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  1. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Prayers for Iowa

    My family and I are safe and well. Thank you for your thoughts. We watched the tornado that hit Bondurant pass south and east of of the salvage yard I work at in Colfax. I do have family and many close friends in Marshalltown area, because of our involvement in the antique power club there. My Uncle lives in the northwest corner of Marshalltown and sustained minor damage.
  2. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Ford USN industrial Tractor?

    Look at the chrome grill piece at the front of the hood and the placement of the select o speed decal. That is the early version of the ford 4000. The early 4000 was a 4 cylinder and the late version was a 3 cylinder and yes, it did have different sheet metal.
  3. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Getting ready to leave.

    Just hit the road a few minutes ago.
  4. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Sad day

    I had not heard that. We dont miss much at work, but that one I had not heard.
  5. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Sad day

    Are you referring to Dick?
  6. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Getting ready to leave.

    The ride loops out of Waukon both days. We ride in Yellow River Forest one day. Hit 3 states on the ride. Should be a wonderful trip!
  7. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    SZ 48 fuel issue

    How low is the tank when it starts to act up? Always the same, or is it random? A steep hill always let's me know if I am low on fuel!
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Getting ready to leave.

    Should be a pretty ride!😁
  9. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    666 brake pedal shaft

    Disconnect the return springs. Back off the jam nut and the brake activating nut on the brake clevis. Remove the park lock linkage. Remove battery and the tray it sits on. It is still tight, but possible. Had mine off both 656's and the 666.
  10. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Should have bid higher?

    I gave $6,500. for mine from the neighbor lady. Included westendorf WL21 loader, like new 15.5-38 rears and the machine was mechanically sound.
  11. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Super M's

    The rest of the story (to quote Paul Harvey) . Waylon offerered to haul my tractors up, if he could choose which ones made the trip. He wanted my 1206 to go, because it was the feature. He also wanted to exhibit the M's together at the state show because the numbers were very close (when you consider how many were produced). I agreed. However, the M was sitting on jackstands because the fluid filled tubes would no longer hold the fluid/air. Waylon, being a tire man, offered to come fix the tires if i would provide new tubes. I agreed. On the hottest day of the summer, recovering from an upset stomach the night before, he came and fixed the tires. We had a wonderful show and made some nice memories. Probably the best part of this hobby.
  12. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Super M's

    Hey Waylon! You wanna buy the L.P. and I could get the other one! Then we could park the M's and SM's together at shows.........😁
  13. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    post hole digger storage

    We tie ours to a fencepost. Dad and I always use the joke whenever we go to hook ours up, that if we had another tractor; we could leave it on all the time! 😊
  14. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    This happened to me...

    Who do you guys use for ID protection? Life Lock is the only one I have heard of .
  15. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    Happy birthday, Todd! Best wishes from Iowa.