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  1. I have 140, 200, 330u, 340, 340U, 350, 400, 544, 544u, 656, 756, 856 and 1206 with the fast hitch.
  2. So sad to hear that. My little rat terrier is slowly losing her battle with doggie cancer. May be forced to make that decision sooner than I want to admit. She just seems so happy yet, don't want to go there yet...... hope you work past the heartache soon.
  3. Filling the planter rig the other night. Equalizing air pressure in the tires. Spraying has begun!
  4. I thought this view of the MTA and the 1486 was lovely.
  5. Maybe they can provide jobs for all the Mexican citizens and immigrants down there looking for work. Save them the hassle of trying to come here.
  6. Hmmmmm? I hooked a 530 fast hitch plow onto my 1206 and did 3 acres with it. Did I get lucky? Just curious......
  7. 155 acres just west of me just sold from the original family that homesteaded there for $19,500/ acre.
  8. Lonesome Dove. Longmire. Louis L'Amour's: The Sacketts or Crossfire Trail.
  9. Dang! Been too wet, I have not started yet.... Planter is filled up, setting on go.
  10. Dad will be 77 this Friday. Since his stroke 2 years ago on Easter, I have really cherished my time with him. This is my 3rd spring taking over the operation from him. Trying to absorb everything I can. He has been doing really well and feeling good most days. Yesterday, however, I am reminded that he is still more fragile than I am used to. I was finishing up the preparation of the planter yesterday morning when a car pulled up outside the machine shed about 10:30. Mom and Dad were at church, who could it be? A lady hollered my name. She goes to our church. My Dad had passed out during the service and they took him by Ambulance to the hospital.... they had tried to call. My phone was in the Ranger. I cleaned up and let the dog out and She drove me into the hospital. He was doing fine when I arrived. Apparently he was not receiving enough oxygen to the brain and he passed out. He remembered being warm and then woke up on the guerney in the aisle of the church with the paramedics there. They released him about 90 minutes after I arrived. Knowing that mom refuses to drive in town anymore, I asked where their car was. It was outside, someone from the church had brought it over. Dad commented that it had been washed. As we got in, we could see it had to been vacuumed out as well! As we left the parking lot, Dad says: we will need gas. I glanced at the guage and it was full! Wow, we have some good people at that church.... Dad felt good and came over to the farm that evening. So thankful he was okay.
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