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  1. Steve C.

    A wild ride

    It happened fast all right. Made me think about the old super stockers with plastic boat seats and no ROPS. It's a wonder there weren't more tragic accidents then.
  2. Steve C.

    A wild ride

    At Pinckneyville last night. This 966 tried to get back toward the center of the track, over steered just a little, and jackknifed. If he hadn't been tied to the sled he'd have gone on over. No one hurt that we know of but those rims will never be the same.
  3. Steve C.

    666 engine transplant

    Pretty sure, but not certain, that you are correct.
  4. Steve C.

    IH 1256 "The Mini 14"

    I think the good, clean, right sized rubber makes more difference than anything else.
  5. Steve C.

    Meet the Little Farmers

    Here's my oldest grandson when he was just a little feller. His cousin was unsuccessfully trying to take him for a walk, but he was hoping for a ride on the old seven, which he did get. He's 18 now, much much bigger, and my business partner. He's not a farmer, but has always liked tractors and everything related to them. We're going to the American Thresherman Show in Pinckneyville tomorrow evening to see some good pulling. Been going there together for many years. Now he drives me there (but he drives my car).
  6. Steve C.

    IH 1256 "The Mini 14"

    I never got to run a 1256, but I did put a few hours on a strong 1456. I guess a 12 would be about the same to run? Basically the same differences as between a 1066 and 1456 re. axle size, c.i.d., etc.?
  7. Steve C.

    New joke

    Looks like the boat has an outboard, and a trolling motor on it.
  8. Steve C.

    IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Looks like it's ready to have a 4620 for breakfast.
  9. Steve C.

    Day One Of The Predicted 6 Day Rain Event Has Ended With

    Where I grew up it was cockleburs.
  10. Steve C.

    Disk harrow ID

    The first one looks like it'd cut pretty good.
  11. Steve C.

    Converting nicd tools to lithium ion

    Thanks. Didn't know that. Not an issue for me since I can pretty much always charge indoors somewhere.
  12. Steve C.

    Converting nicd tools to lithium ion

    I have to say that hasn't been my experience with the M18 batteries and tools. I leave mine in the van, parked outside, all winter, and have absolutely no issues.
  13. Steve C.

    Converting nicd tools to lithium ion

    I have Milwaukee M18 stuff now, but I went to these from Bosch Nicad, so I have no experience with Milwaukee Nicad. So though I haven't tried, I doubt that Milwaukee Nicad and Lithium Ion tools will work together. I think DeWalt is the only company making an adapter kit, at least as far as I know.
  14. Steve C.

    Australian drought

    Feel for you. Been through several. Lost everything to three bad droughts in a row in the early '80s.
  15. Steve C.

    So true these days

    Absolutely right. They (and I know several and see many more) usually like many things produced by those evil corporations - like Apple, Subaru, Honda, Yetti, etc. etc.