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  1. If you turn fan on inside the cab .... it will likely disappear. It pressurized cab. I find my 3688 will get fumes too, from blow by tube. It comes in around the gear shifters on mine. Don't know if there should be any insulation in there but would be home for nice over winter, so as long as my fan works, it solves my issue.
  2. No I don't have 3 pth on my 982. Just a sleeve hitch. Works well for my 12" furrow plow though. 982 size for me is great, not all cramped up, lots of leg room and doesn't feel tippy either when mowing ditch. Lots of weight to keep it planted on the ground.
  3. New starter is over $500.00 from Kohler. The seal is nothing, $25.00 for it is fine. Two nods towards DB Electrical, I'll check them out and see what they have for the Mag 20's. 👍
  4. I'm trying to weigh my options of putting more money into a used motor that I'm not sure will crap out or not in the coming months? I spend a quarter of the price of a new motor or not. I called Kohler dealer to get price on a new motor with the specific request to get one that I could use the clutch off the Mag - it's not very old and a way of saving money. I was told they don't have a motor with a crank to fit my clutch. I never knew a bushing was an option, never heard of anyone using one for them. It's not a matter of making it harder, it's an attempt to do it right the first
  5. This one is black, but from Singapor or something. Have it written down in garage, just can't remember which foreign country it's from? So far sounds like my starter isn't worth fixing, so likely going to have to grin and bare it for a new one 🤦‍♂️ So far most new Kohler I've looked at won't either fit into 982 or my clutch won't fit new crank. Good grief! What other Cubs models had an 18 to 25hp horizontal motor that would fit into a 982? Incase I can find one cheap enough. Hopefully it would have correct size clutch to keep using my belt drive attachments and the belts st
  6. So a new starter from Kohler here is $550.00 with taxes. 😱 Flywheel side seal is $25.00 with taxes. Dog on stuff!!!
  7. Well this is what I found when flywheel was removed - safe to say seal is gone on back of engine? Everything is coated with crap, think its had a leak for a while?
  8. Yeah, I couldn't see you just jumping into it and driving. Nice to see, you as well as some others actually care what goes out on ground and what goes in tank! Man there are a lot of bad operators out there!! So many guy have no clue what they are losing because they never get out of that seat, such a waste. Combine is look'n good Danny, nice to see your old truck made it to the field too 😁
  9. Where are you guys getting good drill bits for steel these days? Can you get any decent ones from places like Amazon? Been looking for a nice set for years, always end up with crap, low quality junk. No matter how much cutting oil is used with them, they would have a hard time drilling butter!
  10. Now that a good point, Hendrix was good too! Myself, with or without Haggar in the band, they are a great band to listen to - but ya gotta have good speakers, and crank 'me up to 10! Sad to see the legends go. 😕
  11. Ok, seen those holes on flywheel. Assumed they were meant for removal but wanted to confirm. 👍 I'm guessing the starters were off shore brand, wouldn't be lucky enough to get N.A. made product for that price?
  12. What gauge of steel were the IH box blades made of that were sold to fit the 82 series tractors? Been toying around with making one for the 982 since I can't find a front mount blade in my area for a reasonable price. Main reason for it would be either snow in winter if ATV breaks down and for topsoil or gravel. Certainly wouldn't be used every day by any means, but wanted a sturdy, realistic version if I built one.
  13. So I had to remove my Mag 20 from my 982 today, seems like rear engine seal is toast (I think??). Always have an oil spot on floor at back of engine and the mounting plate always has oil on it. When I removed the shields from back of engine once on the bench, think that's the problem. Unless there is a gasket that is on back of engine that is gone? Entire inside of shields on back of engine is splashed with oil being thrown around 🤦‍♂️ So what is the proper way to remove the fly wheel, a very large wheel puller? Is it safe to put a wheel puller against the drive teeth on the fl
  14. What about Ray Weaver in PA? He always has stuff around it seems.
  15. Didn't remove old bearings yet. But the new ones aren't same size as the tube they need to go into. IIRC, they aren't even as thick? Will look again in morning. 🤷‍♂️
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