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  1. Hauled my heifer girls to Dayton's Meat Products in Malcom, IA for butchering and processing. Painted and delivered a replacement rear wheel casting for the 1206. Dropped my Impala off to have the front end repaired.
  2. We are featuring Regular, MTA and 1066 tractors.
  3. Plan to be there all 3 days. Pete, is it okay with you to have the forum meet and greet at your booth?
  4. The 340 provided 560 styling in the mid horsepower class. Available with diesel or gas engines (gas engine was also used in the 330 utility) the 340 offered row crop and utility models. I am fortunate to have one of each.
  5. They are out there. Handy size for loader tractor and making hay. Majority were built as gear drive.
  6. Finished planting Tuesday evening in the dust and dirt. We needed a rain badly, and it came today.
  7. After 8 weeks straight working Saturdays at Colfax, I was given a 3 day weekend over Memorial Day. A great chance to finish planting soybeans. A bittersweet situation because I had been covering my co worker Alan during his recent illness. Alan passed away Thursday evening in Omaha of liver failure. So, I am the senior member of the parts department now. Hope a replacement is hired soon. Tired of funerals! Dad took his pickup on Friday to pick up the last of our soybean seed from our Pioneer dealer 5 miles away. His pickup died on route and would not restart. So, he had it towed to the Ford garage and caught a ride home. A second trip with my dually was successful. Nichting's called: The 1206 is receiving a clutch, flywheel and PTO gear. One of the pads busted the rivets and tore the clutch to pieces. (I put a rear main seal in it 2 years ago, so it was dry.) Despite some small repairs to the planter, I planted a couple acres Friday night. The leaking cylinder was replaced with a new one along with hoses and pioneer tips. Saturday, I ran the 826 and planter from 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Getting dry and dusty, we need a good rain. Yesterday, I discovered more repairs needed on the planter and finally made it to the field around 11 AM. The planter is getting a thorough inspection and overhaul late this summer or fall. I don't have time next spring with the Roundup in Spencer to lose time in the field again! I am gonna be good at these 7000 planters after that! Ran out of seed last night about 7:30, cannot pickup more until Tuesday. So, the last 2 acres will have to wait... I am really enjoying running the 826 on the planter. That hydro is so handy slowing down for rough spots and turning. Wish I had swapped the monitor over off the 1206, lots of checking the boxes without it!
  8. I have never seen it in the parts books, but now I am wondering if some were built that way during the war? I have a 1945 M that has the starter button in that location as well. Maybe it was just a popular modification over the years? But when a 1944 and a 1945 M both show up that way, you do start to wonder.
  9. When I arrived home Thursday night, JJ Nichting in Grinnell had already picked up the 1206 and hauled it to town for repairs. The 826 worked well on the planter.
  10. My 1945 O4 has the wartime steel shift knob on it.
  11. Tragedy struck again tonight. Made 3 rounds on the second field of soybeans and the clutch suddenly went south on the 1206. It will pull itself downhill and on level ground, but the slightest uphill grade and it stops in its tracks. Dad is coming out to rescue me as I type this. Plan to pull it up the hill with the 826 and drive it into the buildings. Then hook the 826 onto the planter to finish soybeans. Tractor traffic jam by the back shed! I limped the 1206 down the hill and along the waterway, but the moment the waterway started uphill.... no joy.
  12. What symptoms are you experiencing? Those clutches are pretty simple. Still using the original setup on our 7000 six row.
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