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  1. Laugh if you want but my uncle did that with our Freightliner tandem. We were harvesting at night and it started to rain when he was dumping. Got in a big hurry to get home before the road mudded up and left the box up. Drove it right into the shed like that. Amazingly enough there was no damage to the truck/box. Just a caved in shed. When your mind is not in the right place you do stupid things. This truck is full air ride with a heavy steel box and he had to make 3 corners on the 5 mile trip home. Didn’t wonder why the truck was rocking back and forth.
  2. I would prefer the C just cause I like the looks of it being a mini mini M. The mounting issue on the green M was a real complaint because JD addressed it on the 40 series. But I have to laugh because my Super AV is only 2nd to our TD 14A on the hardest tractor to ever get on. I can’t imagine a regular A being much better or an green M being any worse.
  3. Depends on the year of the B. The green M was a 1-2 plow light tractor and the B at that time was a full blown 2 plow tractor. Also, the Farmall C had only 2 more hp then the M.
  4. Big Bud guy

    Landpro JD

    Switch the colors arond and that basically what has been going on here.
  5. My cousin's 1066 is the only hydro I've ever seen.
  6. My cousins have a 1066 hydro. They don’t sound rare after reading this thread. Anybody know how many were made or we all just eyeballing them on the rarity part?
  7. Our loader/hay making/all around tractor of that era was a Farmall M. As much as I like some of the 2 cylinder Deeres, I don't know why you would want one on a loader. I could run a fleet of 2 cylinders but if I needed just one more tractor to be a loader tractor it would something else probably a Farmall 400 series with a TA.
  8. Agreed. I wouldn’t be ashamed of running a 4455 on a grain vac.
  9. I got that beat. Cousin of mine used their JD 8245R on a pull type post pounder. Said they would have used the 5488 if the parking brake worked.
  10. I’ve never really run a tractor that wasn’t hard to figure out after the initial drive. Im just one of those people that gets used to something in very short order. I was about 10 when I first drove a syncro and it never bothered me especially since the numbers were right there next to the shifter. For trucks, the 13 speed double overdrive Roadranger in our KW T600 will throw people for a loop since you shift it in a U pattern and not the normal Z type pattern. The Super 10 in our Loral floater took a little getting used too but was an awesome transmission once you got the hang of it.
  11. We farm places that can challenge that.
  12. No. We bought it used in the mid 70s and ran it up to 1980 when it got traded for a JD 4640. It probably didn't even have 5,000 hrs when it left. I just wasn't quite old enough to remember it but was told it actually never let us down on anything and was the dirtiest, noisiest sunofabitichin tractor to run which must be really bad since that title was usually reserved for Versatile 145s and JD 5020s around here.
  13. We actually did have a MF 1150 out of that whole group. Today I would take the Oliver for the cool factor but back then definitely the 4630. I love these promotional videos from all sides only because to me its interesting watching all the lies and fact bending. For example, the turning radius of a 4630 is 14.5 feet without brakes according to the Nebraska tests. I love that they didn't list the decibel numbers on the cab noise probably because the Oliver, MF, and IH were all close to each other and the JD blew them all out of the water. In fact, they just as well should have made the contest who made the best V8 tractor and left the 4630 out because it was obvious it was a more modern design.
  14. JD wanting to buy Versatile is a fact. They wanted the Bi-directional above all else. My info comes from the guy who used to own one of the local JD dealers. He was married to the niece of the vice president of JD and he many golf outings back east with JD top brass because of this relationship.
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