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  1. I have a R152 w/SD240, 4spd and two speed axle. 45-50 is a comfortable speed. I could not find new rear brake springs but mine were reusable. I would have replaced if available. Rearend ratio is the determining factor on speed. Have fun with your truck Brake Systems Inc in Portland, Or had exchange booster assy in 2018 for mine. Under $400 then. Maybe you would get my core. haha Dennis
  2. I'm with the above posters. I doubt there is anything interchangeable. I think the T4 was based off a farm wheel tractor but can't remember which model. 500 was a completely different stand alone animal. I also doubt there is undercarriage available for either one. Good luck with what ever your plans are. Dennis
  3. Looks like good therapy for sure. And, good looking therapist.
  4. Good, guess we are on the same page. Here's a pic of my little guy. 48 T6 s/n 20906.
  5. Busted, Do you know your s/n? Should be on a tag on firewall just ahead of left brake pedal. If the tag is not mia. Is it within the s/n range of the book we are referring to? Don't want to head you in the wrong direction here. FP Smith in Calif or General Gear (TractorParts) in Boise Id could be good sources for parts also. Dennis
  6. Item 22 in the pic if readable. 273259R91 disc. Looks available at Bates and probable others. Works for 55735db. Dennis
  7. Persistence pays off. Good for you. My book only shows 12'' Rockford over center clutch for T6 / TD6. Parts manual TC-23E, s/n 501-38950. You'll probably need manuals sooner or later if you do not have them now. E Bay, Binderbook and probably others. Check at top of the construction section for possible parts sources.
  8. I don't think the flywheel will come out without notching the housing which has probably been done before. Others may know for sure. Are you trying to turn the engine in the gas cycle with plugs out? If not, you might try it just to see if anything changes. Good luck Dennis
  9. Welcome to the forum Frank. There is not a scavenge pump on a TD15C. The bell housing is scavenged by a hose on the lower rt side of the bell housing. The flywheel ring gear throws the oil into a trough at the hose fitting. If there was ever a starter bendix failure that fitting could be plugged with debris or there could be a bad return hose. The rear engine seal should also be a double lip seal for this application which it probably is. Other causes could be excessive conv leakage which it sounds like you have addressed or maybe a plugged or damaged vent. Could have a vent on top the
  10. Point is to stop spreading it around. Put your mask on and get vaccinated. Sign up - its free
  11. Second pfizer Friday. Yipee. My 99 year old mother has had both. No problem. Just do it, let's get done with this crap.
  12. FP Smith in California could be another source. http://www.fpsmitheq.com/ Availability could be limited
  13. The Berco link # provided by original poster is for 7'' pitch chain. Contact a Cat or JD Construction dealer for after market replacement availability. JD dealers use to handle Berco product. good luck. Hardtail is right that later units went to 7.5 pitch. Dennis
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