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  1. If you could genetically engineer the seed production of curly dock into a corn plant, you could probably make a living farming 10 acres 🤠
  2. You need a couple of round red reflectors or flashing lights, on that last barrel's bung holes. Just for fun. Certainly the nicest looking barrel train I've seen.
  3. It looks like some variant of curly dock. When it seeds you would know for sure. https://www.weld.gov/files/sharedassets/public/v/1/departments/public-works/documents/tinas-folder/curly-dock-identification-and-management.pdf
  4. I have a 6x10 tilt trailer made by "International", but it isn't IH.
  5. Box turtles and snappers around here.
  6. It's the same around here. This is the first time I ever heard of painting the plow bottoms. Our soil is so abrasive that a couple hundred feet will shine up a plow. Anything that goes in the ground, tiller tines, edger blades, plows, discs, auger bits, whatever, wears out very quickly.
  7. Depending on location, finding someone who can re-core it may be a challenge. All the shops I used to deal with locally went out of business years ago. Closest place to me now is about 70 miles away.
  8. I hate that I'm laughing so hard at this. I know that had to hurt, but dang, that animal control officer didn't have much control😂
  9. So, they have been working day and night for a month and a half and are finally at this point.
  10. Must be parked on the corner during the race. First dirt track race I ever attended in the 60's was with some of my Scout troop. We got there a bit late and most of the seats were taken, except way down on the right at the corner. The scoutmaster found a seat in the crowd and told us to go sit in the open seats. When the race started and the mud ended up in my coke and everywhere else, we knew why no one else was sitting there. We had the time of our lives. This was somewhere near Mifflin PA.
  11. I had a 1960 Ford crewcab. It was an ex-air force truck. Pretty sure the front and back doors and windows were the same on each side. Not sure if this Dodge is made that way or not, but it would explain the pillar design.
  12. I tried the progressive lenses a few years ago, but couldn't get used to them. I went with an old fashioned bifocal with a line and that has worked very well. I'm the opposite of most people as my reading vision is still great at 63. Under the line on my glasses is just clear.
  13. Ours don’t see much mud. They are on the street or manicured turf
  14. That definitely belongs here!
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