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  1. What would you all use for a rust converter to try to keep it from getting worse? Something like Rust Kutter? Or just deal with the rust area by area as we prep it?
  2. It got a Jasper 390 in 2004. Not many miles since then. Runs strong.
  3. Something is certainly missing without Capn. Sohn's perspective. (Concur)
  4. I have been rearended twice, with a hitch in. 0 damaged to my truck either time. I leave em in. Plus, its something to step on climbing into the bed. I have to swap them often enough that rust isn't an issue.
  5. Rounded up some square bales that busted in the field and took to the horses. Made a nice evenin picture.
  6. Well thanks for your thoughts. Yes, Tony, I've followed your flatbed truck thread (and for sure that baler thread - WOW!) and I can see how wanting to do it right could spiral into a bigger job. If you all agreed that the $5-7k is a realistic number, I just cannot justify that right now, with more important family obligations pressing. I know there are some shops around that would cram body filler in the rust holes and spray it for $2000, but I'm not going down that road either. I guess I will leave it for now, use it, keep it clean and parked inside, and try to do the prep work myself as time and funds allow. My buddy said we could prep it a door, a fender at a time, here, then take to his shop to spray it when all is ready. Thanks for the advice, as always. Even not painted, I like it, and I figure its better off here being run a little, than parked in a dirt floor garage just sitting.
  7. Yeah, amazing how grown up a place can get in a short time. Looks like you've got it headed the right way, though.
  8. Looking for your all's advice. I got rid of the red '68 and have acquired this 1974 F350, my grandpa's old truck. It has been mostly sitting since 1993, although my uncle has kept it road worthy and used it a little. Here's my question. It needs several things, including 6 wheels and 6 tires NOW. The drivetrain seems very solid, bed is good. My dilemma is what to do about paint. It has a lot of surface rest, and some serious holes at the bottom of the doors. Two estimates to paint it by body shops have been $5k +. I had a good friend look at it, who works in a big truck body shop. His estimate for materials, if we do the work, is $2k. Do you all think these numbers are realistic? I certainly want to take care of and preserve this truck, but I also have limitations on what I can justify putting into an old truck. I've bought it, will be buying the wheels and tires, and need to be able to use it in the meantime. Thanks, as always.
  9. We went from 13.6s to 14.9s on our Super M. Makes a difference.
  10. Welcome, Frank, to the best place on the internet. Kinder and gentler and for the most part more respectful than anywhere on the www. This is the only internet forum I belong to or look at. I like your M, sounds like it might do good in the farm stock class at the tractor pull. And watch out for the one they call "Mark."
  11. We are about done, but may cut a little third in a couple weeks. We had these out for a tractor pull, and thought we would bale a little "old school." Fun, but I still prefer to bale with the 706. That's still pretty much "old school" I guess.
  12. Seems I remember a notable squirrel from Pascagoula, as well...
  13. Way too cool! Love the looked of Wd40 on old, weathered original paint.
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