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  1. Yep, I agree with you and DFP but that would be a political discussion that we can’t have here. Just stating my viewpoint from the inside of the barrel. The whys and hows of what’s going on now is politics. And politics and our best interests don’t usually intersect. That’s as far as I can go with this. Sorry Gary if I’ve over stepped already.
  2. Having been to Afghanistan in 2010-11 with the military, it isn’t surprising as to what is happening. They outlasted the Russians and they out lasted us. It wasn’t really a war we were fighting, there was nothing we were trying to take. We were trying to change an ideology to a “western” model and that was never going to happen. Their thinking runs deeper then the time that our country has been in existence. Much deeper and longer. The same thought process didn’t work in Vietnam either. Some things our military is asked to do is not within its capabilities. You can’t ask 20 yr olds to rebuild a nation, change hearts and minds. They are in the military to win wars and win we can. Our military might is something to behold. But holding them back just prolongs the inevitable. An ideology isn’t a location to capture by might. This is just my opinion and I’m not trying to make this into politics. Our little group lost a man and also had several get hurt. And we were an agriculture development team. We all proudly served under our flag no matter what was asked of us.
  3. Hello Gary, hope all is well. How’s is the crop at Mikes this year? Are you planning to thresh? I’m leaving Saturday for Missouri and my daughter’s wedding the following weekend. Have lots to do in preparation. I wanted to add a little Montana farm IH red, I repainted my A last week for the local county fair. Turned out pretty good for my first time painting. We had six Farmalls in the parade and we took first place. Pretty fun to do after the hard work of cleaning the A up and repainting!
  4. Sorry a day late but Happy 4th of July Gary!! I got to watch fireworks all around the hayfield because I baled until midnight last night! Two fields were ready to go so I stayed until it was done. The LED lights I put on the SMTA really help. Neat to watch all of the display of fireworks from the tractor seat. I’m sure you did your share of night farming also! Earlier in the day, the Old Codger Crew and I drove our tractors in the local parade. I intended to drive the High Boy Cub in the parade. Spent a few nights after field work swapping tires and painting rims to have it ready. Then a cheap Chinese replacement starter decided to die at the starting line so that’s why I drove ol Fat Mable W-9 in the parade, I knew I wouldn’t have any issues with her. And no, I didn’t buy the garbage starter from China. Not my Cub so I had to work with what I had. Yes it is dry here too. The fields are producing half or less then last year. Not good, I’ve sold all of what grass hay I’ve been able to make right from the field. I’ve been at making hay since the middle of June and things aren’t good. Today I cut my first field of oat hay. I don’t know what happened but it is outstanding! Some areas were 4 feet tall! Since the grass hay is pretty much a bust, this field will make up a lot! What a blessing. So I just wanted to check in and show you what a few IH tractors on a Montana farm have been up to lately. Hope all is well with you and the Mrs!
  5. MT Matt


    The map shows western MT as minimal drought but after cutting four fields, production is down 1/2 to 2/3 of last year. One field was 1/3. And I’v ran through 25% of my fields already. Last year I baled my first field yesterday. Oats started to head out 2 days ago so I’d expect to cut that for hay in about 10 days. Didn’t finish cutting until the first week of August last year. Gonna have to step it up this year to get it all cut before it burns up!
  6. No I don’t think so. Must be another implement. He’s almost two hours away but I guess I can’t go too wrong with buying it.
  7. I’m looking at a mower for parts that might be a #24 or 28? I have a 16A but the alignment of the pto and pitman gearboxes are different on this one. It’s a couple hours away so I want to know if the parts will interchange if need be. He only wants $50 for it and it was mounted on a 300. A couple pics he sent me:
  8. I think she is hiding a couple watermelons! Well, sort of hiding them…. ?. Gary, I hope Sharon is doing better. I promised you a picture of the parts yard up by Charlo and I was there last week. Here ya go! Plenty to pick through at this place! We got rain the day before but it snowed on top of the Mission Mtns. I was able to find some parts I needed for this 273 New Holland baler I traded for this spring. I put hay through it yesterday and it seems to work good. After picking up the bales, I started mowing another field but only got half done before rain came. I’ll finish it today after it dries off. But it is always good to use some IH red on a Montana farm!
  9. Ok, a couple more pictures from today. Went near the bison range on a parts run for my balers and haybine. Found these wild water iris.
  10. I got all of the parts off today and the bottom guides aren’t anything special. Kinda wished I hadn’t bought the chamber bottom guide, could have just made it. Live and learn. Good to hear your rebuild is working as it should!
  11. Good to know, I’ll give them a try next time I need something.
  12. Yes I believe those two balers and older had wood guides. The Super series of those had rollers. I have a 68 sitting in the yard covered up. Trouble with tying on one side, I didn’t know much about knotters back when it was parked but might be able to get it fixed now. Don’t really want to though. I’ll take the trailer hitch and the chute off it then let it go. I have the 320 and just traded some hay for a 273. Went through the 273 and it doesn’t seem worn, stuffed some straw into it and it made bales so I’ll take it to the field. Should start cutting at the end of the week and sprint for two months to put all the hay up I can.
  13. Nice setup! Great use for an underground tank. In my former life before becoming a farmer in 2018, I was a project manager for an enviro company. Cleaned up gas stations and petroleum spills. Removed many fuel tanks from the ground, this was in Missouri. The boss had a crazy crew from Kansas City torch open the tanks and clean them out. Same guys did it for the 20 years I worked there and likely still are doing it. Plug the vents with rags, gloves, tape or whatever then back up their truck and hook up the exhaust to inert the tank. Let it run for an hour or so, hit the torch and burn a big square out of the end. Tip the tank a little so the liquids could be bucketed out and then bail off inside to scrape the chunks with a shovel. Load the tank on a trailer or cut it down so they could manage it and off to the recycle yard to collect their check. I don’t remember how much the boss paid them but it wasn’t enough for me to even consider even thinking about it. Crazy SOBs. OSHA would have had a field day writing them tickets but nobody ever bothered em.
  14. It’s a thin bar. I’ve already ordered parts from Messicks. Found the plunger bearings from a place in Iowa. One other was a National Bearing off Amazon, $70 instead of $121. The price difference is unreal if you can just figure out what the bearing number is. They don’t have to come from NH. The dealership parts guy tried to tell me that the cam follower bearing unit had to be replaced because “it’s all one piece”. He didn’t seem impressed when I told him that’s $10 bearing that can be pressed off the stub. Oh well, he didn’t get my money. A friend who is 80 likes the challenge of making things and he’s as good of a machinist as I’ve ever seen. He will be able to make the guide, just need to get the old one out for him to copy. Do you know if EHE just goes off NH list price or give you a better deal? My local dealer is the same price as Messicks but are an hour away. Just as easy for me to have it shipped to me.
  15. I have the HD version of the pto setup. As far as I know from review of the parts diagrams, the plunger setup is only different by a serial number break in the later baler. Besides the pto, are the knotters different? Anything else? I went through the mess at the front of the flywheel when the casting around the clutch dogs crumbled and the pto shaft snapped off. Instead of buying clutch disks, the PO tightened down the springs to lock up the entire system. Well, all **** broke loose from there. I like the baler, did 4600 bales last summer with only one miss when the knot from switching balls got into the twine holder. It will eat hay. Just needs maintenance, and to replace things that haven’t ever been replaced.
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