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  1. Another club member brought along his restored IH pickup. He drove it in high school and he and his wife took it on many dates. He had to behave because the color was very distinctive!
  2. Cascade was the destination for the fall meeting for Chapter 5 on November 9th. A few pieces of IH equipment were on display outside the KC hall to greet guests. Thank you to the Bruns and McComber families for sharing their IH equipment with everyone.
  3. The brake pedal was different with a clutch booster. That 1256 appears to have a booster. That may be a possibility.
  4. Wow! Just Wow! Congratulations on an excellent job.
  5. The Ford backhoe was in 3 scenes on the porch. Also noticed the modern lift and diagnostic equipment in Ken's garage. Excellent movie, I encourage everyone to see it. 🙂
  6. Does this count? 2016 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack.
  7. The war production machines suffered from lack of pigment in the paint. Everything was in short supply due to the war effort. The original paint had an orange hue to it. Grandpa's H has patches of it showing through the repaint.
  8. The 78-79 Fords are my favorite. I have 5 of them.
  9. Looks like a 10-20 or 15-30 power unit.
  10. Dad and I finished harvest on Saturday. Dad bent the RH snout on the corn head 3 weeks ago. Put on a brand new one. With one acre left to go, you guessed it. He destroyed that new snout! He pulled it off and finished without it. We have to move the auger back to the soybean bin and unload 3 wagons and a truckload. Then we can begin the process of arranging the sheds for winter. Feels great!
  11. Yours looks wonderful to me. Thank you for saving it! I wish I could give this 615 a home, but no more shed space and the budget is too tight this year. If I had a better crop and no hospital bills from last winter, i would own the 615 already!
  12. 615 has a 263 6 cylinder gas engine. Toggle switch on front edge of RH console for header.
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