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  1. toyboy

    How good (or bad) does your 806 diesel start?

    at 50 degrees my 806 cranks 10 seconds or so, 856 takes a couple cranks as well with fresh head, pump and injectors.
  2. toyboy

    So, New York leaders...

    So, like what is being projecting onto someone else's life based on the mothers morals? So this can apply to you but not a unborn child? I find it funny how everyone that stands up for this stupidity is alive.
  3. toyboy

    So, New York leaders...

    Are you willing to lose your life based on the opinions of voters? What this is doing is taking the actions and opinions of others giving the false right to someone about the fate of someone elses life. As you just stated... "It's not up to you. It's not your decision to make for others." It's not up to anyone to make a call on that life. Any argument otherwise is complete bull. It's real simple.
  4. toyboy

    Looking for
  5. toyboy

    New 80 acres

    3 years from the last prohibitive application date.
  6. toyboy

    New 80 acres

    You spray it there is a 3 year transition period.
  7. toyboy

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    Prices seem soft. A fool and their money parted ways on the 450.
  8. toyboy

    Time change this weekend

    Makes no difference to me. Get up when the alarm goes off and repeat, what does it matter if it changes one hour, none or five.
  9. toyboy

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Good lord a 9 shank, around here you would be pulling a 5.
  10. toyboy

    IH 205 combine

    Looking for the piece/pieces that go vertically against the consol.
  11. toyboy

    IH 205 combine

    Anyone have connections or know where there are parts machines? Looking for a couple items for the new toy.
  12. toyboy

    John Deere 45, 65 model

    While I wouldn't pay it I have seen old combones bring $600-$3,200 this summer.
  13. toyboy

    205 combine dimensions

    Sounds good.
  14. toyboy

    205 combine dimensions

    Thanks Guys!