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  1. When you get way in on the back roads your lucky if you can get a wrecker company to come help you. And trying to get a dual wheel wrecker with out flotation tires back on sandy and muddy roads can be a chore. I did a recovery of a jeep stuck in mud on a road that was being put in for housing development. I got stuck had to winch myself out and then winch the wrecker backwards in to the site to get close enough to grab on to the jeep what a PITA. Any way that guy was dumb a$$ for taking a trailer back on those soft roads hopefully that cost him big
  2. The one thing they can figure out on their own they do well. That keeps their sub-species alive
  3. This is an off grid system the closest power is 10 miles the location is 5 miles in on a seasonal road. The previous owner put the system in they spent all the money on the solar and should have gotten a proper auto start generator first, they had the pad poured and the conduit run. I plan on putting a 22k generator in this spring when I can get back in with a truck. You need the generator to protect the batteries from fully discharging and freezing. I only have the satellite modem running and few cameras that only draws 1 amp so I think I am ok for now if the panels clear in a few days. I only get up to the site once a month. The property is new to me I just bought it in November so I have a learning curve ahead of me. System specs as told to me are 30 Solar World 245W panels on the ground racks 4 Mage 250W panels on the roof 8,350W in Solar Panels 3 Outback FM80 Charge controllers Magnum Energy MS4048 Pure Sine Inverter 4000W output 24 Rolls S1850 Lead Acid Batteries – 1391Ah each Total storage 33.38Kwh Estimated production – 40Kwh Summer and 26kwh Winter I think this is best case with sun everyday
  4. I am going to modify the rack so the panels can be turned vertical in the winter so the snow doesn't collect on them.
  5. Here is the problem with solar in snow country they haven't made any power for a week Not a fan of the roof mount panels you have no chance to clear them.
  6. One stack vs thousands wind mills in every direction? I'd take the stack. Convert the plant to Natural gas and it will be a h@ll of a lot better for the planet than the wind mills. The area I am talking about is wilderness, are we that disparate for clean energy that we are going to ruin some of pristine vistas left on the planet? It is all about the money from the government. And now come the solar farms put up with the same money they cut down hundreds of acres of forest to put them up another crime against the planet.
  7. IMO wind energy is just ruining the view and with all the other reasons every one has stated it should not be allowed. It can't possibly be "carbon neutral" when you add up all that goes into manufacturing and maintenance. I have a place in rural Maine and until the last couple of years you could stand on one of the ridges and look in every direction and not see a man made structure. But now there are 7 wind turbines on one of the ridges towards Bangor and see I sites going in closer to my location. Thousands of years an unobstructed view and now I have to look at these that is not progress.
  8. Bought a used Hybrid car and bought the extended warranty because of the battery and the electronics etc.... I paid $1200 for it only needed $400 in repairs so I won't do that again. Maybe if I bought Ford it would be a good idea
  9. Looks to me like Milwaukee might have a little Makita in her
  10. When you want to keep the neighbors up during that power outage you need this. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/151118A/item/K4782/Generators_and_Light_Plants-Generator_Set-Kansas
  11. Might be propane so that drops the HP some
  12. That was how I weighted my old K-20 plow truck it was sprung for a sander so it didn't even sag every one asked me if I was making a run to the mill
  13. I believe he was coming from boldly supervising an altercation at our embassy in Iraq. As our troops found out you have to watch your back in Iraq. One who posts stuff like this is looking for trouble and he got what he was looking for a date with the 27 virgins.
  14. Others might be worried now
  15. While Musk smashes windows the competition shows real capability https://www.autoweek.com/news/green-cars/a30335377/watch-the-rivian-pickup-do-a-quad-motor-tank-turn/
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