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  1. We need to get @mike newman in this
  2. I want to see them swing the biggest crane 180 and put it all down
  3. I herd the turbines were thirsty that is why they never got to market, Way ahead of their times on the stack diameter 🤣
  4. anyone heard from Old Tanker?
  5. I tell the seller I want to see a cold start. You never know what hoops they jumped through to get it running for the big show.
  6. Good luck with the galley situation. How does the provisioning work? Do they re-supply at every port? Does the crew do the shopping or is an order placed and it’s delivered? That Lenco looks like a long *******!
  7. Not mine robed from Face Book But I found them interesting and I had the time so I thought y'all might enjoy I droped a bunch of IH logging truck photos on @mike newmanthread in the construction page
  8. Hauling the big wood with a Westcoaster I think 1948 International West Coast Special with a Hall-Scott butane engine. This was about two miles up Greenwood Creek, Mendocino County California
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