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  1. Alan Dinan

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard!!
  2. Leroy the red neck reindeer!! Can't forget his good Christmas song. RIP Joe. Another good one gone
  3. You definitely have a great lineup, Bill!!!
  4. Haven't seen Tony on here in a while, that 656 Goldie would look great next to his 1456 Goldie!!!!
  5. Sorry for your loss. Like others said, great story to remember your friend!!
  6. Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈 Hope you all have a great and safe day!!
  7. Prayers for her safe travels, and I'm too far east of her route also.
  8. Can't find the rest of my pictures
  9. Yes , on the duals. The weight of a full drill isn't an issue.
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