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  1. I’m in the ‘chop up the leaves’ camp and I’m also fighting a bumper crop of black walnuts, they’re so thick it’s hard to walk in some places.
  2. That’s got me thinking…..when I started driving in 1958 I think most stop signs were yellow with black letters. This was in southeastern Pennsylvania. Is my memory going or does someone else remember this?
  3. Stopped in my Sherwin Williams paint store yesterday, only needed a gallon of white exterior gloss Super Paint which they had but I’ve never seen so much empty shelf space.
  4. My F-20 and my H have Heisler overdrives, wonder if it’s the same company that made the locomotives?
  5. No seat belts in Pennsylvania, the claim is that bus design with the new high-back seats and the fact that seats are up on top of the frame rails really makes them fairly safe in a crash and this seems to be true given crash statistics. A big problem with seat belts is making sure the kids use them. The exception to no seat belts is in special needs kids, everybody gets belted in, especially wheelchair kids; they get 4 belts to the chair and one lap/shoulder belt on the child. I drove special needs for 3-1/2 years and I was a fanatic on making sure my wheelchair kids were properly secured.
  6. I had something happen today I’ve never seen before. I’m teaching my nieces basic pistol handling/shooting. Bought a nice Ruger Mark II 22LR target pistol, both girls are doing well with the basics of shooting. Had an ammunition misfire today, dented the rim but did not fire. In my military days I ran all types of firing ranges, never had a pistol or rifle/machine gun round fail to fire. Did have a few misfires with 81mm mortar rounds and one 106 recoilless rifle round in which cases we just followed standard procedures. In the case of the 106 immediate action was to re-**** the weapon and attempt to re-fire the round, which was not successful in my case and we had to un-chamber the round and send it to EOD. I’m not particularly bothered by the incident, I just don’t know what to do with the round with the dented rim - I was thinking of chambering it in a rifle and attempting to fire it. This is the ammunition I’m using.
  7. I’ve found that ‘rain cap flutter’ is usually affected by idle mixture, lean mix increases ‘flutter’. I agree with Iowaboy about distributor weight springs control rate of advance and the configuration of the slots in the weight controls the amount of advance. In my younger days we used to modify the advance in GM distributors which were similar in design with weights and springs but were able to confirm the advance curve with a Sun distributor analyzer machine.
  8. Thanks - i was afraid that would be the recommendation….
  9. I’m doing my twice yearly standby generator maintenance, drain fuel, wipe down, replace fuel and warm it up and run it under load. I noticed minor corrosion on the plug for the cable to the transfer switch, which I cleaned with 600 sandpaper. Question - how would I clean the female socket?
  10. Woke up around 2AM last night, 3 Hoot Owls were engaged in conversation. One was about 100 feet behind the house, another about 300 over near the barn and the third was much farther away as I could barely hear him. They are neat to listen to, it was a very calm and quiet night. Hoot……Hoo……Hoo……hoot…..
  11. Punctuation is more important- Lets eat, Grandma. Or Let’s eat Grandma. I know, it’s an old one…….
  12. Ditto on Cub engine, they were used as a power unit on small pull type combines
  13. Me like anything with tracks!😀
  14. So here I sit in my very comfortable recliner chair drinking the hot beverage that real men drink that is brewed in a pot and reading a discussion about containers used to brew tea in a part of the world where English is spoken in a strange way and the word ‘color’ is spelled with a ‘U’. The discussion then takes a side trip into the area of goat ‘parts’ that should not be mentioned in polite company. I guess I can gain comfort in the fact that I now have additional knowledge about the land down under where water swirls around the drain in opposite direction. The sun is now above the horizon and I can proceed with my day fortified with my morning coffee - brewed in a pot……
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