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  1. I dont know about that particular model, but I have hauled various brands of V rakes on a deckover gooseneck. Tried once to haul a high clearance Kuhn rake on a utility trailer but the wheels would not go between the fenders. If going less than 100 miles, I would just tow it behind the truck.
  2. Not metal, but the Stanley plastic boxes are made in USA and I have found them to be very tuff, rattling around in truck toolboxes.
  3. Well, I started to buy this instead...but with no ROPS and such, I would probably have gotten killed on it. Not to mention the gas start diesel... Pretty much everything else here is red or blue (mostly red) but I think I made the right call on the dozer.
  4. Wish I had a high lift. You can only do so much with a dozer. Still, either one is a lot better than a tractor!
  5. I have heard...that tubes work good, leave less evidence. Or so I've been told...
  6. TSC, Rural King, they all sell the same low quality...stuff around here. TSC maybe just a little better on sprockets, chain, trailer hubs, etc. They all do what makes the most money. And that is sell the decor and fancy boots. Some of our Co-ops have tried that route too. They all go back to focusing on ag inputs pretty fast, seems like.
  7. That the one with the broken arrow in his shoulder? Thats a nice deer. No luck here. Too warm, after 1 week of rifle season, the deer have changed patern and are feeding and moving at night, best I can tell. Forecast calls for colder temps and snow this week, so we will see. Got to go back to work tomorrow, so unless we get sent home, I guess I'm out til next weekend.
  8. A little lighting of the green! Eastern red cedar that is. Cleaning up a field thats been grown up since the 60's. My on again/off again stress relieving project.
  9. Barn sure looks nice from what you started with.
  10. Hey Mark! We've been worried about ya!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to the Gary/Anson/Roger coffee table and guests!
  12. Yes, it's hard work and they don't make enough. Give him a tip. Next time, he may throw that valve core and extra 5 gallons of methanol at no charge. Or work you in that day they tell everybody else they're all booked up.
  13. TN Hillbilly


    One of my favorites!
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