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  1. I wonder what worked better. These Haybusters or the JD and Hesston bread loaf stackers. I would think the latter would shed water better.
  2. No. Just be like any other day for us.
  3. Interesting. I’m was assuming most of their dump rake sales were/are in Nebraska.
  4. I have a brochure for one of those. My cousins had one back in the day.
  5. The last dump rake we used had a seat on it and was pulled by horses. I found the Rowse rakes on the internet several years ago and was amazed someone was buying them. If I left that much hay out there as this guy in the video did, I would need one too I guess.
  6. I have those. What series or model is the Big Bud?
  7. Yes and I’ve gotten most of my off of eBay. Some have been given to me like the last batch I posted on here. eBay is a good place to sell them.
  8. The story I read from IH authors is the reason IH relabeled the hydro tractors in mid production is because of farmers just like the one you described. Too many of them were assuming that a 1066 hydro should have the same or close to the same drawbar horsepower of a gear drive because its the same model number on the side of the hood. My cousins bought a 1066 hydro back in the day and still have it. At the time they were running a small feedlot and of course the hydro excelled at hay making and forage chopping. But when they went to put it on a disk they found out in short order how weak it was. I've always wondered if it was worth it to IH in the long run to develop and push the hydro. All the time and energy spend developing and pushing the hydro could have been spend on a better gear drive transmission.
  9. If Ford could make a tractor out of car engine and some truck parts and sell the crap out of them, then Chevy could had made this one work with maybe a few mods. There were other tractors out there that has reasonable success being built out of truck components. Also, 45-50 hp is still more then what an M had.
  10. Our last 4000 we bought for $750 at an auction and that was 20 years ago. Came with a 25ft draper. Steering was a little sloppy but it worked fine. Used it a few times for specialty crops then parked it. Scrapped it about 5 years ago but did save the IH weights off of it.
  11. When they came out with those is when Macdon quit making swathers under different brands/colors From what I understood right or wrong is Premier was to be sold by JD and Prairie Star by CIH. We had a very late harvest in 1993 and we traded two JD 2280s in for a Macdon Premier 9000 in the fall of 93' right as they were introduced. Only thing we could go off of was pictures they had. But we made the trade anyway because dealer was so desperate for used swathers because of the late fall that it was straight across trade. We actually drove the 2280s from the field as we were finishing right on to the trailers so the salesmen could take them to their new owners. We had a couple of 4000s and I couldn't seem much similarities between the Macdon and the 4000 other then both were great swathers for their time. My cousin has the older JD Macdon which I think is the 2360. It seems to serve him well.
  12. That tractor could have been reasonably successful.
  13. I think it’s weird to see a tractor with a rock box. We never had them and don’t think I’ve ever seen a tractor with one around here.
  14. The wheels could have come from the same place. A lot of little things or accessories came from a common supplier. Did you know the power steering drag link valve on a JD 95 round back combine is identical to one off of a Case 500 tractor. Or that the gas tank on a IH 151, MH 90, and JD 55 all have the same pattern.
  15. That is not even close to being an IH drill. I know they all look the same 50ft away but if you were to put this drill and a IH of the same vintage side by side you would see a lot of differences starting with the shape of the box.
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