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  1. I’ll let you know when I get my hands on the parts!
  2. Gary, keep the ramblings coming!! I agree with Hammer, that’s likely a W6 since it’s pulling what appears to be a 3 bottom plow. I don’t think a W4 would be able to do that in even the best conditions. I think the speed mower may be based off a BN. The wide front end is centered so the rear end would likely be also. Plus the weight of the mower hanging out to the right would make the BN a better choice. What is interesting about that unit is the hydraulics. This was well before the Super A and C type hydraulic unit came out. The arm the lifting chain is attached to is not like the the
  3. I’m gonna claim it’s an eastern Montana cold snap. At least that’s my story. 🧐 The weather east of the continental divide is very different from the west side. The plant growing zone where I live now is the same as where I lived in Springfield, Missouri. We usually get our weather from the west coast while eastern Montana gets more of the Canadian weather. So really you can blame Canada for not closing the door!
  4. Nice pictures Gary! Always interesting. Gary’s part of Montana is definitely colder then western Montana or Idaho. Only got to zero here the last couple of nights. My son lives in Kansas City and it was a little colder there then here last night. Crazy that it will be that cold all the way down into the Delta! No wonder Wrangler has his heavy winter coat on!! Those are definitely Cubs on the trailer. You can see the battery box until the seat. 100s were the later version of an A and the seats were different as well as the location of the battery box. Based on the grill, they are l
  5. Hey Todd, look what I found out in the shop in a pile of manuals this morning! I’m cleaning up a spot to build a bench for the valve grinder and the box of manuals was buried under some junk. There was an operators manual for a Super A also. This picture answered my question about two locations to attach the rear lift link also, depending on 3 or 4 bottoms like I had seen on the neighbor’s plow.
  6. And two look like they have a bull whip around their wrists. Maybe the extra hat is from the cowboy she just got done whipping??? 🤠🤣😂
  7. I can verify this! Dad acquired a pair when I was in High School. Whomever he got them from probably let out a sigh of relief to pawn them off onto some unsuspecting soul. Yes the male was “pretty as a peacock” and him fanning out was neat. The loud squawks in the middle of the night and roosting over the equipment/vehicles in the shed led to their disappearance from the farm. Pigeons couldn’t hold a candle to the mess those two critters could leave behind. I don’t know if they went to someone else or experienced an instant case of lead poisoning but I do know we didn’t eat them a
  8. I might not have been very clear, has anyone seen two axle mount tabs for when you drop a bottom? All of the pics of the plows posted here only have one axle mount tab for the rod to the tail wheel. The brochure pics only show one also. The plow I looked at had two, one near the outside bend going down to the wheel. The other I saw was more towards the center, in line with the next to last bottom. Anyone know if this was factory or a farmer fix?
  9. It would be interesting to know if the 3/4 btm adjustment had just a different length rod to the tail wheel or two rod locations on the axle to compensate. I didn’t think to look at that plow closely to see if it was made that way or a farmer add on. From memory both arms on the axle looked the same. Anyone seen that before? Factory deal?
  10. And Hammer, my name is MT Matt and I have a letter series addiction. 🤣😂🤣. I have all except a BN. Have started on the W series, need a 4 and a 6. Have a few of the Supers also. I’m afraid the affliction will continue for many years to come!! I do justify it as I make a living with mine. If they could in the 40s & 50s, no reason I can’t today!!
  11. So are you saying you gave less for the 4 btm plow then the 3 btm sold for?? 😂😂 The #70 that my neighbor had was dropped down to a 3 btm. I don’t see it on your plow but this one had two arms on the axle for the tail wheel rod. This would keep the rod in alignment with the tail wheel for 3 or 4 bottoms. My #70 3 btm has trip beams. Just have to back up to reset. I’ve tested them a few times on stumps in my field.
  12. Wow Roger, that’s an amazing collection of not only trucks but all of the small items that display with them!
  13. Hey Sledgehammer, that is a nice looking #70 plow! A neighbor had a 4 bottom but it disappeared before I could get it. My moldboards looked wore just like that until I swapped them out last fall. I finished up the Super A a couple days ago, fresh oils all around, changed over to 12 volt and even up-graded the seat. It had a torsion suspension seat from an Oliver but was too far forward. I dug through my parts pile and came up with a seat from a C Farmall. Best up-grade ever! I took her for a drive and it rides like a dream! Motor runs smooth and the smoke cleared ri
  14. Gary, the JD snowmobile reminded me of a snowmobile that my Dad restored and sits in the Toy House. I believe it is a Tee-Nee brand and is powered by a Wisconsin motor. I’ll get a couple pics of it tomorrow. It was time to work on a little IH red equipment here. I pushed the Super A into the shop now that it’s too cold to work on much outside. I bought her last summer for $125 but this doesn’t compare to your free Farmall A! The clutch was stuck and it leaked water out of the bell housing when I poured water into the radiator. So I needed to split the tractor to see what was
  15. Merry Christmas Gary from the west side of the state!
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