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  1. WFF , you need an axle extention with duals or a set of Floaters to carry that load on soft ground!
  2. Feb. 1981 , I opened lid on tar kettle that had tar/hot asphalt below flues & domed lid was holding fumes that ignited. Second degree burns on face & ears , took off my eye brows, mustache & ear hair. Face felt like on fire when rolled on ground to extinguish it. I was Lucky ,one night in hospital & 2 weeks off work. The burn creme was soothing after showering . I remember feeling skin healing....Time is healing & keeping wound Clean. Prayer for fast Heal. Paul/RM
  3. Red Power Magazine Jan./Feb. 2018 has article by Ken Updike with history & specs on the 4500 series.
  4. http://dormanproducts.com might thru dealers...
  5. Farmall 708, if you're looking for a manual.... The Paper Farmer (Mike Becker) might have a copy.....715-726-1942
  6. Early 1970's ... CO Loadstar 1800, 345, 5 SPD on column w/ 2 spd rear & Schwartz rollback at dealership. Had to pickup a 7/806 w/ cab for service at a not home Farmstead...loaded tractor proceeded out driveway & pulled electric meter Off side of the house. Before I stopped. Lady in house came outside... .
  7. Grandpa service Army WW I Dad service Army WW I I Picture '71-'72 Army West Germany operating Huber Warco grader
  8. GOD is the Only one who will Save Us!!
  9. Graetz made HD replacement Manure Spreader chain & aprons (T Bar links) back in 70's. Looks like they still produce them. http://graetzmfg.com. There was dealer in Milton area if my memory holds correct.
  10. FarmOyl has this lube...
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