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  1. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    Thanks again, I'm learning something new to my world.

    Another neighborhood wet spot....and dairy east over the hill.
  3. Stop Reporting Me!

  4. Hydraulics

    Hold hitch in put position. Remove air from system @ moderate idle with fill plug open, move all 3 control levers back and forth 10-12 times thru full range of travel. Put Touch Control levers in rear position.
  5. Hydraulics

    Check valve connected to Both lines...... Is your valves showing a Directional Arrow? Should work without check... Is air worked out of system & is reservoir full of oil?
  6. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    Thanks Ralph.... Do you have a Pic of a Old diamond harrow to show this old Midwest boy ? I called spike harrows a Drag ....
  7. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Great Job! 1) Pulling Tractor ? I assume with weight brackets... 2) Is horn button/Ether button a concern for accidental E -shot @ wrong time ? Again Very Nice work!
  8. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    Would any weed control be used before or after & was harrow packed some type of flat roller or Brillion (pulvamulcher type) roller when a disker was used for planting to level out field?

    Local dairy milk at HYVEE
  10. X2, My company provides a service & is not a Bank, credit union, or Payday loan store. Long term clients do receive credit. How much for surgery in US $?
  11. Got A New Sponsor

    I use Howard-Leight Max NRR 33s foam ones for years. I prefer in ear . Too bad I did n't use when younger. They have been best noise reduction that I have found. Your new ones @ NRR 34 is best reduction I've seen.
  12. Reedsburg, WI Plow Day

    Google satellite image @ S2408A Town Hall Road, Reedsburg. Some years both sides of the road if finish one side by noon. Some guys have had enough @ 1-2 hours in the ground, a few keep going to mid-afternoon. 40+ tractors & plows past years. Guys usually stop for lunch @ noon. I'd have to confirm if fields on both sides of the road will be available.There's a new house on property & I haven't been up there since April. If you're on Facebook....Reedsburg Good Ole Boys Plow Day
  13. It wasn`t even opened yet!

    The tower to hold it up with cables isn't built YET!

    More iron. ...