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  1. farmalldr

    500 E

    Make sure the undercarriage is good as new is non existent. Dennis
  2. farmalldr

    Source for Badge/Trim Clips

    Thanks Kevin, I will also need that info down the road on my R152 that is currently under construction. Dennis
  3. farmalldr

    Paint the Plows

    Dennis, here's a pic of my lever and linkage, not sure yours is same. Raise plows with Hyd, then lever pictured drops down and linkage goes over center and holds the plows up, as in pic. To lower one, move hyd lever to lower, plow should stay up. Then raise linkage lever for side you want to lower and that side will drop, or it should. Depth is controlled by the other hyd lever which raises or lowers the front of the beams. Dennis Keep yourself clear of the bottoms when experimenting, they will drop by gravity to the point your hyd. lever is positioned.
  4. farmalldr

    Paint the Plows

    Dennis, here is my C189 on my C. I went to the Wisconsin Historical Site for McCormick/IHC paint codes. This is what I came up with.
  5. farmalldr

    175b track pin help

    As far as not being able to separate the link, there is a good chance someone replaced a pin using a master pin but not where the master bushing is. Check the track for another master pin. Also, on the side of the link near where the pad bolts on is usually a manufacture name or part number. May want to start there for your search for a pin. Good luck, looks like a project. Dennis
  6. farmalldr


    Agree with Dwf Dennis
  7. farmalldr

    Farmall BN low oil pressure issues

    Agree with the others. Main and rod bearing clearance .0015-.003. Dennis
  8. farmalldr

    1967 175b track replacement

    67 IH 175B, The 15B up to 25001 and 175B had same chain and sprockets. 7'' pitch , 39lks and 9/16 bolts. later B's have 7.5'' pitch and larger pad bolts. There was also a sprocket bolt size change somewhere in there also. Sprocket bolts went from 5/8 to 3/4 but that may have been into the C series. Best to count your links (one may have been taken out because of wear) measure the pitch, check bolt size and pad bolt pattern and compare with what you have available. After all these years it's hard to tell what someone may have done in the past. Dennis
  9. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    Haymaker, Do you know if the gauge is accurate? Maybe borrow a meat thermometer from the kitchen and dip it into the radiator. You may have to just sneak it out of the kitchen. Has the machine actually boiled? Glad the trans area is performing as it should. You really should ask for gauges from Santa or birthday. Maybe sooner rather than later. Have fun---Dennis
  10. farmalldr

    Birthday list

    Thanks BJ, I feel a little dumb right now. Guess I was so excited about reading the forums that I didn't think to go further on the page. Have a good weekend Dennis
  11. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    One more think on heating. Does it have the fan shroud installed. This would be sheetmetal surrounding the ends of the fan blades. Could be a two piece part. Important. Dennis
  12. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    congratulations Haymaker, success is always a good thing. thanks for letting us all know. Heating issues-- when you washed out the radiator did you swing the cooler in front of the radiator out? If not, take the grill off and swing the cooler out so you can clean between the cooler and the radiator. It is designed to swing out without disconnecting any hoses so you can clean between them. Careful not to bend the fins over with the pressure washer. The outer circumference is most important. If you have the reversible fan you may want to try reversing the blades to blow the radiator out. Pretty sure water pump can be removed without removing the radiator. Happy stump digging. Dennis
  13. farmalldr

    Birthday list

    How do you view the daily birthday list on Android phone? Can view on computer but haven't figured out the Android thing. Thanks Dennis
  14. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    We are anxious to hear the tracks rattle as you move along. Dennis
  15. farmalldr

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    Glad you came back on here, we were all wondering what happened to you. Glad to be of help. Hope all works out for you. Always good to here the results of a problem that gets resolved. Dennis