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  1. Cattech

    Why did I buy these?

    Keys / wrenches for tamper resistant shut off valves? Just a guess. Looks like something that may come in handy at some point........ Edit, gotta love google......even if they are evil๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  2. Cattech

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    Parts machine, good thing I didn't need anything off that one this yr.
  3. Cattech

    Gps question?

    How good is cell phone service in your area? A new phone with the proper App in an area with solid coverage should get you down to a foot or so. After that, you start talking $$$ to set up something more accurate. The base signal, WAAS is only good down to a square meter or so. Next step will use the GNSS signal. This is more accurate than WAAS - around 12". I believe you will need some sort of subscription to use their signals, but that may have changed. Then there is RTK, RTX, Omnistar, VRS - this is what will be required to get your sub inch accuracy, these systems use fixed, ground based reference points. You will need a more advanced monitor and antenna to run off these systems and there will be subscription fees.
  4. Cattech

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    One week later, sorry, but sending more water your way down there.
  5. Cattech

    Kinda reverse land lease question?

    The deer pressure you mention would give me pause. I don't live out your way, but have seen some videos of what the deer have been doing to corn/soybean crops out East and have to say, a severe hailstorm would do less damage. Actual harvests getting less than 15 BPA, you will have to be the judge on how bad it is in the area. If that is the case, and you want to make any money at it, you would be best off doing the work at a custom rate. Put a set $ on your labor and equipment/fuel. If you wait until it's harvested just to find out he's taking a loss, you'll probably be taking one too. That said, if helping out a buddy, and getting an extra chance to play with your equipment, go for it, at 25% of taken crop, you should at least get your fuel paid for.
  6. Cattech

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Mid winter I was running short on room and had to saddle up the Cub, finally got a picture to post. Hopefully the next time I need this thing it will have the mower back on. For those wondering about the pail, that is my heater vent. The hood has some engine vents on top, makes a pretty big difference.
  7. Cattech

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    Most snow I've had in my yard in the 18 yrs I've been out here. Pic is Sunday PM.
  8. Cattech

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    Yeah, spent Sunday afternoon running the snowblower and raking the roof. Played around on the Widetrak a bit..... Wed night, mid 40's and and inch of rain. Looking like snowmobile season is done for a good part of MN by early next week.
  9. Cattech

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    How about ice? The main roads were just wet on the way home last night, but once I hit my culdesac, hang on! Fresh rain on top of re-freeze, you could barely walk on it. Almost needed to chain up to make my driveway.
  10. Cattech

    wiper blade refills

    I remember those things, and how frustrating they could be to install. Sure they were cheaper, but 1/2 the time they didn't fit the holders, or you tore one going together. And then found out the blade frame was tweeked and didn't contour to the windshield anymore. $30 each is rather radical, hope they're gold plated. I just grab the $8 assemblies at walmart, clip on & go. I keep an extra under the seat in case I need one in a pinch.
  11. Cattech

    Dateing sights warning.

    Looks like she brings a Mother In Law apartment off the back, two for the price of one๐Ÿ˜ฎ.
  12. Just repack the bearings, throw some highway rated tires/wheels on it & flat tow would be my choice for 70 miles. Dad drove his 1460 and 2190 a lot farther than that to get them home. If they have the equipment to get it on the trailer, I would think there is some sort of equipment dealer or contractor close to you that would be willing to unload it for a small fee.
  13. Cattech

    The million dollar question?

    There would be a yacht in the Bahamas with my name on it. Maybe buy an island, and put a fleet of red tractors on it....... invite all you guys down every winter for a tropical plow day.
  14. Cattech

    roof collapse

    Local storage place - converted a bunch of chicken barns - have a roof rake mounted on a skid loader. Just like the ones you use by hand but has a 8 foot or so blade.
  15. Cattech

    Amazing illusion