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  1. The answer is yes, especially when considering the size of dozer you are talking. Compare the specs of a new Cat 299D vs a new Cat D3K dozer. 299 is 110 hp and the dozer is 85. Now the D3K is low 20k lbs vs the 299 @ 11k, and in shear pushing power the D3 will easily win. But the speed and nimbleness of the 299 with the added hp, will move more material in a given time. The steel undercarriage of a dozer is going to hold up to more abuse than the rubber tracks on a CTL (compact track loader]. So in land clearing where trees, rocks, stumps are in play the dozer may be preferable. But that UC is also far more expensive to replace and repair than rubber tracks. As above, you can go more places and cause less surface damage with the CTL. You will also have a machine with near infinite other usages. But you pay to play, the upfront outlay on that CTL is hefty.
  2. Coolant in the oil culprits on a 3208 in order of likeliness; head gasket, cracked head, cracked front housing, cracked block, oil cooler. Oil cooler usually puts oil in coolant but not coolant in oil. I would guess it's not an option in that combine due to access to bottom of engine, but usually we drop the oil pan and pressurize the cooling system, then inspect the bottom of the engine for drips. If you resealed the head gaskets (got the proper gaskets, improved bolts and right torque spec) and had the heads checked, and still have coolant in the oil I would bet you have a coolant leak @ the front housing coolant passages.
  3. Main Speedee hub is just on the other side of the freeway from my work. They haul a lot of parts out of our store, have a good reputation in the area. My neighbor worked for them for a couple years and liked it there, but left because there was no way he was ever going to get a big enough paycheck from them.
  4. Just as bad as the buy here, pay here dealers. Sell a $500 car for $1500 on credit at 20% interest, but hey, it's only $49 a week!
  5. Got close once, 20+ yrs ago. Still on 0, you've all heard the line about free milk & a cow.
  6. Every new model released has to be an improvement over the previous.....& get a bit more done per hour. So everything gets a little bigger and more expensive, competition between manufacturers forces everyone to play the game. The devaluation of currency doesn't help, a dollar never seems to get more valuable. But the big thing is how pricing has been adjusted to the payment installments. Raise the price to the point that few will buy outright, and then raise the price to the edge of what the customer is willing to pay monthly... I see it all the time, people buy an $70,000 pickup, but then tell me it's only $1000 a month. They don't think the least about that total outlay, just how the payment fits their budget.
  7. Northern Tool has or had one with a pivoting head that has been very handy.
  8. I just used oven cleaner on the 4 wheeler... caked on oil pretty bad from cylinder base gasket leak. Cut right through the baked on gunk and polished the cases like new.
  9. As promised, a report on the refurbished phone. lI am pleasantly surprised on the phone condition. I ordered a B+ grade phone expecting some wear or scratches. If there's anything wrong with what I received I haven't found it, looks like brand new. Transferring my account over to the new phone was as easy as it could get with one exception. The SIM card is a different size from my old phone so I had to buy a new one. Found out you will have a much better experience going to Best Buy.... went to the Sprint store, waited 45 minutes to get help.... just to argue with this dumb broad for 15 minutes and leave empty handed. Best Buy, told them what I needed, 5 minutes later I was on my way. Anyhow, installed the new SIM, turned the phone on, then all I had to do was enter the phone ID and new SIM # at the Sprint website. Turned off the old phone and restarted the new one.... good to go! A few other steps transfered all my stuff from the old to the new one wirelessly too, just a matter of following simple on screen instructions.
  10. An engine S/N may be close enough for me to get the rest & I may have a couple leads on finding old parts. Is this a restoration, or are you getting the machine running for use? I would bet there's a more modern fan from somewhere like Horton that would not only fit, but perform better too.
  11. Cattech


    You didn't recently buy a zero turn mower by chance? Grandfather started getting vertigo real bad. Went to the doc, they couldn't find anything wrong, changed his meds, didn't get any better.... Fall came, vertigo went away... next spring it came back with a vengeance. Doc had him journal his activities vs symptoms, mowing set it off. Paid the neighbor kid to cut the grass for a couple weeks and back to normal.
  12. Since I ordered a replacement phone outside of going to the Sprint store, I'm going to have to activate it myself. I know I have to swap the SIM card to the new device, but what more is there to do? The seller emailed me a bunch of codes pertaining to the device being mailed. I'm sure I can figure it out, just wondering if someone may have one of those "don't make this mistake" stories worth sharing.
  13. ^ repair; this phone is old enough and was a low end unit to begin with. It was a good entry level unit, but as Lorenzo just mentioned, I too depend on it too much now and need something more. A quality built in camera will be nice as well. With above praise on refurbished phones, I did a little digging. Found one of the eBay stores is based 70 miles up the freeway from me. Got their address by perusing the help wanted ads, so I know they're a legitimate company. They had a fair price on a B+ condition Galaxy s9, (under $350 total - my carrier wants $650 for same thing) Supposed to be here by Friday, will let y'all how it turns out.
  14. Unfortunately, waiting isn't an option thanks to a stretched out t-shirt pocket and a 1/2 full oil pan that should have already been dumped. Oops. On the bright side, my Android Auto should work again. I had gotten used to having the hands free calling, navigation and such.... Then I started getting warnings that my phone was too old when I plugged it in. A couple months ago it just wouldn't connect anymore.
  15. I always thought I needed a tough phone, there was a time I probably did. But I still have the original screen protector plastic on this one after 4 yrs of use & until recently hadn't done anything that damaged the phone. The case I put on wasn't a bulky tank like the Otter Box so many people use but has been adequate.
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