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  1. Rainman

    Dad, now Mom

    Lost Dad 1/28/2020 @ 95 y.o. Now Mom is in Hospice care @ 90 y.o. ...your prayer for Mom and family appreciated . Paul
  2. Troy, you don't have to say much , just being there & listening to a friend is all that's needed....
  3. This morning after 8 o'clock Church @ C's Restaurant...Steak & Eggs...6 oz Angus Beef Sizzler Steak, 2 scrambled eggs, Hash Browns & Cinnamon raisin Toast with Mt. Dew for the caffeine ( Saved 1/2 for Monday morning breakfast). Tuesday... Rice Chex with whole Milk & Blueberries & Cranberry juice.
  4. FB has Ariens GT tractor Trading Post
  5. How do like the New Strainers ? I worked with crashes between brace posts and most not on ends. So I used strainers starting with bottom wire one @ a time & worked up from bottom until all wires were stretched. Most in my time was woven topped with barb, alot of newer R/W is chain link . Don't want citioits getting caught on Barb....wire.
  6. Page 11 pretty much explains all needed. Do you have Diverter /Directional Valve, that would be most important piece to find.
  7. Used a similar Strainer to repair security fence that a motorists ran thru on hwy. R/W's. Crimp sleeve a single wire at a time , worked great on woven & barb.
  8. http://wixfilters.com has a lot specs on each filter....
  9. Remove plug/cover from reservoir, start tractor run moderate idle move TC controls and loader controls back & forth a dozen times their Full range of travel. Stop engine, maintain TC oil level 1/2" from bottom of opening. Then ...your 2 way valve.....lets see pics of hyd. hoses and connections... 2 way valve functions fully open? Maybe it needs to be isolated....
  10. Full Cycle touch control levers a dozen times each....then...I will remember the rest of the procedure.
  11. Maybe try http://wisconsinsurplus.com out of Mt. Horeb.
  12. Did you need a passport being on the border?
  13. Okay , what was that "Other Piece of Equipment??
  14. Rainman


    Local has IH 1586 to 1486 conversion ( Complete Back half of a 1486) listed on FB ... $2,700
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