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  1. I had the same experience with some Transforce ATs on my F250 at work. I was pretty disappointed. First set of Continentals went 60k. Looks like this set of Continentals will go further. Always considered the Transforce an excellent tire, but it seems like they've changed something, and not in a good way.
  2. I believe they will run with about anything short of water. We had one running for a while with diesel fuel for oil...long story.
  3. Tony, did you get new rear springs? If so, did you have any trouble finding them?
  4. The TA on my 706 engages smoothly BUT emphatically enough to unseat hay ride passengers when going from low to high... That is to say smooth but firm. I have adjusted it per the book, seems to work correctly. Sounds like yours engages similar.
  5. We have 4 rib tires on the front of ours.
  6. If you feel like coming to TN, we might can put you in a hoe. PM me if interested.
  7. Sounds like a good plan, if time isn't pressing to get the work done, to wait for a better machine. I (barely) passed on this for $4000. Only to buy this (non-running) for $5000. It did take a little more money to get it going, but I still think I did pretty good. I would have either gotten killed or torn up that TD6 by now!
  8. Wow, that is tough! Will pray you have patience and calm as you have your meeting. That all sounds pretty ridiculous to me, by the way. And you are right, I'm sure God will provide, some way, some how.
  9. I'd start backwards from the distributor cap. Check all connections, especially between coil and distributor. Check points, maybe set too close? If all that checks out, try a coil. Also had a generator once that had an internal arc when it got hot. That did some weird stuff. That was on a 706 gas.
  10. Great, I think you've done good.
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