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  1. Looks familiar, I installed motor mounts and a wheel hub on the 08 Impala last month.
  2. I worked for old Don Shafer for awhile. He taught me about old Fords.
  3. My mother contracted polio as a young child. It was terrifying, she said. Nobody understood it, they were panicked. People were afraid of her. She was sent away and quarantined for a time. Then the vaccine was released and her life was spared. However, the damage was done. Her ankles were contorted and her feet were sideways. Numerous painful surgeries were required to fix her legs. Mom was lucky, her life has been good. Today, She has braces to support ankles/legs, but she walks fine. I pray that our vaccine specialists will find the solution for Covid-19, just like they did for Polio so long ago.
  4. I just read the stories by Randy, that were linked in this thread. Wonderful! His knowledge and friendship will be missed.
  5. Wonderful news, continued prayers.
  6. We are nearly that bad here, but I had the 1206 gussied up for a tractor show last August, so it had to change back. The snow pushing tractors receive chains and heathousers, but not much else changes except which Implement is attached. The loader tractors are all dedicated.
  7. I cut my own for the diamond cab on the 856 from a thick rubber mat.
  8. A touching tribute to your father. He would be proud!
  9. I use the exact same case for my wiring supplies.
  10. The wonderful thing about tractors are all the varied jobs they can do. The various attachments they can use. Dad and I changed the 1206 over from fall to spring work. (It took us 44 minutes!) It seemed like an interesting topic to me. What transformations do your tractors make? Let's see some pics!
  11. Still working, as ag repair parts are considered essential. Spending evenings preparing for spring work. Just rebuilt the shifters on 1206 (56 series conversion).
  12. I have seen a lot of SMV emblems mounted on the top screw of the rear cover on the tombstone seat. Could the hole in the kick panel be for a foot throttle? I thought the linkage came through there.... Those SMV brackets for the rear of the 3 piece seats are neat. I have them on several tractors.
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