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  1. Calls on Cell Phone

    Twice in the last 2 days I've gotten a call where caller-ID showed MY NUMBER! I didn't answer the first one, second time curiosity got the better of me; 'robo-lady' wanted to know why I hadn't signed-up for extended car warranty I got in the mail a few weeks ago.
  2. Source for small diameter exhaust tubing?

    Great link, but except for the one 180° degree bend they are all stainless, which is way past my limited welding skills... 😀
  3. Source for small diameter exhaust tubing?

    It's a garden tractor style, 41" 2-blade mower deck, hydro. LT14H411KV.
  4. Source for small diameter exhaust tubing?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. I have an old Snapper lawn mower, had it for over 25 years, love the thing. It's done a lot of mowing for me. Over the years I've replaced the mower deck, tires (rotted, wouldn't hold air), tie rod (ends went bad, couldn't get new, made my own), front wheel bushings among other stuff. Last year the motor (14.5 hp Kohler) started burning oil pretty bad, was going to buy new/rebuilt but couldn't find any. Ended up adapting a 14.5 Briggs I had sitting in the corner, works fine but I need an exhaust system better than the one slapped together last year. I tried to find a stock pipe with muffler to modify but no luck. Looking for somewhere to get 1" or 1 1/4" exhaust pipe. I could fabricate bends from straight pipe if I had to but some 90° bends would be nice. Any ideas?
  6. What USED to sell newspapers?

    I've been watching OAN for a little over a year. Yes, they are biased towards the right but way fewer commercials and a lot of world news as well. Will only watch 1 MSM tv station for the local weather and not to often at that.
  7. I dare you

    OK - I had to 'Google' 'Tide-pod' challenge. I had no clue, maybe I'm better off not knowing some things.....
  8. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Interesting topic. I've been reading the local newspaper (Doylestown Intelligencer) since before I was a teenager (in the 1950's). About 4 months ago the paper was sold. One of the first changes was the layout and a change of fonts, which I found made it difficult to read. I think the page layout is now completely done with a computer program. Along with the physical changes to the appearance was a definite shift to the far left in content; most editorials are now taken directly from the Washington Post rather than being written locally. I'm at the point where I'm only reading the obituaries and the comics. I'm not going to renew my subscription.
  9. Hand (crank) starting the H and 4-Series

    Not an H but my F-20 (no other options but the 'hill start' method) Cranking when temperature is over 40 degrees - Gear shift in neutral, gas on, set magneto to retarded, choke on, 2 pulls of crank. Gas should drip from carburetor, choke to off. Third pull of crank engine will start (OK, sometimes it takes 4 pulls....) To start F-20 when temperature is below 40 degrees, wait until things warm up to over 50, then use the above procedure. ...
  10. hard on cattle

    It's 62 degrees and raining/foggy here (5:30 PM). Forecast low overnight is 30, high tomorrow 33, low tomorrow night is 8. I can't imagine what that would do to cattle outside. And every thing is 'cold-soaked' and 'sweating' - I have one of my C's in my garage, it is dripping wet, even the tires.
  11. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Thanks to a all for the replies.
  12. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Are the bushings for a 'C' starter available or does anyone know the size? I'm pretty sure the problem I'm having with one of mine is worn-out bushings.
  13. The new New Holland Crawler

    It might be a good little crawler but that hood is ugly!!!
  14. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    The one I remember best was a '56 Chevy (number 35), had a Buick engine with a 5 speed.
  15. New c with carb trouble

    I see disc brakes, that would make it a Super C, unless somebody added them to regular C, which I doubt. . And drain all the gas if you have good flow to the carb and it smells bad.