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  1. If they are cutting across your property put out spike strips that will stop the problem.
  2. Wonder if they forgot to take the 150 out of park
  3. I had good luck with Reliance. The one I had out lasted the AO Smith and GE units installed next to it by 5 years the others went shortly after the warranty ran out.
  4. Must be an atmospheric vented type. That will not work with a power vented type. If you have a well then better take a quick shower before the expansion tank empties.
  5. If your getting a tank type water heater than spend the extra money and get one with a stainless tank. I have an on demand propane water heater at my camp and I am not impressed. I would rather have big tank of heated water ready for me on my demand for a nice shower.
  6. That is two maybe some tire pressure info also outside temp etc. better to see that with a glance downwards than over to the tacked on monitor
  7. I think I am going to enjoy hearing the CAT Genset run powering the rapid charge systems while my fleet charges up at lunch time.
  8. The problem I have with their designs is the dashboard to me its just cheap looking to stick a monitor in the center of the dash looks like an after thought. Give us a real display that looks like a car dash with gauges for the money they are asking.
  9. The company I work for sells equipment to Cummins there was a small tech center operation were they developed that engine outside Columbus,IN I was there installing some new equipment must have been around 1998-2000 they had a whole bunch of Ford trucks and vans they were testing that 5.0 motor in. I think this precedes the Daimler Chrysler interest in this motor and a V6 as well Cummings tooled up with government TARP money for them and got left at the alter when Fiat took over. I heard rumors Fiat was going to use the Iveco built motors in the Ram Pick ups. The US marketing group talked them out of it convincing them the Cummins name was the selling point. Europeans don't understand the US light truck market we are about to see alot of "lifestyle" pickups coming from overseas
  10. They didn't last long Ford could of had that motor but they picked the Navistar 6.0 instead. I wonder if the person that made that choice got canned.
  11. The only good thing on it is the stainless body panels
  12. A quick search of the web for pre square body and I didn't see the regular cab flat beds, I am pretty sure I have seen some before The 73 and up yes they did make factory built 4x4 dually used to be pretty common around here as plow trucks Not sure if this is a conversion or factory but never seen one before
  13. Yes something funky about the wheels on that truck. I think K30 DRW trucks had Bud wheels all the way around. Perhaps the K30 SRW trucks has stamped wheels like that truck has on the front and the up-fitter who made it into a brush truck put the DRW on?
  14. jeeper61

    Mileage or age

    A lot of Highway Mileage isn't good in the rust belt with the liquid car rot they poor on the roads these days.
  15. jeeper61


    When Iveco COE medium duty trucks show up in the 90s around here they kept finding bent frames on ones towed with a spring suspension wrecker they had to put out a TSB advising they only be towed with air ride wreckers
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