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  1. F826D Hydro on Facebook Marketplace listing, Kendallville, In....maybe Todd can get link.... Also Facebook MP...F826 Gear w/ Loader in Ottumwa, IA And you may have Facebook MP....F826D Gold #11454 in Woden, IA
  2. Rainman

    ss question

    After reaching FRA, You can gain 8% a year until start drawing @ age 70. I'm drawing on spouse , a lesser amount until age 70 in 14 months when recalculate for full benefit .
  3. When thin or crosslinks start breaking......get new crosslinks or chains.
  4. Hey RED POWER, you guys are the Best!! Happy Turkey Day! Paul
  5. Not a Chipper but.... Shredder-Grinder. I had a 59M model I bought new in '70's . It mounted on the front " Quick Attach" of Cub Cadets & ran off front PTO. Pretty much same machine other than power source..I had bar & 1" screens for sizing material. Good for leaves & twigs less than 1" .
  6. Rainman

    Back tires

    Not Rimguard, but I have Windshield washer fluid in 2 GT's rears.
  7. DNR is in second year of 3 year survey for Bovine TB on all Whitetail deer harvested in 9 townships (Wisconsin/ Dane & Columbia counties). Hunters will be required to bring carcasses to 1 of 4 self-service kiosks. The head carcasses will also be tested for CWD. Antlers can be removed & hunters can request heads be returned to them for mounting . No Bovine TB has been discovered in any wild deer. Nine Day season starts Saturday...
  8. Iron Bull Manufacturing.....http://ibullmfg.com lists certified ROPS for F666
  9. Mader ,don't you build any "Snow Fence"? 😎
  10. In our area, we already have records for snowfall. 12.6" for season with 0.8" is the Season Average.... Earliest date that a Foot of Snow was reached & previous Record for Earliest Foot 11/19/1921 And now it's Darn cold for November.....with near Record Cold also on the Horizon.
  11. Gustafson's body shop has a slew of boxes. Dane ,WI 608-849-8881 I don't know what years they range...
  12. Rainman

    #512 plow

    5/14s or 5/16s??..... I'd start with tractor's inside rear furrow wheel set @ 35" from centerline (PTO) of tractor for 14" bottoms . & 40" from centerline to inside of rear tractor furrow wheel for 16" bottoms. Set lateral limiters @ full sway for hitch. Have tractor & plow set down on level/flat ground. HEY,... IHC Ploughman (John) are you out there & give some feed back! Mike Becker probably has a Op Manual @ 715-726-1942
  13. Auction yesterday... F656G Hydro , 5,700 hrs. 2 hyd, 3 point, 6 weights, $3,700
  14. I like my Auto- Dimmer, so don't have to worry; Only when I need to get the darn thing fixed if it goes haywire!
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