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  1. Wife farming money! 😃

    I am truly blessed with a wonderful, caring, hard-working wife. We have the same financial goals, are both conservative spenders, and are open and honest with each other. Our farming operation is small, lost money for the first few years but added assets, has reached the breakeven point, and should start making a little money. We do it because we like it, but we also make buying and operational decisions based on what we really need and what is the most efficient way to produce the crop. Would we like to have more/newer/nicer equipment? Sure, but we do it based on what the farming operation can make pencil out. Even if we run across a great deal on a piece of equipment, if the operation can't justify it, we don't buy it. Period. And yes, she does the books. Works good for us.
  2. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

  3. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    So does the NF have to come all the way off, or can I replace the O-ring from the top side after removing the radiator?
  4. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    Okay, suggestions on the fix? Need to get the tractor going, and don't have a lot of free time right now. Thanks, guys!
  5. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    And the whole tractor if anyone cares. Also the serial tag, and some cool season grass hay that needs fertilized.
  6. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    The leak
  7. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    I don’t know, guys. Mine doesn’t seem to be leaking from the lines. Look at the pictures, but the area I think you all are talking about is dry. This leak is coming from the pivot, running down the pedestal. I wiped the oil off before starting the tractor, and these pictures are after about 5 minutes of running. Does not seem to matter if you turn the steering wheel or leave them it alone. Leaks either way.
  8. td 35 and 10-20

    Very nice! Do they run? Are you still working on that combine?
  9. Farmall A value

    $800-1200 around here. Some days maybe less.
  10. Vintage Aerial

    Wish you all hadn't shown me this...
  11. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    Thanks, guys. That seems reasonable, just didn't have time to investigate it further today. I will pull the grill and check those lines. When I came in today and told my wife about my day, and the new leak on the 706, she said, "Well, just ask your Red Power friends on the internet. They always come through for you." You're dern right they do! Your quick response to my problem is why RED POWER FORUM is so great!
  12. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    So I was using the 706 today to move some hay equipment around for servicing. The 706 has pretty much sat in the shed all winter. After running for several minutes, I noticed what looked to be hydraulic oil leaking onto the from tires (narrow front). The oil (or whatever) seemed to be coming from where the pedestal mounts up between the frame rails, under the radiator. There is a grease fitting just below or above that place, the one to grease the front steering pedestal, sort of behind the weight bracket. Sorry, I didn't have anything with me to take a picture. Does this lead sound familiar to anyone. It seemed like a fair amount of fluid, and I don't remember seeing it before today. Thanks!
  13. 350U overheating until it's not

    Had a vehicle that did that. Thermostat was staying shut until it was very hot, then opening. New thermostat fixed the problem.
  14. HT International on Dallas Craigs list

    Nice body! And how bout the shine on that 70 year old chrome!
  15. SOS in Vienna, Illinois

    Got a friend broke down in Vienna, Illinois on their way to St Louis. Any of you guys located near there?