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  1. Copied from the gofundme page, ..... Update 3: Steve was in surgery Monday to clean burnt skin off areas. He has 2nd degree burns on arms, chest, face, back, neck, scalp and right foot. Approximately 38% of the second degree burns are transforming into 3rd degree which is not uncommon we are told.He has developed a lung infection (which is expected after something like this) and it's turning into pneumonia.They are hoping the antibiotics will take over and help this.The plan is back into surgery today and start skin grafting for the hands.He is heavily sedated so they ask that only immediate family visit for now, less chance of infection spreading that way.Ongoing updates will be provided and can be found on Steve's CaringBridge site: https://www.caringbridge.org/public/stevethompson57Please note that the tributes made on the caringbridge site help maintain the website as a free resource for Steve and his family as well as many others; they do not go directly to Steve or his family. I have had a few people reach out and ask about this so I wanted to clarify!Also, as you can see from the update, Steve has a long road of procedures ahead of him and is still facing complications rather than truly even beginning his road to recovery. The family continues to prepare for extensive medical costs and we will continue campaign for the support they need! Thank you everyone for all you have already done, and I encourage all of us to continue praying, funding and supporting this cause! Today's update sounds like they are holding off on some grafting, possibly to get hold of the lung injection?
  2. The average citiot thinks their food comes from the grocery store. And even if they know food comes from a farm, they see $5 lb hamburger and assume the farms are getting a cut of that. Someone is making money.
  3. Next door neighbor of my Dad's, IH family - eveything with their farming is red, good honest mechanic and a stand up guy. I haven't heard what started it, but his shop burned on Saturday afternoon. The building is leveled, there was a newer combine, semi, their pulling tractor, a bunch of customer vehicles and a lifetime of accumulated tools and toys in the building. Steve went back in trying to save customer cars, but pushed his luck a little too far. He suffered some serious burns and they have him in an induced coma at a burn unit in the Twin Cities. It will be weeks before we know how well he will recover and if he'll be able to work again. So he needs all the prayers he can get, and the first people who stopped on the scene have set up a Go Fund Me page to donate, as there is no telling what the future will bring. https://www.gofundme.com/Steves-repair News story, http://www.fox9.com/news/fire-destroy-repair-shop-in-nowthen-minn
  4. I know this thread is mainly about on highway trucks & buses, but the same thing is happening in the small commercial equipment market as well. There's quite a bit of interest, especially from rental places, for gasoline fueled engines to power equipment in a market (25-50 HP) that small diesels have dominated the last 20-30 yrs. I'm actually kind of surprised we're not seeing more of this trend on the ag side. I remember there was a thread on the topic here a couple yrs ago.
  5. I posted this over at Small Dead Animals earler. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe just optimistic. I’m going with the theory that Epstein’s still alive and in witness protection, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Eraser. There’s some oddities, I.E. the questionable photo showing the deceased being released immediately after the announcement & the timing being right after the document release. The obvious motives for Jeffrey being silenced by numerous power players, anybody could predict the conspiracy theories sure to follow. It’s just too convenient. I have an additional theory, I wouldn’t be surprised if Epstein is a part of what made Trump become a Republican and why the left is so adamantly trying to take Trump out. Think about it, Trump was a New York democrat most of his life. There are pictures of him partying it up with Epstein, they were basically part of the same multi-billionaire cliche. The only reason Trump had to cut ties with the guy was if there was some sort of personal disgust. If Trump had partaken in any of the illicit activities, it would have come to light by now….. so desparate many have been to remove the guy from office. Hopefully I’m right, this is all part of a behind the scenes investigation being run by Bill Barr and other honest folks, that when released is going to bring down the whole rotten mess of power abusive elites. From Hillary’s own Russian collusion & pay to play with the money laundered through the Clinton Crime Foundation, to the “Eyes Wide Shut” type elite’s pedophile parties at Epstein’s sex camp, Obama’s weaponization of the IRS and FBI, and the scores of graft to grant embezzlement schemes cooked up by government officials and agencies across the land. I’m probably just dreaming, reality is I can wish in one hand and sheet in the other.. I know which hand will be full first.
  6. New diesels are awesome to say the least... Ram can be had with 1000 ftlbs of torque, wow! A factory spec tuned 550 hp Cat C15 in an over the road semi is only 1850 ftlbs. But, lets say your wife accidentally fills your new diesel with gas, it takes out your injectors, fouls up the egr & egr cooler, destroys the DPF and DOC, might even take out the turbo..... can't repair it yourself.... $15,000+ to put it back on the road. Last time I checked, you can buy a 6.0l GM crate motor for $2500. Gas is cheaper to buy, no DEF, cheaper oil changes. New gas pickups are more capable than a diesel from 15-20 yrs ago and probably $20k cheaper to buy, so.... Yes, commercial fleets are realizing this. New diesels have become so complex and expensive to maintain, on top of gas engines becoming so much more capable, it has become cost effective to switch back to gasoline.
  7. What a 3 point picks up is all dependent on the size of the internal cylinder running it. At 1000 psi, a cylinder that has 1 square inch of surface area will exert 1000 lbs of force, at 2 square inches 2000 lbs, 10 square inches 10,000 lbs of force. Then take the geometry of the rockshaft & the 3 pnt arms, I'm sure you have experienced what difference a long prybar vs a short one can make. I don't know what size cylinders each of the tractors you list have, but that, plus geometry is most likely why the lowest psi tractor can lift it and the others can't.
  8. In 2017, over 15,000 people died from heroin overdoses, we really should make heroin illegal..... uh, wait a minute.... Yep, prohibition sure has worked for that little problem, I'm sure another gun law will put an end to all these instances of violence. Maybe someone could look into who and what is creating all these uber sensitized, self entitled, depression crazed lunatics who feel their only hope of being somebody is to get taken out doing something horrendous..... It couldn't have anything to do with the participation trophy, everyone is special, gender neutral, victimology based upbringing that failed to provide any insight of how to survive in the real world, could it?
  9. Cattech

    She`s a pig

    How about the immigrant truckers that pile 2-3 in one truck to run as a team - and cut a hole in the sleeper floor to relieve themselves - not just #1 either. I haven't had one show up at my shop, but have heard a couple stories from other branches. Maggots would be looking pretty good....
  10. Cattech

    She`s a pig

    Detailed cars at a dealership for a yr or so when I was in tech school, every car that came through for a service got a hand wash. There was one Dodge owned by a pair of older ladies that would come through every month or so, I have never sat in a car that smelled so bad! 30 seconds was about enough to turn your stomach. I tell ya, you learn more about people than you care know when detailing cars, some of the trade ins we got were so nasty as to gag a dog.
  11. First off how fast is the engine turning at low idle? The CVT is just like that used on a snowmobile, there are flyweights trying to fling outwards due to centrifugal force being held back by a spring. If the engine is spinning a little too fast, it will try to engage the belt. As stated above, something may be sticking in the drive clutch, or the spring may have broke. I would have to look at the clutch to tell if it is rebuildable or one you just replace.
  12. Lucky! I had a tire go, same deal, put a clip on chuck on, knew it was going to take a bit to fill so I walked away, tire couldn't have had more than 10-15 psi in it when it went but it shook the whole shop.
  13. Cattech


    Like this, gotta be hard on a chopper.....
  14. Cattech


    Watched a few Youtube videos on it a while back.... Looks like there are all sorts of specialized tools and harvest techniques to capitalize on.
  15. '93 or 94, was walking out to the truck after the Sherburne County Fair Tractor Pull, there were storms blowing in. Lightning hit a light pole not even 100 feet away from me, $%&&*! That will wake you up, but by the time you realize what just happened it's all over or you're not with us anymore! There was a woman who had been much closer to that pole, she was alive but in shock, must have been ok because I never heard anything more about it. Odd thing I remember is that the light on the pole survived and was coming back on after the strike.
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