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  1. We have TSC here in Canada that is hit and miss. Have one about 20 minutes from me that I leave frustrated from every other visit. Not having the things I want, even the employees are getting simple! 🤬. You’re dumb, come work for us! If I go to the one that is almost an hour away, in a bigger town, less farmers around that area too - I leave with what I want EVERY time! Explain that! The employees have a brain I their head too! Very pleasant and knowledgeable and can even speak in complete sentences!!! For me I find they are much more concerned about the customers needs that the one that is closer to me and more in the country. Sad actually! Fools wouldn’t know difference between paint and Kool Aid 🤬🤬🤬 We still have a small Co-op type store too thankfully and they have farm stuff - but nothing of interest for wife there. So she waits in truck when we stop there.
  2. I sure would like one for my garage - but my walls aren’t as nice as his let alone the space to be able to stand back and admire it! 🤦‍♂️ A collector around me has all the different series grills starting with the original hanging around his museum. Looks really good! Any time I go there I can get lost in there for hours!!!
  3. Was trying to stay away from another engine to maintain 😖 With a pull behind unit - could use with what ever tractor I wanted, not tied down to one specific tractor Steiner unit has both bristle brushes to pick up leaves/clippings which feeds it into a chamber where the steel times push them up into the tub above. Heck of a unit from what I can tell so far. Doubt it would pick up sticks real good because it feeds product through slatted bottom plate with steel tines??! 🤔
  4. They do look like a really neat machine. Well built, heavy duty I’d say?! I like the looks of them compared to a regular sweeper. Did you own one or just rent it for a bit? Found a guy on You Tube that did a few videos on it, he bought a used one. Good review, much more info than they have on their website 🤦‍♂️ I called a dealer in the are they sells their tractors, holy crap! I now know why there aren’t many around - $6200.00 Cdn plus taxes! I’m thinking this will become one of those items to be placed on the research list and attempt to build one! I can buy a lot of steel, drive chain, and brushes for six grand! Would be a fun project I think. Would certainly give the neighbours something to talk about. Lol. Sure some of them would think I was round bailing my grass and want to send me to the loonie bin!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ever been around these? Curious to see how they work, not a whole lot of info on web about them with opinions. Wonder how they are built to withstand test of time? Seem to be pricey!
  6. I like it.... unique conversational piece. Guy did a good job I'd say!
  7. Totally agree on the Cub book. Rachel is one smart cookie! Imagine when she gets old and grey the knowledge that woman will have starting out so young working on tractors! She had a monthly article in I think it’s Grain News or Country Guide. Great to see Ken teaming up with her 👍👍
  8. Can I be your friend!! Heck I can't even get a vehicle from my wife! 😉 let alone from a friend.
  9. So when you pulled it behind the 806 when incorporating fertilizer, did you find it covered your tire tracts well? You running duals or singles on the 806? I was thinking of doing that, final pass sizing the stubborn clumps and incorporating fertilizer - have duals on my tractor, but like, think it was Chris who pointed out some models may not cover up tracks well on damp conditions. I run into that sometimes with drill when planting beans, racing against wet weather and having to slam them into ground that isn’t really fit for planting, drill won’t cover up beans behind tires or sometimes can’t get into ground because it was packed too much from weight of tractor 😖😖😖 Again that is at the far end of spectrum, but under normal dry circumstances - tire marks aren’t an issue for you? Another question for you guys, found a few write ups on another forum about the rolling harrow leaving ripples in soil to the extent of calling them ridges. A few people actually stopped using the rolling harrows because of how it was leaving the surface of ground - anyone ever heard of or had this happen?
  10. How about a shot or two of that snow removal wagon!!!
  11. A beast it is!!! I found it hard to steer on the 982, and the 782 was crazy with it on. The tri-ribs helped A LOT! But to make it much better on your body, power steering is the way to go. 1872 helped with that.
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