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  1. Alan Dinan

    IH disc

    I have seen several like that one advertised on Craigslist, same design. One of the ads said that it was an International, but not an IH. So apparently there's a short line company- International.
  2. Alan Dinan

    I`ll PM you my address

    Still no takers, Mark?
  3. Alan Dinan

    RIP Roy Clark

    R.I.P. I grew up watching him and Buck on Hee Haw. He was an excellent entertainer. I never saw him in person, but have watched a lot of YouTube videos of him. He could keep the crowd laughing too!!
  4. Alan Dinan

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Glad he's back home!!!
  5. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday, Keith Fink

    Happy birthday!!!
  6. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday ,Deerefarmer,badgolfer33,cumminF350

    Happy birthday!!!!
  7. Alan Dinan

    Ih 50 back blade thoughts

    I had one follow me home this summer, I haven't had it on a tractor yet. Its very heavy, will be using it on a 3688 with duals and front weights.
  8. Alan Dinan

    Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday to all celebrating today!!!
  9. Alan Dinan

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery!!
  10. Alan Dinan


    Happy birthday guys!!
  11. Alan Dinan

    I`ll PM you my address

    Do you want the potty training urinal at the bottom of the ad also, Mark? lol!!!
  12. Alan Dinan

    Dirt Boyz Yard Art ,

    That looks great 👍🏻 Danny!!! Agree with MikeM. Nicer than the stuff I use.
  13. Alan Dinan

    Shop planning websites?

    Definitely start with in floor heat, no matter what size you go. With that said, if you put a bathroom in, keep the tubing several feet away from the toilet drain. Found out the hard way that the wax rings don't work with hot concrete.
  14. Alan Dinan

    Happy Birthday NYBillO

    Happy birthday, Bill!!!
  15. Alan Dinan

    today's birthdays

    Happy birthday guys!!!