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  1. Not sure if someone made an aftermarket hitch or not, but IH made the 5500- 30’ drill that was a front fold.
  2. Last year they used a combine. It’s sitting on the Deere lot in Waterloo. The big farmer in Monroe County buys a new combine every year. It’s covered with a Busch wrap. If I can remember to snap a picture of it, I will. If I forget, maybe @Steve C. can.
  3. Later in the day, he could have put it out after it went through the filter!! lol 😂
  4. Short circuit movie!! Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg. Good movie
  5. The real tractor was photographed here in Monroe county, IL. @Steve C.and I worked for the owners of that tractor . This was sent to me by a friend that is on fakebook
  6. At a quick glance at that picture, I saw the dead terrorist!!
  7. I was cutting the beans, he was settled in for a permanent nap!!
  8. Here’s the one I found cutting beans last fall.
  9. Happy Birthday Ron!!! 🎉🎂🎊🎁🎈🍾🎆🇺🇸
  10. Sorry, no help from me about the engine. Looks like a good base for a project !!
  11. Sorry to hear about old boss, this world is loosing too many good people too fast.
  12. There’s more truth to that statement than a reporter telling us that that the sky is blue!!
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