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  1. Thanks for all the replies; if you see a concrete truck around here it is probably a 6x6 with a lift axle, front discharge. I had an 11 yard delivery to a job last summer and when I asked the driver about the weight he said weight was OK but they normally don't load 11 yards as the concrete will slop out the front if they have to put on the brakes on a downhill slope.
  2. I stole this picture from 'mader656's thread. I've been around a lot of concrete trucks but never personally seen one with an axle up in the air at the fill chute but have seen other pictures of them Is it a lift axle? - but I think I see a tire in front of the standard duals which if that is what I'm seeing that would make a total of 4 axles behind the steering axle. Enlighten me, please
  3. Fire on a farm has always scared me, glad it did not spread to the barn.
  4. I lost my wife 1-1/2 years (July 31, 2017) ago, never mentioned it here because it hurt too much. She was gone 3-1/2 days after the ambulance arrived. 2 sisters, my kids and many friends got me through the first month and still are helping. I think of her every day, the house is empty. Tears still come unexpected. Your life is changed forever. Be strong an accept help that is offered. It may be hard to believe but you may find some good in the bad and the grief - I did.
  5. Here's what I found - the machine lorenzo posted seems to be heavily 'modified'!!! And a link to Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_Tractor
  6. Some things don't look right, that .50 cal seems 'off', the engine appears to be more modern than the track assembly (and it looks like it has an alternator, could be an update) and why the fifth wheel on a tracked vehicle? I'm going to look at the pictures on the computer later then look through my US MILITARY TRACKED VEHICLES by Fred Crismon
  7. I decided to drive school bus again, I drove for a couple of years back in 2011. I let my CDL expire so I had to re-take the training and test. My new CDL license has a restriction 'No Manual Transmission', the old one did not. I guess it would require a re-test to get rid of the restriction, school bus company gave me the training and test, probably have to find a driver school to do that. Not really interested in spending the money for something I might not use.
  8. Dave Downs

    cub clutch

    I'm in central Bucks County and there are no repair shops I could reccomend. Son-in-law was quoted $600 to fix fairly new Deere lawn mower, he gave it to me. New carb ($100) and 2 hours labor 6 years ago and it still runs good. Even though I was informed earlier in this thread that I adjusted my neighbors Cub clutch incorrectly that clutch has over 100 hours of running time on it. I'd be glad to look at your Cub but you'd have to leave it here for a couple of months!!!😄 my shop rate is cheap because I do it as a hobby in my spare time..... And I was warned years ago about the shop you took your tractor to.
  9. Dave Downs

    cub clutch

    Cub clutches are a bear to adjust. You have to individually adjust the pressure plate fingers through the hand hole and adjust free play through hand hole as well. I adjusted the free play on my neighbors Cub last year and had the bright idea to use a hairpin clip on the clevis adjustment pin instead of a cotter pin since it was difficult to insert and spread the cotter pin through the hand hole. The hairpin fell out in about an hours running time and then the clevis pin fell out. I fixed it on my dime in the field; he has a 5 ft Woods belly mower on it and working with the mower in place is a challenge.
  10. bitty - it was Fred and Miles Slack, between Forest Grove and Furlong
  11. I'm sure that grill was factory, every Brockway that I saw back then had that grill so I don't think it was an option. 'Bushwacker1' I don't own it but it is still in the family that I worked for back then, and they still have the Fruehauf trailer.
  12. I was prompted to post this topic after seeing in the General IH Forum about the KB11 with 3 ‘sticks’. I found it interesting that the younger generation has no knowledge of the older trucks and that the ‘stick’ on the far right was actually the parking brake. Here is my story of my introduction to Brockway trucks. The attached pictures were taken in 2011. In 1962 I was working for a local farmer that raised tomatoes for Campbell Soup. The regular driver was sick, and the farmer I was working for looked at me and said ‘Can you drive that thing to Camden (New Jersey)?’ I was 19 and said yes even though I had never done anything more than move the tractor trailer around the farm, maybe 3 times altogether and never on the road. I took off with a full load of tomatoes in a Fruehauf tandem axle grain trailer (66,000 pounds, I think the licensed GVW was 60,000). Having never driven a loaded truck with air brakes, I soon found that it would not stop real good, especially going down the hill into Davisville on Street Road and trying to stop for the red light at Davisville Road, I pushed on the brake pedal so hard it snapped off, leaving me with just a little stub sticking up. I stopped at a gas station at the intersection of Street Road and Old Lincoln Highway where a mechanic took pity on a dumb farm kid and bolted it back together with a piece strap metal. The transmission was a 5+2 with an air-shifted rear; I was able to figure it out quickly. The Truck was a 1952 (as I remember) and at the time Brockway had a reputation for building good trucks.
  13. Interesting... I took my private flight check in a Musketeer back in 1966. No many around now.
  14. It's cold here in SE Penn's but nothing like some of you have, my thermometer shows -8 F but official NOAA temp at the airport 3 miles away is -1 F
  15. It's my favorite Phillips head but no way I'm opening up the drywall to look😄
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