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  1. Topped off my 2004 GMC Canyon today (was just under 1/4 tank) and filled 2 five gallon cans for lawnmowers. $121.50…………
  2. One of my favorites - ‘needs restored’. Then there is ‘payed’ instead of ‘paid’. And speaking of restored there are those that think converting a Farmall M to 12 volts, putting an alternator on it and adding electronic ignition is part of the ‘restoration’ process….
  3. On the way to work this AM gasoline was $4.65 - when I came home same place was $4.85. I think $5 is in my near future
  4. SE Pennsylvania - on-road diesel $5.99
  5. I saw that procedure for re-‘assembly - actually it is a little bit scary!!!!!
  6. I recently bought a Ruger Mark II semi-auto pistol. Reading the manual I found this in the disassembly/assembly instructions: “Replace magazine, point pistol in a safe direction, and pull the trigger to uncock the gun. Guns should not be stored loaded or cocked.” I thought that dry-firing any rim-fire weapon was a big no-no as it can lead to firing pin damage. What am I missing?
  7. I can’t imagine having weather like this! Absolutely insane.
  8. I remember the Corvair having a dash-mounted lever, not buttons - could be wrong…..off to google to find out! ’40 Ford with Olds engine and Caddy transmission = classic hot-rod!😀😀 Had a ‘63 Plymouth with mechanical push button shifter, never had a problem.
  9. Thanks! It just looked to big for me - it definitely won’t fit on my lawn mower engines……😀
  10. From my late BIL’s collection. Looks like an oil filter strap wrench but way to bulky to fit on any oil filters I work on. Has ‘Craftsman’ on it.
  11. There are a lot of those trucks around here, I’ve heard they don’t like to put 11 yards in them - not because of the weight but because if they get too much ‘nose down’ on a hill the mix can spill out. Any truth to that?
  12. Deployed several times in the 1980’s as TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. Worked with A-10’s, A-7’s, OA-37’s and F-4’s mainly. Since we were in radio contact with them we could get private air shows! Best F-4 encounter was on a firing range when we had an F-4 in full burner pass about 50’ in front of us about 25’ off the ground. I could feel the heat from the afterburner and the wingtip vortices kicked up the sandy ground so bad I had to cover my eyes. Sorry, no pictures! Camp Shelby Mississippi, was on a hill, called up a flight of 2 A-10’s, told them I had a camera and asked if they would make a dry run on us so I could get some pictures. Gave them a mirror flash so they could locate us. Pictures show the results …. I may have told this story before…😀
  13. $4.19 here in SE Pennsylvania
  14. Well this topic has got me thinking…… I have 2 old (20 + years) Craftsman compressors which I have never been real good about draining the moisture from. For the light duty work I do with them - small tires and blowing dust - I think a couple of hundred dollars spent on a replacement might be a good idea. Are the pancake style tanks any safer?
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