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  1. That is how they did it back in the day
  2. I hope they all keep wearing the bikini bottoms and don't switch to shorts. A nice bottom will still show through with shorts but it is not the same. Beach volley ball should require swim suits or just call it volley ball.
  3. Me neither The same goes for musicians and actors
  4. Standing for the anthem should be a requirement and if you don't want to then you don't compete there are plenty of peeps that would be glad to take your place
  5. Great vistas hopefully they don't cover them with windmills in the future. Looks to be some white stuff in some of the photos. What is the max temp differential from shore line to max elevation on that property?
  6. Hopefully you got to do something you enjoy on your birthday 🎂
  7. Regardless of whether anyone really needs another I hope you had a good B-day
  8. I believe they jailed a ex president They looted most of the stores I guess they all use e-books
  9. ironic that the use of that word in relation to armor refers to poor quality Personally I prefer chain mail it is much easier to move in
  10. Proper use of the word this time but could be taken as Homonyms intent depending on ones PC level https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/chink
  11. A lot of the Chinse vendors we deal with need to have their hand held at all times or you get discrepant parts i.e. they don't have established QA tactics, they will use a GO NO GO until it is worn out not checking the gage periodically to make sure it is still in spec.
  12. The screw in studs are a must with any kind of performance cam and springs. I taped them with the head on the motor but you need to have the manifolds off to vacuum the chips out. In the end you are much better off just buy an aftermarket aluminum head the HP gains with them out ways the hassle of reworking the stock style cast iron heads. The LS swap would be the way to go they make good power stock and with add on's make 500+ easily
  13. Sad we need to have the capability as a matter of national defense with all the robotic equipment needed in todays world If we made everything we consume we could control the emissions output The chinse motors we use at work suck last 2-3 years max and the German stuff ain't much better likely made with parts from China.
  14. They are making the company that sells the old style nozzle when the new style threads a ton of money
  15. If something lasts 20 years you likely only buy one in 20 years If that something you buy only last 5 years you end up buying 3 more in that 20 years In the name of saving planet we need to establish some rules on what is an acceptable lifetime of a product sold
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