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  1. Hmmmm......actually it happens every night until the end of the year....but I like it anyway!!😀
  2. I’m sort of near Allentown but don’t know much about wheel loaders. And I agree Bdse25 is close.
  3. Another thing on the 3M worktunes - I’ve noticed that lately I turn the volume on them all the way up - probably trying to drown out the tinnitus....😀
  4. First time I got in the cab of the D-8N I couldn’t help but notice the warning sign that hearing protection must be worn. Unfortunately by that time it was already to late as tinnitus had started years before. I have some hearing loss but the constant ringing/singing/screeching in my ears is beyond annoying. I now wear worktunes all the time I’m around any noise makers.
  5. She is my idiot state representative, up for re-election, really hope she gets booted out. As for the governor, I would get booted off Red Power Forum if I told you what I think about him.....
  6. UC is good, the company that I’m working for has a reputation for good equipment and maintenance. Just turned on the A/C - it works!!!
  7. As far as I know there are no flying Stukas and I agree that they are good looking.
  8. Friend is a pilot for American Airlines, they have 18,000 pilots that sit a little less than 6 feet apart for hours, don’t wear masks. 2 confirmed cases, no deaths. This information is almost 3 months old.
  9. Sensors are for GPS, (receivers are not mounted) need a computer model to use it. Think roadway or housing development, has automatic blade control. I’m using the old fashioned ‘eyeball level’. I’m amazed at how much the silage compacts, the machine weighs 40,000 lbs.
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