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  1. I rented one for a Trip to Detoilet in March 2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab gas V6 It got 25MPG on 1920 mile trip and I drive 73-78 MPH on the interstate On the way back I had a ROPS and a set of fenders hanging out of the bed
  2. They have people who liveaboard around here in the summer About once a year some staggering back form the marina pub takes a wrong turn on the dock ends up in the drink and they find a floater the next day
  3. You got that right if one is coming get out
  4. The 2002 had the 5.9 Magnum aka 360 LA SB Mopar V8 they were thirsty if geared low
  5. This guy in FT Meyers had the marina come to him https://www.thedailybeast.com/hurricane-ian-sends-pricey-yachts-crashing-into-apartment-block-in-fort-myers-florida I heard another story of a man who stayed on his boat it broke loose was carried inland by the storm surge he was looking out the window as he floated by the second story of a building and people inside wave to him and took photo's
  6. Here is an aerial photo of Ft Myers Beach I am being told the houses made to the new codes made out much better Steel rods going from the roof plate to the slab holds the roofs on much better Notice the one house on the waterfront is likely newer and it held up and the houses inland from it did too When the waterfront house starts to rip apart the flying debris from it takes the others out too
  7. Had some exchange with my family in Englewood via a text from a neighbor Cell service is very spotty all the land lines are down and no power They made it through ok no one lost a roof in their neighbor hood The northern eye wall passed through their area and there were sustained winds of 100+ for a couple of hours I heard the Puta Gorda Airport recorded a 125 gust Most of the mobile home parks are destroyed The Publix and Walmart had the roofs torn off in sections as did most of the strip malls on 776 There was flooding in most low areas 1-4 feet near the shore Gonna take a while to clean up from this one
  8. Charlotte's to far inland to get the real bad effects of a Hurricane
  9. Here is a clip of the last few minutes of the live cam at Englewood Beach on Manasota Key before it was taken out The eye was starting to make landfall https://www.earthcam.com/usa/florida/englewood/?cam=englewoodbeach
  10. Their old all that has been worked out years ago Been through the evacuations before not doing it they don't care Stopped going to the doctors a few years ago They are just waiting for the reaper I guess that's how you get when you are close to the century mark
  11. I have family who refuses to leave right in the landfall area in Englewood FL they are only inland a mile
  12. Some machines have a selector switch to change the pattern I am in the stone age still got a four lever backhoe https://www.messicks.com/school/excavator-operation-for-beginners-isosae-cont
  13. I'll have plenty of salad toppings during black fly season just scrape them off Or maybe I can drive around with my head hanging out the window and mouth open
  14. The originals were nice looking for sure
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