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  1. Alan Dinan

    Bitty and Tjoker are getting older today!

    Happy Birthday today!!!
  2. Alan Dinan

    Prayers requested

    Praying for a great surgery and a quick recovery.
  3. Alan Dinan

    prayer request

    Still praying, hopefully better news from the next hospital.
  4. Alan Dinan

    Buyers guides

  5. Alan Dinan

    Buyers guides

    Some from Balers
  6. Alan Dinan

    Buyers guides

    A couple more from the mowers and rakes
  7. Alan Dinan

    Buyers guides

    My favorite picture in the mowers and rakes guide. Not every day you see a tractor parked on a mower bar.
  8. A friend bid on these for me on Facebook, and won!!! I hope that you enjoy 😊
  9. Alan Dinan

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    Sorry for your loss, this is a great tribute for your baby.
  10. Alan Dinan

    Tom's a hero

    Thanks for sharing Steve, I was in Schneider's getting some brats Tuesday. I overheard a guy on the phone saying something about a plane crash, out past Baxmeyers. I haven't seen anything about it until you posted this.
  11. Happy Birthday today!!! Quite a few celebrating today, hope that you have a great day!!!
  12. Alan Dinan

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    Excellent looking job Danny!! Can't wait to see video of her, screaming down the track!!!
  13. Alan Dinan

    got some wood splitting done today

    Nice pictures, great looking 686, too!!!!
  14. Alan Dinan

    IH 435

    Todd, maybe we can get a tire and rim guy to chime in with some insight!!! I know that he was with the tractors, but maybe Doctor Evil would know about implement rims also!