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  1. Big Bud guy

    Challenger on auctiontime

    That is kinda cheap but I would say it’s not a total fluke. 1980s equipment just doesn’t bring much anymore.
  2. Big Bud guy

    Cultivator Sweep with fertilizer or seeder attach

    Can you be more specific? Do you mean an actual sweep with fertilizer boot built into it, a sweep mounted on a shank with a fertilizer tube running right behind it , or a cultivator with the seeding attachment mounted behind it?
  3. Big Bud guy

    What can anyone tell me about an MF 12 lawn mower?

    All I can tell you is we have one. I think they are pretty sharp looking. A school shop teacher left it after he rented a house from us for a year. Never came back and got it. That was 25 years ago. Never have gotten it running but it does make a good stable mate with our JD 110H.
  4. Big Bud guy

    Best hay tractor?

    There are lots of tractors that would fit the bill. Which ever one has the best price to condition ratio that meets your needs. Don't skimp on the horsepower either. Its amazing how many guys try to see how small a tractor they can get by with. Just my opinion I wouldn't buy anything less then 80-90 horsepower.
  5. Big Bud guy

    Bi-rotor combine to be auctioned.

    That’s what I was thinking about the patents. The fact that none of the majors has introduced the bi rotor concept tells me it’s not all revolutionary.
  6. An H is on my want list too. Only because I have a G and parking an H next to it would be neat. Gs didn’t reach their full potential until the 720.
  7. Big Bud guy

    Bi-rotor combine to be auctioned.

    They still are.
  8. The picture is a prototype H from one of my books. I googled the tractors you speak of and they do look nice. Speaking of Hs, in one of my books, someone redid an H into a standard or "wheatland" version. Another "what if" tractor. Also, the A and B were the first JD tractors to be styled and they came out in 1938. If you want to say the H was the first JD tractor from the factory to be introduced in styled form, you may be right. The A, B, L, and D were all unstyled before getting the Dreyfuss treatment.
  9. Lots of tractors I would like to own. Too many to name them all but a few highlights would be a big MM 1000, an Oliver 99 series with a GM, tricycle JD 4320 and so on. Its funny you mentioned the Ford 976. We had one and it was the worst tractor we ever owned or the one that was the most disappointing. It drove us away from Versatile.
  10. Big Bud guy


    Probaby about as useful as the real production V8s.
  11. Big Bud guy

    Vintage Ads

  12. Big Bud guy

    Vintage Ads

    JD offered them right up to the end of the 2 cylinders. Beyond that I’m not sure.
  13. Big Bud guy

    HMMMMM......two 4100's on same sale

    My great uncle had one. Farmed with it and a 5020. Had a few neighbors around here with them too. They were fairly popular tractor around here considering how many they made. Gave the IH dealers something to sell against the 5020. Still know of 2 or 3 of them and a 4166. At the auction were I bought my Versatile 145 there was a 4100 that went for $500. It ran but needed a steering cylinder. I've always thought IH kind of half axxed them instead of going all in like Case.
  14. Big Bud guy

    Vintage Ads

    I've never seen one of those either. Sunds worked good back in the day but dropped out of favor due to the high maintenance, the canola issue you mentioned and they didn't tolerate high speeds very good once combine capacity started moving up. Nobody misses them around here. Our newest one was bought in the 80s and is a three chain run with a hydraulic motor.