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  1. I herd there have been far more deaths from the COVID vaccine then there has been for all other vaccines combined over the last five years. Reported deaths over the course of a non-pandemic year, The CDC VAERS system registers between 100 and 200 reports of deaths following vaccinations. This Newsweek fact check article was checking one of the "fake new outlets" on their list and found it was true that there have been a more deaths than usual with this COVID vaccine. https://www.newsweek.com/covid-vaccine-deaths-cause-pfizer-moderna-fact-check-966-died-1574447 Getting one
  2. Been though this before on my 05 Duramax The wife wanted make sure she made it back with a load hay the truck had 1/4 tank she put a 1/4 tank of gas in it. Drove 40 miles with a trailer load of hay got home said it wasn't running right and she had just gotten fuel so I figured it was the filter. So I pulled it as soon as I got it off I knew what the problem was. I thought I'd just top it off with diesel then it would only be a 25% blend Still wouldn't run right gas has so much anti knock in it now it doesn't burn good. Had to suck the whole tank out and fill wit
  3. Happy Birthday Brody Been watching the progress on your tractors nice work!
  4. My late uncle lived in Manitou Springs I spent the summer there one year as a teenager He actually knew Bobby through racing when he had raced himself. He took me to the Hill Climb that year and that's how I meet him.
  5. He worked for ABC for a while I think they had a short piece on the news Monday. He was a good driver went to PP hill climbs a few times meet him there once and I did enjoy his work as a commentator I think he was one of the first driver turned commentator. His nephew was a good driver also but has kind of tarnished the name with his drunken escapades
  6. https://www.autoweek.com/racing/indycar/a36319470/racing-legend-indy-500-winner-bobby-unser-dies-at-87/ https://www.autoweek.com/racing/indycar/a36320307/roger-penske-says-bobby-unser-was-a-larger-than-life-personality/
  7. If you do a lot of spinning in reverse they can loosen had that happen on one of the 4x4 PUs while playing in the mud.
  8. I will expand a little on my thought. Pulling stumps and rocks and putting a road in and then you have to dig the hole for the foundation All done easily with an excavator When you are done sell it and buy the machine for the up keep
  9. The ultimate would be an excavator and a tractor When put my place in I ended up with a big 4x4 TLB and I had a small 2wd tractor for the PTO work already. You need to think about the grounds up keep afterwards which in my case is a lot of mowing
  10. 3'-5' snow you will need a blower possibly If you get a tractor it will need to be a MFWD
  11. He has been dam near controlling the world for the last two years so don't sell him short
  12. He is a genius With the pool chlorine shortage there will be super spreaders from pool parties and he keeps his dream alive
  13. He has been reading this forum and decided it was time for a change
  14. Direct injection certainly has allowed much more boost and solved the preignition problem. I think the problem now is if there is an injector malfunction and its an under fueled event then the combustion temperature sky rockets. Pre-emission gas motors ran rich and used the unburnt fuel to keep combustion temperatures down now they run way leaner. This happens too many times and that cylinder goes BOOM
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