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  1. These new machines lose all sense of shape after they burn. Nothing left but a few supports, driveline and rims. I can't hardly identify them in the yard here!
  2. It's not the kids fault! Paying for the "sins" of their mother. How could the Catholic school deny their quality education to children who probably really need it?
  3. I do not own a gun, but I have always said if I purchased one it would be a Henry 410.
  4. Someone has probably already done this. It just occurred to me that Gleaner grain tank would make a neat scale down gravity flow wagon! Mounted on a hand built running gear.....
  5. True. But the paint is only original once. That factory paint shines up really well with effort. I purchased a tractor that had a cheap repaint. I figured, well I will have repaint it. When I hit it with the power washer, the cheap paint came right off! After a couple hours it looked decent. Then I lightly wet sanded it and hit it with Maguire's and a buffer. It looked great. Guess the old oxidized paint kept the repaint from sticking.
  6. If we knew the total number of people that died of cancer in 2020, would we even be concerned with the number of deaths from Covid? Perspective is everything and can be skewed to any agenda.
  7. My Dad worked at that Donaldson plant. Closed and gone now. It is a K&M tire warehouse now.
  8. This is interesting. I knew that video deserved scrutiny! Did all the RD pump 1206 have the guage from the factory or a Hinsdale thing?
  9. When I was in my 20's, we curled the bills on our hats to the point that we narrowed the diameter of the hat! Time changes things.
  10. Todd, there is a model 80 for sale at my work.
  11. Todd, there is a model 80 for sale at my work.
  12. Todd, there is a model 80 for sale at my work.
  13. Todd, how many hammers does the little man have on his workbench?😁
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