sure it would be a bear to install, about as much fun as installing a 450 blower. ??
  2. I had to replace mine on the 982 a couple years ago. Frig'n things ain't cheap!
  3. What are you guys using to top dress an established lawn? Drop seeder, slice seeder, or???..... Don't want to rip the lawn up, just want to trop dress it and fill in areas that will have all the dead weeds in after spraying them. Was hoping to buy/make something for behind my Cub.
  4. How about some pictures of this new beast you have? ? Everyone loves pictures!!!
  5. LOL, don't know this one man shop isn't exactly QUICK!
  6. Big job, yes it snow balled into more than I had planned
  7. Woo Hoo! It worked! Able to raise it and NOT hit the tire or drag on the ground when up in the air! Finally finished! Other than painting it once I know everything works the way I wanted it to. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll actually get to try them out. That is depending on just how much more rain we get this week. We were SO fortunate to get almost 3" of snow on April 30th and it was still around on May 1st. And well its VERY wet around here. Water laying everywhere. Not sure what the guys who already have corn in think of it. In the end, no figuring in the amount for the paint yet to be purchased - this was built for 1/3 the price of a new one. Is it as fancy, no for sure it isn't. But it certainly fits my pocket book a lot better than the one I'd get from a dealer. Fingers crossed it works well for me in the end. Needless to say, the shop needed to be cleaned up after this project!
  8. After some picking of brains again on Red Power about if I designed the wheels correctly and if they could lift the unit okay.... I started making some more progress. Now how the heck am I going to attach these baskets to this frame? These mounts for finger harrows I have sitting on the wagon should work somehow!? Man they do look awfully bulky? Is this going to be a heavy enough arm? Lets think on that and make up the arm pivots instead... Better get a tongue on this and get it so I can move it around. I know I have to get it outside before the wings go on otherwise it will never fit through the door! Before I move it outside, I might as well get the wings built and ready to install. I won't bore you with the time I went through (wasted) trying to figure out how to properly lift these wings from flat to 90'. OMG! Long story short, Red Power members came through again AND when you try to save money on a project watch out, it will bit you in the ass SO HARD you won't know what hit you! With the wings frames only, a 2" cylinder will just about rip them right off the main frame it whips them up so quick. Add some more weight to it (harrows) and well it is at least semi controllable. Add the framework for the baskets to it. They crap right out and won't even lift it with me helping them. Good Grief! Ever try to find 3"x8" cylinders (which to me is a very common hydraulic cylinder for most equipment) during a pandemic? Holy crap! No joking I called 7 dealerships to see who had two and what the price was. HA! The GREEN guys don't even stock hydraulic cylinders, they said to call one of the other local dealers. Massey Ferguson dealer, when they finally called me back almost 5 hours later, all they did was waste my time. "So you just want a regular 3"x8" cylinder?" Yes, just a generic off the shelf one. "Oh, well I have one off a White planter, I could have it here tomorrow, likely afternoon. That would be $460.00" Are you frig'n kidding me? I just want a regular hydraulic cylinder that everyone sells, I don't want to buy one from Agco! "Sorry, we don't stock something like that". Thanks for nothing! All the rest of them didn't have any and two of them were waiting on their stock orders to come in still. I called a hydraulic shop, that guy at least had one in stock. He wasn't sure when he could get another one in to match it though. OMG! When I worked in parts 20+ years ago we always had these in stock. I remember we'd get a stock order in of cylinders in January or so and it would be two skids full of them. All different sizes and we'd still have to order more by the end of summer. Guess times have changed. So needless to say I needed to order two from my local IH dealer for next day delivery just to make sure I'd have them to complete this job. Did some hydraulic hose work to the lift wheels. This is the wings up in the air with the 2" cylinders. Harrows installed on one wing. So I didn't have enough spring tooth harrows from the pony harrows to do the 2nd wing unfortunately. I used the ones I had on the wagon from the 496 discs when I bought them. Needed to nip the ends off them to shorten them up to match, but should work fine. When I wear them out I'll replace them from one end to the other with the same style. Then the rain showed its face. On and off for a few days. Time to make some parts for the baskets to mount them as well as more baskets!
  9. Now we are starting to talk...something with beef to it and that won't crumble after the first round around the field. The snow has finally all melted away and you'd think spring was actually here! Nice to be able to open up the doors and work. Man that was one long winter to be stuck inside for. Started figuring out just how these harrows were going to attach to this beefy frame. It wasn't too hard to get together, once I had the depth I wanted to end up at figured out. Next job, tackle these baskets and make sure this will work. If not, you just built yourself one heck of a set of harrows with fancy new tires on! Oh man, this better work or I'll never hear the end of it from the wife! That didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself! For the first time....scary!
  10. I've been wanting to get a set of baskets for a few years now to help out in spring to break up clumps and help level out the fields. Perhaps a bit too concerned about level fields compared to some guys - but I can't seem to bear seeing beans left in the fields in the fall because they have too many ridges in them. The perfect set up in my pea brain would be the harrows or buster bar in front of the baskets. "Lets look for something like that!" Needless to say, that was halted pretty quick considering a new set up was over $20,000 and well any used set up that was even worth looking at were pushing $14,000. Yeah, I don't think so! Was lucky enough to pick up a set of old pony harrows locally this past summer. Of course life got in the way and well I didn't get anything done with them last fall. So this winter I set out to build my own harrow/basket unit with the hopes that it would solve my field leveling issues as well as get rid of those nasty clay clumps in some of the fields that just never seem to go away no matter how hard you try! The original idea I had was to change out the wheel barrow tires for some real tires and then buy some baskets to add baskets to the rear frame. Just my luck, that idea got shut down real quick when the local J&M dealer wanted $3,500 for a 6' long, 16" diameter basket - and I still had to supply the bearings for it! Not to mention I still needed to build the framework that would hold this 6' basket. After I picked myself up off the floor, I walked away from that disaster waiting to happen and worked at another plan. Figured if a big company can charge that much for some twisted steel, I should be able to make a half ass attempted at making a basket. After all, I figured I could buy a fair bit of steel for $3,500 and burn up some welding wire too! Did I know anything about making a basket - NOPE! But I figured I might as well give it a try and see if I could teach myself something along the way. After a lot of reading, looking at pictures of different designs, and well likely out right bugging the crap out of people trying to gain some knowledge @Gearclash - I set out to build myself a harrow/basket combo unit. Started by building myself some new wheels and tossing out the dinky assed wheelbarrow tires. Picked up some hub/spindle assemblies from my local dealer and started building. I needed to pick the brains of a few forum members about a few things in regards to the sleeve for the spindle, but in the end it worked out. Knew going into this project there would be guys here willing to throw in their two cents and the wealth of knowledge that oozes from this forum is crazy! The welds aren't pretty, but considering I had only built a bench bottom and a ATV dump trailer in my life....I was hoping I'd improve as this progressed! HA! Wishful thinking I'd say.? Next was the basket! Since the weather was totally crap and I had over 2 feet of snow to move in order to get the harrows out to work on them, I'd work at this basket design I had in my head. After a lot of reading and research, I decided it would be in my best interest to get myself a plasma cutter vs paying someone to do all my cutting for this project. Yeah, that's a VERY long story on how I decided upon a machine and learn how to use one of those. Nope, never been near one in operation in my life. They certainly are a neat tool to have in a shop! @Mr. Plow is one heck of salesman and should be getting royalties from the plasma company! I had in my mind that I wanted to keep the design as cheap as I could but still make it strong enough to last and take some wear and tear. I settled on the gang bearings used in the IH-496 discs as my basket bearings. They were reasonably cheap and I knew what they could handle since I'd been using them on my 496 disc already. I wanted to stay away from a gang shaft through the middle of the basket in hopes that it wouldn't clog up with mud if I ever got into anything sticky and likely make it easier to get rocks OUT of the basket should they ever get IN? There will always be that one that will get in and you'll never get out I'm sure! I did a lot of head scratching on the jig needed to create the basket as well as the jigs needed to create the discs to hold the bars of the basket. After many versions of the jig for the discs, I finally settle on two that would work. I found that if I made all four discs the exact same, when I "twisted" the wear bar into place, it would raise away and not contact the end disc. Thanks to @Finney & @bitty I got it figured out and ended up having to make the inside discs smaller than the end ones. This would then allow the wear bars (at least most of them) to bottom out the way they should. This is where you find out that your plasma skills need to be good - I wasn't quite there yet! Guess that's why they make grinders!? I also needed to make some "blanks" for inside the disc so I could mount them to the jig since I didn't want to weld it up with the bearings in the end ones and well the center ones wouldn't have bearings in them. Then the fun began! Lets start cutting the notches for the wear bars.... This shouldn't be too hard!?? I hope! So the snow started to melt a bit and well my father was nice enough to stick the snow blower into a few banks to aid in removing it from its winter resting place and I landed the pony harrow inside and started to figure out how to make this work! Hmmmm...... Yeah, this frame isn't going to be strong enough AT ALL!!! What the heck was I thinking? I'd have to make my baskets out of balsa wood in order to make this frame work! So, lets just throw that original plan right out the window now. Time to rethink this and well, get something stronger. Yes, I think this is a little more in line with what I need.....
  11. Always so cool to watch your tractors work Steve. I could grab a beer and watch you work all afternoon! lol Tiller is looking good, nice job mating it up. Really think you should do a "how to" post on that one!!
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