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  1. Get yourself a pretty woman to walk on your back every other hour - you'll need it! I did the entire upstairs of our house (minus kitchen and bath) and I was wrecked for a month afterwards. That's hard work when you're not used to it. Dinning room, living room, 3 bedrooms, hallway, and stairs, all done in clear maple. I stapled it with air stapler. That's a lot of swinging of a hammer and up and down getting pieces and cutting them to length. Its been down for over 10 years now. Other than normal scratched from animals or wife moving furniture when she has a new bright idea - it looks good. Glad I made the decision to put it down. I agree though, prep work is key - otherwise, don't waste your time or money if not willing to do the proper prep work.
  2. Can't help you with issue, but boy that's pretty sweet look'n tractor!!
  3. I actually never seen one yet with a rear PTO! Are you lucky enough to have any attachments yet Mike? Too bad they are so rare and attachments are so expensive, be nice to have PTO driven mower option or other stuff, heck we can all dream!
  4. Hope rear is easier to adjust than fronts are! Talk about having to stand on your head!
  5. Don't have a phone.... don't miss it either! Sticking with PC sitting on desk for email
  6. So I'm going to have to upgrade e-mail systems soon when I get rid of my dinasour of a computer. Currently have a VERY old version of Outlook. Talking to a tech guy recently and he suggested I use Thunderbird??? I guess the people who make Firefox has this e-mail program? Said it was similar to Outlook and was much easier to use than G-Mail or those if I have a bunch of files within my e-mail program which I do. Anyone ever heard of it? Any good? problems with it??? Thanks!
  7. Holy crap that seems like it would be heavy! I'd be afraid it would stand the tractor on end!
  8. Ok... a little more info on this set up! 3pth 12 row? How the heck ya lift it!? what ya got going on out front? Conveyor belt for your rocks you pick? :O)
  9. Nice set up! Gotta love looking at Old IH!
  10. I bet you'll curse if they cancel the auction Dale! :O) I see a bunch on auction fever are canceled due to virus. Good luck if you do get to bid on it!!
  11. Trucking along, no pun intended? Great to hear she is doing good!
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