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  1. There is no provision for, or remnant of a shield that I can determine. The shafts are supported by bearings at the middle of the unit with one tine holder to the inside. The one on the right in the picture is missing. Tine holders are made to be easily moved along the shaft, maybe for row spacing???? He thought this thing had come out of an area where peanut farming was done, but I don't know that for sure. With the lack of a factory hitch, I'm wondering if it could have been part of something else originally
  2. Looks a lot like a Friesian with that mane and tail
  3. The guy I got it from called it a tiller, but I never saw a true tiller without shielding, or with adjustable tine spacing. Also, the hitch is homemade and the frame is very lightweight compared to the very heavy duty gearbox and chain drives. Someone welded extensions on every tine so it must have been useful. It is about 7' wide and the chain covers have remnants of yellow paint. There is an ID tag but all I can make out is Farm with something after that.
  4. Saw this on C-list. Is this just the tractor without the mounted picker or some other odd variant?
  5. Get something with Quinclorac in it for the original weed.
  6. Did you crack all 6 nuts on the injector lines at the injectors to bleed the air out while cranking?
  7. Just run it and make sure you have extra fuel filters on hand.
  8. I'd say it started about 10 years ago and is rare not to see it in auctions now. It discouraged me from going to many.
  9. Sweet home Alabama lynyard skynyrd Mississippi Queen Mountain Don't look back Boston Rocky Mountain way Joe Walsh Hold on loosely 38 special If you can't blow your speakers on these, you need more amps!
  10. Nice catch on the crawler. M's like that still sell for $2500+ around here.
  11. It's been very localized around here in Central Virginia. We didn't get any measurable rain May, June and July and the hay fields were toast. But 30 miles north or south everything looked fine. East to west was probably a little wider. I wouldn't be surprised if WVA was similar. But, in the last couple of weeks we have had over 12" so everything is greening back up. For people in the worst areas there won't be enough time to make all the hay they normally would have.
  12. We have an all white one that has been sighted around my work shop for the last 5 years or so. Last year she was seen with several all white little ones in tow. I've caught a few in the hav a heart trap, but so far, haven't been sprayed when releasing them. I killed one that was obviously sick. It looked terrible and was walking in circles. Mr. Shovel cleaned that one up.
  13. And his sister could really care less.
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