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  1. The 606 was produced from 1962 to 1967. Around 8000 manufactured. Replaced the 460 utility and was replaced by the 656 utility. The 656 utility came out the same time as the hydro was introduced. So, no early grille 656 utilities produced. The 606 filled that spot in the lineup.
  2. The prices of the 06 and 56 series tractors have really shot up as the baby boomers are purchasing them. I was fortunate to purchase the 856 for $ 6,000. and the 1206 for $7,000. I would never touch them for that money these days! To add a 1256, 1456 and 1026 to the collection is gonna be expensive!
  3. Those tractors really held their value too. Dad got $6,500 out of that tractor in our bankruptcy auction in 1995. I purchased my 856 in 1998 for $6,000. It has factory cab, 8 bolt fronts and wedgelock 18.4-38.
  4. The original invoice on Dad's tractor was $5,525. The dealer traded the fenders in on the cab. Dad's brother was a mechanic at the dealership. He did the work in the evening for nothing. Dad and his brother transferred the lights off the fenders onto the cab, removed the fenders. Installed a used second valve and dual stage air filter. Installed the cab and a used set of M&W duals they had on the back lot. It was cheap horsepower. Dad hung a couple JD 2 cylinder flywheels on the front for weight. He had only been farming a few years and money was tight. You did what you had to do.
  5. That's how my 1206 is set up. I use bushings on the pull arms for Cat 2 implements.
  6. The 34" clamp style rears and 6 bolt front hubs were standard equipment on the 856 Custom. They were also a popular choice for budget minded tractor buyers. A lot of guys ordered a custom that intended to put a cab on the tractor. Dad did that. He added a second hydraulic remote, dual stage air cleaner, year a round cab, M&W duals and put it in the field. Cheap horsepower!
  7. I can see some obscure parts that do not require finishing or heat treatment going this way. I have a prosthetic right foot. Lots of 3d printed parts making their way into that industry.
  8. You will need to add a return back into the top of the fuel tank, but that is not too difficult. You will need to plumb in fuel filters. The diesel 544 machines were gravity fed, so you should be okay.
  9. I understand what you meant now. Yes, those blueprints would be neat to have now. It would take a lot of them for just 1 machine!
  10. Very impressive! Glad he can enjoy the tractor. Wonder if the front end is light with that much weight hanging so far back?
  11. Are you needing parts books? They are available from several sources.
  12. The yellow sealer was common under the red paint on IH tractors. Your 140 could have been painted any color the customer desired at the factory. Many municipalities used yellow or orange paint. Those records are long gone now. Of course, your 140 may have been repainted since it left the factory.
  13. The front legs unbolt about a foot above the mounting at the clutch housing. That helps a little bit.
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