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  1. The below video is rather long, but truly quite amazing. Reason it came to mind though is you get to see the horrible chinese concrete workmanship. If that dam is anywhere near as bad, it's amazing it hasn't crumbled already.
  2. I did the first oil change on my Kia, had never paid someone for a service in my life.... 17 screws to drop the air dam.... cheapest I found an oil filter was $10..... 3.3L v6 holds 6.5 quarts.... Kia dealer charges $19.99, and they can't accuse me of not maintaining the thing if I need a warranty repair.
  3. ^^^ x2. I just looked, the 455 is supposed to use a Tuff Torq K91 transaxle. Parts are at least available if not affordable. I would say a good portion of "bad" hydros in small equipment are failures of small and simple parts rather than full shelling out. The problem is, if you have to pay a shop to diagnose and repair it, at average $100 hr, you will end up with a lot more into it than it's worth. If you are willing and able to learn and DIY, it's probably worth a shot.
  4. I'd love to take one for a spin... but once I get a thumbs up from some hippy in their Prius, as they pine through gender neutral eyes at my enviro-virtue signaling hot rod the novelty will be over.
  5. While I have no idea how good the switch JD's selling is, I will say, Cat has a series of toggle switches that run $25-35 at employee cost, right around $50 normal. And they are so much better, I will gladly spend the extra money on them. You may be able to buy a china toggle for $5, but once you replace it a 1/2 dozen times you aren't saving anything.
  6. Needed a couple O-rings to reseal some fittings on the ol man's 1460 last fall. Just a simple, common ORB -6 seal. After running all over town trying to find some, ended up 20 miles away at the JD dealer! This only has to be the most common size of the most common fluid connection in the USA! Told the guy at the parts counter what I needed, blank stare, uhhh. Show him the oring, uhhh. Not a clue. I told him, the Cat number is a 3J1907, do you have a cross reference? Uhhh Um. How about a hose and fitting catalog? Don't you fabricate hoses here? I lucked out, a tech working there who I happened to go to high school with walked up to charge something out. He ended up having a couple in a kit in his toolbox.
  7. Interesting take over on whatfinger earlier, every garage space has a noose in it, they are on the grab ropes for the overhead garage doors. They have a garage walk through video from a previous race and you can see them plain as day, on multiple doors. Is it possible someone mistook or misinterpreted something..?
  8. I've never gotten 4 yrs out of one either. Chalk it up to the abusive environment, their rather high performance/output design and a lack of maintenance. I just figure, if ATVs were cheap, everyone would have one.
  9. Ran the car through the "executive" car wash the other night hoping it would help.... they got dumped on to the west and east, but barely more than a sprinkle at my place. If the weeds in my yard get any more crisp I'll need kevlar lined lawnmower tires.
  10. I haven't seen a combine with pontoons yet either. But, that reminds me of another good combine story.... I used to set up all our demo combines and worked with sales and our Claas rep pretty closely. We had a machine out at a head to head demo against the various colors. The new Red machine on tracks hit a soft spot and was sunk pretty hard, a big 4wd struggled to get him pulled out... Little overlooked thing about the geometry of a track machine having the drive mounted above the pivoting roller frame - in soft conditions the front frame gets pushed down... maybe they have addressed this by now? Anyways, after they got the competitive machine out of the hole, our demo operator headed straight for the holes, asked the Claas rep who was in the cab as well.... think we'll make it?.... Either we're gonna make a real mess or sell a lot of combines was the reply..... With the drive being part of the undercarriage, the tracks tilted back and it pulled through the ruts and picked up where the other left off. It did take me 4 hrs in the washbay to get the thing cleaned up.
  11. Different farm, but that new setup is pretty impressive too. That place is going to need a bigger combine. Guess there must be some money in farming.
  12. ^^ yes, the aforementioned Neighbor pulls in the field with 2 1000 bushel grain carts behind quadtracks and they are followed by however many semis are needed to keep the carts empty. The combine never stops unless something is wrong. The dryer and holding bins are big enough to support even more in case they decide to get another combine.
  13. 2 new bins, 55,000 bushels each plus all their old storage.
  14. ^^ Isn't it amazing what the new equipment is capable of, no matter what color? Funny story, a neighbor was complaining about how quickly their new CNH combine was wearing out. Couple yrs in and they were replacing the feeder chain, rasp bars, elevator chains etc.... "their old 1460 ran 10 yrs & never needed...." His son pointed at the giant new bins and 3 story dryer dwarfing the old grain setup.. "that combine has filled those bins 3 times now dad..." 40 yrs ago, they were farming 6-700 acres plus a little custom harvest for neighbors, maybe 1200 total. The ol' man would get in the combine around late Sept and basically not get out until end Nov. Now, they do 3000+ and harvest lasts 2 weeks.
  15. I would bet that most of the trans is ok and you just have a leaking charge pressure check valve or drive pressure bypass valve. These look to be servicable externally. Since you have another trans on the shelf, you should have whatever spare parts you need. Hydrogear provides the service manual online here... https://www.hydro-gear.com/service-and-repair-manuals/ I was looking through the maintenance section, looks like they already have some pretty thick oil in there, you would have to run a 50w or even gear lube to get much thicker than recommended oils.
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