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  1. Wow, could you imaging what kind of beast that would have been!!! Can’t forget a TA also! 😀
  2. Nice collection and thanks for the fast hitch pics! Never know when I might run across a hitch and I really like the one on my Super C. It would be nice to have on a W series. I have a complete letter series from a Cub to a SMTA plus a W-9, a running WD-9 and a WD-9 parts tractor with a hand clutch. I’d like to put that into the running 9. Still looking for more W tractors at the right price. I gave $400 for the W-9 but it had been sitting for 20 years. Got lucky and it was running in a day. I watched a I-6 sell last weekend for $900 if I remember right. Just didn’t need it. I like the
  3. Hammer, yes we do have some good auctions around here surprisingly. And no, someone’s wife doesn’t know about the three Cubs he bought just yet and I’m not the one who is married! They are at my place for some reason!! 😂🤣😂. I was told by her to not let him buy a bunch of junk and I upheld my end of the deal. 🤗
  4. Well I didn’t spend the money but I’m always game to help!! 😂 I was wrong about the ‘55 Cub. All I had to do was dump gas in it and the thing roared to life!! Took it for a spin around the farm. Couple small issues to take care of but easy to sort out. But it runs!! There are very few auctions these guys will pass up. This was from the auction that I bought my SMTA and Charlie picked up Cub #2. Old Man Charlie is in the bibs on the right. Curt in the middle is the free mechanic and painter of all tractors. Denley on the left is actually our District House of Representatives man
  5. Boy she sure rolls the coal!! Love it! And it has the exact same rearend whine as my W-9 when pulling. Best sound ever! My Dad had a 650 when I was little, all I remember of it is the day it left after the auction. Had a hand clutch and cab. He said he’d put me in a box in the cab corner with his big jacket and I’d fall sleep while he’d plow most of the night. He told me he rebuilt it with over-sized pistons and it had tons of power. Pulled a 15’ field cultivator with ease. I’d love to have a 650 one day. Saw one near me but it soon disappeared, I shouldn’t have waited to ask abo
  6. Well Gary, a few more IH tractors showed up on this Montana farm yesterday. I drove the “Old Codger Crew” to an auction sale at Post Falls, Idaho. They are 70, 76 and 81 so they qualify for that title right? Anyways, one guy has a thing for Cubs now but he’s a professed green guy. Well maybe we’ve managed to turn him away from his wandering ways! We had a full load at the end of the day. This is a 1955 model, nothing really special about it other then it’s complete with nice tires. After we got it off the truck, we sprayed a little starting fluid into the carb and it
  7. Gary, great to see you have seed in the ground! Always a good feeling when that’s done. Let it rain!! Do you remember if you had any elk in the barley last year? When I moved here, I planted Dad’s seed from a previous year. It was mostly oats but a little barley also. I tried to save about 5 acres to combine for more seed and I cut the rest for green hay. Well the elk had other ideas. In five days they stripped all of the oats from the stalks. Instead of about 50-60 bushels per acre, I got 10. That was the last time I tried to combine oats. Anyways, the elk didn’t touch any o
  8. I hope it is ok to highjack your thread one more time Gary, but I’m done with planting!! I had a small window to get this last field planted before it started to rain again and I just made it. Loaded up and ready to go! I’ve upgraded my drill (sorry it’s green but the $225 price was right!) and only had to fill up completely twice. Covering 12 feet each pass in 4th gear made for quick work! Whats the odds of this little clevis getting wedged onto a disk? Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket... And the freeloaders showed up picking and scratchi
  9. Toot is one sharp looking IH tractor on your Montana farm, keep farming Gary! Maybe I’m not the smartest farmer in Montana Gary. I have one field left to plant so I spent most of the day working it up. 35 degrees, spitting snow and raining a good part of the morning. You are smart enough to wait for sunshine!! The sun sorta came out in the afternoon and the field is ready to plant. There is enough sand in the soil to handle some extra moisture. I spent lunchtime leaning against the SMTA soaking up the engine heat! But now it’s raining again.... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Congratulations Gary and you have a beautiful bride! Santa made a test run on this side of the state also. Still a little snow holding on in the shade but I really needed the moisture! That grass/alfalfa field I planted for the neighbor last week was pretty dry on the surface and it’s nice to have a quick shot of water after putting the seed down. I went by my first planted field of oats this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find it out of the ground! Today I was planting a dryland hay mix on my property. I was saving time by pulling the roller behind also.
  11. DD, I know that I won’t be digging up any coins from our Montana soil this spring. After paying the bill for the grass, alfalfa, and oat seed as well as fertilizer, it looks like all of my coins have been spent and about half has been sewn into the ground so far. Hopefully this summer I’m rolling in MT coins again at double the rate. My baler better kick out nice square $5 bills! 😎 Hammer, I have a buddy in Missouri who picks mushrooms. He’s said that once you find a nice patch, you can go back to the same place every year for more. Not that he has ever taken me to any. Kind of like a se
  12. I wouldn’t want to live any other place in the world! Gary, we have the best state as far as I’m concerned. Here was my commute to work this morning. This is Bald Mtn. And right across the Clark Fork (or is that Clark’s Fork?) River, Sheep Mtn on the left and Blacktail Mtn to the right. Also a double shot of IH tractors on a Montana farm. I was hired to work up and replant two small hay fields. So more work for the Super C and Super MTA!
  13. This is the third season I’ve used this drill. And every time I’ve needed to stop for a rock or stick in the field, I did. It doesn’t leave a gap at stops but yes, it will kick out a few extra seeds. Dad cut sections of 4” pipe about 1” thick, put a couple linked together and made drag/closers behind each disk. That’s likely why it doesn’t leave a clump, they get drug out. I’ve walked behind the drill and seed immediate starts to drop once it’s primed. Gary, you have a good idea of dragging a piece of hog fence behind the drill to smooth and close. The old drill does a good job for what might
  14. I think maybe the machine behind the 15 hp Rumelyl might be a corn sheller. I see an auger spout on the far side and the blower on the front would blow the stalks into a pile. Maybe anyways. My uncle had a corn sheller on steel wheels when I was little that was of similar form. My #1 favorite tractor is the IH 650 and I’d like to buy one for the collection one day. There was one sitting about an hour from here and I thought it would be there a long time so I’d have time to track down the owner. Nope, the next time I was by there, it was gone. Dad had a 650 as his main tractor when he far
  15. Yep, I know that guy! I’ve heard he’s pretty famous in these circles, all around good guy and quite the lady’s man I’ve heard also. For sure with the Steam Ladies anyways. 😎 I’m glad to have met him! Here’s a couple pics of the 15 hp Case here in town, took them this morning. Sorry, the chicken fence didn’t make for very good photos. As for the Super C, it’s repaired back to good functioning condition. It was painted when I bought it and it’s a 10 foot paint job. Looks great from 10 feet but get any closer and well... But it’s ready to go to the field and that’s more im
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