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  1. Keep up the stories Gary! It’s amazing how your family history is tied directly to the State’s history and historical figures. You really have been belted by snow already this year. On the west side of the state, we only have about an inch or so. It was snowing yesterday while I was hunting east of the house. The Clark Fork River is in the background but hard to see. I haven’t had any luck with getting a buck this year. Maybe I should get some pointers from DD ‘s grandson, he sure has it figured out. Nice buck!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Gary and to all the other Red Power followers! 🦃🦃🦃
  3. The information that Gary has rattling around in his head is truly astounding!!! 🤣😂🤣
  4. Lol, that “antique” baking powder can has been full of small carb gaskets and sitting on the shop bench since I can remember. Dad always saved everything “just in case”. Dad left me a good spring compressor, even a good in-block version like your upper two. Are those for a Model T Ford? I lucked out on a head. I bought a pallet of parts at the auction in Wisdom when I bought my Super C. I saw the head was an 8060 head which just happens to be for a Super M and what I pulled off the SMTA. The kicker is that it was completely rebuilt already with what looks like new valves. I think I gave $20 for the whole pallet. 😎
  5. Gary, your knowledge of steam engines is just astounding! I think you could pick out the make/model of one from a blurry picture with it sitting in the shade of a tree in the background with weeds growing over it at 200 yards!! 🤣 I made progress on the SMTA yesterday. The front end was removed and we pulled the block today. It looks like the crank and connecting rods are in good shape. Two of the sleeves came out with the pistons. A sledgehammer persuaded them to agree but they fought to the bitter end. The pistons are trash. Anyone need a good ventilated piston? Lol I’ll need to find a puck and pull the last two sleeves. Then it is just a matter of cleaning everything and ordering a rebuild kit! I can almost hear it running already. 😎
  6. Gary, the two sets of holes on the grill are for a cultivator bracket I’ve read. There was a four row cultivator available for the later Super M and hence the SMTA also and must have needed better bracing then the previous two row version. At least that’s what I can gather from my search. In regards to the story about the dozer overheating, it takes a real experienced mechanic to be able to look for and find a problem like that. And then fix it himself! No way I’d take the chance of just drilling out a hole in a head to make the water passageway even though it obviously should have been there. I’m not that confident in my meager abilities.
  7. Well I promised a story about tires so.... it all started with another auction sale!! In late October there was a large 100+ tractor sale in Sheridan, MT. Lots of junk there, like most tractors went for $100 or less. An orchard (OS-4) went for $25 but I just didn’t need another project when I got the one I wanted just prior to that. I bought a 1954 Super M TA, probably over paid on this one but I wanted it. And I pretty much knew it would take a bunch of money to get it going. Serial # 61529 DS so it is a very early in the year and the casting codes on the rear end and TA sections are from 1953. Four bad tires and a stuck motor but the tin is pretty straight and it’s complete. I went down with three other older guys who enjoy auctions too. One wife sent chili and all the fixings with so we had a great lunch warmed up on the tailgate! Here’s the “old fart” crew I run with. Lol. Charlie (right) is 80 and he bought the junker Cub on the back for a project. We also drug home a stationary Cub motor, a giant box of Farmall parts, random tires and even a Victrola complete with a stack of records. That wasn’t my buy, lol. You never know what will come home! So we got everything unloaded and I dug into the SMTA. One rim was shot and all of the tires. I pulled the head with great hopes but nope, #2 & #3 were full of water. Then I found out why it was parked. One of the sleeves broke and I’ll bet this made one heck of a clatter when it let go. It has high dome pistons (D in the serial number means 5000 ft altitude pistons) but they may not be salvageable. I am working on pulling the motor and getting that in the shop to rebuild next March. Hopefully the crank is still in one piece. I did get it back on her feet though. I ran into two new Goodyear front tires for $50. I needed a rim for the back and that’s why I made the trip up by the Mission mtns. The parts yard had a rim but wanted $300 for it. She said they were going to part out a M also and wanted $300 for a tire and rim ready to go. So why just get a rim when you might get a serviceable tire too? So I go look at the tractor and it had NEW tires on it! New tubes and repainted rims also with no calcium chloride. I wasn’t planning on buying new tires but I couldn’t pass up that kind of a deal. So maybe by next spring I’ll have it running again. I plan to use it on the farm so new paint doesn’t make sense to me. I also kinda like how it looks. I’ll clean it up good and put decals back on. I think she has earned her battle scars and it’s only originally once. And it is a great IH tractor addition on a Montana farm!!
  8. The power those steam engines have is just amazing and I didn’t have an appreciation for it until riding and steering the Reeves this fall. My W-9 weighs close to 6,000 lbs and traction is sometimes an issue plowing. Those steam engines just plod along with 20 bottoms like they just aren’t back there! I made another trip up by the Mission Mtns a week ago. A trip to the parts yard for a tractor rim but it turned into a tire trip. More on that later, maybe tonight. But we drove the same road as this spring and took the same picture, just a fall scene now. Last spring Fall bonus picture!
  9. Thank you Tom for good tracking of this thread! It also has over 21K replies and 2.2 MILLION views!!! Congratulations to Gary for this feat! Well I’ll add a little red power to the thread. Did a little plowing as of late and learned a lesson about ground frost. I have to wait until there is sufficient ground moisture before plowing here which is usually late October. I hit the timing right on a field that I rented east of my place and had a friend help out. Curt had never plowed before so I turned him loose on the W-9 while I drove the 560. Curt is 75 and had a big time. He said he needed a rear-view mirror and it would have been a snap. Lol. There were 24 turkeys in the field when we started and they came back to inspect after we were finished. It only took about 6 hours to do this field and we even stopped for lunch. I waited to plow my field because I wanted the chance to maybe shoot something off it since hunting season had started. I fed the deer and elk all year, maybe they could feed me in return. I did get my fall turkey but nothing else. And then we had that cold snap at the end of October. And the ground froze. Which doesn’t make plowing much fun! I thought I’d have to wait until spring but after a week, the ground thawed enough for me to finish. I fought frost on two hillsides but managed to deal with it by plowing a patch downhill. But my field is done. I’m losing a hayfield next year so I asked a local ranch owner if he had a field that I could plant oats on for more hay ground next year. He said sure, have at it on a nice looking 16 acre spot. He said they have never plowed it under and I asked around and as far as anyone knew, it had only been disked up about 40 years ago. I started with the W-9 and the 3 bottom plow one afternoon. Talk about tough conditions! That plow as all the -9 wanted to handle and some of the ground was frozen still. It was so root bound it wouldn’t thaw out. I had enough power but couldn’t maintain traction on the land wheel. So the second day I had enough fighting it and hooked to the old JD 2 btm trip plow. At least I could rip through the frozen ground in 3rd gear but it takes a long time to turn over ground with 2 bottoms! Here’s some of the adversary! There’s about 50 head of elk that hang around this ranch and I’m sure they will enjoy my oats next spring. I just hope not too much enjoyment. Not pretty but it’s broken up. And was all done with an IH tractor on a Montana farm!!
  10. That’s great news Gary! That’s one tough little girl!!
  11. Keep up the strength for her Gary! Thoughts and prayers headed her way.
  12. MT Matt

    W-9/WD-9 pto

    Thanks guys, that’s what it looked like to me. Just unbolt and swap. Strange that for both tractors being 1948 that they would have two different types of pto styles.
  13. MT Matt

    W-9/WD-9 pto

    I dug up a 1948 W-9 recently that hadn’t been running for 20 years or so. Changed out the fuel tank and cleaned the carb. Old girl fired right up and with some tinkering, she pulls a 4 bottom plow just fine. I bought it cheap and will be a secondary tractor if my 560 goes down for some reason. Anyways, I may need the pto and it looks like it would be about impossible to hook up to it without some cutting of the floor pan. The pto is flat and the shaft is short. I have a 1948 parts WD-9 and an operational 1952. The pto units are different on these tractors as compared to the W-9. The pto body is rounded and the shaft sticks out over the pan cutout. I would assume the rearends are the same on both tractors. Is it just a matter of removing the four bolts holding the units in and swapping them? Looks like the rod guides are a little different also but those would appear to swap also. Any concerns here? Just change them out?
  14. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family Gary. May your great granddaughter quickly get through this trying time.
  15. Lol, thanks Sledgehammer! There are some good deals to be had around here on Farmalls. Dad got the M with a loader for $200 before he passed away. It seems they get parked for some reason or another by the Dad or Grandpa and the kids don’t want to mess with them. Or they aren’t as nice to drive as a new Kubota. And the weather out here is very easy on parked equipment. There is a huge auction in a couple of weeks in Sheridan, MT which is just about 4 hours from here. It has over 100 tractors!! Not all Farmall - Case, JD and Oliver also. Looks like the guy had the area cleaned out of old tractors and he had them lined up in a boneyard. Most of what was posted online looks to be complete but pretty rough with bad tires. There is a SMTA for sale there and I spied an IH 650 in the background of another picture. I’m sure there are lots of parts and tires for sale also. I’m a cheap-O but if a good deal can be had, maybe another project might ride home on the trailer!
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