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  1. Looks like the block is counter bored for an 0-ring or seal the head likely is not so it can compress the o-ring/seal and seal the passage
  2. jeeper61

    Car wax....

    I like Meguiars products they were a 100 year old family business they sold to 3M in 2008 Barry Meguiar had a TV program Car Crazy he would travel around the world to car shows
  3. My experience is if your going to get the drill out just drill it out. Ez-Outs are just a recipe for a real pain in the ass. Left Hand Bits are better you might work it out while drilling through and if you don't just collapse it with a chisel.
  4. That what it looks like to me Also a Dodge meduim duty COE don't see many of those anymore
  5. It won't open with that chevy key attached to it
  6. Probably afraid of being shot by the "party" if he didn't finish the assigned task of the day during construction of Xi Jinping's new palace. They don't give you a proper harness over there they just get another laborer when he falls to his death its cheaper
  7. You could be right To me it looks like a late 80s early 90s Nissan Sentra Sports coupe. Which would make it an antique maybe even a collectible in some circles.
  8. Must be better stopping power with low tire in the back. I suspect it will be two dead Nissans on a flat bed before he gets to his planned destination
  9. He most certainly is. His life could have been saved by metal detectors and police presence in schools
  10. My prayer´╗┐s sent
  11. You watch now that the goverment is allowing legal sale of pot by licenced dealers they will start craking down on the black market sellers becuase they are cutting into their revenue stream.
  12. "What's your point?" It is that while the drug may not kill you directly long term use will likely lead to a heath issue that will. And that was the case made against tabaco.
  13. I know someone that died of lung cnacer and didn't smoke cigerattes but was a burner. Given the knowen dangers of smoking cigerattes one could make the case that smoking pot has the same dangers. The current popularity of legalizing pot has more to do with revenue grow for the goverment than anything else. Its still against the law to operate a motor vehicle under the infunce of pot. You can't have a CDL and use pot you can't get a job with a compnany that does goverment work etc. So there are still more down sides to pot than the supporters lead you to belive, Its not harmless
  14. They are putting in "Shooting galleries" here in the northeast. So called safe places the users can shoot up at with needle exchange and Narcam available for those that OD. IMO you get Narcam once and if you haven't learned your lesson then so be it off to meet your maker. All we are doing by repeatedly reviving these junkies is making more money for the dealer by keeping the customer base alive to use more at the tax payers expense. It's a goverment subsidy for the drug trade.
  15. Tell us about the new plow truck looks like a beast
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