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  1. West Bend, WI Dairy Dumping 25,000 gallons Milk per day until Monday, when DFA will notify to continue or Not to continue Dumping.
  2. Rainman

    IHC 244

  3. Send to http://newhydraulics.com Oshkosh
  4. The two are couple buddies, not mine , that sold used ….Recently built new building on West Beltline and became Mitsubishi dealer.Their adds have tamed down and have been non existant last while... When first started they did crazy adds themselves.
  5. Super C, Fast Hitch, Perfect grill, OEM Bellcrank Adjusting link, Battery cover... ...what ya waiting for?
  6. Highway speed put in 2-5, Use other ranges to control top speed. If for example you had a snow plow & were plowing you would use 2-3 or 2-4....Or towing another truck. Sharp Truck!!
  7. Luke (Tom Wopat) is/was local from Lodi, WI (10 minutes north) . Always enjoyed watching...but Starsky & Hutch tore after the Bad guys in a red & white Torino!
  8. Thanks, BJ. I need your help covering my back . Since I'm getting so....______😁
  9. http://youtube.com/user/FordTechMakuloco has 4 part series on timing chain for 5.4 3V
  10. Got to Costco @ 7PM with parking lot only had 3-4 dozen vehicles. What pleasure to shop with wide open aisles, 17 items & $196 later & walking exercise for the day.... out the door at 7:30PM! And contractor starting our window/door project tomorrow.
  11. Read Adams post before yours....
  12. Rainman

    Fountain parts

    WISCONSIN... born & raised. Google even has a map of US with water fountain, Bubbler & drinking fountain territories.
  13. Rainman

    Fountain parts

    You mean a Bubbler?
  14. http://wixfilters.com have O ring dimensions with filter listings... Is suction filter the Trans . filter ? O' Reilly Auto parts... can order Wix filters
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