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  1. Good luck, I have a friend looking at his
  2. A friend of mine has one with a Farmhand loader on it. Good little tractor, gets used on a square baler several times a year on about 4 acres, but mostly loader work. It’s a quick-tach loader but I have never seen it off of the tractor. I also know of a couple of brothers that have 6 of the 5X88’s and 6 of the 3X88’s. But I think that they are missing the 3088 2wd and fwd. They have each tractor in 2 wheel drive and front wheel assist. My nephew works for them, I’ll see if he can get some pictures.
  3. For me, the first couple of years going with dad it was the 750 Massey combine and after that it was the series 3 Steiger behind the seat. I was too big to sleep in the 1086 by the time he bought it.
  4. For three years, don’t remember the guy’s name, was president of Oliver, decided that the green with red wheels looked like a “lady of the night” so had them painted green. They went back to red after he was replaced.
  5. Korvis sells the seat rubbers for IH also. I have a ‘54, I think, it has the green wheels. It was my grandpa’s last Oliver. Not very pretty, after grandpa passed, grandma wanted it gone because she blamed it for grandpa’s stroke. Dad sold it to a cousin of mine from mom’s side of the family. He turned it up and ventilated the block, put another engine in it and painted it with rattle cans. I was able to get it back, and now it needs an overhaul, and restoration.
  6. Wish 100,000 other companies had the “Made in America or it’s not made” mentality.
  7. Costco had pallets of tp Saturday and my sister was there yesterday and they were out
  8. My nephew got this one opening day. Field dressed out at 201lbs.
  9. Yep, raining here on the east side of the river from you now. Been raining off and on all day. Rained here yesterday too. I’m not sure how much, but going to guess close to 2”
  10. I don’t remember what year it was, but I remember a news story, believe it was Paul Harvey, about a man breaking into an older couples house in Indiana. The would be crook broke into a 70 something ex-marine home. Not quite the same extent of injuries, but the crook got his a$$ kicked !!
  11. I watched one episode and it was told that John Wayne owned the island for a time.
  12. Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎊🎁🎈
  13. One door closes, another one opens!! Don’t know where that saying came from, but believe in God and it works out for the best.
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