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  1. @frosty I may have an O-12 operators manual, yours for free - I’l Look tomorrow
  2. Found this in the Warbird Information Exchange Website Lockheed Hudson Mk. I s/n 763. It belonged to R.C.A.F. Station Yarmouth.On the 25th of November, 1943, while it was parked at No. 5 Hangar(Yarmouth), the aircraft was struck in the tail area after a tractorwent out of control.The aircraft was repaired.
  3. Dave Downs


    Lorenzo- I lost my 'Miss Zoe' over 3 years ago and reading your story brought tears to my eyes. My daughter gave me the most comforting words when she said to me "Dad, you will always love her." You will always love Penny.
  4. I thought I heard a report it was a wooden boat. Saw report on TV last night, surprised there was no video
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I was pretty sure I was headed for a caliper replacement, might take VTfireman's advice and replace both sides
  6. Need some help with a brake problem – working on a 2005 GMC Envoy, 120,000 miles, disc brakes front and rear. When I got out of the car after getting home from Red Power Round Up (110 miles) I smelled hot brakes, it was the driver side front. Brake was dragging enough to hold the car from moving on level ground when in ‘Drive’ and I had noticed that the car seemed a little ‘doggy’ during the drive home. First thing I checked was to see if I had a collapsed/obstructed brake line that might be holding pressure in the caliper – cracked the bleeder valve and no pressure. Pulled both sides, replaced brake pads (the ones I took off had very little wear) and was careful when re-assembling that the pads were not binding on the new stainless hardware that they ride on, also applied brake grease on sliding points. I don’t drive this car often and usually less than 5 miles when I do. Took another trip this weekend, 60 miles, same thing, hot brake on driver side front but not as bad as before, not enough drag to hold car from moving on ‘Drive’ on level ground. Took a 12 mile trip this morning, checked brakes when I got home, driver side front definitely hot, not enough drag to keep car from moving in ‘Drive’. Should I just replace that caliper, brake hose and new pads both sides or is there something else I should look for.
  7. Plowing, 3 bottom trailer plow with the M or SM, 1956, I was 'big time'😄
  8. THAT IS PRICELESS!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Gotta send that to an ATP friend of mine!
  9. Neighbors across the road had a big picnic today, asked me to bring a tractor over for a hayride . Decided to take the F-20, I usually start it up at least once a year but don't do more than run it out of the barn then right back inside. Started right up in the barn, 3rd pull of the crank but needed some help from some younger guys cranking to get it to fire-up after sitting for 2 hours at the picnic. Everybody had good time. And no, it doesn't really look that good - when I took the picture it was still wet from me washing dust and bird poop off of it with the hose!
  10. If you figure it out let me know, I have a C and an H that have been doing that for years - totally random. I think it's in the starter drive .
  11. 'Maintainence Acess Cover' would be better than 'Maintenance Hole' I think.....😄😄
  12. Popping out the hole in the casting doesn't seem like a good idea to me, now you have a piece of cast iron inside the gear case. It might sink to bottom and stay there....or it might not.
  13. Possibly loose wheel lugs. Very inexpensive to fix.....😄
  14. That is the truth.
  15. Just thought it was funny, I'm sure its been done before
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