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  1. TN Hillbilly

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    I would get 3pt adapters and a top link bracket. Then, you can use lots of what you probably already have behind it. I've got them on my fast hitch 706, and I can use most any (but not all!) 3 pt implement. A lot simpler and easier than trying to find the specific implement you are needing in the comparatively rare large prong fast hitch.
  2. TN Hillbilly

    Plastic suitcase weights

    Those do look great, but sadly I have 100 lb weights on it I need to match up. And I havent seen any new generic ones for sale around here. Oh, well.
  3. TN Hillbilly

    Plastic suitcase weights

    So I've been looking for some more weights for the front of my 706, but it seems like suitcase weights are bringing more than I'm willing to pay right now. I have put fluid in the front tires, and that helped some. I guess I'm partially wanting the extra weights for aesthetic value, so I was wondering about these plastic ones that some folks use on show tractors. I would put them on the middle of the bracket of course, with real weights on both sides. What do ya'll think? Anybody done it? Where can you get 'em, and how much they sell for?
  4. TN Hillbilly

    Speaking of black walnut

    Holy crap! Don't bust it!
  5. TN Hillbilly

    Chain saw collectors ?

    THAT is a valuable butt log! Oh, yeah, nice saw, too.
  6. TN Hillbilly

    IH at Allora annual vintage shows, Queensland

    I want an A514!
  7. TN Hillbilly

    Not one $70K dually either

    Some kids are just too cool for school...
  8. TN Hillbilly

    706 front bolster came loose!

    With a little help from a neighbor and his loader tractor...easy fix. Yes, I do feel fortunate!
  9. TN Hillbilly

    706 front bolster came loose!

    Appreciate it guys. Heres some pictures. Will try to get her right in the morning. Got a couple jacks under it for now.
  10. TN Hillbilly

    706 front bolster came loose!

    So I turned up the driveway with a loaded trailer earlier, only the NF 706 kept going straight. Thought the front end might be off the ground, then I got to looking close. Only 1 bolt in the bolster was still in! Steering mechanism was turning, but the bolster and front wheels were just pivoting on that one bolt. Anybody know that bolt size offhand? And want to come help me? I've got the road blocked! I'll get you some pictures later if we get it fixed.
  11. TN Hillbilly

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    Louie, How did you convince ol Hammer to come out to Cali and do something about your nutgrass? By the way, you misspelled his name. lol
  12. TN Hillbilly

    Somewhere in PA I think.

    MTO hasn't replied because he is busy constructing that rig in his shop...
  13. TN Hillbilly

    Plastic culvert

    Just slip together. Your supplier should give you some grease in a can, if you ask.
  14. TN Hillbilly

    An interesting moment in history is about to happen

    Some of mine came here in 1610, from Wales, to Virginia, a place that was at the time a colony of their own nation. They settled there and helped build the infrastructure that allowed others to follow. Eventually, they migrated west, into the mountains, where they were farmers. When the war for independence came, they fought. Under the newly formed government, they paid taxes and held office in local government. In the 1800s, they migrated further west into the mountains of Tennessee and carved out a way of life, where we've stayed for 200 years. When the country was in turmoil in the 1860s, they fought to preserve the Union. In the Spanish American War, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, they fought for their country. They paid taxes, contributed to society, and voted. Some of my other ancestors came here from Ireland in the 1800s, looking for a better life. They entered legally, farmed and went into business, paid taxes, and voted. That side also sent more than a few to serve their country. Now I don't have anything against someone trying to better theirself, or make a better life for their children. I have friends who came here legally from other countries, and I'm proud they're here! And I'm against violence and cruelty, because these are people we're talking about after all. But there's a right and wrong way to do things, and rules exist for a reason. As a blessed nation, we ought to help those less fortunate around the world as we're able, but not at the expense of our own. I'm proud of the sweat, tears, and, yes, blood that my ancestors (and yours) expended so that this country is what it is today. God bless America; God bless the poor, the sick, the downtrodden and oppressed around the world. In fact, please God, bless us all. Wow, I didn't mean to write all that. I usually avoid these political posts like the plague. Guess something stirred me up.
  15. TN Hillbilly

    contemplating a shotgun