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  1. My 01 5.3 Yukon has the drivers side rear stud broken off, but it's been that way since I bought it about 3 years ago and doesn't leak so I haven't done anything with it. It took me a little over an hour to do both sides on the Silverado with the KRAL brackets. Should be even easier on the van if it has a removable doghouse.
  2. https://www.kralautoparts.com/product/kap108/ I used these on my 6.0 in the 2002 Silverado. Both back studs were broken when I got it and it would leak when cold. I put these brackets on and it hasn't leaked since.
  3. Beautiful job on the Jeep! When I had my 1210, I took the brake drums to my friend to have them turned. He asked me when I got a dump truck😀
  4. The fix for tennis elbow (tendonitus) is to stop using the affected joint for about 6 months. Pretty hard to do when you are a full time mechanic. BTDT.
  5. The problem around here is that if you move over to let them in, they will ride right next to you from then on, making it a real challenge to get back in the right lane if your own exit is coming up.
  6. No rust at all on the rest of the truck or frame, which IS why I bought it. That, and only having 150K miles. As nice as the truck is, I would have never suspected the ball mount to be in this bad of shape. But, that's the real problem with leaving them in. You don't know what condition they are in.
  7. Here is a picture of the ramps I added to my trailer. If I ever need to use the slide in ramps I can pull the pipe out to remove the stand up ramps.
  8. I was raking a little late season hay and thought I would post a picture. This rake does the best job of the 4 I have at cleaning up light hay.
  9. A while back someone posted a thread about whether to leave the ball mount in or take it out. I couldn't find that thread but wanted to post this picture of what can happen if you leave one in. This was the one that was in the hitch on the 2002 Silverado I bought last year. I sure wouldn't have wanted to hook something heavy to it.
  10. As mentioned, the screen at the bottom of the fuel tube in the tank may be stopped up with old gas. You have to separate the carb from the tank to get at it.
  11. I used my old jet pump as a transfer pump to move water from A/C condensate tanks to portable plastic watering tanks. As long as you were gravity feeding it I don't see why it wouldn't work for a fire rig. But, what would you power it with?
  12. The tilt deck we have at work is a Suretrac and we ordered it with a valve for the cylinder to hold it up for loading multiple units. You just have to think about putting the heaviest in the front so it will go down when you open the valve. Unloading is a different story. But, with an operator in each piece of equipment, moving backward at the same time, we have managed to get it to tilt down every time so far. One person could probably do it by moving back and forth, but we always have plenty of operators around. For what I do around the farm, I prefer a deck over for the extra width. To load low vehicles, I put a couple of rough cut 2x8's on the ramps, which usually gives enough extra clearance.
  13. And, she played James Bond's wife that got killed in "her majesty's secret service"
  14. That took some talent and skill to make. I wonder if the builders connection was to the stone or the truck. Be a great advertisement for a stonemason or hardscaping company.
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