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  1. 5.00$ a pound ground beef from .50 a pound beef on the hoof. 7-8 years ago when it was the same price in the store, calves were selling over 3.00$ a pound and around 2.00$ for all the others.
  2. The oddest shifter I ever had my hands on was a Citroen 2CV. It's in the dash and you push in and turn one way, then the other for 2 gears, then pull out for the other 2. In the bigger cars, the DS21's, they had either semi automatic where there was no clutch but you still had to shift, or regular clutch type, both with the shifter on the column and the gears in a straight line like a conventional automatic. My brother was into Citroens back in the 70's and I ended up with a 72 DS21 Pallas as my first car.
  3. All this "outrage" over George Floyd? Where is the same for the thousands of black men killed by other black men every day, or the millions of unborn black babies killed by abortion???????????????
  4. Around here most people cut with a mower conditioner, then ted the next 2 days, then bale. My first tedder was a fluffer and it was better than nothing at all. But, when I got a rotary one, it didn't take long to sell the other one.
  5. The most fun was having your right arm around your girlfriend sitting beside you on the truck bench seat and then shifting the 3 on the tree with your left hand.
  6. I planted a small sweet corn patch about 3 weeks ago and only 2 plants came up. I think the ground was too cold, though the air temp had been way above normal for some time. I knew it was too early, but it had been so mild for so long.................... We had no snow and temps in the 70's in Jan and Feb. Then had a killing frost in May after the leaves were on the trees.
  7. I did the hay thing on my small garden for years and it worked great. I used square bales and just broke off "flakes" and covered everything up. If some weeds did sprout, I just covered them up with more flakes. Just plow whatever is left in the spring under. My garden was about 20x20 and it took 6-8 bales to do it. Squash in particular did a lot better as it also helped with soil moisture, plus picking the fruit was a lot easier with it laying on top of the hay.
  8. Lots of Snap On screwdriver sets on EBAY. All the dealers in the trucks are individual franchise holders. So, they each run their business as they see fit. I've been more than fortunate to have one of the best to deal with for 25 years, but I've heard the horror stories of some others.
  9. Good dog, but better horse. I've never known a horse that would stand for that.
  10. I always take mine out. At work, I've had a few that were impossible to remove on trucks that pulled landscape trailers in the summer and toted salt spreaders in the winter. Only option there was to replace the hitch. The truck I bought last fall was an ex game commission truck used mostly to pull a boat trailer. The ball mount was stuck, but with heat and a big hammer I got it out. The hole for the pin was no longer a hole, but a slot. Literally, the rust was the only thing holding it in. Without removing it, there would be no way to know that.
  11. I bought one of the elcheapo's off EBAY and it worked one time to set the idle speed on my Cummins 12v. The next time I got it out of the case and put a battery in it.......nothing happened.
  12. The 1210 I restored years ago had a 392. I put an Edelbrock 600 on it, but had to buy the tuning kit and try lots of combinations before I found one that really worked. But, once that was done, it really ran well. Out of the box, it was overfueling, so I would assume that on a 345, that would be even worse. All the Scouts I had with 345's had 2 barrel's
  13. Long walks, regularly. My wife is a professional dog walker and has a stronger bond with some of dogs than the owners do. In general, our Collies prefer to be with me outside, but when she come out with the leashes, it's like I don't exist anymore.
  14. I have 3 in my much smaller shop. 2 crosswise which are also integral in supporting the upper floor and one lengthwise for splitting tractors. I use them all the time.
  15. yellowrosefarm


    Do you do anything special to protect your rig from the salt?
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