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  1. I’m looking at the “Detroit Diesel” embossed in the rocker cover and it looks like there’s more space between the ends of the cover and the lettering making me think it’s a V8 but the side view does look like. V6 or that starter is a mike long...
  2. I’m also about 80% sure I might have bought enough used forklifts to fill a 53’ trailer... they’re a little older and need some work but they’re decent trucks. A friends long term business is downsizing likely planning to retire at some point. Looking at a decent price and $6k to transport a full load 1200 miles. I think I might pull the trigger and fix them and flog em off...
  3. Working at cleaning the shop and organizing the storage barn and shed. Looked at the GenerJunk and found control boards corroded. I’ll clean them up but they’re potted and have a pile of tantalum capacitors which are sheiit and fail/drift value. If she doesn’t work right after a little board cleaning I think I’ll put an aftermarket AVR (automatic voltage regulator) in it and build my own board for alarms and shut downs. It doesn’t need to be as complicated as it is. These boards are probably somewhat generic and some features aren’t needed here. A friend stopped by and asked about helping clear his land this summer. Has about 5 acres he plans to build a shop on to house his steel roofing business. Took the small John Deere with a 5’ bush hog and cleared most of it in 3 hrs. Some heavy alders and red whips in there... his summer suddenly became much easier... Oh... and same friends son wanted to go for a motor chyckle ride this evening. Seeming as I’m riding his fathers bike rn who am I to say no... left him a little note though!
  4. In the 706, is that an 8v71 or 8v53? The 8v53’s are rare as hens teeth... what a cool bunch of machinery
  5. House cleaning... cleared out the square body that’s getting the 6v53 transplant. Pulled this “GenerJunk” generator out of storage going to organize that shed make some storage space. It’s a 10kw standby unit, propane, runs and generates but has alarm/shutdown issues. Gonna fix that and slam it up for sale. I have no use for it and propane doesn’t work for me as a back up fuel... 4 cyl Mitsubishi if I remember right. Much more robust than a home unit rated at 10kw... 4 pole head/1800 rpm unit. Wonder what it’s worth??? Got the Austin mini back here also, clutch master cylinder blew its wad... oh and ma and pops driving 1200miles left today to pick up a trailer load of moving stuff so I’m on plant/garden watering duty and three legged cat feeding duty... busy busy...
  6. It was rolled by a company that specializes in roll forming. Basically done in big slip rolls. We couldn’t do it here, it’s 6x10x1/2” HSS. Pretty stiff stuff.
  7. One arch nearly together. This thing is going to be big... the arch is 58’6” now then another 8’ or so per side for the columns. Each arch weighs 3300lbs.
  8. Parts are no problem. Ordered new rocker arms, shims, guides and valves. Guides were oversized OD. Both intakes +0.002, one exhaust +0.002 and one +0.004”. Went with bronze guides and nitrided valves. Guides were in stock @ $11ea and valves were in stock @ $25ea. Rockers were $32 each for non roller stock replacements which is all this build needs. Also measured valve depth and my seats are not ground too low, plenty of meat to spare by the Harley manual.
  9. Did a valve adjustment on a JD 4230 yesterday. Working on the Harley today.
  10. Yep, pops and Mr. Wilson here. Mr. Wilson getting his speaker fixed for free and is on beer three from MY fridge 🤣. I have to go fabricate for a few hours now so I could only have a couple “lunch beers”. Got a carb kit and ignition advance kit to install in a buddy’s boat after that, or maybe tomorrow depending on how Friday evening beers work out...
  11. Mr. Wilson (next door) ready to whomp some more Metallica or Sabbath turned up to 11. New surround and tweeters installed.
  12. Here’s a couple pics of one of my jugs. It’s cast as one piece with no liner. I wonder were the panheads the same or had someone installed a liner in your jug which would make the remaining casting awful thin? Working on my heads this morning. There’s issues. Valve stems are beat up and there’s damage to the rocker arm pads. Also there’s excessive end play on the rocker arms... Managed to remove the burned up thrust washer and salvage that H cam should I choose to use it.
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