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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 And Many More 🍾
  2. Here is one from FB Terry Harper the Lombard whisperer at Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley Me. adds his comments on the photo. They have 4 Lombards at the Museum 2 steam and 2 gas that they will have out for some exercise on May 18th
  3. A Diamond T 969A seems kinda big for Buicks
  4. The key to the progressive glasses is to get a frame that allows a large enough lens to have a progressive lens and make it comfortable with out having to tilt your head
  5. Only driven a 6 Speed in a medium duty truck and that is direct in 6th The two cars with 5 speeds I have I hardly use 5th unless I am on a long interstate drive I prefer to be in a gear that’s going to put the most power to ground in case I have to school someone
  6. Follow the link they have 400+ and restoration photos IIRC the origanal frame was used and boxed in the front The truck was born 2WD and the the drivetrain from a 94 swapped in
  7. It’s belt driven CVT like snowmobile it’s got a range box with a reverse don’t pull it hard in high range at slow speed you can smoke the belt
  8. I wonder how high this will go https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-dodge-d-series-pickup-7/?
  9. My prayers for his strength to reach full recovery They can chase him from here to eternity on the medical bills. If you are never able to work again then they are wasting their time.
  10. Fleet of Mack dumps on a project at Boston Commons
  11. The Griswold's new ride 😎
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