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  1. farmalldr

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    Oh boy, good thing you did a last minute check. Maybe for the best, ya never know. That's a long way to move a big tractor. I may have finger prints on that one if it is in Oregon. You'll find another and maybe closer. good luck Dennis
  2. farmalldr

    IH 150 Drott won't move after 1/2 hour

    No fiber/fabric material in that system normally. Could be someone left a rag in there. Hopefully it all ends up in the screen at some point so you can go to work. Steer clutch compartment not connected to the trans as you probably know, Good luck Dennis
  3. farmalldr

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    Sounds exciting. They were/are great machines back in their day. One of my favorites to work on back then too. I currently have the hi range steering adjusting wrench on my home shop memory wall. Good luck on your possible purchase. Dennis
  4. Welcome, Sounds like you have a project and a family one at that. Pictures are good and easy to do on this forum. Keep us informed on your progress and have fun with it. Dennis
  5. farmalldr

    What can we determine from this old photo?

    Agree with Rusty for the same reasons. H or M Dennis
  6. The crawler tractors, T6, used a fuel pump because the tank was at the rear and a crawler could be used on hilly terrain where the tank level may become lower than the carb. So, the U series may have come with a fuel pump because the application was an unknown at the time of manufacture. Like others have said, no pump needed if the tank is above the carb. Dennis
  7. farmalldr

    TD-15C Trans help

    Well dhutch, it's a mystery . You did a great job describing what is going on but I have no conclusion. I think your low range forward clutch pack has a problem if it will not drive the tractor but don't understand how the manual hi/low would change how it operates. The hi/lo sliding gear only contacts gears on the pinion shaft so hard to understand how the unit would work in hi and not low.. Both for. and rev. clutch shafts turn all the time and cause the spline shaft with the sliding hi/lo gear to turn when a clutch is engaged. through gears on both ends of the spline shaft The hi/lo slider only changes speed of the pinion shaft and makes no contact with the clutch pack shafts. I would be interested in what you find and going through the torque at the same time is a good idea, as you know it will be on the floor anyway. Good luck. I liked working on TD15's and 175's back in the day but it has been over 30 yrs. Dennis
  8. farmalldr

    TD-15C Trans help

    You have me thinking on it dhutch. I'll sleep on it. Dennis
  9. farmalldr

    500 E

    Make sure the undercarriage is good as new is non existent. Dennis
  10. farmalldr

    Source for Badge/Trim Clips

    Thanks Kevin, I will also need that info down the road on my R152 that is currently under construction. Dennis
  11. farmalldr

    Paint the Plows

    Dennis, here's a pic of my lever and linkage, not sure yours is same. Raise plows with Hyd, then lever pictured drops down and linkage goes over center and holds the plows up, as in pic. To lower one, move hyd lever to lower, plow should stay up. Then raise linkage lever for side you want to lower and that side will drop, or it should. Depth is controlled by the other hyd lever which raises or lowers the front of the beams. Dennis Keep yourself clear of the bottoms when experimenting, they will drop by gravity to the point your hyd. lever is positioned.
  12. farmalldr

    Paint the Plows

    Dennis, here is my C189 on my C. I went to the Wisconsin Historical Site for McCormick/IHC paint codes. This is what I came up with.
  13. farmalldr

    175b track pin help

    As far as not being able to separate the link, there is a good chance someone replaced a pin using a master pin but not where the master bushing is. Check the track for another master pin. Also, on the side of the link near where the pad bolts on is usually a manufacture name or part number. May want to start there for your search for a pin. Good luck, looks like a project. Dennis
  14. farmalldr


    Agree with Dwf Dennis
  15. farmalldr

    Farmall BN low oil pressure issues

    Agree with the others. Main and rod bearing clearance .0015-.003. Dennis