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  1. Rainman

    IH Cub 782 Leaking Check Valve

    Switch left check to right check and see how it reacts... Have you drained trans case completely out? Rainman/Paul
  2. Rainman

    Gel skid steer loader

    Number one thing emphasized, during Grader Operator Training @ Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo (1971) , when parking a piece of equipment put Blade , boom . bucket, or bowl, etc...DOWN on the ground. After setting the parking brake. Then exit machine.
  3. Rainman

    Say a prayer for

  4. Rainman

    CC keys

    I got from http://xtrememotorworks.com , but don't see listing on Aaron 's site. He made them. . But last I looked , they were on Charlie's site http://ccspecialties.org . Located in Memorabilia section.
  5. Rainman

    Cell phone jammers

    Been down to Cabo 15 or so times. Last time, a couple years ago over to Mazatlan across Gulf of California on mainland because couldn't get into usual resorts @ Cabo. Tourist $$ keeps area running ,so bad guys taken out quickly. They (Resorts) want your $$ any way legal or...
  6. Rainman

    Happy Birthday Tonyinca

    Wow , beautiful cake. Happy Birthday, Tony! Rainman/Paul
  7. Rainman


    Hi Mike, Keep Pictures coming! They help an Old Fart like me " Get the Picture" to understand your Expert mechanical descriptions! Also, a picture is like a thousand words. Rainman/Paul
  8. Rainman

    Smoker's Farming Farewell

    Congratulations on your sale! Best of Luck Jerry and dealing with those Government #@$%$& !
  9. Rainman


    ONE for TANKER.....
  10. Rainman


    Shop table...from a W-6
  11. Rainman


    Dredging equipment.... County project to remove century old phosphorus in creeks & streams (33 miles) leading to Lake Mendota & the other 3 it drains into.
  12. Rainman

    656 on Alaska last Frontier

    I think I recorded that episode. Did you see the front axle repair Otto did on neighbors 756/826 Farmall with loader that had both spindles break off ? I wonder if it 's still holding up to all the abuse....
  13. Rainman

    About chain saws

    Hi Charlie, Welcome! Thanks for your story. Pics of your work & equipment are good! Rainman/Paul