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  1. In 2017 we took 20 from I-5 in Oregon to the RPRU in Des Moines, IA and then on east after the Round Up as far as Dubuque. Of course we had to go a bit south on 35 to Des Moines. We had a 5th wheel in tow and camped along the way. Hwy20 is a good, mostly two lane, hwy. Traffic volume was low for the most part. We took our time and enjoyed the sites. Have a great trip. You will enjoy the Hwy20 route. I think it is known as the longest cross country Hwy, from Newport, Or on the Oregon coast to Boston. Stay safe and happy travels. Dennis
  2. I posted over there that a couple of guys here were trying to get registered. Hopefully someone there can help. There is a lot of info there but activity has been a little slow recently. I am mostly a looker and not a big poster. good luck Dennis
  3. I recently did a SD240 that had been bored .060 and was lucky enough to find a set of Hasting nos on E bay. I also had to have the top grooves of the pistons machined to square them up. Next, E mail to Hastings with questions. Hastings was very helpful and was able to supply spacers for the purpose of groove widening (old school). The spacers were much like the edges of a three piece oil ring. Hastings had great customer service through this. good luck Smoker 1. Dennis
  4. I look at oldihc daily also. Try going to the link below. The go to forum in middle of the page doesn't seem to go anywhere but near the bottom of the column on the right is another spot. Give it a try. Once there, bookmark it so you don't have to go through all of this again. good luck. Dennis https://oldihc.wordpress.com/ also you have to agree to their terms first
  5. Another set of IH Gear flaps on the R152. Great experience and good product. Dennis
  6. Looks like a project James, and you have a warm dry place to do it. I see you are keeping your engine warmed up next to the stove. Anxious to hear the reason for no push power. Keep us up to date on your progress. Happy New Year. Dennis
  7. Holiday greetings to you as well. Sorry for your loss. A project could be good therapy. Take care Dennis
  8. hardtail, Howard Cooper went out of business in 1992. IH/Dresser became part of Komatsu about then. Word was, if not a Komatsu dealer you would not be a Dresser dealer. Triad Machinery became the Link Belt dealer. Can't remember what happened to the other lines they handled right now. I was an employee there 1964-1988, Portland, Pendleton and Seattle. Was hard to see them go away. Merry Christmas - Dennis ps--Brian, what was your dad's cousins name if you want to share it? Thought I may have known him. Thanks
  9. JL49, I may have given you some bad information about the winch drive shaft. I was doing it from memory and have now found a gear train schematic. The winch drive is actually the countershaft so what I had said about the trouble shooting may not apply. I am very sorry. But, you are going into the clutch pack anyway so hopefully nothing is lost from my miscalculation. I will be very interested in what you find. You possibly could find a bad clutch pack. Sorry Dennis
  10. Hello JL49, Sounds like the clutch pack is holding and converter is not sending any power to it. Good idea that you are going to go into the clutch packs now with the engine out again. Never know what may happen when more power is applied. I think you said you have the service manual. Just follow it and you will do fine. Converter is very basic. Short of being destructed the only thing I can come up with is that the stator is in backward. The stator is the small element in the middle. The thick edge of the stator fins needs to be toward the turbine which is the element under the c
  11. Doesn't look like you need to look far for a flat spot in your area from what shows in your pics lol. Tractor sounds good. Have fun. Dennis
  12. Welcome aboard and congrats. Great pics, looks like a good one to save. Dennis
  13. No way to get to the valve face with the head on. I would say, take the hood and valve cover off and and give all of the start valves some attention from the top and be done. Easy to say from here, right? good luck Vic Dennis
  14. Here is where I go. Click on interchange, put in IH number. I have found they cross over most. Dimensions here also. http://www.skfpartsinfo.com/ Dennis
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