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  1. I never worked on one, but figured it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I never really looked at one of these old Deere planters, but looking at your pictures, had to say wow that's heavy duty. I can't see the left side of the gearbox well in your pictures but there's got to be some sort of linkage there that is actuated by lifting/lowering. That runs a clutch inside the center gearbox. If the external linkage is ok, something is wrong inside that case. https://partscatalog.deere.com/jdrc/sidebyside/equipment/74962/referrer/navigation/pgId/24257
  2. Occ is ticket happy for anything and every thing Big part of the issue right now, they are in need of fundraising since everyone is out to defund.... If it can go wrong, assume it will. Crossing a state line complicates things as well. If you do try to drive it, make certain everything is good, DOT, license, function. One thing wrong and a driver W/O a CDL is the difference between a ticket/fine or impoundment. Don't you have a buddy or neighbor who has the proper license and would appreciate a free breakfast, lunch, and steak dinner... maybe even a case of ice cold beer? An extra
  3. So, one question. Back in the day, how was the fuel tank cut? After my gas incident last fall, no amount of $$ could get me anywhere near a fuel tank that size with a torch!
  4. ^^ One could say a dozer is only under load 50% as it has to back up the same distance it was pushing. But varied engine RPM is also a wear factor too. So dropping to nearly low idle then accelerating to high idle every couple minutes is probably as hard on an engine as a constant 100% load. Again, fuel consumption is the best way to judge the life of the engine. That decel/accel burns fuel faster than an engine running one set RPM. Judging a piece of construction equipment to a farm tractor is also apples to oranges. Something to ponder, the new snowmobile I have ordered is ab
  5. Never done them on a 6.5, but put new ones on my 96, 97, 98 350's. Not a pleasant job, especially on 4x4. Had same failure as you on the 98 Suburban, don't know how far I went without oil pressure. The Napa line was only a few months old too. After repair, I drove it to work and back, then pulled my oil filter off and cut it open, inspected for debris. It ended up ok. I also sent an oil sample to the lab after a 1000 miles to be sure. I think people underestimate how long the oil in the galleys and such can carry an engine that is in good condition.
  6. ^^^ Big part of it. All these older tractors had the mechanical counter that was only accurate at a certain RPM. So, say the meter was accurate at 2000 RPM, at 1500 it would take 1 hr, 15 minutes to put an hour on the meter. Another reason is duty cycle.... the percentage of time run at maximum HP. At Cat, they judge an engine by the gallons of fuel it has burned. Take a 3406E truck engine. It should burn approximately 200,000 gallons of fuel between overhauls. Say one truck is pulling light van trailers and gets 5 MPG, another truck is constantly pulling heavy haul getting 2.5 MPG. One e
  7. So, back in the day, there was the Funk conversion kits for a V8, has there been any other kits made since? The couple N series tractor I run had a little usefulness, but pretty much found them disappointing because there just wasn't enough power. Now, if you could put a 25-35 hp pre-emissions diesel in one, with a little ballast I bet it would be one handy little unit.
  8. JD isn't the only one and it's nothing new. Cat yellow is copyrighted, as is Massey red & silver. As far as I know, IH's shade of red was protected too.
  9. Whether you like or hate them, they sure do ask for some $$$ here in MN. I was just looking at local CL ads and the average is around $4000. One that looked like a pile of parts for $1250... nicely restored with a loader $6500. Not saying they're actually selling for that price.
  10. Is their house close by? Tell them you have to spread poultry manure to offset no spraying, (little fib). Cannot be tilled in for a few weeks as to burn off the weeds.... pile it on heavy.... After a week or so they'll probably be just fine with a little spray if you will plow the manure in.
  11. Thomas Edison poses with his first electric car, the Edison Baker, and one of its batteries. 1895. ‐-‐‐‐---------‐‐--- Not trying to pick on anyone. Though light yrs better, current EVs have the same limitations as they did back then. What is really going to hurt today is the exotic and rare materials being used to produce them.
  12. I've said it 100 times, once we learn how to effectively and efficiently produce or collect and store electricity, EVs will take over in the blink of an eye. But the tech just isn't there yet. And as long as the subsidies and tax credits are prevalent, it is going to be real hard to define between the serious players and those who are using smoke and mirrors to line their pockets.
  13. Telling of mankind.... 1970.... in 50 yrs you will carry a small device capable of contacting people just about any place on Earth instantaneously. Weighing just a few ounces, it will have more computing power than all the computers aboard the Apollo spacecraft combined. Not only will it give you access to nearly all written information from human history, but it will allow you to gather more information in pictures and videos and share them with the whole of mankind in real time. You will use this device for access and management of most all personal aspects of life.... 2020..... Th
  14. So once we park all the planes, trucks, cars, tractors. Shut down every powerplant. Get rid of all the cows, pigs, and 1/2 the humans, moving the remainder back into caves and mud huts. And the climate continues to change, just as it has for 3.5 billion years, what are they going to blame. There is an inevitable fact, where I reside, was once a glacier of immense proportion. And the cause, as it has been explained, tells me there will be another one about 15,000 yrs after I am long gone. That's some serious climate change, and no one was spewing greenhouse gasses that could be blamed
  15. I'm on yr 3 with the $300 Powerhorse 3000 psi/3 gpm from Northern Tool, I put a good 20 hrs on it washing my siding and about 2-4 hrs use a month during the summer since. It isn't a confidence inspiring smooth runner, but so far hasn't given me any issues.
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