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    Grandkids, '06 - '86 series Internationals, Datsun Z's, late 60's / early '70's rock, tractor pulls (preferably 6 cyl. smokers), fishing, power tools, history.

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  1. VT - she blew chunks on purpose. I tried to class it up but I'm not very classy.
  2. Many years ago, my mom worked in a bank. In the break room at lunchtime, a coworker shared some summer sausage. One of the gals liked it till she found out there was venison in it, at which point she ran to the rest room and deposited it in the toilet. When she came back she was asked if she was going to have turkey at Thanksgiving. "Yes, but I'm getting one from the store, not one of those nasty things from a farm".
  3. This would be a cheap, easy fix. I use one occasionally. Works well on most plugs. Hook it up to a garden hose and pressurize the upstream side. Put it in the pipe just far enough that the bladder will seal against the sides of the pipe when it inflates, turn the water on, and let it go. No downside that I'm aware of. Make sure you get one for 2" pipe.
  4. Come to think of it, my first car was a '67 Olds Delmont 88 land yacht with the 425 Olds engine.
  5. Dad had an Olds two door Delta 88 with the 350 diesel. It actually ran pretty decent and got in the high 30 mpg range on a trip. He didn't keep it long enough to find out how it would last, though. He traded pretty often.
  6. "Some rust - good springs - tires fair"
  7. Some rust. Needs a little TLC. Good springs.
  8. We have at least two in our neighborhood. Lots of great big maples and oaks. We hear them answer back and forth pretty often, but one night, around midnight, I heard two of them on our roof at the same time. They were making a lot of racket, but not hooting. I think maybe they were on a date. Very interesting.
  9. Didn't happen close to a coast.
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