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  1. Cattech


    My language is generally real bad... dad was a trucker at a construction company and a farmer with cattle, and I chose to be a heavy equipment mechanic.... don't even realize I'm cussing until I see the discusted look on people's faces.
  2. Do you need a 358 engine? Probably would be a way to go if you have a home for it... IE a tractor that doesn't have a salvageable engine. If you are just going to do it to try to make some money, there's probably better options.
  3. Guess I should have put the plow away. Looks like the neighbors all have cabin fever. One guy did my driveway before I could get dressed on. And between 3 of them they have most of the road done... with their walk behind blowers.
  4. All this winter, every predicted snowfall came up short around here. The other day they said we had a 40% chance of snow, probably around an inch. Just when I was ready to put the plow away....
  5. 2nd favorite to Ebert & Gerbert. It was really nice for a bit, had a Jimmy Johns on the main drag in STC, order online and pick it up from their drive-thru, just like the commercials, they would hold it out the window for me to grab, barely had to stop.
  6. For those who have been armchair snowmobiling this yr, I recommend watching this guy on YouTube. New riding video every day.
  7. Ate McDonald's just about every day for about 8 yrs until a Subway went in across the road. Not because it was good, but because I'm too lazy to pack a lunch and it was the only option for my 1/2 hr break. And honestly, a sausage egg and cheese biscuit is a little piece of heaven to me. When they started all day breakfast I thought stars were aligning and world peace was just around the corner. I still don't pack a lunch, but I'm as done with them as I can be now that they have decided to be openly "woke". I can live with them serving some sort of veggie burger for the health nazis
  8. Do keep in mind, you are buying a gasket set for a nearly 60 yr old tractor. The fact that it is available at all, from a company 2 ownership generations downstream is harder to believe than the price. As to trying to obsolete the old equipment, can you blame them? I bet every manufacturer wishes they could go back in time and re-engineer the old iron a little lighter and less durable.
  9. I'm no pro, more the opposite. But I have dropped 36" elms with the 16" bar on my Shindaiwa 377. The saw might pull an 18" in soft wood, but the 16 is all it wants in harder stuff. Personally, I prefer using the shortest bar I can get by with, I don’t care to deal with any more weight than necessary. Here in MN, besides a few cottonwoods, it is unusual to find a tree that has grown to a point that you can't cut it up with a 16-18".
  10. There's one in the Cat tool catalog that's around 18:1. Rated over 4000 ft lb. Don't know the price but glad I never had to buy my own. I used the weight/lever equation all the time to torque things where a torque wrench or multiplier wouldn't fit. Then there's the productivity torque wrenches..... 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" impacts.
  11. You can get one like this for around $20 on scAmazon. Plugs into your smartphone, tablet or laptop. I have/had a few, the quality keeps getting better, both in picture and durability. I don't think the brand matters much, all Chinese crap. Search "endoscope"
  12. I work at a Cat dealer and don't know anyone who has one, you would think they would be standard issue for those with company phones.... so that is telling. I have been wanting one though. Even if it wasn't subscribed to a cell plan it would be a handy tool since it has the thermal imaging camera, built in laser measure, air quality monitor & more.
  13. An alternative energy solution that makes sense will come along... eventually. And the guy who figures it out will be some kind of rich! Current technology could be doing a lot more, but it's plagued by politics and unrealistic goals. There's a group of people, I won't speculate their underlying intentions, whom want 0 emissions, right now, screw the consequences. And they have the political power and will to make you live their dream. "How Dare You" question their goodwill. Solar can be a great supplementary power source in small scale. Imagine if a good portion of homes could self
  14. Guess it's not illegal, but the permitting is complicated and you have to pay royalties to the states involved.
  15. My buddy does some Lake Superior diving. There are a few wrecks along the North Shore that are diveable. Two problems on that lake are the depths and the temperatures. Since it's not a tropical paradise, you won't see the sorts of bright colored wildlife and coral reefs. He was big into diving the area 10 yrs ago or so, but dismisses it as too much hassle and danger to bother these days. One thing they had brought up that was interesting. Apparently there's a couple areas with 1000s of old growth logs litering the bottom. The giant trees cut down when Nrthrn MN was first logged. Supposedl
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