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  1. Get a bore camera pop out a few plugs and look around Usually starts inside were it is not painted well Places like inner rocker, where the door skin meets the frame under the hood braces etc.
  2. Pretty good for a hold my beer and watch this event
  3. They need the male plumber for that one too
  4. My buddy hauled tomatoes out of FL to Boston He had just gotten a new Superliner at the time and asked me if I wanted to take a ride so I did. Had to deliver in the city the appointment was at 9AM so he had to drive the Southeast expressway at rush hour. He was on the air horns half the time The Citiots just don't get it that space you leave between the truck and car in front is so you MIGHT be able to stop the 80K And not us being nice and letting you in
  5. Even the Toyota's can have problems I know some one who has a 3 year old Corolla needs a head. It has 40K on it Toyota won't warranty it because it's over the 36K. Fortunately for her they roped her into buying an extended warranty when she bought the car and that is covering it
  6. I will agree large domestic I don't recall any wild with long fur like that It don't look skinny so it is likely not a feral
  7. jeeper61


    The way my knees and my hip work now a hand clutch might be an advantage I Got more than I need now. I saw that and thought it looked like a decent survivor for some one on the east coast to snag
  8. I use a cut off wheel Get down close to the shaft and split it with a chisel
  9. jeeper61

    HD Step Van

    Surprised to see the DT466
  10. It's getting to be beer o'thrity Lots of good progress enjoy a cold one
  11. Bush has a Blue can they could have at least tried to get New Holland on board That green looks horrible But it is all about the $$$s and we know mother Deere has deep pockets
  12. Good luck be carefull around the high flow stuff think about a life vest if your going to be in a boat
  13. incompetent bureaucrats Maybe they should have blown the whistle too instead of letting a whistle blower shutdown 40% of the supply which turned out to be unfounded
  14. Looking closely at your Line Set ticket I see this hand written I wonder that is the Frame
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