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  1. Few yrs back, threw a load of laundry in washer, went back to cutting the grass. Seen the neighbors out, ran over and BS with them a hour or two..... Came home to put the laundry in the dryer and grab some beer, found water running out the front door.....WTH.... level switch in the washer had never tripped and it was still trying to fill the wash cycle. I have a productive well that fills the washer in a few minutes, this had been running 3+ hrs, a least a thousand gallons overflowed, what a mess..... On the bright side, it was clean water, 2x I have had the septic back up, no water upstairs but a basement full of sewage water that came up a floor drain, get that smell out of the house
  2. Same here on the total and the wind, official measurement is about 6", hard to tell with the drifting. The AWD Kia was a very nice handling vehicle in snow last night, I would say it was as good as my Suburban so far. That wind still looks very uninviting, not really in a hurry to see how the new wheeler handles a plow.
  3. https://stcloud.craigslist.org/grd/d/hawley-ih-farmall-firecrater-piston-kit/7027621805.html No idea if the price is fair, but an unopened box of this vintage isn't something you see everyday.
  4. I know everyone south and west of us here in central Mn already have gotten their fill. By the forecast, it appears our luck is about over, 8 or so" predicted tonight and another 8-12" for Friday-Sunday. Good thing the corn was extra tall this yr, the Ol' Man is nowhere near finished with harvest. On the bright side, I get to try out the AWD in the new Kia for the first time and I have my blade mounted on the brand new King Quad. Now to get going on the 4 dead snowmobiles in the garage.
  5. Cattech

    Tesla pickup

    If someone comes up with a real way to store electricity, EV vehicles will take over in a heartbeat. We are surrounded by electricity, a single lighting bolt could power a city for days if we had a way to capture and store it. As I said in another thread a few days ago, the entity who figures this out will be some sort of rich. That said, IMO, Elon and his Tesla are a fraud, sucking up subsidies and tax breaks, selling an inferior and even dangerous product to niaeve people who have more money than brains. That "truck" is definitely ugly, and I loved the bullet proof window demonstration! Pretty much sums up my opinion on Tesla..... failing promises.
  6. Cattech

    Grain Dryer

    On heavy equipment at work, we charge $156 hr for field service techs, and it's $92 hr+ $2.10 mile for travel. I think our electrician/generator techs are even higher. Being this is a friend of yours, and I assume you already did the work without a pre-arranged agreement on what you would get paid, you may have to settle for a good steak dinner and a case or two of beer. I've learned the hard way, if I work for a friend, I make it a clear business transaction separate from any personal relationship, with an agreed price beforehand, or I just do it for free.
  7. What you need is an outhouse, especially since it's getting cold outside. I swear mind over matter works. I go to the cabin, take a good look at the run down outhouse when I get there, and actually don't have a call of nature all weekend.... which is amazing when you consider the massive amount of beer consumed there. Maybe it's the meat and cheese diet we subside on?
  8. Need one for my Kia! Seriously though, seen a couple of those in action last year and they can really move some snow. Really gets the full use out of a pickup when used in conjunction with a front plow.
  9. Not that surprised, the Cummins Nissan was kind of a truck without a defined purpose, advertised like a 3/4 ton but really no more capable than a 1/2. I wonder if another manufacturer might aquire the rights to use that 5.0L Cummins since Nissan is dropping it? IIRC, From the hype back at its release, it was a new from the pan up engine with a focus on being used in automotive applications, so I would think it would be quite capable. Looking at the current market, with all the manufacturers offering a small 1/2 ton diesel, and the large diesels getting up around 1000 ftlb torque, 400+ hp, a middle point engine aimed at the 3/4 ton market might be a hit.
  10. Cattech

    Mileage or age

    I'm with the age is more important than mileage crowd, it's no secret that a vehicle will rot away sitting in one place, condensation build up, mouse damage, etc will kill a car as fast as salt. Then, when I see something with low mileage for the age I start to wonder what was wrong with it that made it not get used. My brother had a nice looking Saturn with what seemed to be low mileage, but that was because the car was totaled and sat in Dad's barn for 7 yrs before it got put together and back on the road. My GP spent a yr in the garage because I was too lazy to replace the steering rack/pinion unit, my Suburban sat nearly a yr due to a blown up engine... didn't seem like the mileage was so high anymore after I didn't drive them for a yr or two.
  11. The free app I put on my phone is on par with the $20-40 parts store readers and covers basic powertrain/emissions systems. I haven't bought an app, but the demo videos for the $19.99 app show reading can-bus, ABS, body controllers etc. There are much more expensive adapters than the one I bought. I'm not sure if they are more capable than the cheap ones. As far as I can see, all it does is broadcast the data via Bluetooth and the rest is done by the app.... here's the one I bought. https://www.amazon.com/Veepeak-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Supports-DashCommand/dp/B011NSX27A/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=obdii+bluetooth&qid=1574100599&sprefix=obdii&sr=8-5
  12. I don't get it.... Feels nearly impossible to drink 8 glasses of water in a day... But 15 beers and 1/2 a bottle of whisky go down faster than a fat kid on a seesaw!
  13. Cattech

    🐭 Tally

    Believe it or not, this mousetrap is set.
  14. There is no doubt in my mind that we need to look to the future and find alternative sources of energy. I do believe it will happen, and the entity who figures it out will be some sort of rich for doing so. It won't take a government handout. What is currently being done is madness, spending billions of dollars, choking up the landscape with projects that do little more than give worried people a warm fuzzy feeling about being green.... Money and resources that could have been used to research real solutions. I'm all for being responsible and minimalizing our impact on the environment, some things done over the past couple hundred yrs would disgust the most callous industrialist... But we have changed, the air and water are cleaner now than at any time since before the industrial revolution began. Sure China is still disgusting, but they are getting better too. The "climate change" narrative being pushed these days lacks a fundamental point that I need to take it seriously. What is normal climate? The very spot I'm sitting was covered by 1000's of feet of ice 50,000 yrs ago, and was at the bottom of a shallow ocean 100 million yrs ago. It is figured that 99% of the species of life that has lived on this planet have gone extinct. Yes climate change is real, and it has been changing for literally billions of yrs before man came about. We are but one grain of sand on miles of beach. Could man make the earth uninhabitable for himself and much of the life as we know it?... Probably. Could man destroy all life on the planet and leave it a dead cesspool for aliens to find and study someday.... not a chance. So... do I have a point to my rambling? not really. Guess I'm getting burnt out on all these predictions of doom and gloom, almost all of which haven't come to fruition. Pretty much every proposed solution to the predicted doomsday scenarios involve some sort of wealth transfer and little to no scientifically provable goals and even less provable benefit.... sick of the argument.
  15. I remember a talk radio conversation from a couple yrs ago.... when they added up all the benefits and programs available, living on welfare was the equivalent of a $24 hr job with an excellent health benefit package. I may make more than that, but I probably could live with a little less if I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.
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