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  1. My coworkers wife has a couple year old Kia Soul. He calls it "my wifes ugly car". They also have a year old Hyundai Santa Fe. No problems that I know of. He's a funny guy, though. Probably the best mechanic I've ever known but keeps newer cars and buys all the extended warranty stuff he can. My vehicles aren't noteworthy except to say they are all old, paid for and need occasional work. The latest is an 89 Camry wagon that sat in my neighbors woods for 10 years. I needed something with better fuel mileage and he was tired of looking at it.
  2. Welcome! You are going to fit in here just fine. I really like what you did with your trailer and the removable lifting system.
  3. I'm asking because I'm really puzzled how my BTO farm neighbor decided to plant wheat last fall. In the 15+ years this operation has been farming that land they have rotated soy beans and corn. Last fall they planted wheat. Long before Russia invaded Ukraine and there was any talk of a pending wheat shortage. Is there some sort of information source available to big operators that isn't to the rest of us? This operator has farms all over the state, thousands and thousands of acres. All of the ground I am aware of that they plant around here is in wheat so this was a very intentional decision.
  4. Hard to avoid the bugs pretty much anywhere. Chiggers, black flies, mosquitos, scorpions, fleas, gnats, no see um's, spiders, ticks, fire ants, have us all in their sights.
  5. When I first moved here I noticed a road named RIO rd. I thought it was pretty strange for this part of VA. This is definitely not CA or TX. I eventually found out it started as Railroad 10
  6. She would if'n she lived down here.
  7. As I mentioned in another thread, I buy a lot of parts from RockAuto. They ship from different locations around the country and it used to be possible to choose what you wanted to buy based on having it shipped all from the same place. This week I was looking at 3 things, a steering rack boot, a cv axle and a control arm. There were about 10 different choices in price for each. When I put them in the cart, they showed shipping from 3 different locations. As I began changing items to try and consolidate shipping, the same item would all of a sudden change locations. So, where it was shipping from location A, now it was shipping from location B. All because I removed the item I had shipping from B and selected one similar that shipped from A. So, no matter what I did it maintained shipping from 3 different locations at around 16$ each. And, I noticed that lower the price for an item, the higher the shipping was. Which, actually made some of the higher priced items a better "value". And me even crazier than I am trying to get the most reasonable total price. But, I keep using them because even with the shipping nonsense, the total of the order was about 75% lower than the local NAPA,AZ,Advance or O'r. Oh, and one other thing. It was actually just the control arm bushings I needed which were $25. The whole control arm with the bushings installed and a new ball joint also $25.
  8. I wants to sell my cadillac convertor that came off my cummings diesel.
  9. Bus was a Graf & Stift in the movie https://www.curbsideclassic.com/bus-stop-classic/bus-stop-classic-graf-und-stift-120-ogl-austrian-post-bus-wheres-the-trailer-bus/ with a 120hp engine.
  10. https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?submit_search=1&keywords1=ford power steering&aid=37161&aid_previous=36956&aid_next=36982&page_num=1&nav_previous=&nav_next=1 Not sure if Jackson is still in business, but they specialized in add on power steering for Ford tractors.
  11. I think some people must be really getting fed up with this stuff. I just passed a car in my very liberal college town that had a bumper sticker "SAVE A COW, EAT A VEGETARIAN"
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPdsOFrDFXU&ab_channel=FarmCraft101 This video shows what is involved taking a tree and making it into tongue and groove floor boards.
  13. In the latest issue of Farm Show magazine a guy suggested using a zip tie to hold a roller chain together while you are putting the master link in. That's one I'm going to try.
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