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  1. That name sounded familiar. There is no way in **** that tractor would out pull any 4x4 the way its setup. Found this article in my Farm Show magazine. There are a couple other articles on guys building their own big 2 wheel drive tractors and claiming they are just as good or better then a 4 wheel drive. Two things. Upton and these other guys don't know what hills are and don't know the meaning of "efficiency." A 350 hp tractor weighing 51,000 lbs??
  2. Not me. I might be the only one in the universe but I am not a dog lover.
  3. My grandpa did that with dogs if they started raising **** with the cows. Except he would take them to town and release them. My other grandpa ran sheep his whole life and even though he was a dog lover, he would shoot wild packs of dogs that got into his herd.
  4. Are those prices a result of the downturn in the dairy industry because I don't see how you can even go to the field for those prices. Its one thing when you have to put up hay for your own cows so they won't starve but to put up hay and try to just break even at those prices is something else. Heck my neighbor got $3.50 for small square straw bales last fall.
  5. My opinion the first true conversation tool was the Noble Blade and I think most historians agree. They were popular in my area for awhile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Sherwood_Noble
  6. That’s an understatement. We charged more then that just to custom cut and bale hay. Owner still has to move the bales. And we are probaby a little on the low side. Too bad you aren’t my neighbor.
  7. The JD my neighbor gave me.
  8. In my area both terms meant the same thing along with the term “one way”. Were people get confused is when talking disc plows vs disc tillers because they are two different implements even though they work the same way.
  9. My neighbor has one just like that sitting in the weeds. Last one I saw was a pair of IH's from the 70s with seeding boxes. My neighbor used them about 20 years ago to seed into a previous crop of wheat stubble. His regular hoe drills wouldn't go through the straw. Disc tillers were used from the get go around here and their heyday was the 50s. We used to have a steel wheel MM that I'm pretty sure great grandpa bought for his Twin City 21-32 back in the early 30s. Neighbor gave me his JD tiller that is sized for a JD D. Only problem is whoever ran it had one end set too deep and that's how the discs wore. Disc tillers at least in our region caused more harm then good in the long run with erosion and blow dirt. A lot of fences got buried because of them.
  10. It was JD's trademark name for their disk tillers. Just like the IH "vibra shank" cultivator.
  11. West Butte part of the Sweet Grass Hills. The real mountains are 100 miles to the west of me.
  12. JDs have sheer protection on the hubs/turtles. Ask me how I know.
  13. The one guy who grew it around here grew it under a pivot. He cut it with a swather, round baled it, then silage wrapped the bales. Looked pretty easy to me.
  14. I used our JD 5100E one year to make fire breaks around some fields we were going to burn. The tractor is a 4 cylinder 85 pto hp which is about same as a 4010 and early 4020. I used our JD 21ft disk harrow which great grandpa pulled with a JD 830 and later on a 4020 back in the day. The 5100 actually pulled the disk all the way up to 5 mph. I was surprised. Granted the MFWD helped but just looking at it, you could almost make two 5100s out of the iron it took to make a 4020.
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