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  1. Tractor to Start Farming With

    I was thinking it, but NOT going to say it..... yes, if I had to pick only one all around tractor to cover 100 or so acres and couldn't spend more than 10k, a 4020 or 4320 JD would be my first pick.
  2. Tractor to Start Farming With

    I know it's double the money you are talking, but how about a 2wd 5140. You have to look into the future on what your implements may need and all the older IH's listed above don't have the hyd system to support newer air planters/seeders etc without modifications or pto pumps.
  3. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Peanuts! Popcorn! Crackerjacks!
  4. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    90's GM 1500 4x4 pickup wasn't too much fun either. Drains on the diff making a big mess and you burn the he77 out of your arm on the exhaust manifold doing it from the top.
  5. Vintage Aerial

    It's a small world sometimes.
  6. Cream puff 2+2

    Didn't someone post these pic's a yr or two ago? If it's the same one, I stand by my post back then..... Ugly it may be, but I bet it still pulls like a SOB and wears it' faded red color with pride.
  7. Vintage Aerial

    That kinda looks like a Brambrink farm, used to date a Brambrink girl....
  8. Vintage Aerial

    I really don't know what happened, this is directly across the road from my house and I've never heard of any catastrophic storms going through the area in the last 30 yrs. Believe it or not, I never knew that place was a farm despite being here 16 yrs! There is an older guy who lives in the original farm house. Many people have told me stories about him being crazy and there are enough no trespassing signs back there to re-roof the damaged shed. You see him come and go in a big old rusty Lincoln running on 7 cylinders, reminds me of a creepy hillbilly family scene on the X-Files show....... I've always kept my distance. One day the guy stopped at my place. He was a little suspicious and guarded at first but I ended up visiting with him for an hr or so and he turned out to be a pretty nice guy. We got on the subject of machinery and he said he has 50+ old tractors. I had no clue of what the farm back there used to look like and kinda dismissed the claim. Seeing that old picture, maybe I should get to know the guy better.
  9. Vintage Aerial

    Well that was the best final 3 hrs at work I've had in a while. Found Dad's place in 1980, grandparents farm in 69. And most surprising is the farm that was, had to have been one of the biggest, nicest farms in the county. Now is an overgrown bunch of falling down buildings. 1/2 of what was there is completely gone. The farm then. And now..... Note, you'll probably have to switch the map to get satellite view.
  10. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    And that's why I buy well used, end of life vehicles. Drive till it dies, buy another........ some people's trash is another's treasure. Never spend more than $5k to buy, never spend more than $2k to fix - and it has to be really nice to earn that kind of love. I've found many $2500 vehicles, even trucks, are usually about $500 and a weekend of elbow grease away from being pretty decent looking & running. I haven't made a car payment to a bank in near 10 yrs, but I make a monthly car payment to myself that sits in a separate account earning a little interest....... Getting to be a pretty nice fund again. I sure would love one of these new trucks, but I would love to retire 20 yrs early even more. That said, somebody needs to run them through that 200k break in period for me..... buy away and take good care of them, I'll see you in 10 yrs or so.
  11. Yep, every Thursday when I get to work and turn on the work laptop, just about the time I get everything opened up...... windows needs to restart to apply updates. I always suspect its coming and try to wait for it, never fails. Home computer is worse, there's an update due but no message. Log onto the net and the thing just freezes up, can't even get the power button to shut it down. Give the old power failure reset...(unplug) Then it takes 15 minutes to power back up as it loads 15 to 75 updates. I have not been a fan of Windows 10! But I just can't get myself to buy a Mac either. They may, not, catch a bug as, easy and, update in the background....................... But they sure, do get, slow.
  12. New member has question in the front row

    Looks very similar to the cab on Dad's 4320. From what I rememer back when the interior was still intact, the fender coverings were basically one piece and mainly just folded around the corners. Don't think there was anything fancy or complicated. That said, $1000 doesn't go far these days and it probably isn't too bad a deal. I doubt many places could do it for that kind of $.
  13. Crash Test

    The straps on the rear end are for the propulsion cable and while I can't see if there's an engine installed you can see the exhaust system get pushed back under the car. You could argue that this video was made for entertainment purposes, however it was an official crash test performed by the IIHS. I haven't seen any reason to put them in as low of a category as I hold NBC. Small impacts may total these new cars, but if it's your wife, kids, parents, friends that walk away from a crash you probably won't complain about the destroyed car. I'd be wary of saying my truck was that great, I know the IIHS considers the 1994 up generation Dodge pickups in their ten worst crash performers of all time.
  14. Crash Test

    5288IH 's topic reminded me of this crash test video. Amazing what new technology can do.
  15. Spare parts what to do with them

    What else does a person have to do to keep themselves occupied in Iowa?😁