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  1. Any engine with a flat tappet needs to have a motor oil with a sufficient amount of Zinc. Modern formulas have taken out most of the zinc for emissions reasons and they run roller cams. I understand having too much zinc can also cause issues with ring seating. The diesel and commercial blends have higher Zinc content, I have been told European Car blends do also. I think a lot of the issues have to do with improper manufacturing of the cam blanks.
  2. Brunswick, Maine - 1905 A House was being moved and the railroad company was afraid the house would damage its tracks. So they moved the locomotives to block the crossing on Main street. After some negotiation the house was allowed to cross the tracks and move to its new location.
  3. If it was half that price it might be doable
  4. Been looking for ROTELLA T6 5W40 for my Duramax couldn't find it any where Looked on Amazon they had listed as currently unavailable on the Shell store. The only place I could find it was TSC online
  5. On a lighter note we used to say "Don't let your Meat Loaf"
  6. I don't think they are pushed by the White House COVID task force hard enough and why do the regulators "need to figure it out"? Haven't they been through this several times already? The vaccine is being finished ... it should be in the clinic in coming weeks. We are hoping in the March timeframe to be able to have data to share with regulators to figure out next steps
  7. We got a few news anchors here that use the back door
  8. I hope you get over it soon And then you will have better defense from any other variants
  9. I just want a product that works Did they give you the new card with your last shot?
  10. Personal experience is one source and the state data shows most of the current cases are those people who are fully vaccinated i.e. 3 shots In the arm pit we over 90% vacated yet have one of the highest case rates in the country The personal experience is I have a crew of 10 we have traveled all around the country doing work flying etc. before the vaccine no one got COVID. The vaccine comes out 7 of us got vaccinated in March and April 3 were hold outs and waited until it was mandated in November. The 3 hold outs got the shots in November so around X-mass time they should have been at the peak of resistance from the vaccine they all got it.
  11. My understanding is the boosted folks are more likely to get it. IMO they dropped the ball by not reformulating the vaccine for the delta and Omicron variants which they said could be done but they weren't pushed by the current powers in charge.
  12. I wonder how fast this can suck a submarine tank down?
  13. Just in case some one is looking for one
  14. Is there a chart with the commie rating systems? Must be two of them Rusky and Chnk
  15. It's all a money grab in the US they want to establish a conservation corps. They will go around and police all the environmental laws and the "policing" can be targeted to make people sell their property. If have a friend that inherited his dads house it was on a ten acre lot on a main road. He ran a landscape business and thought it was great he could move all his equipment to the property and stop renting space to keep it. Sold his house moved there cleared some space to park his two trucks two trailers and a compact tractor. The property is zoned multi use, the house was up on a hill and the area he cleared is the lower section of the property not wet at all. He started getting nasty letters from the Department of Environmental Management warning him of fines for encroaching on wet lands etc...... They wanted him to plant buffer trees and vegetation around his parking area and he had to have a plan drawn up by a qualified environmental engineer. My friend has a degree in land scape design and is licensed so drew up his own plans and sent them in. They rejected them because he didn't have the proper certification so he had them reviewed by a collage mate who was now a qualified environmental engineer and they had no choice but approval. He plants it all and they go away for a couple of years and then they start up again with water run-off requirements. Once again he designs and has plans stamped by the engineer submits them they reject he has the plans modified to their liking submits again. They approve he puts the required retention pond and drainage in they inspect and give him a hassle about getting a sign off in the end he gets it, Another couple of years go by he decides to take a job in Florida as a landscape designer for a big architectural design firm and sells it all. The new owner tears the house down fills the low area with the hill the house was on and builds a multi-floor Medical office building and paves the rest of the ten acres for parking. Unbelievable the group of doctors that built that Medical office building must have had a political friend sick the DEM on him to make him sell.
  16. Looking at the change intervals that commie oil must be good stuff
  17. Here in the US we use grease the most well known brand being K-Y
  18. I would image its close to the same but certainly has been "modernized" I haven't looked at the history of the testing standard. There is a SAE standard and there is a ISO Weight rating system all so. The numbers are different ISO 68 is SAE 20 And apparently there is a Russian system also
  19. This maybe more helpful they have SAE grades called out I had a Zetor was not impressed all the eastern block stuff is not up to western quality
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