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  1. Rawleigh99, Bushing and sprocket wear is greatly increased when run backward. When the bushings run through the sprocket they naturally rotate a small amount in the sprocket. When installed properly the rotation happens when the bushing is leaving the sprocket at the top under near zero load. When on backwards the rotation happens at the bottom of the sprocket under its heaviest load. Meaning a lot of unnecessary added wear. This is probably the greatest negative of running them backwards. As already mentioned the track pads do not clean well when backwards, another disadvantage.
  2. Check with JD or Cat construction equip. dealers. They have access to after market undercarriage parts. However, there is a good chance they are not available for a TD9 any longer. Good luck on your search Dennis
  3. Quite the challenge there Rawleigh. Not to be critical, but the tracks are on backwards incase you didn't know. Much better wear life if on the right way. Good luck and have fun with it. Dennis
  4. I have been very satisfied with Brillman. I have purchase harnesses for 4 tractors from them but no battery cables. Dennis
  5. I think that is the rops tag, not machine. Machine tag is down by left boot heel.
  6. Yep, TD24, 25s, 30 had 2 speed steering
  7. Power shift but no two speed steering. Has clutch disc and shoes and a brake pack on the final drive pinion shaft. Left and right are independent of each other.
  8. Dozinhal, No power right track---Cannot be corrected by adjusting the left side. I would be interested in your mechanics procedure or how he came up with that. I am always willing to learn. Binderbooks or Ebay are good sources for manuals. Dennis
  9. Both problems could be adjustable. They are separate problems. Did the problems happen suddenly or? Right side not pulling--Could be rt final drive failure or slipping rt steering clutch. Pull back rt steering lever. Will the rt track lock up? If it does the final is probably ok. Adjustment for steering clutch is under the fender. 3/4 drive to take out the plug. Then go in with a 1/2'' drive extension to adjust. Try turning 1/2 turn at a time counter clockwise to give it some clearance. Should only take once or twice. Operators manual or service manual gives the proper procedur
  10. Welcome to the forum. I received the Sept/Oct issue a couple weeks ago. My guess is you will receive the Nov/Dec when it comes out. If you call them maybe they would send you the Sept/Oct. Only a guess on my part. Enjoy the magazine, I do. Dennis
  11. That is terrible. Is that somewhat common? Many logging machines have an onboard suppression system for that exact reason. Is a suppression system not used on a combine for some reason? Or maybe it is but not effective. Just wondering. Be safe out there Dennis
  12. I would recommend keeping the cook happy and pass on it. I see a money pit with no parts availability. Just my opinion, but I also like clean clothes, clean house and like to eat too. Also I think it is too small for what you intend to use it for. Welcome to the forum, Dennis
  13. Think pedal steer was option on both.
  14. Here's a runner on auction time. You would have to haul from Iowa though. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/construction-equipment/auctions/online/196022223/1966-international-td20b
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