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  1. My little sweet corn patch. I’m looking around for some more hay to buy. I was 50 miles north today and every thing looks fine up there
  2. I've gotten 9 groundhogs so far this year at our other place with the live trap, no bait. I just put it at the entrance to the hole and pile wood, branches, whatever, to make a lane to the trap. The Coyotes and Collies keep any from taking residence around the home place.
  3. That first picture belongs in a magazine!
  4. Without the dashboard and battery box, it's hard to tell about the tank height, but it does look higher than it should in the picture.
  5. Going to have to call you Indianahammerjones after this🙂 Just glad you made it, that's some scary stuff right there.
  6. Thanks for the explanations. I understand the concept, but I have to conclude my neighbor started doing it because it is "a thing". I've never seen bare dirt over there in 20 years. He flys in a cover crop in late summer and no tills in corn or beans in the spring. Last year there was more grass coming out the back of the combine than bean residue. Looked like beautiful pasture once the beans came off. Is there a Governmental incentive for doing this?
  7. Glad you survived that. Been more than one in similar circumstances that didn't. Water that cold doesn't play around.
  8. Looks like there was a Hereford in the woodpile. Vindicator lives!
  9. We stayed at the Claremont Inn the last time we were up there. Very nice old time hotel. Anyone who hasn't been to Maine should go.
  10. Or, have to cut up and replace a perfectly good ladder because it doesn't have the stickers on it. As far as S-K tools, the last local seller here went under over 20 years ago. I didn't even know they were still being sold anywhere.
  11. So, the grass holds the soil better than the crop plants, or is it to have permanent cover in those areas or both? My neighbor overseeds the whole 300 acres in the fall, I believe with rye, which is what is confusing to me.
  12. The difference a few hundred miles makes
  13. What is the purpose of leaving those "waterways" unplanted in crop? My neighbor did that for the first time 2 years ago in his soybean field across the street. Doesn't it amount to a significant number of acres?
  14. Our Collies blow their coats about twice a year. This is one brushing from one dog. A week ago hardly any was coming out.
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