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  1. I could see smoke haze here in SE Pennsylvania yesterday and today, sunset was really red.
  2. Alice Kramden - a character in a comedy TV series in the early 1950’s staring Jackie Gleason. His character was Ralph Kramden, a bus driver and was always threatening to ‘send Alice to the moon’ while raising his fist at her. Classic early TV.
  3. I’m a little older than dads 706 but when I was 10-12 local farm had one, was mounted to the side of a flatbed truck, one of the mount points was a hole through the running board on the drivers side.
  4. If you’re not going up a steep hill or pulling a heavy load have the engine at just above idle speed, let clutch out slowly, increase throttle after it starts moving. Those engines have a lot of low speed torque, no need to use high rpms.
  5. The drive train whine was as loud (or louder) than the Detroit!!!!
  6. ……..not India on dark side of the moon…….it was China
  7. I still have the axle stub, looks like the SC used a snap ring to hold it in place.
  8. I broke an axle on my SC, never thought of going though the PTO. Don’t forget you’ve got to line that gear up for the new axle then put the bolts back on. Got a used axle from Wengers.
  9. Yep, B-25, there was another one parked about 1000’ away - plus P-51s, Corsair, TBM, TBF, AT-6, many Stearmans, AiraCobra, B-17s and many, many more.......and did I mention the B-29 giving rides? And no, you can’t move in, my niece has been living with me since she had to leave her college dorm in March 2020......
  10. An observation- I attended the Middle Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend today. Located at Reading Airport, Pennsylvania, USA (50+ miles north of Philadelphia). When I went to board the shuttle bus from a remote parking area I was greeted by a large sign stating that if I was riding the bus to the WWII event I was required to wear a mask. Since the latest protocol in PA is no mask is required for those vaccinated I had left mine in the car, not thinking of the bus ride. I thought I’d have to go back to the car and get one. Then I realized the bus was half-full and the only mask in sight was on the bus driver. When we arrived at the entrance there were numerous signs stating masks and 3 foot social distancing was required. A quick glance around revealed no masks in sight. This event is attended by thousands (20,000 easy), and if I had counted the mask wearers on my fingers I don’t believe I would have used both hands. I believe the requirement was in place as there is no way to verify vaccination, since no one can be required to produce a vaccination card so a policy of treating everyone as un-vaccinated was mandated. Totally ignored by 99% of the attendees; a major statement by the average person, in my opinion. See small example attached.
  11. @New Englander YIKES! You spun a V-tail?!!!!
  12. On a deployment to Camp Shelby in the 1980’s we were sitting on top of a small hill. The FAC (Forward Air Controller) was in contact with a flight of 2 A-10’s. He told them where we were and would like a ‘photo op’. A mirror flash confirmed our position and both aircraft made a ‘gun run’ on us. First picture shows lead aircraft turning on us from the left, note his nose is pointed straight at us. Number 2 is ready to turn and line up on us from the right. Second picture is lead directly overhead. Just one of the fun pictures I’ve been able to take.
  13. Funny that this came up today. This was the week I got all the barn tractors running and moved them outside (C, H, M F-20). All started fine even on 6 volts and old gas, F-20 was 5 pulls on the crank. I decided to clean them up and dragged out my old pressure washer, it took a shot of ether to get it running but the pump is just wore out. Went to Tractor Supply, bought the cheapest one they had, Simpson, 3000 PSI, 2.4 GPM, $300. Very happy with it, but that’s only about 2.5 hours of running so far.
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