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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Also have a 2001 2366 combine with the corresponding heads. a 2005 2377 combine. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. When AM was all we had

    That's funny, I remember that most about AM stations too. It could be perfectly sunny where you were at and that old radio would be crackling away with static. I also remember driving into town where there were a bunch of overhead power lines were and the electric hum that came over the radio. You turned the volume down until you got out of town. Growing up on a broke farm in the 90s the only thing that had a working FM radio on it were the family cars of my Mom's and grandparents cars. The farm pickup, the 1975 Chevy C-65 grain truck only had AM radios in them. For some reason by the time I was old enough to drive our 986 the FM part of that radio had quit working and was never fixed since the AM part still worked. The 1466 you never could hear the radio in that tractor anyway. I remember riding with Dad in whatever it was listening too at first 1190 AM WOWO out of Fort Wayne until the programing went to H@__ on that station. Then we switched to listening to a Canadian AM station, 630 CFCO. We listened to that until the AM radio only vehicles were gone in 2004. The 986 left in Dec 99, the pickup in Nov 2003, The C-65 died in June 2004.
  2. 2018 louisville

    Brother, I and a bunch of neighbors are going down Wednesday, spend Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday, and Friday morning at the show. Will do at least one night at the pulls.
  3. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Sorry for your loss Kevin, especially with him being so young. Those tractors he has done will be a lasting legacy to his well done and beautiful works and they will bring smiles and memories whenever you see and think of them. I hope I'm not being rude when I ask this but seeing in his profile that he was from Southeastern MI, may I ask where exactly you guys are located? I'm live a little bit west of Jackson.
  4. My MX 240

    I think you missed the joke he was going with there.
  5. Small gravity wagon opinions!

    J&M is still a separate company from the others listed which are part of Unverferth.
  6. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    I have a question that relates along the lines with the closing of Farmall Works. I know that the 80's were a tough time economically for the Quad Cities with the massive amounts of layoffs not just by IH, but by others as well. My question is, Has the Quad Cities area ever totally recovered from the 80's economic carnage, or is the area your typical Rust Belt that has never truly recovered? I don't want the politician answer that window dresses empty promises if they have never been fulfilled. If they have been fulfilled, great. Tell me about it. Living near a town that never recovered from from massive job losses from both the late 70's-80's and another round in the early 2000's. I' curious if that area managed to get itself back or not.
  7. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    It makes me cringe too. I'm 33 and a 1466 with a Deluxe Cab and a muffler did some damage to my hearing while running it while growing up. I always seemed to get stuck with that one when I came home from school or the weekends. Grandpa always had the 986 and later on the 7120 to work with. Dad had the open platform 786, and I got the 1466. My dislike for the 66 series came from this. Powerful tractor but not the most pleasant one to operate all day. The one I ran was in good shape and had low hours to boot. (I don't think it had over 2000 hrs when it was sold in 2007) I also found for me personally they were awkward to get into and out of too. The door didn't open wide enough for my liking then you had to slide around the center console to get to the seat all the while stepping over the pedals. The sliding in beside the console was awkard for a 6' 4" tall man. If I had to have a 66 series tractor it would be open station. You couldn't give me a cabbed one as a gift.
  8. It’s Mountain Heritage’s birthday!

    Happy Birthday.
  9. Oh the differences in up bringing

    Tell her it could be worse. I remember a incident in my childhood that involved my younger brother. It was winter time and Dad needed to make a fence repair at the feedlot. Where the repair needed to be made was near a retention point for the storm water runoff. My brother and I tagged along with Dad to help. My brother was 5 or 6 at the time. We were walking to the spot when my brother made a deviation from the route. Apparently he thought he could walk on it and boy was he wrong. He punched through the crust and ended up in it up to the bottom of his chest. Dad was right there and with one arm grabbed him and pulled out of it. Here he was standing there covered from his chest down in barnyard runoff. We quickly took him to the house to change and clean off. He learned something that day. You can't walk on runoff. Tell her it could be worse, They could be covered in cattle/swine manure.
  10. Anyone seen a IH 66 series cab like this

    Looks like someone butchered a Deluxe Cab.
  11. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    The Bin reminds me of a older Clayton & Lambert Silver Shield bin but I'm only going by there is one at a old feed mill near me that has that same style panel walls as that one. Just a slight hunch
  12. Ag census

    Your not the only one. We've had officials from the FSA office show up at our door and sat there with Dad as he filled it out with them. Apparently a number of your FSA officials aren't as Gung Ho as ours are about it.
  13. Truss repair with the 1256

    Here is the bucket and bracket we use as what I refer to as farmer scaffolding. We bought a new bucket for general use so we built a safety bar to go across the front. It works great for trimming trees along the edge of fields. Between the lift of the loader and a pole saw you can trim a long ways up. The bucket is tipped up in the second picture so it makes the bar look closer to the back than it actually is. In reality there is plenty of room behind the bar. It doesn't work in all farmer scaffolding situations but it definitely is nice in some