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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Have a 2005 2377 combine with correspondening heads. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. Added a bunch of IH earlier in the thread. Here is a bunch of the other brands dealer decals we have on the farm
  2. Really? That seems a bit excessive. Our 786 is still on its original alternator, it has been rebuilt once in my lifetime with it. We still have a auto/electric repair shop in business in reasonable driving distance. One of the few shops that still do this work. Other tractors are on rebuilt alternators too. Im not mentioning them as they are a bit newer with different alternators than you are talking.
  3. I said something to the wife the 1st part of March when this was starting. I said the human race isn't that smart in the grand scheme of things. It's that we're supposed to be smarter than everything else on the planet. I said humans being the smartest species on Earth is the same as saying your the smartest kid in a special Ed room ( no offense to anyone who has kids in this position). You may excel there, but you're never going to be a Rhodes Scholar. Grading on a curve at its finest.
  4. And it's not doing a good job at that. Unless you are showing symptoms they aren't going to test you, you have a decent shot of being asymptomatic and a carrier. Then there are those that never are tested with mild symptoms that never need hospitalization. The positive numbers are also way out of whack. Up to 50% infected show no symptoms. Unless other states are quicker at getting tests back the numbers the state releases are out of date. In Michigan the time it takes to get a test back is 6 to 10 days. Unless someone else has been in the self quarantine, truly locked in your house, im able to give a insight. Wife developed a cough late last week. Told me to stay away from the main farm until her test results came back. With her being a RN they fast tracked the test. Still took 4 days. ( tested negative). So the daily numbers the state releases are a shot from a week ago. Everyone is screaming about expodential growth. So if what they are saying is true, take that day's number, times it by 3, 4 or 5. And you are closer to the actual number of positive tests if it follows the trend. But again that doesn't count the asymptomatic and those that never get tested. I have no clue how to figure those numbers into the equation. If the numbers don't start trailing off soon its going to prove it isn't working what we are doing Even the deaths are on a delay. The county i live in has had 3 deaths as of this morning. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the 3rd death happened last Saturday. As of last night the hospital my wife works at had 26 Covid patients, both positive and awaiting tests results. Its a 270 bed level 2 trauma center. Other than a few other random patients the place is empty. No surgeries unless truly necessary. My wife is a nurse manager at Central Sterile Processing who sterlizes the equipment there. She is staffing people off because there is nothing to do. The place averages over 40 surgeries a day. They are down to 4, give or take. They haven't brought in patients from downtown Detroit which is where the headquarters hospital is located ( we're 90 miles west from Detroit and a direct shot from there with I-94 running right through here.) Michigan is the 4th worst state in the U S. Outbreak wise. Again i ask. What are we doing here? The cattle are way loose now and we are slamming the gate hoping they are going back in.
  5. Nice pics. I remember when we were mounting tanks on our tractors for spring work. Back in the early half of the 90s every spring we mounted a Anhydrous ammonia tank on the front of the 986 we had back then. We plowed down Anhydrous with the 710 5 bottom we had at the time. We would have a 1000 gallon tank in the field, every so often we would have to stop and refill it. Transferring it from tank to tank was time coming. We eventually got away from it and started sidedressing Annhydrous with a toolbar and never went back. Junked the tank out 14 years ago. We also used to spray our residual herbicide with a tank on the planting tractor, pump on the tractor and nozzles behind the row units. We mounted that tank on the 786 when it was the planting tractor and my 7120 when it became the planting tractor. Gave that up and started spraying it all with the main field sprayer in 2013. Could get more planted in a day without worrying about filling the spray tank while filling the planter.
  6. She was trying to extend the state of emergency 70 days from about the middle of April but that at the moment had nothing to do with stay at home order at the moment. It has more to do with access to federal money i think. I know the legislature said she can extend it but not that long at the moment. Who knows but that's the last i knew
  7. Which is where im afraid we're heading if this goes on long enough. Especially if we go full blown 1930s Great Depression economic collapse.
  8. Fair but dumping money into a money losing division for years. Money that could have paid down debt, gone into truck, farm equipment or engine development by itself might have gone farther. IH the former is dead because of a series of bad financial decisions over the years.
  9. Here you only get tested if showing symptoms. Im upwind of a hotspot ( 90 miles west of Detroit) which is where 80% of the confirmed cases are. I94 which runs between Detroit and Chicago runs directly through here sooo as i said its its all over around here.
  10. 4 days and it was fast tracked with her being a employee. Longer for everyone else.
  11. Unless the rules are different in Pennsylvania. You won't get tested unless you show symptoms. That's how it works here.
  12. Welcome to the club 😪. They'll tell her to take her temperature twice a day, wear a mask for 2 weeks but if considered essential go to work.
  13. Got lucky and the wife tested negative for Coronavirus. Im going to repeat that we have taken it to far. She has one of her underlings test positive. Exposed the whole department. Hospital told them to take their temperature twice a day while at work and wear a mask for 2 weeks. No quarantine for exposure. Lets face it a good part of us have been exposed or will be exposed in the next few weeks. Im certain i have been. This is official hospital policy. I can also say that the CDC has lost some credibility in this outbreak. They are telling medical professionals to do stuff that before this was drilled into them was never ok. In reality they are throwing $--t at a wall and hope something sticks. They keep changing guidelines very regularly. I realize what is going on but if you're in danger before doing this and suddenly you're told its ok. You're going to question it. It like everyone telling you don't stick your finger in a outlet because it will electrocute you and then suddenly they tell you it's ok, you'll be fine. Wife figures when this is all said than done a lot of ICU nurses will be gone. A lot will quit because a lot of them are older ( a lot of experience there) and in higher risk categories. They had a number of nurses and anesthesiologists quit because of high risk and low ppe. These numbers are also off and larger too. The daily numbers are from test 4 days or more likely a week ago. My wife's test was fast tracked because she was a employee and it still took 4 days to get the results back. General public is longer yet. They only test you if you're truly sick, otherwise stay away and tough it out which is a large percentage of the infected that show symptoms. A growing percentage of infected show no symptoms. Ive read numbers up to just shy of 50% show no symptoms ever. So we're this high with the limited testing and results from at least a week later. How many more people have been exposed? A lot more than people want to admit to. One of our local hotspots is from a District Basketball game played on March 11. This was played between 2 hole in the wall towns seperated by a little over 9 miles. It's not like they played in Detroit. Someone at that game was bebopping around with it already. How many were exposed leading up to that point? A lot i bet. This changes numbers right there. That exposure was working towards a month ago now. How far has this gone? Another thing that isn't reported on is yes some of these hospitals are full. But everyone is not on a vent. Detroit Beaumont is our hotbed. A lot of those rooms are full of people who are quarantined but have no place to go to be quarantined. I have sources in that system that tell me that. I know there are bad spots but not everywhere. We should have closed the gate weeks ago. The cattle are way out of coral now and because of it we're burning the barn down to fix it. My opinion obviously.
  14. That's a poor way to have a proving ground for engines. Run a money loosing division to work the bugs out of their engines. There had to be a better way than that to test them.
  15. They should have never gotten into refrigerators, freezers and such and they should have never been in Construction equipment. Someone should have put a bullet in that division's head long before it was sold off. Did Solar turbine make them money?
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