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  1. yellowrosefarm

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Local JD salesman " there are no friends when it comes to money"
  2. yellowrosefarm

    Battery Jump Starts

    jump n carry We have used these for years at work. The blue 660 does all we need for tractors, mowers and medium duty trucks. The only weak point is the lugs where you plug an extension cord in to recharge it. A careful person will never damage them, but when you work with knuckleheads................they can get broken off. When that happens, I get one of these and wire it in place of the prongs/charger on the box. Then they are good to go.
  3. yellowrosefarm

    Is global warming for real?

    It would be a great day if that stuff ever came to light, but I have my doubts. The East Anglia emails gave the first hint of what was really going on with Manns "research".
  4. yellowrosefarm

    Is global warming for real?

    Ever hear of Michael Mann, the hockey stick guy? He was the star of your movement for a while. A lot of his research was done at the University of Virginia and was funded by state money. A few years ago the Conservative attorney general tried to get his hands on said "research" as he suspected fraud in a major way. The University did all it possibly could not to release any of it. And they didn't. Now it's a non issue because we have an ultra left AG. My question to you is why would any University intentionally withhold research findings and communications if their implications were truly world changing? Maybe it's because it was total junk science. Oldtanker is right on the money. The whole globull warming scam is a giant redistribution of wealth scheme.
  5. yellowrosefarm

    Is global warming for real?

    Wasn't the patent getting ready to run out on R12? So, there was a lot of lobbying to switch to R134 which was still protected. Like you said "follow the money". Whoever had the idea to politicize the weather was truly a genius for making money.
  6. yellowrosefarm

    RIP burial at sea

    Back in the 80's my brother and I went on a hike up old rag mountain in Madison county, va. When we got back to the car he must have put his wallet on the trunk or roof because when we got home (2 hour drive) it was gone. About a week later he got a package in the mail and it was his wallet. They had found it in the parking lot and sent it back to address on the drivers license with a note. "we took out enough money for postage and a 6 pack of beer".
  7. yellowrosefarm

    Is global warming for real?

    There is a reason for that. Conservatives think with their intellect, Liberals think with their emotions. It's great to be a liberal politician, all you have to do is spread fear of a million what if's and your base will do anything you say. Conservative politicians have to actually have facts as their base will question everything they say anyway. And, even then, may decide not to agree with them. That's why my favorite current saying is "if it weren't for the Republican party, Republicans would win all the elections"
  8. yellowrosefarm

    Is global warming for real?

    Professional meteorologists with years of education and training can not reliably predict what the weather will do tomorrow. However, politicians and people with a certain agenda can state with 100% certainty what the weather will be like in 50 or 100 years . How could that possibly be a scam?
  9. yellowrosefarm

    Bought a Yukon

    Freon lasted 1 day. Good old GM A/C systems.....................not! On a positive note, since I had the new sniffer, I took a look at my 86 Nissan farm truck. I've known it had a leak for years but didn't have anything to find it. Put a can in it and found the top connection to the condenser leaking. Put a new o ring in, and no more leak. Works as good as a new one. Love that inficon tek mate.
  10. yellowrosefarm

    440 case question

    In the 80's at CASE, LL stood for "loader/landscaper". The 380LL was a very popular tractor around here. Dedicated loader with a 3 point hitch sold through the construction dealerships. I had a 440 from the 60's that had a Harlo forklift on it so the tractor ran backwards. It had the 148 gas motor in it, 4 speed, high/low and fwd/rev gear shifters.
  11. yellowrosefarm

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    As far as I know, in VA anything that flies is illegal. Doesn't seem to stop people, though. My neighbors usually have a display that almost rivals some of the towns around here. Scares the old German Shepherd a lot, be interesting to see how the new Collies take it.
  12. yellowrosefarm

    Kidney stones

    Guy I work with used to get them bad enough to end up in the hospital. He had been drinking a couple of Pepsi's a day. After the last bout, he cut out all carbonated drinks and hasn't had one for 6-7 years.
  13. yellowrosefarm

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    Welcome to the club. Might be some useful information for you.
  14. yellowrosefarm

    Bought a Yukon

    Leaked all the freon out after a week. Robinair sniffer I had didn't pick up a leak so I bought an Inficon tec mate. Found a leak on the drivers side of the condenser. Book said to remove radiator, but looking at the location all that was in the way was the hood latch support. Took out about a dozen 6mm bolts, pulled the support forward and had plenty of room for it to come out the front. Put 2 cans in it, checked connections for leaks and found a big one at the top. That tube had been bent in transit and I had to straighten it, I guess not enough. Got that sorted out and fully charged it this evening. We'll see how long it lasts this time. No driving it without A/C. Supposed to be near 100 with high humidity for the next week or so.
  15. yellowrosefarm

    A few pictures for U-C

    I just saw an article in Farm Show about a company that makes replacement brake master cylinders for those, as well as, supplying parts. My neighbor has a smaller one that has been a great tractor for him.