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  1. When I was in college and working for the school on their farm, they had one of those for the nursery research farm. I used to bushhog with it and use it for chores around the nursery. Very cool little tractor, I liked it!
  2. We bought one this week for $500 in good shape. I thought we got a good deal.
  3. He gonna bobtail it home? Putting tags on it? I think he'd be alright to bobtail home without CDLs, but need some kinda tags and insurance.
  4. Thats a good lookin baler. Thing I like about Esch is they are more knowledgeable about these balers than most New Holland dealers. I got a lot of good advice from them. Here's ours, we rebuilt the plunger and chamber this winter. 800 bales so far this year, with nary a hitch.
  5. Prayers for you and Sharon. Can't be too easy havin a steam engineer for a nurse... Your grandkids have really grown up. They seem like fine young people, I'm sure y'all are proud. Regards, Will
  6. Is it one of the thin ones, or the big thick one? I use these folks, they are great! Give them a call. No website though. And they ship you your parts, then you mail them a check.
  7. Now just what do you mean by that, Mike?!
  8. Now thats an interesting idea.. I have a 706 gas...I have a good running 345...hmm
  9. Very nice! Whatdya want for the mower? Got a C just beggin for one...
  10. I got a buddy lookin to buy an Enorossi 8' right now, to use on steep ground he doesn't want to get on with his disc mower. I'm encouraging him to get it, I'd love to try it out!
  11. We will mow all first cutting before changing or sharpening sickles. With these, its all about setup and adjustment. A well adjusted sickle mower will mow right with a disc mower. But if they're not set right, out of adjustment, etc, they won't. Takes more skill and know how to mow with them. Whereas a disc mower, put new blades on it, if it turns, it mows! Kind of idiot-proof.
  12. In my shop, when it was brand new (and clean!), I was working on a pickup. Slid my Craftsman 1/2" ratchet out from under the truck, then crawled out myself. Couldn't find the ratchet. Pulled truck out, still couldn't find it. Looked everywhere in shop, on concrete apron outside, in gravel drive...never did find that ratchet! Its like it disappeared into thin air!
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