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  1. My rant for today....

    Not as many as they can for Cummings Dodge pickups
  2. Generator question

    I know this is too far, but they are out there. If they were diesels I'd be bidding on them.
  3. Craigslist question..... clawfoot tub copy and paste into your browser. There used to be a "nearby" search option in clist but they discontinued it. That was super handy as you could do this search, then filter by distance so you saw the closest ones first.
  4. Generator question

    There have been a number of JC's on GovDeals lately. Some with engine problems but a good generator end. Might be worth checking every so often. I've been looking for a Djc for years. Local fire co listed one for $500 but one of the crew decided he wanted it when I was on my way to buy it.
  5. pto generator question

    Are most PTO generators RPM voltage dependent. In other words, to get 240 volts do you have to run the tractor's PTO at 540, not the tractor engine at 1800?
  6. What ruled the roads then?

    I graduated high school in 78. It seemed like everybody wanted a Camaro or Firebird. A friend on my street had a 72 Barracuda, 440 that could whomp most of them. He let me drive it once and that was enough. Scary fast, but manual steering and brakes. The guy he sold it to a couple of years later cracked it up because of that. The fastest car around was a 66 Chevy II. No one knew what was under the hood as the guy kept that a secret, but nothing could touch it. I drove either my Moms 77 Monte Carlo or my Brothers 72 Citroen DS21 Pallas. Talk about being the odd man out cruising in that thing!
  7. IH 1210 Travelette camper special

    I was going through some old pictures today and found this one of the 72 Travelette I restored 20 some years ago. I got it from the 2nd owner who had purchased it in 74. He was in the military and had the truck shipped to Germany twice during his career. When I got it, it had been side swiped on the right and hadn't run in a good long time. They had a Christmas tree farm on our road and used it for collecting checks for the trees when they were not there. Just put your check through the partially rolled down window. How times have changed! Anyway, when I got it done, I took it up there and happened in on a family reunion. They took it for one last ride and told me many stories about places they had been with it. My wife used it to pull her horse trailer for a few years but really needed a 4x4 and a truck she didn't have to worry about ruining so we sold it. A young man bought it that had 3 kids in car seats and a slide in camper so it was perfect for them. It had a 392 with Edelbrock 600 4 barrel and auto trans. It got 11 mpg pretty much everywhere it went no matter the load. The longest trip I took was to Kentucky when a friend of mine got married. We had a big slide in camper also at the time and the truck had no problem running 70 through the WV mountains. The wood grain was the last of the original 3M correct for this truck. I had a piece like 6" left over. If I remember right, there were 50 some pieces of Stainless trim I had to polish putting it back together.
  8. life in our corner

    How does that truck even steer without the rubber bands hitting the fenders? You don't see them around here. Plenty of late model Hondas slammed but none of the older stuff modified.
  9. Guns

    That's why they are called the Communist News Network. Art, anyone who can't see now what you have been telling us all along definitely doesn't want to see.
  10. Truck titling - are there any options?

    It's under 26001 lbs gross so you don't need a commercial drivers license. It's over 10000 though so is considered a commercial vehicle in PA if someone wanted to enforce it. I knew a landscaper here who used his dually/dump with his business name on the door to take the family on vacation in your fair state. Cost him about $2000 in fines and that was quite a while ago. In VA they recently raised the weight limit for "T" tags (truck) from 6500 to 10,000 to be more in line with these regs. All "t" tagged trucks are supposed to cross the scales on the interstate. Duallies without a sign on the door rarely do, I never have. In fact, I called the weigh station about it and was told not to. I do know not to take my dually with the gooseneck 14k trailer into either PA or NC on the interstate. Around here, I've never known local LE to do any weight enforcement. The state DMV has a special unit with portable scales that goes around setting up check stations. My friend with an independant repair business and a big Sterling truck with boxes and a crane had to go through one of these random checks. He wasn't over gross weight, but was overweight on the rear axle. Before he could move the truck away from the check he had to move tools from the service body to the cab until the weight distribution was "right". 10 miles down the road he put it all back. The fines are progressive. So many $ for x amount of lbs over gross, then like twice as many $ for x over that, then 4 get the idea. It's one of the many reasons why small businesses around here do not have signage on their trucks. All 50 states are different in how they manage these regs and localities are not consistent within the state. If you are going to run a truck you need to know what the local deal is and for wherever you might want to go. It's intentional, if it were clear cut, there wouldn't be as many fines collected.
  11. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Most of the confusion stems from the difference between what defines a "commercial" vehicle and the federal regs as to who needs a commercial drivers license. Typically a truck is considered a commercial vehicle if it is over 10,000 lbs gross or pulling a trailer that is over 10K. Commercial vehicles are subject to all applicable laws in the state, as well as, the ones at the federal level. This is the medical card, log books, etc and varies widely by state. You are only required to have a commercial drivers license if the vehicle is over 26000 lbs gross. We had a UD truck at work that was 18,000 gross and had air brakes and did not require a CDL. In VA there is no air brake "endorsement", only an air brake restriction. If the restriction isn't indicated on the license, you are good to go. In my opinion, the feds should mandate that commercial vehicles start at 26001 and up, for all 50 states, and standardize all laws pertaining to those commercial vehicles. Never happen though, the ambiguity is too big a cash cow for the state enforcement agencies.
  12. New Sled

    I was wondering, but I know you loggers in the great white north are extra tough anyway just to do what you do.
  13. Why you shouldn't use a tree to hold up a post pounder

    This was an Ailanthus. Usually can't get rid of them no matter how hard you try. Tree was still alive and would have leafed out if it hadn't fallen over. Cutting it into firewood, it was full of sap and the bark was healthy. Probably be a dozen root sprouts there in a month or so.
  14. Why you shouldn't use a tree to hold up a post pounder

    You guys got it all. We have had none this winter. Supposed to be 73 here tomorrow. I'm not complaining since the average for us is usually around 30" for the winter.
  15. Why you shouldn't use a tree to hold up a post pounder

    1950's IH R-200 with RD406 gas engine. I've had it 20 years and use it around the farm. Started as a project but is very useable now, although it doesn't have a title. I'll probably sell it when I get the current project finished. 88 S1600. You can see the old cab I swapped off of that in that same picture. Floor and firewall were rotten, transmission was bad and it needs new metal in the dump body. Should finish that up when the weather breaks.