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  1. Not a bad job. I rebuilt the 56 series shifters on the 1206 early this spring.
  2. Likely the one below the clutch that Kal eluded to.
  3. Meyer Salvage Aberdeen, SD (605)225-0185
  4. What kind of drawbar do you have? Standard, fast hitch, nothing? I would think that you could fashion one using the bolt holes in the top of the axle housing as a starting point.
  5. Trying to use the loader as a ROPS frame if she rolled?
  6. It is easy to send someone out with the wrong part! Much harder to determine the right one and actually have it in stock........
  7. Here is a better view of the rear of the cab. Finally unloaded the Scout tonight.
  8. We have one in our 1460. Does a nice job.
  9. We would like to know that as well! Sending off to the Wisconsin Historical society archives for the line setting ticket for the Scout.
  10. My wife and I traveled up to Albert Lea, MN on Friday and picked up this little gem. Her father had a Scout when She was young with many happy memories bouncing around in it. The 800B had the lowest production numbers of any Scout model. It was built from the fall of 1970 until the spring of 1971. This particular Scout was manufactured in the Fort Wayne plant in November 1970. The last of the 800 models, it features the square marker lights instead of round reflectors. This change occurred due to a government safety mandate. Our Scout features the Commanche 4 cylinder 196 engine, dual range 4 wheel drive and rear posi-traction axle. It also has a very interesting feature: RH drive! Our Scout was purchased new in the Albert Lea area. It spent most of its life pushing snow with a Western snowplow at the Motel 66 in Albert Lea. It has accumulated a mere 30,051.7 miles on the odometer. When the motel changed hands, the gentleman we purchased it from acquired it. He has kept the Scout in a nice preserved and maintained state. The engine runs great and the tub is really in decent shape. I believe the original full top (per the VIN #) had a section taken out of the center to create the pickup cab. I look forward to the input from those who are more knowledgeable than I. I also would enjoy hearing about the Motel 66 in Albert Lea or if anyone recognizes this Scout. Enjoy some photos!
  11. Are your rubber fuel lines getting old and collapsing inside? That will cause all kinds of problems.
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