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  1. Popping out the hole in the casting doesn't seem like a good idea to me, now you have a piece of cast iron inside the gear case. It might sink to bottom and stay there....or it might not.
  2. Possibly loose wheel lugs. Very inexpensive to fix.....😄
  3. That is the truth.
  4. Just thought it was funny, I'm sure its been done before
  5. I've never seen a grill like this on a C, don't think it is homemade.
  6. Not an M or 9N --- Found this at the show - M60?
  7. I was in a big hurry to get home......BUT I did get to meet MTO!!!😄
  8. I just got home about 1-1/2 hours ago (fed the dogs then fed me!) and I can say that I was impressed. Talked to people from Nebraska, Louisiana and Canada among other places, and met some of the forum guys - would have stayed longer but needed to get home. LOTS of letter series tractors which are my favorite. Took a bunch of pictures, will download them tomorrow and may post some. Well done show, sending thanks to bitty and his crew.
  9. Yep, like 'rustred' said - drop your rpm's, you have enough torque to push into the pile at maybe 1/4 throttle; if you need to feather the clutch at a lower rpm it is not near as hard on the clutch.
  10. My son's generator surged under load. I ran the next size up pin drill through the main jet - smoothed it right out.
  11. Sometimes carburetor problems turn out to be ignition problems. Yes, I'm serious, points might be closing up (or maybe not....)
  12. I've always understood it this way - torque moves things, horsepower moves things faster. Torque is measured value, horsepower is calculated from torque with rpm's factored in.....somehow😄
  13. I've been disconnecting the battery of any tractor I leave in the barn overnight (afraid of a fire if something chews on a wire) right now there are 4 in the barn. Sometimes I pull negative, sometimes positive. Never repolarize the generator when I restart them, just hook cables back up and go, generator always comes on line. If the ammeter needle moves just a little towards the plus side with a charged battery that's all it's supposed to do if regulator is working properly. Just my experience.
  14. I am just finishing replacing a brand new throwout bearing that failed within an hour (installed by a repair shop) due to improperly adjusted clutch fingers. The fingers were adjusted too low and allowed the fingers to contact the outside of the bearing. The 1 - 1/4" adjustment is VERY IMPORTANT! Here is another link to Cub clutch data: http://farmallcub.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6994
  15. I thought Ethel's accident was a stall/spin on landing approach??? ....I've been wrong before, guess I should research it. EDIT - A quick search did come up with a stall/spin following loss of power (fuel mismanagement?) Note - I did not find the accident report, just various articles. Will try to find report tomorrow (need a real computer. not phone)
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