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  1. I had a 98 Dodge Ram 2500, 5.9 gas, 4x4, with auto and 4:10 gears for 10 years. It got between 11 and 15 mpg depending on what I did with it. I wish I still had it instead of the 02 2500 Silverado I had to replace it with after the accident. It has a 6.0 gas that gets 6mpg pulling the same trailer the Dodge did at 11.
  2. Looks pretty good for sitting 20 years https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=9&acctid=12660
  3. My wife's sister lives in ST Augustine. She said they lost a few shingles off their roof, but that was all. The tidal surge was 4-5' there, which is a lot given how flat it is.
  4. The only thing I know about Skil worm drive saws is that it is possible to burn one up ripping white oak boards for a trailer. But, the amount of abuse it took before that still made it a great saw.
  5. It's not too bad if you can get past the look of old dishwater on your cereal.
  6. Yes, when I was a Park Ranger at Cape Hatteras. Young guy borrowed his Dad's brand new Jeep Wagoneer (one of last of the full size ones) to go to the beach. He parked on the sand, got out his beach towel, laid down and fell asleep at low tide. When I saw it, an incoming wave laid it over on it's side and the outgoing wave stood it back on the wheels. That SUV was definitely "surfing".
  7. Not being a very worldly person, I'm curious as to what is the main reason people travel to these areas? Business, family, tourist, immigration? Are there as many international flights as local based on what you see?
  8. No dumpster boxes around here anymore but when there were, I found some good stuff. There was a wooden chair once that was made entirely out of 2x4's. I'm not sure if it was commercially built or home made, but the design was as ingenious as any I've ever seen. Our current landfill transfer station has a reuse store. You pay by weight to drop stuff off, and some other person pays by the item to take it back out. Now, that's a good racket!
  9. It has been in the high 80's here. Yesterday I came in the house grateful for the central A/C, and noticed my wife in the living room in front of a space heater covered up by a blanket. So, yeah the transition season is upon us.
  10. I have the Drill Doctor that will do up to a 3/4 bit. It works great. I used to sharpen by hand on a bench grinder, but my eye sight got to the point it was just easier to buy the DD.
  11. Here in VA the Dept of Conservation doesn't recognize the existence of any Mountain Lions in the state. So, I don't see how they could do anything to someone who shoots one. I had 3 calves disappear last spring and I'm not convinced it wasn't a big cat. There have been numerous "unproven" sightings all around this area.
  12. Is that white one a box with a bottom? That seems like a nice idea. Of course, I'd have it so full of screws and bent nails, I wouldn't be able to carry it around.
  13. It looks like he welded a car axle end to a plate, then bolted it to the pedestal. My guess is that the rims rusted out or the spindles got ruined and he had these parts in his not so small parts pile in the woods .
  14. No, seriously. I bought the whole tractor for less than the parts I needed were selling for on EBAY. I had bought a fast hitch several years ago for my "C" that was supposed to be complete. When I started to put it on the tractor I found out quick that the pile of parts on the pallet, wasn't a complete hitch. I really am trying to tie up some of these old projects. I'll even get to the pump you sent me one day 🙂
  15. There can't be many left in that condition.
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