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  1. Trained on Cat 12, OD green at Ft. Leonard Wood, in 1971. No cab, but had a 24v starter.
  2. http://herrshydro.com 785-325-2875
  3. WI DNR fisheries biologist (Lake Winnebago) was caught bartering Sturgeon eggs /caviar to processors & resigned and was fined.
  4. Rainman


    Your fuel tank looks like from a 8HP BS on a Hahn Eclipse 30" rider...
  5. According to OP Manual, SC can lift 1,000# with the Utility Carrier... My SC doesn't have any problem lifting C-20 2 bottom Fast Hitch plow.
  6. I didn't look that close...Just 2 battery pacs behind cab straddling frame & oil cooling from radiator. Son drove it, I will ask....
  7. No Turbo, what you see is what you get....
  8. PLOW DAY CANCELLED. !!!! Next Year...maybe.
  9. The garBage' truck is Demo for MadCity... There were 40 vendors. DeLorean electric conversion, Mercedes E for $111,000 Mustang E Volvo E Volt Prius LP conversions
  10. Transportation & Innovation Expo yesterday. A bunch of greenies my son associates with for his job. Navistar truck has a couple battery packs to make 600 volts for drive train.
  11. Site guys will make call ...Yes or No tomorrow/Saturday morning . All depends amount of precipitation over night. Also considering Sunday....
  12. Tomorrow is the rain date.........!
  13. Start Plowing 9-10 A. M. through afternoon....3-4 P.M. Usually ground unplowed at end. What unit are you bringing?
  14. Looks like early 425s had oil check plug in the side cover & later 425s had a vertical dipstick @ top of gearbox fill plug hole.... Also see a Gehl 425 for auction sale tommorrow on http://equipmentfacts.com
  15. MCC.......... One of the few "Rules" of the Reedsburg PD is the tractor series must be built 1959 or Earlier. It gives the Old Timers with 1,2 ,or 3 bottom plows more of a chance to plow some dirt. If some participants come with a couple large tractors & plows , untilled ground could be plowed up rather quickly leaving us Old Timers in the dust with no untilled ground to plow. When I joined in that rule was decided by the group and it still stands. But if you have a newer rig , bring it for show for spectators or pull a people mover. If you want to see that 856 plowing It could be at Stockton, IL site again this fall. I don't have any details yet... Thanks for spectating last year. Say hello next week....I have a Super C, FH 2 bottom plow. Paul/ Rainman
  16. Plow DAY CANCELLED... Rescheduled for Saturday April 30,2022 I have about 1/2 " this morning & still steady rain this afternoon. Same conditions @ Plow site....
  17. Plowed with friend's F350D couple years ago @ Reedsburg plow day. He has over $10K in his Continental rebuilds . He always did want one...
  18. Happy Birthday John & all!
  19. Prayer for G Gram & caregivers!
  20. New hub , use a Spiral Pin & I use wire thru center of pin & around hub to lock it from working loose. http://mcmaster.com has HD Coiled Spring pins (Spiral pins)
  21. Ok Sleepy, now what? Looks good! What are you going to spread? Or not spread... Or just preserving its useful life...
  22. Was at Nürburgring Racetrack as a spectator in 1972 for Formula One race on a Sunday afternoon. Wow, that's 50 years ago when I was stationed in Darmstadt about 2 hours away from the track.
  23. Congrats, Tim! So what's the average time from a published/printed Patent Pending to a Patent ###### ?
  24. Felt washer....Maybe not according to Parts Lookup
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