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  1. TN Hillbilly

    Old farm truck

    Found a couple pictures that show the truck in all its faded glory.
  2. TN Hillbilly

    Old farm truck

    If you look at the top of the cab, you can kind of see what it was like. Only the hood was even worse.
  3. TN Hillbilly

    Old farm truck

    I really should have taken a before and after picture. It was really really faded!
  4. TN Hillbilly

    Old farm truck

    Not a restoration at all. We use this truck. Just trying to preserve it a little. I got tired of driving a pink truck, so I did a little wet sanding to see what was under the faded paint. Then a good coat of wax. I think its goind to look pretty good (just did the hood and fenders so far). I really like the patina, you dont get that character with a repaint. Far as I can tell this is original paint. 1968 model. More pictures when I get more done. And I really need to build it a new bed.
  5. TN Hillbilly

    M with mystery 9 speed

    Im curious what might have been done to the engine. Doubt someone would go to the rear wheel/tire trouble to pull a stock M. Im betting it isnt. And FWIW, I think around here that would bring $400-500 more than a regular M. I like it!
  6. TN Hillbilly

    I Need Honest (not cheapskate) Value Estimates

    Around here, decent looking, running, operational C's (w/o implements) set on Craigslist for a while priced at $1500. There's a decent 200 on there right now, priced at $1300. Runs and everything. Fairly new tires. So in TN, the OP's friend's tractor MIGHT bring $1800 w/ the cultivators IF it was basically operational (which it isn't). HOPE THIS HELPS!
  7. TN Hillbilly

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Duly noted. And any thoughts I had of getting into a comparison of hills...went out the window when our resident alpine agricultural expert showed up!
  8. TN Hillbilly

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Not to contradict the venerable professor...but I don’t see a hill in any of those pictures. Around here, that would be called “flat” if we had any of it. Still, an impressive moving job.
  9. TN Hillbilly

    Retirement village

    Just gonna say it...I like that!
  10. TN Hillbilly

    New joke

    Hey, come on now!
  11. TN Hillbilly

    Flatbed ideas

    You wouldn’t want it... it’s a rolling, working project.
  12. TN Hillbilly

    Flatbed ideas

    On the list of projects for this year is replacing the flatbed on this truck. I was interested in ideas you all had, and beds you have built. This is mainly a hay truck, sometimes used to haul bulky stuff or things I don't want in my "good" truck. I think I want to stay with wood, as it suits hay hauling, the vintage of the truck, and my budget better.
  13. TN Hillbilly

    Door to door salesmen

    You guys ever seen the travelling square baler mechanic? I bought some parts for a JD 24T a few years ago. I reckon he roams far and wide.
  14. TN Hillbilly

    Door to door salesmen

    Yep, seen those guys more than a few times. “My boss said to sell this TODAY, even though we’re taking a big loss.” SURE.
  15. TN Hillbilly

    td 35 and 10-20

    Any more progress on the combine?