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  1. I thought about this approach then I decided I don't want them noising around on my property
  2. I got it figured out. I’ll plug it throw it on the back of the truck take it out to the main road and run it over. I will just have to remember to keep the speed down. Don’t want them looking at the data and finding out it was doing 50MPH the last mile of its existence
  3. When it gets in to chickens I am going to have to dispatch it what should I do with the tracking collar? We are already missing a barn cat.
  4. Other than I am socked that they are tacking Coyotes here . My thought is since it’s a waste of time to study Coyotes let’s use these trackers on our populous that can’t seem to follow the law. Now if their tracked Coyote gets some of my chickens am I entitled to reparations?
  5. From the game camera at the back of my pasture As if catch and release wasn’t bad enough, they are doing it with the Coyotes now. So maybe since they don’t require bail now maybe we can get them to put tracking collars on the thugs so we know where they are looting
  6. Exactly all conservatives need to push the senate Republicans to confirm a justice now. If Biden was to win and the court is 5-4 leaning conservative that is road block for left’s agenda. Not doing so is a grave mistake even if it costs Donald the presidency the justice is more important in the long run.
  7. They’re going to cry They need to remember last time they didn’t have the senate This time the senate is controlled by the president’s party Murkowski, Collins and the Mit Wit need to fall in line it’s their duty. it’s not a Trump duty It’s a conservative duty Collins is up for reelection and she is behind so she needs to vote yes for her legacy You can change the president every 4 years but an opportunity to change the Supreme Court doesn’t happen often
  8. With a 4-4 court split down the middle on an election challenge = POTUS Nancy
  9. The court is 4 - 4 now so Trump needs a confirmed nominee to tilt the court in his direction for the up coming election challenge. Full steam ahead Mitch!! RIP RBG
  10. Year over year the arms industry has grown 3.5% so I doubt there is any down side to adding capacity. Putting in new lines gives them opportunity to add additional automation so the ROI should be an easy sell to the finance folks They are likely able to switch current lines over to different calibers depending on the demand most modern production line are built this way for flexibility.
  11. The arms industry is considered critical infrastructure so they never shutdown I work in the industrial robotics sector we are also considered critical infrastructure we never missed a day just have to mask up to work in the plant. If person does test positive for COVID we will miss a day while they sanitize the plant, only happened once. Most of our customers have been open and most states allow critical infrastructure workers to travel in to support their industries My crew of ten has done so the whole pandemic they have been flying around the country and not one has come down with it. Only New York has a restriction that requires a negative COVD test to enter the state to work. We service gun and ammunition makers as well and they have expressed urgency every time one of their systems go down. They know now is the time to push the product out because its flying off the shelves. Mo Money for them.
  12. Willing to bet their running flat out same with gun production. Any CEO that made a decision not too would be shown the door in short order.
  13. I don't understand what they are thinking. With the hitch in it might prevent the rear-ender from going all the under your truck and getting a face full of the frame and springs. Had a Honda Accord rear end me I was in a GMC 2500. He swerved at the last second to the left went under the truck half way up the A pillar on the passenger side. Good thing he didn’t have a passenger they would have been headless.
  14. jeeper61


    Just as many scamers and BS artist on FB as CL
  15. Had a few rust pin holes on one of mine near the weld. Replaced with a solid shank so that ain’t going to rust through in my life time
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