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  1. Used to sit C-ration cans on the exhaust manifold of the M-151 (1960’s - 70’s version of Army ‘Jeep’)
  2. Is this in addition to the one from last week (Dec 6)?!!!!
  3. Dave Downs

    Home or away?

    Two visits for me, daughter’s place (15 min drive), sister’s place (5 min drive) @bitty I plan on being home the day after, will check with the folks on the other side of the road!🙂
  4. @New Englander in the incident you just described you said the airplane pulled 4.6g, I’m surprised there was no structural damage/deformation. I didn’t think those big fellows were stressed for loads that high.
  5. This has got me worried, have a 30+ year old Craftsman 5hp air compressor I use at least once a week. Do I have a bomb sitting in the corner of the garage?
  6. I let my DOT physical expire 4 years ago, and my CDL was pulled, decided to renew it (school bus) early this year. Had to have complete re-training and re-test. On a railroad stop you have to put trans in neutral and set brakes. To cross the tracks you have to put transmission in Lo range (automatic) so it doesn’t shift, can’t shift to Drive until bus clears tracks. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, it’s an automatic transmission fer crying out loud!! Didn’t have to do that 8 years ago when I got license the first time. I’m also limited to automatic transmission vehicles, no limits the first time. This is in Pennsylvania.
  7. My M is a 1944, has a cast iron shift knob - there is a number on it which I guess is the part number
  8. Dave Downs


    I know that tree - Worthington’s farm
  9. My sister got them last year, was miserable for almost 3 months - she nagged me to get vaccinated but I hate the chance of bad reactions. I understand you only get shingles if you’ve had chicken pox and you only get shingles once . Something like 1 in 3 that had chicken pox get shingles.
  10. Engine might be a 348...I think they were still in use in ‘62. Answer might be in VIN
  11. I added the water pump years ago, a simple bolt-on.
  12. I’m guessing it has a bronze bushing and some sort of felt/rope packing. No leaks, wonder if it might be the packing. I just have to get it off and take a look. If I can find the original outlet I may convert it back to thermo-syphon.
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