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    You would think the guy would at breeze through the operators manual first or maybe watch an instructional video Fine example of more money than brains just hire some one it's certainly cheaper than buying a rig to bail with. Must be inherited money with that level of stupidity they certainly are not making their own money
  2. Yes I noticed that Just like the places the mobsters frequent they all sit back to the wall facing the door Was in a bar years ago A guy was shaking the cigarette machine because it wouldn't take his coins The bar tender yells at him "your going to die doing that" The guy turns around and says "cigarettes won't kill you that fast" The bar tender says "That's Uncle Ray's machine if he finds out your abusing it you won't have to worry about the cigarettes killing you" Uncle Ray was Raymond Patriarca head of the Patriarca crime family They ran New England Vending all vending machines in the area were his
  3. jeeper61


    I hope the bottom seat cushion is attached with grade 8 hardware
  4. I'd look at the last 3 times they were certified and look at the "As Found" readings they may not even needed adjustment
  5. Looks like they have a manufactures tag
  6. And that will keep you looking 60 for a long time Keep moving or they try to throw dirt on you
  7. When the oil patch and pipe line building was shutdown a lot of tools showed up at pawn shops and on e-bay I got a 3/4 Proto torque wrench for 100 off e-bay
  8. If I use the Big Guy as a gauge of 80 you look 60 Mike
  9. That's the problem with older rust belt stuff its likely been repaired I saw a CJ-7 at a friends house one of his co-workers Made his own frame out of stainless did an excellent job It was four linked front and rear with a Chevy 350 on propane Nice Jeep
  10. Thanks for the pics Mike I don't think I haven seen a four wheel drive rail conversion like that before very interesting The need for certain types of lumber in the old days was global reaching Still is for Chop Sticks
  11. Here is another from the past We used to use wooden thread spools American Thread Company's Spool Mill, Milo Maine 1908
  12. I had to drag this old thread out again because I ran across a paper written about the subject. The Transportation of Logs on Sleds Circa 1925 Link to the paper https://elischolar.library.yale.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1012&context=yale_fes_bulletin Here is a few highlights Lombard Sled Patent Drawing
  13. Nice stuff You don't see those kind of systems anymore in the average persons house
  14. It's still my favorite pick up and I've had many since The lift and the 36" tires were cutting edge back then for a big three truck let alone a binder Made 4" inch lift blocks and had a local spring guy re-arch the springs 4" Ended up putting in later model 3/4 ton axles to get more beef in the rear end and disc brakes in the front After the rust got it I took the doors off and used it for fire wood harvesting for years Finally the the frame gave out and I sold the drive train the 304 still ran like new
  15. 🎂🍻 I hope you all have a good day
  16. I hope your son continues on the road to speedy recovery That is great that all your customers and friends pitched in to help keep the ball rolling
  17. One of the few photos I have of the 1100D, that would be about 1980 Squatting in the rear she was loaded with a pallet of brick for the snow storm Needed to have lots of weight in the back the Power- Loc rear end didn't like to un-lock in low traction conditions It started life with the Maine Forest Service had a block heater for the low temps never needed it just pull the manual choke and she fired every time
  18. I don't think so I didn't take to many photos back in those days
  19. I ran one of those when I worked for North American Van Lines
  20. Nice I had a 70 1100D 4x4 304 4speed I four wheeled with that truck for years I see another in the background of the last photo
  21. Certainly was set up for heavy loads on grades Did get anything on the Tick Tok link got any photos? We loved photos I have a 1750 4x4 with DT466 and a six speed
  22. Thank you for the offer
  23. Our prayers and best wishes are with you Rick
  24. I thought the Good to hear from you! Have a great Thanksgiving day! had special modifications like water cooled manifolds and such. It seems like cat 3208 marine engines could be had up to 400 hp. I would think they don't have to worry about lug conditions in marine engines
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