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  1. Well, that's good news but you are probably right, it may appear again. As long as pressure stays up and temp stays down, go for it. Like Rainman suggests, maybe a oil and filter change may be in order. Holds lots of oil. Thanks for the feedback Dennis
  2. farmalldr

    IH H30B 1974

    Powershift transmissions in Hough (IHC) loaders used ATF oil when new.. Dennis
  3. stangger, The transmission pump losing prime is not a common problem but does happen sometimes. The trans pump is mounted in the rear face of the converter housing near the top. Oil comes from left lower side of the main frame through hosing and piping, through a suction filter (washable screen) and hosed to the converter housing. Not sure where your suction screen is mounted but your op book may show. Earlier machines had it under the floor plate above the drive line but could have been relocated on the C series. Check the screen, body is sealed with an o ring and fittings have been known to leak where threaded into the housing. Another possible cause could be the lube pressure control spool is stuck open. This spool is in the trans pressure control valve on top of the transmission. You will need a chassis service manual to go this far if not familiar. If you have an air compressor you can try forcing air into the fill tube in an attempt to force feed the pump to get it going. Do not have to drain the system to check the suction screen. There are many threads here for trouble shooting the transmission/converter systems on IH dozers, most are same or similar. TD15B & C, TD20B & C. 175 B & C, 250 B & C. You might try a search for any of these. Location of filters etc changed from time to time so not sure where yours are located. Books or someone with a machine like yours can help with that. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck Dennis
  4. stangger, welcome aboard . The hydraulic oil in the tank, right rear corner, next to the fuel tank has nothing to do with the machine drive system. Like you thought, only for the loader. Transmission pump could have lost it's prime for some reason if no clutch pressure on the dash gauge provided the gauge is operational. Not a common problem unless a leak on the suction side of the transmission pump. Good luck with your machine. If you did not get manuals with the machine you will probably want to acquire them. E Bay, or Binderbooks are a couple of sources. Dennis
  5. farmalldr

    Farmall C, Super C and Cultivator questions

    KWRB, Binder Books has reprint owners manuals for the cultivators and other attachments for your setup. Book includes parts section and setup section I have 4 row beet and bean cults and a manual for it from them. Different books for different setups. You will need to know what model cultivators you have. My book was around $20. Have fun Dennis
  6. farmalldr

    My 39 M goes to a new home

    Nice Gonzo, sounds like it is going to a good place. Dennis
  7. Sorry I can't help with parts but I would be concerned with the rotek bearing (ring gear) also. FP Smith in California may be able to help or steer you to someone that can. Good luck with your search, that is pretty ugly. Dennis
  8. farmalldr

    Is OldIHC gone for good?

    I have been restoring a R150 and have found a lot of good information there. Hope it is only gone temporarily. I miss it already. Dennis
  9. farmalldr

    T-6 crawler rescue

    Looks like a project Chris. Welcome to the site. I also have a T6. Dennis
  10. farmalldr

    TD6 serial number

    Here ya go. Looks like 1948. I also have a 48 but mine is a T6. Dennis
  11. Nsisk, welcome aboard. Manuals may be in order but here is a start. For rt side brake adjustment--remove the rectangular cover outside of the hydraulic valve. Just beyond the inside lip of the fender is the adjustment. 7/16 screw with a 5/8 hex head and a jam nut. Loosen the jam nut and turn the screw clockwise to tighten the brake. It will only take a little usually, 1/2 turn maybe. If the head of the screw is down to the jam nut your brake is probably worn out. That link the screw is in is attached to a cable that goes down to the brake. Left side is the same and access is behind the shift tower. I was never around the foot steer but believe this part is the same as lever steer. Good luck. Please report back Dennis
  12. farmalldr

    Good things come to those who wait

    Very nice BJ. Thanks for the pics. enjoy Dennis
  13. farmalldr

    For you cabover lovers

    Here's some cabover pics. Trucks my dad drove, even feed delivery related. Dennis
  14. farmalldr

    1952 L-110 pickup accelerator linkage

    Good luck, be patient. Mine was a little on the loose side but left it as is. Dennis
  15. farmalldr

    1952 L-110 pickup accelerator linkage

    Nucks, The shaft through the block should rotate. There are two small bushings in the block that it rotates in. Try some pb blaster or something similar to free it up. Maybe tap on the shaft also. The rod going to the carb behind the manifold is a bit flimsy so take care there. Good luck Dennis