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  1. Rainman

    Testing my moxie

    Go to youtube... Ford Tech Makuloco... Brian might have a shortcut.
  2. Rainman

    Hy tran

  3. Rainman

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    Yes...They came from factory that way. Rear wheel (1 5/16" box wrench) extender handle....
  4. Rainman

    560 Diesel Block Heater

    Zerostart...Temro. #3100061...600 watt...1 5/8"....3rd right side...point down if interference with throttle , otherwise point 12 o'clock. Amazon...prime. $29 .Verify ##s
  5. Rainman


    That's right, a buddy was running one with the remote and stepped too close to the pond edge & got his brand new Red Wings all Poopy!
  6. Rainman

    Block heater for 1066

    Zerostart/Temro .... 600 watt #3100013 requires 2.... place in 3rd & 4th on Left side...... Alternate ...1250watt...#8608512.... left side. Page 57 Zerostart / Temro 2017 catalog for pics ebay has 7 of 1250 watt listed
  7. Rainman

    3 pt question

    Weren't 1206's using a " 3 point/ Fast Hitch" not a frame assembly, like on smaller tractors.? So when backing into a Fast Hitch implement the hitch FH sockets would stay at proper spacing to couple to FH points/prongs.....
  8. Rainman


  9. Rainman

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    Saw one today....
  10. Rainman


  11. Rainman

    I see your doing something stupid

    I hope he doesn't Kick the (a) bucket...
  12. Rainman

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    With 30+ years (1970's -mid 2000's) mowing on highway R/W's , I've used Woods, Bush Hog, Ford, Mott , Vicon , Triumph, & Tiger . Woods Batwing mower is my preference for a rotary, because they use 1/2" cap screw to lock 1 1/2" blade pins and the blades are designed with a drop so they aren't as susceptible to bend in rough conditions.
  13. Rainman

    First Endeaver After Long Restoration

    Great to hear your doing well Tony,..... both you & your tractor! Paul
  14. Rainman

    Installing a circulating water heater in 1066

    Zerostart #3100013...600 watt....1.25" diameter...120V....2 required ....Install Left side 3rd & 4th Alternate Zerostart # 8608512....1250 watt....leftside ebay lists 2...$43 each
  15. Rainman


    We have a number of Dairymen on this Forum that I'm quite sure can answer any question you might have. Maybe start a new thread.... .DAIRY Farming, Questions & Answers.... for Red Necks with Chebbys😎