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  1. Well I didn’t get any pics but we were standing ankle deep next to the boat twice today. Stogged her up on the sand bar leaving the channel at low tide lol. Soft sand, didn’t hurt anything but our pride! This thing needs more motor... it handled better with more motor and 82.7 is pretty lame really 😅
  2. Well ST has gone home, took her to the airport last night. Guess I gotta do some real work before I head back to sea in about ten days. Have to pick up a forklift tire tube for a guy this morning, look at a forklift at the tire shop and I have a few hydraulic cylinders to rebuild for forklifts. Have to set out the MSD box on the boat and see if it’s pooched or not. Ordered a cheap knock off 6AL box from Jegs, see if it’s any good maybe I’ll pot the internals with epoxy to water tight it. Going to mount it under the deck of the boat also. Got a cheap chinesium GPS speedometer for the boat also that I need to install.
  3. It works now! Waiting for buddy to launch his boat and we’re going for a little sail.
  4. Yes, she’s right comfortable now. Was a little tense at first but she really enjoyed the day yesterday. Working on Squeaky’s trim motor rn. It’s crusty... “flavour country”... the roto-tweebator isn’t tweebulating...
  5. had her out in the open Atlantic yesterday, sailed about 50 miles round trip from the river up to the north cape reef. Spent a lot of time just cruising along with my friend at about 30mph which is ~2200rpm for me. At that I probably could have made it on the 10gal tank but I put a 5 gal can in on the way back and that filled it full again. Beautiful day for it, sun burned the tops of knees only cuz of how you sit in the thing...
  6. Sigh... it’s $8.00/gal for 91 octane up here in communist Canuckistan... edit: still cheaper than a ho.
  7. Out for another test and tune. Way better with a jet change. Dropped 2 sizes each corner and picked up 400rpm. Forgot the g-piss but we may have broke into the low 90’s. Ignition fixed, added 2 quarts of oil to the pan and solved most of my oil pressure issue on decell. Probably weld another baffle into the pan next time it’s off. Thinking we’re good for a day cruise this weekend. Going to load fuel into my friends boat. I have an hour meter on the tach now... used 10 gallons in 24 minutes...
  8. I hear ya, I’m pretty worn out. It was miserable and rainy today so I didn’t do eff all. Just went to a dinner theatre thing with the folks and ST. Date night. It was ok. Good food and music.
  9. Sure is! This engine is noticeably down on power in the boat compared to the 496 I had in it. Mostly top end power but the 496 would slip the prop more on the hit which is good. The boat actually handled better with more power, it was easier to trim out at speed as it could carry the bow higher. She’s pretty quick for junk parts, we seen 85mph on the gps and I think there’s a little more left with a jet change as she’s pretty rich. Will be doing good to get into the 90’s with this engine. Someday the 14-71 blown 598 will get together and go in it.
  10. Had her out yesterday. Some minor bugs to sort out but overall a successful day! It’s the talk of the town, made some serious noise...
  11. got the drive shaft installed, bracket to hold the Hilborn scoop on, fuel tank in. Wiring almost done, ignition and coil mounted and ST sat in it. She’s not too sure of this situation lol. I fired it up and she just about noped right out... Throttle cable bracket and seats and the boat is ready for the water. Trailer needs some work first though. Hoping to launch her tomorrow afternoon
  12. Soon! Sugar tits just arrived less than an hour ago for a week stay so hoping to pop her V-drive cherry this week! leveled the engine by lowering the back end 1 3/4” which makes the engine sit right in the boat but it does induce a 3* driveshaft angle. It’s because it’s a 9* boat with a 12* V-drive in it... I doubt it will be a noticeable oscillation but I’m gonna try it out. The boat looks way better like this... got the drive shaft in to day, motor mount done and alternator bracket and belt done. Wiring and a few details and the boat is ready for the water, trailer needs work...
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