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  1. Anybody know how much water's being held up north? I don't know anything about it, except that there are quite a few locks and dams up both the Mississippi and Missouri. Just wonder how low they are upriver.
  2. Those bomber crews got shot up pretty bad. Here's some gun cam footage from the fighters.
  3. I don't know who published this, but I hope they didn't use my money to do it.
  4. I've read on this forum multiple times that the 360 bus engine is not quite the same as the 360 tractor engine. Different bore and stroke, I believe, and maybe some other differences. Lots of you know more than I do about this.
  5. I think it belongs there.
  6. Some time ago I heard him talking about dealing with esophageal cancer. I assume that had something to do with his demise.
  7. I was telling someone about him just the other day. He took away a lot of excuses.
  8. Cockpit might have been a very warm place on a sunny day.
  9. I'm a big fan of Milwaukee M18 cordless, and also their corded Sawzalls. That said, I've had my Makita 10" compound miter saw for almost 21 years, have cut miles of baseboard and casing, and chopped tons of studs with it, and have yet to even put brushes in it. I don't have room in my van for a sliding saw, but if I ever replace this Makita I'll get another just like it.
  10. We got a Zero that crash landed in Alaska, and having our hands on that helped in the refinement of the tactics used against it by those brave guys flying the F4Fs and F6Fs. I figure the B 17s in the pics with German and Japanese markings were probably one-ofs, and, like the Zero, were used to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses in order to help them develop tactics against the B17s. "What the Akutan Zero did, though, was to provide information that let American pilots make the most of the Hellcat’s advantages. History.com described one ace, Marine Captain Kenneth Walsh described how he knew to roll to the right at high speed to lose a Zero on his tail. Walsh would end World War II with 17 kills. The Zero also had trouble in dives, thanks to a bad carburetor (the famous Spitfire also had carburetor problems)." https://www.wearethemighty.com/popular/how-the-f6f-hellcat-became-americas-answer-to-the-japanese-zero/
  11. This forum and fb. I don't participate much on fb, but have to use it to communicate with our car club, and to communicate with some of the grandkids. I'm signed up for twitter but don't post there - several people that I follow post links to it. I used to participate in a very active, well moderated ceramic tile forum, but that's become a much smaller part of our business, and I already spend plenty of time on line.
  12. It sounded pretty healthy. I think it had a windmill on it, but still must have been tuned pretty well to do what it was doing without making much smoke.
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