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  1. Anybody know anything about this dealership in North Dakota

    Thanks for the info.
  2. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    What industry firsts did the F-12 have? I think some of you are forgetting the Oliver 18-27 and the Case CC were on the market before the F-12 and both tractors used a one piece rear end/transmission and adjustable tread on bar axles.
  3. I picked this off of ebay awhile back. Anybody know of anything about this dealership? Just curious.
  4. 2+2 from concept to the field

    That is what we paid for a brand new Versatile 950 that year.
  5. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    I wouldn't include the 560. There is nothing special about them and they are famous for the wrong reasons. I think you have to include either the McCormick Deering 10-20 or 15-30 or both. Far as I know they were really the first modern tractor IH put out on the market with the unit frame construction, new engine design, and built in PTO. That fact that design was kept on the market into the late 30s testifies to that. The earlier 10-20 Mogul and 10-20 Titan were out of date designs with an exposed engine and exposed final drives that were loosing to the Fordson. It was the new 10-20 and 15-30 two tractors that got the IH machine rolling in the 20s and very popular.
  6. 2+2 from concept to the field

    All IH had to do was look at a Holder tractor. Basically a mini version of the 2+2 that was produced starting in the late 50s. We have a Holder AM2 like the first picture. Its fun to drive. Someone could easily redo the sheet metal, paint it red, and make one into a mini 2+2 for show. I thought about it if I ever found another one.
  7. Cool old Kenny

    I've never run a KT series but people I know that have run them mostly in Big Buds say they will pull the load almost at any rpms and have much better lugging ability then a 855. Peak 1600ft-lbs at 1600rpm and 10% torque rise might not be impressive today but maybe it was back then. A quick glance at my 1976 Steiger brochures shows the 855 with 890 ft-lbs at 1,500 rpms.
  8. Cool old Kenny

    A relative of mine gave me a bunch truck magazines from back in the day. I'm not sure exactly what year they were I think mid to late 70s. Anyways I thought I remembered seeing Cummins ads advertising the KT series at 450 and 600 hp. I'll have to dig them up and maybe start a vintage truck ad thread.
  9. LB67 Fair Repair Act

    Were did you get that information? Some anti JD conspiracy website? If that was the true, then my dealership wouldn't have printed out for us picture diagrams for our tractors and other machinery that shows and lists all the filters that we need in order to perform all the maintenance and fluid changes.
  10. International Harvester by Fiat...

    Other then maybe the legacy combines? my opinion is there isn't enough to hang my hat on how much of IH is left. **** around here when guys talk about red farm machinery, they always say Case 8130 or Case quad or Case whatever. Also, I think Oliver/White sold Fiat tractors under their own name in the early 70s. I know my neighbor had one.
  11. BigBudGuy

    Our JD 770A grader has a foot throttle. Its two pedals accelerator/deaccelerator and its designed to be used in place of the hand throttle as it will stick no matter what position you have it in. I don't think the NG tractors foot throttles were designed to be used constantly. More like to temporary slow down.
  12. BigBudGuy

    I can get you one of a Case 500 and Oliver 99. Smoker can do the Massey. I could take some of a JD D and 820 but we all know why they used a hand clutch.
  13. BigBudGuy

    I'll have to go look at mine when I get a chance. Right now it is buried under a snow bank. Is your 55 a Western Special? That is what mine is. I'll look at my 555 too. Even though I sold it a long time ago it still sits at my place.
  14. BigBudGuy

    Seems like it was easier to engage the clutch standing on the ground when running threshing machines like a lot of the early wheat land tractors did. Old habits die hard??? Other then that I really don't have an answer.
  15. Pull type combines

    I have one neighbor with a pull type axial flow. He uses about once every 10 years to harvest grass seed. Pulls it with a JD 4850. That is the only modern pull type combine I’ve ever seen south of the border around here. I guess no matter how much they cost we just perfered the convenience of a self propelled. Being able to match your speed perfectly to the crop and having the header right in front of you for one thing. Plus alot of farms just didn’t have the tractor to run a pull type. Never did see a Versatile 850 with a PTO around here.