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  1. Those people need to realize they're putting themselves at risk too. Takes a real genius to want to blind someone he's getting ready to meet on a two lane.
  2. Totally agree. Most of the failed LEDs that I've replaced have been Walmart brand, and IKEA. Agree on the Philips, but don't have any experience with Sylvania LEDs. My experiences with the FEIT brand have been positive. Lots of people don't know about the Kelvin rating and think that all LEDs are the harsh blue/white color of the higher rating numbers. I just teach people how to use the chart on the box and they're happy campers.
  3. Several states basically ignored the 55 mph national speed limit.
  4. My old 766 with 18.4 34 COOP radials that I put on in 1979. I was told when I bought them that they were made by BFG. I liked 'em a lot. They rode well, roaded well, cleaned well in the mud, and pulled great in the field.
  5. Mine used oil from day one, and we broke it in right by plowing sod with the 710. Dad bought it new in September of '73, It would use a quart a day or more when working hard. We were told that was normal, but I don't remember why. It ran great and stayed together, even when it was cranked to 130 so. I think the later models had less consumption - not sure if they started using different rings or what. One thing we did not do was run IH oil. I kind of think that might have made a difference, but no one really promoted it to us.
  6. According to Sanctuary Counties, there are now 1,965 counties protected by Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level. This represents 61% of all of the 3,033 counties in the United States of America. https://www.independentsentinel.com/a-majority-of-u-s-counties-now-identify-as-second-amendment-sanctuaries/
  7. Most overbuilt 85 horse tractors ever, as far as I know. When mine was still stock I pulled a 4-16 710 from lo 3 dd to hi 1 ta depending on the ground (hi 1 only in sandy second bottom ground). Hi 1 ta wasn't all that fast with 18.4 34s.
  8. Interesting. Never thought of that. Is your seven stock?
  9. Steve C.


    That's like calling Jacinda "donkey champers".
  10. Here's an interesting old plowing video. Be sure to watch it all so you can see the headlands getting finished.
  11. Being able to brag about an extra bottom or two can cost a lot of money down the road.
  12. Looks like a 1456 Goldie to me. Cat 3 hitch, gold fenders and hood.
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