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  1. P-51 70% Replica Big Block Chevy Powered https://www.motortrend.com/features/p51-mustang-airplane-replica-big-block-chevy-power
  2. As others have described The jobs leave for overseas those with a work ethic leave to find a job else where and the rifraf stays. Then drugs and crime increases The local elected start to cater to the government teat suckers and don't go after the law breakers Pretty soon its a sanctuary because the local elected are looking to bring in the federal money That is the whole downward spiral in a nutshell Pretty much describes most of the old industrial towns in the Northeast
  3. We have a big Honeysuckle Bush, Rose of Sharon and butterfly bush and two feeders around our deck. Its like a Star Wars fighter war all day long I think there are different tribes they chase each other off the feeders The males show up in May and hang out waiting for the females they all leave before October
  4. Any specs on the truck they didn't list them on FB
  5. Snagged this one from FB 1981 Transtar Brougham belonging to Troy Link of MI
  6. Ya I went to a few indoor truck pulls that was bad enough so I can only imagine what that was like I'd rather watch outdoors and it can get pretty heavy then if there is no wind
  7. Getting in them is the down side Most of the drivers today are to fat to do so All COEs in Europe very rare to see a hood
  8. Looks good and sounds like a heavy spec truck does it have lockers too? The COEs were popular with the bed bugging company's in the late 70' early 80's. We had them at North American with the small sleeper They were a little easier to get around with when you have a fixed axle trailer than the conventional The cracker box day cabs were either pulling doubles or were some kind of tool carrier
  9. I am praying for a speedy recovery and you are back home with Wrangler soon
  10. The cab looks about the size of an old Transtar 4070B
  11. I wonder what its original purpose was?
  12. Wait till they get a face full of the government load Likely to give all the animals the runs
  13. I've had a P89DC Stainless for 30 years never had any issues accurate enough for me
  14. Sorry to hear that he was knowledgeable I enjoyed his posts RIP
  15. Someone gave me a whole bunch of boxes of Russian 9mm I threw it away after the first clip load It was all over the place like a 24" spread
  16. The Subaru importer Ernie Boch Jr has the same one I see it at his toy box at the port They get it ready for him usually got a Hellcat in tow
  17. We have arrived Not sure if we can stop it the deck is being stacked against us
  18. not sure Here is a clip of the Badger he rousted from it's den His girl friend is lucky she didn't get chewed up
  19. That is good they have them back at North Wilkesboro The track close to me is Thompson in CT 5/8 mile they have the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour stop in a couples time a year been a few times Been to Loudon NH 1 one mile a whole bunch too for the cup cars and Indy cars when they raced there Drove one of the modified cars at Thompson followed the pro around the track that was cool Did the same at Loudon NH in a cup car totally different set up than the Modified cars that have a whole bunch of tire stager I also took a ride with the pro at Loudon he was dirt track star he hustled that car that was a lot of fun.
  20. Just Stupid So are the ones who will pass it
  21. He has big ones Ever watch Airplane Repo? The guy on there Mike Kennedy will just jump on a gator and tie its snout shut
  22. I'd stay out of the creeks around Oak Ridge a lot of mercury contamination over the years of weapons manufacturing. Back in the early days they dug pits and dumped stuff all over the place on that complex. https://cumulis.epa.gov/supercpad/SiteProfiles/index.cfm?fuseaction=second.cleanup&id=0404152
  23. After following his thread it looks like they like to have a good time in their daily adventures 😎 Good thing they built that bridge makes it easier to resupply them
  24. @vtfireman85 A little cheaper
  25. A lot of the lowboy work is done with a day cab they weigh less = more payload My buddy hauls scrap metal they all use day cabs for that reason
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