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  1. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Little Genius 2 bottom

    Hitch is designed to be attached to the tractor drawbar with a twisted clevis.
  2. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    โ€œReversedโ€ loader tractors

    Wrong color, but here is one from the show last year in Marshalltown.
  3. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    I have a 756, 856, and 826 with tilt steering and mechanical seat. None of them have a horn. Another 856 with standard steering and hydraulic seat. I can't seem to find a machine with both!
  4. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Hitch hikers

    10 years ago, I was working in Des Moines, got off at 11 PM. Stopped to fill the car at Casey's in Altoona. Had a young woman aproach me as I was filling up. She noticed my Poweshiek liscence plate and asked if I was from Grinnell. She was well dressed and only carrying a purse. Seemed like she had been drinking. I said I was from Grinnell. She was a college student from Grinnell College. She had been up in Des Moines bar hopping with friends. Stopped at the station for fuel and her friends left while she was in the bathroom (an hour ago!). She had misplaced her phone. I gave her a ride home. We talked, laughed and sang along with the radio. When I dropped her off in front of her dorm building, she offered me "compensation " for her safe return home. I was flattered, but turned her down....... Being a nice guy sucks sometimes!
  5. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Need your prayers

    I survived Monday, only to be snowed in by a blizzard on Tuesday. Got a little seat time in the 1486 blowing snow with the model 80 snowblower. Glad my left leg is healthy, lots of clutching running that blower. So glad to be out on a tractor again! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    IH pickup on new TV show...

    I did see that. Cool truck, talented singer.
  7. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Need your prayers

    Went back to work this morning. Gonna be tired tonight, but it feels good to be back in my routine. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes during my recovery. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    different suggestion than what I was thinking

    Then rebuild the 230 and use the rest of it to fix the herd. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  9. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    different suggestion than what I was thinking

    Wait. Maybe I misunderstood. Is the 200 with busted axle not one of the consecutive 200's? If so, fix the 230!
  10. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    different suggestion than what I was thinking

    As much as I hate to see the consecutive serial number 200's split up, your idea makes sense. Could you transplant the axle parts off the 230 onto the 200? I know that knocks a 230 in the head, but the engine is done anyway....... My thoughts.
  11. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Barn pictures

    The upper barn with the name on it was built when my Grandmother was a teenager. Around 1940. The original burned during the depression. I have a photograph of grandma and her 2 sisters standing on a stack of the red clay tile bricks used to make the first story. The roof beams are as you describe. Really neat. When my leg can make the climb into the loft, I will take some photos. Yes, it has a hay hook. It was my Dad's job growing up to drive the little Ford tractor back and forth to operate it with a rope. The stone block silo visible behind it used to be taller. My great grandfather knocked it down block by block with a sledge, standing on a 2ร—8. Then he put a dutchman's cap on it. Was used for oats after that. When dad was young, they would put a wooden extension ladder into a high sided hay wagon. He would climb up and paint the white and touch up the letters with black. No way would he do that now! This barn still has the McCormick Deering vacuum pump from Grandpa's milking days. The lower barn had doors on either end, so it had 2 drive thru bays. Did away with that when we turned the south end into a Cargill unit for hogs in 1991. It has farrowed and fed out hogs, cattle. Was the summer home for Grandpa's bull, machinery storage and even a place to change engines in a pickup a couple times! Still has a McCormick IH hay conveyor in the haymow.
  12. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Barn pictures

    Went outside with the dogs. Took a couple better photos.
  13. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Couple more 1066 questions

    If you have a factory certified safety ROPS, it will have a tag riveted up on the crossbar. Was required by law. Even the holes where the rivets were could be an indication, if the tag is gone. The 86 series cabs were ROPS certified and have a tag inside the RH door. Mule, did I understand correctly that you built that ROPS and canopy? Looks really good!
  14. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    5288 Burgundy Floormat

    That's him. Not sure who he works for now.
  15. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Chains on 1486

    Dad and I used to raise a lot of livestock on several different farms, so we had a lot of tractors scattered around. We probably have 6 sets of tire chains. Absolutely essential for pulling a grinder mixer on icy hills. He and I have always tag team tossed the chains onto the tire, although I could do it myself. My 1486 has the tires set wide to straddle a windrow of hay, so chain clearance is not an issue, even with 18.4-42 tires. I usually hook each end of the chain into my loader bucket with the remainder hanging below the bucket. Then I drop the chain onto the tire using the loader.