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  1. Pretty long stride there...was he sitting down ?
  2. Rainman

    Hydro 100 pics

    They must change broom cores often with plastic bristle cores, especially on pavement sweeping. We always recored with 2 plastic on each end & steel wire bristle in rest of core body.
  3. Where is the compressor on my Super C ? Sorry, I couldn't resist..... As an old Fart just trying to learn from all you Experts....😁
  4. Ebay has pages of parts and 2 complete IH mowers for $4-500+ each. I have LB/green (2)deck insert plates, a Mulch & Mow insert & side bag hood & rod...less the bag ...Free if you pay to ship.
  5. http://partstore.caseih.com might help with drawbar..... Welded bolts might be used as sight gauge for cultivating...?
  6. Diesel hydro Cub looks like it has a Kubota engine ( profile) , a D600 ,D640 or larger engine.
  7. 8 volt will work with extra kick....
  8. Ok Tony, we are in need of "House Remodel Update" since your Shop is @ full capacity....and buzzing with activity (Especially adult beverage imbibing).
  9. Heading for home North(Westbound) on I39/90 ( North of Janesville,WI) this afternoon saw 3 different rigs hauling Farmalls in about 20 minutes. First was NFE ? 66 with a red golf buggy behind on trailer. The second was sharp lookin' Puller with engine side panels. Third one I just got a glimpst ?of Red as it passed in traffic , and saw in rear view mirror that it indeed was Red Power. They all were Eastbound( south). Maybe a pull or early trip to PA RPRU.
  10. Had air hose in all county trucks with air brakes. Run at 1,500 rpm to blow out tractor radiators, air up tires , 3/4" impact for R & R mower blade bolts on Bush Hogs & blow chaff and dust off self.
  11. Grandpa Otto had a wooden plank stone boat about 8 feet long, the best I remember. Uncle Tony had a 4 wheel trailer with a dump bed with hoist . And he always said we could pick stone/rock on shares... He'd dump his half down by the marsh, he asked ....where would I like my share? LOL ...One benefit was that one of his daughters (my wife's cousin) usually was pulling dump trailer with the D17 and appropriately dressed for a near birthday suit Tan! Mr. Grady, who I helped 3 summers during H. S. years had a steel piece of diamond plate with hole on one end for stone boat. Mr.Grady didn't have any daughters....
  12. Rainman


    Sorry for your loss, Mader. Prayer for you & your family. Paul
  13. I think I heard that tank blow, when you decided to add a little air...
  14. Drove similar one for section truck & plowing snow until I retired in '06. Ours were 6 speed Allisons with double overdrive...70+ MPH & No AC. Should be start of good base vehicle for you.
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