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  1. Here's a list of IHC construction machines with DT407. Later TD15B, early had DT361, H65C loader, 175B loaders, E200 & E211 scrapers. Not in an excavator or truck that I am aware of. It is possible they were sold off to other vendors as power units too I suppose. Dennis
  2. VT, I think at least a portion of the rockshaft assy. (hoist system) is particular to the two way plow. I can't think of another attachment that would require a left and right release lever. The front red bracket, however, is somewhat universal and used for other equipment. The problem with attachments getting separated from the tractors is often the tractor disappears with the required attaching components leaving the plow in this case as an orphan. Not much value there without the rockshaft assy. in my opinion. Others may know better of other options. There is quite the collection there. Dennis
  3. The beam # shown matches the # on my C-199 plow on a Farmall C. Could fit the Super C or 200 possibly also. You would also need the rockshaft, control rod and front support for it to be complete. Mine also has furrow wheels which are probably an attachment. Dennis
  4. Looks like you have something to do now. Good winter work. Hope it all works out for you. Dennis
  5. James, you are going to have one fine TD9B when done. Glad you found a cause of lack of power. Good luck with filtration issues. Surprised you can not come up with stock filter and suction screen.. Dennis
  6. JL49, Good to hear from you, been wondering about your progress. Sounds like you have made some. Any problems found in the clutch packs that would cause the slipping? Good luck with the rest. Curious what you find in the converter. Not much else left. I don't recall the converters being a problem. The drive straps could be if the alignment of the engine is not correct. Make sure the engine is pulling the converter around with the straps and not pushing it, if that makes sense. A better description is the engine needs to try stretching the straps rather than compressing them Confused yet? Dennis
  7. There is one in the front too. Will be behind the timing gear plate. Too bad especially after paint. Nice looking job. Dennis
  8. Yep, Trans pump output to the filter then to the regulator valve. Normal pressure in the neighborhood of 175-200 psi. Unless they have moved the valve body on the G's it should be right under the floor plate. Dennis
  9. The transmission filter is a pressure filter not a return. I would head for the regulator valve. Main pressure spool could be stuck. Having a service and parts manual will be a must. Dennis
  10. Just don't get over whelmed by the total scope of the project. Break it down in groups like brakes, drivetrain, electrical, cab, front clip, bed etc. Then all of a sudden it will all come together. I think your wife will come around when it begins to look like progress is being made. Enjoy Dennis
  11. Looks like you have some work to do. Good luck with your project which ever way you decide to go with it. Have fun Dennis
  12. All right, it's a bit of a bigger brother to mine. More HD suspension and looks in decent shape. What part of the country are you in? Have fun with your project. Hoist looks useful too. Dennis
  13. I had missed your question about the brownie. No brownie. It has a two speed rear with mechanical control linkage. Not sure how common that was but it makes it look like a big truck with all the levers. Dennis
  14. I didn't do very well in the picture department at the show but here's a sampling. Another weekend to go. Dennis.
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