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  1. You have got talent!!! what other new tractors have you been building lately?
  2. Oh you have to love wet holes that never seem to want to dry out! Lucky you don’t have wildlife moving in! Father has one field we call the duck pond for a reason! Every year the Canada geese and mallard ducks enjoy the freedom of their own pond in the middle of either beans or corn! I think he’s been able to work that hole once or maybe twice in the last 20 years! Mr. Plow, never get tired of admiring you Cubs & equipment! So slick! Hope you still have your semi-mount plow too?
  3. Doesn’t Shoupe carry them? I was looking for a 50 or 60 too but for corn stalks. Nice find, hope it works out for you. Be a shame to have to pull a GREEN chopper behind an IH, but around here it seems that’s all that is around for used! Yuck! Green machines are so boring!
  4. Nice find on the combine!! That planter you have under the tarp - how do you like it??
  5. We haven’t had much rain in the past month or so, so really not sure how this is possible. New fields I rented this year that’s sandy soil, planted June 13th (yikes that’s late!!), so was vey skeptical at getting much of a crop off it. If the kernels fill out on the cobs as good as the stalks have grown, I’ll be smiling come November! Now that we have had a little rain the beans are starting to look healthier too thankfully! I’m 6’ tall and it’s still growing!!!
  6. Hmmmm interesting! Not a bad idea for a government program!?
  7. Wow! I didn’t know of this unfortunate event, so sad to lose another knowledgeable IH enthusiast! Very sad. I wondered why I hadn’t read anything from in a while, wasn’t aware he was sick. Will certainly miss his input on the topics that interest us all, unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting him in person.
  8. Thanks. Test will be when I get the graphite on the bed and that load of topsoil next to my driveway gets moved! Pretty sure it will make stone picking next spring that much easier too!
  9. Very nice! Too bad about the ribbon attempt. Would have been very fitting for organizer (lost his wife a few years ago to it). They certainly had perfect weather for it though! Imagine the amount of cheese curds they went through over the weekend! They have curd festival this coming weekend in the same town! Yum!!
  10. Well, I ended up not bending the 14ga like I had originally intended - chose welding seams. Hopefully it will be okay! I have to coat the bottom with graphite paint to make it slip and do the rest of the frame too. Didn’t turn out too bad though for fist welding attempt.
  11. Well how did they make out?? Did they succeed? I wasn’t able to go!
  12. Have an old J&M gravity wagon that needs some repairs, the two steel bunks are starting to crack and rust out - its previos life wasnt exactly friendly! I bought two of them more sonfor the 14 ton running gear, but figure i can repair the boxes good enough to haul fertilizer for a couple years. Anyone ever rebuilt the bunks with box steel and had success when braced properly again? Planning on using 4"x6" box steel the same as what was under them before. Best part is the Horst runninb gear only has surface rust on them!
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