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  1. X2 With the boxes on these new trucks being so deep, you really have to be careful that you don't get the bed into the neck of the trailer. I have had a 2015 crew cab short bed and now have a 2020 super cab short bed for work, pull a gooseneck weekly if not daily, I like the short bed. On the flip side, if it were my personal truck, I would prefer a long bed, you can actually haul something in an 8' bed. Seems like the long beds ride better also.
  2. The worst part of that job is hooking up the 15 different wires on the back of the alternator!
  3. Gary, that mowing tractor is new to me, made from an A and...a touring car? I'd love to mow with it, I have a thing for belly mowers.
  4. Just did this on a 95 Dodge 1500 with the 318. That top bolt was metric on mine, with a cap screw head. I was gonna replace it because the threads were...iffy, but it didn't match the SAE stuff I had on hand.
  5. Ah yes, the mighty Farmall R. Somebody had pictures of one in the mock-up stage, a few years ago. It used drop axles, best I can recall. Don't remember who it was that started putting it together.
  6. I would also guess its the relief valve. Don't know if there is a way to tell visually if it's bad or not. I changed mine on my 706 when it was giving similar symptoms. But first, checking the remotes with a pressure gauge would help with diagnosing the problem.
  7. Tony, I just had to post this picture. I have backed my old NH 276 in the shop to rebuild the plunger and a few other minor things. It looked pretty good in the field last year and sitting in the shed, or so I thought. Once I got it in the shop, I immediately thought of your jaw-dropping restoration here, and decided mine looks about ready to haul for scrap! I am astounded by the scope of your project. I want to see it bale hay!
  8. Not familiar with that brand lacer but price sounds about right. Any good lacer made for alligator lacing should do fine, those belts are probably 4 ply. Hesston belts may be 2 ply.
  9. Cool barn on a farm where we installed a cattle working system. This is in NC.
  10. Gary, That black gorilla tape works good, it matched better on mine. Todd, I found the invoice from when I had mine redone at Norris Bookbinding in Greenwood, Mississippi. I had it sent off to them, and they did a great job, as I hope you can see from the pictures. And Gary, no need to use my Red Power "handle" anymore, seems much too formal, seeing as how we're all friends here. Regards, Will
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