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  1. Just wondering, did CIH use the same base frame to build both the 496's & 770's? They look like they are VERY similar? Or did they need to beef it up a lot for the 770 models (thicker box steel). Did they ever make a rock-flex version of the 770's, as I've only seen ridged gangs?
  2. Holy crap, details!! Just another fine example of the caliber of knowledge floating around this forum! I wish I knew half of the things you have forgotten in your life Danny. 😔
  3. We like our 1640, and we aren't big acre farmers.
  4. Disc chisels.... Anyone know the differences between a Sunflower model 4212 & 4213 disc chisels? I'm assuming structural upgrades? Anyone know what specifically? Wonder if should be looking for one model vs the other? Also, anyone know if you can drop of chisels on a 7 chisel model to say 5 or 6 and still get good incorporation the full width of the unit? Thinking from stand point of lower hp tractors. Sunflower site says 20hp per shank min.
  5. Was thinking a 5 or 6 shank would be a safer bet, but yeah I am thinking as you are. I guess one reason I am sort of leaning towards a Sunflower model was dealer not far away for parts, re-sale value (???), and the reputation of well built equipment.
  6. We don't have hills to climb here, the odd sloped field but that is it. Have about 40 acres of heavy clay, but otherwise it is clay/loam to loam just like a garden. Seems like a 5 shank is the size for us if going with disc/chisel set up like a Sunflower 4213 or something along that line. Doubtful I will find one that size around here so far. Likely too small for guys here. Be nice to find one that wasn't beat to death. Once I overcome the hp to pull through our soil, it's just the trash cover up will be next. Seems a disc chisel would deal with corn trash best?
  7. What is the average hp required to pull a disc chisel in the fall, semi wet ground (clay/loam) through corn stalks? I say semi wet ground cause it always seems to be wet in the fall by the time tillage comes up after corn. We never seem to luck out and get 15* weather and have that Indian Summer show its face. Heck, we seem to get to see Old Man Winter actually with some of the white stuff scattered on the ground!
  8. I'd be throwing it behind an MTX120 McCormick. What you running the chisels at about 6 to 8 inches deep? Or you guys running them deeper?
  9. Doesn't the chopping heads use a decent amount of fuel/hp to run? Sad part, there really isn't anything wrong with our head or the chopper. Especially now that the chopper has complete new set of knives on it. I'd be scared to see what a chopping head is even worth to buy! 😮
  10. .... Oh, brain is working over time now! Soil Saver - Glenco is the same thing as a disc chisel, just a fancier marketing job? glencoe soil saver - Search Images (bing.com)
  11. Clarification please.... Disc chisel, you're talking like the Glenco unit posted above or a White 445 unit that has the row of straight discs in the front and then twisted shovels on HD shanks in the rear - correct? Or you suggesting something like these: Sunflower 4411-05 Disc Ripper BigIron Auctions - but in proportion to the tractor being used of course. Dumb question... On stalks that have been chopped with head or chopper - best way to work them is with the rows (or what used to be a row) or cross ways/diagonal? Any difference with NON chopped stalks for the direction of travel. I'm talking from stand point of what people have found where it plugs the least and stalks flow through best and don't bunch up. I'm assuming with rows or slight angle, but going to ask anyways.
  12. Chisel plow just collected stalks and left in clumps randomly. Tried different chisel spacing as well as ground speed. Maybe because of us using chopper on it first, just too fluffy. Even waited until after rains in hopes of making stalks sticky or packed down again to the ground, nope. Now with your Glenco, you'd have the straight disks up front, that may be bonus, we only have the shanks, no discs.
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