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  1. Interesting, I've learned a lot on TBOP channel 😀
  2. Looks like if you had a fussy baby, you could put the cradle on the seat of that Johnny popper and all would be well.
  3. Many years ago I bought some LED lights from a place you recommended and they are still working great. I can't remember now where they came from, hahaha
  4. I picked the last of my purple hulls a couple of days ago. Just enough for 1 meal between the 2 of us. They are a lot of work, but totally worth it. I got about 2 buckets worth total, which I thought was pretty good since my plants didn't look anywhere near as good as yours.
  5. Holding the chain, or hooked to the chain, or both?????????
  6. We have used the walk behind ones for years at work with very little problems. The big thing to look at would be to make sure a fin on the fan isn't broken off if you can't run it. I've seen that a couple of times over the years working on them. It will obviously vibrate like crazy, but if you can't test it out, you wouldn't know that. The fan can be a nightmare to remove. I've had to cut the fins off and slot the hub with a torch on several.
  7. This one is closer to me and has little infrastructure, but plenty of land https://www.farmflip.com/farm/331784. Dairy is still pretty large in Virginia with all the support you would need. But, as you can see, the initial cost would be upwards of $3,000,000.
  8. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2164-Lee-Hwy-Mount-Sidney-VA-24467/107819202_zpid/ https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/135-Cattleman-Rd-Swoope-VA-24479/218621136_zpid/ https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/307-Swope-Ln-Fairfield-VA-24435/108040964_zpid/ This one is farther south, but already a dairy operation https://www.dairyrealty.com/8832179/458-Acres-Boones-Mill-VA-Franklin-County-Dairy-Farm
  9. We were trying to steer people away from those crawlers when I worked in the JD dealership in the 90's.
  10. Dog owners “ we feel so guilty not taking our dog on vacation with us” Dog “ I hope they’re having as good a time as I am”
  11. Out my front door yesterday evening
  12. Crossbow will knock it down and you'll be so proud of yourself for getting rid of it................until the next year when you'll be right back at it. I've been fighting it for 30 years here.
  13. Those snow plow solenoids are the berries. Made to be outside and a lot tougher than your average parts store variety.
  14. Welcoming our weekend visitor
  15. Here is something different. That orphan calf I mentioned earlier has started growing a set of horns. I haven't had this before and am assuming it must be one of the bulls with the gene? Her Mom was an Angus/ registered Hereford cross and the 2 bulls I have are all black with no sign of horns.
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