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  1. Still say... more weight in the front of the trailer. On my snowmobile trailer, when carrying my Atv's there is a 6" sweet spot between being tongue heavy or light, the sleds are lighter/more forgiving. When light it rattles around to where you'd think the hitch is going to fall off. Heavy it gives that bucking feel but pulls straight and stays quiet.
  2. It isn't a 2 and 5/16" hitch Is it?🙃 As Markg said above, make sure the catch nut is adjusted snug. And, sounds like the trailer is tail heavy, If you had enough tongue weight it would be holding that ball tight.
  3. I can say, after 6 months of regular use, my first Copper Coat ceramic pan is still like new and the no-stick properties actually work as well as seen on tv. I bought a 2nd pan a few weeks ago, they carry them at Walmart. I don't know why they don't stick, but it's kinda neat. You cook an egg and it seems stuck to the bottom just like any other pan, but once it hits a certain temp, the egg just releases and slides around like it was floating on hot grease.
  4. Nobody selling whole aftermarket transmissions that I know of. Best bet is to google search "ATV salvage" and start digging. It appears that there may be a start of a nationwide online parts search like the automotive industry has, but I doubt it's as encompassing as something like carpart.com. Is the trans trully toasted? It's a simple gear drive unit, I would think the gears and shafts would be mostly salvageable with some new bearings and such. As long as the cases weren't damaged by a spun bearing or heat, you should be able to fix it up cheaper than buying new.
  5. Find on O-ring that will crush in the spot, but here is the kicker to this being a permanent fix; make sure you get the proper material O-ring. If you put a standard rubber seal in there, it will last a couple yrs and be hardened, crack and leak. Silicon or Flouroelastomer (FKM, FPM) O-rings are more expensive but can take the heat and will last much longer.
  6. Cattech

    Some people

    Driving down Hwy 10 this morning, passing a residential area, seen a woman running a zero turn mower..... one kid probably 3-5 yrs old riding on the lap..... another, 7-10 sitting between her legs on the platform with his bare (or nearly so) feet resting on the belt guard on the deck..... on the side slope of the ditch.
  7. Well, pulled the trigger, bought my first brand new vehicle this morning. 2019 Sorento S V6 AWD.
  8. I'm thinking that rim was in the proper place before the truck hit the pole, the chassis is just that messed up and the axle is shifted out.
  9. This thread got me thinking, the EPA angle seemed the most likely key to solving the riddle. The newer engines are better in every way, so why do they seem so weak? One thing I have done for yrs on my 2165 with the 16hp Vanguard Vtwin is pull the choke to about 1/2 way when I start the mower deck. You have to rev the engine to 1/4 throttle to avoid killing it when starting, but can start at low idle with the choke. Ever notice the exhaust smell from an old Kohler compared to a new engine? The old engine will make your eyes water and smells of raw gas, the new one has that sweet lean smell. So while making the rounds cutting the grass, I thought about it and it hit me. Briggs basically just added fuel to the mix until they achieved the desired HP when they designed this engine. The old engines didn't breath well and their carbs were rather crude, they required a rich mixture just to operate properly. The extra fuel probably helps give them that torque reserve that makes them feel so much stronger. I had to test my theory and I have always meant to play with it anyway, so I pulled the main jet out and enlarged the orifice with a torch cleaning tip. Gave it a good 20% more fuel, which may be a little much as it smells pretty rich now, but I tell you, it's a way different animal. I start to slip the deck belt before I lose engine RPM. Next step is to get hold of the proper sizes and start playing with it until I find the "sweet spot". I can tell already that it is running cooler and seems to start & idle better. This should make an even bigger difference once the blower goes back on in a few months.
  10. Ran a few errands on Sunday, one of them was get some gas for the mower.....took the car becase the burb is having issues. Carried the groceries in, put stuff away, got dinner going....... neighbors stopped by...... completely forgot about the full 6 gallon gas can in the trunk of the car. Went out for dinner last night, driving back to work on a very rough road, oblivious to the volatile cargo in the trunk.... suddenly smelled gas.... wth! Old car, thought fuel line or something leaking, nope, nothing on ground, nothing in engine bay..... finally thought to open the trunk...... 6 gallon gas can only has about 1/2 gallon left in it. The rest... spare tire well full, carpet soaked a bunch up.... and worst part... some ran forward under the back seat.... about the only way you could stink up a car worse would be to leave something dead under the seat or let a skunk spray inside. Could have been worse I guess, I didn't burst into flames or blow up. Could have been exciting being I'm still a smoker.
  11. I don't know how many pressures you are testing at once, but this universal kit looks pretty well equipped. https://www.amazon.com/XZT-Hydraulic-Excavator-Construction-Machinery/dp/B078GN36GW/ref=sr_1_3?crid=Y4H07NC31YV7&keywords=hydraulic+pressure+test+kit&qid=1559173376&s=gateway&sprefix=hydraulic+pressure+tes%2Caps%2C315&sr=8-3
  12. Cattech

    Hour meters

    When I wire up an electric hr meter, I run them through an oil pressure switch. That way they only count when the engine is running. Yes, the cable operated meters count revolutions. They are usually set to be accurate when the engine is running at rated operating RPM. Good example is a JD 10 or 20 series, the tach has that line that indicates proper RPM for PTO speed. They count hrs accurately if you keep the needle on that line. Now days, some of the meters actually display the ECM counted hours, they communicate via canbus and no internal counting is done.
  13. I am looking at the Sorento. I had been thinking about a larger sedan like the Impala or Taurus, and then buying another truck to replace my over the hill Suburban. Why not one daily driver that does both? All I pull is a 2 place sled trailer. AWD is always nice. I seldom have a passenger, but I constantly need a little more cargo room than a trunk provides. Those who said the Kia is down on power, were you in a 4 cylinder or a V6? The 3.3 in the Kia is 290 hp, yes the Edge gets 320 and GM is 305, but Toyota and such are around 260. My Suburban is only 255 hp and has to be a couple thousand pounds heavier, will I really think 290 is gutless? Sorry, I am not a Fiat / Mopar fan. I know about a dozen people who own(ed) them. Most haven't had any more luck than I did. I'll probably drive whatever I buy for 5 yrs and trade up again. If I want to drive 150k vehicles, I will stick with buying them that way in the first place. I should note what caught my eye, there's currently a dozen or so 2019 Sorento's at TC dealers, V6 AWD, heated seats etc, all used with 7-20k on them pricing around $22,500 with remainder of the 10 yr 100k factory warranty.
  14. Sounding like the same thing I've seen then. The local dealer puts a 20 yr 200k powertrain warranty on them, I haven't looked into the details on that. 10 yr corrosion warranty. With the factory/dealer incentives, it looks like a person can buy a new one for about the same price as a 30-50k mile Ford, Chev, Toyota ect. Pretty hard to look past that.
  15. I think I'm finally going to break down and spend some money on a vehicle. I've gotten sick of fixing my $1000 beater cars and having to wonder if I'm going to make it home. I'm looking at crossover style small SUVs. I like the new Chev Blazer, though I'm not sure it deserves the name. The Ford Edge is probably my favorite in the class, but they are also the most expensive. I know a couple people driving the Toyota versions and they love them. Then I look at the Kia Sorento, it has about the best warranty, 5k towing, nicely appointed, and about $15k less expensive than the competition. I know the 3.3l v6 they're using has been around 10+ yrs, I've seen many Kia / Hyundia listed on CL with 200k plus on them and they still look pretty good. Anybody here have one, good stories? Horror stories?
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