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  1. We finished planting corn today. Plan to disk rough spots in corn stubble tomorrow. Then spray if it does not rain. Sounds like a good chance for rain here through the weekend.
  2. Looks waaaaay better already! What size tires are on the 8 bolt narrow front? I like the look.
  3. Boss had one on the resale lot at work. Neat tractor.
  4. No. The utility is built different from the row crop. 300/350 row crop will not fit a 400/450 either. The 400/450 has a larger rear end housing and requires larger mounting brackets.
  5. If you are not careful when you remove the governor, you can mess up the timing. Then you must remove the crank pulley and front cover to line up the timing marks on the gears.
  6. Hooking up a cultivator or the nitrogen applicator toolbar are the few times I have used them.
  7. The variable width plow was designed by Jon Kinzenbaw (founder of Kinze). The DMI company produced the first ones. Many other manufacturers paid to use the design. Very revolutionary and worked very well.
  8. Tony, I can see the 1206 book to the left in the photo. He showed his copy to me awhile back. Really neat!
  9. Worked on the 756 this past weekend. Fixed the steering, straightened the hood, installed a muffler. Still have to straighten the RH fender, but looking way better. Took it out and knocked in a few gopher holes before dad planted corn in those spots.
  10. Went back to work April 3rd. Feeling like my old self again. Took the 1486 out and disked some washouts in the soybean stubble. Found a tile blowout that will need fixed. 3 foot deep hole! 756 is up and running. Sorry, bad about pictures lately. Will post some soon. My leg became tender and a little warm. Back on antibiotics as a precaution. Still visiting the wound clinic in Iowa City for check ups on Thursdays.
  11. You will smile every time you look at them, Kal. 😊
  12. I disked a few washouts in the bean stubble last week. All the ground going into corn is sprayed. Neighbors across the road planted corn. We no till, so still too wet for us to plant.
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