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  1. Dave Downs

    Are these IH power Units?

    I'll stick my neck out and say generator is same as C/SC.
  2. Dave Downs

    Road Construction

    'Tilla's story of the guy in the excavator reminded me of one of my own. Was replacing a culvert on a well-used shortcut between two major roads, big "ROAD CLOSED' 'BRIDGE OUT' signs on either end. 12' wide 10' deep cut clear across the road. Guy comes flying over the hill, skids to a stop almost hitting the crane sitting in the middle of the road. Gets out of his car, runs towards me yelling and screaming like a maniac. Gets in my face then abruptly stops, runs back to his car, slams it in reverse spinning tires back up the hill. Puzzled, I turn around to see two of my laborers, both very big and very black, standing behind me, arms crossed! As for Flagger Force, my experience has been that the average traffic cone is smarter than the average Flagger Force employee.
  3. Dave Downs

    Road Construction

    I've been around a lot of road construction here in SE Penna but I'm not familiar with the term 'pilot car'. From the way it is used here I'm guessing it's a car that leads you through the construction zone.
  4. Dave Downs


  5. Dave Downs

    1086 fwa hooking up a plow

    A blade is the thing on the front of a tracked machine that pushes dirt......
  6. Dave Downs

    Happy Birthday Dave Downs and others

    I spent the day working on projects for the first time in weeks with decent weather! That was a good birthday present😄
  7. Dave Downs

    Need a little help with my farmall H

    Fireballs and spitting through the carb? Check that you didn't cross some wires when putting the new ones on. Easy to check and might be your problem.
  8. Dave Downs

    Never seen one of these before!

    Not sure much I can say, maybe Grandpop was a MM Comfort tractor.....
  9. Dave Downs

    Farmall Super H troubleshooting

    25 years with no service? Might want to look at the air cleaner, easy & cheap. Those tractors are simple to service, you really don't need a Farmall mechanic, get an owner's manual, it has all the information you need.
  10. Dave Downs

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    OK - update time. I bought a 42" Gravely (Ariens) 24 hp with a welded deck (not stamped). Only done 1 cutting with it; wish I'd bought it back in March......it is a time saver. One complaint, it's not worth a darn on a side slope. I have one little area I still have to mow with the regular mower. It takes me longer to drive the mower to and from the slope than it does to mow it!
  11. Dave Downs

    What the heck

    Actually - for $1000 you get a complete F 100 and what looks like a 123 power unit.....unless everything is rusted solid it's not a bad deal...😄
  12. Dave Downs

    Farmall H with loader lifting ability

    I've got a pipe frame loader on one of my C's, lifted a complete 49 Chevy 6 engIne, think they go around 600 pounds.
  13. Dave Downs

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    Thanks for all the replies, seems that zero turn is the way to go.
  14. Dave Downs

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    I've been mowing my lawn for almost 30 years with a 41" Snapper hydro. Great mower, replaced deck, engine, tires, rebuilt steering, new front wheel bearings, wore out at least 3 sets of blades over the years. No problem with the mower but my lawn is a challenge - 2 fenced in areas, trees, stone walls, 2 small wet weather streams, 5 out buildings and some steep slopes next to the lane. All of this on about 2 acres. Takes almost 5 hours to mow, not including trimming. Lots of turning and backing up, not many big flat areas where a Zero Turn could fly, and a bigger cutting deck. Is not going to fit through my fence gates. My sister just bought a Gravely 34" cut ZT which I've run, seems like a good little mower. My question is - will I save any time with a more maneuverable machine even after I give away 7" of cutting width?
  15. Dave Downs


    Last week my cell rang, it was on my desk and I was in the office next door going over a new project so I let it go to voicemail. When I got back to my desk I listened to the message even though I didn't recognize the number. The message was rather long, woman's voice ....... in CHINESE!!!!