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  1. Unless your winter wheat is different then our winter wheat you should be fine as long as it germinates. There is winter wheat that goes in around here every year that doesn’t sprout including some of our own and it’s only because of late seeding and non cooperative weather. Only thing is at least here you will see a yield penalty unless it’s a wet year.
  2. Are there any more details in that ad?? I’m trying to figure out what models they are. I’m guessing the one on the right is the 700. The one on the left I’ve never heard of and it guessing it didn’t make into production.
  3. The right side of the separator is almost as big of clusterF*** as a JD 20 series. Only conventional combines I’ve been around that are easy to work on front to back side to side are the JD 5 series and Gleaners.
  4. I have the 715. If someone buys the 615 then we can all get together and almost have the series.
  5. JD 55/95 combines built between 1957 and 1967 used the same engine as the 2010s except with 2 additional cylinders. Someone ambitious enough could rob one out of a combine and butcher it into a 2010. Still plenty of 95s around here to do that with.
  6. And those ran at 2,500 rpms too??
  7. So are you suggesting they had to reduce to the horsepower because the powershift wouldn't hold up? That doesn't make sense because you still had the option of the PD transmission. Either way it doesn't look good when you replace one tractor with another one that has less horsepower. I think I'm going to stick to my theory the 426 was a little weak at the high end.
  8. That tells you all you need to know about those engines.
  9. I'm not much of an AC fan mainly because other then a few D21s there just wasn't very many around here to look at. We do own a D17 diesel and its alright but I would take about 3 other tractors from the competition ahead of it given the choice. Plus I've never been impressed by the fact they tried to get away with smaller engines then everybody else. So can anybody explain why AC dropped the hp going from the 7080 to the 8070? Is that because the 426 didn't hold up at 180 hp?
  10. I agree on Brosnan but Moore, you must not have seen his movies. Course those are the ones I grew up with.
  11. Truck mounted mixers is all you see around here on the big feed lots. Most guys using tractors on mixers are just regular ranchers.
  12. Connery Moore Craig Brosnan Dalton Lazenby
  13. My JD dealer sells a few of those shelbournes each year. We are going to look into them someday. On the flax, I don’t know if it’s the variety or your climate or what but there has been a little bit of resurgence around here growing flax and the guys I know that are growing it don’t seem to have any problems combining it. Don’t matter what brand of combine either. I have one neighbor that planted a flax/chickpea mix. Turned out good considering the dry summer we had.
  14. A house doesn’t cost 30k either in today’s world.
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