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  1. Thanks DD, looks like Old Man Winter will be showing up this weekend and is bringing Jack Frost with him. Temps are going to be unusually cold for this time of year, below zero. Gary lives in a much colder part of the state and I don’t envy him for that. The west side of the state usually gets weather from Seattle while Gary gets his weather more from Canada. I took these pics on the way back from town yesterday. (Don’t tell anyone I was driving while snapping them, I shouldn’t do that. 😬) The snow level was down to about 4000 feet.
  2. Hey Gary, that’s the same #70 3 btm plow I have! And it got a workout this week. I saw the weather forecast for temps below zero coming this weekend so I had to get my fields plowed. This was my first time plowing at night. The LED lights worked great on the W-9! Dad said he would take me with him when I was 2-3 years old plowing at night on his IH 650. It had a cab and a spot for a box that I’d sit in to quickly fall asleep while riding along. Another field I did this week was an old hay field. It was all my SMTA wanted in 2nd gear and the #70 plow. The ground was h
  3. Gary, did you ever have to pull a motor from your WD-9s? My W-9 needs a rear main seal so I had the pleasure of stripping her down. While I have the motor out, I might as well replace the throwout bearing, pilot bearing, front seal, belts and hoses. The pressure plate was being stubborn so I haven’t seen what the clutch disk looks like yet. But maybe that also. Thankfully I have a friend with a crane on his shop truck because this is one heavy motor!!
  4. Lots of unique iron at the Tyler auction and most well restored!
  5. MT Matt

    IH #70 plow

    Out here in western Montana, plows aren’t of much use to the larger farmers. So slowly the small plows are sold at auctions and very few people want them. My friend bought this plow for $50 or $75. I bought bulk seed oats last spring and he used a portion of it. So in payment I traded for the plow since I needed bottoms for my #70. One of legs was bent on the 309 and two of the autotrips were welded over so it wasn’t a great plow but had usable bottoms. I don’t have a tractor with a 3 point, I farm with a SMTA, W-9 and 560 as my “big” horses. It is interesting how farming practice
  6. That looks great Gary but please don’t send a check!! You or I don’t even know if that switch works and I only gave a few dollars for two switches plus a temp gauge. They all may be junk for all I know! Lol. If it works, great! But if you send a check you might as void it because your money is no good with me. Glad to help! I finished a little job today. I finished the lights on my 1950 H that I converted to 12 volts. They are sealed beam LEDs that fit in the original light buckets. I bought new gaskets for the rings but bought the wrong style. I found out there is an
  7. MT Matt

    IH #70 plow

    I don’t have any tractors with 3 point hitches and don’t plan to buy anything but trailing plows, if any. Well, maybe if a parts plow comes up cheap. I have three plows already. Lol. Thanks for the advice!!
  8. MT Matt

    IH #70 plow

    Looks aren’t too important on this old plow as long as it functions. I’ll give it a go first. The tail wheel doesn’t hit it so it should be fine.
  9. MT Matt

    IH #70 plow

    I needed to change out the moldboards on the #70 three bottom plow Dad left for me. When they look like this, it’s time to do something. I did some horse trading for an IH #309 three point plow and took it apart. I was able to unbolt the full bottoms. I used the torch to remove the worn out bottoms on the #70. And bolted the better set on. It will only see about 15 acres of use a year, an older friend likes to help plow so he gets to pull this with my W-9. Any reason to do anything with the long landslide from the #309? I’d think it
  10. That’s one monster of a machine! And great video, I hadn’t seen that one. Leave it to you Gary to be right in the middle of the steam ladies! 😂🤣😂
  11. Great pictures Gary, always enjoyable with your narration to go with them! Hows the smoke situation your way Gary? Pretty bad over at the west edge of the state. I’ve been working on my IH #70 plow. The moldboards were completely shot so the torch came in handy to remove the entire bottom. I traded seed oats this spring for an IH 309 3 pt three bottom plow from a friend. The shins and shares have some wear but the moldboards were in good shape. Way better then what I removed from the #70. I unbolted everything that I could to reuse the bolts. I’m sure I’ll
  12. Happy Birthday Tom!! Gary, what IH rakes are in the picture? I zoomed in but couldn’t really make out what they are. I got caught with my hand up a couple years ago at an auction and drug home a #15 IH rake. I gave $100 for it and the darn thing just keeps on turning hay. I had to make new bushings after this season for the basket height pivot pins and replace several teeth but I’ve more then gotten my money back on how much ground I’ve covered with that rake. The frame seems very heavy. I found you a kill switch at the parts yard. I walked out of there with a box of
  13. Looks great Gary! I might be going to the tractor parts yard up by Charlo next week for parts. I’ll see if I can get an ignition kill switch for you.
  14. Gary I don’t know what I was thinking when I got dressed that morning! 🤣😂🤣 I knew I’d find my way to the bundle trailer and you had barley to feed into the threshing machine! Here’s a few pictures that I took to add to the day of fun. I don’t care what anyone says, steam is cool! The last picture has the origin of the Case written under the canopy, hope it can be read. I found that pretty neat and something I didn’t notice last year. There is a unique view from the station of the Reeves, it’s not just a view but the heat of the fire plus the s
  15. Twosteppin’, I have that exact Cub setup with a 42” belly mower. That’s my lawnmower here on the farm, works great! For $500, that is a great deal also. Most even around here go for at least $1000 to $1500. I watched a Cub Lowboy go for $3200 at an auction last fall. Guess they really wanted it! Gary, once again you win! My $125 Super A can’t compete with free! I had to buy a muffler also. Mine has a spark arrestor on it so I went with an “other color tractor” Stanley muffler so it wouldn’t stick up too high. But that’s all I’ve had time to do to it so far. Too much hay to put up and I
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