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  1. Tell us about the new plow truck looks like a beast
  2. Easier to replace get a Woodford http://www.woodfordmfg.com/woodford/Wall_Faucet_Pages/Model-19.html
  3. Ok here is photo from my truck a 78 1750 4x4 the hanger looks different than the one in the parts book. The bumper does not attach to the hanger
  4. Attached is out of Mt-132 for 1700 4x4 front axle codes 02057, 02059, 02078 There were 2 rear spring offerings constant rate and variable rate neither have the same front hanger as the front.
  5. Harbor Freight has Hardwood moving dollys of various sizes for about $10 each I use these with some reinforcement They are rated at 1K
  6. jeeper61

    So sad to see

    I think they call it "white flight" people want to get out of the urban areas to get away from the crowds and the crime. So they move out to edges of the metro areas and the demand for housing drives the development.
  7. jeeper61

    Dump inserts

    4k sounds a little light my 2500 crosses the scale at around 5600
  8. I think the IQ matches the shoe size Did you hear her grilling the bank CEO's about the student loans?
  9. Classic footage almost looks like one of my favorites at 3:11 MM Puller Solid Junk but I think that one is to nice to be it.
  10. I'd like to have her holding my hat on as well. She's a rarity these days no tats or hardware.
  11. Trump was not the president when he hooked up with Stormy but Bill on the over hand was president and was doing Monica up in the White house. Trump paid Stormy and Bill the good democrat he is wanted it for free 😊 Pretty sure Stormy is looking for another lawyer after the screwing she got from Avenatti.
  12. Test pilot crashes on landing and gets out of the wreckage as the crash crew rolls up. The chief of the crash crew asks the pilot "what happened" the pilot replies " I don't know I just got here myself"
  13. This was my impression too. I saw so many lightly used AC ATVs for sale I thought there must be reliability issues.
  14. If you want a flat bed best to sell your bed before the rust shows up that way you get top dollar for it. I did that with mine I got 500 for it and it had some dents
  15. jeeper61

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    A lot of our Politicians and the Media like to trash Americana companies.
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