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  1. Bolt right on. A 300 or 350 will too, just no way to check the oil without the petcocks!
  2. First and last have more value. The rest likely not. Kind of like my 1950 C and 1970 826 that are both in the right serial number range, but not demonstrators!
  3. I have never seen the removable tray for the toolbox! Anyone have a photo?
  4. Way too cool! Love it. But, I am a sucker for those diamond cabs.
  5. What Jmech said: make sure gear shift is in gear and all the linkages are moving. Lever could be in correct spot, but not moving linkage on transmission. Our 1460 quit moving 2 seasons ago. The input assembly was bad. Hydro motor was turning, but no action inside the transmission.
  6. For reference, here are the cub cadet weights.
  7. 24 speed parts are nearly impossible to find anywhere. We receive at least 2-3 calls a week for them. Hard to find any machines with good transmissions to salvage out. Even struggling to find good running 504 engines for 2390.
  8. 11" rims are just right for 12.4 tires. The 15.5 tires will be way wider at the tread than at the bead. Will look wedge shaped from behind the wheel. I have 15.5 on 12" rims on a Super M. They work but are a little narrow at the bead.
  9. We sell a few here, but it takes 3 or 4 attempts to find a good one. Years of mice, moisture, vibration and dust have taken their toll.
  10. We need to all chip in and help you buy it, Danny. You need those 2 tractors together!
  11. When I used to race cars, we wired an electric fuel pump onto the same toggle switch as the ignition box. I also had an electric cooling fan added to the radiator, ran it on the same toggle switch as the guage cluster lights (so I could see the temp from outside the car easier).
  12. Tony, all that pretty yellow paint will make that big baler weigh even more!
  13. Added it to my list of numbers to watch for. Good luck!
  14. Those conversions only fit the early PTO style. The later ones ,89xx, you must find a dual unit.
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