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  1. Yes Jim , we are only 15 minutes from UW Madison Dairy research on campus in Madison and 30 minutes south from US Dairy Forage Research Center in rural Prairie du Sac. So that flail chopper & machine is probably used up there as they farm 2,200 acres with 400 cow milking herd at the farm. Paul
  2. In local dealer lot. Hooked to blue power...
  3. Service manager put Dodge 318 V8 in a Farmall M back in 70s. He pulled with it. The 440 & 383 are V8s. Beloit is about a hour south @ WI/IL border.
  4. Mt. Horeb,WI is new headquarters. Belleville is distribution site. Armachillo briefs, flannel shirts, short sleeve , hoodies , seven year socks, etc. Switched wardrobe to 60 % Duluth. Buy when on 25% or more off & free shipping. Or 20 minutes to Mt. Horeb store.
  5. From Rock Island plant, hauling new Farmalls came with a circular spring closure around rain cap. Dealership service manager (Bill M.) wanted stacks covered on 1206, 1256 ,1456,1026 & other turbo tractors when hauling.
  6. I met you & Mel at Union Grove RPRU. If I remember correctly Mel is more into track layers/machines. That plow owner recently bought it & was trying to dial it in, but he was still trying to adjust through the years of neglect that accumulated...
  7. Showed up at a Plow DAY last month....
  8. Brian , Excellent restoration ! You should be very proud.
  9. On older McCormick plows model # is on top of frame....PIC?
  10. When setting up new plows we used the correct length of 1/2" pipe with 1/2" hose on either end of main beam...Todd put her in the ground ....
  11. Cool,what was the barns original use? Granary...
  12. Zerostart ( Phillips & Temro) #3100061....1 5/8" diameter... Block Heater...one option Oh , check tractors Tool box!
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