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  1. 856 Customs were an economy ($) model with less(er) features but same basic tractor. I think Ken Updike did a article on them awhile back.
  2. Engine oil Filter....Baldwin...P174...or IHC 3043283R91 WIX 51302 These are canister filters. Also a spin-on type filter on newer applications.of the engine. These numbers are from BD 154 used in other Applications....IH 424,444... Need to verify.... Can remove filters to see if they are numbered or at least dimensions...length, width, height, diameter, ID
  3. wixfilters.com.....Closest Wix lists is Model 510 PayLOADER with D268...OIL 51768...Fuel...33373,33472,WQF10024...AIR...42321,42679 Frank what engine do you have in your PayLoader? Or do you have 500 model PayLOader with 0.6 to 1 yard bucket.... & a BD-154H engine? Or do you have a D500 wheel DOZER?
  4. Rainman

    Fearless ?

    Try skiing behind that thing...get up out of the water real quick!
  5. Robot that pushes feed back to cows in feed alley/manger.
  6. Sorghum/sudan grass greenfed for dairy. Cows loved it ...more milk, but lower butterfat count.
  7. A5 Lely robots for 240 milking.....400+ total registered dairy cattle. Plus grain business and farm 2,300 acres of crops.
  8. We were last few for late Farm breakfast ...
  9. Belt driven Governor could be an option...?
  10. Aren't your drinks just $1 each?....
  11. Huge Flea Market......Heading up Friday with number 1 son & Buddy.
  12. Way to go Zeke! He for real...Bibs on and a cap on his head!
  13. Now after 40 years thinking about a generator, finally Ford by Pulsar Dual fuel 50 amp 240v plug, I saw as plus, use 500 gal LP tank that heats shop. Now to decide wire/ plug in placement and my 1# son /electrican to do his thing...
  14. 1) Remote or FAST HITCH cylinder control rod? .....some have flat assembly some like mine are a rod to valve. 2) Independent
  15. And he didn't drop out of the sky.....
  16. Dad's 706 hope u don't mind a few pictures from 10 minutes ago when a local corn field was getting a fly over....
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