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  1. Look at all the RED! 😁 I can smell the BBQ now.....🍺🍺 Sign us all up for shop tour!
  2. Opened up the floor last night. Wow, talk about a build up of spring work dust and crap! Cleaned it up and found the linkage...Liquid Wrench to lube everything up. Blew some built up crud around the base of lever inside the cab too. Seems to move freely? Will try out for a bit that way, may need to do round two if penetrating oil ? Thanks for the help guys
  3. Well doesn't that suck! Does the cover come off without having to drain any hyd fluid? Sou ds like a trip to dealer to get a few print outs on removal and what should or should not look like.
  4. Interesting. Ok, I will lube it up good. Only reason I brought it up was I find I have to reef on lever as it seems it doesn't fully engage when on slope? The lever moves fine, not sticking or dragging. Just thought it was out of adjustment. Some times makes me nervous when unloading at elevator.
  5. Neat. Do you know what name of drones he uses? Do you know if he uses his phone to control, or does he have a separate receiver and screen on his controller?
  6. Are all drones prone to suck life out of battery quickly? See a lot of reviews saying only 1/2 hour battery time? Seems short.
  7. With harvest season upon us, I wanted to make sure my park brake is working correctly more so than ever. Unloading at the elevators demands you have good brakes to hold wagons over pit properly since the one unload lane is on a slope. Looked through my manual and it doesn't tell me how to adjust the brakes - at least I can't find it. What is the proper procedure for adjusting the park brake leaver for the 88 series tractors? No special tools needed I'm assuming just a wrench likely?
  8. Any of you guys up on drones for use in ag? Been asked to poke around and get some info on them. Easiest to use Things to look for when buying Clearest videos/pictures Do they all need to link to a phone? Total newbie here, so any info would be very much appreciated. Price range- up to 5k
  9. Looks like a beast with that deck on it. I'm sure it would be a bear to install, about as much fun as installing a 450 blower. ??
  10. I had to replace mine on the 982 a couple years ago. Frig'n things ain't cheap!
  11. What are you guys using to top dress an established lawn? Drop seeder, slice seeder, or???..... Don't want to rip the lawn up, just want to trop dress it and fill in areas that will have all the dead weeds in after spraying them. Was hoping to buy/make something for behind my Cub.
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