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  1. Have a cantankerous 200 total miles 2014 Skandic 600 etec here. Few weeks ago, it was running fine, shut it off, came back out and nothing, zero response to DESS tether, kill switch, start button. Dragged it out, got in a warm garage, did some poking & prodding, cleaned a couple connections and it fired up. Went to ride today, it made about 300 yards and died like the kill switch was hit. Dragged it back to the garage again. Gained visual on the 4 ECU lights and the #4 LED that indicates when the engine kill circuit is grounded was not lit meaning it thought the kill switch was activated. We even removed the kill wire from the ECU connector and it read grounded. Tore 1/2 the sled apart and thoroughly checked the circuit = working properly. After sled sat in warm shop an hour, it started working again. The 4th LED responding properly to the kill switch. What are the chances we have a junk ECU? Haven't seen anything referencing this to be a problem. Sled was taken to a dealer after the first time it died for a scan of ECU. Did have a fault code for Primary Voltage, but doesn't say high or low, but by service manual, voltage high could cause an ECM failure. I wish we had a test ECU, but that's not an easily attainable commodity as they have to be programmed to the model and tether.
  2. Person does have to be careful what they say, on the subject of a 20 yr old skidloader, I'm pretty safe. In the case of your dealer and the synthetic oil, they might not know. While it gets cold out your way, you don't normally get the weeks on end sub-zero we see from time to time, and that's where we learned. The leakage you mentioned leads me to assume a dairy or feedlot use?.. Sounds like engine temps are running on the high side... radiator airflow is pretty crucial on the cooling package with these SS, and the aforementioned uses are generally where radiator maintenance could be better.
  3. One other suggestion. Do a thorough investigation on the health of the hyd system before dropping the money into the engine. A hystat failure in one of these machines makes a downed engine look like small potatoes. Send a hyd oil sample in and cut hyd filter, have element inspected microscopicly. Also is a good time to assess value on rest of machine. Undercarriage going to need work? Pins and bushings loose? Other leaks, problems? A bit of advice for anyone running the 2.2 liter Perkins. Use 0W40 synthetic diesel engine oil year 'round. Tiny oil pump and even smaller oil galleries.... they don't like thick oil at startup.
  4. We barely touch these engines, with labor prices where they are, by the time we tore one down and go back together the reman is cheaper and doubly, parts warranty covers it rather than the shop. No short blocks etc. available, you get the whole thing. Problem right now is, getting one. I just checked availability and got the dreaded "no on-hand quantity found" message. If you do purchase a new one from Perkins, make sure to remove the oil pan and clean it out. The debris I've found in the pans of these things will make you cringe. We have had several customers buy a blue Perkins rather than from Cat, hasn't been an issue. Trick is finding an actual Perkins retailer. I wouldn't put much faith in a lot of these Ebay specials - as you mentioned, too good to be true - generally isn't.
  5. Wish I had a pic of the Cub Cadet hooked to the stuck UPS truck. Was enough to get him onto the area I hit with the blower. What a sight it may have been, strapped to the top of the weight bracket on back, chained up, had enough traction to lift the front tires, blower and all. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Amish construction crew? ... You don't need that work of the devil electricity! ๐Ÿ™ƒ JK, as others said, these things happen. I know I've made plenty of mistakes and didn't even notice. They'll probably fix it for free if you call them, may want to give them the chance to make it right.
  7. During the summer, the estimated drive time should remain pretty stable. Winter's a little less so - from central MN, I've made West Yellowstone in 14.5 hours, and it has also taken 20+. I've always done it straight through. Heading out there, I usually leave mid-afternoon so I can do most of the drive in the dark, I find it less monotonous... then stop for breakfast in Bozeman so I can drive the canyon down to west yelly in daylight. As to activities, I go out there for snowmobiling. I imagine it is just as good for ATV/UTV, have meant to drag my wheeler out there for years. One interesting geologic feature right next to IP is Big Springs - a full fledged river bubbling up out of the ground.
  8. That vintageaerial.com website is pretty neat.... The farm I grew up on, was 3 when this was taken. The place is barely recognizable to what dad built it into. Hard to believe he's gone and soon the farm will be sold.
  9. Would definitely feel like driving something out of a Mad Max movie. Gets the job done I guess. The local company that delivers the 150'+ concrete beams has been mentioned here before - LeFebvre Companies. They have steerable dollies, but the driver in the truck controls the rear from a box in the cab. It's quite the operation to see sometimes multiple beams getting convoyed out of the plant.
  10. It currently feels colder here than at the South Pole Station.
  11. I'm a Samsung guy, using an S10+ currently. I changed to Pure Talk for my carrier last spring, they use AT&T towers and I have been happier with coverage than I had with Sprint. $25 a month getting more than enough data. Big money saver, I quit buying phones from my carrier. I use an Ebay store that sells refurbished phones... Bobcat Wireless. They ship out of Alexandria, Mn so it's just up the road from me. I order what they call "fair" condition and so far every one I've gotten has looked perfect. I did get one where the charging port was wonky, but they promptly replaced it. To give you an idea on how much I've saved, when I bought my S9+, the Sprint store was pushing refurb S9's for $650, I paid $169. As for durability, I used to think I needed a rugged style flip phone too. But I did need the capability of a smart phone. I didn't like the bulk of the Otter Box phone cases but someone told me to try an Incipio 2 piece case.... minimal bulk with well padded corners. My Samsung's have taken plenty a tumble and haven't hurt one yet.
  12. Thing is, it's nothing new. Senseless destruction as entertainment has been going on throughout history. For reference, a tragic little story from 1896....
  13. Don't give him any ideas. He just did that to a $100k+ Nissan "classic". I have to admit I found it amusing, grabs his Skyline GTR by the roof with the 336 & runs it around in circles like a toddler with a matchbox car. One other genius part of his business plan, if he destroys whatever it is - it is a write off on taxes..... So buy any toy you ever wanted to play with, use it until you're sick of it, make a video of it being destroyed, that happens to pay the bills, then write the whole thing off as a business expense.
  14. Yes, yes, they do. Not as much nowadays compared to a few years back, but still more than I ever will. Call him an idiot, think what you want, he figured out a way to make the millions he has. I would have agreed with the sentiments above when I first watched the guy. After seeing what he's about, what his background is, why he destroys things, my opinion isn't so negative. It really is about giving the middle finger to the materialistic nature of far too many people in our society. That it hit close to home with that tractor, I simply reflect on where my priorities lie.
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