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  1. Auctioneer near me has 2 consignment auctions a year and his favorite saying is “The nicest one in Illinois!!”
  2. Sounds like some long days for you!!! But nothing makes you feel better than a job done right!! Good job Seth!!
  3. The handle is bent, as Nate said. Straighten it or turn it enough to clear.
  4. During our remodel, in the process, we have been putting them in a bucket and keeping them separated from everything else. Will probably go in a tin when we are finished and then in the scrap load.
  5. I’m in a bad area for service, so not seeing a picture? But usually they say that with like new rubber Yep, pic just popped up after I responded
  6. Happy Birthday guys!!🎁🎂🎉🎈🎊
  7. Or perhaps another u bolt and bracket out at the end of the frame
  8. Wish I had known, when you were here in southern Illinois. I’ll give you a few next year, if we meet up again
  9. Southern Illinois doesn’t get to see much of the fuel tax $$$ chitcago is on the receiving end of that money and most all other funds
  10. Chisel plowed about 15 acres after putting the duals on the 36. Found a couple of flat tires, before they found the tire!!!
  11. That’s a good looking backhoe!! Glad to hear that it is going to a good home!! Also thanks for bringing us along!!
  12. Been through Mexico, Louisiana & Paris, without leaving the state!!
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