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  1. It was a big step up from a Fresno that my great grandpa used for building a small dam with when he homesteaded. Still have it too.
  2. So do I. I was dreaming of an LA when I started this thread which is why I missposted the model number. I know it’s blasphemy on this board but starting with the LA, I would take a Case over any IH up to the early 930s.
  3. I’ve read the article before. It’s been on the web since last year. I’m not saying the article is wrong but based off my own experiences and with what other family members and friends have had with their Apples and other brands of computers, the Apples have way way way less problems then the rest just like what the article says. Plus every time I’ve installed some sort of anti virus program it’s done nothing but F’ed the computer up. That’s why I’m on my last laptop I just went with the windows defender that was already on it and it worked. So if windows defender worked then what Apple has should work too. My opinion is Apple is like Fendt tractors. A PITA to figure out how to run but top of the line.
  4. Nothing. When I had an HP I used what came with it which I think was windows defender. Now I have an Apple.
  5. Just wondering around today and took these. Late 30s Case LA that came with some land bought back in the early 80s. The field cultivator is an IH and was pulled by the Case. Going back to my Graham Hoeme plow thread, this is what guys were trying to get by with before chisel plows came around. Lastly is what we call a tumble bug in my region. It’s a JD and no doubt was pulled by the Case.
  6. I had no idea GH plows were made into the 80s. They faded away pretty fast in the 60s around here when other manufacturers overtook them with better plows. Plus we had our own home grown plow Gysler built in Fort Benton which was popular locally. I’ve only seen a handful of GH plows that were new enough to even be cable folded. Another plow that was somewhat popular I think from Texas or somewhere down there was Jeoffory.
  7. Here’s our two main tractors of the mid 50s. I posted this several times but you can see the graham plows behind each tractor. 22ft for the TD-14A and 13ft for the WD-9. The 13ft was eventually widen out to 17ft for the 4020. I have a different opinion about the strength of them. From our experience that “I” beam frame was prone to twisting of you threw a lot of power at them in hard soils. We twisted the 17ft with our 4640 breaking up an alfalfa field with spikes. I’m surprised your 2470 didn’t do that. The JD 2”x 2” solid square bar they used for their plows for 20 years were prone to twisting too. The only thing that really held up was the box frame 4”x4”.
  8. It could be. I’m thinking the Ford 8ns narrows it down to late 40s to early 50s.
  9. Kind of a neat video of the Graham Hoeme Plow showing various tractors pulling their plows. One of the first if not the first chisel plow invented in the early 30s. They were popular around here and was really the first good plow in the upper wheat belt. We had two of them. Field cultivators like the JD CC were just too light and not near enough trash clearance for working fallow ground. They were soil savers when used with sweeps because the only other alternative to working fallow ground was disc tiller and those buried too much trash causing the dirty 30s. From about the 11:20 mark and on is how farming was done out here with big crawlers and the biggest Wheatland tractors of the day. https://texasarchive.org/2014_03754
  10. There were some of those here but it was the 835 and 875 that dominated the Versatile sales of that series.
  11. Dumb me. Thought you were talking JD. The IH combine book might have the answer.
  12. No. No JD combines were ever made in Hamilton.
  13. My grandpa was an careful owner/operator and the head still cracked on our TD 14A. They were just weak heads.
  14. The 503/403 were popular here too and to me anyway were as good as any other combine during the 60s. Them and their predecessors were based off of the JD 55. Before I get flamed for that, there is fact to back that up. And really it seems that it is only the 815/915 that tarnished IH's combine rep. The 715/615 were really nothing more then restyled 403/303 with a few small updates. My neighbor's father who is the subject of my old auction flyer thread started a custom cutting ring around here back in the 60s and at one time ran five 503s all without cabs. After he quit custom cutting and went back one combine he got rid of them all and bought a new 1974 6600 gasser. Thing is he didn't get to use it until 1975 because it was so dry he didn't bother using it. Used it up till 1990. They still have that combine too.
  15. Another note you see he was farming with a MH 101 which used a 6 cylinder but when he got going over here he started with JD Ds and was JD until the end. His last tractor was a JD 4640 and they still have it in the family and one of the Ds.
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