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  1. The Year A Round cab, like most aftermarket cabs, were designed for open station machines. Remove fenders(if equipped) and install. Lower cost alternative for budget minded farmers vs. the factory cab.
  2. I will have a 1256 with an ice cream box (Allen) cab and a 1456 with the diamond cab before I quit collecting. Love the look of the big 56 series with factory cab!
  3. Looking good! Just install the doors and rear window. You will be in high cotton!
  4. With bad publicity like that, it is no wonder that the gun loving Community in Colorado is laying low these days. Sheesh!😖
  5. The women in my house outnumber me 3 to 1. I spend lots of time in my shop!
  6. Sounds like the flow to 2 and 3 is going through valve one (so valve 1 is like a shut off valve for the oil supply for the other 2 valves). I am not sure how you plumbed the new valve in. Trace the oil flow, find the right way to route the lines.
  7. I do everything on my phone. Have not used my laptop in over a year. Dont even know what system is on it.
  8. The serial number records for the Farmall plant are available on the Wisconsin Historical society website. Dont know about build sheets.
  9. I agree, Doctor. He is a talented craftsman and produced a phenomenal weapon. Made it look effortless as well.
  10. Peyton is in the quench....... it is hard! So good, so far!
  11. That front axle is unlike anything else I have seen. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Congratulations! Nice 856. Don't fight that urge, go for the 1256!
  13. Sometimes you find people that are great to work with and encourage young people to enter into the hobby. I purchased a farmall M for my Daughter's first 4-H project for $250. It runs and drives well. Gentleman was tickled that She wanted to fix one up!
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