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  1. It does not have an engine. I've never seen a FC 2320 with an engine. By the time those hit the market, most tractors had enough hydraulics to run the fan.
  2. You don't need to plow ahead. Technically Flexi Coil 5000s, JD 1820/30s, Concords, and other hoe air drills are not no-till drills because they plow up the ground. However, they are used in no-till situations because they have the trash clearance and the weight to seed direct into stubble. I believe Loadstar has a Bourgault air drill and seeds direct like we do.
  3. Is your 820 a black dash or green dash? Black dash 820s have the same horsepower as a 830 or IH 660. Green dash 820s have the same horsepower as the 80 or IH 650. I have my uncle’s black dash 820. It sat for 15 years with just a rock on the exhaust. But no water got into the engine. Had to pull start it. Rebuilt the pony motor. I played around with it for awhile and burned the clutch up. But the was an easy replacement. What is the horsepower of the 600?? It’s kind of the forgotten tractor in the W series.
  4. I don't doubt it but I'd still like to know why my great grandpa traded his 600 off for a JD 830 after only 2 years.
  5. I have one neighbor with a 650 just sitting the only one I known of around here. I think you have inspired me to inquire about it.
  6. Nice. You don’t see too many of those around here. Just W9 series. Great grandpa had a 600 for 2 years in the late 50s.
  7. Knowing them they probably made them. Story is about 20 years ago they went out and bought every part and gasket they could find for the Buda.
  8. One year we did have to hook our 1954 TD 14A to our 9350 drills. We had a wet spring one year and our JD 4640 just didn’t have the traction to pull the drills in the hills. It was only about 100 acres worth. These guys crop around 3,000 acres. Their place is spread out about 6 miles but they plow from one field to the next one.
  9. They had to add more hydraulics. There is no tractor built in the 50s that can run an air drill.
  10. I know these guys. Three old brothers who farm together. Air drill is a Flexi Coil 5000 57’ or so they bought for $15,000 at an auction. Crawler is an AC HD 16. They farm with 2 of them and are pretty much the last guys around here to farm with the old steel track crawlers.
  11. Ran into my neighbor 2 days ago and asked him about it. He says he can only seed barley because the tractor doesn’t have enough hydraulic flow to increase the fan speed to seed wheat and peas. Plus he can only seed shallow with it.
  12. I believe that is the J & J shot you are referring to and not the other 2 shot vaccines. Has anybody died from those yet. Honest question because I don’t know.
  13. I was told the other day the covid vaccine doesn’t prevent you 100% from getting COVID. Just prevents you from dying from COVID.
  14. I take pics with my iPhone. Heck of a lot easier then scanning. Quality isn’t bad either.
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