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  1. Mowed some weedy hay at the lease place with the 706 and the 9' balanced head (says Ford but actually IH). I had kind of forgotten how much I like this mowing combo! Needed to move the C, also needed to put a load of hay in the dry, so I gave the C a little exercise.
  2. Fraid we been using the wrong colors last few day. This one's sorta red...but the 706 developed a fuel delivery issue while baling yesterday...Also, its dang hot!
  3. Me: Let's clean up some of this stuff this winter. FIL: (Hauls off one old fridge and a washer) There, you happy? ... Also me: We need a _______ for this broken _______ to get back in the field! FIL: I think I've got one of those in the stable in the lower side of the old barn. (Finds it.) There, aren't you glad I kept that?! or sometimes FIL: I think I've got one of those in the stable in the lower side of the old barn. (Searches for 3 hours and can't find it.) Well, I know I had one...You must of hauled it off for scrap!
  4. Sad to hear this. He was a staple on this forum back in the "old days" when I was new here.
  5. Honesty, I was off the seat and had my foot on the step before I caught myself and said "Stay put!" But that was my reaction - abandon ship! I don't mind snakes if I see them first. I can pick up black snake, if I have to. But this one surprised me, bad! To be fair, I think it surprised him pretty good too!
  6. I've never seen a W series pointed that high to the sky! VERY cool!
  7. Nearly wrecked it! While cruising down the road in 7th gear, this thing crawled out of the shift housing and wrapped around the steering wheel (and I didn't even notice til it started striking!!) Fortunately I was able to get the tractor stopped, and me and my friend parted ways. My neighbor and his girls were out in their yard when this all happened...I afterwards had to apologize to them for the words I said to the snake. I know he looks small way down there, but he was a good 4'. I actually think he is my baler snake, who I've only seen once this year. Afterwards, I tedded that hay I mowed yesterday.
  8. Well the obvious is...chain came apart and the plunger got the front feeders. So we pulled it to replace the chain and those aluminum feeders. We noticed there is a little play in that rod that comes out the end, and the plastic spacer block is cracked. We could probably just put new feeders on and put it back in, and make a bunch more bales with no issue. But since it is out anyway, and since I've already redone the plunger and the pickup...might as well rebuild it. The price of the wear parts is minimal.
  9. Tractor wasn't red, but the mower was... Mowing late, thick first cutting with the IH 1300 balanced head because the haybine is sick. It was too thick of hay to mow with a sickle...but we got through it. Glad it was only 4 or 5 acres!
  10. Got to disassemble this feeder from my old baler. Anybody know disassembly procedure...I know there is a highly compressed spring...?
  11. Put her in an AC cab, Ace! And get her a Metro WITH AC... simple... On the jacket...no idea, man. Without an airsupply unit, I can't imagine they would do much. But, maybe??
  12. Wonder how many D-Day veterans left? Can't be too many.
  13. I like your 2.5 better.
  14. Some more of this... Rough/small fields so we did not pull the accumulator behind the baler. A good combo, here! New baler is just about lined out... Peaceful drive home from the other side of the farm.
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