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  1. I have the info you quest, but I lack the battery to purvey said information at this time. Look for the Caterpillar maintenance guide "Know your cooling system" media # SEBD0518
  2. I appreciate all the support guys, hearing complete strangers sending prayers for a speedy and painless recovery is humbling and inspiring. I can only hope I am able to repay the favor to everyone someday. So far, yes - thanking the ghost or angel that has watched over me... my eyesight seems really good. They have managed my pain well, just as mentioned, when it comes to cleaning and debriding, no normal human painkiller is going to control that! And my nurse... zero mercy and just as little empathy, but a pro who is willing to work with you.
  3. Yes, HCMC is Hennepin County Medical Center. Supposed to be one of the best burn treatment places around. As to me....
  4. Some of you may have noticed I haven't been posting or chipping in my 2 cents as normal over this last week. Gotta admit. Made about the dumbest, and definitely the most serious, mistake of my life this last week. Had a plastic gas can with about 4 gallons old gas in it. I have been tripping over the thing, spilling gas... accident waiting to happen. For a few yrs. Well, I also had a huge stack of cardboard to get rid of. Great idea,burn the gasoline. Don't know exactly went wrong first, the gas was still highly explosive once it attained enough temp, the can split
  5. I have the Stihl SR200 backpack sprayer. Basically it's their smallest blower with a 2.5 gallon tank on it and a sprayer nozzle on the blower tube. I guess I haven't run other brands, but it seems comfortable enough. When the water tank is full you definitely know it, but that's to be expected. Sure is the ticket on mosquito control. Biggest surprise has been the fuel economy. Bet I could spray 50 gallons of mix on a single fuel tank full.
  6. A little erosion at the water ferrules is ok. I have used some mixer cup epoxy without issue. Best bet is a resurface, but that requires engine removal and teardown. The spacer plate gasket goes on dry if you have the updated gasket set that has the oil drain cups. If you don't have them, use aviation form-a-gasket on it.
  7. Cattech


    We've had a vaccine the whole time, it's just a little risky to implement it.... like most all cold bugs that go around, herd immunity. Once we figured out the mortality and risk factors, which are quite low for most people, it should have been allowed to run its course. I now know about 30 people who have been positive over the last 6 weeks. Not ONE person has had any serious symptoms. Even my 93 year old Grandfather survived with nothing more than a snifle and feeling run down tired. Now they are imposing a bunch more lockdowns here in MN, focused on people under 35, but affe
  8. Notice she doesn't need a "wide load" sign across her rear like so many American gals.
  9. Once you get past the plastic hood, that's a pretty decent tractor. They don't have the frame of the old Cadets, but that is a solid hydro in a nicely laid out tractor. I would much rather run a 2000 series than the old Cubs. Did you lose the belt between the PTO clutch and deck, or the deck belt? I'm going to assume it was the belt off the PTO, as that is the problem child on those models. First off, only a high quality belt will survive, the twisting & turning the belt takes going around the mule drive pulleys up front is murder. I don't know what the OEM belt is made of,
  10. I see it now, not where I expected to find it. So, installed the 16xx extensions and the left side plate they bolt to, with the shorter linkages out of a 16 and we're not getting the travel to close the gap. As I mentioned, run all the way up produes about 1". Does the adjusting mechanism need to be replaced with 16xx stuff as well or do I have something else wrong yet.
  11. We installed new rotor tube covers in the 1460. Ended up having to get 16xx covers, so we had to add concave extensions, get the 16xx support and linkage etc. Installed a specialty rotor too. I haven't been able to find a setup procedure for the concaves and indicator. Right now, with the adjuster cranked up as tight as it will go and the stop bolts backed off, the closest the concaves get to a rasp is about 1".
  12. The price seemed right for this rotor. The old one is junk and is destined for scrap. The ol' man is only going to farm his 70 acres another couple yrs. Unless someone thinks the specialty rotor plain out won't work, it's gonna have to do. I would think a person could cut down on the grinding using the same basic adjustment process you would use with a standard rotor? We have fines screens on the clean grain and returns augers, a little loss there will still be nothing compared to the leaks the machine had from the cracks and holes up around the transition cone & bulkhead. So how
  13. Standard rotor laying there has holes worn through it and a few dents in various places. The specialty rotor went in today, it was a $750 Craigslist find and in very good condition.
  14. IDK about IH engines, but I see them fatigue out and break all the time in C15 truck engines. Big heavy cast steel rocker, probably 20x stronger than it needs to be, but... snap.
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