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  1. I would say it's a combination. The links of ownership behind the car dealerships is surprising. I detailed cars for a small town dealership back in my tech school days. You would never have guessed the place to be owned by a major conglomerate that had mega multi brand dealers in surrounding cities. We had plenty of gimmicky sales, $100 car days, biggest sale ever.... blah blah. Detailed out some nasty cars that got sold as clean one owner vehicles! Don't know what happened, but all those places folded and were sold. Always have suspected there was some kind of shenanigans in the higher levels of the company.
  2. Needed approx 1/4" extra space for oversized tires on my ATV, machine was stolen and when I got it back they had put these on. Not very often you get stolen property back with the plastic all fixed up and new tires! Anyhow, for clearance, needed something to get by, bought some thick fender washers & stacked 3 on each stud before putting the wheels on. Still had enough thread and it got me the clearance I needed. It was my intention to purchase proper wheel spacers, but it has worked out fine for a good 5 yrs now.
  3. As mentioned, they should be able to get you keys from either a number on the key or the lock cylinder. A heads up for anyone buying a used brand name toolbox from a private party, fraud has been a big problem. People have been buying these boxes on credit and selling them online, of course not paying the remaining balance. Since it's not a registered or licensed unit, they are very hard to track. If you end up with a hot one, the tool company will try to recoup their losses through you. The tool reps can check by the s/n off the box. I would bet the reps get a finder's fee recouping lost ones, but they also have the incentive as each box is a lost sale off their truck.
  4. Cattech

    $1.88 E10

    Premium E0 92 was $2.29 when I filled up yesterday. These GDI engines sure run nicer on premium Top Tier! Been buying the regular 87 for a while & get some low RPM misfires when under load. Per dealer, completely normal, drive it harder and no problem.... don't use Eco mode! Put the premium in and just like that.... misfires gone.
  5. In our shops, it is a written policy that EVERY open hose, port, whatever, is capped as soon as it is opened. Thus the above plug kit. Every technician is provided with that kit as well as one that contains $2000 or so worth of steel JIC, ORB, OFS, and STOR caps & plugs. Caterpillar has a rep who randomly stops by dealerships and grades the places, this is one of the things they look for and I swear the guy can smell an open hose. You get a * rating, 1-5... there's a 10 page checklist that covers how tidy the facility is to whether the techs can answer a few questions, and how many people have gotten hurt. Our ownership has made it clear, anything less than 5 stars IS NOT an option.
  6. Oops, long time since I did a double post!
  7. You mean like this? Your local Cat dealer should have these in stock.
  8. Cattech

    Corona virus

    And an evil thought, if there was ever a time to demonstrate what American Farmers do to support the country, we are in a time to back off & not plant. How many people take out operating loans? Would there be a lower acreage/planting cost where you can break even & live well at harvest time? Maybe divert some of your time and land to be self sufficient... you live just fine, but sell little. The only way you/we are going to get paid for what you are worth is to be less productive. Just seen it now, people started buying eggs at $5 a dozen and milk at $5 a gallon when they had to look for it
  9. Never mind, I should know better than to drink and text.
  10. Cattech

    Corona virus

    I've stayed out of this one, glad I did because I would be eating a lot of crow. Really didn't think things could go this bad, this quickly.... I'm still not too worried, but have become rather concerned! I decided to say something because of being frustrated at some of the coverage and public opinion of the ordeal... why weren't we more prepared, why is this or that taking so long? I liken this to being a newbie in a prison, learning a whole new way of life. You have watched plenty of movies and imagined what could happen, but still believed it just wouldn't happen to you. Doesn't matter how you got there or how long you are supposed to stay, most people here haven't and never will be incarcerated, this is just anicdotal, so spare me the accuracy check.... you know who you are.. *<!>* This virus was unprecedented, and I would say it's like being that prison newbie, and you just dropped the soap in the shower.... Went to pick it up without checking your shoulder..... this has just become an unpleasant lesson you won't forget! The late shoulder check confirms you will let this lesson proceed to a conclusion that you will likely survive, just with a little different attitude towards life.... So, real world, lost $150,000+ in retirement funds the previous week, at least some came back over the last couple days, but still a hit. Not feeling too bad about it, got plenty of time to get it all back since I just hit 43 and not feeling ill. Scariest thought, but also calming. Most people are going to get this thing eventually, no matter what we do. Most of those people are going to survive it too. Will I make it? No telling, I haven't lived the healthiest life. Guess there's only one way to know.... If it does take me out, won't have to worry about the retirement funds or going to work next week. I don't have a wife or kids to live for, so oh well, what the heck? Comes to the worst, everyone take care & it has been a pleasure. Hope I done right for this little corner of humanity.
  11. Cattech

    AK Welder

    Is "Life Below Zero" better than the other reality TV shows? Other threads have brought to light the utter BS most of the shows are compared to real life in AK. Perfect point; Ice Road Truckers, every other voice over talks about finishing the season before winter goes out, but every shot shows a bright sunny day. Unless, of course there is a blizzard... those only happen at night, when you approach other trucks with their high beams on and horns blowing, while you have a flat tire on your trailer, a bad alternator, and your wife or kid is in the hospital, and you were too distracted or such a JA that you didn't chain up for the pass.
  12. Sounds like you have a steady need for a reliable tractor, lease a new one, turn it in & get another every few yrs.
  13. All depends on useage and how much you want to spend. Is this going to be your big tillage tractor, a loader tractor, the little chore tractor...? How many hrs a yr? Are you going to be the primary operator, or is it going to be beat by 1/2 dozen different hired hands? Does it need to be Red?
  14. I use a couple string lines. Measure out from a a good set of front and rear points on the vehicle and set up my strings so they are parallel to the vehicle and each other, extending beyond the length of the vehicle. Takes a little time to get them perfectly lined up, but makes the alignment go easier. I always measure off the rims, it's too hard to pick a spot on the tires and there's no way to be sure the tire runs true.
  15. Cattech

    RIP Gambler

    What I read said he passed of natural causes surrounded by family.... one of the greats, RIP
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