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  1. Big Bud guy

    715 & 815 Threshing abilities

    Yes and maybe yes.
  2. Big Bud guy

    Just so we don't forget what happened 49 years ago...

    Thanks for the reminder. Kind of sad that it took us less then a decade to get to the moon after Yuri and Alan made their flights and that we beat the Russians to the moon and now we are paying them 75 million or thereabouts to ferry us to a space station that wouldn’t exist without them. Who really won the Space race?
  3. Big Bud guy

    715 & 815 Threshing abilities

    My neighbor has a 715 diesel gear drive with a sund pickup attachment and 17.5 ft header. Has less then 2,000 hrs. He ran it along side a 860 Massey for awhile but eventually had to retire it. At the time swathing or windrowing wheat was common and he used 25ft swathers. At 25ft the 715 just didn’t have the capacity to keep moving and not have to clutch it all the time. And this was back when the average yield was 20-30 bpa. Trying to cut 100 bpa wheat with a 715 would be like running into a wall. Reminds of a local guy around here that bought the first 8820 in the area. Big combine back in the day with a 30ft header, even bigger then the 760 we had. He bragged after harvest he was going over 5 mph in 60 bpa malt barley. Heck a 2388 or 9650 STS can’t do that without throwing half of it out the back. A 715 is just a restyled 403 and a 403 is just 151 with more hp and bigger grain tank and a few tiny updates. Kind of like the difference between a JD 6600 and 6620. Unless I’m mistaken a 815 and 715 really have nothing in common except the cylinder size. The walkers are longer on the 815. I have brochure for the 15 series so maybe I will look it up tonight.
  4. Big Bud guy

    Anyone seen one of these before

    I have one on my Massey 555. If you zoom in close you can see one on this M.
  5. Big Bud guy

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    That the public is aware of anyway.
  6. Big Bud guy

    Proto-type IH zero-turn???

    Automower reincarnated???
  7. Big Bud guy

    To early for these.

    That started up here at least month ago. My solution is satellite radio.
  8. Big Bud guy

    Good old 10% horsepower increase

    I’ve been told similar stories too but yours is the first with a legitimate source. After the 30 series came out, the horsepower and torque of IH engine was the only thing they could hang their hat on. For a lot of guys that was good enough. For even more guys like me I don’t care how gutless a 4430 is the SGB made up for it at the time.
  9. I have the brochure that has those Steiger pics. Picked it up back in the day when dad was shopping for a new 4x4. Ended up going with a Versatile 950.
  10. Big Bud guy

    2 jobs 1 pass

    Hopefully you will still be able to get parts for them 20 years down the road. Cousin broke the axle housing on his 276. Had to search all over the US to find another one. Because of that he kinda semi retired it. They also have a 150 but it’s too small to do anything with now other then run a small bush hog or auger. So it doesn’t get used any more.
  11. Big Bud guy

    2 jobs 1 pass

    I know years ago Valtra had one. Saw it at a farm show in Canada.
  12. Big Bud guy

    2 jobs 1 pass

    Have a neighbor that went through three of them before getting one that would stay in the field all summer. I think it’s a yellow TV145. To be fair I have another neighbor with one that has been trouble free. But all it does is pull a few rail road cars at their elevator in the winter so it doesn’t get any wear and tear. Tire tread still looks new. Another reason my god father didn’t like his was he was duped into thinking it was 140 pto hp not engine. It was kinda gut less. With more hp and a more robust design they would probably still be making them.
  13. Big Bud guy

    2 jobs 1 pass

    Those TV series killed the bi directional reputation around here. My god father had one and it was bad enough he traded it for a conventional tractor. His previous bi directional a 9030 was dang near bullet proof. And now I hear parts are an issue on the older ones.
  14. Big Bud guy

    Stiger wheels and hand rails

    We bought it private sale from a farmer near Devils Lake about 14 years ago. It has over 6,000 hrs but is kinda rough. We don’t used very much any more. It was used is construction for a lot of those hours. We first ran on to these tractors when a neighbor of mine bought one back in the late 80s. They were farming with steel wheel Cats and finally made the switch to a modern wheel tractor when they bought a used Ca 325 that only had 400 hrs on it. Reason he chose Steiger because it was the only tractor you could get a Cat engine. He farmed with it until the early 2000s when he retired. He has since passed on but the tractor only has between 3,000 and 4,000 hrs and it in good shape since all it’s done is ag work. I have let it be known to the widow and her daughter that when they sell it I would like first shot. And they have been on the verge of selling it since they have pretty much sold everything else. Hopefully some day we will end up with it.
  15. Big Bud guy

    Stiger wheels and hand rails

    We have the industrial version of that tractor. Although we don’t have a scraper for it, just my opinion there is no better transmission/engine combo even compared to today’s tractors.