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  1. Did you try moving the arm on the injection pump manually? Perhaps the linkage is stiff from sitting and not reaching the shut down range on the lever.
  2. We have dual hubs and 34" dual style rears at my work. Would be a lower cost option to replace the spinout style. If the look agrees with you. I prefer cast centers myself!
  3. Just like toilet paper or gasoline, if they can get enough people to panic and start stockpiling beer, then their prophecy comes true. Just sayin.
  4. Not to be "That Guy", but with the history of this tractor uncertain, could it have always been a 1566? The original engine replaced with one with the intercooler and the TA housing replaced with one from a 1568 that was already salvaged out? That is the fun part of old tractors, nobody knows! Either way, still a neat machine.
  5. Aunt Cleo passed away yesterday. So, Mom lost both her sisters in 2 days. So far, no services planned.
  6. Beans are turning. Sprayed my post emergence too soon. These weeds came up later. Should have sprayed this field again. Lesson learned. Corn is drying down. Looks good for such a dry summer.
  7. The gentleman that was making them quit. Not enough customers willing to pay what the parts were worth. Forget his name, met him at the Roundup in Racine.
  8. Thanks, everyone. The funeral for Aunt Helen is Sunday afternoon. I am encouraging mom to go. Aunt Cleo is still clinging to life in the nursing home. Funny how Aunt Helen called on Tuesday to report that Cleo had a couple days at most. Wednesday morning, Helen passed away. I will call the funeral home to see if they broadcast the funeral on the internet. That will be Plan B.
  9. That is how Rednecks recycle cars!
  10. My parents are sick with covid, despite living really sheltered lives lately. They are improving, but still weak and still testing positive. (I had it too, but back to work again. ) Received a phone call yesterday that Mom's oldest sister is near death in the nursing home. Today, we received word that her other sister died this morning of a heart attack. Mom is obviously upset that the covid may prevent her from attending her sister's funerals. I don't know what to do for her. If her oldest sister does pass away, Mom will suddenly be the only sibling left. A lot to take all at once. Please keep our family in your thoughts.
  11. Does it have a crank sensor? I knocked a wire off my 95 changing the serpentine belt and it would not fire. New sensor, problem solved.
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