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  1. Think that is what I was looking at. Thought the yellow would be better. Only plan on using them in fog and snow. The driving light has a much taller beam I generally have to turn them off for on coming traffic on a two lane road IMO the Amber is not that much better The fog beam you will be able to leave on
  2. This one is a clear lens fog pattern They tend to work better in the fog with the lower wider pattern https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hla-005750971
  3. That's is what I have on my Silverado they put out plenty of light can't say I've run them in snow and ice at night Based on the light output they should melt off
  4. All the states violate federal laws all the time Weed and Immigration are the top two that come to mind
  5. Does it grind with the trany in park? Did you have your foot on the brakes?
  6. Looks like they got to him He had publicly stated he doubted the full EV shift would work
  7. Not to wild about the overhead weight box
  8. The stand up lifts are designed for rack type warehouses where the isles are narrow. We have had them at work since the 80’s Raymonds and Crowns Super handy in tight spaces and with side shift and reach out about any lifting chore with in capacity can be done They do require a smooth concrete floor
  9. It all comes out in the wash running a generator from the wheel is creating drag which requires HP so it uses more power to drive the car. Its like pulling a trailer Maybe the chart guy can make a graph for us laymen so we can understand the problem
  10. My first Pick Up 1980 A 70 1100D 4x4 304SV 4 speed NP201 TC Power Loc rear Axle Started life with the Maine Forest Service Lifted 36" Tires Wheeled that truck for years until the rust took the frame
  11. Is that what the Y-block with the 3 deuces ended up in?
  12. He might want to take it easy for a while He needs to remember that while all that antique stuff is fun they lack the modern stuff like good brakes
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