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  1. I dont take too many pics of the farming but here we started top dressing today. First we rounded up all the leftover drill blend from the drills and tender and I put that on some recrop barley. Next we are top dressing some of the wheat and durum with 50-0-0-10. Everything looks green for the moment. We had good snow and runoff to get off of a good start. Since April we really haven’t had a big rain. Been averaging around 2 tenths to 4 tenths every 10 days. That’s good for the crops and but not enough for the hay especially the dry land alfalfa. Unless we get a big soaker there is a lot of dry land alfalfa we won’t cut.
  2. https://photos.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/photoads/classifieds.cgi?search_and_display_db_button=on&db_id=729376&exact_match=on&photo_size=lrg&query=retrieval I think you are closer to this one than I am if its in either Plentywood or Saskatchewan. Same tires as our 4020 standard had too.
  3. https://www.machinerypete.com/details/atvs-and-utility-vehicles/2003/bobcat/toolcat-5600/20976883 We have one of these. Can do more then just haul.
  4. I don’t think those were any better because the 700 and its smaller siblings used the same engines as the 1010/2010 and had the same problems. From what I’ve read the problems were actually more serious over there then the US because of European farmers preference for diesel engines unlike NA farmers. JD designed the 1020/2020 as world wide tractors because the Mannheim had a hand in designing them
  5. 1010s were essentially 430s with 4 cylinder engines. They werent as bad as the 2010 which was hacked together with both Waterloo and Dubuque parts. Gas versions in either tractor were better than the diesels. Gotta remember the engines were based off the original engines used in the M. There was no gas 4020 series here but a lot of gas 105s and some 7700s which used the same 4020 engine. They were mediocre at best and sure as **** no Chevy 327. My cousins bought a new diesel 105 in the mid 60s. Later in the late 70s, they wanted to add another 105 but all they could find were gassers. So they bought one 100 miles away. Got it home and cut 200ft before the engine blew. So they overhauled it right in the middle of harvest. Still have the combine to sitting in death row. Uncle of mine on the other side of the family had a gas hydro 7700 and it ran great long as he changed the cap, points, plugs every year.
  6. What's even more rare are 2520 gas power shifts. They only made 122 of them. I ran across one 20 years ago at one of the local JD dealers. It had a loader on it and they wanted $8,000. Thought that was too much as you could buy 4020s for that much money at the time. Course I didn't know how rare it was. Also, my dealer sold one of 222 gas 4030s ever built.
  7. Maybe only thing worse was a 3010 gasser. Honestly I don't hold any gas engine powered tractor built after the 50s in high regard. Only 98 gas 4010 standards were made. Thats compared to 11,370 standard diesels. Better go snap that one up in Antelope if its a gasser. I bet you could get more for it then that 1486 sitting next to it.
  8. What is it? 3020 gasser?? I ran across a 4010 standard gas at an auction one time. I should have bought it because it went cheap and the production numbers were low enough I could have flipped for good $$$ if I would have anticipated the price of 1960s and 70s tractors skyrocketing.
  9. There is a lot to take from that video. Raygo at one time owned part of Wagner the same company that invented the modern 4 wheel drive tractor. And together they made some pretty big earthmoving stuff too. And as the guy stated, the front is just half of a scraper. The Steiger brothers also copied that hinge in all their barn series tractors.
  10. Take a closer look. There is another one behind the cab.
  11. There is one of those at the local show every year and it has a FWD axle
  12. Welcome to my world. How are parts for Gehl since they quit
  13. Another video of crawler farming. I don’t know this guy but I have seen him out in the field summer fallowing driving by on the highway. I’m not a Cat expert. But I have a brochure for these series of Cats which were made in the 70s. They are the Ag version of their crawlers and my brochure makes it clear these were geared differently for farming vs the construction ones. Plus there might have been some more internal differences in the drive train and lubrication system because overheating was a problem on the older crawlers going one direction all day long under heavy load.
  14. I think they went around and snapped up all the parts they could find They do have a boneyard. They didn’t always farm with these HD-16s. Before that they had 15s and who knows before that. They are AC guys because they also farmed with a D-21 back in the day and still use one for pulling the sprayer.
  15. I asked one of them once and they said just under 4 mph or whatever 4th gear was. That actually isn’t too much slower than what wheeled tractors go. Most guys including run between 4 and 5 mph. It’s all about the gearing and torque on the finals. Measure the the diameter of any regular size tire on a tractor and then measure the diameter of the drive sprocket on that HD-16. If anybody has the book IH tractors 1955 to 1985, there is a story in there about a couple of 856s at a plow day demo. Both pulled identical plows but the one with 18.4-34s out plowed the one with 18.4-38s. Our TD-14A has slightly less horsepower than a JD 830 or IH 660 but could pull a plow 50% bigger. It took a 105 hp 5010 to replace a 65 hp TD-14A. And it took a 6030 to replace and TD-18A.
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