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  1. Very nice Pete, I moved the dirt for my shop too. Didn’t have a backhoe to dig the footings, had the concrete guy dig them with his Bobcat with hoe attachment, and he complained the whole time, until he got out of the fill and into virgin soil. He kept asking me if I was sure where I had filled and what was virgin. He didn’t believe me.
  2. Maybe Japan will keep the soccer team there
  3. That was great, Bill!! Thanks for sharing, the world needs more of that right now.
  4. Same here, when you go through St. Louis and get into Illinois, I’m not too far away to meet.
  5. 1st on my list is my dad’s 1206. I know that I will probably never find it because I can’t find the serial number in any of his records. 2nd, 4386, I liked the 45 that dad had, but don’t want that V-8. 3rd, 5488, just bada$$
  6. The wife’s aunt and uncle have a place in Leasburg. We go out there a couple times a year.
  7. Several guys that sprayed for dad over the years, would show up the next time with a different plane/helicopter. He would ask if it was an upgrade or a had to replace the wreck. Two of the upgrades were replacing crashed birds. One crashed a plane 20+ miles away from us, dad was waiting for him to show up and kind of knew his schedule, so went looking for him. Found out his plane was in a cornfield. He had started early that day and it was foggy, he saw a tree in the middle of the field and moved to go around it but the tip of the wing caught the corn stalks and pulled the plane in. Dad said you could see dents all over the plane from the ears of corn. The pilot walked away. Was coming home this past Sunday from a camping trip and met two Sky Tractors on gooseneck trailers heading west on 44 in Missouri, about an hour out of St. Louis.
  8. Very sharp looking!! Great job!! Any of those pictures should be on a calendar
  9. Good luck with it, hopefully it will be an easy fix.
  10. I told Todd that cinder blocks are cheaper, that way if he tips, Nash isn’t out part of his inheritance!! lol 😂
  11. 1958 560, 806 man, Ruby Red, and others celebrating today!!! Have a great day!!! 🎊🎁🎉🎂🍾🎆🇺🇸
  12. One of those were in Missouri at a friend’s farm, IH, Oliver, and Deere. Not sure who else was there, but it was a miniature farm progress show. They all pulled plows and he said that the 806 broke a gear in the rear end. The IH team used a building on the farm for a shop and repaired it for the next day. Don’t remember the rest of the story though.
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