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  1. Man, that's twice now in the last few weeks that I've agreed with you. What's the world coming to?
  2. Well, they look real good on there IMO.
  3. I keep thinking your fronts are 11.00 16s, but they look bigger in some of the shots. They're not 14Ls, are they?
  4. If you haven't seen The Passion of the Christ, I would highly recommend it. It brings to life just how much Jesus endured during the crucifixion. It's available on Amazon prime video.
  5. The smarter phones get, the dumber kids get. This is easily proven.
  6. Steve C.

    Music thread

    A catchy little tune about a guy who can't quite keep his hands off the belly dancer. Great banjo playing by Tony Hicks.
  7. Certainly proves that punctuation can be crucial. Commas matter too.
  8. Of course I was screwing with you. Sometimes I just can't resist. But you didn't tell me who made your little IH block on the dash. Do you do counted cross stitch in your spare time?
  9. Steve C.

    New joke

    That dude's on some heavy chemicals, not herbal medication. Obviously he should have found a licensed wizard.
  10. Looks like you better get gas, add some oil, and put a new thermostat in her. Who did your counted cross stitch IH?
  11. And the Audi Quattro in 1980.
  12. Steve C.

    New joke

    Extra Blazing Saddles scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrpwBgh7gGc
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