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  1. Alan Dinan

    Kansas autumn sunset

  2. Alan Dinan

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    Any more pictures of yours, Lorenzo? That looks sharp!!
  3. Alan Dinan

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys!!
  4. Alan Dinan

    IH/WP fasteners

    My '72 TD-15 is covered with IH bolts. Dads '71 1026 had WP hood bolts, as far as I know they were original. Don't remember if other bolts on the tractor were IH or WP
  5. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday 🎈

    Hope you have a great day!!!
  6. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday, gordon76,1466fan

    Happy birthday, hope you had a great day!!
  7. Alan Dinan


    Sorry to hear about that Bill. Glad that you are okay, prayers sent for the couple you were with.
  8. Alan Dinan


    Happy birthday Bill!!! Happy birthday to everyone celebrating today!!
  9. Alan Dinan

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys!!!!
  10. Alan Dinan

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Looking good!!
  11. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday

    Hope that you all have a great day!!!
  12. Alan Dinan

    Wrong Color - Oliver Super 77

  13. Alan Dinan


    RIP Bandit
  14. Alan Dinan

    Peach tree

    Good luck with saving the tree!! Sharp 14 also!!