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  1. What happens to the blades that makes them unserviceable? Stress cracks due to flexing?
  2. I bought a Cub a month ago, neighbor had gotten it for free but it ran terrible, he wanted the cost of new battery, one front tire and a new carburetor. Tractor had a Woods belly mower and IH snow plow. Best money I’ve ever spent on a tractor. If the price fits your budget and you understand 1940’s engine technology, buy it! I can’t tell you if it is French built or USA; the picture of the grill you posted is the same grill as on mine (1949) but the picture is upside down. If the tractor starts but runs poorly it has to be either fuel or ignition; is it battery ignition or magneto? There are several common carburetor problems, a warped mating surface between the float bowl is one that can be fixed but a replacement carburetor is the easiest (on mine I went back to the original carburetor). There is a lot of parts support here in the US, shipping to Belgium will add some cost but you should be able to get what you need.
  3. Flushing the brake fluid seems to be a new recommended service from the car dealer shops. My niece took her Toyota to a dealership near her for an oil change - they contacted her with $1400.00 worth of ‘recommended’ service that her 54,000 mile car should have……. One of the services was a brake fluid flush - that’s a new one to me. Unless I replace calipers or wheel cylinders I just leave the brake fluid as is. I’d like your opinions. - and she declined all of the ‘recommended services’.
  4. Sadly this thread ties into the ‘tear families apart’ topic.
  5. I lent one of my flat wagons to your Dad for that sale ..still have the wagon. Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys! This was a big one…. Off to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out why my C developed a dead short when I went to start it yesterday. Having old Farmalls keeps you young….too busy trying to fix them so you don’t have time think about getting old….😀
  7. In the pictures - FD-12??? A diesel F-12?????
  8. Here in SE Pennsylvania local corn is curled, soybeans look OK, most lawns are mostly brown. Some 2nd cutting hay being baled. We just finished 2 weeks of 90+ temperatures and miserable humidity. Today is low 80’s with low humidity, beautiful day, same for tomorrow but the dry air is not going to help.
  9. I don’t have the time or space to list all of my ‘stuff’😀😀😀😀😀 I do have a petrified frog in my garage…..honest!
  10. There’s enough stone base that I don’t think I have to worry about that. On the drive it goes!!!!!
  11. I’ve got to replace one of the rear rims on the Cub I just got. I just drained the tire, now I’ve got about 20 gallons of liquid calcium chloride to get rid of. Anyone got suggestions? My lane is stone and I’m thinking of pouring it on the lane to kill the grass that grows in it. It can’t be anymore damaging to the environment than when the highway department spreads gallons of the stuff on the road during the winter.
  12. Neighbor called me last week, wanted to know if I wanted a Cub. It was given to him with an almost new Woods 59 belly mower and a snow plow. Has new battery, 1 new front tire, new carburetor, sediment bowl and fuel line. He can’t get it to run and just wants it gone for the cost of the new parts he bought. I go look at it, its a ‘49 but in decent shape, mower deck is the cleanest one I’ve ever seen. I offer him $100 more than he’s asking so I can sleep at night!!!!! We go to start it, turn on gas and fuel leaks out carb and fuel line connection to carb, it does finally run (poorly) but won’t take throttle. It arrives at my place last night along with a box full of the old carb parts. First thing I do is throw a battery charger on it - I don’t bother to look at where the cables go but the shower of sparks alerts me to battery being reversed with negative ground instead of positive. Not worried about the ignition since it’s got a magneto. Long story short - I put the old carb and sediment bowl back on with a temporary rubber fuel line; no leaks! Starts and runs fine, I even started it with the crank. Don’t know why the original stuff was replaced. Only major purchase for me will be a new rear rim, both rears are loaded with liquid but one is really rusted, going drain both and repaint the non-rusted rim.
  13. Here’s the IH part 12”x2”x5/8” 1/2” holes 2” center to center radius on both ends 1-7/8”
  14. Just noticed you wanted radius for front of stop, will check other C, I think that one has factory stops. I’ll pull one off for better measurements, might not happen until tomorrow. And I think stock is slightly smaller.
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