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  1. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
  2. "The Coronavirus that is menacing human populations around the globe right now is an RNA virus that is “enveloped” so it resists eradication by one’s own immune system. In a very few subjects who are immune compromised, such as patients taking drugs for autoimmune disorders (Cyclosporine, Prednisone, Methotrexate, Imuran), or youngsters who have undeveloped immunity, or others who are old and have weak immune systems due malnutrition, they may develop pneumonia (drown in their own pus and fluid in their lungs) and be hospitalized, placed on a respirator, or die. Just in case you are worried, out of a population of 7+ billion people on Earth, your chance of developing symptoms from this corona-shaped cold virus is ~1 in millions and for death ~1 in hundreds of millions. However, risk dramatically increases with advancing age and among malnourished populations such as in Asia where deficiencies of essential nutrients, namely zinc and vitamins C and D, are often prevalent. Modern medicine casts a blind eye at nutrition." https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/01/bill-sardi/your-chance-of-developing-symptoms-or-dying-from-the-menacing-coronavirus-that-now-threatens-global-human-populations-is-0-0000017482-symptoms-0-0000001137-death/
  3. That's not counting the lap holders.
  4. I gave her a pass on that since it's not a grammatical error.
  5. Kinda what i figured. Gotta get me one.
  6. I count seven altogether - two unnecessary apostrophes, two unnecessary commas, two misspelled words, and she missed her period.
  7. I've warmed 'em up a little driving deck screws and making long deep cuts with the multi tool and have never had a heating issue that I can recall. I'm not planning on any new tools that aren't M18 (unless my Makita 10" miter saw ever gives up, in which case I'll get another just like it).
  8. My M18 multi tool runs quite a bit cooler than my Bosch corded multi tool did. I still need the grinder, hammer drill, and circular saw. All in good time.
  9. Hangin' it out the car window worked too. I know because I saw a guy do it once.
  10. What do you think of the M18 grinder?
  11. Betcha they're gonna expect you and me to pay for their health care, too. "I can't help it if I'm sick...".
  12. After they ran rural water lines where we used to live, we said it was city water. We only had three, though, so your water must be more potent somehow. As others said, fine lookin' crew.
  13. Check out this editorial cartoon from 1977. This is what we were being threatened with back then, when a new ice age was the fashionable crisis. Our protectors must keep us frightened of things that only they can protect us from.
  14. I always thought a (short) ride in a cat would be fun.
  15. Says in the article he's from Marshall, IL. It also says it's "adjusted". 😎
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