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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Have a 2005 2377 combine with correspondening heads. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. Sounds like your teachers are as bright as the ones in my state when it comes to voting matters. They feel that they got stiffed by one politician. So they vote another one in and who ends up shafting them even worse than the governor before. But like a wife in a abusive relationship, they come back just so they can get whipped around some more.
  2. Both wrong, C clamps and ratchet straps are the way to go. Posted this pic of a crude fix it job on a railroad bridge near me about 2 years ago.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. June 7th of 2000 the main gasoline pipeline through Southern Michigan had a major leak in Jackson Mi. Spilled 75,000 gallons of gasoline. Weld failed. Obviously the line was shutdown for 6 days while repairs were being made. I realize that I was young at the time ( turned 16 on the 20th of June that year) but I don't remember gas stations running out of gas or a run on it. The tank farms carried until the pipeline was operational again. It's that or we are not sitting on the supplies that they claim we are.
  4. Looks like a she to me if you look at the hair
  5. Did a good job today driving grain prices down it seems.
  6. God has never made a sterile stupid person it seems. As the old saying goes God makes everyone good at something and he made the stupid good at reproduction. All that is needed to know is basic shapes and what gets stuck where.
  7. MX series maxxums ( MX 135, MX 150, MX 170) were pretty bulletproof themselves. While not quite as bulletproof as a boxcar Magnum. They held their own from what I've read and heard. The MXM series is where the problem arises
  8. So far from what I heard. Enbridge is defying heir Whitmer's order and has continued pumping. If it wasn't for it affecting fuel prices for us. It would be funny watching 2 liberal tools of Treadeau and Whitmer on opposite sides of the issue squaring off. You know regardless one of them is coming away with a black eye and fat lip. Rooting for Canada on this one. One outlandish thing Whitmer has claimed is that if Line 5 continued to pump, the state was going to seize any income coming from it. If that doesn't sound Communist, I don't know what does. The government seizing money from a le
  9. You know the old saying. " you can vote in Communism but you usually have to shoot your way back out of it"
  10. Nice tractor. I have my Grandpa's 1948 H that he bought new. Done a bunch of things on it and use it lightly on the farm. Since I see you're from Michigan. I am too. What part of the state are you from? I'm from Albion. If you need any help, me along with a lot of members on here have the knowledge to steer you in the right direction. Let us know
  11. Read that they didn't think it would be pumping again til the end of the week.
  12. Couple stories along those lines. Neighbor one time employed a kid who wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box. They would pull the tractor and silage wagon up to the blower for him and all he had to do was unload the wagons. Silo got full and started coming over the side of the silo. The silage coming off the silo scared him. He jumped off the tractor, everything still unloading and ran away. Silage cascading down the side of the silo. Another mess at the neighbor's I did get to help clean up was the time another of his hired hands was running a load up and went into Lala land. Silo
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