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  1. prayers desperately needed

    Great news, still in our prayers for quick return home!! Alan
  2. Looking for

    Aaron, is that one going to follow you home???? That is a sharp 826. Alan
  3. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    I love the Oliver umbrella!!!! Alan
  4. Dr. Evil

    Hope that you had a great day!! Thank you for the knowledge you bring to this great forum. Alan
  5. New member has question in the front row

    Welcome to the forum, I can't help you with the interior but someone will be along soon. Good looking 56. Alan
  6. Lost my sister this afternoon

    My condolences, praying for you and your family. Alan
  7. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers from south west Illinois, hope you get to feeling better also, so you can be with him too. Alan
  8. Anyone looking for a this guy!

    No pictures, but a guy near me scrapped for decades (has passed away) didn't own a chain or strap!!!! He had a 20' bumper hitch trailer, met him headed to the scrap yard with a 44 or 6600 JD combine, not one chain on it. Alan
  9. Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday, I hope you all have a great day!!!🎂🎈 Alan
  10. Well, he did it again!! MTO

    Hope that you had a great day Mark!! Alan
  11. Happy bithday IHC5488, 1206&1456

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a great day!! Alan
  12. 766 Update

    Great looking 7 Alan
  13. 140 3pt tow hitch

    Looks great Todd 👍🏻 Alan
  14. Not Red but it's Blue

    Welcome to the forum!! That 5000 is looking good. Alan