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  1. farmalldr

    IH 189 two-way plow

    Frank, you have it looking good .😊 Dennis
  2. farmalldr

    Farmall 240 brake lock rod

    Adam, at one time dealers had what was called 'where used books'. Wasn't offered to the public as I recall. Check with CIH dealer parts dept. Dennis
  3. farmalldr

    Parade Ready

    Thanks for the nice comments guys and VT, I'll let you know when to get the coffee on. The first Parade of Bands was in 1964. This year there were over 130 entries including 29 school bands and is a little over two miles long. The SMTA was invited this year to pull a people mover with the parade Grand Marshal (County Fair Chairman) and Fair Board as this is the 150th anniversary of our local fair. I didn't do so well getting pictures but here are some in the staging area. Weather was great, partly cloudy and upper 60's. Dennis
  4. farmalldr

    Parade Ready

    Loaded up for the 'Hazel Dell Parade of Bands' tomorrow in Clark County Washington State. The SMTA will be hooked to a people mover carrying the, Grand Marshal, aka, Clark County Fair Chairman and Fair Board. Weather should be great. More to follow.
  5. farmalldr

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, I don't think it matters as long as they are the same. Vendor may have made a change during production. Dennis
  6. That is great Tony. That is what it is all about. Dennis
  7. farmalldr

    New radiator for thermosiphon farmall c

    I had three 1949 'C's, still have two and they all had pressure caps and no water pumps. I think it is standard and not a problem. just my opinion Dennis
  8. farmalldr

    TD7E Won't Move

    Glad you got your problem resolved, Now you have to go to work. Dennis Thanks for reporting back with results.
  9. farmalldr

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, here is pic of my lights on T6. They are not original to this tractor. I bought then at an auction. They were red and bolted right on. Screens at 45 deg. Dennis
  10. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    So, what happened to Haymaker? didn't seem like the type to just disappear. Hope all is ok. Sure would like to know the outcome. Dennis
  11. farmalldr

    TD7E Won't Move

    Timberjack, another thought. With engine OFF you should be able to turn the drive line easily by hand or at least with a short bar. If you can not it all most has to be the winch unless you have two clutch packs frozen which is unlikely. Dennis
  12. farmalldr

    TD7E Won't Move

    If you have clutch pressure and engine is in a stall state (under a load) I think winch issue. Just my opinion Dennis
  13. farmalldr

    TD7E Won't Move

    Is the drive line stalled in neutral also? If stalled in neutral, could be winch. If spins in neutral as it should, probably not winch. Gearmatic 19 are known to be problematic if not used, especially in wet climate. Gearmatic is a good winch but likes to be used. Good luck
  14. farmalldr

    TD7E Won't Move

    Welcome Timberjack, I think short trans only had one dipstick and trans shared oil with rear end. Do you know if winch worked before install. Sounds like it may be locked up and stalling your transmission. Does the engine sound under a load when in gear? Dennis
  15. Yep, her or Adam.