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  1. Too bad half mast doesn't seem to mean much any more.
  2. Steve C.

    78 years ago

    I think I've posted this before, but it's worth doing it again. Very different Pearl Harbor footage than most of us have seen all our lives.
  3. The last job I had (almost 20 years ago) was for an industrial electrical supply wholesaler. We had a guy on-site at a nearby power plant (coal) - we actually sold stuff to the maintenance company (PMC if anyone's familiar). Anyway, our guy suppled Metabo angle grinders to them, even though we weren't a distributor. They told him that they'd used 'em all, and the Metabos held up better than any others, including DeWalt, Bosch, etc.
  4. Steve C.


    Months After Left Scoffed at AR-15 for Hog Control, Herd of Boar Kills Woman https://www.westernjournal.com/months-left-scoffed-ar-15-hog-control-herd-boar-kills-woman/
  5. That's why Dad traded in his '75 red cab 1066 for a '78 4440. The 10 was a horse but the Deere cab was so much quieter and tighter, and the 4440 was a pretty decent horse too.
  6. I have four M18 batteries. Two of them are the little 1.5 amp/hour batts, which I've owned for five years. I use them almost daily in my impact driver and drill, and they still act like new. I had a 4.0 replaced under warranty (which is three years). Now have a 4.0 and 5.0 to go along with the little guys. Great batteries.
  7. Ok, now I know. I hardly ever go by there. They used to buy milk replacer from me.
  8. Who's the ex-dairyman that you speak of. Ron S.?
  9. Steve C.

    December 5 1933

    An illegal drug became legal.
  10. That happens about as often as grout gets sealed.
  11. I've read, but can't confirm, that within a given brand and type the only difference in the higher end units is a longer warranty. I'd believe that based on my experience.
  12. I'll bet he's been told - just wouldn't hear it. Good for him.
  13. Steve C.


    Speaking of .50 cal.,
  14. Same here. You're right, most older folks really enjoy a little company, even if it's just for a few minutes.
  15. Too bad the 16 fell between the cracks. Great compromise between 12 and 20.
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