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  1. I would think a Jungle Yacht would need a nice big winch and a MH front axle to run in Africa the roads must have close to non-existent back then
  2. IMO wood is the best No Dents No Rust Easily replaceable
  3. The front end certainly looks the same
  4. The Ford is 13 years older yet light years ahead of that JD/Yanmar
  5. Gets kind of grainy I can't even make a guess
  6. That would be the rotary pump The inline would have all the injector lines in a row not in a circle
  7. Sounds like brown bottle flu I have to put up with the slackers always chasing the same ones for paper work Others say fire them and then I look at them and say who is going to do the work if their gone? The company counts on me to get it done and I can't do it all myself so I have to babysit Glad I only have a few years left
  8. Even better Nothing like paying for the name and in a crawler you might as well pay for the kitty
  9. Spot on there I started getting a lot requests to price packing equipment to be sent overseas in 2022 We need to make the stuff here so it is not done with 60% coal fired electric in China this is the true way to save planet. And keep their cheap junk from choking our landfills " If we can bring manufacturing back to the United States then we will return to real jobs in this country that pay enough money for people to raise a family, own a car and save for retirement. Until this happens Americans will only see increasing financial hardships and more jobs floating away. "
  10. Good find Any idea what the brackets on the fender are for possibly a sun shade?
  11. Congratulations hopefully it serves you well nice looking machine considering its age
  12. Certainly going to be better than what I was using. The JD needed a head gasket I was getting tired of fixing it. In the last few years I put New tires, a hydraulic pump and had to retro fit a steering box on it since parts were NLA. It had been run hard before I got it and I got 20 years out of it. My friend was wanting a tractor and didn't have a lot of money I told him to come get it so hopefully that gives me some good karma
  13. 424 Utility Tractor Thread on that engine family
  14. Looks like a pack rat has been living in it Would make a nice restore/just clean it up and get it running project it has a period trailer with it Sadly likely going to China.
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