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  1. Here is link to that AC forum page. AC guys got to be ashamed with spewing some of that crap https://www.allischalmers.com/forum/ac-220-compared-to-other-brands-in-1970_topic33323.html
  2. Serious plowing with a rare 650 and 525. Some good commentary on the plows and the tractors.
  3. Revving the 1206 up and then dropping clutch. And stalling again and again. That was awesome🙄. At least they admitted they were drunk
  4. Size wise that doesn’t even pass eye test for someone like me who has no experience. Small wonder why those tractors have a poor reputation.
  5. Good video. That plow is the same one I have just with 4 bottoms. Looks to me like they can do the job as good as other plows long as the numb nut in seat knows what he is doing.
  6. You guys complaining about slow tractors apparently have never run an old Versatile down the road:) And they are still a hair faster then my Big Bud with a top speed of 13 mph.
  7. How was the ride quality on the White?? I was surprise to see in the 3rd video they claimed the tightest turning radius on the market. But then again the wheel base is like 2ft on them. They have to be a bucking bronco.
  8. Thanks for posting. A White 2-180 with 2wd is on my wish list. On a somewhat related note, I have a neighbor with an orange Deutz Allis 9190 with only 1,200 hrs. I think it uses the White/Oliver 3 by 6 transmission.
  9. If it wasn't for the internet and printed material I would not have know IH made construction equipment past the 60s. JD, Case, and Cat of course dominated the area here. There was even some Euclid/Terex and AC around here. Next time I see an IH self propelled scraper, it will the first time.
  10. I’m not signaling anybody out when I say this but which type of plow and method is better can only be determined by actual field time trials, not math done made up on computer. Sure you might loose a bottom with a 2 way plow. But if your “lands” are close together, then you have to make more waste passes to cover the dead furrows. If the lands are further apart then you waste a lot of time going from side to the other. So who knows. I do or would like the fact the 2 ways plows keep a field more level. I’ve seen fields around the neighborhood that still show ridging affects left over by one way disc tillers 70 years ago give or take.
  11. These were all mounted 3 and 4 bottom. I was thinking maybe the reason why 2 way plows weren't popular is because you could only get them up to 4 bottom. But a quick google search reveals you can get 2 way plows almost as big as you want them to be. Certainly big enough for most guys on here. Even found a JD 6 bottom fully mounted plow.
  12. I see them around in Montana. Mostly in river valleys like the Yellowstone valley and other places were they irrigate. And I get why they use them for irrigation trying the keep the field level.
  13. Ha. I've never cut hay with a sickle mower. But I know what you mean. Honestly, I thought there would be more to that term "land". What you described is really no different then what guys did around here with one way disk plows and tillers back in the day. We just didn't have a name for it. So what is the knock against 2 way plows? To me it those would make more sense, since you are not wasting time going from one side to the other. Just my opinion, if I had to make a living plowing I would look into those.
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