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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Also have a 2001 2366 combine with the corresponding heads. a 2005 2377 combine. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. You going to continue to fix the other 1486 or are you going to get rid of it?
  2. Reichow7120

    Kinda reverse land lease question?

    That's what I was thinking.
  3. Reichow7120

    NH 858 chain round baler

    And that type of stuff is usually what tore up the pickups on them which was the weak link on them. My Uncle has a 850 that the pickup is tore up on it. Ive been debating on rebuilding the pickup on it. Everything else is intact and its inside. I mentioned it in another recent New Holland round baler post.
  4. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    That's just it. The regs from state to state are such a hodge podge that no 2 states are a like. You're fine in one state (or turn a blind eye to it), change states and you're out of compliance.
  5. Reichow7120

    got some wood splitting done today

    Nice pictures. We finished cutting for next year a couple of weeks ago. Got the brush burned and most of the cut wood out of the field. We have one pile left to move out when we have room to put it in storage. We cut out of fencerows mainly. Whatever won't make a log goes. (Yes there are guys who buy fencerow trees for lumber around here. When the trees are gone the fencerow goes if feasible. Depends where we're cutting at what equipment we have out there. If we're around the main farm it's the pickup with saws and that type of stuff, 3230 with a 3 point log splitter on it. 460 with a dump trailer that its own pump system went down and we picked it up cheap. Plumed hoses up so you can use a tractor remote to lift it up. We also have a flat rack we load for places we can't use the dump trailer to unload. (We store some in old corn cribs. If we're at my farm which is 4 miles away from the main farm. We bring the splitter over and put it on the back of the 786 which spends the winter at my place. A JD 510C backhoe is here to for loader and lifting work. I keep thinking I'm going to take pictures of us cutting wood sometime but I keep forgetting to do it when we get cutting.
  6. Reichow7120

    86 series arm rest replacement

    Yours still had arm rest? Seems like every 86 series ive been on that hadn't had the cab redone had them broken off. 🤨
  7. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    Your Detroit experience is much like mine except it was a 13 speed behind a 12v71 Detroit in a 70s GMC Astro cabover. Had a 20 ft Scott grain box on a twin screw with another cheater axle to boot. Run a 2 stroke Detroit like you hope it throws a rid through the block.
  8. Reichow7120

    Tear jerker

    Im sorry for your loss New Guy. I know it happens more often than many think. In a perfect world there's supposed to be a brother 2 years older than me. He passed right after birth.
  9. Reichow7120

    Yesterday Tractors

    No selling items on this site. They want it posted in Red Power magazine.
  10. Reichow7120

    806 Gas

    Yeah, 806s were D361 in their Diesel versions.
  11. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    Ours is a Cummins big Cam.
  12. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    Figured when the time came to work on it I would switch it to a 13 speed.
  13. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    Im the same way with a 5×4. Just good enough to get by but not great, but that's been a few years since I last was in one so i might stink at it now. Im good with any fuller. Our truck is a 9 speed. (IH 9370). Yeah i wish it had more gears starting out but once im going our truck will pull it around here so im not having to shift to often. It definitely does scoot down the road once going and i lay the hammer down. Its what the truck had in it when we bought it cheap so i work with what we have.
  14. Looks like a early version of what eventually ended up on the later 66 series.
  15. Reichow7120

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    It would be very entertaining to put them in a older truck with a 5×4 twin stick in it and see their reaction.