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  1. Has anyone out there worked on a John Deere 494 corn planter? The 20 years I have had mine I never gave a thought as to how it worked, just kept it greased and it planted my corn & soybeans every year. I got half way done planting beans this week & something broke & it stopped planting. & not understanding how it functions I'm at a loss. I know when lowered it engages the drive sprocket on the right side of the gear box & turns the square shaft that turns the seed feeders & when raised it disengages the lower drive sprocket. I took off the chain & the lower drive sprocket turns freely in both up & down position not turning the square shaft. I'm thinking in the down planting position something in the gear box should be engaging this sprocket so it does not free wheel on the shaft & that is what broke. Also I can not understand how the drive chains on the wheel hubs engage the gear box when the planter is lowered to the planting position. Don't know if these photos will help explain what I'm talking about, thanks for any knowledge you have from your personal experience with this issue.
  2. 1941 Kansas farmer & 1958 A model Gleaner still harvesting the soybeans in 2019!!
  3. Ten years ago I painted my 1947 Farmall H & it's cultivator, my 1951 M, my two 1953 Super H's, my 1970 826 Gold Demonstrator & my McCormick 1-PR corn picker. They have all been used farming ever since so needless to say they don't look this good anymore.
  4. My dad putting up loose hay in the late 40's in Kansas with our Farmall F 20
  5. I'm 80 yrs old and looking for advice on replacing the fuel leak line part # 3055741R91 on my 1970 Farmall 826 diesel with a D358 engine as it is leaking at two of the hose fittings that connect the line to the assy. that attaches to the top of the injectors. Has someone out there replaced this line that can give advice on the steps I need to follow removing the old line & replacing it with a new one??
  6. Lack of preventive maintenance on my 1970 Farmall 826 Gold Demonstrator cost me $650 in parts because of a missing .50c bolt, I was clearing a creek crossing & didn't realize the front axle pivot pin retaining bolt had worked out of the axle yoke & pivot pin allowing the pivot pin to work half way out of the axle center tube which twisted breaking it in half. I had to skid the 826 on the bucket in reverse a half mile to the barn where I could work on it. Had to replace the axle center tube, one knee & one tie rod assy. & used the better part of three days labor taking it apart & putting the new parts back on. Expensive lessons are remembered!!!
  7. No, not backfiring, but as you advance the throttle to full throttle it will show flames 2-3 inch out of the exhaust pipe. Every thing normal at idle.  

    1. Reichow7120


      Sounds like it's running rich to me. A backfiring issue is a timing issue. 

  8. Found this 1970 Farmall 826 at a farm sale 12 years ago, it had sat out in the weather so many years the factory red overcoat was so thin you could see the gold coming through. I farmed with it a few years before restoring it. Kept the original paint on the undersides of the sheet metal so if I ever sell it I can show it was a original Gold Demonstrator. Have farmed with it ever since, so needless to say it doesn't look this nice anymore!!
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