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  1. Nsisk, welcome aboard. Manuals may be in order but here is a start. For rt side brake adjustment--remove the rectangular cover outside of the hydraulic valve. Just beyond the inside lip of the fender is the adjustment. 7/16 screw with a 5/8 hex head and a jam nut. Loosen the jam nut and turn the screw clockwise to tighten the brake. It will only take a little usually, 1/2 turn maybe. If the head of the screw is down to the jam nut your brake is probably worn out. That link the screw is in is attached to a cable that goes down to the brake. Left side is the same and access is behind the shift tower. I was never around the foot steer but believe this part is the same as lever steer. Good luck. Please report back Dennis
  2. farmalldr

    Good things come to those who wait

    Very nice BJ. Thanks for the pics. enjoy Dennis
  3. farmalldr

    For you cabover lovers

    Here's some cabover pics. Trucks my dad drove, even feed delivery related. Dennis
  4. farmalldr

    1952 L-110 pickup accelerator linkage

    Good luck, be patient. Mine was a little on the loose side but left it as is. Dennis
  5. farmalldr

    1952 L-110 pickup accelerator linkage

    Nucks, The shaft through the block should rotate. There are two small bushings in the block that it rotates in. Try some pb blaster or something similar to free it up. Maybe tap on the shaft also. The rod going to the carb behind the manifold is a bit flimsy so take care there. Good luck Dennis
  6. farmalldr

    A dream realized....restoration of a Farmall 200

    You did a great job Wes Like the way you kept us hanging out there. I have done what you have done and it is a big job and very satisfying when done. enjoy Dennis
  7. farmalldr

    Troll for the site:

    Welcome Troll, Try the Wisconsin Historical Society. Your truck may be new enough that they can provide you with one. Seems like there was a small charge. Dennis
  8. farmalldr

    Farmall m engine id

    Yup, fuel pump. T6 has it too. Dennis
  9. Thanks for the great pictures John. That was one big job site. I also spent time on the machine models you have pictured. You brought back some memories, some good and some not so good. We never had a fleet of scrapers that large but I was on a job back in the 70's that had 22 180 Payhaulers and 3-4 H400 Hough's among other things. Dennis
  10. farmalldr

    Will Farmal M Gas engine interchange with T6

    T6 and M used the same engine with at least a couple differences. T6 has a mechanical fuel pump run off the camshaft , M does not and the M block is not machined for one. An electric fuel pump could probably be used instead of the mechanical one. The oil pan and oil pickup system on a T6 is different and set up for slopes and hills whereas a M is not. However, I think the oil pickup and pan from the stuck T6 could probably be installed on the M engine. There could be other items but could be transferred from one to the other. Dennis
  11. farmalldr

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    Oh boy, good thing you did a last minute check. Maybe for the best, ya never know. That's a long way to move a big tractor. I may have finger prints on that one if it is in Oregon. You'll find another and maybe closer. good luck Dennis
  12. farmalldr

    IH 150 Drott won't move after 1/2 hour

    No fiber/fabric material in that system normally. Could be someone left a rag in there. Hopefully it all ends up in the screen at some point so you can go to work. Steer clutch compartment not connected to the trans as you probably know, Good luck Dennis
  13. farmalldr

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    Sounds exciting. They were/are great machines back in their day. One of my favorites to work on back then too. I currently have the hi range steering adjusting wrench on my home shop memory wall. Good luck on your possible purchase. Dennis
  14. Welcome, Sounds like you have a project and a family one at that. Pictures are good and easy to do on this forum. Keep us informed on your progress and have fun with it. Dennis
  15. farmalldr

    What can we determine from this old photo?

    Agree with Rusty for the same reasons. H or M Dennis