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  1. yellowrosefarm

    Suburban ac question

    Opening the system up will not let all the freon out on those front/rear systems. You need to vacuum it and start over. It's blowing the high side because it has too much freon in it.
  2. yellowrosefarm

    S1700 thinking about it

    Even on GovDeals they don't usually sell for that much. Anything that needs work these days isn't selling for a lot of money, if it even sells at all.
  3. yellowrosefarm

    OK, now a Gehl 4400 skid loader

    WE had a pair of Gehl 4625's at work for 20 years. They had the Kubota diesels and gave very little trouble, except for eating starters like candy.
  4. yellowrosefarm

    We Made It

    I had a couple of those Chrysler outboards. Last one was a 135. They seemed tough and reliable to me.
  5. yellowrosefarm

    1995 Dodge 2500 light problems

    Had to put a headlight switch on my 98 3500 also. Lights would just go out for no apparent reason.
  6. yellowrosefarm

    RIP Senator - Captain John S. McCain

    He was the reason we got Obama for President.
  7. yellowrosefarm

    Got yank over on the road on the 966

    In order to issue a summons, he has to list the code you are violating. That might be hard to do if it doesn't actually exist.
  8. yellowrosefarm

    1961 International R-200 Fire Engine

    Works great. I also put in a hanging pedal from a Jeep truck and a throttle cable from Lokar. I'm amazed and encouraged that there is still someone to work on the original carb.
  9. yellowrosefarm

    1961 International R-200 Fire Engine

    That exact same model fire truck was in a junk yard near me years ago. I got the front clip off of it to put on my R-200 dump truck. I have the RD406 in mine and I used common GM adapters to mount an Edelbrock 600 carburetor on it since no one around here would touch the old "teapot".
  10. yellowrosefarm

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    Does it have lever type door handles or push button? Someone here will know when they switched from one to the other. I think it was around 1960.
  11. yellowrosefarm

    Truck cab interchange

    Here is my cab swap thread from the truck board.
  12. yellowrosefarm

    Concealed Carry

    What are all these straws used for? I honestly can't remember the last time I drank something with a straw. Plastic water bottles on the other hand............
  13. yellowrosefarm


    Bobcat has the same relationship with Polaris whereby they sell a rebadged Polaris Brutus as a Bobcat 3650. We had one at work but sold it before the warranty was up as it had already been through 3 engines. The first one was fine but was recalled because it didn't meet the emmission standards. Engine 2 threw the timing belt and self destructed, engine 3 burned a quart of oil a week. We bought another Kubota RTV1100 after that. Have 30+ of them now.
  14. yellowrosefarm


    I always wondered where Deere got the idea for their original UTV, the AMT600. I knew they had to copy it from someone, and now I know. I would still have my 600 if I hadn't gotten a deal on a 6x4 Gator.
  15. yellowrosefarm

    Behlen locks up

    The steering orbitals I have seen doing what you describe have all been from contamination in the oil. Usually bits of metal from a failed component or pieces of wet brake material. There are probably other causes, this is just my experience.