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  1. I have a brochure for the 4435. Before that they had the 4425 which replaced the 4420. The 4425/35 basically is what the Maximizer series turn out to be. I know that's obvious to say looking at the outside of the combine but inside they were also like the later Maximizers.
  2. Big Bud guy


    Nothing wrong with them in wide open spaces. I know were there is a hand clutch 660 sitting I guess from a blown engine. I just picked a nice 830 so I think I will make a run at the 660 anyway. Should be a good pair.
  3. It’s probably an JD European combine. They never went to the engine up front offset cab design overseas and I know JD imported them into the US and Canada.
  4. Big Bud guy


    Take note. The dreaded hand clutch. Guess only JD guys can drive it.
  5. I know the 6080 in the OP is open station but unless I’m just running augers I’ll take the tractor you could actually get a decent cab on it.
  6. I have a neighbor that laid out a fence using what he thought was a rock on the horizon. Turned out to be his horse.
  7. My neighbor gave me a can. An empty one since I don't drink anyway. Honestly I couldn't care less about the whole thing but does it more exposure to the 8RX?
  8. Wheat was trending up late last fall. Some people (not me) do take it upon themselves to learn marketing, how read the markets, play with futures puts/calls, pay attention to world wide events, and pay attention to crop reports coming out of other countries to determine what to plant.
  9. JD dealers were forced to consolidate. That is fact.
  10. Those buses are truly an icon in Glacier National park. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Jammers
  11. And before someone asks, no the dealer did not break in the engine before delivering it. That is why neighbor was fizzed
  12. Neighbor of mine has this old Versatile series II 850 that gets maybe 10-20 hrs a year on it. Engine ran fine but was starting to get lots of blow by so he had a local dealer overhaul it. They quoted him $15,000 which means they probably were only going to do the sleeves/pistons or bare minimum. They get done overhauling the engine and haul it back to him. Problem is the truck pulls into the yard and my neighbor goes out finds the tractor still running. The dumb$h!t driver or whoever loaded it left the tractor running the whole trip!!! Now the dealer was 140 miles away and ran for 2+ hrs plus whatever time it spent running at the dealership loading it. So naturally my neighbor was fizzed. And then he gets the bill for it and its $47,000. Talked to the manager and apparently they overhauled the engine completely from the crankshaft on up and front to back. Nothing was untouched. Probably the right way to do it but that is not what they discussed when they gave him the quote. So the manager offered to bring the bill down to the $21,000 which still didn't help because you have the issue of a freshly overhauled engine idling for 2+hrs. Long story short he contacted the owner of the dealer (its a multi store dealership) he offered to install a reman engine for $21,000 which my neighbor took.
  13. Not me. For starters me and my dad started the collection together. Some stuff we owned together and some separately. That is a lot different then when the dad collects and the kid has zero interest in it. Grandpa/great grandpa never did collect anything because they grew up with this antique machinery and had no desire to relive that. And any other crap they had was just that. Even told me once the old wooden grainery should be burned down.
  14. Same here. No kids but whoever inherits my collection will dispose of it quickly. And that’s fine with me. Don’t know why some people expect the kids or whoever to keep and maintain a collection.
  15. We went through two Cat 12s just like those. First one was just plain wore out and got rid of it after while. Next one was a what I would call a “DuPont” special. Looked great but as soon as I started using it, oil leaked everywhere on it. Still it ran alright until one day it put a rod through the block. So then we scrapped it except for the blade. Went a few years without a grader. Then I decided I might actually spend more time maintaining our roads and trails if i bought a grader that was half ass nice to run. So we ended up with our current grader which is a JD 770A. Also have a Cat No. 7 auto patrol in the collection.
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