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  1. Got that blower almost done. Was waiting on bearings, sprockets and chain which arrived tonight. Been run off me arse last few days. This afternoon moved stuff around before the real bad weather hits. Pulled the front end for the Detroit powered ‘81 square body ton short box lowered Chevy. That was a serious sentence to spell out... truck shouldn’t exist...
  2. It doesn’t matter there’s air in it as mentioned above but for high performance automotive stuff I run a -6 line and bleed it. The oil gauge will snap up as fast as the tach and can give early indications of engine issues. I’d stay away from copper or nylon. IF done right and supported, copper can be ok (it was used in steam applications back in the day) but you’ll notice it’s got strain relief bends and support brackets very frequently...
  3. Not so much Detroits but racing when I was younger. We ran WKA Pro-Kart series then moved to DIRT 358 Modifieds in the 90’s. That was hard on the old ears... then 11 years as marine Engineer didn’t help. One ship I worked on we had three 12v149’s in the generator room. That was a serious racket and my cabin was right above the generator room... then some arse hole North Dakota’d at an indoor shooting range while Nobody had ear pro on... that took a few years off my hearing... Sound is my other hobby I guess. Been building speakers since high school. The ones in the house I built (in different driver trim) near 30 years ago. They were retired from the shop and moved into the house. There’s 2x18” subs, three way tops with 2x15” woofers, 6” mids and compression horns. That’s powered by an old school Phase Liner 700 for the tops and a Carver PT-2400 for the subs. In this configuration there’s 2300 watts in the living room... I still need to make a wood cabinet/entertainment centre and record shelf to hold It all. (It’s pretty ghetto rn but sounds good!)... I’ve been learning to fix my own electronics with lots of help from other online friends as there’s just nobody to turn to here or near anywhere for that matter. Nobody wants to work on vintage electronics, just sell you new crap.
  4. So it’s ‘murican thanksgiving coming... guess they do things a little different south of the border...
  5. So a package arrived today from @hardtail forgot to take a couple pics but I’ll post a few when I get back in the house. Now I must admit when I saw the package was a cardboard tube about 3” diameter by 24” long, I thought perhaps he had me mistaken Richard Gere... 😳 🤣 Instead of a hamster, I was pleasantly surprised to find some laminated Harley Davidson shovelhead engine blue prints! A BIG thank you to hardtail! I’ll hang them on the wall in the shop or man cave for sure! Been working on the snow blower last few days and the geometry is finalized, I’ve got a good bit more than 180* rotation and everything for the most part fabricated in steel now. Working on the cylinder mount but cold snack time is here. Back at it tomorrow.
  6. Transferring templates to steel this afternoon. Dirty old grinding job. Rough cut them with the torch but still lots to clean up to make them look decent.
  7. I just used a carbide insert, they work OK, if you wanted a real fine finish sharper/smaller radius cutters do work better. Depending on the plastic cutting speeds can range from 200-1500ft/min. I ran right around 500ft/min which is about 130rpm@ 15” which was my largest diameter. It’s really not too fussy stuff to Cut. Sometimes I’ve had to machine forklift tires in rubber and urethane. Those are a pain to get a decent finish on. Very sharp cutter, high positive rake angle and even then you pretty much have to buff them with a sanding disc to get a good finish. The material tends To tear out rather than cut.
  8. No worries on the thread crapping! Yeah if the injectors were that big she would be making some serious firing pressure! working on that blower again today. Got a Teflon bushing made up and the cylinder arrived.
  9. That’s a cool bit of history there. Yes I have heard of the “battle speed” governor. I wonder what the max rpm was on that setting? Pretty sure 2650 was the standard “no load” setting on the 671. I bet that engine had stiffer valve springs as well. It would have been a two valve head I think too. They usually fail due to valve train issues during a run away, I’ve never seen one with a rod out the side, even had a 12v149 twin blower/quad turbo run away on a ship one time. Beat the valve train up till it quit but not before thrashing the alternator off it’s bed plate and trashing the generator room... it kept all its rods in surprisingly.
  10. Couldn’t source exact replacement bearings for that injection pump but got some that are close. They’re standard bearings and the diameters are the same but they’re 15.25mm thick instead of 12mm. I’ll have to do a little machining to make it fit. Also got a thrust bearing that’s close, it will need a small sleeve to pilot it’s ID. Working on making a snow blower chute rotate hydraulically today. Card board and thin wood mock up done and we’ve got a little over 180* rotation with a 10” stroke cylinder. Bearings and the cylinder should be here tomorrow. I’ve got almost $2k worth of forklift tires bought and paid for that are currently MIA in transit somewhere... hope those show up soon as buddy is near worn to the steel on his current tires... Oh, and it snowed today... gross.
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