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  1. Number 2 Progress TD 151Rebuild

    Night Crawler, that is a very nice looking dozer. Good for you and your family and glad your dad is able to participate. I like the banker hours he keeps. Dennis
  2. Service manual great reprints. You will need operators manual for maintenance info Dennis
  3. Stuff from old ihc dealership

    I had a gauge set like the one peeking around the Hoffart box once. You have quite the collection there. Dennis
  4. R Model

    Here's a R but not for sale. R 152 IHC.
  5. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Adam, The axle seal for the oil on my 'C' is at the inside end of the axle and housing. I checked CaseIH parts on line and looks like the 240 seal is on the inside also. The axle and axle housing needs to come off to replace it but first the retainer on the inside end of the axle for the bull gear needs to be removed. Retainer can possibly be removed if the pto is removed or best to remove top cover like lorenzo said. Not something you can do in an afternoon. My SM is sealed at the outside end where the grease fitting is and no inside seal listed. So, may be worth a try to replace the outer one and see what happens. May take care of your leak or at least slow it down. This can be done without removing the axle. Dennis
  6. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Sounds like it is your harvest time Chris. Better let the TD sit and take care of business. Hope you have a great harvester. No syrup harvester here in our area. We visited a syrup operation in Vermont a few years ago--an interesting operation and bought some too. Old Chinese proverb, "may your streams run full". Dennis
  7. White demos.

    White demo's were during the first quarter of 1950. M's were not included. A's, C's and Cubs only. Dennis
  8. Farmall H correct police

    Looking good. Next will be more storage space, so a new shop probably in your future. Have fun Dennis
  9. Looks good, we all like pictures. And I think the operator is enjoying it. Dennis
  10. life in our corner

    Sorry for all your troubles Troy. Hope what ever is going on doesn't spread to your herd. What about the ones that went to Ca. Any word from there? I know they are not your concern but may be informational. Hang in there. Dennis
  11. International td-20

    I would try FP Smith in California, they have a web site and specialize in IH stuff. Dennis
  12. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Happy Birthday Chris. Stay warm and dry the TD6 can wait for warmer days. Dennis
  13. RD501

    Redrider, You might give Tom Underwood (parts of the past) a call 785-749-5231. He is in Kansas. I was in need of .020 under mains for a SD240 and he fixed me up with nos for a very good price. Very nice to talk to also. Dennis
  14. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    go for it Chris, we had 50F today in the pacific nw. We feel for all you folks with the extreme cold and snow. Dennis
  15. Super c won’t turn over.

    Kyle, Don't know where your ground is connected right now but that could be an issue. Originally the ground was connected at the battery box which is ok if connection makes it to the starter. Try grounding directly to the starter and see if that helps. Good luck Dennis