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  1. You had to know this guy. I will say, the aftermath was a lot greener than I would have expected.
  2. Knew of guy that had a cow get hung in an automatic headgate. Hiplocked. He couldn't get it out. So he shot it. Then cut the cow in two with a chainsaw. I said, "Ya didn't have a torch?!" He said, " She was already upset, we didn't know how she'd react to hot metal down her neck." Me, I think she'd prefer burnt to shot. I said, "Call me next time." Man, some people! Good of you to help out, Finney. You know of a welder who can weld it back up for him?
  3. Least it's a Ford. It'll handle it!
  4. We heated ours on the 5610 to get it off.
  5. Pretty sure the one on my JD dozer is on the positive side, and I think it's factory.
  6. We had one over a dog lot once that lasted about a year, plastic tarps were lasting only a month or two.
  7. Those that have tried to raise it in TN, pretty much go back to fescue, orchard, or warm season annuals or bermuda. Doesnt seem to have much persistance in our climate. And dont try to graze it! Shallow roots.
  8. Like the looks of that Navistar. Needs a different bumper, though.
  9. I remember when this archived thread was first started. One of the best we've had on here.
  10. Pull the shutoff solenoid on the carb. I bet it doesn't work and someone has snipped the end off. My 706 had this done, and would diesel on after shutdown. Also, on fuel consumption - my 706 with a 263 gas will burn about 2 gallons an hour idling. I can keep it under 3 for light use. Load it enough to really open the governors and it will burn 4-5 gallons in an hour. I don't think there is anything unusual with his fuel use. Its just the nature of these big gas 6 cylinders. Personally, I am quite happy with the economy for a 50 year old tractor. Mine probably averages 3-3.5 gallons an hour overall, for the way we use it.
  11. So I was fortunate enough to get a new truck at work. 2019 F250. I hooked it to the gooseneck trailer tonight for the first time. I looked at the distance between the top of the tailgate and the trailer neck and thought, "That looks too close." So I extended the neck until I thought, "Now that looks too high." So then I lowered it an inch and called it good. Ended up with about 8 inches clearance. And if I had to raise it any more my trailer would be sitting at an angle instead of level. It just got me wondering if there is a standard clearance distance you should have on trailer necks. Or what you all have found when hooking them to these new trucks. The bed sides on my personal truck (1997) are something like 14" tall. These new trucks have bed sides that are nearly 2' tall!
  12. Who says they don't, when the situation permits? ...
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