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  1. Steve C.

    I would like more RPMs out of my 886

    Do you have the 358 or 360?
  2. Steve C.

    "Big Tractor Power" 3788 video

    Is the 37 supposed to run duals on the front?
  3. Steve C.

    Flamesuit on

    How's that little 301 hold up making 25 more horses than the 190XT?
  4. Steve C.

    Offset disk opinions

    I pulled a borrowed 10' Miller with my turbo'd 766 running around 130 hp and 13,000 lb and it was a good match in the ground I was working. Low 3 d.d. and low 4 t.a. I later owned a JD TW plowing disk that chewed trash up real well. Blades were worn down to 22 - 24" (notched Deere cone blades) and it would cut up sod almost as well as the Miller I mentioned above. It was around 12' and was a nice load behind my 7. My little big tractor liked to pull it in Hi 1 t.a.
  5. Steve C.

    Baby buzzard

    My doctor told me that one of his (ex) patients bragged that he'd try anything. So he ate a buzzard. And died.
  6. Steve C.

    New joke

    What a handsome fellow.
  7. Steve C.

    New joke

    Confucius say lady pilot flying inverted have crackup.
  8. Steve C.

    IH/Farmall on TV/Movies

    Just watched it again tonight. I've seen it three or four times now, and always notice more IH in it. Multiple scenes at the IH dealership, with new 806s and 1206s, a 303 combine, and various other equipment. One 806 in the shop has red flat top fenders, black and white seat, and white 1206 wheels. I wondered about the white wheels on the 806 and figured a customer wanted to put 38" rims on it. There's also a dyno in the shop in one scene. Also at least one scout, and there's even a model of a letter series sitting on a filing cabinet on an office somewhere in the movie. It was filmed, for the most part, in Sparta Illinois, just down the road from here. I've read that it was filmed here because of racial tension in Mississippi when the movie was made.
  9. Steve C.

    New joke

    I like the Escher picture on the wall.
  10. Steve C.

    Chinese restaurants

    I used to do some work for a couple who owned two Quiznos sub shops. Very particular people, but even there, where they didn't fry anything, there still seemed to be a fair amount of grease in the place. Kitchens are just hard to keep clean, period. I'm getting more and more interested in just eating at home. For what you spend to eat out, you can buy some really fine food and fix it yourself. Restaurants routinely disappoint me these days.
  11. Steve C.

    How many of you have this set up at home?

    Typical new construction around here.
  12. Steve C.

    New joke

    Over the last several years many of us have received some really corny spam emails from various Nigerians wanting to share a fortune with us if only we'll send a certain amount of money to get the process started. It wouldn't be funny at all if you'd never seen one of these emails.
  13. Steve C.

    New joke

    Now that's a good one right there.
  14. And I thought I used to farm hill ground. Wow.