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  1. Ok.... so Ad says: Engine bearings replaced, has about 10000 hrs, rear axle seals replaced, 4wd, duals.... Then additional info: Nothing else has been done to engine The transmission shifts well. I had The accumulators charged that dampen the shifting between clutch packs. Yes it has 42 rubber on rear about 40% left. Front tires are done. Hydraulics work well but tractor has small leak at rear of engine Cab is a 5 out of 10 Headliner is sagging a bit Fuel gauge and alternator gauge don’t work. ..... would you? run, walk, scratch head,... 7120 hmmmmm
  2. Woo hooo!!! I’ll bring the beer if you still have cake!? hope yes’s has a great day!
  3. Agreed, rear rims look good, nice job on centres!!👍👍 Wonder what it would look like with wider fronts on it 🤔 Nice tractors for sure, be fun to have that one as a mower. Look forward to more pictures
  4. That 244 looks slick! Like the size of back tires too. So when do we get a walk around of it? Pictures, we all love pictures!!!!
  5. That’s nuts! Damn green machines are boat anchors! And I thought wet clay was fun to get stuck in here in Ontario😱. Certainly puts a damper on getting that field finished before turkey 🦃 dinner!
  6. Anyone see what the Magnum sold for today? They had a 7120 there that was in decent shape in pictures - listed at $80,000.00 Cdn. https://www.agdealer.com/pages/view-listing.cfm?Case-IH-7120-Tractor-970841&SearchID=281124699&PageNumber=2&PortalID=10353&startrow=1&Act=EQUIPVIEW&listpage=/pages/index.cfm&ID=970841
  7. To my knowledge, Trygg chains were the only ones to have the little stubby tips attached to the chain itself, making them like little studs on the cross chains. Absolutely rip ice appart if you start to spin with them. My Grandfather had a set for on his Massey 65 when i was a kid. That was his tractor with the loader and blower on for snow removal. No cab, who could afford that back then! Was just great to have TWO tractors. Had a Massey 35 as well. Used the 65 to lean the yard and almost 1/2 km lane. Ther ived on top of hill, so lots of drifts and blown snowy icey crap to deal with to get milk truck in the lane. He always said those chains were the best for traction? Was just a curiosity question. Chains i have from Miller Tire work well - no complaints. Definately need chains though around here for snow duty!
  8. Good info! Now to find two tractors at a reasonable price, ahhh have to love a challenge
  9. Jotul is what we have now, made in Norway and if I remember correctly warehouse is in CT area? Nice cast stove, easy to start and has a glass door. Works great for us in the finished basement - can warm house up nicely on a cold night! Used to have a Vermont Castings that we bought almost 20 years ago. It was a great stove too, wore it out and parts for the inside were crazy price and hard to get - ceramic/clay type inserts for rebutting would crumble. Worked well to burn efficiently, but crap materials to last. Have it sitting in garage now with intention of relining some day and use in garage? Maybe ?? It’s a boat anchor that’s for sure, but boy does it heat a house! Personally I like a cast stove instead of a steel so it can radiate heat longer after fire goes out - steel stove will cool down a lot quicker. Nice if away for day and it burns out. Come home and it’s still warm, throw some kindling in on coals and away you go again! Mind you, I only burn ash and oak for the most part and some maple too. All my wood is free, cut it along tree lines in field. Have about 10 more ash trees to cut up this winter thanks that damn bug. Nothing like cutting down an ash tree that is big enough to give you three or so cords of wood without even trying! Who needed shade trees anyways! 😡 Good luck on your search!
  10. Where do you find good hydraulic drive motors strong enough to drive them though? The ones from wrecked Case garden tractors around here... holy, they want your first born!
  11. Ok so for you guys who are good at fabrication - where is the best place to source hydraulic drives for front and rear axles for garden tractors? I’m talking like the ones that Case supposedly used on their garden tractors - from what I understand they were the only ones? Not sure about that info though. Does anyone know what Steiner drives their units with to make them 4wd? Always wanted to build a compact 4wd garden tractor. Would really like to have a Steiger version but that might be a bit difficult getting the articulation correct for first try! But I guess we all should aim high in life!!! I have read write ups of guys using Cub axles but running into issues with things not turning fast ehough and as well in opposite directions ???
  12. Just curious - anyone ever seen Trygg chains that would fit a Cub? Just sitting here thinking it would be a beast if loaded tires and a couple wheel weights, slap on some Trygg chains and then add my far a$$, would make winter work a breeze!!!
  13. I’m posting this to help understand the odd feeling.... I sent my resignation letter to Chief this morning after over 20 years on a volunteer FD. It was extremely difficult to write the letter and hit send. Why is that? I feel really weird right now. The wife said it’s because it’s a big drop in my life and I’ve been doing it a long time. I’m giving up the dangerous stuff and the hard work of doing training (been a training officer for over 15 years and a Captain for almost 6 years now). I’m sure that’s part of it, just really weird feeling??? Will I miss the department and fellow members - yes for sure. Just didn’t think it would feel like this. Maybe because I’m not a person who often shows emotion about things like this? Is it just me or have others in my situation felt like this when hanging up their hat, or in this example their helmet?
  14. What’s with your 3pth lever??? 😱. That’s kind of crazy!
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