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  1. There were guys around here that mounted loaders on Ds. I have a few of them. One step above a hand shovel.
  2. Big Bud guy


    Nice. I have one of those pumps mounted on a Oliver 99.
  3. Our 1964 4020 started out as a field tractor. Then as the farm got bigger we demoted it to a loader chore tractor. It left the farm in the mid 80s with an overhaul on both the transmission and engine. But it had over 8,000 hrs too.
  4. In wheat country my opinion they were fine. Put the tractor in one gear and leave it there all day. But for an all around tractor I would take something else. I have a GM and our family M. You could make the GM an A but it doesn't matter. Just driving them around the yard you can see why the M was more popular. There are guys back in the day that bought JD 2 cylinders and mounted loaders on them just like we did with our M. I pitied them. Leaving out the engine for a minute they had almost all features their competition had and a few more they didn't have. And the 2 cylinders I believe were the first tractors to offer the 1,000 rpm PTO option. But just reading source material, stories over the years and even articles put out by JD magazines themselves, there were a lot of farmers that pooh hooed the 2 cylinders. The hand clutches, having the brakes on both sides instead of together, and there is the claim they were hard on PTOs. Flywheels was their TA in certain models. Some of the remarks JD received from farmers after the introduction of the NG tractors is it was the first time they considered a JD. There has always been talk about how the 560 killed IH which is partially true. However I would bet my whole collection that every 560 traded for a JD was for a 4010 or newer JD and not a 730 even though the failures happened during the 730's production run. Farmers weren’t going back to a 2 cylinder setup.
  5. Looks like Oliver green to me and with a few cosmetic tweaks could be made to look like a Super 44 or 440.
  6. My 5020 is a rowcrop and I can’t tell the difference between the two. The 1256 isn’t bad. Just not as good. Guys are kidding the themselves if they don’t think IH lost a few sales just on just operator convenience and drivability. I was reading a little blurb in one of my magazines where a big farmer in Texas who had no brand loyalty buy two 806s and two 4020s with powershifts. After a short time the farmer traded the 806s off for two more 4020s. The reason being his employees were always fighting over who got to drive the 4020s. Now somebody will come along and have the same story except the farmer traded off the 4020s because they couldn’t pull as much. I don’t doubt that happened somewhere. My point is while JD might not have had the torquest engines or whatever else they were the masters of putting the complete package together between the front axle and drawbar.
  7. I bet I have more IH stuff then half of the guys on here. Plus maybe a few things or a combination of things nobody else has. And 1961, 62, and part of 63’ your choices was the 560 or the 4010. JD 2 cylinders get bashed by the non Deere crowd frequently and I see why. It really is amazing they were able to keep that design on the market that long and be successful at it even though they got the work done just as good as the competition. And yet when Deere ditched them in favor of a modern design, suddenly they are too complicated and full of features nobody needs. You can’t have it both ways. I guess they should have stuck with a more basic less costly design and remain in the No 2 slot. It worked for IH.
  8. I have a 5010, 5020, and a 1256 all with over 5,000 hrs. The 50s handle better then the 1256.
  9. Can you argue with the results? How do bash someone that went from obsolete 2 cylinders to a design that took decades for IH to match. You’d be a perfect salesman trying to convince a farmer to buy a 560 over 4010.
  10. This happened probably about 4-5 years but our local CaseIH dealer had trouble with a brand new combine they sold locally. After the owner started using it, he couldn’t figure out why the combine would pulverize and mill the grain during the day but towards evening when it got tough the sample cleaned up. The techs couldn’t figure it out either until they finally looked at the rotor and realized it had mistakenly left the factory with a rice rotor.
  11. My cousins had to put chloride in the front tires on their first 6030 to keep the front end down. Still came up every time they crested a hill. A “international” 1456 with wheatland options is far more collectable then those 3 if you go by numbers
  12. I forgot about Massey which is stupid since we had one. Even those outsold IH Steigers both the 15/1800 series and the later 4000s.
  13. That is exactly what we do except ours goes on a skid steer. I’ve had neighbors ask me if I wanted to go in with them on a T post driver. I show them what we do then I don’t hear from them again on the subject.
  14. Nice vid but I have to ask is that actually impressive or just normal for that size and age of tractor? Reason I ask is because I got chastised somewhat when posted a video of a JD 830 pulling a 12 row planter. Made it sound like a Farmall M could pull a 12 row planter up hill both ways.
  15. Well typically when you buy the biggest tractor in the lineup they get put to use in heavy tillage. That being said 6030s can be all around tractors. Just because you didn’t hear of it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Why did JD make cultivators for the 6030. Heck Steiger and Versatile made rowcrop 4x4s. If there was enough demand for those then somebody out there was using a 6030 to cultivate with. My cousins 6030s I keep referencing whenever the subject comes up were used on forage choppers and haybuster wagons back in the day when they weren’t summer fallowing. You’ll probably laugh but they have of course retired both of them. They took the hot one and removed the chloride, removed the duals, removed all the weights and got the AC working and now it spends its life pulling a Vermeer twin V take during the summer. The other 6030 gets used occasionally on a tub grinder. Tractors that size new and old get used for many non tillage jobs all around jobs here.
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