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  1. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Testing my moxie

    One of my high school friends took a 1 year course in wastewater treatment. He makes over twice what I do now. I have an associate degree and an off the farm job to support the farm. 😠
  2. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    1066 gear issue/question

    Simple fix is to get a rebuilt assembly and bolt it on. The holes in the top cover are probably egged out and causing shafts to slop around. Definitely need that arm, rollers and spring.
  3. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Saturday fun day

    I live and breathe red, but I have my great grandfather's 2N and my great uncles Allis Chalmers C. They are not going anywhere!
  4. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Some combining pics.

    Lovely pictures!
  5. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    I cleaned a cub cadet carburetor and the carb off my C. Both are running great now. 2 more carbs to go! Will try to post some pics soon.
  6. nepoweshiekfarmalls


    I had a Buick Regal Coupe with the diesel engine. 😁
  7. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Rear tires for the M

    I shoehorned 15.5-38 on my Super M. Looks great.
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Upgraded grain heads

    Fix Em Up, I tried to send you a private message, but you could not receive it. Could you send me a PM?
  9. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Upgraded grain heads

    You priced one from us, or we were taking one off for you?
  10. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    1480 red cab combines.

    We have a couple of the red cab 1460 combines at work.
  11. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Value of these white wheel weights?

    Same weight, different color paint.
  12. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Some 1460 repairs

    Dont' run that machine until you inspect/ replace all the bushings in the upper and lower shoe drives. The slop will lead to broken sieves and sieve frames. Dad did that 3 years ago, the parts were obscene price! Glad I could sell him used parts from work.
  13. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Upgraded grain heads

    Colfax Tractor Parts, Colfax Iowa.
  14. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Detroit's run forever, almost impossible to kill. 🙂
  15. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Put a heat houser or a cab on it . Use it to move snow this winter.😎