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  1. When you want to create more misery, despair, and economic mayhem, the false testing comes in really handy. And the wicked witch of the southwest seems to want to do just that. Under a policy announced last month by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), New Mexico currently has over a dozen grocery stores around the state closed for two weeks–including Albertsons, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target stores–due to employees testing positive for the COVID-19 China coronavirus. This is causing great hardship in affected small towns where only one grocery store remains open, prompting lines of panicke
  2. Also because of massive increases in testing, and the very inaccurate results of those tests I've talked to multiple people personally who've been notified they had tested positive when they hadn't been tested at all.
  3. If enough businesses would stand up at the same time they'd have a lot of trouble enforcing it. Same goes for masks. A substantial amount of civil disobedience is powerful, and I believe it's the only hope we have of not being completely shut down.
  4. The masks should come with a warning label about "snapping hazard". You could have put your eye out. Time to seek legal counsel. (just kidding, for any overly serious people).
  5. You're all correct, but half of the country doesn't believe it. Was going to add another comment with a name but now I'm censoring myself. This is nuts.
  6. No lyrics fit our current situation better than these. Compliant people end up in bad places.
  7. "Do not put screws in mouth", as I often mention to clients while I put a couple of drywall screws between my lips for imminent use. Some dimwit with a lawyer on retainer choked on a screw, you can bet on that.
  8. Those are the gloves I referred to in an earlier post. I like 'em.
  9. It is a protractor. People with truly warped minds find stuff like this funny. That can be difficult sometimes.
  10. I noticed that the brochure only lists the 766 with the C291. This must be one of the very first 66 series brochures. Man, I used to love looking at those.
  11. Same finger for me - mashed the tip in a heavy oak door in 1973, and it's the first one to go numb. Just glad to still have it.
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