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  1. Keep challenging him.....give him a bigger/longer breaker bar and/or pipe. Just make sure he's turning wrench the correct direction....🙂 God will Reward you, because he trusted you to put Hayden in your life. Thanks for the update.
  2. IH Hough & Dresser by Roger Amato ....Buffalo Road Imports.com
  3. F826 Serial # 15674 4947 hours, WF, 3Pt. on FB Plain, WI
  4. MTO any update on Hayden?
  5. Condolences to you and family.
  6. Last time ( a year ago I think) going thru Richmond,IL the Dog & Suds was open on north side of town . U.S. 12 just south of WI/IL border. Any local might chim in...
  7. Probably in Kentucky the bluegrass state...Louisville, Belknap hardware 1840-1986. Hammers, axes, etc. on ebae
  8. Welcome A.M., I would think hot water naturally flows up. Is the heater core plugged ? Can you put light air pressure to core hoses one at a time?
  9. Ken @ Johnson Tractor 855_934_2388***Juda,,WI
  10. Wow, Bill! What's story on the Turbo Crash & Burn ?
  11. WI has about 110 potato farms. Check out "WISCONSIN Spudmobile" on youtube...there's a few videos . . Can't compare in size to Idaho's Big Potatoe semi traveling around the country. That Idaho potatoe farmer is still looking for that semi....in Wisconsin.
  12. Called Central Sands area....lots a taters. Antigo is in northern third of the state.
  13. Gee Todd , I've have seen you with only Two hands...😃 Great Collection!
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