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  1. yellowrosefarm

    Minimum wage increase

    Down here it's more like 11.50
  2. yellowrosefarm

    Minimum wage increase

    One thing no one has brought up yet is the effect on the Government sector. If minimum went to $15, then the guy mowing the grass at the town park, the janitors in the schools, etc would all get the increase as well. These are people who have traditionally worked for less knowing their retirement would be guaranteed. Retirement is linked to how much you make so that commitment would rise as well. One thing about McDonalds. If they raise prices, you don't have to go there any more. When Localities are faced with higher labor costs, the only thing they can do is raise taxes. When you don't pay your real estate taxes, you lose your home. If your taxes are escrowed into your monthly mortgage payment, then your monthly payment goes up. If you are already making considerably more than $15, you're are not likely to get a raise as all that money went to fund the min rise. The only solution is to get the same work done with less people which will drive the low skilled ones onto welfare further increasing taxes to pay for that.. It isn't a good idea at all but I don't see where it can be stopped now.
  3. yellowrosefarm


    I don't castrate mine and they are definitely more rambunctious than the heifers.
  4. yellowrosefarm

    I just took this photo this morning.

    Not saying I agree with the picture, but around here 99.5% of the handicapped spots are empty while the majority of the rest of the lot is full. I know the number of spots is driven by the ADA but it seems like there should be a way to monitor actual use and either subtract or add H spaces as needed. Similar thing with where I used to work but dealing with title IX requiring equal numbers of mens and womens restrooms. There were 82 men and 3 women so they had 2 mens, 2 womens and 1 if you weren't sure which.
  5. yellowrosefarm

    fencing pictures

    Do those Carhartt extremes live up to the hype. I've been tempted to buy a pair when tractor supply has them on sale, but even then they are expensive. Have you ever tried one of those cordless battery heated jackets? Glad the loader is working well. It's hard to have too big a piece of equipment when dealing with blizzard type snow.
  6. yellowrosefarm

    No different then carrying a spare can of gas I guess.

    Not just in Europe. They want to be "fossil fuel free" here in the states by 2050 and "carbon neutral" by 2030. All to push us toward one world government.
  7. yellowrosefarm

    New Holland 848 small round baler

    I have one and it has worked well for me. Nothing loose about the bales at all if the air bags have the right pressure. And, as long as you put enough string on them, they hold their shape well. One thing to do if you get one is to torque all of the bolts holding the bars to the chains. Guaranteed some will be loose or break under torque. better to find out then than when they start falling out while baling. You can ruin a bunch of bars in a hurry. BTDT. Mine still has a working auto tie monitor on it which does speed up the tying process. The plastic ring on the sensor wheel fell apart when I first got it but the NH dealer found me a good used one. Overall, still a great baler for a small producer.
  8. yellowrosefarm

    Jay "Do nothing" Inslee

    From what I have seen, a "do nothing Governor" isn't always a bad thing.
  9. yellowrosefarm

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    I always figured that a pop up gave you the worst of a tent combined with the worst of a trailer😛 But, the smell of canvas always did make me feel ill.
  10. yellowrosefarm

    Farmall C questions

    What is on the other end of that shaft? Is it a u joint or rag joint? I can't tell from the picture. My C is making a noise in that area and this is the first time I've seen a picture to know what is there.
  11. yellowrosefarm

    Ark Encounter in Kentucky

    If you consider that the "firmament" spoken of in the bible is thought to be a layer of water vapor in the upper atmosphere dense enough to filter out all damaging UV and other radiation of the sun, and that it enabled early people to live 900 years or more, and that at the time of Noah was released and dumped on the earth causing said flood, then it all works. Some will say, " no way" based on current knowledge about how things work. I say the modern hubris of thinking this current generation knows everything about everything, past, present and future is even more ridiculous.’s-pre-flood-water-canopy-and-dinosaur-mystery My favorite quote from this article. We must get away from thinking of evolution (molecules-to-man, ed.) as a science. It’s a philosophical world-view about the past, loaded with religious implications, which historically and presently exists in a frantic attempt to explain...that we are here without a Creator/God. It results in bad science, a denial of true history, and much misery to people and nations who have adopted it.101
  12. yellowrosefarm

    Think it`s windy there?

    Here, it blew over my last apple tree. It was a huge, old golden delicious that always produced well. I always looked forward to feeding most of the apples to the cows. They would line up along the fence and I'd put an apple in each mouth. Just a memory now. Also blew one of my camper shells off it's rack and into the yard about 10 feet away. It's dented some, but still useable. I saw some other trees down on the way to work and they are calling for more 50mph gusts today.
  13. yellowrosefarm

    1980 1724 with 404 Gas Throttle Cable

    I used one from Lokar on my R-200 when I converted the RD406 to an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb. I also put in a hanging gas pedal at the same time.
  14. yellowrosefarm


    We're treating our 2 for a possible Lyme infection with Doxycycline which upsets their stomachs. So, that was fresh on my mind and my shoe early this morning. 😝