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  1. Looks good! Sweet set up. I bet @Mr. Plow would like to be out there giving you a run for your money!
  2. Just wondering how are these to be installed and used properly on the harrows? Think there is supposed to be a safety chain running from them back to harrows or harrow arm near spring end in case spring breaks??
  3. I don't have enough 3x3 left. Used 2x2 1/4" wall. It lifted it! Finally. Thanks guys. Cylinder wings are bought and installed. Used 2" for them. Working on stops for wings now. Then will do some more work on wheels.
  4. Ok, have to see what I have left in the pile? May have to be one of 3" and one of 2"??
  5. Ok, understandable about J&M's method. I have some 2"x2" 1/4" wall square tubing here I could use. Your finger editing does fine. Put it as close to where the cylinder attaches to the wheel arm, near the pin. That would work. No worries on being busy, your work is WAY more important than helping with my problems. I appreciate everything you and the others have had to offer me. Big help!!
  6. @bitty @Gearclash @Mr. Plow So if I run a piece of square or round tubing with like a 3/16" or 1/4" wall across from wheel arm to wheel arm say about 2 - 4 inches up from where the axle runs through the arm for the wheel, that should "tie" it together? Then I can synchronize the cylinders as suggested? The thing that is making me scratch my head - how can J&M get theirs to lift without the connecting steel between the two sets of wheels? Other than they are WAY more talented than me and know what they are doing!!
  7. Anyone have a picture of suggested way of tieing wheels together? Would have to be pretty side framework again wouldn't it to stop from twisting?
  8. Need some more help. 🤦‍♂️ 3"x8" lift cylinders on wheels, one each. How so I synchronize them to lift at the same time vs o e side then the other? Right now the two lines run to a Tee in middle of tongue before going to tractor. Also can I install a resistor in the lines to slow stuff down? Have tractor set as slow as possible and it lifts faster than I'd like. @Gearclash @bitty Others???
  9. Ok, will see how hoses react as I work at getting final fit.
  10. Got it to work thanks. Just need to replace mocked up design with something permanent. Thanks @Gearclash
  11. So cylinders I have can pull that wing at that low of angle? That would be awesome! Will give it a try! Thanks
  12. Was just doing test run on front beam before adding in a cross member to centre assembly front to back so it will raise evenly with same amount of weight front and back. Cylinders are 2"x8" with1-1/8" rod
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