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    Grandkids, '06 - '86 series Internationals, Datsun Z's, late 60's / early '70's rock, tractor pulls (preferably 6 cyl. smokers), fishing, power tools, history.

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  1. I think the man in black might have got a chuckle out of this. From the size of that stream I'm thinking the marksman must have been shooting a .50 cal. And he shot to the left just a bit. https://rumble.com/v15eug7-johnny-cash-the-man-in-black-springs-a-leak-water-tower-in-kingsland-arkans.html
  2. She must have had a good raisin'.
  3. You talkin' about windage or elevation?
  4. I saw that sitting there a couple of weeks ago. I'll try to get a look next time I go by.
  5. My grandpa told me that too. But he also told me about checking corn and how important it was to plant straight rows. If he was planting, he rarely looked back.
  6. Mike's wife cuts my hair - last time I was there I talked to Mike and he mentioned they were gonna do some kind of Busch promo with his tractor. It's easy enough to pick out Gerard and Mike in the pic.
  7. I almost forgot to mention this one: "as well" I counted once, and a local news guy used it seven times in about a minute. Evidently the words "too" and "also" do not exist any more.
  8. A couple of my pets: Weather guy or babe saying "normal" instead of "average". In the midwest, and I'm sure many other places, normal is not average, and average is not normal. "reach out" - we used to call, or get in contact, or write, but now we just reach out. I can picture George Carlin doing a bit on that.
  9. Dad's '74 F100 4x4 had it. Took quite a bit of effort, but better than no power. We actually had a spinner on the steering wheel.
  10. Saw a brilliant full moon behind a few wispy clouds around 8:00, but went out later and we had full cover, so missed this one. Oh well.
  11. I saw those too. What a bunch - Phantoms, A4s, A6s, and A1s. All workhorses.
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