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  1. The drain hole seats were available during the letter series. They started adding them after customers complained about water pooling in them.
  2. Spent more time on the 1110 over the weekend. Installed new battery cables and cleaned the ground and starter solenoid connections. Then, the engine would turn over with the key. Slow at first, then the starter knocked the cobwebs out and ran good. Engine turns over nice and even. Cleaned the cap and rotor and have fire there. However, the points were totally fried. So, new ones are on order. Needed the trailer, so changed to a different tire on the RF and rolled it off onto the ground near the shop.
  3. I love it! Have one myself. Been sitting in the shop in primer for over 10 years. Start it a couple times a year. Was nearly ready for paint when I got sidetracked and rolled it in the corner.
  4. Looks about like my Grandpa Gorsh's 450.
  5. My Grandpa purchased this 1456 toy when I was born for his grandchildren to play with when they would visit. I was the only one of the 4 of us to play with it! He gave it to me for my collection when I moved in with him in 1996. All original condition. A jewel in my collection.
  6. Finally hauled my 1972 1110 home this week. Lubricated the hood hinges, latch and carburetor linkage. Checked all fluids. Looked good. Removed spark plugs. Looked good. None were fouled. Squirted a little oil in each cylinder. Turned over the 304 with a 15/16 and a ratchet. Next step: check for spark and attach a temporary fuel system. If the starter turns it over, it may run!
  7. My friend is an IH plow guy. Says it is a small frame #8. You can drop the 3rd bottom off and make it a 2 bottom.
  8. No. Planning to have the neighbors harvest the crops and haul them to town. I am too busy at work this time of year to harvest before the snow flies. Dad just can't run the combine anymore. If I did store it on the farm, I would spend all my vacation hauling it to town next summer. Dad does not want to haul into the elevator. Not comfortable with the truck in town.
  9. Feisty and I checked the crops last night. Beans are dropping leaves.
  10. They were used on the open station tractors below the fuel tank/ dash panels. On factory cab, they used those black plastic shields in their place. They were painted red and are figure numbers 20 and 21 in this photo. We sell new ones at work.
  11. I believe that McGlaughlin built the cabs for IH. Yes, the white cabs were available with air conditioning. They have the fan boxes on the rear of them.
  12. And steps, grab handles, battery trays and covers. Baffle shields if you are picky about originality.
  13. I don't know, Todd there may be more H-TA's assembled in farm shops than Allis G's wearing a loader! 😁
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