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  1. We are constantly going through helpers/apprentices at work. Hire them and mold them to your ways, be tough but fair. They weed themselves out. At work we have been involve with a youth apprenticeship program through the local highschools. I like what I have seen so far with that.
  2. My opinion, it's a straight unmolested tractor without fresh paint. That alone has become a hard find, and my guess as to why it brought that.
  3. Buyer didnt shop around real hard, there is nicer around for less.
  4. I have heard of people doing it with rebar.
  5. toyboy

    wet corn

    24% is a normal year here...
  6. toyboy

    Fan or sieve

    Doesn't the book say 900 for fan?
  7. I can't remember exactly what happen, but I had a similar situation. Something had moved or shifted internally in the valve and I lost some stuff. Dealer just had to reset what came apart inside the valve and all was good again.
  8. Can get it all from triple r.
  9. Little late, was a nice 1066 sold in Newton couple weeks back.
  10. toyboy

    Bash Board

    Don't like it don't read it.
  11. Did you do any type of grove or lapping with the boards?
  12. Yup, it can stop anytime.
  13. toyboy

    SAME Buffalo

    My dad has one with m&w turbo. Tough but simple tractor
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