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  1. You will pass by my work at Colfax, Iowa. We are on the north side of 80, Can't miss us. Also pass by my hometown of Grinnell 30 minutes later! Happy travels!
  2. He ran with the cab door open the ENTIRE ride, I could just see that glass crumble to the ground as it shattered.......😖 But, he made it back without incident !
  3. Is it just me, or do I make the 756 look small? 😁
  4. I enjoyed the ride very much. Nice weather and good company. Wonderful scenery!
  5. I was working at the elevator in Montezuma, IA. The boss called up to the dump house. Told us to shut everything down and come to the office. We arrived just in time to see the second plane hit. The sky was so blue, with no clouds at all. The lack of plane trails was so weird. Someone came up with an American flag. We climbed up on the grain leg and flew old glory against the blue sky. People panicked and ran the gas station out of fuel. I was lucky to find enough fuel (major price gouging) to get my car home that night. I was on fumes when I arrived at work that day. Hard to believe it was 18 years ago.
  6. The larger steering wheel was introduced on the Super C and carried on through 200 and 230 production. It does help when turning and makes longer periods on the tractor easier. I use a Super C with woods L308 to mow with.
  7. Rusty, Is that an F or and I in front of the 544 on the tag?
  8. The tractor jockey selling the machine did not have a fill hose......😁
  9. I have a Henderson loader that fits on a C, SC, etc. I put the plate on the hydra touch to supply hydraulic power and run it through a grecian valve to operate cylinders.
  10. You will need to install the cylinder/ rock shaft assembly with control quadrant, lower torsion shaft. This will require draining the hy-tran, removing PTO, seat assy, drawbar and supports. Then you can bolt on rock shaft arms, lift and pull arms, top link bracket and drawbar.
  11. Did our 706, 656 and 826 in the last couple years. Not a bad repair. After you take it apart to expose seal, place steering wheel back on and turn it. Pressure will pop the seal out for you. The look of some of the parts in the seal kit has changed, but it will work just fine.
  12. It was quite common to see 706, 756, 856 custom, and 826 tractors on 34" rubber. 806 and 856 were commonly 38" here in Iowa, but you can see 38" or 34" on any of these models. With the introduction of the 1206, the need for larger tires became necessary with the higher horsepower. So, 38" became the standard on larger farm tractors.
  13. I have ran into the issue where the bolts are too long and bottom out. Usually on the front hood bolts into the "radiator" casting. The last tractor I restored, I put nuts on them. Cut them off. Threaded nuts off and cleaned up with a die. Pain in the rear.... sucked when I bottomed out and snapped off a new bolt. Drill and tap.....
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