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  1. Sick, and still a great look’n tractor!
  2. Radials. Tire guy I bought them off and had mount them aired them up to spec for that tie size doing road running and field work both Keeping mind I didn’t want the tread to wear off them in the firs month. Traction has never been an issue, for the most part until I get in wet situations and don’t have that extra to pull me through
  3. Further West you go, supposedly the worse it gets. Eastern Ontario has nice syrup, but Quebec has the best, better environment for it and they have maple trees coming out their ying yang! Few years ago heard of them going around stealing trailer loads of it from truck stops - became as hot of a commodity to steal as copper and aluminum
  4. Good luck!!! It’s good beer but it’s VERY hard to find in Canada. Guy at beer store just says yeah, we don’t have it! How about ordering some! Heck they had it last summer!!! Fools
  5. Well it seems the 5x88 4wd assembly would be out of the question then! Duals yes, tire size - 18.4x38 Firestone 23’. New a couple years ago - tread is still basically brand new! The biggest issue I’m running into is not being able to work untiled land or do some plowing or hauling wagons in fall when conditions are not the greatest - times when I have no choice to do the job. So end up having to get father to do it with his 4wd Maxxum. Ran into it twice this year - about 30 acres needed to be opened up with cultivator to get air to it so could start to dry (to get rid of that crust on top from winter). He did that and next day I could work it with discs and 3688 no problem. But as you all know this spring sucked and you didn’t have much chances to let the ground dry out another day or so to work. Every time we turned around, we were rushing to get it done before rain came again, much worse than other years. Just crap luck we were able to finish up the last 75 acres this past weekend because we had four days of nice weather, first time this year that happened in a row! Will next year be better - we can all hope it will that’s for sure. Gut feeling, this fall is going to suck, just like it did a few years ago - so it’s gonna be snotty moving wagons out of corn fields I bet! Was really hoping to figure out a way to make life easier, and if can keep 3688 that would be even better. But again may be a pipe dream! Maybe I can hire a team of horses to hook to front end to give me more traction and oomph!
  6. Ed you think the Elwood do turn sharp enough? Dale, you say your new tractor doesn’t or just doesn’t compares to the Magnum? Seen a 5088 for salvage listed in a farm paper recently - that’s what got me thinking about switching front ends. I like the 2+2’s for sure, but can’t justify spending money on one to sit around and only put 20-30 hours on each season for the wet times. The units with Elwood’s on, what’s different in terms of the pivot casting or where the drive line goes into the transmission? Or was everything completely different set up?
  7. So what is the difference between 7110 & 7210 models? According to Tractor data they are same hp? did they maybe do the rear end upgrade in the 72xx series?
  8. Magnums have 540 on them as well as 1000? anything you do not like about Magnums?
  9. Yeah I definitely don’t want to have a tractor that needs 10 acres to turn around. How much bigger dimension wise is a Magnum? Someone once told me to stay away from a 7110 model, can’t remember the reason. It was a mechanical issue that just wasn’t nice. Old age sucks when it comes to remembering important info! budget - cheap as possible! Certainly don’t have $75,000 to spend on a tractor- and the older the better to a certain extent. I don’t like the idea of plastic when it comes to a farm tractor. Roads and fields are rough, my luck plastic would blow up on me first cool day it gets used!
  10. Any ever put/or is it possible to put the 4wd off a 5X88 on a 3688?? While attempting to finish planting this 2019 Spring from **** that never seems to dry up - thinking a 4wd would certainly make things much easier!!! Don’t really want to part with the 3688 if possible - but running into too many situations where 2wd just won’t cut it. Getting tired of waiting on my father to come along to do the job with his 4wd Maxxium. Thoughts? OR If I do have to part with the 3688, what tractor model would be comparable in size/HP/weight/etc? Would only buy an IH or Case/IH - so you blue and green guys can just keep your thoughts to self - you won’t convert me!!!
  11. That’s a sweet looking loader! How thick of material is it made of? Any chance of seeing pics of the pump set up ? Be really nice to make a loader one day when have more time on hands! Do you find your Cub light in the rear end when loading up the bucket? How is the steering on it when loaded?
  12. Just curious, eyelets on bottom side are to put rod through to hold together??
  13. Carl, looking good! Nice job! So how do you ship out those weights and bracket? Be interested in getting a set for 982 sometime. Just a fellow Eastern Ontarioight here! Bet up there you likely still have snow on ground!! Your tanker, did you build it from scratch? Does function like the life size one? I’m guessing you use it in the garden? You have a great collection, nice to see!
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