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  1. Your tractor needs remote valve off of the Touch Control for a Fast Hitch rear lift or rear remote port. Yes , two way action.
  2. Not a fence but , a Hwy. guard rail between 2 bridges on US 12/14 got nailed pretty good. During R & R found licence plate wedged in one of the rails. Vehicle hightailed from the site without that one licence plate which I turned in for insurance claim and officer asking driver for an explanation...
  3. Rainman

    Cover crop

    Tim, I 'm familiar with Crown Vetch that is/was used for right of way slope stabilization. It's low growing legume vine that some states list as an Invasive species. It smothers out any plant with thick growth & with it's horizontal growth. It was a NO-NO to mow on R/W's.
  4. http://pioneerwheel.com might have some, they are a wholesaler.....to dealers
  5. YEP, I always wanted front & rears set as wide as possible. A new 6610 Ford set wide & had 4" rear wheel spacers . It had a rear 3 pt. 84" flail & right & left mid mounted Mott Interstater flails (18'6" Cut total). Anytime on a steep slope I'd raise rear mower a couple inches off ground & the same with the up slope mid mount to balance weight on all tires. On pull type rotaries there enough weight on the drawbar most times, if not raise mower just off ground than maybe might stay straight behind tractor or slide sideways if on steep slopes. Some counties run duals which would widen the tractors thread width. And yes, I have slid sideways down slope a few times.....than to make another angle of approach. Like Jacka said above... slow on slopes....
  6. Todd, thank you for sharing....we will be in Prayer for Eric , family & all his medical personnel.
  7. More pics... Front of main beams look to be torch cut....missing front? Or fab job pull to mounted?
  8. per http://cubcadet.com.....mower belt $33.25..... #954-3011 (for 5.25" diameter drive) 1/2 x 68 3/4, Drive Belts...$23.64....#954-3008...1/2 x 31 5/8 & $34.03....#954-3007....1/2 x 59
  9. Happy Day After...Too! Todd....
  10. Pretty long stride there...was he sitting down ?
  11. Rainman

    Hydro 100 pics

    They must change broom cores often with plastic bristle cores, especially on pavement sweeping. We always recored with 2 plastic on each end & steel wire bristle in rest of core body.
  12. Rainman

    Coyote den

  13. Where is the compressor on my Super C ? Sorry, I couldn't resist..... As an old Fart just trying to learn from all you Experts....😁
  14. Ebay has pages of parts and 2 complete IH mowers for $4-500+ each. I have LB/green (2)deck insert plates, a Mulch & Mow insert & side bag hood & rod...less the bag ...Free if you pay to ship.
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