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  1. I am here every day as well. Not much input except on const, but enjoy what others have to say. Dennis
  2. And also why the push rods are bent. Next is probably pulling the front cover to determine the total damage. Dennis
  3. Casey, No book here. Your Komatsu dealer maybe can help. They are the ones that took over Dresser who took over IHC Construction machinery. Been a long time ago now though, so they may not know what you are talking about. You may need to find a parts manual. E Bay or Binderbooks. good luck Dennis
  4. You can put the IH/Hough part number at this link to cross it over to a SKF number. I doubt the seal is anything special. That loader will have the P600 Hough transmission. http://www.skfpartsinfo.com/ Or post the IH part number here and someone can help you locate one. Dennis
  5. Thanks for reporting back with results and how to. You did a good job. Your backhoe will be happier now. Dennis
  6. My opinion: A four cylinder engine is going to stop at one of two places so I would rotate the gear somewhere around 90* after cleaning up the damage to the gear so the bendix doesn't get hung up there. You cannot flip the gear on this application because of the chamfer. I would not recommend trying to grind a new chamfer. I think it would lead to more problems later if not done just right. I don't think it is necessary to put the flywheel in your wife's freezer but you can if she will let you, The gear will expand plenty when heated with a torch or oven. You might try here for a replacement. http://www.fpsmitheq.com/ good luck, we are watching your progress Dennis
  7. Try here for info and/or parts. I have not bought from them but they are well known. http://www.fpsmitheq.com/ Dennis
  8. Thanks redturbo, looks like a great turnout. Impressed with the truck participation.
  9. Call him. Phone # on web site that 460 posted.
  10. Well, I'd say it's not your first rodeo with some steel and a stinger. Nice work Dennis
  11. Because engines were used in many applications IH had separate manuals for engines in many instances. Binderbooks is a good source. Dennis
  12. Looks real good Chris. I had an orange one once, B model, an AC collector took it off my hands which made a little more room for red. Could the starter switch have cause all your starter issues in the past? Maybe you are getting to the bottom of that. Have fun Dennis
  13. I am with the other posters. I would not run the machine with that wobble. If it is the balancer (pulley) it could damage the crankshaft if not already. You need to disassemble it and find out the reason and repair it. Like already said, there are places that can repair the pulley if the rubber portion has failed. Could be new available also. Parts and service manuals would be good if you do not already have them. Engine manuals may be separate from chassis. good luck Dennis
  14. That's good. Sounds like you are back in business. Did you find the old nut? Thanks for reporting back. Could help someone else down the road Happy dozing Dennis
  15. Standard course thread but can't remember what size. As you thread the nut on, it pulls the dowel out. IH used this in several place on a machine. You have quite a project going there. Dennis
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