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  1. Loading ore in superior Wisconsin, ice starting in the harbour. Had a USCG port state inspection today. All went well in my department, they asked to run the emergency fire pump and lifeboat engines which both fired right up. The fire pump is a deutz and some Russian POS in the lifeboat which can be a little cranky to get going but it behaved today. We’re not detained so I guess everything else passed too.
  2. Thanks, it’s all trever and Darcy making them look good, I do mostly mechanical work on them. Gotta wonder after messing with 70’s audio equipment how long till these ships start having issues with their electronics, there’s electrolytic capacitors everywhere in the control and alarm systems...
  3. Not really an issue. When they’re empty the residual water is over 26’ below the surface. That slosh around a good bit too so never seen them freeze up enough to matter. Gotta watch the seabays for engine cooling water though, we recirculate the warm cooling water discharge back into the seabays rather than directly overboard in cold weather. check out these janky alarms... 5 1/4” floppy drive ffs... Forklifts all listed online no more “dibs” for locals they all on the block now! four link parts in the works, thinking of fabricating similar front coil over set up. Would be long spring/shock and nearly compressed at ride height with a real soft rate to allow the front end to really transfer weight back on the launch. Not sure I want to go quite as hard as this guy but consider that proof of concept!
  4. Provisions usually twice per month, chief cook places an order and it’s delivered. There’s a pretty good food budget but buddy and some other cooks act like it’s coming out of their own pocket. He probably thinks he’s looking good to the company for saving money, I don’t think there is a financial incentive such as an under budget bonus for the chief cook. I cut the lock off the dry stores room before watch. There was NO F00KING COFFEE OUT! It was all locked up. Not anymore! Waiting to see the sh!t storm over that later today but I really don’t care. There will be mutiny if no coffee.
  5. Actually we have to apply a good bit of power to enter/exit the locks. The ship displaces nearly all the water from the lock, the ship may be moving walking pace but if you look between the ship side and lock wall it’s rushing out like mad. I’d have to check but our gross displacement loaded is around 50,000mT. We probably couldn’t ram the door at any speed but a small ship in a large lock like your picture sure could. Making port at Quebec City this morning at 0430. Miserable and snowing sideways here. Galley is up to their usual standards too. I’ve got a galley inspection due later today buddy’s not gonna like it...
  6. Think they make 750cfm in a 4500 dominator series but still that’s a metric F-ton of carb. It’s probably not actually “409” cube either, if I remember right the bore spacing is the same as BBC, possibly even bearing diameters. I’ve heard of guys putting big stroke to the W engines. Then old wedge chambers liked to rev too...
  7. Soo locks from my cabin. Heading out into Lake Superior now. Watch out! I’m on the throttle lads!
  8. No news is good news from the fella with the Nissan! Made it to the ship, had to wait a few extra hours at Toronto airport as they lost my bag. How the heck do you loose a bag on a 2 1/2hr flight from a tiny airport with no connections? Bet is was an excuse for extra security screening. They wanted to send it to me next couple days by fed ex and had to explain to the guy that I was leaving on a cargo ship and really needed it to leave with me. Took them a bit but they found it. Trever is just about finished with the little Hyster, I’ve got the mechanical done before I left so think she’s about ready to go down the road. Into my second full shift on the ship now, pretty quiet engine room, as in not much work and actually quiet equipment wise even running full away. Never heard a main engine turbo this quiet. She’s a big Sulzer, around 13,000hp, two B&W generators at 720rpm and one wartsilla at 900rpm. We’ve got Woodward governor technicians on board rn as the main engine try’s to overspeed randomly during manoeuvring though. There has to be someone at the controls at all times till that’s resolved. I had the Detroitson running before I left, made sure the emergency damper was free so pops didn’t have to worry about a runaway if he moves it. He’s beefing up the coolant for winter and putting her in her shed next couple days. Got the Hyster XM65 Running yesterday also, charged the battery and she fired right up. Think that’s ready for sale mechanically just needs trevers touch on the appearance.
  9. New lower rad hose, replaced the thermostat again, found the fuggin vacuum brake booster was leaking while I was beating into submission. Think we got it licked now. Hope we do because I’m sitting in the airport rn heading to work.
  10. Guys I swear I must have run over a nun in a past life and she came back as a Nissan forklift to haunt me. Yesterday I adjusted the brakes on buddys Liftruck. New water pump, -40 antifreeze, new thermostat... decided to put long John’s and mitts on yesterday and drive it the half hour to his business. It blew a rad hose in sight of his place. Being cold it was SPECTACULAR ball of steam right in town. Some retired cop ran out of his house in a Dr. Who tardis house coat with a fire extinguisher not much bigger than a beer can expecting to help, guess it was the thought that counts. My Fug guys I’m trying to make this truck worthwhile and reliable for the fella but it’s resisting me every step of the way!!!
  11. DE-livarD he should be able to put up the walls with that eh? long ol drive... put it through the paces though.
  12. It’s been a busy day. Trever putting a couple burgers on the bbq rn and call it a night. Think I’m going to deliver the heli to a friends shop this weekend. He can use it with a man basket to side the inside of his boat shop. 18’ ceilings and she’ll lift a fella that high. He knows what I want for it so if it works For him I probably got another sale. Only two left on the island to be spoken for at that. Sure takes some Pressure off the old bank account. Got three more still back in Ontario.
  13. Yes, the 5mph bumpers detracted from the styling big time. New water pump installed, Trever painting the Hyster, poor Darcy had to go home... too drunk an hour after work to be anything but a mess, spilled paint all over the work bench, painting wrong stuff. Poor guy can’t control his booze. We have some beers but he’s out of control. He must have been drinking at work this afternoon to be in the state he was in... oh Fug, see the pic of the 2020 Chevy? Buddy took his 1960 Ford hone today after I installed a new carb. He got out and left it running, must not have been in park cuz he went in to open the barn door and the truck left on its own, found his new truck...
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