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  1. This is a hand saw filing vise that you could clamp onto a board or bench top.
  2. I posted this in projects but, didn't get much response. When replacing the sleeves on my 300U should I pack them in dry ice or will they slide in easily at room temp?
  3. Don't forget the one who gave us all that we have. By His grace we are the most blessed country ever! He gave it all so we can have it all. Peace be with you my friends and may God bless you.
  4. Well, I thought I was done rebuilding, but this came up. The starter ring gear is bad, so I thought I'd split the tractor and replace it. Then I thought you know it burns a little oil so why not do a head and ring job too. Well, the sleeves are up to .016 out of round so not just a ring job anymore! It has dry sleeves so is there any tricks to removing and replacing them? Bearings look like new, and it does have 60 pounds oil pressure when warmed up, so I think a sleeve, piston, ring kit will do. Any recommendation's as to where to buy them?
  5. I believe it's a Hawk Owl, nice picture!
  6. Do any of you follow the farming shows on RFD channel? They talk a lot about intercropping corn and beans. When you plant four rows of corn and then four rows of beans next to the corn how do you harvest these crops? Four row combines or what? How about the spraying of these crops? According to them they get better yields by doing the intercropping way.
  7. The New York area is really getting hammered, WOW! We've been getting a half inch every day just enough to be a nuisance.
  8. Winter is here to stay I fear, was hoping not to see any snow till Thanksgiving! A week and a half early, I guess. Six inches now and counting. Some places in our North country they are getting close to two feet.
  9. Alternative Heating & Supplies. give them a try.
  10. It is a 5.9 gas engine. A lot more power than what I am used to with the GMC 4.3 I had! Got to be careful on the pedal!!!! It had a coolant leak that looked like it was the water pump, so I changed that out, put a new one on and there was still a leak! Yipes, it was the heater hose tube O ring. A new O ring didn't help a bit as the tube was so rusted and pitted that little skinny O ring couldn't seal it. New tubes are available, but I can't wait a week to get one as this is the only vehicle we have. So, I mixed up some epoxy and stuck it back on, hope that will hold. Now the transmission oil cooler is starting to leak so I ordered a new one with the tool to release the tubes from the hoses. What else can go wrong!
  11. In the radiator area there are four coolers, the big one for engine cooling, next the transmission oil cooler, then in front of that is a small one that does what? On the driver's side is the AC condenser. which has an electric fan on it. If the AC is not being used should this fan be running? It seems to be running all the time.
  12. Steiner sells a dip stick attachment that screws in place of the petcocks.
  13. Yeah, cap rolls with a hammer was fun. some brands didn't have enough powder in them to make much of a bang though. The disc caps had a lot more powder in them and were great for the rocket toys. Also we used to scratch the powder bulge with our thumb nail and get powder residue on our thumbs and then lick it off !!!! It's a wonder we never got siiiicky !!!! OOOPS now I know.
  15. Outside of killing the bird I think replacing the corner boards with the composite lumber is the best choice.
  16. It's just plain fun making something from whatever you find! It keeps the creative juices flowing
  17. I had one of those Diamond T 1 ton pickups. I was going to restore it but all the wood in the cab was rotten and beyond my capabilities. It was a rare one as it was a 1942 model with no chrome!
  20. The Chalmers has a new hood on it now as I had a tree fall on it and bent it up beyond fixing. So, the whole machine got a new paint job and a new name! FARMALLIS ! I built it using two F12 rearends and a WC Allis engine transmission. All hydraulic steering, winch, and blade.
  21. We have a Garn gasser that replaced a Heatmor 100 11 years ago. It has used on average 1/3 less wood a season. Fire it just once a day depending on weather. Here are a couple of pics of wood.
  22. Yes all Bs & BNs are narrow fronts, if not they'd be As.
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