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  1. Adam, I followed your and Brody's project on the 240. Nice to see a father and son work together on a project like that. Also great to see Brody has the interest. You two did a GREAT job. congrats Dennis
  2. Based on your previous 15C posts, it looks like you are capable to do the repairs yourself if parts are available. That's a plus. We didn't have many 20s in our area as compared to 15s and 25s. The 20c's we did have did well though. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. 20C has DT573 V8. B series I think. Other systems on 20C same as 15C except a little large. You are familiar with that. I would think engine parts would be more scarce than 466 parts. Others will know better on that. Sounds like you are up sizing. Dennis
  4. I have used Brillman for 4 or 5 harnesses and other misc items. Always satisfied. Great quality Dennis
  5. Thanks guys. Here is one more shot. Dennis
  6. Here are before and after pics of a 1942. Has distillate engine, shutters and the small gas tank This tractor was done in 2006 Dennis
  7. Here is one that some of the loggers and contractors in the northwest may remember.
  8. 5 errors--no commas needed, three words miss spelled/miss used. Your, decision, for somewhat permanent also
  9. I just checked the parts book link that dhutch put up. I was not aware of the on line parts book. Looks like I may have put up some bad information as the parts coverage shows the loader, 175C and dozer, TD15C using gears with same tooth count, although the part numbers are different. So now I don't know what is right. Guess i should have stayed out of it. My bad. Sorry Dennis
  10. Mike, Just some info, If I remember right the transmissions are the same except gear ratio. The two gears on the pinion shaft and slider gear on spline shaft have a different tooth count. Othwise same. I know this is true on the B's I bring this up so someone doesn't use a td15c in a 175c or vise versa. They won't be happy. Dennis
  11. Does it run? If so start it and raise the bucket. Pull back both steering levers. If the steer clutches are not froze up it should roll pretty easily and none of the trans components will be turning. If one or both clutches are froze it could be a tough pull. Not much to go on so far. Not sure what the weight is but hope rollback truck has a healthy winch. Dennis
  12. dhutch, Only thing weird about assy of the piston I can think of right now is the size of the o ring that goes on the separator plate. The diameter of the o ring is larger than the separator plate and needs to be fed into the piston with your fingers while keeping it in it's groove as you push the piston down over it with your hands. It is normal that it appears oversize. Test the activation of the clutch assemblies with air before you hid them in the housing. They should activate with normal shop air pressure. With a pinion bearing failure, were you able to save the ring and pinion? Probably pretty lucky if you did. There is some shimming involved on the pinion and reverse shaft. Your book will explain that. If you have any questions as you go, just fire away. I'll help if I can. Dennis
  13. dhutch, If the discs have decent tread, good internal splines and are not warped or burnt I would use them. We seldom took the time to measure them when I was in the dealer trans shop. With good oil and good pressures (lub) they will last a long time. I seldom saw worn out discs. Usually a burnt pack do to something besides wear. Only an opinion. You just need to do what satisfies you. It's a big job to go into one of these. Keep us posted. Happy New Year. Dennis
  14. farmalldr


    One of our members here, R Pope, I think, had an engine available a while back. I believe he is in Canada. I have heard that parts are scarce. Dennis
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