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  1. Honestly, not sure if it can even be done and be spaced out properly. I only have basically 7 shanks to fit in at least 8 feet of space (minimum needed to cover tractor tire path) I'm going to guess about 10" - 11" or so apart? The next task might be to find the proper shanks at a reasonable price too so they were all the same style/length, etc. I was looking at the older IH disc chisels, but I have not found one narrow enough, most I have found near me are 9, 11, 13 shanks which everyone has already confirmed are too many for my tractor. I am going to assume getting a shorter disc gang for the front will be a bit of PIA - although I should see if I can still buy them from IH or not to cut one down into the width of a 7 shanker? Hmmm.... I detect a summer project added to the list possibly!
  2. It already has the discs up front.... would just need to remove the parabolic off the back as they would be way too big I'm sure? Just thinking out loud....
  3. That SOB takes everything he can get! We won't go there..... don't want someone to shut down thread on basis of political stupidness! 😡
  4. Well now that's certainly a nice offer, what does distance have to do with anything lol.
  5. Its only 2wd, so limited to what I can do in the fall in terms of tillage when the corn is off. Like @ChrisNY said, we have normally wet, cold falls here.... and the later it gets, tillage is tough. The 3688 might be getting a For Sale sign in it honestly. As much as I want to keep it.... I have to justify having a tractor sit in the yard when I'm driving the McCormick. Mother and Father can't drive it as they dislike getting into the front hinged doors 😀 I have not been successful in getting my wife or son in the field to do tillage.... daughter I think would like to, but she has NO time with a full time job and running a business on the side. If only I could teach the cat to drive a tractor instead of sleeping all day!
  6. Tractor Data says 106hp on PTO and 86hp on the drawbar. I think it does pretty good on the drawbar if its tested at 86 hp and I was yanking almost 30 ton of corn out of the sod yard last fall when it was wet in the fields. I was impressed with it. So not sure if I was just lucky or what, but it sure made it nice to be able to pull those 3 wagons vs the normal 2 wagons to the elevators when the line up was long and we were racing against the snow that was coming way sooner than we wanted. I know I wouldn't have pulled 3 wagons out of corn field, but when loading them on the sod area in front of the shed next to the field, it was great. No gravel underneath until I got the the dead end road. I know the Maxxum 110 (with loader on) would have its hind end full to pull the same loaded wagons. So far, other than little sensor/switch issues - I have nothing to complain about that McCormick I was lucky enough to find. Sure it would have been better if it had IH or CIH on the side of it - but hey, beggars can't be choosers!? I just wish there were more around, so I could get more owners feed back on stuff. Don't think many were sold around where I am, certainly don't see them. Can count on 1 hand the number of farms I even see a McCormick tractor of this vintage on.
  7. Parabolic shanks are those big suckers a the back in the picture above that has the wide center tip and then the two "wings" on either side. My understanding, they are meant to bust up compaction or "shatter" it. Does it work - I can't say. I know I've heard of many people using them. Is it just a marketing ploy, possibly!? I know it takes horsepower to run them. In my example, I was thinking of removing them in an effort to "have" the hp to pull the unit with just regular 4" twisted shovels. Maybe a pipe dream!? @TroyDairy One think you have to remember, we don't have hills here - aren't you right in the hills there out West? I would hope if I didn't have the parabolic shanks on it would do a decent job with the 4" twisted shovels.... heck, then I'd be adding only the disc gang and some much stiffer shanks vs what we have now. Would hope that would be enough to turn the soil black and still leave a little bit of trash on top for winter?
  8. Case IH 6750, what about if removed the parabolic shanks and just put regular shanks on it, would I be able to pull a 7 shank set up in normal conditions?
  9. I've shortened the threaded part of the 3pth and well, I've got it hooked to the planter and up enough to get the jack stands off the ground so I could plant..... still need to get it fixed though. Hopefully after today/tomorrow I will have time to look at it more and not be afraid of taking it apart. Hope to be done spring work soon. Cycling the knob, readjusting, toggling toggle switch.... nothing worked unfortunately.
  10. So you say high limit alarm....like my arms a physically too high and I need to adjust them before hooking up to the planter?
  11. Light is on solid on switch. It's back to being pain. Will try other suggestions from you both.
  12. Tried it this morning using only the one switch on fender outside cab, it worked ok. Didn't dare try others ad I need to use tractor all day. Could a defective switch, or short in one of outside switches make system mess up.
  13. Wondering if anyone knows about these electronic 3pth switches on the Mccormick's and their attitude. Mine recently started to stay lit up and now I often can only use the buttons on fenders to raise and lower the arms or some times they do not work at all? Not sure if it's something internal or the switch is bad or what.. the little display panel shows an "H" on it, but manual says nothing about that. Just talks about a "O" and a "-". Service guy is coming next week to look at it, but makes hooking a 2pth planter up interesting. When I do get it to move, mostly with fender buttons or pushing internal button to raise and leaving it in that position for 5 or 6 seconds and then returning to middle position, arms only move an inch or so??
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