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  1. Would a multitool work for this? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Oscillating-Multi-Tool-Tool-Only-2626-20/204463218
  2. I love that picture. The bond between the dogs and the dog and your coat.
  3. My 2nd German Shepherd had one about the size of a football on his belly when he got very old. Vet would not remove it because of his age so he had to endure it about 9 months. Here is a picture of my 3rd Shepherd who died about a year and a half ago at 12. Ole Max was very tall and weighed 110 lbs. He taught himself how to open the storm door in or out, and would do a "patrol" about every 30 minutes. Used to drive my wife crazy, but she never worried about being bothered by ner-do-wells when he was around.
  4. The neighbor had a Basset hound when I was a teenager. He would lay in the middle of the neighborhood road in front of my house and would not move when a car came. You could yell at him, throw rocks, whatever, and never wake him up. I hate to say how many times I had to drag him off the road by his back legs so we could drive through. He was a young dog and when awake seemed perfectly normal........but once he fell asleep....... Come to think of it, that's probably how this picture got made. They just picked him up and put him in the flower pots.🤣
  5. She looks bored, like c'mon Dad lets go outside and run around.
  6. And, some people say Basset's aren't the sharpest tool in the box.
  7. I use an old kitchen spoon, the large one with the holes in it to fish them out. I use motor oil instead of antifreeze. Helps keep the smell down if in the house and not checked often enough, and dogs won't try to drink it. I keep one in the basement and usually have 12-18 between emptying's. I use peanut butter and an aluminum drink can on mechanics wire.
  8. This was my mule Famous Amos. He is at a riding stable now. Last time we saw him, he had 5or 6 young girls on his back. Like the guy told me when I bought him as a 3 year old, "he ain't no criminal mule".
  9. We had one that closed about 2 years ago. Midway machine. Herb could build any engine out of any thing. He resleeved the block on my Deutz oil cooled engine and then fully rebuilt it. He had some kind of antique Lamborghini engine in there at the same time and I think he told me he was making a camshaft for it because there were none available. Unfortunately when he passed (mid 80's) there was no one to take over. He worked right up to the end from what I heard.
  10. Agree, except maybe the subtle part. When I saw a very small part of the rose parade a couple of years ago, it was in your face. Made up my mind then not to watch any more parades on TV.
  11. That's a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of it until I had spent $ and days trying every other thing and the slab was past help. Then I would have remembered the pipes in the slab🙃 Nice to know there is still someone with good sense out there.
  12. The only time in my 60 years I ever self admitted to the emergency room was when I was prescribed a sulfa drug. It started me shaking so bad my muscles almost locked up. Just imagine the worst chills from a fever you ever had and multiply that by 10. I was in the ER about 6 hours until it started to go out of my system. Needless to say, that's on my list of meds I'm allergic to.
  13. Do you do anything with the rye or is it just a cover? I saw these guys do this with clover once before, which they just sprayed out in the spring and no tilled into it.
  14. I figured it might use quite a bit. Thanks for that. One of my retirement projects is going to be building a forge of some sort. I have an anvil, hammers and tongs but have always just used the Acetylene torch/rosebud in the vice for heat.
  15. I was down at my other place over the weekend which is across the road from a several hundred acre crop farm. This year they had soybeans on it and were combining it the day I was there. One minute it was a brown bean field and the next it was a beautiful green pasture. It was pretty amazing to see and I am guessing they had it seeded by crop duster. That's the first time I've seen that and was wondering how common it is. The were using a JD combine, I think an s680, it was hard to see the number with a very wide Macdon draper head. There were a lot of grass clippings coming out the back with
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