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  1. If you get a wind like we had Thursday night, it’ll blow it out!!
  2. I mowed foxtail/wheat stubble about a month ago and beginning to think about mowing it again. I think I got 90 4x5’s off of 15 acres. Not real thick, but it’s a foot tall already.
  3. I have 16.9-38 on my hydro 86 and I’ve been told that it will do just over 30mph. That was being followed by a pickup, could be a couple mph off.
  4. Was a diesel hydro 70 on the dealer lot when I was 10-12 years old, tried getting dad to buy it, but he wouldn’t. Don’t remember if it had a loader on it but I remember that it didn’t have fenders. Always liked the white stripes on the hood too. I bought the Hydro 86 years later.
  5. Happy Birthday fellas 🎂🎊🎈🎁🎉
  6. I like how he put the ratchet strap on there to hold the bumper off the ground!!
  7. Should be a man door in the other end, but you won’t be able to see the bottom of the auger trough from there. Only way is from underneath it.
  8. I think that coupler itself has issues. I think they added a grease fitting for that reason. And both shafts.
  9. Dad’s was a Spirit of ‘76 model, the control box door was painted white with a commemorative sticker on it. A neighbor bought it at dad’s retirement auction and it burned up a few years later.
  10. Must be from some area with more cattle than people @sandhiller!! No ambulance, but we have a gooseneck puller!!
  11. Here’s a couple pictures of a friends hydro that he bought a year or so ago.
  12. They advertised it as a hydro but it isn’t
  13. It looks like the same one my dad had, was 80 bu. I think. He had a 1700bu overhead bin feeding the dryer, set up to run continuously. Worked out good enough for dad’s farm, usually stayed ahead of the combine filling the wet holding bin. Then ran into the night until the holding bin was empty.
  14. Wife showed me a video of a dog rescuing a fawn from a lake. The dogs owner was telling the story as the video played. They were walking along the shore and the dog went in, owner saw something brown in the water, dog retrieved it and got it to shore. Then proceeded to paw at the fawn in the ribs and poke the fawns head with his nose. A rescue shelter was called and a lady showed up. The fawn came to and scared ran right back into the lake. Dog retrieved it again and then the lady from the shelter carried it out to her vehicle. Talk about leaking eyes!! Great story and video. I don’t have a link, maybe someone that’s on fakebook can find it.
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