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  1. ...#3 Daughter, sunset off a Western Australian beach, with her ghee whiz metal detector....She has picked up numerous valuable gold and silver rings, the odd watch and gold pendants.. Her hobby... Mike
  2. Yeah, Finney..it is a worry......but just hang in there and whatever you do.......don't arc up...... Mike
  3. ...added to that story, Lance is the TD40 my Dad brought ..new..in 1936/37....(yes..unsure..and totally unknown and never will be, is how it was financed?????????? )...for logging. It had a massive winch on its back and when he rolled it over backwards on one of the many hillsides they logged...it literally ''broke in half'' ...this thru the casting between gear box and engine.. It was salvaged to flat ground....and a crew from Christchurch, a major 'city' then in the South Island, bronzed that housing together and reassembled the tractor...and it went back to logging...WW2 intervened a year or two later and the tractor was parked up for a few years in the timber company's yard. In the late 40's it was brought by a bloke that was friends with my Dad....and used to tow and drive via, the TD40 PTO, a large trailing 360 degree slew excavator.....In the late sixties, I actually operated the old 40, helping out the owner who was getting on in years and had a totally stiff knee as a result of the inevitable motor cycle ''accident''.. He duly passed.....and by then I tried to purchase the TD40.....and at that time, I had a very favourable response....however, the final decision on its sale kept being delayed untill finally the eldest Son of the now deceased owner, said that their family had owned it far longer than Dad had...thus it was now, not for sale....So be it . I 'learnt' about the above one and a half paragraphs from my Mum's brother....Uncle Jack.....as Dad had been wiped out by then........and that old TD40 still runs and is given a bit of exercise every year ...usually I am invited down to participate in using the old ''back hoe' or pulling a radiata log for their ancient, static mill.... Nothing wrong with bronzing !!! Mike
  4. ...back in the daze of welding apprentice at the Caterpillar dealer, there were some big welding jobs on cast iron just with gas and bronze rod.....including complete center housing welds....No issues, when following the rules of pre heat and slow cooling ..... I recently completed a full repair of a 15/30 steering box with bronze....just a cracked and broken mess, and it now functions perfectly , to every ones delight...(esp mine..)..I doubt your log fire would ever create enough heat to worry a 'bronze' repair...Good Luck !! (..but you have to use acetylene...not LPG,,)) Mike
  5. ...for anyone interested in a superb film about a Red Kelpie...a true story with ''Koko'' the star of the film, try ''Red Dog '' The story is set in Western Australia, near Dampier, and the town boasts a bronze statue of "'Red Dog '',, The film is funny and tear jerking ...and the star performer (Koko) is brilliant.....and the cast portray typical Aussie's from the late sixties era. I found it most enjoyable.....watched it on 'Net Flix'' at my Granddaughters home..... There is some scenes of the vastness of WA.....and one of the mines where the story was basically set...and there is humour and at times ,tears, throughout the film....Well worth the watching...... Mike
  6. Absent minded Famer has probably forgotten allready......Oh well , happy BD anyway Mike
  7. ...I would like to join the '' Chorus of Gratitude'' for your career in Aviation....All the "folk' stacked in those big aircraft, in there, travelling, for a myriad of different reasons, no doubt give little thought to the untold hours of training and preparation that goes with finally sitting in the Captain's chair....so kudo's to you NE, for achieving that and running thru to the (your)65th year However, the bloke you responded to, in the above quote, has found in retirement, other interests....but the other Brother, the 777 Captain, retired at 65, about six years gone...is, simply, a lost soul .... At about 16 yrs of age, instead of messing around in / with old British Fords or Morris 8 cars.....he was flying in an old Cub or similar, including a Pawnee of some indeterminant vintage, as I recall, with a large Dog in attendance...(yeah, I know what you are thinking !!!!).....the dog would be looking out the side window, whilst the pilot was crouched, low in the seat, as recalled by the now long gone Ex RNZAF pilot , turned Air Controller , at the local Airport...He started commercial flying in the Northern Territory at a very early age...worked his way up the ranks untill he made Air New Zealand , flying Fokker Friendships...then into International flying.... He brought into a small low wing mono plane (post retirement...) along with several other blokes...one of whom made a very heavy landing with this aircraft...thus diminishing the other shareholders financial stakes.....permanently, I believe.... So ...I hope your next turn of events will get you into all sorts of interesting situations, NE, not just sitting around like my Brother, who can only mess about on his 30 odd acres...and worse, this with a John Deere tractor.....so he really has let the team down.....!! Mike
  8. ......just checked a few old pictures.....The Z125 loader had the front carrier roller mounted as shown in the picture above of the Z100 loader...but it seems the Ag five roller track frame had the top front roller ''inboard' as per the rear roller....bit of useless information.....!!! I read the script above re the Z100 a bit hasty....the functioning clutch side is the one that should have its final drive checked.....and...did the seized clutch side 'drive'??? Mike
  9. ,,it is a BTD6......designated ''Z 100" ,,,I had one ...also a Z125 which was a BTD8....The "Z" prefixed IH equipment made under license in New Zealand...from a humble trailed ''top dresser'' thru to this sort of equipment... The engine BD264 is common only to ''British Diesel '' engines fitted into wheel and crawler tractors...There also was a BD264 petrol engine fitted into IH trucks of an early vintage.. This used to give me a lot brain botulism trying to figure that out, back in the early daze of this fine RPsite.... Your engine is a late model consistent with the loader...as it has the Simms ''Mini-Mec' injection pump..... Before you remove that clutch check out that side final drive for unwanted pinion gear parts , lying in the bottom of the housing...To get those last two studs from under that mess of shite that will be in the dry clutch housing, requires several salient points to consider...An exhaustive profanity vocabulary is the first of many points....Specialty 3/8th drive sockets and accessories are the only way I have been able to loosen those basturd studs off.....and remember, if you ever get sufficient parts for repair /replacement etc...that the piece of cunningly engineered IH steel that is removed following the full stud removal, only fits one way back in !!!!! Yes you can fit two studs in and think you are home and hosed ..but NO.. ...and you have to compress the clutch pack using fully threaded high tensile (3 off ) studs.....more fun Your engine woes can be cured by a very ''shabby ''foreign made kit......or could be....(My own TD's only require clutches freed..all three...)...All the original glow plugs will be totally copulated....You can get Toyota Land Cruiser plugs plus the necessary adapters, which are waaaay ahead of the non available IH replacements on all counts... ,...and so on...Curious thing about that track frame ..my eyes are about the stage your pin and bush group is...but I don't recall those carriers rollers like that and also it appears that frame has only four bottom rollers.....unless there is one up front , at the point of that knackered track gaurd.....There should be....and I had an agricultural model with the five roller frame..back in the good ol' days or daze. Big issue with the track loader that every thing attacked in the back ends is made doubly difficult with all that pig iron hanging of it.... I am happy to help further but am heading offshore for 17 /18 daze...thus won't be responsive for awhile.... I have a lot of parts for American TD 6's but buggar all for BD264 powered TD's..... You need to find someone with hands like a five yr old boy but with the strength of a diary farmer for those clutch bearing bolts etc...Luck !! Mike
  10. ...that's all good ......you just need to be more explicit when referencing ''married '' woman ...and yeah, I got the fifth amendment'....(I am big on American history)...our recently removed Socialist miscreants had almost brought us to the brink of ''serfdom''...hence my comment about a final stand....There is another major Country in similar strife ,,for similar reasons...just can't think of the name of it at the minute............................. Mike.
  11. Happy BD you blokes..!!!! ...and guess what....Lorenzo will be towing his sweet 560 over to the upper sixty for another snow featured photo shoot.... Mike
  12. Yes, Mike.....I am sure there is !!!!.... When I was actively involved in trucking and contracting etc...I had one Mack that was quite a standout , even among owner operators....and one sort of got to know a bunch of similar''truckies'...Today, however ,I am way out of touch with the different operators and those pictured KW truck(s ) belong to a North Island firm. .however, I will endeavour to find out next time that outfit picks stock (lambs ) from the Station... Mike
  13. basically a ''bug'' deflector, Todd....as suggested by Dave...but a piece of ''ordnance'' which is standard on NZ trucks..... Mike
  14. Well (@hardtail) Lance.....you expressed 'confusion '' at the above comment.....I felt a similar vibe after some one who has a bunch of random numerals for a ''user name'', shouted at me ....with the obvious implication that my quote was incorrect........ Now the quote came from Benjiman Franklin...quite some time ago...(and via Cookes very interesting treatise on various aspects of early American history....., page 120),,,as to whether or not our well 'numeral led' friend was present, at the point of utterance is doubtful, so we must assume he also may have even read this quote...at some point....So in fact , he is right , my quote is not quite correct...I prefixed the word 'Woman '' with '' older''...in fact it was just old... the word 'Married '' did not feature.... It s entirely possible in the following years the quote has been given a degree of poetic license.....and 'bastardised'' accordingly..... Mike
  15. ...a point re the above Kenworth 'picture....I found out the owner of that fleet of American trucks sorts out the art work on the cabs.....not the designated operator..... Photo below...taken a day or two gone.. From Left...Eddison,...an eminent American Botanist, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone,, Great picture!! Mike
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