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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Also have a 2001 2366 combine with the corresponding heads. a 2005 2377 combine. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. Reichow7120

    New 856

    That's called smart. That's how we do hay. Plus with the help we have we can have 3 going at once.
  2. Reichow7120

    Factory top links ?

    It seems like 3 things happened. A, People left the center link with whatever 3 point implement they used last. They just unhooked the link from the tractor instead of the implement. B, The owner pulled the link off because it wasn't being used. The tractor was then sold or traded off and the link was left on the farm with the previous owner. Finally C, The farmer before he traded it off stripped the tractor down like a car left unattended overnight in Detroit. Center link, weights (both front and back) Toolbox and anything else deemed extra by the farmer selling the tractor stays with the farmer and a stripped down bare bones tractor is what is traded or sold.
  3. Reichow7120

    New 856

    Tell your wife 7 is a OK number. We have 7 tractors ourselves. Tell her the nice thing about that many is you aren't always having to hook and unhook stuff from them. Change jobs, jump on another tractor and go. Saves time you tell her.
  4. Reichow7120

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    The only other thing about the 3 point arms that's different is the center link has been removed which is typical for a tractor sitting for sale.
  5. Reichow7120

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Some. There is a lot planted around here but it didn't make a difference. Everyone had the infestation and damage in 2016 and everyone had to spray in 2017.
  6. Reichow7120

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Funny you guys bring this up. Jackson County every summer does fly overs with a helicopter scouting fields looking for Marijuana grow spots in fields. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. We went to bale hay and there was a helicopter flying around all over the place. It was doing wide circles around the whole area. My brother first wondered why they were flying in circles aimlessly about. At first I was clueless to until I remembered that the county does areal patrols for grow operations, then it made sense. Last year we had to have a areal application of insecticide to try to kill a massive infestation of Western Bean Cutworm in the corn. They lay their eggs on the upper leaves of the plant, hatch and the larvae travel down to the silks of the ear and eat the silks and then get into the ear behind the husks. Once in the husks there is nothing you can do. Us and everyone else in the area had a learning experience from the year before when they made their first appearance in our area. Everyone's corn that year was a basket case with damage, Diplodia, vomitoxin in everything. It was ugly to look at in the bin or truck. Last year it was bad again but everyone was ready and sprayed but planes were going nonstop for a week. This year knock on wood we haven't had a problem with them.
  7. Reichow7120

    Long time salesman finally hangs it up

    Are we talking Kim? If so I knew he was getting close to retiring. He told me he would be done when he turned 62 and that was 2 or 3 years ago. I know he's slightly younger than Dad (64)
  8. Reichow7120

    Long time salesman finally hangs it up

    There is a farmer I know that is like that. He'll be 92 this month. He helped his grandson farm until his son (grandson's dad) retired from his shop job 2 years ago. It was something watching him climb into a tandem axle grain truck to drive it. Nowadays he goes to the local elevator and meets with 3 other guys that are 20 or 30 years younger than him and drinks coffee every weekday morning and shoots the bull. The only thing that is kinda sad happened this past winter. We happened to be pricing some supplies one morning during the bull session. Someone else was talking about old friendships. Joe goes "All my best friends are gone" My Grandpa, Carl, and Joe were within a few months of each other in age so they were really close friends. Joe is the last one standing. Even when you got away from the 3 musketeers, all his old friends are dead. Kinda poignant conversation and point made there about old age.
  9. The salesman that we have dealt with at the Case IH dealer we deal with finally decided to hang it up at the end of June. The guy had been working as a salesman at this dealer since 1962. That's right, he had been there 56 years. The guy is 89 years old and still sharp. He pulled my Dad and I into his office a week before the end of the month while we were having a hydraulic hose made up to tell us he was hanging it up. The reason being that his wife's health has deteriorated and he feels that he should be there to take care of her. He admitted that he originally wanted to make it to the end of the year when he would be 90 but circumstances prevented that. I just thought I would post this because how many people can say they worked at the same place that long and kept working like that until they we almost 90 years old. That's longevity.
  10. Reichow7120

    Guess I’m not completely worthless at 44

    My cousin's now ex husband always liked to brag how great of shape he was because he played sports back in high school. One day he was going to help us unload and mow away hay in the barn. We have a thrower on our baler so Dad baled while, him, my brother and I unloaded hay at the barn. My brother and him went up in the mow while I unloaded the wagon and put them on the bale elevator to send them up. Normally the 2 in the mow 1 on the ground works great. The man on the wagon can put bales on the elevator as fast as he can and the 2 in the mow can keep up. Not that day. My brother had a rookie on his hands. I got the wagon half unloaded and all of a sudden I hear my brother yell "slow the ---- down, he's not worth a $---. He's sitting on a bale breathing like he ran a marathon and he had probably only handled 25 bales. He didn't help the rest of the day. My brother and I continued on by ourselves that day. He admitted later at a family gathering that sports didn't have him in as good of shape as he thought and that the 3 of us were tougher than him when it came to that work.
  11. Reichow7120

    crop prices

    I remember some times in the early half of the 2000's that corn in my area was in the low $1.40's. You knew where the LDP payments kick in prices were at.
  12. Reichow7120

    crop prices

    So in essence, Your idea is to stay the course, do nothing. It sounds a little if you're in a car and find yourself heading right for a huge oak tree. Instead of trying to stop from hitting it, you instead punch the gas and accelerate right at the tree. The thought being I guess if you hit the tree hard enough you aren't walking away from the wreck and your dead so it doesn't matter. Am I correct on my assessment?
  13. Reichow7120

    crop prices

    That's really how the whole monetary world works anymore. Everything is built on mountains of debt. That's why there probably will never be interest rates like there were in the 80s. Interest rates get half as much as they were back then the entire economy would come to a screeching halt because everything would go to debt service and even then wouldn't cover it. Some of you guys that are so p------ about the tariffs. What would you do to even the playing field? When a guy breaks into your house and robs you do you just sit idly by and watch them clean you out? Or do you try to stop them. I think I know the answer to that question. I'm 34 years and have seen these cycles before. They have always happened before and will happen again. There are a number of you that are way older than I and should have seen many of these cycles
  14. Reichow7120

    crop prices

    $;3.58 Cash for my area this morning. It's the only load we sold cash for because we were cleaning out the big bin. The rest was contracted and with the better price plus they are +15 basis puts us close to $ 4.00. There are opportunities you just have to think ahead and have your wits to you.
  15. Reichow7120

    crop prices

    Question is, Whose definition of your fair share?