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  1. Normally you have to retorque the heads after you run the engine for awhile. Course if the old head did the same thing you might have other issues.
  2. We used to F around with Howes, Power service, and others trying the make winter no 2 not gell. Nowadays when they predict extreme cold we will run the fuel tanks in the trucks down to nothing and fill up with straight no 1 in town. Takes care of all this nonsense. When when we order fuel during year, we have them bring out 500 gal of no 1 red for the feeding tractors.
  3. The two wind farms in my area were working just fine when it got down to -40. I’m not one of those liberal green save the earth people but using the Texas wind farms as an example of needing more fossil fuel power plants is not going to work.
  4. We have a 5100E. For haying we use ours on the square baler and V rake. Works great for both those jobs. They are 100 engine hp and 85 pto which is about the same as the 4020 we used to have. We have almost 1,000 hrs on it now with no issues including emissions. I'd be more concerned with the M/R series because there would be more stuff to go wrong. The E series is as basic as you can get today for a tractor. Everything except the direction reverser has a manual direct connection just like the old tractors. Very minimum of sensors and switches. I agree that your JD dealer would love to
  5. We have some hilly ground west of the farmstead. Been farmed for almost 100 years top soil blown off over the years because of plowing. When we had hogs I spread a bunch on it with the honey wagon. Wheat went from 10-15 bu to 50 bu and maintained that for several crops with no additional fertilizer. If the farming genie would grant me some wishes one would be to layer the entire farm with liquid hog manure.
  6. I agree. I wish I could get the hog manure without the hogs. Amazing what it does to poor ground.
  7. Some of the Hutterite colonies knife in manure around here. Suppose to be more environmentally friendly since it can’t run off.
  8. That style of shank JD started using in the late 40s. But I think at some point everybody was making that style and these style of tool bars.
  9. My picture is an 800. This brochure I have lists something like 12 different tool bars in a hundred different configurations, shanks, and even mounting brackets. Here is another pic of a bracket that matches yours.
  10. I’m not saying that one is a JD but cultivators like that could be factory made.
  11. I had two different neighbors lose their N14 in their tractors right around the 5,000 hr mark. One was a NH 9884 and the other CIH 9380. On the other hand I have Another neighbor who we do custom work for has two 9380s one over 8,000 hrs and the other over 4,000. Neither one has been touched other then he rolled in a set of bearings on the 8,000 hr just for precaution.
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