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  1. Gary, I’ll bet that was a real BIG tractor back in its day! I’ll bet it a big step up from the tractors you used before that. I found pictures of a truck that may be of interest to those here. It’s a 1918 Garford. I swiped some pics from the interwebs: It’s at a museum that is being auctioned off in Eureka, MT in a couple weeks. I have no interest in it but thought someone might know something about this brand? I have my eye on a McCormick W-4 that I may add to my collection. Maybe…
  2. Happy 4th of July Gary!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 From an IH tractor on a Montana farm!
  3. If it were me, I’d buy a new sickle from Blains farm and fleet for a 488 and cut it down to the right length. The drive head should have the same bushing. If you do this, make sure to lay it next to the old sickle and cut the end so the double guard fits at the end. I couldn’t image going down to a 7’ haybine. I have a 12’ 495 I’d rather use over the 469. But in really heavy hay and small fields, that would work.
  4. It did very well. I would rather have the TA on a 300 though if you have areas that are thicker then others in your field. The haybine is a 469 NH. It’s has all new guards and sections so it cuts nice. I could go in 3rd gear in most areas but just went in 2nd gear so I didn’t have to shift for thick spots. Wheel weights would be nice and I need to put a 3 1/2” lift cylinder on instead of the 3”. When the oil is hot, the belly pump didn’t want to raise it. But it did the job and I will put the bale wagon to use in this field. I think I’ll have 700 or more bales to pick up. It sprinkled a little this evening and I waited for it to dry. Nice double rainbow over the field.
  5. Yes Gary, I had been wondering where the Case engine from town went off to after the antique shop moved! I’m glad it went to a good owner also. I ran into Andy at an auction sale in Missoula, MT this spring. It was good to see him and It’s good to see Tom is still out and about too! And to add a little more red to this topic, I finished the H! I needed to use it on a 9’ haybine, so I plumbed up a hydraulic valve too. And now this IH tractor is back to work and covered in dust on a Montana farm!
  6. Work with what ya got! 🤣🤣
  7. Hours of wire wheel cup stripping. The hood took an hour, just worked on each piece of tin until all the old paint was gone. Not a fun job, my hands are still vibrating. It had been painted three times. She’s RED again!! These are Case fenders but kinda fit nice. My cousin in Iowa gave them to me so I’ll have a Case-IH tractor! 🤣 Its not perfect, there are a couple small runs and being outside, a few bugs are encapsulated too. But it’s a farm tractor and it will be put right to work later this week in a hay field. When it’s all back together I’ll add a picture.
  8. Happy Birthday Sharon! 🎂 A little late but heartfelt! DD, no flooding here along the western MT boarder. All of that was to the southeast of me near Yellowstone and east of there. Basically the east side of the Divide but well south of Gary. We have had plenty of rain though. The hay crop looks great!! My oats is above my knees in a couple of fields. I look to start cutting hay on Monday or Tuesday. I think I have around 375 acres to cut this year. I’ve been busy getting hay equipment ready for the field lately. Took a little drive tonight to look at a field to cut and these guys were licking salt off the pavement. Must have been twins this spring. And a little sneak peek at my H. Hopefully tomorrow it will be the right color of red again. The tinwork is stripped and the tractor is on blocks ready for a new coat of IH red. Now I need a few hours of sun tomorrow so the paint gun can work some magic. Fingers crossed!!
  9. Get well soon to you and Sharon too!
  10. An old Coleman mantle lantern brings back many memories of staying at our lake cabin in Minnesota when I was young. No electricity so the lantern was the only light. Dad made a loft for us kids to sleep in. Just tall enough to crawl around onto mattresses over half of the cabin. Jail cell bars to keep us from falling out. The smell of the lantern and the heat put us to sleep many, many nights. And fried bacon on a Coleman stove woke us up in the morning!
  11. I planted 16 acres of oats on March 30th and another 20 last Thursday. Going to be cold this week so my other two fields will have to wait.
  12. Thanks! Dad taught me to pick a tree or a post in the distance past the end of the field and drive right to it on the first pass. Then your rows will/should stay straight the rest of the field. Results will vary…. 😂 This is what the Super MTA looked like coming home from the auction. Kinda rough, Charlie in the bibs from the Coffee Crew, asked why the h$ll did I pay $875 for that?!?!? Because I wanted it! 🤣 A broken sleeve was why it was parked long ago. The bearings were stamped 1975 so that was its previous rebuild. The motor was completely tore down and rebuilt with a 450 kit. I haven’t powered it out, it will spin out first. I pull a Case 4 bottom plow in 3rd gear, it does a very nice job. So only the motor got paint because the block was dipped. So the air cleaner was part of the motor, hence the paint! I did put new decals back on but I figured she earned her “patina” and battle scars over the years so I left the rest alone. She’s a working tractor also but maybe one day new paint will get put on. I have about $3500 in the tractor and couldn’t be happier with this IH tractor on a Montana farm!
  13. It does take some of the sting away. Like everything else, the cost of hay will rise accordingly this year.
  14. DD, I understand about moving things down the road. Dad didn’t “thin the herd” too much around here and I’ve hauled a few loads to auction and to the scrap yard. Still need to move more things. But I have a little bit of his blood in me so I’ve acquired some things of my taste. So I can’t complain too much about his collection. Gary, I’ve scratched my head many times over the knotter on my New Holland baler. Usually $$$$ solves the problem. 🤣 I’ve been getting some fresh air lately riding IH tractors on a Montana farm. Nothing like the smell of fresh dirt in the spring! The grass is greening up down low but there is still many feet of snow up high. My first field was planted on March 30th. I don’t know if that was too early but the Super MTA was ready to get out of the shed! I bought 2 tons of oats for the four fields I am planting this year. The front bag is oats/peas for a friend of mine. The price of oats jumped from 16 to 25 cents a lb this year. Not really costly but it all adds up. Don’t ask about my fuel bill! Nothing like the feeling of seeding on a nice smooth field! It’s amazing the things that get caught on the tip of a shovel. Also picked up a rake tooth spring and a drag chain this year. I guess my luck ran out because the horseshoe was found upside down on the digger. I had a flat tire but to keep going quickly, the H donated a tire for the good of the operation. That’s ok, the H is parked with major surgery due. A bearing is out in the transmission and I have a complete rearend to mate up with it. A spring project after I get done planting. I have two more fields to plant but this cold snap is making me wait on that until later next week. But I’m ahead of the game at the moment. If things go well I’ll be done planting by the 3rd week of April. I went to an auction last weekend in Creston, MT. Thats near Kalispell. I watched a nice early 1939 H sell for $1200. And then the stunner was a 1953 Cub Lowboy with a belly mower go for $3700!! 😳 I wonder what the Farmalls in our tractor club would sell for?? Not for sale, our blue ribbons are priceless. Our IH tractors are going to stay on Montana farms!
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