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  1. yellowrosefarm

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    John Deere new starter for diesel gator 750.00 Deere reman starter 350.00 Brand new starter from DB electrical in TN 75.00/free shipping . I've bought dozens of starters from them and haven't had any failures yet. For those looking for a Radio Shack substitute, try Digi Key on line. Truly a mind blowing assortment of electrical bits and pieces. Also, the gas charged struts for holding cab doors open, camper shell doors open, hatchbacks, etc are all pretty much made by the same company and have a part number on them. Places like Mcmaster, Grainger, MSC sell them for a fraction of dealer or parts store price and you get a choice of how strong they are within the same length. Bobcat wanted 125.00 for one to hold the front door open on a skid steer. I got the same part for 11.00.
  2. yellowrosefarm


    I have an Lt40 also, but it doesn't look anything like that. Did you retrofit the diesel engine and table extension? Mine still has the Onan 25hp gas and will only cut a 20' beam.
  3. yellowrosefarm

    Was a CASE 1190 really a David Brown?

    I saw a CASE 1190 the other day and wondered by the styling if it was just a rebadged David Brown. Also, where would one get parts for that tractor these days?
  4. yellowrosefarm

    Fisher plow control placement

    Since we have multiple operators, the hand held gives the most options. I put one of the CB type clips on the dash left of the steering wheel. Then you can put the coiled cable over the steering column and mount the control there. (My preference) Other guys use it loose on the right side. Out of season we put them in the glove box. All our trucks are automatics. Hard to find help these days that know how to drive a stick.
  5. yellowrosefarm

    Fisher plow control placement

    I know you probably don't want to buy something else, but they do offer a direct plug in control on a coiled cable. That's all we run now. Then, you can hold it in either hand or put it on a clip like a CB mike. We have all Westerns but Fisher should be the same since they are owned by the same company now.
  6. yellowrosefarm

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    Oil prices have been low enough for long enough that everyone is comfortable with driving SUV's and trucks. Granted, they get better mileage than they used to, but still not what a small sedan gets. What is going to happen when gas goes back to $4 and there are no more options? Or, when the economy falls again and people don't have the ability to buy $50K+ Suv's and trucks anymore? They are already doing 10 year loans on vehicles, I'm not sure as a lender I'd want to count on them lasting much longer than that now.
  7. yellowrosefarm

    Wind farms

    Only thing I have to say about solar power. NIGHT TIME You know, that part of the day, about 12 hours this time of year when it is DARK. Do you solar guys ever turn on a light at night? Or use hot water? Or power any part of your heat source? Grid tied solar can reduce demand during peak day light hours but does nothing after the sun goes down. Oil, coal, gas, nuclear plants can not be easily turned on and off. It takes time to build up steam. So, they have to be sized to carry all the load, all the time. At best, solar delays the building of needed power plants and ultimately jeopardizes the whole power supply plan. The missing part is electricity storage. No one is talking about batteries that can run the grid for 12 hours while recharging in another 12. Small scale on a house to house basis with a purpose built off grid system can work with a few trade offs in lifestyle, but solar for the main grid as we know it, NOT.
  8. yellowrosefarm

    Why not vote?

    In Virginia when you register to vote you are added to the juror pool. Doesn't mean you will actually serve, but you are in the pool. A number of my friends do not register to vote because of this. An unintended consequence of this is that jurors can end up being as political in the courtroom as they are at the ballot box. Deciding a verdict looking at the facts with either ultra left or right glasses on is not a good thing. I like the idea of drawing jurors from drivers licenses better, though in urban areas you would be missing a lot of people, I suspect.
  9. yellowrosefarm

    He is stuck

    That's why they say "4wd just gets you stuck worse"☺️
  10. yellowrosefarm

    brake cables When I swapped rears in my Dodge pickup from a D60 to a D80, the parking brake cable did not match up. The guys at Tewco literally got me hooked up. Not sure if they can help in your application, but may be worth a try.
  11. yellowrosefarm

    19?? IH R190 Dump Truck

    I have an R200 with the RD406 inline 6. I converted mine to run an Edelbrock 600 4 barrel carb using commonly available adapters. I think it took 2, one being for a chevy stovebolt 6. I did this about 15 years ago so I don't remember right off. The hardest part was changing the throttle linkage. I did away with the pedal on the floor and mounted an hanging pedal slightly modified from a Jeep Pickup I had sitting around. Then I could use a Lokar cable setup.
  12. yellowrosefarm

    Winter wood supply.

    I split them smaller because I have to load them in the OWB. I can't pick up a monster piece of wood and wrestle it through the door. My back is definitely the weak link in the whole process.
  13. yellowrosefarm

    Didn`t wanna make 2 trips

    Lucky they made it that far without the truck frame breaking in half.
  14. yellowrosefarm

    AT Monticello...VA

    Wish I would have known. Would have invited you over to tour the farm. We are only 8 miles from there.
  15. yellowrosefarm

    Treating Gas in Loadstar for winter

    Ethanol free gas and stabil.