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  1. That's interesting. My 2 stroke background is in snowmobiles & dirt bikes more than compact tools like chainsaws and I have barely touched outboards. In the powersport world I've always been led to believe a proper seal was preferred as it leads to easier starting and better throttle response.
  2. When a reed inducted 2 stroke is running full tilt, the reeds don't get a chance to fully close. But low idle, starting, etc they should be closing and sealing.
  3. to seal exhaust port.... cut a piece of aluminum out of a pop can, pull muffler off, install aluminum between muffler and gasket. Probably can just use rubber tipped blowgun on sparkplug hole.
  4. Best bet & if it's available, just replace. Most likely, that reed seals up when pressure is applied, but it could warp and seal less too. That's where pressurizing the whole engine is a good test.
  5. I don't think mental illness is the proper term except in that it's a result of indoctrination. Inflate every kid's self image, "your so special" starts with the first day of daycare... Confuse them through puberty teaching every sexual deviation conceived. Remove every shred of recognition with participation trophies and no-score sports. Remove any and all danger so the pain of a bruised ego is unbearable. Sandpaper their nerves to a razor's edge with Critical Race Theory and Environmentalism.... Then drive it all home & stir it together with a healthy dose of victimology... It's Not Your Fault, the whole world has it out for you. Yes, we're going to continue to see these events happen. There's an unchecked vanity combining with a lack of responsibility that creates a desperation that cannot be suppressed in the minds of many. Until the root causes are cured, the sudden exposure to reality is going to continue to cause people to do desperate/horrible things.
  6. Seal the exhaust port, install compression tester hose in spark plug hole, apply light air pressure... I just turn the regulator on my air compressor down to 20 psi or so and my compression tester hooks right up to coupler... inspect for leaks. Reed valves won't seal perfectly, it's not going to hold pressure, but they should be closed and only minor bubbling with soapy water should be present. This is also a good test to look at cylinder gasket and crank seals.
  7. For a true value, talk to a loan officer at your bank. They should be able to give you an idea as to how much people have been financing to buy a truck locally. And as above, with the shortage of new vehicles, dealers are desperate for clean inventory to fill their lots. Rather than deal with a parade of tire kickers and low-ballers, stop by any reputable car lot and see what they'll give you.
  8. 19 Sorento V6 AWD, just hit 50k. So far has been trouble free and have another 50k of warranty in case I do have problems. I didn't plan to keep it this long, but since all the lots are devoid of new vehicles, it looks like I'll be in it a bit longer. With gas headed for the stars and this things 28 mpg, not complaining too much. Yes, Hyundai/Kia have been having engine issues, from what I can tell, it's limited to certain 4 cylinders in the lower model cars. The larger vehicles made in various US plants have been fine. I can confirm 2 people I know with Kia Souls that both got engines around 90k. Kia picked up the bill in both cases. I wanted an Eco-Boom F150 for a while. I'm not sure what I think anymore. Performance is there, but reliability has been 50/50 among guys I know who have them. One guy was going on engine #3 at 120k and he sent it down the road. Back to the Kia, I wanted the Chevy Blazer or Ford Edge. Was looking at $50-55k for either. The Sorento was right there in performance and finish and got it for under $30. So, guess if I did have to put an engine in, I'm still money ahead.
  9. Kudos for a guy to DIY. Always appreciate the acknowledgment.... Used to love this Snap-on poster.
  10. Dirtpoor beat me to it, I was going to point out how all the small farms are getting bought up by BTO. Don't get me wrong, there's no shortage of dealers deserving a bad name. And yes it sucks if your local is one of them. Another thing to consider. If you are getting poor service and ill treatment at every place you go, what kind of customer are you being? I'm the easiest going guy you'll ever deal with, but there's a few people I won't lift a finger to help. If a customer brings a rude or hostile attitude to my office, I'm not inclined to give them any reason to come back.
  11. You know, actually doing the math, I have to question some of the numbers pushed at recent meetings. I don't think we sell $1B in parts, though I do know there are some big customers who do few Mil' a yr themselves. There's numerous metrics corporate pushes on dealers and various incentives for meeting them. The 8 figure number probably includes those. But my point, is so many are harping on their dealers and various charges and fees, but there's another side to the story. We're trying to keep our heads above water and stay in business too.
  12. That's not delivery fees.. that is upcharges for "hot rush" orders... Say I need a part that the dealer doesn't have on the shelf in one of our 30 stores but the manufacturer has it in both the local depot and the central hub. I have to choose a delivery priority. If I order it 3 days out, it will come from the hub and cost X dollars. If I order the part for immediate pick up at the local depot, there will be a 20% upcharge - so X times 1.20.... The 8 figure price tag was for those charges which we absorbed out of profit margin rather than pass on to the customer.
  13. May have told the story before but.... My buddy at work went for a test ride with a customer who was having a repetitive driveability issue on his truck. This guy didn't have a passenger side seat in the truck, so buddy was sitting in the bunk with his laptop hooked up to the truck, customer was driving. They got out on the freeway bob-tail, and the customer gave it the beans.... Matt, sitting in the bunk was paying attention to the computer.... until he had vehicle speed on the screen and seen 124 MPH... thought he found a problem, until he looked out the windshield and realized it was reading correctly.
  14. As a service manager who writes estimates, manages the jobs in the shop, and closes service calls/generates invoices... I find above examples appalling. I use a 10% rule, as in the final invoice needs to be within 10% of quote. If scope of work changes, you dang well talk to the customer before proceeding. I try to make the possible up-charges clear going in, I.E... should cost $____ if we get in and find xyz it will cost $abc. As to parts surcharges, what is to be done? The manufacturers are trying to streamline parts inventory systems and are pushing charges down to dealer levels. I won't say how much my work ate in delivery fees last yr, but it was in excess of 8 figures. That kind of money will sting the biggest of dealerships and has to come from somewhere.
  15. I'm not up on proposed legislation for limiting speed for trucks. But I will point out that virtually every truck with an electronically controlled engine, which is pretty much every truck produced since the late 1990's, already have speed limit settings in the programming. Simply hook up the laptop, go into "configuration" highlight speed limiter, and select change.... enter a number. Someone should point out to the airheads coming up with this stuff... if they want to pick up about 2 MPG on all the new trucks, all they have to do is relax the Tier 4 emissions standards.
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