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  1. Tubes can be custom made, but $$. Hoses are more economical. http://NEWHYDRAULICS.COM
  2. Parts book lists: No LOW LOW for M listed, but Low Low for SUPER M & MD ...56534DA....49 teeth 56533DA....44 teeth 359465R1...52 teeth....60,001 up
  3. Passed driver's licence first time with Dad's '62 Rambler 2 door, 3 on the tree. Parking Brake didn't work , but examiner passed me by my impressive driving , I guess.(July 1967) First new car. ...'69 Fairlane 2 door, 302/ 3 on the tree. Second new car (Service ordered)..... '72 Maverick Grabber... 302 /3 on floor, Buckets, HD suspension, added an Edelbrock Torker manifold, Holley 4 barrel, Hooker Headers, Thrush dual exhaust , GY Polyglas G70x14. IH dealer had '67 CO1800 Loadstar /345....5 on tree w/2 speed on dash... Rollback. Had to replace linkage bushings so I could shift.
  4. Madison, WI ....last night looting on State Street , burnt a police car a few blocks from State Capital and...window smashing at malls ,BestBuy.....mayor set Curfew.
  5. Part of the HCreeper attachment is a Clutch Interlock and PTO Shifter Lever so they are controlled together with manually using the Auxiliary Hydraulic Control Valve to control engagement.
  6. From Manual... Same pulling (Drawbar pounds pull) ability as in each respective normal gear but at 1/10th of normal speed. Farmall Super C w/10-36 tires 1st gear .26 MPH.....23' per minute 2nd gear .42 MPH....37' per minute 3rd gear .55 MPH.....49' per minute 4th gear 1.15 MPH....101' per minute Reverse .33 MPH......29' per minute
  7. Fuel line need to replace & or filter, Carb rebuild, check fuel tank for sediment....any or all.
  8. Shade mix...Creeping red fescue, Fine fescue, Perennial Ryegrass....some bluegrass Mix seed with soil , Not on top. Yes, Scott's has good seed analysis with coated seed.... Mow high....3"+ Trim low branches for More Sunshine & air flow... Water A.M. & P.M first 4 weeks, less as grass grows. Early spring seeding before leaf out or early Sept. , no weed competition in fall & keep leaves Off. Starter Fertilizer Cover with a mulch.... a straw mat, marsh hay, mulch pellets.
  9. Used Marsh Hay for mulching new lawns, doesn't have weed seed like hay & straw and not hollow stemmed like straw to blow away.
  10. Like Doc Evil said...Raise Left lever/handle (on Tail wheel side) so rear will go lower. Looks like missing part of handle...
  11. Prayer for Hayden & Mentor!
  12. Probably not without serious fabbing. Mr. Plow/Steve did a newer mower fab to one of his 82 series...
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