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  1. Actually, vodka probably would work. I know that shine would.
  2. Hint: get a good spray bottle and fill it with alcohol (rubbing or denatured, doesn't matter). And have a roll of paper towels handy too. It cuts the silicone, but dries fast enough without leaving a residue, unlike soapy water or mineral spirits. Here's a really good spray bottle that will last. I buy the cleaner just for the bottle, and put the original contents in another container to use later. Much better than any empty bottle that I've ever bought. The tube's built in to the bottle. The regular generic spray bottles are crap.
  3. That picture makes me want to climb up on it and crank it up. I can almost hear it.
  4. Looks like the bumper was holding up the tailgate.
  5. It's all in the reporting. Check out the similarities and differences on this German weathercast. Same date, different colors. The same thing was done here too.
  6. It must be horrible to be scared stupid.
  7. Dad was considering a 966 before he bought his 766. One dealer was talking to him about a nine, and another dealer asked him if he would consider a seven. I haven't run a 966 very much, but never regretted him (and then me) getting the 766. Not much difference between them.
  8. We were on a party line in the late seventies. Don't remember for sure, but I think we got a private line in the early eighties, before we left the farm. One lady down the road was known to lurk once in a while - the old quiet click. The town we live in now still has a pay phone on the corner of the court house. Still see people use it once in a while. And, we still have a land line. We get internet from the local phone company anyway, and it's nice to have a backup number.
  9. X1000. That would be one of my worst nightmares. I get a little nervous on top of a grain bin.
  10. As usual, TPTB find another way to pit us against each other. Inflation happens when the money supply is increased without anything to back it up. Everything else is downstream from that. It's a massive tax hidden in plain sight, and if it goes far enough it wrecks everything in its path. Check out how the German inflation of the 1920s worked out. The train jumped the rails when we went off the gold standard in 1971. And lest anyone think that I'm getting political, remember that a republican president took us off the gold standard, but it was accepted by both major parties. And that was when the inflation of the ''70s began, resulting in the bloodbath of the '80s.
  11. That's what came to my mind too. Watch the price of decent (or any) used vehicles to go through the roof, and availability will be very sketchy, to say the least.
  12. At least here in the midwest, where we have winter every year, it seems no one is taught how to drive on slick roads. Such as a light right foot. That's the main problem. They often brine the roads a day in advance of a chance of scattered flurries.
  13. Never ran an Ollie, but I think they had some pretty good features. Like a good tilt/telescope wheel, and the fender fuel tanks. Neighbor of mine back in the day ran an 1855 as his big horse. Seemed like a nice tractor but it was down a lot. I think they asked a lot of that 310. I always figured an 1850 with the Perkins would have been preferable.
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