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  1. I've finally` I've finally settled on Wolverine Tremors. Around $130 and I can get two years on a pair before relegating them to the almost wore-out beater boot collection. I tried several different styles of Carhartt boots and they all started coming apart within a year. Tried a pair of Georgia boots for a couple of days but they had a seam in a bad spot that my heels couldn't handle, so Rural King took 'em back. The Wolverines are really comfortable on me, and the sole isn't too aggressive. I'm in a lot of people's houses and tracking stuff in isn't cool. https://www.ruralking.com/W04328
  2. Never shot one, but the 500 is often mentioned in the same breath as the 870 by people who know shotguns.
  3. Milwaukee makes cordless tools with brushed motors, brushless motors, and Fuel brushless. I have the M18 brushless (not Fuel) impact driver, which I bought to replace the M18 Fuel version, which I lost. The non-fuel has less bells and whistles but performs almost as well at lower cost and with a little less to to wrong. I have the M18 impact driver, Sawzall, Hackzall, compact drill driver, and multitool. The batteries are dynamite. Since you asked about a corded drill, my opinion is there are a lot of decent corded drills out there. Lots of decent cordless drills on Amazon for way under $100, but it depends on what you're going to do with it.
  4. Steve C.


    I don't know about helicopters, but I do know people who've seen them being released on top of the Mississippi bluffs here in our county. Bet they're not responsible if anyone gets bit.
  5. Steve C.


    Same with elk being released in Missouri, Canadian Black bears released in Arkansas and trying to get home through Missouri, and the Illinois DNR releasing rattlesnakes within 10 miles of where I live. I'm sure they'll bear no responsibility for any consequences.
  6. Steve C.


    Looks like that one was eatin' good.
  7. Same goes for windows. Show me a warranty on anything that includes the labor to replace it and then you'd have something, if the company's solid.
  8. Collinsville. You were real close.
  9. All the Kewanee disks that I remember had welded tube steel frames.
  10. This one's just up the road from me.
  11. I had to go back and make sure this wasn't in the Onion: https://abc30.com/man-dies-after-taco-eating-contest-at-fresno-grizzlies-game/5467417/
  12. Bet it didn't need a heater in the cab, with the engine right behind the seat. Lots of eye candy there. Love that 1750 FWA. Also the 450s and the 706 German.
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