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  1. 4186 toy

    Someone did a neat job fabricating that, lots of time to get the look and proportions right. I see an 86 series rear end and drawbar.
  2. U4 Power Unit

    That will be the icing on the cake. Looks great!
  3. U4 Power Unit

    Will you install the "u4" decals on the hood?
  4. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    The old Custer Implement in Tama building is still standing. I will grab photos the next time I am there. My uncle was a mechanic there, I may see if he has any photos from the Old days.
  5. I Don't Understand

    I am jealous, my Friend! Nice find!
  6. Increased the herd

    Looks nice!
  7. 450 Diesel project

    Charlie's Repair.
  8. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Super M 1952
  9. 656 surging?

    Clean up governor, check the weights and shaft for wear. Install a new spring. My 2 cents.
  10. Super MD Questions.

    Love the Neon signs! Nice looking shop.
  11. Forum problems??

  12. IH. Top link question

    I have this same hitch on my Farmall 240. I have not seen another row crop with it. Neat hitch.
  13. WFE interchange

    The front support is the same and will bolt up under the bolster. Both tractors use part# 358969r2. The rear supports are different, I believe the distance is different across the frame rails. You can probably work around that. The 400 uses 360406r1 and the 460 uses 370692r1. I believe your hubs on the 460 will work on the 400 spindles.
  14. 656 weight bracket holes water tank?

    That would make it easy. No bolts to take out. Could take the tank off and put loader back on in a few minutes........
  15. 86 series flasher/turn signal.

    Plenty of good used ones in the salvage yards. I believe the combines use the same unit.