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  1. What did this 466 come out of?

    Oil temp. sensor?
  2. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    A/C definitely had some good features. IH was way behind regarding tilt/telescope wheel, better lighting, hitch visibility, fuel tank accessibility. Never ran A/C but from comments from others here and the few people I knew who had them, all these good features weren't enough to offset all the problems.
  3. New joke

    That's a dandy. Maybe it keeps cookie crumbs off the floor.
  4. South African Farmers

    I haven't heard much about this, but evidently if you farm in South Africa it's getting pretty rugged.
  5. Toys we never got to play with

    That Steiger's gonna have a hard time staying ahead of all those planters. Is that the fellow that was with you when we loaded your cab?
  6. New joke

    Notice the prism guard on the left.
  7. Scary ladders

    And they had no cordless power tools.
  8. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    Usually on a daily basis. Sometimes more often.
  9. Tillage questions

    What part of the country is your farm in?
  10. Scary ladders

    I was thinking about that, too. Somebody had a much bigger imagination than mine.
  11. Scary ladders

    Is that the gentleman I saw while back going up a tall, tall chimney and making it look easy?
  12. Scary ladders

    Looks like a long way down to me - 60 or 70 feet, maybe?
  13. Scary ladders

    I really can't imagine doing this. Never been very hungry, I guess. It says this is the Hindenburg under construction. I wonder how many casualties there were on that project.
  14. prayers desperately needed

    Those infections can be serious. Sounds like you've got good people working on it.