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  1. Thought this had posted but guess it didn’t. Here the first start. We were originally doing mechanical only then asked to Restore.
  2. Thanks guys. Got the exhaust pipe bent today, working on a hidden hot start battery hidden in the water washer. She will start on the flywheel mag but want it real easy for the owner to start as he’s a little older. Yes, it’s a wet clutch in the engine oil. Think it’s 18 discs total??? They were stuck and were all peened to help release I lost those pictures though. The lathe is a SIRCO PA-24. 24” over the bed, 36” in the gap and 80” between centers. can’t wait to finish the last final details and send it back the her owner, maybe then I can work on some My own st
  3. Oh yeah, we bought a 1927 10-20 the other day too.
  4. Three months she’s almost done. Details now, runs mint.
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