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  1. Taking a break from mowing some orchard grass now. Yield will be great but it’s a bit overripe.
  2. So no external voltage regulator either, right?
  3. Welfare check on the old f@rts?
  4. And by the way, we ain't growin any.
  5. A lot of it going in down here. We figure they will way outproduce the demand for oil and fiber in another year or two, but maybe we're wrong. Also, many see this low THC hemp as just a bridge crop, to figure out the production and so forth, so growers will be ready when the real stuff becomes legal.
  6. We do it. Several thousand a year. Bought an accumumator grapple last year, that should help with labor. I sell to people who own horses. I try not to sell to horse people, no offense intended.
  7. That would be pretty cool...and it would have enough torque to haul almost enough fuel to drive it 500 miles! But seriouly, a turbo 300 6 cylinder, pretty cool idea. Oh and we had a 3.5 ecoboost that we traded with 136,000 miles only because we needed more room. Loved it, I would have another in a heartbeat. No idea how long they might last, though.
  8. Never heard of 'em. Pricey?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I was in town today and saw these Georgias on clearance. All leather. Waterproof membrane. Vibram stitched sole. Fit good and not too heavy. $85. Figured I couldn't go wrong. So I hope I am good for a while.
  10. Thanks Troy. Nuff said. I will keep lookin.
  11. Yeah, some guys have all the luck! Can you believe it?!
  12. I swear I’m not trying to start a controversial topic here. Please answer with this in mind: I know there are lots of good quality boots out there for the money. I know some of you are into custom boots, that’s great too. But mainly I’m wanting to know if any of you have experience with Keen work boots. I used to use Red Wings, they don’t make the ones I like anymore. I’ve used Chippewa (okay but heavy). I’m right now finishing up a pair of Rocky’s I bought on clearance for $25. They’ve lasted 18 months, so I am well pleased. Used to get 4 or 5 years out of Red Wings, just got 2 years out of the last pair. I am not especially hard on boots, and I keep them oiled. My needs are: 8” or taller lace-up (got bad ankles) waterproof (or somewhat water resistant) good for mixed environs (wet, dry, oil, concrete, dirt, farm, whatever) I am thinking about the Keen Coburg 8”. They’re even made in USA, sell for just under $200. Anybody got ‘em? Whatdya think? Or (and I really hesitate to ask this) you got any other suggestions for good boots under $200? Thanks guys!
  13. Do the park update! Best money I've spent on my 706.
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