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  1. I wonder if that is the original colors? The very first baler Ed made was restored in red and yellow colors. They call them self tying balers but the bench next the chute makes you wonder how many bales were actually tied.
  2. So was I. White made some untique and cool tractors. Too bad the 4-325 never made it to the market.
  3. Uhhhhhhh we have both farms and ranches around here and and and lots of operations like ours that farm and ranch TOGETHER. I farm next to a ranch that runs over 800 head. Several more "ranchs" here that run 500 head or so that also farm on the side. So that "farm vs ranch" is completely irrelevant . Not having to buy a house, pay rent for a house, not pay for water, or electricity is a plus to some people no matter the location. You aren't touching anything short of an outhouse around here for less than 150K so free house does matter.
  4. They were probably no worse than the JD's of that era. Smaller engines compared to Steiger and Versatile
  5. That model is a little bit more common. Dale is correct but in the 80s Steiger used AC transmissions in some their tractors guessing the same one in the 8550.
  6. Yes and no. The steering wheel holders don't make that. But the trust worthy guys who can get the drills and trucks ready for seeding or combines ready for harvest without any supervision, can anticipate what jobs have to be done next, and basically can run the farm themselves are pulling in 50K or more with free room and board.
  7. My great grandpa was making $1 a day working for the local BTO ranch while he was trying to prove up on his homestead. This would have been 1910 to 1917. No 8 hr days either. $5 for 8 had it been unthinkable back then
  8. The bidding ain’t over yet. But I rather have the 4x4. Much nicer to run and way more usable. That other 220 looks like parade queen that’s afraid to get dirty with a don’t touch sign on it. I like to use what I collect
  9. https://jerrycollinsauctions.hibid.com/lot/169193822/1982-allis-chalmers-4w-220-tractor Local auction has a AC 4W-220. Always wanted one of those since I first discovered them. Apparently other guys have discovered them too because at that price and reserve not met, I’m not even going to bother. Probably could have got it for nothing 15 years ago.
  10. Stole these off of FB. Don’t own either tractor. The SM-325 has the factory Komatsu engine and they are rare. The Steiger swather had to be even more rare. This is the first real one I’ve seen and reading the comments and sounds like the first for other guys too. They are actually rebadged Co-op implement swathers which makes since because in return they were selling rebadged Steiger as Co-OP’s.
  11. Our local museum has two Allcrops and I know were there is a third one setting out in the prairie. Always thought they were weird having the separator 90 degrees to the header
  12. That makes sense. That’s at 100 gallons too small for a class 9. Only reason I bring it up is because my cousins help said neighbor cut every year. They started with JD 9770s and those have a 250 gallon tank. They could cut all day and have 1/4 tank fuel left but couldn’t figure out why 9120 had to be refueled with 3-4 hrs left in the day
  13. That sounds normal. How big is the fuel tank on it? I have a neighbor with a 9120 he bought new. First class 9 combine in the neighborhood and so far the only one. In there hard going on a long day he has to refuel around 5 to 6:00 which leads me to believe they have an awfully small tank for its size
  14. It really doesn’t matter the width. Drapers don’t feed worth a crap in peas, mustard and canola without the assistance of a top auger. I watched Farris cut my neighbors peas and his Macdons didn’t have augers. He’s a famous custom cutter and runs 7250s. Only place he runs into peas is our area so he doesn’t equip his headers with augers. I was watching him and I’m not shi11ing you when I say a 1460 with the standard 24’ 810 header would out cut any of those 7250s. They were having to go really slow so that the crop wouldn’t bunch up on the header and have the reel throw everything back out onto the ground. And the peas was only yielding around 15 bpa
  15. Both styles have been combined. Every draper header around here also has an auger to aid in feeding bunch crops.
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