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  1. Dave Downs

    Who did it?

    I’m not easily offended but Cattech nailed it.
  2. Sounds like ‘CHICKEN HAWK’ by Robert Mason. Excellent book
  3. Might be a Nan Chang CJ-6 edit - closer look, maybe Yak 52
  4. My H had one of those valves on it, since I had no idea what it was for I took it off. It might be in my room full of ‘special’ parts in the barn.....
  5. Dave Downs

    hydro car

    Why do they have to make concept machinery look like something out of a bad science fiction movie?? 😢
  6. I think the resistor is for dim headlights....,but if the smoke escapes don’t blame me😊
  7. There is also the option of leaving the magneto in place, adding a coil and appropriate wiring and using the points in the mag to fire the coil which then runs through the distributor cap on the mag. Did this 6 - 8 years ago to my neighbors Cub, it spends all summer mowing, haven’t had to touch it since. I don’t remember the details of the wiring but was able to figure it out without much trouble.
  8. I’m with Rick, tractor is accurate except for missing hood
  9. I was looking for some replacement place mats for the kitchen - wanted some with roosters on them as that is what I have now. This one caught my eye as there is a letter series in the background, looks like an H because of the steering shaft angle. Then I looked a little closer and it does not have the hood on it! I thought this was really strange.. ....
  10. Thanks, I guess the removable piece holds the blade?
  11. We have lots of old timers here, does anyone know what this is? The removable wooden piece fits very tightly into the slot in the side.
  12. Used to sit C-ration cans on the exhaust manifold of the M-151 (1960’s - 70’s version of Army ‘Jeep’)
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