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  1. My 1206 came with that cab on it new. Have a cab to put back on it someday. For now, the open station is too nice!
  2. Did you notice the 66 series triple cluster mounted on the hood?
  3. Success! The 1206 moves forward and backwards now. The upper shift collars need rebuilt, but will wait until we finish sidedressing nitrogen on the last 3 acres of corn. Shift slowly and carefully for now.
  4. Congrats, Reaper! Nice addition to your 1206 collection.
  5. The vertical shafts through the cover were turning, but had no resistance or evidence of detent. When I used my fingers to simulate the action of the spring, then they "snapped" into the detent. The shafts are tight in the housing, rollers look good, not seeing any slop in detents where bushings rest. The upper shifter assembly is very loose, I ordered the kit from Hy-Capacity to remedy that. Will examine all the ball joints too.
  6. Looks like the spring is missing. Do you guys see anything else out of place? Besides the nut under the park linkage, anything else to be aware of when I put the lid back on? How can I be sure the reverse fork shaft is clocked correctly?
  7. My 1206 has 56 series shifters. Tonight it became hard to shift into H, L,R. Now it is stuck in neutral. The shifting lever moves the vertical shaft and plate that the park lock engages. I can feel both ends of the roll pin, so it is in place. So, my troubles are under the range cover? No other way to access except remove dash? What has likely went wrong in there? The pin I am pointing to in to photo moves with the range shifter. Appears to be in place.
  8. If the 560 was there, the black stripe would have competition! 😁
  9. I am the 5th generation of my family to live in my house. Nobody ever talked about a summer kitchen, but they had a washhouse near the back door. That building contained the maytag washer and ringer dryer. All laundry was done there during warm weather. Years later, it was moved up by the barn. Served as the oil shed. Had racks to hold 30 and 55 gallon drums of oil for all the farm equipment. Later, the 5 gallon buckets of oil were stacked inside. Now, it mostly is a place to stash oddball items.
  10. I have never seen the decals for the serial number plate until now. Where did you order them?
  11. Brian, did you add it to your collection?
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