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  1. toyboy

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    Prices seem soft. A fool and their money parted ways on the 450.
  2. toyboy

    Time change this weekend

    Makes no difference to me. Get up when the alarm goes off and repeat, what does it matter if it changes one hour, none or five.
  3. toyboy

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Good lord a 9 shank, around here you would be pulling a 5.
  4. toyboy

    IH 205 combine

    Looking for the piece/pieces that go vertically against the consol.
  5. toyboy

    IH 205 combine

    Anyone have connections or know where there are parts machines? Looking for a couple items for the new toy.
  6. toyboy

    John Deere 45, 65 model

    While I wouldn't pay it I have seen old combones bring $600-$3,200 this summer.
  7. toyboy

    205 combine dimensions

    Sounds good.
  8. toyboy

    205 combine dimensions

    Thanks Guys!
  9. toyboy

    205 combine dimensions

    Looking to figure out how big of a trailer I will need to haul this.
  10. toyboy


    I just put in pearl.
  11. toyboy

    Same tractors in the US

    My dad has a Same buffalo 130. Local dealer that sold them installed m&w turbos, my dad's is one with a m&w.
  12. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    Hinson royal cab, time period correct. The Turbo decals and chrome stack clearly not the way it rolled off the line but it doesn't take away from it being a original...meat and potatoes are all there. An hour with a heat gun and a trip to a parts yard here would get you a IH built 1066 muffler. Mountains out of mole hills, original it still is.
  13. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    How so? Add on parts correct for the time period on a unmolested tractor. Something that is hard to find these days, only original one time.
  14. toyboy

    Value of 966 mfwd

    This brought $11,250 couple weeks ago.