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  1. toyboy

    Same tractors in the US

    My dad has a Same buffalo 130. Local dealer that sold them installed m&w turbos, my dad's is one with a m&w.
  2. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    Hinson royal cab, time period correct. The Turbo decals and chrome stack clearly not the way it rolled off the line but it doesn't take away from it being a original...meat and potatoes are all there. An hour with a heat gun and a trip to a parts yard here would get you a IH built 1066 muffler. Mountains out of mole hills, original it still is.
  3. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    How so? Add on parts correct for the time period on a unmolested tractor. Something that is hard to find these days, only original one time.
  4. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    This brought $11,250 couple weeks ago.
  5. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    856 after 4 years of work and still messing with it.
  6. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    This was my barn find in 2014. Came off a small dairy farm down the road and not many people even knew the tractor was sitting in the guys shed. Probably not washed since it was new and had been at the same farm since late 70's. 3500 hours, 4 new tires and 3k in parts on the elwood. Gave $12,000.00 for the 966 and $2,000 for the 856. Picture is the day I drove them home and washed up planting wheat last fall.
  7. toyboy

    1066 registry

    For sale 3-29, farm auction in newtom, Wi. Was located in Reedsville, Wi.
  8. toyboy

    organic milk price down

    My neighbor is organic. They had a quota put on them which they will each in may. After that $5cwt. They sold a bunch of animals and are dumping some land it sounds like.
  9. toyboy

    IH auction

    I seen the listing but I am working. Sounded good until I checked over the pictures. If it's low houred it needs to look the part as well.
  10. toyboy

    land o lakes patrons?

    The contractor I work for has been really busy there. Alot of money spent on expanding/updates. My neighbor had a 800k pound cap put on their production and after that it's 5/hundred. They do not ship to Land O Lakes.
  11. toyboy

    Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    They are out there, just need to watch everyday. Took me 2 years to find what I wanted.
  12. toyboy

    Firestone super NO tractions

    I have no use for the hotrocks. Michelins.
  13. toyboy

    Auction results

    I would love to find a grain truck in that shape for that price. Rusted out rats nests bring that here.
  14. toyboy


    Just picked up a book on bee keeping, would like to try it myself.
  15. toyboy

    Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    paid $75.00 for the ones on my 856 4 years ago.