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  1. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    A few wedding pictures

    Here is a picture of our wedding day. Had the 666 diesel, 656 hydro, MTA and M at our wedding. May 23rd, 2015. My 1206 has 56 series shifting too, but the original TA lever!
  2. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    A few wedding pictures

    Is that a 56 series conversion and matching TA lever on the 1206?๐Ÿ˜Š
  3. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    One Piece - Two Piece Drawbar Change Over by IH ???

    You see more of the 2 piece drawbar on the 766 and 966. Less on the 1066. I think the larger tractors needed the stronger 1 piece design to prevent breaking. The removable drawbar stub is a handy feature. My older machines are a mixture: 544, 656, 756, 826, 856, 1206 are 2 piece. Both 706, 806, 1256, 1066, 1486 are 1 piece.
  4. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Looks like a good idea. Always interesting to learn something new about these old tractors. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    656 level setting

    I have 7.50-15 tires on my 656 with 16.9-38 rears.
  6. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    A few wedding pictures

    Awesome photos! So happy for you. Best of luck for your future.
  7. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    This one is โ€œreal nice Clarkโ€

    This 5088 brought $6,600. on a farm auction in southern Iowa last Saturday.
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    1981 Christmas specials at your IH dealer

  9. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Odd worthless knowledge

    Magicians use this kind of knowledge to impress people all the time, we just don't catch onto it at the time.
  10. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    looking to buy an 856

    Excellent machines. The 407 can provide thousands of trouble free engine hours. Find out if the injection pump has had any work done to it. When the seal ring goes out on them, a rebuild is necessary.
  11. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    IH 1456 official winter project

    I am enjoying this project and watching it with interest as I have others. Educate me on 1456's. Did they all have the 4 bolt plate that contains the 2 bolt ether button plate on all of them or is that the unique feature you eluded to? All of my machines have a square hole in the casting for either button. Cannot recall seeing the larger plate before. In the one photograph, is that a parts machine in the background? What model is it? Just curious. Thanks.
  12. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    66 Series - Decals or Aluminum-Chrome???

    All 66 series (early and blackstripe) used decals for the International and model numbers. Late 656 tractors came with decals as well.
  13. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Couple of Lonely old girls at the neighbor's

    Would be a great tractor under a 234 picker.๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Looking for

    Sold for $10,000.
  15. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Looking for

    Shows 8000 hours.