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  1. Weight/rock boxes

    I think they would be handy. What size was yours on your 986? 20” square???
  2. Weight/rock boxes

    No one running rock box on front of 88 series tractors? Where the heck did ya’s find the weights then!
  3. Weight/rock boxes

    Since weights are pricey and hard to come by in my area, thinking of a rock box for the front of the 3688. Anyone have some pictures of theirs on 88 series tractors? How about dimensions, what’s the “normal” size of them? How thick of material are you guys using to make these out of?
  4. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    Ahhhh, ok. Can honestly say I have never seen a HP disc - or at least not knowing it was one anyways! This one was just a local welder who did it for him. Honestly, I think it was a young guy just starting out that he gave him the opportunity to do it - but don't quote me on that. Pretty sure that's what his son in law told me when I bought it from him after his passing. The son in law and the man's wife was selling off some of the machinery they wouldn't need. Guy used to be a dairy farmer, quite a good herd that was known for decent genetics. I guess that carried over to his equipment too!
  5. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    What these aren't stock? LOL. What's a HP? Previous owner modified this 496. He didn't like the "X" pattern that IH created, so he had a local welder do this up for him. I find its quite beefy and works well. You are correct - I haven't seen one set up like this before. Perhaps its his version of an RMX?? Not really sure. I like it though, works well on lifting the wings and they do have a bit of float (about an inch or so). Can see the pin on the wing where the cylinder hooks up is about center in the slot, so about an inch - two at the most that it could float back up if needed. I figured from what I had found when I had been looking for one (which were VERY FEW), this was the best bang for my buck - even if I have to modify it and narrow it up. I still have a local unit, in good shape, and a rock-flex model too. So if I ever decided to sell it, I would have that going for me as well.
  6. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    Finally downloaded the pictures of my plow I ended up buying. No regrets at all on this purchase!
  7. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    Here's the other pictures I was looking for before...
  8. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    I ended up getting a 9" spacing disc. I wanted a 7" but I couldn't find one in my price range, size, or in decent shape. This disc is actually a bit big for the 3688. Its a 25' wide one. I was shooting for a 19 to 20 footer. The price was resonable, very close to home, and well maintained. Plan is to modify it this Spring to bring it down to about 20 feet. I have to strip the wings and see if I can re-use the front gang bolt for the back or just cut all four of them to the proper length and re-thread the one end for the nut. Not sure which way I'm going yet. It got too wet and cold this fall to do anything with it yet. Now we are sitting here with about 16" or so of snow and -25 to -30'C temps this week. No way working with steel is going to get done! So maybe start working on it come January thaw time or something? The 3688 can pull them but I can't sink them down much more than about 3 inches or so. Some places I need to sink it a bit more than that, but I can't, will snuff out the tractor. I had the mechanic turn it up a bit so that helped a lot. But I'd rather pull a bit smaller disc and when I need to sink it down to get out some ruts OR I get into a wet spot - then I have the power to pull it out of there okay. No need of killing the tractor to save yourself an hour here or there. Time is in short supply come Spring - so last thing I need is to have the tractor in the shop because the disc was just too heavy. As far as leveling and cutting up stalks - great job! I had read some negative things about both the 3800/3900's as well as the 496's - but for me, fortunately I have not had the issues they had posted (mostly about leaving field ridged). The previous owner had modified the wing lift cylinders on the unit I bought - he didn't like the X pattern that IH had on them. I like the way he did it, makes it very easy to see what is behind you when on roads or backing into shed.
  9. 20’-24’ disk thoughts

    I have a 496, and it does a great job leveling and cutting up corn stalks!
  10. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    That’s entirely possible!!?? perhaps hind sight is 20/20 in this example?
  11. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    True, but everyone’s opinion is good to hear, may raise a few questions or points I never thought of. Read somewhere on line that a guy traded an old 900 series planter for a JD and kicked himself afterwards for doing so. Worst idea he had?? Wish he had explained why!
  12. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    How do you know when Yetter whippers are worn out? What is the measurement of them when new? What makes someone choose a JD planter over an IH or vice versa? Sort of torn between the two - looking at planter from each company (JD is a finger pick up though, not vacuum) and trying to decide which is better choice. Both need some work to get ready to go to the field. IH needs new fertilizer bins ( at least to our liking) so that almost $4500.00 by time we are done. Wear and tear parts to be replaced as well, not all but some. JD has all new fertilizer set up. Will need row units gone over and calibrated, likely more small stuff too. Both come in about $3,000.00 of each other for purchase price. Damn hard decision which one will do the better job for us in the end, which one is worth putting the money into over the other?? Do you guys find IH parts over priced vs the JD? Do you normally source them from Shoup or Messicks or do you go to your local dealer and pay a bit more for them and have the easy of getting them close by?
  13. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    Just wondering are the Yetter trash whippers on these planters supposed to touch, interlock, or be spaced apart? Went to look at a 1200 yesterday and they all were set at different spacing? So not sure is something bent or just spaced out wrong or has the wrong part on for some rows?
  14. 3688 .... mind of its own

    Now and again, my 3688 will slip out of high range when starting off from a dead stop. Can be under load or just the weight of the tractor - there is no consistency to it. I have hade it pop out of 1st gear while discing in the spring to hauling loaded or empty wagons in the corn. It will do it in 1st to 4th gear. It will do it now and again maybe two or three times and may not do it agin for months. Doesn’t matter if oil is hot or cold either? Am I looking at a shifter fork being worn out or is something spinning or slipping that shouldn’t be? Getting to the point of being annoying when it does happen. By the way, that shift lever hurts like **** when it takes you in the knee cap when it happens! 😡
  15. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    Differences in quality, longevity (under normal use), performance of Yetter vs Ausherman for the fertilizer openers? In pictures both seem to be fairly beefy, is one favored over the other for parts availability or other reasons? What about the small closing discs/finger tooth wheels, is there ever any issues with these not having enough pressure to keep them in the ground when no-till work is being done? Do they ever tend to ride up on the ground surface? I see there is a coil spring/shock type mechanism that they work off. The PTO pump to run these, they run about $4,000.00 for a new set up according to dealership. Is there much that can go wrong with these if already installed on a planter, or is it better to go the route of installing a new one on a planter that doesn't have them - to reduce the headache's of them not working properly? I am thinking there isn't too much to them, a pump, some hoses, and a reservoir for the oil? is it hard to keep the cooler clean to cool the oil properly? I see some are 1000 and some are 540, if a unit is found with a 1000 PTO on it, I can still run it off a 540 with the adapter can I not, or is it set up for that RPM only, and the proper size is needed? My tractor has both on it, but my father's only has 540 on it, that's why I was asking. Chain tighteners for the drive chains in the center to set your populations up - are they any good? Personally I hate the ones on the JD 7000's that you have the two plastic idlers that need to be tightened with a pry bar. I never found they would tighten properly or stay that way, even with a lock nut on the bracket. The ones on the 1200's seem to have a quick set method then just tighten them down, seems to be easy to use. No one ever finds they loosen with the vibrations and such in the field? Anyone find the marker arm discs need to be upgraded to the serrated ones and perhaps have more weight on them, or does the hydraulic cylinder keep them in the ground enough when doing no-till say into soybean stubble? I see some that have just smooth discs and others have the serrated ones that look like they would leave a heck of mark in the field.