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  1. I like your bead breaker! Never thought of using Dad's press for small tires. That's using your head for more than a hat rack!
  2. Hmmm.... good to know! Think I'm better off going with either the 27i from Hobart OR the Powermax 30 from Hypertherm by the sounds of it then! Thank you for the info. Just to confirm I'm reading things right - both Hobart and Hypertherm are made in USA correct, not China or some other foreign country?
  3. Had only heard of Hypertherm, the other two are new names to me. Will have to look at those too then. Thank you Yikes! Do tell. The more I read about them, the less I think I should be getting the 12ci? Might be just too light for what I would use it for.???
  4. Plan is to either use at my home shop or the farm when needed. No off site use or generator/welder going to be running it. Hypertherm units are nice, but too expensive for my needs. Won't be used every day by any means, just a shop tool for a few projects right now and then a tool in the arsenal.
  5. Anyone used/have a Hobart plasma cutter? Specifically the Airforce 12ci or Airforce 27i? Are they any good as far as cutting capability, quality of product, not that cheap Chinese crap? What is Hobart like in terms of quality of build, lasting equipment, prices of consumables vs other companies. Would have liked to stick with Lincoln products but WOW the price of their plasma cutters are CRAZY high! They rate the 12ci for up to 1/4" and the 27i for up to 3/8". CAN you cut thicker material with them? I'm assuming at a slower speed? Really like the 12ci model due to the fact is has an air compressor built in to the unit - but for the very odd time I'd need it to cut 3/8" steel - I'm wondering if it would work for the job? The 27i is a nice machine and will certainly do EVERY job I'd ever have for it - but it needs an external air compressor with a dryer and well it costs more. Thoughts, experiences, regrets? Thank you in advance.
  6. Wow, they both failed at the same time. Damn that's bad luck! Poor you!!
  7. So tried to price new U-bolts today - dealer tried to tell me that the U-bolts aren't original? Should be a $400 "clip" basically a half moon shape piece with two bolts going into them with nuts on. So over $600 later x 4 if I was to replace them all according to the parts diagram! LMAO, that ain't gonna happen! I am pretty sure I've seen lots of dual hubs set up like the one in the picture Dale supplied - I'm sure not everyone Jimmy Rigged them with U-bolts!?? Matt... as you can see by Dale's picture.... previous owner (before Dale) already screwed up the end of the one U-bolt by NOT using a nut on it. So that one is toast already - just a matter of getting it out of the hub. So heating up the U-bolt red hot isn't going to effect the strength of the hub? Thinking transfer of a lot of heat into it from U-bolt.
  8. That's the info I'm looking for! Thanks guys. Look at Dale go with the pictures, nice! ๐Ÿ˜ And the best way to get the U-bolts out of them is to just keep putting Liquid Wrench on them and soaking them to get rust freed up? Have one that is being a real b%#$h! to come out.
  9. Was VERY fortunate to have a set of axle duals given to me recently by a forum member.... Thanks Dale!! Anyone know the proper thread type/size for the studs to bolt the rim to the hub? I wanted to chase them but don't want to mess them up in the process. Need to get new U-bolts for the one side - hope to find some decent ones at a wrecking yard before having to buy new. Those are nice'n heavy - bet they charge a small fortune for them too!
  10. Great pictures Dale. Nice to see you got your 2+2 finally! Glad Hot Plug was able to help strap hay for you too, such a handy guy! Even if he doesn't know how to run a strap. Lol Sorry to hear about you Magnum crapping out - that sucks royally. We got rain here last night for first time in over a month, up to 3/8" so far and supposedly more on way? We too need it, no idea where beans are getting moisture from? Corn is looking sad!!
  11. What would PTO option bring if was sold separately?
  12. I ordered part number BKP6101052 from NAPA. Says it is 1.5 - 4.0 PSI. Facet number is 40104.
  13. Almost time to try it out, fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ Well, turn ignition on and it pumps fuel! Problem is it seems to leak out at the bottom of the breather elbow onto the top of engine. Shut gas off and tried to start - fired right up! Obviously filled the bowl with gas, it ran for a few minutes with gas off. Have to wait for it to cool down so can take carb off and see if it needs tightening? Hope the pump isn't too powerful and it over filling carb all the time!?!?
  14. Almost time to try it out, fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž
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