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  1. Yep, when I had trouble with mine I sprinkled chicken blood on them at midnight under a full moon, only way I could get the darn things to work.....😀
  2. Got one exactly like that, had it for maybe 25 years, fire it up twice a year, use it when power goes off. Reliable as a hammer.
  3. Not a leg but a hand - friend of mine lost his hand between the wrist and elbow when he was 7. Made a career in aviation, A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) license, Commercial pilot, Instrument, Multi-engine. Built a Pitts Special airplane, one of the last planes he owned was a twin engined Beech Baron. Also raced Corvettes. Dealing with an amputation is all about your mental attitude. He recently passed, RIP Bill.
  4. That is FUNNY! I did not see the ending coming!!!
  5. I’ve never seen that type wheel either, very interesting. But my real question is how did you get that plow to where it is to take take the picture?? There are no other tracks in the snow...I should be able to see the tracks from the tractor that towed it there!!!!! Unless you have a helicopter😀
  6. This topic about starters scares me ...... My ‘04 GMC pickup with 190,000+ miles on it has the 5 cylinder engine. To replace the starter you have to remove the intake manifold which means working through the driver’s side front wheel well.....and you have to pull the alternator and power steering pump. Not looking forward to the day it quits.
  7. The latest one I’ve been getting is that someone in Ohio has charged $784 to my Amazon account and if I want to dispute the charge I should push ‘1’. Got 6 of them yesterday, all the same. .......and I don’t have an Amazon account..........😀
  8. I spent some time looking at that belt and the pulleys and couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m thinking that Woods would have figured a way to do it if it was possible - it would be a lot simpler than making 2 types of spindles.
  9. Not worried about the discharge side, just if I might have problems keeping the blades tight. I think I’ll change the spindles.
  10. I take care of my neighbors Cub and the Woods 59 belly mower on it. The mower deck has some severe rust on it to the point that the mower spindle on the right side has a major hole next to where it mounts. Last summer he bought a complete mower and this winter’s project was to change the mowers but there is a problem. The deck and mounts are identical to what he has except for one thing - it has a left hand discharge, his is right hand. The blades on the Cub deck turn clockwise when viewed from above, the new deck blades turn counterclockwise. He was told the mower was on a C and the
  11. I know that song!!!!😀😀😀
  12. I have one of those ledger plate rivet setting tools and have used it...,..
  13. I didn’t realize oscilloscopes were still in use, figured in the age of the diesel and modern gas engines being electronic/computer managed they would be rather scarce.
  14. U Thanks!!! .....got my numbers confused 😀
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