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  1. Muddy morning...only one pic would load....Maybe send text to Todd?
  2. Todd , you get 5 RED Stars for the week!!
  3. http://wixfilters.com shows.... OIL 51768... Fuel 33373 sec... 33472 water sep to SN DC 2D002189..... WF10024 water sep with drain to same SN..... TRANS 51452..... HYD 51662..... AIR 46389 outer, 46376 inner http://oildepot.ca in SK
  4. We were 5 minutes from Snook Inn , Marco and had lunch there 3x... Now can't get pic loaded....
  5. Fondy closed Mad City shop a year or 2 ago... Now, I see Madison Spring is their dropoff Outlet.
  6. They were spreading until after 9 PM last night....
  7. New greenie pullin drag hose.....
  8. http://f150ecoboost.net lots of talk...some are putting Catch Can on Gen 1 engines for coking issues.. 2017 was 1st year of Gen 2 engines. I have 24K on my 2017 Supercrew 3.5 not hi mile... Power galore & I like 10 speed especially when towing.
  9. Amazon.com has 2 of 375078R91 by AFE listed , but picture looks different?? Could be generic...didn't see any dimensions in description...
  10. Most important ...would be having mounts for your Specific Tractor. Then go from there. Setup Manual
  11. Uncle had a 966 gear (Canning factory rental he bought) & got 966 Hydro from local dealer for fall plowing in wet conditions. Put chains on gear drive & used differential lock on Hydro that worked well. If I remember right , both 966's were pulling 4/16 IH 700 series semi mounted automatics.
  12. Jd plant roof membrane flapping in wind. Closed tractor plant in waterloo. Too much hotair... 😀 & wind...
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