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  1. Cattech

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    Someone finally found a way to see out of a 66 series cab.
  2. Cattech

    Red Bull and cow milking don’t go together

    A Red Bull or one of its friends is handy the day after a lift too much Jack or Jim 😩 🤤
  3. Cattech

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    Thought the Hitching Post was considered the biker bar - Rollie's is where they go now. If the place your refering to is the same one I'm thinking, (just east of Hwy 10) then no, it was torn down yrs ago. You would barely recocognize that area, it has really grown. Many high end housing developments & Hwy 23 is lined with businesses almost all the way out to the Hwy 95 intersection. 23 is now divided 4 lane all the way to Foley.
  4. Cattech

    Park lock on manual truck transmissions?

    Probably was just to sell more automatics. They were always an upcharge, but the trans itself was no more expensive to build.
  5. Cattech

    Hmm wonder if it's true...

    Never seen that before, imagine if someone tried to run an ad like that in today's PC world! I find it hilarious, but I guess my sense of humor is outdated for the times.
  6. Cattech

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    Steve in the service office. After 5 I'm the only one in there, just drive in the gate and enter through the small atrium on the east side of the shop. If I'm not in the office, just wander around until you see someone in a white shirt. Our shop is pretty informal and customers are welcome to look around. LOL, I'm not going to say anything about Bonanza, quit going there 20 yrs ago for gastric reasons. They've probably changed a bit. The Hitching Post became Rollie's a long time ago. The place got even better.
  7. Cattech

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    Head just east of St. Cloud on 23 and stop at Rollie's. They cut their own steaks in house and have lunch/dinner specials every day. Plus the place is something to see, as an example - they cut the face off a cabover and used it as wall art. Don't be afraid to stop in at Ziegler just off I94, I'm there 3pm - midnight and will give you a tour if your interested. We have a ton of equipment in the yard right now.
  8. Cattech

    No, don`t want to die today

    There's why I should have bought every one I could find, they were nearly giving them away in the early 90's. Notice 80 people watching it too.
  9. Cattech

    Shooting down a drone

    Here's something to consider, many police, sheriff, fire dept are buying very expensive drones - I heard like $85k! They are using them for search and rescue among other things. Something tells me the destruction of one would not go over well for the person who does so. But, lets say you drop that drone buzzing your house and get away with it.... Then hear on the news they were looking for the neighbor's kid, or an elderly gent with Alzheimer's that wandered off, and they found the poor soul, deceased in some nearby drainage ditch. And it is reported that had said drone not been shot out of the air they would have found them in time. Unlikely yes, impossible, no.
  10. Cattech

    No, don`t want to die today

    I used to see a few of these at various swap meets. Wish I would have had the foresight to buy every one of them as they are rather rare and quite collectable to the right people these days. As a useable snowmobile, they are actually quite worthless. I wouldn't be to worried about getting hurt as they don't have enough power to get rolling at a speed that might be dangerous.
  11. Cattech

    Shooting down a drone

    A little common sense goes a long ways here. You see a drone flying above your property one time and go running for a shotgun, you may be a little unhinged yourself. There are many reasons it may be there and have nothing to do with you. Surveyors, contractors, real estate agents are all using them. And they usually aren't flying a $150 toy, but more like a $5000+ tool. If it becomes a regular invasion, happening multiple times, you may want to investigate who is flying it before shooting at it. Since they are run by line of site for the most part, there is a good chance you can find the operator and politely ask them not to fly in your private space. There is just as much chance it's your neighbor's kid's Christmas present as somone with nefarious purposes. I doubt many people here want to be known as the A'H'l neighbor who shot up little Johnny's Christmas dream toy. I could see taking one out if it is buzzing your windows or spying on the wife or daughter out sunbathing. But, for the most part, I just see a legal hastle a person would just as soon avoid. As others have stated, we are getting video recorded many times over in any given day. It may not be right, and a little unsettling, but there isn't a **** of alot we can do about it.
  12. Cattech

    New Ram (Dodge)

    They're certainly making waves in the truck market these days. I have to admit they are the nicest looking new trucks, and there's no lack of performance or innovation either. I believe the time of being owned by Daimler and now Fiat has all been positive influence. 10 yrs ago, after owning my first Dodge, I wouldn't have even looked at Ram. Now, I have to admit I probably would buy one if I was considering new. That said, I'm not in the market for new, I let someone else put the first 150k on them. And it should be interesting to see how the current trucks from all 3 are holding together 10 yrs down the road.
  13. Cattech

    Saving Money

    X2! I had to have a new sled, ATV, jet ski, motorcycle....and an extra in case someone else wanted to go for a ride with me. Of course, all the riding gear to use them, the trailers to haul them, the truck to pull the trailers.... Hey, it's only $xxx a month... Dumba$$! But at least I was smart enough to fund a 401k, I will be just fine if I live long enough to use it😎
  14. Cattech

    New joke

    Not a joke, fun fun to watch... And one more, this goat has his own channel...
  15. Cattech

    Saving Money

    In all honesty, how many people here have 6 months of bills saved up? How long did you live paycheck to paycheck before you were able to get there? I make decent money for what I do, I also live single. Most of my coworkers have wives bringing in an extra $30 to $70k a yr. I have that 6 months saved now, but it took serious dedication and sacrifice to get to this point. I'm just about 42 and admit it took until just a few yrs ago to get my head above water. Many of those married folk have less extra cash than I do and none of us are living high on the hog. When I look around for another job in my same field, I find I would take a $20k/yr pay cut to work at our competitor's shops. Other fields I thought would pay well are advertising jobs $10 hr less than my salary pays..... I really don't see how people get ahead these days. They have priced most everything up to a level that only the most fortunate can afford a few nice things, then they finance those goods out to people who can't afford them. Things these days are not priced by the actual value, but by a committee who decides what people can afford and are willing to pay per month. What money a person doesn't spend on necessities and interest, the gov takes in taxes.....