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  1. @Dirt_Floor_Poor, Maybe some undercarriage help here for your 250 Dennis
  2. The info is from an engine diagnostic manual from early 80's that covered all the IH engines used in Construction applications back then. Manual # - ISS-1526-5. Good luck with your project Dennis
  3. Mark,. Here is info #2 on the gear.
  4. Pilot Knob shows them. Page 41 http://pilotknobrestorations.com/uploads/3/5/5/6/35569285/catalog_2021-chassis_section.pdf Dennis
  5. Not familiar with the G but I believe the E series had a grease fitting, maybe one for each side to pump grease into the brake hydraulics to release the brakes. Brakes are spring applied and pressure released at least on the E model. Sorry, can't remember the specifics. Been tooooo long ago. Maybe someone else knows more, but here's a start. good luck Dennis
  6. Thank you Bill. From the other side of WA. Dennis
  7. K is 1941. I had a 1942 H, which is a 'L' with some 'K' housings. There can be some lag time, months not years, between casting and assembly. I doubt there is much difference between a K and P unless dates are important to your project. I have a Super M-TA and am glad the housings are of the right date. Have fun Dennis
  8. There are date codes on the castings including the rear housing. They are two numbers and a letter separated with what looks like screw heads. First # = month, second # = day and letter = year. 1945 was letter O, 1946 was P. Not sure where the code is on the housing in question. Size of the code is about 1/2'' by 3''. If you post the code of the housings it can be determine when they were cast. If it were me, and it isn't, I would use the new/used assy if it is a good one. good luck Dennis
  9. Thank you Tony. We hope to make it to the ag expo this year (Feb). If we do and if it happens I will look you up. Dennis
  10. Here are some shots of mine. First pic is how I found it in 2015. It had been residing there for 20yrs. Came complete with stuck engine and flat tires. Finished in 2017. Plowing pic is at a local plow day in 2019. Dennis
  11. Check trans fluid with long dipstick next to seat. In neutral, engine idling. Dennis
  12. Excellent! Thanks for the report. Happy augering. Dennis
  13. Very interesting thread. Thanks Dennis
  14. Nothing special about a 'B'. 'BN' may be a little more collectable but not what you would call rare. My opinion anyways. Easies way to tell difference is the right seat frame to the right fender. BN right seat frame will be right against the fender. B will have 4'' space between. 8'' width difference between B and BN. Both have width adjustments also by how the rims are mounted. None of this may be true if someone has played mix and match with axle housings which is possible over the last 70-80 years. Dennis
  15. Hello Michael, I was not around the H30 'C' series but most Hough's I was around the tag was in the cab on the vertical kick panel next to operators left foot. Also, s/n was stamped in the rear frame, left side near the radiator mounting. Could be on the vertical face near the top or possibly on top of the frame same area. Hope this helps. Please report back for future reference. Dennis
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