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  1. Most of these peeps can't even change a light bulb they want the government to do everything for them
  2. With all this sanitizing that is being done there will be a generation that is allergic to everything
  3. Happy B-Day and many more The torture isn't over yet
  4. I am surprised USPS did not use the government house brand https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a35190352/gm-electric-delivery-van-revealed-specs-pictures-info-price/
  5. https://www.autoweek.com/news/green-cars/a35619420/usps-picks-oshkosh-defense-mail-truck/ I guess the current administration doesn't trust an EV to deliver the ballots for the next election
  6. The moon on the lake tonight
  7. Certainly easier to get the big bucks if the packaging looks good
  8. Beyond Meat signs a deal with McDonalds for plant based burgers. I thought McDonalds burgers were already beyond meat
  9. He only needs to ask the state health offical about how you get converted. No matter what it says spend the money on the plastic surgery first.
  10. Sad to hear of the loss of any cherished IH tractor. Glad to hear no humans were hurt
  11. One of the guys that works for me got the COVID vaccine thinking it would help out getting him entry to NY. Well in NY and NM if you travel in from a state on their list you still need to quarantine for 5 days and take a test afterwards even if you have been vaccinated. Insane
  12. jeeper61


    I burned a couple 20.8-38's for you I guess it worked
  13. Out my way we have them all in half mile of each other all on the edge of suburbia. Of the chains O'Reilly's is the newest so they seem to have better staff Autostoned says it all about that one I used to like them in the 90's when I lived in AZ there were right around the corner Advanced not thrilled with that Pep Boys not thrilled with that The NAPA, the closest store I liked were out my way before all chain stores opened. It is a one store owned operation with a machine shop all the other NAPAs in the area or owned by the same group not real happy with
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