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  1. I forgot to say, it has a 6cyl gas eng. I was hoping to install the master cyl and booster from a dual system, proportioning valve etc. Any thoughts for a donor system? Model or year of a system i could install?  Thanks Johnny

  2. Hey jeeper, i was reading an old post of yours. I have a 4x4 loadstar. I have problems with the hydrovac and the M/C. I have done all the wheel cyls, and now thinking of going to a dual system. Mine is ex-navy truck, 1962, with a hydraulic bed. I heard about a 2000 450 or 550 ford is a good system to adapt to mine. Any thoughts?

  3. First sled I ever had some time on was a Deere in 1977 the neighbors were green so they had to have one. My other buddy had a Yamaha 440 that was a nice ride for the time.
  4. Not kicking it to the curb yet. I am going to keep it and fix a few of the issues and keep it at the camp as a spare for visitors to use. Its got over 8K on it and compression is still good so I think it will still be a good runner with some TLC. The alcohol in the gas now has caused a few leaks so all the fuel line will need to be replaced and the carbs rebuilt with modern gaskets and diaphragms that are compatible with modern fuel.
  5. Guys Thanks for all the good input this certainly helps I am not a fanatic by any means maybe ride a couple hundred miles a year on trails and use the sled to access my camp that is 6 miles in on a seasonal road. Most time there has been some sled traffic on the road so I'm not running on virgin ground The 97 Indy XLT works fine for what I do its just getting old and wore out.
  6. Looks to me like they didn't use low as the terrain or load required and burned up the belt taking out the "clutch" as well I haven't driven one yet but Honda's automatic trany sounds to me like a better solution than CVT and High and Low that requires the operator to select the range
  7. I am looking at used and I would consider any brand that is in my price range it comes down to what is for sale when you want buy and where it is located. I believe I read some of the AC woes here, I think Dirtboz was a dealer at one time and IRC he he was disappointed with the way Textron was running things now. The only dealer near me carries Yamaha and Polairs so that is some consideration for me.
  8. I've been told to stay away from newer Arctic Cat's there have been some issues with electronics that result in expensive repairs. Last summer I saw 3 newer Arctic Cat' ATVs for sale near me , I hardly ever see other brands out by the road with for sale signs on them, too see 3 of the same brand in a short period time makes me suspicious.
  9. I have seen some at dealer in Mass but they are getting way more than I want to spend.
  10. I want a 2 up and I weigh in around 205 lbs. I have a remote camp off a seasonal road in Maine so i will need to brake trail and will be riding on the groomed trials as well More than likely will have passenger with me or some freight. I have a 97 Polaris Indy XLT now its just wore out. Looking at an 07 Polaris IQ Touring FST.
  11. With winter coming I am in need of a new to me snowmobile tried of the old junk I have. Let know what you like and what to stay away from Thx Dave
  12. Rick I think you missed my point My point is to resist big government and ever encroaching regulations. Pretty soon I won’t be able to run my old equipment that I use to keep my road passable winter and summer and I can’t afford to buy new. Going after what little old equipment that is still used seems like a lot of effort for little return the efforts are better applied to addressing the homeless problems they have in CA. Why would you change laws to let the homeless crap on the street and then go after old equipment use? Misguided to say the least I can get fined for not picking up after my dog but I can now take a dump on a city street? As far as the kids and their new diesel trucks go those vehicles are already covered by the current regulations enforce them. The likely solution to climate crisis will be to make other countries equal our standards before we move farther. If ¾ of the world isn’t meeting our current standards then any more we do is not going to have much impact. Then the other thing that needs to be addressed is the ever expanding population of the world but no one seems to bring that up.
  13. But its OK to turn up the pump when you want more power? If I don't turn up the pump can I use plastic straws? Maybe they should put a catalytic converter on that pot pipe they are smoking. The real problem is in the 3rd world that needs to be cleaned up 1st
  14. I heard the same types of things from a woman at work. "They told me the turbo was leaking and it is out of warranty, so you should trade it in " She got some of that "love" and they got a low mileage trade in cheep with likley an easy fix and made a lot of money
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