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  1. If you used hard any tractor will need an overhaul sooner than later. Thats why when I hear of these 20,000 hr tractors that have never been touched I don't believe. The only places around here that run field tractors up to an ungodly amount of hours are the Hutterites. I know several colonies that ran JD 9000/20 series 4x4s up to 20,000 hrs with just an overhaul. They are not afraid to run combines up to 5,000 hrs either. Our current high hour tractor is a 9420 at almost 6,000 hrs.
  2. We have 7.8 in a 1990 Ford F-700. Wish I had a few more of them. If there is engine with more torque then these I’d like to see it with my own eyes. It pulls like a 3406 and the Cummins 8.3 in our Ford tandem doesn’t have anything on it
  3. Had a L10 in an International Loral Floater truck. Was 300 hp and hooked to an Eaton Super 10 transmission. I could spread in 9th gear and let off the gas and the engine had enough low end to idle turning around the ends. Was a good floater but just beat you to death and couldn't really use auto steer on it.
  4. The 55 was a brutish tractor. Outclassed anything IH and JD had for a long time. My 55 is a Western Special. Arched front axle and a hand clutch
  5. I know were there is a 44 western or standard diesel sitting under a collapsed shed. A neighbor of mine from MN has a rowcrop 44 that was his family’s growing up on a diary farm. Those are the only two 44s I’ve seen. The 55/555 were a little bit more popular but not like JD or IH or even Case. But they made up for it in combines.
  6. I think that is true. JD engineers and others that were in know were figuratively high fiving each other when the 560 first appeared in 58’. That’s fact. The bearing issue was resolved before the 4010 hit the market and I think up to a full year or more so there was no “myth” propagated to save the 4010. there was time for IH to recover and they would have if JD had kept the 730 in production.
  7. I don't know what to make of that. The ratio for the 830s was similar to the 730 standards roughly 50/50. I'm just guessing row crops are sold all over the US but the standards are sold mostly in the northern half of the country and Canada were its cooler?????
  8. The 30 series had the option of the 1,000 rpm PTO. That would have helped take the "jolt" out too.
  9. Lower rpm engine making the impulses are bigger especially when you start lugging it down. I'm not saying it's true. I'm just guessing. Say something like a G or 730 in the OP vs a 530.
  10. Total break down of all 730 production. Not too bad production numbers for obsolete design on its last legs. A bunch of those gas standard 730s were sold right north of me across the Canadian border. And I mean some within 20 miles of me. If I would have know that 30 years ago I would have went looking for one.
  11. I would think if there was ever a 2 cylinder that would be the hardest on a PTO it would be the G.
  12. Nice. Neighbor has a standard 730. The one I bought my 650 from. If the clutch ever went out he would change his tune on that, at least for the 15 minutes it would take to replace it. I think the pony start is “cooler” but if it ever goes out, change it over to electric start. My 830 was.
  13. The auto industry is what led JD down the road to the Duplex carburation starting in the Number series. That innovation was a game changer for making the spark ignition 2 cylinders more fuel efficient and run better.
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