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  1. That's really good news. I remember the trouble you had with him in the beginning.
  2. When I first put in the underground fence I had a spaniel mix female and a black and tan mix male. She got bit once and never tried it again the rest of her life. The male had been quite the roamer before and it took a while, but he did learn where the boundary was. After they passed I got a German Shepherd. I had to get a larger collar unit with a 9V square battery turned up as high as it would go for him to respect it. If the power went off or the fence stopped working, it took about 10 minutes for him to figure it out. He would test it by going close enough for the audible alarm to sound, a
  3. I think the truck makes the difference in ride. This Chevy SB rides way better than the 98 Ram 2500 LB it replaced.
  4. Always had long beds until my Dodge got totalled a couple of years ago. Couldn't find a comparable long bed so went with a 2002 2500HD xcab 6.0 short bed. Gooseneck is a 24' 14k. Heaviest thing I have had on it is the JD2355MFWD with loader and loaded tires. The truck struggles a bit powerwise on hills but has no trouble handling it. 6mpg towing, 14-15 empty. I have a toolbox on the truck too, and no problems with interference. It was a pain hooking up at first, then my friend suggested using those magnetic things with the yellow balls that people use for hitch trailers. I cut a little slot i
  5. This is the parts washer we have at work. https://www.crcindustries.com/smartwasher/ and the Ozzyjuice that goes into it. We use SW-7 https://chemfree.com/portfolio-items/compare-ozzyjuice/ It is water based and anything but a joke. Initial cost is a deterrent, but if you pay some company like safety kleen to service your washer, you can save money in the long run. Washer is about $2000 now and 5 gal pails are $150. Washer is heated and filtered and you never change the juice. Just add back what evaporates. For us, that works out to around 5 gallons every 4 months or so.
  6. I'm curious as to why the design trend shifted from making toys to look like real tractors, to making real tractors look like toys. Started with lawn and garden and has now made it to full size. Maybe just goes along with adultless culture???
  7. I had those BFG'S on my frontier for a few years. Never could get them balanced right. (I do my own with a Coats 700) They always had a bumpity, bump right up until the tread was worn out at 30K. Bought a cheap set of Presa's to replace them, which ride smooth on the same wheels.
  8. Diesel fuel here. At work we use stuff called Ozzy juice in a CRC heated and filtered parts washer. That stuff will clean a carburetor like nothing else. Also, you never change it, just add more as it evaporates. It also doesn't dry your skin out or have any bad environmental effects. But it's expensive, was about 1700 for the initial setup and 150 for 5 gallons of the juice. Best parts washer I've ever been around.
  9. If you need another starter try DB electrical. They show one for a 2140 for 167.44 I got a gear reduction one for my 2355 that really made it easier to start. My CIH 485 also has one of their starters, as does my 318, gator, Yukon, chipper, Frontier and 345. We use them at work too.
  10. For about 25 years the only saw I had was a Homelite XL925 with 20" bar. Then as age started catching up with me, I bought some others to be able to better match the saw to the job. I have an 044 with 20 and 28", but rarely use the 28. An O28 with a 16 and several small saws with 14's. A 20 on a good size engine would be what I would want if I could only have 1.
  11. Shows what a difference there is in areas. NAPA guys here are like family. The one time I went in an O'reillys I was the only customer in the store. Counter guys answered 4 phone calls before I walked out.
  12. Ordered some gaskets for the front cover on a JD 4520 compact. Was quoted 79$, then when they went to order them, the main gasket subbed to a kit for $183 with no way to get just that one gasket. And, the kit still didn't cover all the parts needed for the known leak on these tractors. So, it isn't just CIH
  13. Seems like a lot of things that were in the news 24/7 suddenly aren't anymore. But that's all I'm saying. Price of hamburger has come down a lot around here.
  14. But from NAPA here when it makes sense. Just recently got a belt tensioner for the wifes 09 RAV4 from rockauto when it didn't. NAPA $434, RA $125 for AC Delco branded. Pretty much don't go into the other big 3 mentioned here any more.
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