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  1. You’re absolutely right about no “stock” Fordsons existing. The manifold/mixer assembly on this tractor is a mash up of at least 3 different tractors and I think we can call that 4 if we count the throttle shaft and butterfly out of the green N... The tractor itself is chassis wise 1918, wheels and sheet metal are from a 1925 along with a few other miscellaneous parts. All my Holley parts are TOUGH shape... I’d have to dig to give you model numbers as I’m not as familiar with the Holley stuff, I’ve only worked on one better part of 20 years ago. I have A Holley here with the circular vapourizer plates but the manifold itself is nearly rotten away... My Uncles bought out an OLD Ford dealership over 30 years ago (parts wise) I’ve got crates of Fordson “scrap” and unfortunately most of it is (nearly) scrap. Any one need a 30gal barrel of used valves and springs??!!I have boxes of Holley mixers but they’re rusted bad, broken or otherwise not easily serviceable. I honestly don’t think I can put together another complete manifold/mixer from these parts without epic machining, stitching and brazing. Manifolds and radiators is what’s going to make Fordson restoration out of reach of the home hobbiest soon unfortunately. I’m also sure that working on yours for ten years was much more enjoyable than this project too. Not that we didn’t enjoy doing it, the owner is a friend who didn’t pressure us, but did ask for it done for display this summer. This was no problem thanks to our friend Trever who took care of all the sheet metal work. The man has the patience of a saint when I comes to tapping, banging and rubbing on sheet metal! That said, she hit the dusty trail the other day after all our friends kids had prom pictures taken with the old stuff. I’ve never seen so many well dressed people grace my home... I have an F we plan get running next, we call it “the patina job”. It’s rusty but pretty complete. Thinking about flipping the Kingston regenerator upside down and mounting a Schebler carb to it. The goal is to get it running nearly “as is”, no paint, only mechanical. Here’s her final pics here for now, don’t have any of the prom pics yet though.
  2. Spent the day pulling stuff out of storage, my friends daughter just graduated high school and wants prom pics with old tractors/vehicles. think I can come up with 21 tractors and a few classic cars for tomorrow evening with a little jockeying around.
  3. Better pic of the manifold side/forward choke.
  4. Anyone seen this monstrosity? Think it’s in Europe maybe??? Aside from the horrendous paint sceme, look at the magneto... I think they cut the F model timing cover away and the N model mag gear is running exposed... wonder how much oil that would leak and dirt would get in? All one can ask is WHY? Seems it’s a museum? Tanks and other equipment in the background, tractor bolted to the ground, safety/vandalism Guards? How could they think a Fordson would be painted these colours! makes me a little sick...
  5. It was on the to do list! And done! Not sure if you can see it in this pic but same idea as yours. (Still trying to figure out the thanks/like buttons and quote features here so hope I got that right...) So I’ve been running and tuning her all day Sunday. Had a leaky float, soldered that up and finally sealed it. She runs OK, I’d say not as well as my 25 with a Kingston M-D, and nowhere near as well as a Zenith set up like my 27... the engine has excellent compression, bores were clean with no ridge. Valve job done and clearances set 0.020”, guides are questionable but the owner didn’t plan to go this far at the time, looking back he/we should have done them but in reality this tractor isn’t going to run much. I find it’s very fussy on the mixture needle... more so than my M-D tractor. We tried a known good set of coils just to eliminate them, same, it runs the same on 12v battery or the flywheel mag also. To me it seems lean under load and rich at idle. If I had the dash mixture adjuster for it that would help. I find opening the needle a half turn when you want to drive and closing it half turn to sit and run helps a lot, just never had to do that on the other M-D... I’ll see what we can fabricate or get from Fordson house to solve that dash adjuster. The tractor will be back in a couple months for the rad core exchange so I will have another chance to address any issues then. The owner is pretty handy and my father is retired and local so even if I’m away working at sea he will have some tech support for the summer. One other thing I noticed is this thing has a FAST 3rd gear! It’s basically useless it’s so fast and hard to pull away from a stop. I’ve never been so fast on a Fordson... parked her in the “yard art/parts/project” line up for the evening. Other than the 10-20 she’s the only runner in that pic. One of these days I have to empty the storage barn and get the other runners out to stretch their legs. On my phone, not sure why the pics are upside flip... I think she’s heading to her rightful home tomorrow.
  6. Thanks everyone. Darn right about doing what you gotta do... I like to try to make “what I gotta do” a reasonably quality repair and honestly, we gave up on that rad. They have I believe 141 tubes, we were down to 60 something left and every time we disturbed the core something else leaked. I’ll ask the owner if we can keep it as it only drips, but he wants to put coolant in and forget about it. It would be fine for us to play for a day, just keep a jug of water around. Anyways we ordered a few new cores from Bob at Fordson house, one for this tractor and a some projects of our own. The rad core that’s in this tractor now came of my personal F so this tractor could go out for the summer (I’m heading to sea till the end of August soon), I’ll install his new core then and reclaim my original at that time. Hope he doesn’t drive it into anything. I freed and peened the clutch so he’s got no excuse!!! She releases mint. That’s a must do on these wet clutches...
  7. Hey guys some more progress and another acquisition... The Fordson is likely going to be delivered to her owner today or Saturday. She’s in “PDI” stage with just a few little issues to sort out. Got two spots of paint to sand with 1500 and buff, reset the float level tonight and she’s running good. She will start on the internal mag but wired up a hidden “hot start”. Double throw switch so the battery and mag can never interface. Works good and starts easy. Even had an “electric start” but of course didn’t get it on video so never happened... Also landed a Ruston Hornsby 5WHR we’ve been playing with a little. Plan to get running and put to some use. We’re going to leave mostly as is patina wise. Picked up an English Fordson F on rubber in pieces too, complete, but in pieces... Anyways here’s some pics.
  8. Thought this had posted but guess it didn’t. Here the first start. We were originally doing mechanical only then asked to Restore.
  9. Thanks guys. Got the exhaust pipe bent today, working on a hidden hot start battery hidden in the water washer. She will start on the flywheel mag but want it real easy for the owner to start as he’s a little older. Yes, it’s a wet clutch in the engine oil. Think it’s 18 discs total??? They were stuck and were all peened to help release I lost those pictures though. The lathe is a SIRCO PA-24. 24” over the bed, 36” in the gap and 80” between centers. can’t wait to finish the last final details and send it back the her owner, maybe then I can work on some My own stuff.
  10. Oh yeah, we bought a 1927 10-20 the other day too.
  11. Three months she’s almost done. Details now, runs mint.
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