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  1. Hidden switch connected to the mag.... or a lockable battery disconnect switch. Better yet, teach them all the ins/outs of running it, then give them a long list of chores that need to be done with it. Won't be long and they'll stay as far away from the tractor as possible.
  2. 402–770–9529


    call me when you have a bit



  3. My number is 402–770–9529 




    call me if when you get a chance 

  4. I see it now, not where I expected to find it. So, installed the 16xx extensions and the left side plate they bolt to, with the shorter linkages out of a 16 and we're not getting the travel to close the gap. As I mentioned, run all the way up produes about 1". Does the adjusting mechanism need to be replaced with 16xx stuff as well or do I have something else wrong yet.
  5. We installed new rotor tube covers in the 1460. Ended up having to get 16xx covers, so we had to add concave extensions, get the 16xx support and linkage etc. Installed a specialty rotor too. I haven't been able to find a setup procedure for the concaves and indicator. Right now, with the adjuster cranked up as tight as it will go and the stop bolts backed off, the closest the concaves get to a rasp is about 1".
  6. This machine won't see anything but corn as long as dad owns it and continues to farm. Probably only a couple more years :(. I didn't realize the specialty rotor wasn't the ticket for corn, thought the opposite to be honest. It's what we have now, gonna have to do the job. Really good shape & was $750. There's wear holes and 6" deep dents in the old standard rotor, it's not going back in. I guess we could trade the new one out up at the scrap yard, IIRC there were a couple nice ones up there.
  7. So, a few yrs ago I had inquired about replacing the upper rotor tube sections on the '78 1460 my old man picked up. We ended up putting a couple patches in and ran it without a problem. A couple more patches would make it hold together now, but dad got ambitious about fixing the thing up this yr. I found a specialty rotor out of a 1640 on CL last yr that's going in. The old stnd rotor threw an exit vane last yr and made a mess of things. We pulled the old rotor out the other weekend and decided the hoods needed to go too. So he ordered the 14 series replacements from Worthington last week, just found out he can't get them. From my last thread, I remember someone had mentioned installing the 16 series hoods as an upgrade. You get Rt side vanes and slotted adjustment of the Lt vanes. I have heard this is important for using the specialty rotor as well. Wondering what the hood interchangeability is between models. IIRC,1644/66 is the change point to the longer rotor. Dad was told the hoods still fit, they just need 6" trimmed off the rear? Besides fitment, suggestions for a supplier? Dad has dealt with Worthington for yrs and has had good luck, but he may have to go somewhere else for this one. Thanks in advance for any advice. Steve
  8. I have a 2001 Gillig bus with a Cummins ISC engine.  Is there an inexpensive way to get the OBD Cummins data from the engine OBD port.   How about the VOITH transmission and ThermoKing HVAC OBd's or the chassis OBD

    1. Cattech


      I haven't found an app to work with heavy or medium duty stuff yet. The adapters I picked up for automotive will work with anything that uses an OBDII connection, it's just finding the proper phone software that will "talk" to the vehicle. 

  9. If you are still looking for a dozer there is a all hydraulic D6 down your way that a guy is going to sell. It runs and other than that I don't know too much about it. If you are interested I can give you the guys contact info.


    1. Cattech


      I'll take the guy's info. With the current house mess I have I'm not buying any new toys, but Dad may have some interest.


    2. oldtanker


      OK, the contact number is 218 380 3345, the person you, or your dad will be talking to is Roger. He is not the owner but is the contact for the owner. You may know the guy from either the ACMOC site or the Heavyequipment site as old iron habit.



  10. Hey, you had said you may be interested in a cat. A friend has a line on a D6 all hydraulic, (I'm not sure of the model) that he says is in overall OK condition and has the swamp pads on it. Would be located about 20-30 miles north east of St Cloud. Asking I think is 6500.  



  11. I love hydraulics, electronics are pretty fun too

    1. ElementofSurprise


      *** I know Eric and his wife Brittany Vacko, not by choice though.*** They are crooked all the way. Eric and Brittany have been charged with stalking, hacking into the DMV and now as of December Eric's wife is being charged for Felony theft by swindle. She was charged in my cases and now for this current case where she and eric bought a car, eric altered the odometer and listed it on Craigslist. Eric taking the call saying he would send is "sister" (who actually is his wife Brit...

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