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  1. Thanks for the update we are praying for your family's speedy recovery
  2. Very interesting I was wondering why the case rates in Africa were low. Did you and your family test positive for COVID 19 or are you just being cautious?
  3. The original Mack pick ups were pre WW2 There was a 3/4 ton version the ED And the 1/2 ton the Jr.
  4. I think both fit he must of had involvement with the pallets of cash deal
  5. They are looking for a new bomb guy after Israel ends his career. https://www.npr.org/2020/11/27/939491725/top-iranian-military-scientist-assassinated-state-media-reports And our trader John Brennan condemned it.
  6. Most of that SBC stuff and other popular american V8s for the hotrod/racing crowd is a kit now with new aftermarket components. You can build a complete engine with out having any machine work done that must be cutting into the engine machining business.
  7. So they could be potentially spreading it at a test site. So I wonder how many people who work the test sites have become infected?
  8. TSC is more of feed store for the suburbanites run like a big box store
  9. OMG no gloves very irresponsible
  10. I will pass on that you couldn't consume enough wine to get that image out of the memory bank
  11. It depends But likely the deep swap method doesn't hurt when they do it My doctor told me he gets a lot of complaints about people being uncomfortable days after a test and to use nasal spray afterwards it will provide some relief
  12. I am in RI and like I said the rapid test is not available to the general public. The state runs all the testing its the deep swab test takes a week to get a time slot. Last one I had they so far up there I had a headache for two weeks and had to get a script for nasal spray. There are labs that will send you a test kit via Fed Ex and send back the results but not allowed in RI by order of the heath department W**
  13. This I don't understand I seems to me the rapid test machines are being hoarded by the heath officials and not set up in places were the general public has access to them. We get flagged by being from out of state and made submit a negative test to gain entry to a work site Asking for negative test for some one to enter a site is ludicrous if they don't test everyone one entering. You could pick up the virus at test site since it is likely there has been a positive person there
  14. Here is the list of the Bill Supporters https://www.booker.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/JUSTICE FOR BLACK FARMERS ACT endorsements - new order.pdf
  15. jeeper61


    Shotgun only here in RI I use a Remington 700 30-06 up north
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