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  1. Good luck, hope all goes well this season!!! Stay safe!
  2. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwi3x8-mvrj6AhW1yZQJHUDWBPgYABApGgJ5bQ&ae=2&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASJeRoqxcbq94PrvIA-a2ReQ0r8deZk_CL1CVBVgGiMp7uz11Tkl8&sig=AOD64_35E2aM4RGY6WIgfa2myxsJUngavA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjF8Mamvrj6AhVBlIkEHa0mDNA4MhDCDygAegQIABBm&nis=2&dct=1&adurl= I found this site, maybe they can help you out.
  3. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/construction-equipment/auction-results/212199969/massey-ferguson-mf300 I scrolled further down and found a 300
  4. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/construction-equipment/auction-results/206609499/1979-massey-ferguson-30d
  5. Dad told me a story that grandpa rolled his Super 77, that I have now, hauling ear corn one time. Grandpa was picking with the 6600 Ford and hauling with the 77, ground was getting slick from the frost thawing. The wagon pushed the tractor sideways down a hill and rolled it. Grandpa nor the tractor were hurt, was just another trial of farming.
  6. I barely remember grandpa picking corn. Never remember actually seeing him pick it, as I was there with dad while grandpa was unloading wagons into the crib. I think that he had an Oliver 1 row pull type, an Oliver flare bed wagon with a hoist and a wooden wagon with removable sides. He had an A frame wagon jack to dump the wooden wagon. I think that he stopped picking corn around 81-82, then dad took over grandpa’s farm. He had a John Deere 12 A combine also.
  7. He carried it into the sh!tter and concealed it in his jeans on the way out!! lol 😂
  8. Somewhere in my family, there’s a picture of my nephew sleeping in his plate of food, just his face, though!!
  9. Just under 4 hours for me. We’re on our way home from Texas today, couldn’t make it this year. Hopefully Eric will do it again next year!! Great pics and video!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. I watched a show several years ago about a dairy farm in , I think Wisconsin, had a company from Cali come in and build a new setup for them. It had 2-3 Slurry-Stores with rubber roofs as gasifiers, and 2 big Cat gen sets. They ran 3 farms and sold power back to the grid from the manure of that one farm. I think at the time, they said that it was a 3-4 million dollar investment. But they had a screw pump that squeezed the juices out of the solids, used the liquid for fertilizer and they reused the solids for bedding.
  11. Besides the 3688, it appears everything else went fairly reasonable
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