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  1. Sorry for your loss my prayers for your sisters recovery
  2. Praying for a speedy recovery for you and your family
  3. Looks like the power unit for a cotton picker after the harvest it could be converted back to regular farm duties
  4. What is this almost looks GM but I see Ford LN9000 hood vents
  5. What was the out come on the rod bore and the crank journal measurements on the miss matched rod bearing set?
  6. Nice tractor The tin all looks straight
  7. The only thing missing on that M is the TA It appears as if the operator brought her own
  8. I hope so looks like there is plenty of storage
  9. Ok its a Super M LPG with a couple of nice pumpkins
  10. Here is a nice M in a fall setting hopefully that cheers us all up
  11. That would make a good resto-mod chassis strip all the armor off and stick a old IHC cab on it
  12. I would think they just used the standard off the line DT530 but that is possible. It is just sad to see to that part of American industrial history owned by Hitler's car company now. I am hoping for some good to come from the bad.
  13. We left a boat load of these behind hopefully the Maxforce engines hydrolock from the problem with EGR cooler and put them out of service
  14. All very nice examples of machinery from nearly 100 years ago!! Thank you all for sharing
  15. Did those combines run the same engine as the Farmall?
  16. 74-75 pick ups used the side motor mounts
  17. I am looking for a 392 block with the side mounting provisions anybody know of any leads to find one? Left side
  18. Here is a couple Video on setting the float on a Holley
  19. Bridge sandblasting maybe The Dodge don't look to rusty
  20. What kind of machine is that? I see some kind of boom
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