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  1. Is that a snap ring around the od of the bearing? If so, maybe remove it and use a small heel bar or screw drivers in the groove to pry it out. Once it is out some, reinstall the ring for more to pry on. Agree with Louie, it is probably not real tight in there. good luck Dennis
  2. Dieselsleeve, my previous post doesn't really apply after reading your last post that came through while I was typing. I thought you had lost clutch pressure Not sure what to suggest right now.
  3. It has been a long time but I think TD20E has spring applied brakes and trans pressure to release like j mach said. I also seem to remember there is/are grease zerk/s to release the brake so machine can be moved in a dead situation. I don't remember where by operators manual should show. Dennis
  4. My 05 F250 with 181000 now belongs to the GMC Dealer. Last straw was hi press oil pump while on a trip $3700 + towing. Dennis
  5. You need to forget about marrying the TD9 to your TD6. It would be like putting truck axles under your car. Watch for a 6 with good undercarriage and use the best of both. Craigs list is a good source. Should be many between you and me. I was at an auction recently in Portland Or. area with a TD6, new u/c perfect sheet metal and a stuck engine, had been in storage. Sold for 950$. That is what you need. I wanted it but didn't know why, so I quit bidding. Dennis
  6. The size of everything changes when pitch dimension changes. As the pitch increases so does the pin length, link width and height and the diameter of the sprocket, rollers and idlers. None of the TD9 items will fit the TD6 track frame because they are too large and the TD9 sprocket diameter will be too large to clear the track frame and probably would not bolt up to the final drive. The front idler changes by 3-4'' so the sprocket probably does too. I have heard of guys using TD7 component which are the same pitch but the track frame requires modification for mounting the rollers and the TD7 sprockets will not bolt up so changes have to happen in that area also. Like cutting the ring off the TD7 sprocket and welding it on to the TD6 sprocket hub. Not sure TD7 undercarriage is available anymore either. I don't think anyone is making undercarriage anymore for the small crawlers but a check with a Berco dealer would verify that. Good luck to the original poster. I have a T6 with worn out undercarriage also but still works for what I do. Dennis
  7. TD6 and TD9 are not interchangeable. TD6 has 6'' pitch chain and TD9 is 6.5 pitch. I think you will find everything on the 9 will be just a little bit bigger. Hard to find good TD6 u/c parts as you probably know. Dennis
  8. I would first make sure undercarriage parts are still available for a TD7. Check with any construction machinery dealer. They all have access to aftermarket parts. Dennis
  9. My wife and I toured the plant in 2013, very impressive. They were going to build 26 combines that day, red and yellow. We toured with a couple from Australia who had a new one in transit. At the end of the line he was able to participate with the testing of one just like his that he had not seen yet. His wife said, she just writes the check. Photos were ok then, here are some. Dennis
  10. I am here every day as well. Not much input except on const, but enjoy what others have to say. Dennis
  11. And also why the push rods are bent. Next is probably pulling the front cover to determine the total damage. Dennis
  12. Casey, No book here. Your Komatsu dealer maybe can help. They are the ones that took over Dresser who took over IHC Construction machinery. Been a long time ago now though, so they may not know what you are talking about. You may need to find a parts manual. E Bay or Binderbooks. good luck Dennis
  13. You can put the IH/Hough part number at this link to cross it over to a SKF number. I doubt the seal is anything special. That loader will have the P600 Hough transmission. http://www.skfpartsinfo.com/ Or post the IH part number here and someone can help you locate one. Dennis
  14. Thanks for reporting back with results and how to. You did a good job. Your backhoe will be happier now. Dennis
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