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  1. Cattech

    plugged the 1460

    Remove the front rotor cover and the side service cover on the rotor. Get a big prybar and a keyhole saw, plan on doing some cutting and digging. Had the clean grain elevator stop on the 1460 the other weekend. Shaft monitor hasn't worked in yrs, so it ran until it plugged the cleaning fans tight. After turning the elevator chains by hand to drop a good 30 bushel it took another 20 shopvac loads to finish cleaning it out well enough to risk firing it up.
  2. Cattech

    chevrolet truck tire ?

    I have been running 265/75/16 on all my 90's body GM trucks. It's only a couple mph different on the speedometer. IMO they look better, handle off road conditions a little better and are only marginally different in snow. My latest, 1/2 ton Suburban, I put a set of 265/70/17 on 2011 chev rims. Look better, handles better, rides nice.
  3. Cattech

    2000 Chevy battery dying

    Little story, kind of related just not on a Chevy... The power of an ink pen. I had a radio that wouldn't turn off with the ignition key in a loader. It would drain the batteries over a few days. The customer had replaced the radio, the power inverter, the main power relay. Just about anything you could relate to the circuit had been checked. I could measure just a few milivolts on the key power wire to the radio. Come to find out, the radio uses the B+ wire to run everything and the key wire is like turning on a light switch. Where is this phantom mV voltage coming from.....? I began tracing the wire back from the radio, this is no small feat as the harness is buried behind panels and compartments. As I try to take apart a connector under a storage box I notice my fingers have become stained black. What is this...? There is no oil or grease in these parts. I peer into the storage box and find a ball point pen with its tip leaking into the corner of the box that just happens to contain a drain hole. The ink was dripping directly on the harness, running down and contaminating a connector. The ink inside was enough to short the B+ and key power wires and flip the internal "switch" in the radio. So as a cause of failure, I had to list a black Bic ink pen.
  4. Cattech


    "You can feel the souls of those lost when you stand on the shores of that great lake. Pity the men who brave her waters without caution, beware of those who go with full knowledge of what the lake can do, as that is one whom has no fear of death and unknown." I don't remember who said it, but every time I have been on the lake I think of it and wonder what the h377 I'm doing out there.
  5. Cattech

    2000 Chevy battery dying

    Easiest first, test battery - make sure it is fully charged, unhook cables and see if it still goes down while sitting. How old is the battery? Maybe just time to change it as maintenance. If battery is ok, unhook negative cable and hook a meter in circuit - cable to post. Check for amperage, if there is, start removing fuses until the draw goes away.
  6. Cattech

    Hot Dawg Heater

    It probably is just a switch, for the last week the heater would work and then not work at random. And come to think of it, I believe there was an East wind about the time I noticed I was having issues (the exhaust faces East). After I pushed on the resets it seemed like the heater lit up and kicked in much faster than it had been doing for some time. I also took the air nozzle to everything and gave it a much over-due cleaning, it was quite the soot cloud that blew out the exhaust when I gave the plenum tubes a shot of compressed air with the power vent running. I was a little concerned, it seems like there is a little more flame in the burner area than the airflow going out the plenum. Maybe I should check pressure, I didn't think of that as the unit does have a pressure monitoring circuit. Possibly one of the switches was partially tripped over operating time and resetting was all it needed? However, I intend to order new ones just in case, would you buy the $30 OEM part, or are the aftermarket $8 switches OK?
  7. Cattech

    Hot Dawg Heater

    Having an issue with my garage heater. Seems one of the rollout switches has tripped. I reset it and it is working OK but I was looking at the flame pattern and I guess I don't know if this is normal. Below picture, is there supposed to be flame present in the red circled areas or only inside the green circles?
  8. Cattech

    Trailer Tires

    Would gladly do so but 20.5x8.5x10 I installed is actually 2" oversize from factory. Can't think of any cars that use 5x4.5 lug pattern with a 12 or 14" rim that would accept some low profile tires. Maybe a doughnut spare rim with a better tire?
  9. Cattech

    Trailer Tires

    Anybody have an idea where I can buy decent trailer rims/tires - even if Chinese? I paid an embarrassing amount of money for a couple of snowmobile trailer rims/tires when I rehabbed my Floe 2 place last yr. I figured I was getting higher quality by purchasing through a trailer dealer and spending a little more. You can't see it with your eyes until they are bolted up and spun, but these things are so egg shaped it feels like they are going to tear up the trailer. The vibration loosens tie down straps and rattles my receiver. I went back to the dealer and they told me they could give me another set but that is just the way they are these days and aren't recommended to pull over 55 mph. Sorry, but I'm not running 55 on a 2000 mile trip. I took them off and had them balanced, had to double up the biggest weights they had and it is a little better. I would think a person could buy some wheels that are somewhat round. The originals that came on the trailer lasted 15 yrs and ran smooth. Do you get this junk when you drop $2500 on a new trailer?
  10. Cattech

    Hydrulic help

    This is almost exactly what is needed, but the diverter valves need to be about 4x bigger to handle the flow a wheel loader uses. As to what valve is needed, find out what the rated pressure and flow of the loader hyd system is and the size of the lines to the tilt cylinder. Then, you should be able to find an industrial hyd equip supplier in your local area. We have a couple in the STC area who have been very helpful for putting together custom requests for clients. More thoughts; You will want a diverter that creates as little restriction as possible when it's not energized. The size of your hoses and cylinders will probably be determined by the flow rate of the machine to attain controllability - too small and the grapple will react way to fast, or vs/vs. The grapple should have its own relief valves, being on a diverted circuit there will be no over pressure protection. You should consider cylinders with lock valves, this will prevent pressure loss/grapple relaxing when the diverter valves are switched. Lock valves require X amount of pressure to open before allowing cylinder to move.
  11. Cattech

    Hydrulic help

    I'm not a Komatsu guy, but I would guess the loader in question uses an open center hyd system. The only ways an extra valve can be added to that system would be if the existing main control valve (MCV) is modular and an extra valve can be added to the stack. Next would be to put a stand alone open center valve in line after the existing MCV. The latter may be a viable option, just make sure it has a full flow capable relief valve built into it. A diverter valve will work, keep in mind that valve will probably affect the performance of that circuit and you will loose the shared function when running the grapple. Also, there is a chance that there will be a momentary drop in pressure when actuating the diverter, IE if you hook into the tilt circuit, say you curl the bucket back under load and then hit the diverter the bucket may curl forward a small amount or vs/vs.
  12. Cattech

    Not for the BTOs out there

    So who wants to bet the average person who would buy one of these mini balers for $12k also has a little bale spear on their loader and a cute mini wagon to stack the bales on.
  13. Cattech

    TV recomedations

    Since no one wants to chime in with more info I will add a little more of my unproven, misguided insight. One thing I was told decades ago, if you want to judge how good a tv screen is - turn it off and see how black the screen looks; blacker is better. Yes, there is a big difference in quality between the stores you buy them. Most tv model numbers have a letter code at the end, those letters can designate a lesser or more expensive version of what looks like same tv. Buy the same model Walmart or an electronics store, most likely you get a better tv at the specialized place. Hey, look at that... AK chimed in. As he said on the extra ports on the rear..... If you decide to start using internet tv or buy a blue-ray dvd it helps to have proper hook ups. Having outputs for external speakers is a plus too. You may not think it too important, but many modern big screens have rather impotent sound and are designed with the idea that the owner is using some sort of external sound system. Buying a name brand you recognize probably isn't as important as it used to be. My two previous tvs were Samsung, they both died after a few yrs. My 60" projection I currently use is a Toshiba, I bought it on Craigslist 10 yrs ago for $100. My brother has been going yrs on a no name cheapy from Costco. With the OLED tvs becoming more affordable, there probably will be some pretty good tvs getting replaced. You may want to check Craigslist or similar used sources.
  14. Cattech

    TV recomedations

    There is one "must have" if buying a TV today. That is the OLED technology. These are pretty expensive yet and I have been waiting for the price to come down a little more. This tech is as big of a step up from a standard LED TV as a plasma was over a tube tv. I was going to buy a new TV two years ago and started doing a little research on what to buy. The OLED was new and ridiculously priced, but I went to a store to see the difference. Seeing it, side by side to a standard 4K picture, I decided to run my old projection TV until I could afford the OLED. The difference - previous TVs light up zones of the screen using edge mounted light sources that are reflected inward. The OLED lines the back of the screen with a sheet containing thousands of those high intensity LEDs like they use in high end flash lights and can control them individually. The screen has the capability to get too bright to look at.
  15. Cattech

    Shop planning websites?

    I'm a fan of the divided building idea. A heated section and a cold area, this allows you to go bigger without the heat bill. The cold area can eventually be insulated and accept temporary heat when you need it. Separating the repair area from the storage will help you maintain organization. Unless a person has a serious case of OCD, the ability to push things off to the side and start on something else amounts to lots of unfinished projects cluttering up your shop. My plan will be an area for one long term project, and one to do the quick repairs or melt things off. I would plan for a work bench/tooling/rebuild area, plus a little bit of warm parking for my sled. And don't forget a man cave ☺, a guy has to have a dog house to take refuge in! The rest of the building will be insulated and wired, but no heat. I can always run a Nipco for a bit if I need to work in the larger area. While you are thinking about heat, don't be afraid to consider air conditioning for the summer. Put a provision in to accept a wall or window A/C unit. A $200 Walmart window unit will make a huge difference during those humid Iowa months. It will be a very minor expense, I wish I had done so every summer when working in my garage. I have two perfectly good window units sitting in my basement but they don't fit in the garage window, so I sweat it out because I either will have to cut a hole or replace my window to make it work.