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  1. Vamaha Venture, IIRC it's got the 995 3 cyl 4 stroke since mid 2000s... way more useable power than the XLT you're used to, great forgiving ride, and I'm pretty sure they put power steering on them around 2012. Wouldn't that be a hoot, power steering on a sled. I'm another anti-AC vote, both the ZR I had and my current wheeler, plus aquintances of mine with them have had poor luck to say the least. Never owned a Yamaha, had a SkiDoo Formula Z 670 that was decent but honestly a pooch for what is was and expensive to fix. Had a couple bad Polaris ATVs, but all my sleds have been pretty good.
  2. Going to pick up my next machine in a week or two. 1972? Polaris Custom 400. Grandfather bought it new and it has been in the family since, my Ma and all her siblings, plus all us grandkids grew up on the ol' girl. Already have too many machines, but I just can't stand letting it get sold off.
  3. It's what happens when the inmates run the asylum, and I don't necessarily mean the kids... No consequences to be paid by those who take advantage of others, paired with a system that looks at victimhood as a virtue and holds not one person to a social norm. Unfortunately, it's going to get a lot worse before getting better, these kids will be running the country in a few yrs.
  4. Cattech

    California fire

    So.... they built all these wind tower/generators to make clean electrical energy, then when they finally get enough wind to make some power they have to shut them off because the wind might cause the power lines to short out and cause a fire.... Huh, didn't see that one coming.
  5. 07 Polaris FST..... I was looking at one a couple yrs ago, CL deal that seemed pretty good. Stopped by the local Polaris dealer and talked to the shop guys, they didn't have much good to say about the early ones, multiple known issues and expensive hard to get parts. Maybe others think differently, but I have seen quite a few for sale at lower than expected prices. You will definitely love the IQ chassis and suspension. Jump off an Edge Pro X and climb on an IQ, I swear it takes 1/2 the effort out of riding. You just look where you want to go and it seems to follow.
  6. How new you looking? I have a '95 XCR 600 to sell cheap, good running machine with about 5k on the odometer, new seat cover, will be gone through and ready to ride in a couple weeks. I'm 10 miles from St. Cloud, MN.
  7. Snowfall Forecast (This snowfall forecast is subject to change, so check back with us at weather.com for the latest updates. ) This doesn't look good, 2-3 feet in that area of ND?... game over
  8. Was just talking to my buddy up in northern MN, never thought about it,....where do loons go for the winter?
  9. I wouldn't think it should be too hard. Pick up some replacement directing vanes for a newer combine of any color. Line them up how you want, drill some new holes, bolt in place. Keep in mind, if you get to aggressive with the number of vanes or the pitch, it can cause clumping and in rare cases plugging. When I used to set up demo combines, I would remove 1/2 the factory installed vanes and reduce the spread width to maximize throughput.
  10. One of these ozone generators will really help, useful for cleaning up the air in most anything. https://airthereal.com/products/ma5000-commercial-ozone-generator?variant=13959496007738&currency=USD&utm_campaign=gs-2018-08-10&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt7bF1rrx5AIVx_7jBx2Gmgi-EAkYBCABEgL7XfD_BwE
  11. I may be mistaken, but can't most of the 3 phase equipment you're looking at be run with a VFD (variable frequency drive) on 220? Or is it just that much more efficient and cost effective to have 3 phase power? Never messed with it myself, only know what I've learned watching AvE on YouTube.
  12. Can't beat disassemble and clean, gotta get the source of the smell out of there. With the potential health hazard them rodents bring, the effort required to physically clean everything out is worth the effort. Only way to keep mice out of a combine cab is to clean every last kernel and seed out of the entire machine before putting it away. Otherwise it's like a giant Vegas hotel/casino with an all you can eat buffet downstairs.
  13. It's a double edged sword, you get cut on either side. I'm all for supporting the local businesses, and we'll all be missing them if they are forced to close their doors. But the businesses also need to adapt and compete with the online world too. I get to purchase parts from Napa using our dealer account. The list price of some parts vs what I get them for can be shocking. It depends, but sometimes my price is as much as 60% cheaper than if Joe Shmo walked in to buy them. That is pretty hard to justify and I can't blame anyone for shopping elsewhere when I see that kind of markup. I had a thread going a while back on this. It wasn't that long ago, we were all trapped into paying whatever the local guy asked, and really didn't know whether we were getting a deal or getting reamed. I would contend these online places wouldn't have taken off like did had all the local places been a little more reasonable.
  14. This what you are looking for? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dodBBz1ayRpXfRQEGEKd-7ZPDlNlqH9F/view?usp=sharing Let me know if the link works and you can download, I seem to have been having issues sharing some manuals lately.
  15. Cattech

    Lost arts

    How many people worked their rears off doing all these things so they could send their kids to college.... saying "My kid will never have to (insert your profesion here) for a living." Oh, and don't forget how all the High Schools have cut the trades from their curriculum in favor of environmental, diversity and social justice studies. We are looking at a whole couple of generations raised where these basic trades have been shunned and shamed, and they have either done better, or gave up and done worse.
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